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Season 4 (1970-71)
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with contributions by: Rina Fox
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 4 1970-71 ###############
CBS (Saturdays 10:00 pm EST)

4.1 [75] Mannix: TICKET TO THE ECLIPSE
19Sep1970 CBS Sat
written by Harold Medford
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Darren McGavin as Mark
Dane Clark as Lt Ira Deegan
Paul Mantee as Tommy Gantt
Don McGovern as Ray Endicott
Mark Stewart as Toby
Jack Griffin as First Zoo Attendant
John Wheeler as Second Zoo Attendant
Chris Woodley as Girl
A member of Mannix's former Korean War army unit is seeking revenge for a grievance from their combat days. The man
confesses to Mannix that he has already slain two people. When Mannix tells the police, they dismiss the case due to
his friend's history of confessing to every crime around. [RF]

4.2 [--] Mannix: ONE FOR THE LADY
26Sep1970 CBS Sat (rerun 10Apr71)
written by Dan Ullman
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Jo Van Fleet ...... Alexandra
Robert Reed ....... Tobias (recurring)
Jack Carter ....... Harry O'Toole
James Sikking ..... Mark Langdon
Robert Sorrells ... Clement North
Russ Marin ........ Angelo
David Sheiner ..... Sam Duck
Forrest Compton ... Bonning
Craig Chudy ....... Martone
Damian London ..... Maury
Dorothy Neumann ... Cleaning Lady
Lawrence Bame ..... Guard
Bill Keller ....... Guard
Synopsis 1:
Framed as a jewel thief and a possible murderer, Mannix loses his detective's license and faces prison when he meets Al,
a gangster's widow. Al offers Mannix a job as her bodyguard, and later another job involving a million-dollar robbery. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The lady, nicknamed Al, has a suspicious job offer for Mannix, and he may be forced to take it. Thanks to a perfect
frame-up, Mannix's private-eye license has been suspended. [RF]

4.3 [--] Mannix: TIME OUT OF MIND
03Oct1970 CBS Sat
written by Robert Pirosh
directed by Corey Allen
guest stars
Ray Galvin as Logan
Kim Hamilton as Hallie Woods
Stacy Harris as Russ, the florist/bookie
Robert 'Buzz' Henry as Mace
A Martinez as Pancho
Juanita Moore as Mrs. Davis
Brock Peters as Sonny Carter
Phillip Pine as Larry Starr
Sandra Ann Roberts as Lisa
George Robotham as Man
George Tobias as Dalton
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Mannix searches for Sonny, an over-the-hill boxer sought in the murder of a fight-fixing gambler. While trying to get
the ex-fighter to surrender before the gamblers reach him, Mannix becomes trapped with Sonny in a condemned slum as
gunmen close in. [RF]

10Oct1970 CBS Sat
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Loretta Swit as Jill Packard
Victor French as Carl Hastings
Jason Wingreen as Barry Nolan
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Richard Karie as Police Sergeant
A gunman threatens Mannix but barely misses him three times, leading the investigator to suspect that someone else is
really the intended victim. Mannix tracks down an ex-convict who has vowed to kill him, but the suspect dies and the
gunman strikes again. [RF]

4.5 [--] Mannix: THE MOUSE THAT DIED
17Oct1970 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Richard Bull as Professor Edmund Crowson
Patricia Stich as Holly
Hugh Beaumont as Mr Hammond
Roxanne Albee as Hazel
Douglas Henderson as Ferguson
Robert Ito as Dr Yoshira
David Westberg as Geoffrey
Grace Lenard as Landlady
Sean Morgan as Clerk
Bill Quinn as Coroner
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
During a routine missing-persons case, Mannix becomes involved with an espionage ring which tries to eliminate him, by
giving him a slow-acting poison, which doctors cannot identify, so he takes it upon himself to race time and search for
his adversary. [RF]

4.6 [--] Mannix: THE LOST ART OF DYING
24Oct1970 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Fernando Lamas
guest stars
Julie Parrish as Ruth Dancik
Richard Van Vleet as Carl Dancik
Judith McConnell as Verna
Ramon Bieri as Earl Weldon
Russ Conway as Warren Henshaw
Alex Dreier as Frank McGill
Val Avery as Harry Ruxton
Roy Engel as Customer
Miguel Ángel Landa as Hernandez
Paul Sorenson as Charlie Keefer
William Wintersole as Jerry Hagen
Harry Caesar as Inmate (uncredited)
Mannix seeks the help of a prize-winning newsman to clear a condemned man. Prisoners on death row hold a guard hostage
until Mannix promises to try and find the man who framed the man in the death of his former girlfriend. [RF]

4.7 [--] Mannix: THE OTHER GAME IN TOWN
31Oct1970 CBS Sat
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Martine Beswick as Eve Brady
Rich Little as Billy Moss
Leslie Parrish as T.C.
Alan Bergman as Conforti
Don Dubbins as Chris Allison
Bart La Rue as Victor Brady
Don Hanmer as Eddie
Allen Joseph as Lab Man
Don Edwards as Bartender
Charles Picerni as Ricardo
Dale Tarter as Controller
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A Las Vegas comic involved in the mysterious disappearance of a gambler who lost $230,000 at the casino before
vanishing. The debt-ridden gambler disappears in his light plane but "reappears" after his funeral. His "merry widow"
turns to Mannix for help--then suddenly fires him from the case. [RF]

4.8 [--] Mannix: THE WORLD BETWEEN
07Nov1970 CBS Sat
written by Ben Roberts & Lionel E. Siegel
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Hari Rhodes as Premier Obuko aka Mr. Smith
Jerry Douglas as Lt. Mitch Webster
Ford Rainey as Dr Linkram
Gil Perkins as Tom Smith
Albert Popwell as Kenoto
Maidie Norman as Aunt Frances
Chuck Hicks as Morgan
Lisa Moore as Nurse Fubala
Virginia Capers as Mrs. Frost
Jocelyne Peters as Norma
Lillian Randolph as Mrs. Harmon (Aunt Mildred)
Mark Stewart as Toby
Scottie MacGregor
Injured in a scuffle with a lawbreaker, Peggy meets ailing African Premier Obuko in the hospital, where he is being
treated under the alias of Mr. Smith. Mannix and Peggy keep his secret until foreign agents try to bomb his room. [RF]

4.9 [--] Mannix: SUNBURST
14Nov1970 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Kenneth Tobey as Sheriff Warren Vanders
Paul Carr as Ben Simmons
Patricia Quinn as Dana Simmons
Barry Atwater as Peterson
Walker Edmiston as Perry
James W. Gavin as Gorham
Michael Bell
Brad Dexter
Ross Hagen
Francisco Ortega as Deputy
Keith Walker as Announcer
Dana Simmons is the owner of a small roadside cafe that has been taken over by three gangland mobsters. Suddenly thrown
into the middle of a syndicate plot when he stops at the cafe for a cup of coffee, Mannix finds himself held captive
along with the owners. [RF]

4.10 [--] Mannix: TO CAGE A SEAGULL
21Nov1970 CBS Sat
written by Ed Waters
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Grace Albertson as Professor Elaine Resnick
Norman Alden as Travers
Peggy Walton-Walker as Bonnie
Chick Chandler as Antrim Scott
Jerry Hausner as Rudy
Byron Morrow as Hartigan
Alex Gerry as Slatoff
Jeff Davis as Govenor
Richard Karie as Nick
Byron Mabe as Olin
Ralph Maurer as Kopell
Michael Vandever
Ben Cooper
Keith Walker as Newscaster
Sid Grossfeld as Dispatcher
William 'Billy' Benedict as Popcorn Vendor
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Mannix is scheduled to be executed at dawn when he uncovers an anarchist's plot to immediately and violently take over
the country. While investigating what he feels was not an accidental helicopter crash, Mannix discovers a presumed-dead
leader of the Fourth Reich alive and plotting in Los Angeles. [RF]

4.11 [--] Mannix: BANG, BANG, YOU'RE DEAD
28Nov1970 CBS Sat
written by Warren Duff
directed by Murray Golden
guest stars
Pat Renella as Earl Bannon
Patti Cohoon as Dottie McNeill
Karen Arthur as Samantha Moore
Lloyd Battista as Chris
Sharon Cintron as Miss Parks
Arline Anderson as Mrs Michaels
Loretta Leversee as Helen
George Sawaya as Steve
Kelly Thordsen as Micky
Harry Harvey as Garrison
Cindy Henderson as Girl
Fred Krone as Pete
Larry Linville as Lt George Kramer
A precocious seven-year-old girl becomes the target of gangsters when she overhears a murder plot while playing in a
supposedly abandoned theater. Mannix is hired by the girl's mother to unravel the girl's imaginative version of what
happened and hopefully prevent the murder. [RF]

4.12 [--] Mannix: DEJA VU
12Dec1970 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Seymour Robbie
guest stars
Kim Hunter as Angela Warren
Brenda Scott as Kathy Warren
Morgan Sterne as Jim Bannerman
Paul Stewart as Dr Halder
Howard Dayton as Jerry
Sid Haig as Kellaway
Ray Galvin as Repairman
Herman Poppe as Patrol Officer
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
After seeing Mannix's picture, Kathy Warren, a young clairvoyant, begins to have recurring dreams in which she sees
Mannix's death. Kathy's visions are discounted by her mother as well as by Mannix, until they begin to materialize
and Mannix has a few close calls with death. [RF]

4.13 [--] Mannix: DUET FOR THREE
19Dec1970 CBS Sat
written by Al Brenner
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
John Considine as Martin Gray
Katherine Justice as Ellen Gray
Robert Reed as Lt. Adam Tobias
Robert Colbert as Vic
Gloria Grahame as Mae
Liam Dunn as Motel Manager
Harold Fong as Vendor
Terence Pushman as Dance Assistant
Johnny Silver as Cab driver
Mannix becomes involved in a series of apparent suicides by members of a black market ring when Ellen Gray, widow of
one of the deceased, hires him to find out why she is being followed. Through Mannix's investigation, Ellen learns of
her husband's illegal past. [RF]

4.14 [--] Mannix: ROUND TRIP TO NOWHERE
02Jan1971 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Susan Howard as Amanda Hewitt
Tim O'Connor as Albert Tucker
Jerry Douglas as Lt. Mitch Webster
Larry Pennell as Agent Barnes
Kevin Hagen as Alan Guthrie
Tol Avery as Slade
Crane Jackson as Grimmon
Stuart Nisbet as Tom West
Douglas Dick as George Hewitt
Jack English as Technician
Detective Mannix helps a beautiful widow hunt for her husband's slayer. Mannix finds that the victim, Hewitt, was a
mystery man who deposited large sums of money with no visible means of support. Mannix and the widow head for an
abandoned mine in Death Valley to run down the mystery. [RF]

09Jan1971 CBS Sat
written by Frank Telford
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Fred Beir as J. Lester Veil
Katherine Woodville as Vera Rawlins
Milton Selzer as Lt. Maury Strauss
Francine York as Gloria
Larry Watson as Gerber
Georgine Darcy as Billie
Don Edwards as Heavy
Patty Elder as Blonde
Vince Howard as Doctor
Todd Mason as Parking Attendant
Ralph Montgomery as Old Man
J. Pat O'Malley as Bartender
Joe E. Tata as Gas Station Attendant
James Chandler
Mannix is suffering from amnesia, and can't remember why an attempt was made on his life, but he does recall seeing the
girl he was with being thrown from a balcony. Mannix desperately struggles to unscramble the events of the previous
24-hour period and hopefully expose his predators before they finish their job on him. [RF]

4.16 [--] Mannix: THE JUDAS TOUCH
16Jan1971 CBS Sat
written by Merwin Gerald
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Robert Lansing as Chief Carl Yaring
Brenda Benet as Ellen Parrish
Don Eitner as Frank Walker
Ruth Roman as Victoria Parrish
James Wainwright as Smitty
Wayne Heffley as Man
Chief Carl Yaring searches for one of his police officers, an ex-con, suspected of robbery and murder. The guilt of
the young officer seems unquestionable, but Mannix has faith in the suspect's integrity and attempts to prove the
evidence wrong. [RF]

4.17 [--] Mannix: WITH INTENT TO KILL
23Jan1971 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Nick Webster
guest stars
Dane Clark as Lt. Ira Deegan
Joan Hotchkis as Mrs Deegan
Woodrow Parfrey as Pete Fender
Betty Anne Rees as Cora Hayden
Lucy Saroyan as Jill Wallace
Philip Kenneally
Lee Stanley
Janet Brandt as Motel Manager
Melendy Britt as Hair Stylist
Critt Davis as Ambulance Attendant
Robert Williams as Hotel Manager
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Police lieutenant Ira Deegan's wife pleads with her husband to give up a homicide case after his life is threatened.
When Deegan refuses his wife's request, she hires Mannix behind his back to protect him and solve the case. [RF]

4.18 [--] Mannix: THE CRIME THAT WASN'T
30Jan1971 CBS Sat
written by Dan Ullman
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
Charles Bateman as Coverly
Ellen Weston as Nora Coverly
Philip Frame as Dennis Coverly
Jacqueline Susann as Clare Bowman
Ric Roman as Al Borden
Mary Charlotte Wilcox as Dorothy Henry
Craig Chudy as Smitty
Rosemary DeCamp as Mrs Henry
Robert 'Buzz' Henry as Second Hood
Maurice Marsac as Etienne
Dewey Martin
Vincent Beck
A murder goes undetected until young Dennis Coverly overhears an argument between his parents and, fearing for their
safety, seeks the aid of Mannix. In checking out the youth's story, Mannix uncovers witnesses to the crime who have
remained silent due to threats upon their lives by the killer. [RF]

4.19 [--] Mannix: A GATHERING OF GHOSTS
06Feb1971 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Diana Muldaur as Leslie Carlson
Robert Webber as Tom Carlson
Marj Dusay as Diana
Jason Evers as Ross
Charles Aidman as Alex
Alan Oppenheimer as Doctor
Ross and Alex are members of Mannix's college football team who put together an unconventional reunion in a ghost town.
The reunion ends in murder and reveals years of deceit and jealousy that come to light in a series of bizarre and morbid
pranks. Mannix's skill as a private eye is put to the highest test--that of saving his own life. [RF]

13Feb1971 CBS Sat
written by Cliff Gould & John D. F. Black
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Jeff
John Colicos as Alton K. Moore
Tiffany Bolling as Ann Collier
Arline Anderson as Harriet
Neil Russell as Pete Sangree
Chuck Hicks as Leo
Fred Krone as Sid
Tom McDonough as Schneider
Charles Picerni as Stan
Glenn C. Wilder as Harry
Sam Chew Jr.
A college basketball star mysteriously disappears and his father hires Mannix to find him, but Mannix becomes suspicious
when the father insists on secrecy. Lew Alcindor (later Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) from the Milwaukee Bucks and Gail Goodrich
from the L.A. Lakers guest-star. [RF]

4.21 [--] Mannix: VOICES IN THE DARK
20Feb1971 CBS Sat
written by Edward J. Lasko
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Carol Lynley as Dorothy Kinman
Byron Morrow as George Kinman
Patricia Winters as Grace Kinman
Ray Ballard as Kobin
Sondra Currie as Miss Crawford
Jim Antonio
Paul Picerni
Paul Bertoya
Jim Dixon as Officer Stone
Don Edwards as Officer Dexter
Dorothy Kinman is a highly promising Olympic swimmer and diver who is confined to a wheelchair after a car accident and
is now the target of threatening phone calls. Mannix is hired by Dorothy, a recluse who can't cope with her new state
in life or the calls which police can't prove actually happen. [RF]

4.22 [--] Mannix: THE COLOR OF MURDER
27Feb1971 CBS Sat
written by Harold Medford
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
Diane Keaton as Cindy Conrad
Karen Ericson as Thelma Wilkins
James McCallion as Sam
Virginia Gregg as Jenny Loman
Johnny Haymer as Jerry
David Westberg as Roger
Shirley O'Hara as Martha
Jo De Winter as Miss Dee
Thomas A. Geas
John McLiam
John Lupton
Anthony Redondo as Conrad
Pepper Martin as Roebuck
John Sebastian as Vegas Thug
Guy Way as First Hood
Bill Baldwin Sr. as Announcer
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
A young heiress believes that her father's murderer is still at large and pleads with Mannix to help her find him.
Mannix becomes suspicious of the girl's true motives when he learns that her chief suspect is the executor of her
father's estate. [RF]

4.23 [--] Mannix: SHADOW PLAY
06Mar1971 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Jan Murray as Tony Sargent
Julie Gregg as Lynn Sargent/Janet Kirby
John Vernon as Chief Belden
Sam Edwards as Prescott
Larry Watson as Blaine
Bert Kramer as Landry
Lew Brown as Sgt Lynch
Paul Mantee as Thug
Financial wizard Tony Sargent, a front for a crime syndicate, faces criminal charges when his wife learns of his illegal
dealings. Before Sargent's wife turns Tony in, she is killed in a hit-and-run car accident. Her sister hires Mannix
to prove Mrs. Sargent's death wasn't an accident. [RF]

4.24 [98] Mannix: OVERKILL
13Mar1971 CBS Sat
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Jay Robinson as Overkill
Carol Bagdasarian as Nancy
Marc Lawrence as Ty Webber
Jeff Corey as Paul Sorenson
Lawrence Dane as Lassiter
John Dennis as Colson
Tony Giorgio as Sanford
Victor Izay as Janney
Jack Bannon as Mr. Caldwell
Michael Masters as Williams
Boyd 'Red' Morgan as Bailey
Keith Walker as Smith
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Al Roberts as Officer
Mannix gets involved with a police investigation of a compulsive killer after a friend of his becomes the eighth victim.
The investigation takes a new turn when Mannix uncovers clues that show the psychotic killer wasn't responsible for all
of the crimes attributed to him. [RF]

Network Reruns
[--] 10Apr71 - rerun of 4.02 "One for the Lady" (first aired 26Sep70)

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 4 ###############

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