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Season 5 (1971-72)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 5 1971-72 ###############
CBS (Wednesdays 10:00 pm EST)
(Moves from Saturdays to Wednesdays)

5.1 [99] Mannix: DARK SO EARLY, DARK SO LONG
15Sep1971 CBS Wed
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Rosemary Forsyth as Leslie Fielding
Sam Melville as John Ogilvy
Guy Stockwell as Glen Fielding
Josephine Hutchinson as Mildred Oliver
Arline Anderson as Mrs Allen
Alan Caillou as Derek
K.T. Stevens as Nun
Bill Walker as Bartender
Wealthy Leslie Fielding, the victim of a blackmail plot. She and her husband Glen, call on Mannix when it appears that
she, rather than the blackmailer, may go to prison. [RF]

5.2 [100] Mannix: COLD TRAIL
22Sep1971 CBS Wed
written by Ed Waters
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
Heidi Vaughn as Marie Finlan
Gregory Morton as Professor Brooks Finlan/Anton Brokov
Nicholas Cortland as Gilbert Douglas
Patricia Medina as Viola
Tom Stewart as Dr. Wellesley
George Voskovec as Niles
William H. Burton as Harker
Patty Elder as Barbara
Bert Kramer as Boyle
Paul Mantee as Vic
Bob Orrison as Kalish
Len Wayland as Chief Wedlow
Why the stepdaughter of an obscure college professor should be the target of a professional kidnap plot is a mystery
to Mannix. When the detective agrees to protect the young woman from her persistent pursuers, he too becomes their
prisoner. [RF]

5.3 [--] Mannix: A STEP IN TIME
29Sep1971 CBS Wed
written by Mann Rubin
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Dean Stockwell as Chris Townsend
Shelley Fabares as Gwen Townsend
Grace Albertson as Dr. Lucas
Hildy Brooks as Charlotte Benson
Joe Hooker as Moe Mingo
Laurence Haddon as Hanlon
Todd Mason as Doctor
Kreag Caffey as First Hippie
Henry Olek as Second Hippie
Neil Russell as Sheriff
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
When Mannix reports witnessing a woman's murder, the sheriff insists that it happened the previous year and that the
victim's husband has been in shock ever since. Mannix is hired to investigate. [RF]

06Oct1971 CBS Wed
written by David H. Vowell
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Frank Ramírez as Juan Esparaz
Booth Colman as Leo Kolligian
Victor Jory as Stefan Mannix
James Daris as Harry Nelson
Hal Needham as Arnie
Marion Ross as Jean
Francine York as Helen
Anthony Caruso
Fabian Gregory
Perry Lopez
Todd Mason as Doctor
Migdia Varela as Maria
Larry Watson as Morton
Glenn R. Wilder as Stan
Mannix returns to his hometown to investigate the murder of a worker during a labor dispute. When the evidence points
to labor organizer Juan Esparza, the town becomes a divided camp--some demanding swift justice, and others who insist
Esparza is being railroaded. [RF]

5.5 [--] Mannix: WOMAN IN THE SHADOWS
13Oct1971 CBS Wed
written by Karl Tunberg
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Eric Braeden as Viktor Gruniev
Jim Antonio as Don Ralph
Ina Balin as Lisa Ralph/Julia Stefan
John Considine
Alan Gibbs as Pablo
Richard Karie as Theodore
Tom McDonough as Bartender
Dale Tarter as Interviewer
Fred M. Waugh as Taxi Driver
A young woman inherits a portion of the original handwritten manuscript of "Das Kapital," and Soviet representatives
indicate they are anxious to purchase it. The young woman comes to Mannix for assistance when it seems that the Soviets
really intend to use unorthodox means to obtain it. [RF]

5.6 [--] Mannix: DAYS BEYOND RECALL
20Oct1971 CBS Wed
written by Robert Pirosh
directed by Jud Taylor
guest stars
Vic Morrow as Eric Latimer
Elizabeth Allen as Westy Westcott
Liam Dunn as Brock
Peter Hobbs as Packer
Geoffrey Lewis as Ernest
Mike Mazurki as Kony
Douglas Henderson
Don McGovern
Anitra Ford as Chris, the model
Alex Gerry as Doctor
Karl Lukas as Bartender
Ralph Montgomery as Old Bum
Sean Morgan as Clerk
Shirley O'Hara as Mission Worker
Bill Quinn as Doctor
Johnny Silver as Stacey
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Eric Latimer, the alcoholic brother of Jane Haley, who hires Mannix to rescue her brother from skid row. Mannix soon
learns that the man is not her brother but Eric Latimer, a respected magazine writer who is concealing his identity
after being presumed lost at sea in a boating accident. [RF]

5.7 [--] Mannix: RUN TILL DARK
27Oct1971 CBS Wed
written by Dan Ullman
directed by Murray Golden
guest stars
Jonathan Lippe as Robert Warren/Lee Thomas
Jason Wingreen as Harry Osborn
Val Avery as Mel Cooley
Charlotte Stewart as Barbara Joyce
Val Bisoglio as Charlie Larabie
Woodrow Parfrey as Willie Small
Craig Chudy as Marv
Gary Dubin as Mark
Frank Farmer as Marman
Vince Howard as Dr Jackson
J. Pat O'Malley as Mr Bryant
Scottie MacGregor as Nurse
Byron Morrow as Warden
Bobby Riha as Steve
George Sawaya as Lew
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A respected Little League manager goes into hiding after a syndicate hood makes an attempt on his life. When Mannix
enters the case, he learns that the mysterious order for the manager's death came from behind prison walls. [RF]

5.8 [--] Mannix: THE GLASS TRAP
03Nov1971 CBS Wed
written by Edward J. Lasko
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Robert Foxworth as Ross Santini
H.M. Wynant as Ron Wall
Frank Christi as Eric Brastow
Stacy Keach Sr. as Charles Colton
Maidie Norman as Helen Frank
Deidre Daniels as Mary Santini (imposter)
Stacy Harris as Wilton
Julia Paul as Mary Santini (real)
James W. Gavin as Pilot
Dick Geary as Foster
Bill Couch as Policeman
Doreen Lang as Mrs. Colton
Dennis McCarthy as Doctor
Tony Brubaker as Flagman
Charles Picerni as Harris
Ross Santini is a police detective who acts suspiciously when he takes custody of Eric Brastow, a top criminal whom
Mannix has captured. Mannix's suspicions are further aroused when he learns that the woman introduced as the detective's
wife is a phony. [RF]

5.9 [--] Mannix: A CHOICE OF EVILS
10Nov1971 CBS Wed
written by James Schmerer
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Georg Stanford Brown as Dennis Thomas
Stephen McNally as Lawrence Powers
Paul Carr as Kidnapper
Robert Colbert as John Phillips
Harold Jones as Policeman
Noah Keen
Philip Kenneally
Todd Mason as Doctor
Maidie Norman as Mrs. Frost
Ron Nyman as Officer
Mark Stewart as Toby
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Peggy Fair is kidnapped by two men who leave a note warning Mannix that only he can save her life. The private detective
learns that to rescue his secretary, he must investigate a company whose officers know he has been hired for the job
and are openly hostile to him. [RF]

5.10 [--] Mannix: A BUTTON FOR GENERAL D
17Nov1971 CBS Wed
written by Ernie Frankel
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Joanna Pettet as Cindy Warren
David Sheiner as Sanford
Hal Lynch as Monty Dawes
Jack Donner as Norton
Ross Hagen as Krebs
Irene Tedrow as Sara Dawes
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Jean Olsen as Singer
A beautiful girl singer is kidnapped by hoodlums who believe she knows where a fortune is hidden. Mannix enters the
case when the mysterious words of a dying criminal suggest a clue to the whereabouts of both the girl and the money. [RF]

5.11 [--] Mannix: THE MAN OUTSIDE
24Nov1971 CBS Wed
written by Arthur Weiss
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Kathie Browne as Carol Barr
Andrew Duggan as General Alex Holt
Tom Drake
Coleen Gray as Liz Holt
Harry Harvey as Doctor
Roy Jenson
Lenore Kasdorf as Model
Ed Lauter as Sergeant
Michael Masters as Second Man
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A retired Army general is photographed with a woman who is not his wife. Mannix buys back the negatives for the general
but is held up and robbed of them by two men. When the men later claim Mannix had the wrong film, the general mysteriously
tells Mannix to get off the case. [RF]

5.12 [--] Mannix: MURDER TIMES THREE
01Dec1971 CBS Wed
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Leonard Horn
guest stars
Daniel J. Travanti as Tom Stabler
Ann Summers as Elaine Bardin
Alan Bergmann as Alan Boone
Tol Avery as Grossman
Gene Evans
Pippa Scott
Joe Maross
B.J. Mason as Alex
Patricia Mattick
Jeff Morris as Grove
Pamela Payton-Wright
Robert Reiser
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Lee de Broux as Teal
A runaway girl's father hires Mannix to find her and then tries to pay him to cancel the search. Mannix is further
mystified when his other clients ask him to drop their cases and two motorcycle toughs try to run him over. [RF]

5.13 [--] Mannix: CATSPAW
08Dec1971 CBS Wed
written by Frank Telford
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Vincent Beck
Peter Donat
Armando Silvestre
Allen Joseph as Jenkins
Jean Le Bouvier as Mrs Ellis
Woodrow Parfrey
Joseph Perry as Mixus
Eugene Peterson as Maxwell
Joanna Phillips as Diana Devore
Vic Tayback as Stark
Larry Watson as Kelso
Mike Howden as Plainclothesman
Paul Sorenson as Manager
Robert Boon as Optometrist
Allison McKay as Librarian
Stack Pierce as Mailman
Walt Davis as First Officer
Mark Stewart as Toby
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
A private detective hired to investigate a blackmailer finds out more than his employer wanted to know. When the
detective is murdered, Mannix enters the case and he too learns a lot more than expected. [RF]

5.14 [--] Mannix: TO SAVE A DEAD MAN
15Dec1971 CBS Wed
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Jeremy Slate as Ted Kilgore
Barbara Baldavin as Alyce Taggart
Leonard Stone as Lyle Grandt
Brooke Bundy as Sister Costello
Arthur Franz as Father Vale
Robert Mandan as Ed Noble
Melendy Britt as Adrienne Lindholm
Peter Brocco as C.W. Taggart
Maggie Malooly as Kay Kilgore
James McCallion as Al Murphy
Martin Ashe as Dr Lamson
Richard Karie as Pilot
Ron Nyman as Officer
Adam Williams as Prosecutor
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
A condemned man insists he committed a murder, although the evidence indicates he is innocent. When a dying man
confesses to a nun that his testimony sent an innocent man to death row, Mannix is asked to investigate. [RF]

5.15 [--] Mannix: NIGHTSHADE
29Dec1971 CBS Wed
written by Martin Roth
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Milton Berle as Danny Brite
Tom Hallick as Stan Holland
Charles Picerni as Charlie Frome
Nancy Burnett
Patricia McAneny
Frank Hotchkiss
Joseph Reale
Paul King as Houseman
Jack Denbo as Maitre'd
Ron Nyman as Policeman
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Danny Brite, a nightclub comic who is being blackmailed, presumably by a soldier listed missing in Vietnam. When a
close friend of Mannix's is murdered, Mannix is intrigued to learn that he was working for the comedian, who refuses
to discuss the case. [RF]

5.16 [--] Mannix: BABE IN THE WOODS
05Jan1972 CBS Wed
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by Leonard Horn
guest stars
Paul Stevens as Lawrence Martin
Nita Talbot as Mrs Joan Martin
Melodie Johnson as Sharon Carter
William Mims as Carl Loder
Ed Begley Jr. as Attendant
John Gilgreen as Banker
Nora Marlowe as Manager
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A genius director of microcircuits is murdered before he can show his employer the plans for a phenomenal new computer.
When the valuable plans cannot be found, Mannix is asked to search for them--but an unexpected enemy has other ideas. [RF]

5.17 [--] Mannix: THE SOUND OF MURDER
12Jan1972 CBS Wed
written by Leigh Vance
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Jon Cypher as Phillip Lomax
Byron Webster as Grant Bailey
Madlyn Rhue as Mrs Inman
Jane Merrow as Clarissa
Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives
Jack Garner as First Security Guard
Michael Griswold as Second Security Guard
Paul Hahn as Doctor
Todd Mason as Detective
Bartlett Robinson as Bank Manager
Ron Masak as Barry Gates (uncredited)
Mannix is engaged to solve a case for a client who secretly doesn't want him to succeed. The client's intricate plot
fails when a man using a directional microphone to plan a robbery accidentally overhears him commit a murder. [RF]

5.18 [--] Mannix: MOVING TARGET
19Jan1972 CBS Wed
written by Karl Tunberg
directed by Richard Benedict
guest stars
Charles Aidman as Ken Mitchell
Lucille Benson as Ida
Art Buchwald as Carter
Jock Livingston as Harvey Nelson
Bard Stevens as Lieutenant Gordon
Jessica Walter as Althea Blake
Glenn R. Wilder as Paul Anders
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Mannix is convinced that the man trying to kill Ken Mitchell is Mitchell's partner, Paul Anders. His confusion arises
when Mitchell later tells him that he has no partner, that he just created one for tax purposes. [RF]
*Syndicated columnist Art Buchwald makes his dramatic TV debut in a brief scene. [RF]

5.19 [--] Mannix: CRY PIGEON
26Jan1972 CBS Wed
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Barry Sullivan as Victor Fortune
Joseph Hindy as Mark Fortune
Corinne Camacho as Maria Fortune
John Colicos as Duke Benedict
Richard Devon as Lee Martisse
Ron Nyman as Chauffeur
Pat Renella as Braden
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A battle for power between rival gang lords threatens to break into open warfare--with Mannix in the middle. When the
son of one of the mob leaders is shot to death during a secret meeting with Mannix, suspicion points to the private
detective as having arranged the ambush. [RF]

5.20 [--] Mannix: A WALK IN THE SHADOWS
09Feb1972 CBS Wed
written by Edward J. Lasko
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Mary Charlotte Wilcox as Ellen Jeffers/Miss Thompson
Lonny Chapman as Phil Rand
Robert Colbert as Carl Blake
Jeanne Cooper as Emma Rand
Ed Flanders as Tom Farnon
Dean Harens as Alan Preston
Eric Mason as Edward Cole
Keith Walker as Barney
Larry Watson as First Policeman
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Patricia Wynand as Linda
Although evidence against his client, who is accused of murdering his wife, seems overwhelming, Mannix believes his fervent
plea of innocence. Mannix agrees to investigate after the man tells lies so clumsy they must contain some truth. [RF]

5.21 [--] Mannix: LIFELINE
16Feb1972 CBS Wed
written by Dan Ullman
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Lou Rawls as Vance Logan
Florence St. Peter as Juanita Logan
Ta-Tanisha as Gloria Logan
William Marshall as Bolo
Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives
Kip King as Dr Kelly
Todd Mason as Policeman
Dallas Mitchell as Detective Wharton
Ron Nyman as Detective
Davis Roberts as Dr. Jones
Vance Logan, a nightclub singer who hides from the police rather than face a minor traffic violation. Logan is wounded
by police and captured. When he escapes from the hospital, Mannix, a close friend, takes Logan into his home while he
investigates the circumstances. Logan again disappears, along with Mannix's gun, and is later charged with murder. [RF]

5.22 [--] Mannix: TO DRAW THE LIGHTNING
23Feb1972 CBS Wed
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Charles Picerni as Danny Constantine
Fred Beir as Alan Dietrich
Michael Bell as Greer
Eddie Firestone as Archie Preston
Joan Hotchkis as Irene Gifford
Steve Ihnat as Lt. Larry Gifford
Victor Millan as Lt. Ramon Mendez
J. Pat O'Malley as Lou Wellman
Julie Parrish as Ellen Frazier
Barbara Barnett as Girl Student
Regis Parton as Instructor
George Dunn as Customer
Norman Stuart as Landlord
When a police officer kills a man against whom he was known to hold a grudge, the department suspends him despite his
insistence that the killing was not planned. The officer asks Mannix to investigate but later mysteriously insists
Mannix withdraw from the case. [RF]

5.23 [--] Mannix: SCAPEGOAT
01Mar1972 CBS Wed
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Ivor Barry as Duke of Wellington
Lane Bradbury as Karen Gunnarson
John Vernon as Dexter
Troy Melton as Harvey Grant
Byron Morrow as T.D. Simonson
Jean Byron as Helen
Paul Fix as Johnny Gunnarson
Rex Holman as Angel
Russ Conway as Police Captain
Critt Davis as Customs Officer
Monty O'Grady as Customs Guard
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Dick Ziker as Joe Mannix (imposter)
Mannix is engaged to go to London to bring jewels worth $8 million to a museum in the United States. Before he can depart,
he is kidnapped, and a double takes his passport and tickets, goes to London and is given the jewels. Mike Connors plays
both Mannix and the double. [RF]

5.24 [122] Mannix: DEATH IN THE FIFTH GEAR
08Mar1972 CBS Wed
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Charles Bateman
Jason Evers
Mariette Hartley as Nurse Tara Gill
Elsa Lanchester as Edna Barrington
Sandy Balson as Laura
Leon Lontoc as Houseboy
Ron Nyman as Policeman
Eddie Ryder as Driver
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Mannix crashes his race car into a brick wall and suffers serious head injuries. Hospitalized, Mannix is beset by
vivid hallucinations. When he recovers his senses, he cannot determine if conversations he heard threatening his
life were real. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 5 ###############

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