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Starring Phil Silvers as Sergeant Ernest Bilko
Season 3 (CBS) (1957-58)
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 ### The Phil Silvers Show: Sergeant Bilko ####
############## season 3 1957-58 ##############
CBS Tuesdays 8:00 pm Eastern (37 episodes)

Writing supervised by Billy Friedburg
New writers in Season 3:
Neil Simon, Paul Jordan

(Where 2 different original broadcast dates are given, the first is from The
Fort Baxter Story, the second from Television Chronicles.)

3.1 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S MERRY WIDOW
17Sep57 CBS Tue
(Written by Nat Hiken & Billy Friedburg; #3568)
Bilko and the men present a satire on the Lehár operetta The Merry
Widow. This episode was filmed during the second season.

3.2  [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S BOY'S TOWN
24Sep57 CBS Tue
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3573)
Colonel Hall confines Bilko to the base while the army conducts manouvres in
the Nevada desert. Unable to visit Las Vegas, Bilko sets up a boys' camp at
Fort Baxter in order to part the local youth from their money.

3.3 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: HILLBILLY WHIZ
01Oct57 CBS Tue
(Written by Coleman Jacoby & Arnie Rosen; #3579)
New recruit Hank Lumpkin (Dick Van Dyke) shows great skill when throwing rocks
at targets. Bilko wonders if he can do the same with baseballs....and would
the New York Yankees be interested?

3.4 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S VALENTINE
08Oct57 CBS Tue
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3575)
When Bilko ignores her on Valentine's Day, Joan Hogan quits the army and returns to
her hometown of Sumter, South Carolina. Bilko persuades the Colonel to let him
organise a recruiting drive in ..... Sumter.

3.5 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: THE BIG MAN HUNT
15Oct57 CBS Tue
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3572)
 A former GI has recently discovered a diamond mine in Africa. Now he's back in
the US looking to reward the soldier who saved his life during World War II.
He won't reveal the name of the lucky soldier for fear of impostors. Who could it be?

3.6 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S DOUBLE LIFE
22Oct57 CBS Tue
(Written by A.J. Russell & Sydney Zelinka; #3576)
While visiting New York, Ernie is mistaken for millionaire Herbert
Penfield and starts to enjoy a millionaire lifestyle. By coincidence, Penfield
is visiting relatives in Roseville - will he appreciate being mistaken for Bilko?

3.7 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: SERGEANT BILKO PRESENTS
29Oct57 CBS Tue
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3580)
When a new recruit shows a talent for playwriting, Bilko starts to formulate
plans to produce a Broadway musical. Unable to find sufficient money to
finance his plans, Ernie persuades the army to organise a playwriting contest...

[--] 05Nov57 - no details (possibly "Papa Bilko" - see 18Jul58)

[--] 12Nov57 - no details

3.8 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO TALKS IN HIS SLEEP
19Nov57 CBS Tue
(Written by Billy Friedburg, Terry Ryan & Phil Sharp; #3582)
 To finance an evening out with a Roseville waitress, Bilko organises a contest to guess
the number of beans in a jar. For some reason his rivals, Sgts. Grover and Ritzik,
seem very confident about winning the contest... .

3.9 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: CHEROKEE ERNIE
26Nov57 CBS Tue
(Written by Arnie Rosen, Coleman Jacoby, Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3581)
In order to legally represent the family of Cpl. Charlie Whiteagle, Ernie is made a
member of the tribe - 'Bald Eagle'! He then notices that a flaw in an old treaty appears
to have significant consequences for the city of Tulsa...

3.10 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO BUYS A CLUB
03Dec57 CBS Tue
(Written by Phil Sharp &Terry Ryan; #3578)
Bilko is having trouble making the down payment on some land he needs to start
a night club. Perhaps an investment banker visiting the camp for National
Guard manouvres might be able to help...

3.11 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: LIEUTENANT BILKO
10Dec57 CBS Tue
(Written by Sydney Zelinka & A.J. Russell; #3584)
Bilko's period of enlistment is about to end, and he has no plans to
re-enlist. Then the Pentagon informs him that, due to a temporary wartime
commision which was never cancelled, he is technically still Lieutenant Bilko!

3.12 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO AT BAY
17Dec57 CBS Tue
(Written by A.J. Russell, Terry Ryan & Sydney Zelinka; #3586)
On the way to New York, Bilko stops at Doberman's home to take advantage of a a free meal.
Unfortunately, some bank robbers on the run also choose to visit the Doberman household.

3.13 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO F.O.B. DETROIT
24Dec57 CBS Tue
(Written by Sydney Zelinka & A.J. Russell; #3574)
Bilko and the Motor Pool have to collect some new army trucks from Detroit. Ernie tries
to extend his stay by trying to sell motor magnate Roger Bellman a do-it-yourself army
basic training kit already rejected (several times) by the Pentagon.

3.14 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO AND THE FLYING SAUCERS
31Dec57 CBS Tue
(Written by Coleman Jacoby & Arnie Rosen; #3583)
In order to visit Washington for a hot date, Bilko concocts reports
of UFO's - which he insists he must personally report to the Pentagon.
However, Colonel Hall finds the reports all too convincing...

There is some confusion about the remaining episodes in season 3.
Did they air on Tuesdays or Fridays. Fridays are listed here.


3.15 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO AND THE COLONEL'S SECRETARY
03Jan58 CBS Fri (to be verified) (some sources have 01Jan58)
(Written by Phil Sharp, Terry Ryan, A.J. Russell & Sydney Zelinka; #3588)
Bilko thinks that by handpicking the Colonel's new secretary he will be able to keep
off the Colonel's duty rosters. But he doesn't count on the chosen WAC resenting Bilko
dictating her career...

3.16 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: DOBERMAN, THE CROONER
10Jan58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Neil Simon; #3590)
The mystery man behind a wonderful singing voice, which Bilko discovers on a
home-made record, turns out to be Duane Doberman. In planning Duane's new
singing career Ernie neglects the fact that, depending on his health, the
quality of Doberman's singing varies dramatically!

3.17 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO PRESENTS KAY KENDALL
17Jan58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Neil Simon & Terry Ryan; #3589)
(no synopsis)

3.18 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S COUSIN
24Jan58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3585)
When Bilko's cousin Swifty (Dick Van Dyke, again) arrives at Fort Baxter, the Colonel
fears the trouble that having two Bilkos around will lead to. Meanwhile, Ernie worries
that Swifty might prove something of an embarrassment to his reputation.

3.19 [--] The Phil Silvers Show BILKO'S PIGEONS
31Jan58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3587)
 When the Pentagon orders that Fort Baxter abandon its messenger pigeon communications
back-up system, Ernie is dismayed at the effect it will have on his pigeon racing
competitions. Still, there may be a few dollars to be made in selling the birds...

[--] 07Feb58 CBS Fri - no details

3.20 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: CYRANO DE BILKO
14Feb58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3591)
Bilko helps one of his men get a date with the girl of his dreams, but then gets
supicious about the girl's motives. Determined to prove these doubts, he sets
about arranging his own date with her, but not entirely successfully...

3.21 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: THE COLONEL'S REUNION
21Feb58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Coleman Jacoby & Arnie Rosen; #3592)
 The Colonel finally manages to eradicate all gambling from Fort Baxter. Determined
that this situation will not last, Bilko arranges a class reunion for Colonel Hall - in Chicago.

3.22 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO SAVES RITZIK'S MARRIAGE
28Feb58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #3593)
 On the evening of his 15th wedding anniversary, Sgt. Ritzik gets sidetracked into
an all-night card game with Bilko. When Emma Ritzik then leaves home, Ernie has to
resort to desperate measures to repair the Ritziks' marriage...

3.23 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO, THE ART LOVER
07Mar58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Phil Sharp & Terry Ryan; #3594)
Bilko is in New York, enjoying the luxurious hospitality
provided by the father of his former GI buddy Carlisle Thompson (Alan Alda).
Following an argument with his father, concerning his artistic aspirations,
Carlisle moves out of the family home into extremely sparse accommodation in
Greenwich Village - much to Bilko's discomfort!

3.24 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO, THE GENIUS
14Mar58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #3595)
Bilko is tranferred, by mistake, to an army camp for geniuses. He takes the
opportunity to get the army's top brains to apply their talents to some
important problems, such as the mathematics of gambling...

[--] 21Mar58 CBS Fri - no details

3.25 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO, MALE MODEL
28Mar58 CBS Fri (to be verified)
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #3596)
When a photograph of Bilko, out on the town with a beautiful woman, appears in
a national magazine, thousands of letters are sent to the magazine enquiring
about the couple in the photo. This leads an advertising agency to conclude
that Ernie has a face that the average man identifies with - a face with commercial value?

3.26 [--] The Phil Silvers Show THE COLONEL'S INHERITANCE
04Apr58 CBS Fri
(Written by Phil Sharp,Terry Ryan & Paul Jordan; #3597)
 When Colonel Hall inherits $5000, he entrusts Bilko with the job of safely
depositing the money at the bank. Not a very wise decision you might think... 

3.27 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S HONEYMOON
11Apr58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #3598)
Pvt. Paperelli wins an all-expenses trip to Miami, which Bilko naturally covets.
Given that the prize is for 2 people, this shouldn't be too much of a problem
for Paperelli, except that the prize is meant for a newly-wed couple...

[--] 18Apr58 CBS Fri - no details

3.28 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S CHINESE RESTAURANT
25Apr58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #3599)
The father of new recruit Wong Lee runs a successful chain of
restaurants. This inspires Ernie to start his own Chinese restaurant -
teaching Rupert Ritzik the secrets of Chinese cuisine shouldn't be much of a problem...

3.29 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: OPERATION LOVE
02May58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen, Coleman Jacoby & Terry Ryan; #35101)
Angry at their boyfriends spending all their free time gambling with Bilko, the WAC's
of Fort Baxter get transfers to other bases. To placate his furious colleagues, Ernie
has to come up with a plan to attract new WAC's.

3.30 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S TV PILOT
09May58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #35100)
When a young cowboy joins the platoon, Bilko thinks he can sell the idea
of a Western TV show featuring the cowboy. The TV company is definitely
interested in his idea - but they have different ideas about who should play the lead role...

3.31 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO RETIRES FROM GAMBLING
16May58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #35102)
Colonel Hall plans to clean up Fort Baxter by having a card-shark infiltrate the
base posing as a raw recruit. When Bilko starts losing to Ritzik in the subsequent
fixed card games, he thinks he has lost allhis gambling skills!

3.32 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S VACATION
23May58 CBS Fri
(Written by Terry Ryan & Neil Simon; #35103)
 Bilko's plan to get a free vacation involves convincing the rest of the men,
and Colonel Hall, that they are all going on the trip. When it turns out that
Bilko has not been entirely truthful, they set out for revenge.

3.33 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S INSURANCE COMPANY
30May58 CBS Fri
(Written by Arnie Rosen & Coleman Jacoby; #35104)
When one of the men is nearly involved in an automobile accident, Bilko is inspired
to set up his own insurance business especially for GI's. Business is going well,
so Ernie starts to expand the ranges of risks which he is prepared to cover ...

3.34 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S PRIZE POODLE
06Jun58 CBS Fri
(Written by Neil Simon & Terry Ryan; #35105)
When a poodle shows affection towards Pvt. Doberman, Bilko
decides to enter it in a national dog show. Inspired by the $10000 first
prize, the whole base helps with the preparations.

3.35 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: BILKO'S SCHOOL DAYS
13Jun58 CBS Fri
(Written by Neil Simon & Terry Ryan; #35106)
On the verge of a transfer, Bilko reconsiders his decision when he
learns that Fort Baxter is to be the site of the new army training school.
Just think of all those new recruits just begging to be parted from their money...

[--] 20Jun58 CBS Fri - no details

3.36 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: JOAN'S BIG ROMANCE
27Jun58 CBS Fri
(Written by Terry Ryan; #35107)
When Joan Hogan is photographed, by chance, with a wealthy playboy, the picture is
published in a national magazine. Seeing this, Bilko's jealousy is aroused and
he sets out to win her back.

[--] 04Jul58 CBS Fri - no details
[--] 11Jul58 CBS Fri - no details

3.37 [--] The Phil Silvers Show: PAPA BILKO
18Jul58 CBS Fri (rerun?) (originally scheduled/aired - 05Nov57?)
(Written by Billy Friedburg, Sydney Zelinka & A.J. Russell; #3577)
When Bilko was in France during World War II he befriended a poor French family,
and gained the nickname 'Papa'. When the daughter of the family - now grown up -
visits Bilko, he has two big problems - explaining why she is calling him 'Papa'
and protecting her from the attentions of the other soldiers...

### The Phil Silvers Show: Sergeant Bilko ####
############## end of season 3 ###############

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