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Season 7 (1973-74)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 7 1973-74 ###############
CBS (Sundays 8:30 pm EST)(season 7)(1973-74)

16Sep1973 CBS Sun
written by Ben Roberts & Dan Ullman
directed by Alf Kjellin
guest stars
Robert Brown as Robert Foreman
Joan Van Ark as Jennifer Crane
Alfred Ryder as Emory Davis
Paul Lukather as Gerald Stockton
Duke Howard as Doctor
Ron Nyman as Charlie
A clairvoyant has visions of a girl's death and approaches Mannix to help prevent it. [RF]

7.2 [--] Mannix: A WAY TO A DUSTY DEATH
23Sep1973 CBS Sun
written by Herb Meadows
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Howard Duff as Chief Harry Dekken
Anthony Geary as Eddie Dekken
Donna Baccala as Joyce Ferraro
Anthony Eldridge as Danny Durian
Janis Paige as Georgia Durian
George Skaff as Noah Harturian
Len Wayland as Jake Durian
Dan White as Steve
June Whitley Taylor as Miss Navarro
In the small town where he is seeking clues to the whereabouts of a missing son of an old friend, Mannix is warned by
the police chief not to stir things up. Later released from prison on a technicality, the young man disappears en route
home. [RF]

30Sep1973 CBS Sun
written by James T. Surtees & Richard L. Breen Jr.
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Greg Morris as Luke Whitney
Ted Hartley as Don Elliott
James Burr Johnson as Frank Parks
Robert Donner
Edward Winter
Guy Raymond
Claudia Bryar as Old lady
Tom Pittman as Police Officer
Robert Ruth as Radio officer
Enroute to a secret meeting, Mannix's plane goes down. He is then pulled from the wreck by a mysterious En benefactor.
After saving Mannix's life a second time, the savior introduces himself as Luke Whitney, an escaped convict. He and
Mannix work together not only to escape the terrain, but to escape Whitney's pursuers: the prison guards who want to
kill him. [RF]

7.4 [--] Mannix: LITTLE GIRL LOST
07Oct1973 CBS Sun
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Marvin Chomsky
guest stars
Julie Adams as Edie Reynolds
H.M. Wynant as Lou Reynolds
Dean Harens as J.B. Kelly
Barry Atwater as Dr. Walter Brown
Beverly Garland as Stella Carter
Sam Elliott as Bill Saunders
Dawn Lyn as Tina Reynolds
Pernell Roberts as George Fallon
Helena Carroll as Elizabeth
Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs. Alferro
Garry Walberg as Bartender
Trying to solve the murder of a newspaper columnist, Mannix finds himself dealing with the victim's deranged daughter.
The woman was an eyewitness to the crime, but when Mannix tries to get info from her, he must play amateur psychotherapist
to restore her mental balance before he can get the true facts. [RF]
There was a sequel to this episode on "Diagnosis Murder" #4.17 "Hard-Boiled Murder" (13-Feb-1997)
- a gap of nearly 24 years!
Mike Conners, Julie Adams, Beverly Garland and Pernell Roberts reprised their roles. [RF]

7.5 [--] Mannix: THE GANG'S ALL HERE
14Oct1973 CBS Sun
written by Albert Beich
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Paul Carr as Red Dietz
Gary Barton as Pot
Kevin Brody as Punchbowl
Doug Chapin as Camel
Lindy Davis as Ox
Damon Douglas as Monkey
Stephen R. Hudis as Arleigh Paul
Nadyne Turney as Helen Paul
Paul Picerni as Sgt. Les Packer
Arlene Farber as Luana
Eddie Firestone as Vagrant
Sandy Kenyon as Liquore Store Owner
Ron Kolman as J.T.
Thomas Leopold as Bird
Joseph Perry as Bartender
Jay Varela as Sgt Ramon
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
A vicious street gang called the Nomads, witness a sidewalk shoot-out between Mannix and Red Dietz, a former Nomad chief.
Impressed by the way Mannix subdues Dietz as well as Mannix's reputation for toughness, the Nomads form a plan: they
will execute Mannix in sight of the Lobos (another gang), believing this display will frighten them into helplessness. [RF]

7.6 [--] Mannix: DESERT RUN
21Oct1973 CBS Sun
written by Arthur Weiss & John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Kenneth Tobey as Ted Bailey
Ford Rainey as Reverend Walker
Jeanette Nolan as Granny Nell Foster
Pamela McMyler as Jenny Bailey
James Sikking as Sketchley
Charles Dierkop as Frank
John Doucette as Ward Gillis
Karen Ericson as Sandy
Bert Kramer as Mark Slocum
Carol Lawson as Mrs Slocum
Mark Lenard as Hal
Debbie Lytton as Ellie
Don McGovern as Blake
Bill Vint as Willie Gillis
Mannix begins his search for pilot Mark Slocum on a plea from Slocum's wife. Slocum's plane is reported missing in the
Rockies, and the search leads Mannix into a struggle for his life. When Mannix returns with an initial report for
Slocum's wife, he finds that she is not the same woman who hired him. Curiosity aroused, he resumes the search, certain
that something sinister is afoot. [RF]

7.7 [--] Mannix: SILENT TARGET
28Oct1973 CBS Sun
written by Ben Roberts & Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
John Hillerman as J.H. Morell
Frank Langella as Harry Tass
Barbara Luna as Elena
Del Monroe as Hendry
Ronnie Rondell Jr. as Durovic
Fred M. Waugh as Santee
James W. Gavin as Pilot
A fishing trip turns into a life-or-death struggle for Mannix against a group of professional hit men. En route to the
fishing spot, Mannix's car breaks down in the scorching desert. Seeking help, he stumbles across the mansion headquarters
of a murder-for-hire ring. [RF]

04Nov1973 CBS Sun
written by Robert Pirosh
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Tiffany Bolling as Cathy
Peter Haskell
Michael Conrad
Alan Gibbs
Read Morgan
Joe E. Tata
Joe tries to find a Las Vegas mobster's girlfriend, who vanished en route to L.A. with a famous football player. Joe
thinks the athlete was just a bystander to the disappearance of his passenger, until the man admits he refrained from
notifying police immediately. Then the girl shows up, and her roommate, who hired Joe, is murdered. [RF]

7.9 [--] Mannix: SING A SONG OF MURDER
11Nov1973 CBS Sun
written by Ben Roberts & Ivan Goff & Stephen Kandel
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Janice Lynde
Ernie Orsatti
Jeff Blake
Liam Sullivan
Paul Stevens
Linda Watkins
James Bronte
Stacy Keach Sr.
Nancy Mehta
Laraine Stephens
Joe tries to find out who wants to kill an opera star coming out of retirement, after a sniper barely misses her and
a bomb is thrown into her living room. She vows to make her return, as Joe searches her autobiography for a clue to
the would-be assassin. [RF]

7.10 [--] Mannix: SEARCH IN THE DARK
25Nov1973 CBS Sun
written by Blake Ritchie
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Carol Bagdasarian
A blind but formidable gangster, who has searched for 5 years for a famous stolen diamond collection, would rather kill
than lose out to Joe, who's also after the gems, and thinks they can reveal who wants the granddaughter of the man who
lost them. [RF]

7.11 [--] Mannix: THE DEADLY MADONNA
02Dec1973 CBS Sun
written by Rubin Mann
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Anne Baxter
Stanley Adams
Barbara Babcock
Ned Glass
Leonard Stone
William Benedict
Walter Brooke
An actress just released from a mental hospital claims that a grotesquely-masked man tried to kill her. With no evidence
of his existence, Joe thinks the key to the mystery lies in some old film footage. [RF]

7.12 [--] Mannix: CRY DANGER
09Dec1973 CBS Sun
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Diana Muldaur
Peter Donat
John Milford
Tom Reese
An unexpected meeting with an old girlfriend marks Joe as a foe of one of two rival smuggling rings. Baffled and beaten,
and bereaved Mannix is trying to find the connection between three thugs who jumped him after he met an old girlfriend,
and the accident that later killed her. [RF]

16Dec1973 CBS Sun
written by Karl Tunberg
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Woodrow Parfrey
Anthony Zerbe
G. J. Mitchell
Donald Moffat
The six survivors of a mountain plane crash aren't out of the woods yet. They were rescued from the wilderness only to
find themselves the targets of a murderer. [RF]

7.14 [--] Mannix: RACE AGAINST TIME (Part 1) (aka A MATTER OF THE HEART)
6Jan1974 CBS Sun
written by Harold Medford & Ben Roberts & Ivan Goff
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
John Colicos
Richard Bull
Cesare Danova
Len Birman
Alan Bergmann
Rita Gam
Nate Esformes
Ben Hammer
Paul Mantee
Jerry Strickler
Peter D. Greene
Mannix dons cloak and dagger as he takes leave of his detective agency to smuggle a heart surgeon into a country ruled
by a despot to save the life of a dying freedom fighter. [RF]

7.15 [--] Mannix: RACE AGAINST TIME (Part 2)
13Jan1974 CBS Sun
(credits same as pt 1)
On a government mission in a hostile country, Mannix has joined a band of freedom fighters in an effort to save their
ailing leader's life. Facing death if they are caught by the regime, they are also plagued by a saboteur within their
midst. [RF]

7.16 [--] Mannix: THE DARK HOURS
20Jan1974 CBS Sun
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Elizabeth Ashley
Victor French
William Devane
John Devin
Alan Fudge
Fred Krone
An incriminating photo of a mobster figures in a murder frame-up and almost costs Joe his life. After he's given the
photo for safe keeping, Joe is shot with his own gun and dumped along a roadside. Originally pronounced dead at the
scene, a barely alive Joe is redirected to the hospital, where he desperately tries to piece together what happened. [RF]

7.17 [--] Mannix: A NIGHT FULL OF DARKNESS
27Jan1974 CBS Sun
written by Donn Mullally & Martin Roth
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Michael Baseleon
Ed Call
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Art Malcom's fiancée is murdered, then he is arrested for the murder of a racketeer whom the vengeful lieutenant
believed was the killer. Joe can't believe either charge and sets out to help his friend. [RF]

7.18 [--] Mannix: WALK A DOUBLE LINE
10Feb1974 CBS Sun
written by Ben Roberts & Ed Waters & Ivan Goff & Lou Shaw
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Marie Windsor
Hildy Brooks
Davey Davidson
Tom McFadden
Val Avery
Jack Star
Robert Burn
Despite several witnesses, a woman asks Joe to prove her husband, a prison escapee, innocent of murdering his boss.
Joe learns that she had been seeing the man on the side, suggesting a triangle that only makes her husband more
clearly guilty. [RF]

7.19 [--] Mannix: THE GIRL FROM NOWHERE
17Feb1974 CBS Sun
written by Harold Livingston
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Rosemary Forsyth
Lew Brown
Lucille Benson
Robert Yuro
Todd Mason
Searching for the family of an unidentified little girl killed in an accident, Joe's quest leads to a widow who is
being mysteriously harassed by a dangerous punk. [RF]

7.20 [--] Mannix: RAGE TO KILL
written by Bernard Schoenfeld & Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Don McDougall
A psychiatrist whose new book profiles three anonymous maniacs who have been his patients is found shot to death.
Police rule it a suicide but the man's mistress thinks one of the book's subjects might have killed him, and asks Joe
to investigate. [RF]

7.21 [--] Mannix: MASK FOR A CHARADE
03Mar1974 CBS Sun
written by Frank Telford
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Claude Akins as Sgt Al Reardon
Dennis Patrick as Frankie West
Marj Dusay as Helen Layton
Jeanne Bates as Mary Reardon
Louis Guss as Ellis Varco
Gloria LeRoy as Jenny
Bill McLean as Coolie
Dennis Redfield as Dennis
Robert Ruth as Denby
Joan Shawlee as Dutchess
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Vince Barbi as Bartender
A notorious loan shark is murdered, and damning evidence mounts against police detective Al Reardon as the killer.
Mannix sets out to help his old friend. [RF]

7.22 [--] Mannix: A QUESTION OF MURDER
10Mar1974 CBS Sun
written by Arthur Weiss & Jim Bateman
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Ed Bernard
Bella Bruck
Lillian Lehman
Joseph Mell
Pat Renella
A 13-year-old boy pleads with Joe to prove that his idol, a has-been prizefighter, who died in a hit-and-run accident,
was actually murdered. The man's last words blamed his death on a younger opponent. With no leads, Joe doesn't have
the heart to quit. [RF]

7.23 [--] Mannix: TRAP FOR A PIGEON
24Mar1974 CBS Sun
written by David P. Harmon
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Barbara Rhoades
Jay Robinson
Felice Orlandi
Victor Izay
Allen Joseph
Len Wayland
Joe is out to find a big-time lawyer's briefcase, stolen in a hotel robbery, which contains money that was to be used to
bribe a witness in a mob murder case. [RF]

7.24 [170] Mannix: THE RAGGED EDGE
31Mar1974 CBS Sun
written by Dan Ullman
directed by
guest stars
Linda Evans
Roger Perry
Paul Carr
Don Gordon
Mannix is barely recognizable as a strung-out heroin addict, who promises to kill an old friend in return for a fix. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 7 ###############

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