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Season 3 (1969-70)
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 3 1969-70 ###############
CBS (Saturdays 10:00 pm EST)

27Sep1969 CBS Sat
written by Robert Heverly
directed by Stuart Hagmann
guest stars
Georg Stanford Brown as Brad Turner
Geoffrey Deuel as Jimmy Whitewing
Alan Bergmann as James Kitchener
Celeste Yarnell as Eve
Joseph Reale as Elgin Boyd
Carol Bagdasarian as Teller
Frederic Downs as Store Owner
Shirley O'Hara as Store Owner's Wife
Mannix launches a double-edged search for Brad Turner and Jimmy Whitewing, two friends of Peggy's, who are wrongly accused
of murder, and for the real killer who can only be linked to the crime by a dancer. Brad and Jimmy seek refuge in Peggy's
apartment but flee when Mannix offers to help them. [RF]

3.2 [--] Mannix: COLOR HER MISSING
04Oct1969 CBS Sat
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Michael Caffey
guest stars
Robert Reed as Lt. Adam Tobias
Jason Evers as Charles Egan
John Beck as Boyes
Carla Borelli as Dallas King
Virginia Gregg as Liz Boone
Michael Masters as Tom
Chet Stratton as Cory Boone
Mannix sets out to find the killer of his friend and fellow P.I. Cory Boone and winds up investigating for attorney
Charles Egan--who is suspected by Police Lieutenant Adam Tobias of having committed the crime. [RF]

11Oct1969 CBS Sat
written by Cliff Gould
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Vera Miles as Jean McBride
Victor Jory as Stefan Mannix
Larry Pennell as Troy McBride
Booth Colman as Leo Kolligian
Marion Ross as Lurene Warinsky
Lili Valenty as Maria
Jerry Douglas as Ed Barkley
Valentin de Vargas as Sheriff Madeiros
Ivy Bethune as Nurse
Harry Raybould as Fred
Mannix returns to his home in Summer Grove at the request of Jean McBride. She asks him to investigate a murder for
which her husband is the prime suspect. While attempting to unravel the mystery, Mannix tries also to reconcile with
his father, with whom he has not spoken in years. [RF]

3.4 [--] Mannix: PLAYGROUND
18Oct1969 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Robert Conrad as Mitch Cantrell
Leslie Parrish as Mona
Tommy J. Huff as Bud
Ralph Montgomery as Gene
Paul Comi
Ben Cooper
Bill Erwin as Prop Man
Dan Barton as Director
Mitch Cantrell, a movie star who refuses to believe Mannix's contention that someone is out to kill him. The private
eye's investigation turns up a number of prime suspects, including Cantrell's girlfriend Mona and his sidekick Pete. [RF]

25Oct1969 CBS Sat
written by Barry Oringer
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Tom Troupe as Dr Benjamin Holland
Lee Meriwether as Reva Daniels
Barbara Bosson as Miss Riley
Sam Edwards as Silas Cooper
Logan Ramsey as Stilwell
Vivi Janiss as Miss Kearsarge
Barbara Babcock as Nurse Hapgood
Bill Baldwin Sr. as Dr Moore
Mona Bruns as Mrs Tucker
Laurel Goodwin as Andrea
John Howard as Dr Daniels
Scott McKay as Dr Bennett
James Westerfield as Sheriff
At the request of an old friend, Mannix investigates an old malpractice charge against Dr. Benjamin Holland, only to be
hindered at every turn by everyone on the hospital staff, including Dr. Holland. As Mannix uncovers secrets, he receives
unexpected help from a hospital nurse and Reva Daniels, who first tries romance to get Mannix off the case. [RF]

01Nov1969 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Edd Byrnes as Clay/Harry McCloy
Sabrina Scharf as Celia James
Charles Dierkop as Makuta/John Marrish
Ramon Bieri as Peters
Regis Cordic as Mr Coolidge
Christopher Dark as Driver
Kevin Hagen as Jackson
Larry Linville as Lt George Kramer
Celia knows the location of a small fortune in cash; she comes to Mannix to get help in finding its origin, but they
are interrupted by three escaped convicts who break into Mannix's office to use as a hideout. [RF]

3.7 [--] Mannix: A SLEEP IN THE DEEP
08Nov1969 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Angel Tompkins as Barbara Stoner/Sondra Markham
Paul Stewart as Andre Korvak
Marianna Hill as Ellen Barton
Sivi Aberg as Carla Renata
Milton Selzer as Dave Wright
Skip Homeier as Naval Intelligence Agent Gordon
Jonathan Lippe as Thomas Clayton Hewitt
Byron Morrow as Robert Stoner
Charles Seel as Blind Man
David Chow as Yoshi, Judo Master
Mannix is hired to investigate the drowning of a man the police think died accidentally, but whose widow believes he was
murdered. Mannix digs up a number of suspects, including the young attorney in love with the dead man's wife, a millionaire
industrialist and a beautiful woman who isn't what she seems to be. [RF]

3.8 [--] Mannix: MEMORY: ZERO
22Nov1969 CBS Sat
written by Lionel E. Siegel & Ric Vollaerts
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Frank Campanella as Lt Dave Angstrom
Katherine Justice as Maggie Wells
Madison Arnold as Towbridge
Arthur Peterson as Mr Phillips
Ann Loos as Mrs Phillips
Don Francks
Lee Parrish as Bartender
Al Roberts as Garage attendant
Mark Russell as Policeman
Thomas A. Geas
Mannix is hired by Maggie Welles, secretary to a recently deceased private eye, who claims someone is trying to kill her.
With only Maggie's faulty memory to depend on, Mannix finds the going rough, especially when her romantic inclinations
get in the way. [RF]

3.9 [--] Mannix: THE NOWHERE VICTIM
29Nov1969 CBS Sat
written by Dan Ullman
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Corinne Camacho as Victoria Bertelli
Lloyd Battista as James Vincent
Richard Bull as Dr. Lambert Whitaker
Marc Lawrence as Angelo Palerma
Diane Holden as Shirley
Frank Puglia as Grandfather Bertelli
Peter Mamakos as Smith
Stuart Nisbet as Al
Julian Rivero as Guido
Ric Roman as Brown
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Richard Bakalyan as Vincent's Thug
William Long Jr. as Waiter
Mannix sets out to locate the missing victim in a hit-and-run accident and winds up in the middle of a feud between two
warring families of the notorious "Brotherhood." Suspected by the "Brotherhood" of being the driver of the hit-and-run car,
Mannix is hired by one family and marked for death by the other. [RF]

3.10 [--] Mannix: THE SOUND OF DARKNESS
06Dec1969 CBS Sat
written by Barry Trivers
directed by Corey Allen
guest stars
Robert Reed as Lt. Adam Tobias
Joby Baker as Rudy Marin
James Edwards as Jerry
Gilbert Green as Dr Lang
Glenn C. Wilder as Killer
Peter Brocco as Derelict
Eddie Barth as Foreman
Arthur Eisner as Hot Dog Vendor
Craig Chudy as Volleyball Player
Mannix faces the challenge of a lifetime when he tries to trap a killer whose bullet has blinded him. With the help of
Peggy and a couple of experts on blindness, Mannix learns to function in a sightless world so he can set himself up as
the bait for the killer. [RF]
*Terrifying and moving, this episode of Mannix is definitely no #1. [RF]

3.11 [--] Mannix: WHO KILLED ME?
13Dec1969 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Susan Howard as Christina Preston
Paul Richards as Bradley Everette
Yvonne Craig as Mrs. Everette
Hal Baylor as Henry Marshak
Anthony Eisley as Lawrence King
Jack Bannon as Troy
Peter Brandon as Paul
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Mannix is hired by an aircraft industry executive to find out who tried to kill him by sabotaging his private plane.
The investigation leads Mannix to a list of suspects, headed by the executive's business partners, his wife and his
artist girlfriend. [RF]

3.12 [--] Mannix: MISSING: SUN AND SKY
20Dec1969 CBS Sat
written by Cliff Gould & Halstead Welles & Norman Katkov
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Alex Dreier as Sam Dallas
Gene Raymond as Richmond Greene
Anita Louise as Althea Greene
James McCallion as V.P. Stander
Harry Carey Jr.
Richard Davalos
Don Eitner as Stu
William Phipps
Michael Stanwood as First Boy
Michael Greer as Second Boy
Allen Joseph as Tattoo Artist
Bart La Rue as Announcer
The theft of a championship racehorse baffles Mannix when he discovers the only motive belongs to the horse's owners.
During his search for the missing racehorse, Mannix gets some discouraging advice from wily horse trainer Sam Dallas
and follows up on a ransom note that almost costs him his life. [RF]

3.13 [--] Mannix: TOOTH OF THE SERPENT
27Dec1969 CBS Sat
written by Robert Lewin
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Percy Rodriguez as Jim Chancellor
Lynn Hamilton as Eve Chancellor
Bert Freed
Harrison Page
Barney Phillips as Parker
Harry Swoger as Landlord
Mannix is caught in the middle of the generation gap when police detective Jim Chancellor's wife hires him to find their
son, who may have been involved in a robbery which Chancellor is investigating. When Chancellor discovers the detective
was hired by his wife, he orders Mannix off the case and then goes after his son alone. [RF]

3.14 [--] Mannix: MEDAL FOR A HERO
03Jan1969 CBS Sat
written by Frank Telford
directed by Seymour Robbie
guest stars
Terry Carter as Marcus Fair
Gloria Calomee as Hettie Wills
Dean Harens
Bobby Troup as Bobby
B.J. Mason as Clayton
Walter Matthews as Charleston
Brenda Bennett as Waitress
Frank Marth as Lt. Burdette
Dick O'Shea as First Officer
William Bassett as Second Officer
Mark Stewart as Toby
Mannix tries to clear the name of Peggy's late husband Marcus Fair, when his name appears on a list of policemen who were
being paid off by a burglary ring. Stumped by the seemingly impenetrable code in Marcus' police diary, Mannix seeks the
help of a pianist friend with a flair for cryptology. [RF]

3.15 [--] Mannix: WALK WITH A DEAD MAN
10Jan1970 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Harvey Hart
guest stars
Peter Mark Richman as Martin Emory/Harry Glidden
Marian McCargo as Laura Emory
Parley Baer as Archie
Dane Clark as Lt Deegan
Helen Westcott as Faye
Hollie Hayes as Marcia
Bart La Rue as Vince
William Fawcett as Desk Clerk
Larry Vincent as Wino
Mannix agrees to trap a blackmailer who has been hounding a wealthy businessman. Ironically, Mannix then becomes the target
of a police dragnet. The many twists and turns of Mannix's investigation take him from the dregs of skid row to the
mansions of high society. [RF]

3.16 [--] Mannix: A CHANCE AT THE ROSES
17Jan1970 CBS Sat (rebroadcast 05Sep1970)
written by Lionel E. Siegel
directed by Nick Webster
guest stars
Dewey Martin ...... Lockwood
Sandy Kenyon ...... Hammel
Jan Merlin ........ Vodich
Leslie Charleson .. Marge Lavor
Ted de Corsia ..... Lavor
Scott Brady ....... Officer Delaney
John Carter ....... Johnson
Alex Gerry ........ Mr Levine
Gordon Hoban ...... Danny
Paul Sears ........ First Policeman
Synopsis 1:
Mannix takes on the task of proving the innocence of a man identified by eyewitnesses as having shot a pharmacist during
an attempted holdup. The going gets rough when the police block Mannix's path after he uncovers the puzzling fact that
the holdup victim is not a real pharmacist. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Mannix gets curiouser and criouser about an apparently open-and-shut case of armed robbery. The suspect escaped an easy
arrest, a police detective has clamped a lid on the matter and the shooting victim has been locked up like a case of the
plague. [RF]

3.17 [--] Mannix: BLIND MIRROR
24Jan1970 CBS Sat (rebroadcast 01Aug1970)
written by Don Brinkley
directed by Nick Webster
guest cast:
Mike Farrell ........ Clay Riegles
Diane McBain ........ Stella Diamond
Robert Lansing ...... George Diamond
Linda Marsh ......... Winifred Hill
Ed Gilbert .......... Lieutenant
Craig Littler ....... Worker
Synopsis 1:
Mannix becomes enmeshed in a domestic quarrel between an estranged married couple that ends in homicide. The private eye
finds the solution to the case rests in the conflicting stories surrounding the previous near-drowning of the victim. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Mannix uncovers an attempted murder as he searches for a woman who witnessed the near-drowning of Stella Diamond.
Flashbacks showing different views of the incident seem to incriminate Stella's husband - the missing woman's lover. [RF]

3.18 [--] Mannix: HARLEQUIN'S GOLD
31Jan1970 CBS Sat
written by Don Brinkley & Oliver Crawford
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Russ Conway as H. T. Stewart
Peter Whitney as Garrett Clegg
Don Knight as Paul Gantry/Patrick Gray
Karen Steele as Sheila
Gil Perkins as Wagner
Elizabeth Lane as Receptionist
Al Roberts as Ad Lib Man
Chuck Hicks as Sikes
Harry Swoger as Bartender
Mannix is hired to find an Australian seaman who has supposedly inherited a small fortune, only to learn that he may
be setting up the sailor for murder. Mannix's investigation reveals that the sailor is the only survivor of a shipwreck
that was the result of a monstrous crime on the high seas. [RF]

3.19 [--] Mannix: WHO IS SYLVIA?
07Feb1970 CBS Sat
written by Alfred Brenner
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Jessica Walter as Kathy Graves/Sylvia
Robert Colbert as Phil Graves
Larry Linville as Lt. George Kramer
Conrad Bachmann as Second Man at Bar
Bill Baldwin Sr. as TV Announcer
Victoria Carroll as Redhead
Fred Carson as Man with Eyepatch
A woman with a double identity hires Mannix to find the man who is trying to murder her. Mannix's investigation leads
him to believe that her husband, who also happens to be an old army buddy of the private eye, might be the man they
are searching for. [RF]

14Feb1970 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Michael O'Herlihy
guest stars
Loretta Swit as Dorothy Harker
Frank Christi as Bradshaw
Erik Holland as Frank Bauer
Neil Russell as Larry Hammond
Jonathan Kidd as Medical Examiner
John Pearce as Parker
Garry Walberg as Corey
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Three attempts are made on Mannix's life within 24 hours, and the only man with a motive is dead. To help unravel the
mystery, the private eye calls on the man's ex-girlfriend to help him investigate the dead man's previous activities. [RF]

3.21 [--] Mannix: FLY, LITTLE ONE
21Feb1970 CBS Sat
written by Arthur Weiss
directed by Murray Golden
guest stars
Pamelyn Ferdin as Dana
Shirley O'Hara as Mrs. Carr
Julie Gregg as Dr. Harley
Martin Braddock as Dr. Gasperi
Woodrow Parfrey as Pete Fender
Gerry Lock as Dana's mother
Gene Dynarski as Killer
Gwen Van Dam
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Lawrence Dane as Criminal
Mannix wins the confidence of a mentally disturbed little girl and discovers she has evidence that endangers her life
and his. Hired to investigate a robbery-murder, Mannix enters the fantasy world of little Dana and, from her disjointed
remarks, realizes she has made herself a target for a killer. [RF]

28Feb1970 CBS Sat
written by John Kneubuhl
directed by Seymour Robbie
guest stars
Dana Elcar as Tom Coleman/Al Beckworth/Darrell Andrews/Charles Vincent Addison
Harry Townes as Martin Kimbrough
Robert Pine as Eric Beckworth / Mike Gaynor
Nolan Leary as Ben
Van Williams as Kidnapper
Walter Matthews as Lt Charleston
Jay Robinson
Mark Stewart as Toby
Wayne Want as Policeman
Mannix comes into possession of a roll of film that cost a fellow private eye his life. Before Mannix can turn the film
over to the police, Peggy and her son are taken hostage in exchange for the film. [RF]

3.23 [--] Mannix: MURDER REVISITED
07Mar1970 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Harvey Hart
guest stars
Arlene Martel as Muriel Price/Valerie Price
Don DeFore as Ted Hackett
Frank Gerstle as Harry C. Armitage
Joshua Bryant as Paul
Chick Casey as Charlie
Stanja Lowe as Miss Landon
Oliver McGowan as Dorso
Reva Rose as Woman in Apartment
Investigating a murder that involves a vicious television commentator, Mannix realizes nobody wants him on the case,
including the chief suspect and her twin sister. When hired thugs try to kill him, Mannix takes refuge with a lonely
spinster, then gets a clue that takes him to a ruthless crime-syndicate leader. [RF]

3.24 [--] Mannix: WAR OF NERVES
14Mar1970 CBS Sat
written by Barry Trivers
directed by Rowe Wallerstein
guest stars
Hugh Beaumont as Mr. Calder
Alan Baxter as Major Lewis
Med Flory as Lenz
Harry Harvey Jr. as Jed
Howard Culver as Mr. Hume
Paul Picerni as Sheriff
Bill Quinn as Nick (the imprisoned drunk)
Johnny Silver as Jed
Mort Mills as Hijacker
Jon Lormer as Hotel Clerk
Richard Anders as First Man
Mannix gets caught in the middle when a town is threatened with a flood of toxic nerve gas unless it pays a million
dollars to a crime ring. Investigating the disappearance of a wealthy girl, Mannix learns she is being held hostage
by the criminals to force compliance with their demands. [RF]

3.25 [74] Mannix: ONCE UPON A SATURDAY
21Mar1970 CBS Sat
written by Arline Anderson & Barry Crane
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
Bethel Leslie as Beverly Miller
Michael Conrad as Rick
Barbara Rhoades as Donna
Don Beddoe as Colonel Lee
Pamela Bellwood as Susan Miller
Gordon Jump as Charlie
Jack Catron as Rio
Robie Porter as Jimmy
Carlos Rivas as Armando
Mark Stewart as Toby
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Mannix investigates a series of accidents at a carnival that look suspiciously like attempts on the life of its owner.
After taking the case, Mannix finds he's got less than 24 hours to find the culprit before the carnival opens to the
public. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 3 ###############

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