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Starring Penny Marshall (as Laverne DeFazio) and Cindy Williams (as Shirley Feeney)
Season 2 (ABC) (1976-77) Milwaukee
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############# Laverne and Shirley ############
############## season 2 1976-77 ##############
ABC Tuesdays 8:30-9:00pm Eastern
Setting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2.1 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Drive! She Said
28 September 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Jack Winter
Directed by Howard Storm
Guest Cast:
Bo Kaprall.
Shirley offers Laverne free driving lessons in exchange for some money to buy a new car. In this episode we get Shirley
trying to teach Laverne how to drive using cans of beans and corn on the floor. We also see her terrorising the
neighborhood whenever she goes out in the car and nearly runs down all the poor pedestrians.

2.2 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Angels of Mercy
5 October 1976 ABC Tue
Written by William Bickley, Michael Warren
Directed by Howard Storm
Guest Cast:
Charles Frank.
Laverne & Shirley become hospital volunteers. This episode has the famous 'changing the sheets with the fat guy
still on the bed' bit.

2.3 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Bachelor Mothers
19 October 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Barry Rubinowitz
Directed by Howard Storm
Guest Cast:
Henry Winkler ....... The Fonz (from "Happy Days")
Since the girls have no dates that night they agree to babysit Fonzie's godson. When they get a call for a big date
only one of them can go, the other has to stay home and watch the baby. Laverne gets to go but when the date gets
cancelled Shirley has to stop Laverne from getting on a bus and going to Chicago to meet her date. Shirley asks Lenny
and Squiggy to watch the baby while she goes to get Laverne. When the girls return to the apartment they find Lenny
and Squiggy there but the baby is gone. Lenny and Squiggy gave it back to a guy who claimed to be it's father, the
girls go berzerk thinking all manners of horrible things has happened only to find out in the end it was indeed the
father that they gave the baby to.

2.4 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Excuse Me, May I Cut In?
26 October 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Fred Fox Jr.
Directed by John Thomas Lenox
Guest Cast:
Ron Howard .......... Richie Cunningham (from "Happy Days")
Anson Williams ...... Warren "Potsie" Weber (from "Happy Days")
The girls convince two high school students into taking them to a dance contest to win a tv. In this episode we have
Richie and Potsie from 'Happy Days' as the dance partners. Laverne and Shirley's tv breaks down, and when the contest
offering a prize of a new colour set arrises Shirley acts nice to Richie so that he'll ask her and Laverne to the dance,
but also the real reason is that they want Richie to ask his friend Potsie, who happens to be the schools best dancer,
to partner Laverne. Potsie gets injured and can't dance so Laverne teams up with Richie at the last minute to win the tv.
When back at the flat, the girls have to come clean about them just wanting the tv but the guys are so nice about it that
they get a little of what they were hoping for anyways.

2.5 [--] Laverne and Shirley: The Bridal Shower
9 November 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Paula A. Roth & Judy Skelton
Directed by Alan Myerson
Guest Cast:
Carol White.
Laverne & Shirley get an invitation to a bridal shower. In this episode we get a good Rosie versus Laverne feud,
the girls are invited to one of their friends bridal showers but are afraid to go becasue they're the only ones
left unmarried.

2.6 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Look Before You Leap
16 November 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Deborah Leschin, David W. Duclon
Directed by James Burrows
Laverne has morning sickness after a party, causing her to think she's pregnant. After a party at the brewery Laverne
comes home to find she's wearing a pair of mens boxer shorts. She starts to feel ill in the mornings but was so drunk
the night before that she can't remember what happened. She fears that she's pregnant and in the 50's this was a real
disgrace. So Lenny and Squiggy have a contest to see which of them will ask Laverne to marry them, Lenny wins and in a
touching scene proposes to Laverne, of course in the end we discover that Laverne is not pregnant and that she was wearing
the boxer shorts because she had been made an honorary guy at the brewery. This episode established the link between
Laverne and Lenny and also Shirley and Squiggy, that even though the girls are always jibing them, that they really
are friends and would stick their necks out for each other.

2.7 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Dear Future Model
23 November 1976 ABC Tue
Teleplay by Barbara Robles & Judy Skelton; Story by Barbara Robles
Directed by James Burrows
Laverne & Shirley decide to become high fashion models.

2.8 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Good Time Girls
30 November 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Laura Levine
Directed by James Burrows
Guest Cast:
Henry Winkler ....... The Fonz (from "Happy Days")
The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their names and phone number on several men's
room walls. In this episode Laverne and Shirley dress up as guys raiding Lenny and Squiggy's closets for clothes
so they can get into the mens room to remove their names from the wall.

2.9 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing
7 December 1976 ABC Tue
Written by Bo Kaprall, Bob Sand
Directed by Howard Storm
Lenny and Squiggy disappear after Laverne & Shirley decide not to go to the circus. In this episode Lenny and Squiggy
decide to join the circus after they feel that nobody cares about them, in the end their friends all gather round to
show them that they do care.

2.10 [--] Laverne and Shirley:
Oh Hear the Angels' Voices -aka- Christmas Eve At The Booby Hatch.
21 December 1976 ABC Tue
Written by David W. Duclon
Directed by Howard Storm
Guest Cast:
Howard Hesseman.
Laverne & Shirley perfrom a Christmas Show at a mental hospital.

2.11 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent
4 January 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Bob Sand, Bo Kaprall
Directed by James Burrows
Guest Cast:
Louise Nye.
Laverne is arrested for shoplifting, so Shirley tries to get her released.

2.12 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Anniversary Show
10 January 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Roger Garrett, Paula A. Roth
Directed by John Thomas Lenox
While the girls are stuck at a train station in Canada, the rest of the gang is waiting for them to have a surprise party
at the Pizzabowl. To pass the time they sit around and reminisce through flashbacks of scenes from previous episodes.

2.13 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Playing Hooky
11 January 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Barry Rubinowitz
Directed by John Thomas Lenox
The girls play hookey from work, but everything goes wrong. Two plain clothes policeman mistake Laverne and Shirley
for being 'Loosey Goosey' or just plain hookers to you and me.

2.14 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Guinea Pigs
18 January 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Jack Winter
Directed by James Burrows
Guest Cast:
Robert Cornthwaite
Kenneth Gilman.
The girls become guinea pigs in order to raise money to go to a cocktail party. Laverne is allowed to sleep for a
few mintes at a time, and Shirley has to eat dirt.

2.15 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Call Me a Taxi
1 February 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Deborah Leschin, Paula A. Roth
Directed by Alan Myerson
The girls take jobs as taxi dancers when they get laid off. In this episode Shirley pads out her bra enormously
with tissue paper to get more customers, before they were hardly getting any.

2.16 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Steppin' Out
8 February 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Deborah Leschin
Directed by Dennis Klein
The girls have big dates now if only they can get themselves together in time. This is the 'quickypoo' shampoo episode.

2.17 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Buddy Can You Spare a Father?
15 February 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Eric Cohen, Monica Mcgowan Johnson
Directed by Ray DeVally Jr.
Guest Cast:
Scott Brady.
Shirley goes to a sleazy bar to look for her father.

2.18 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Honeymoon Hotel
22 February 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Eric Cohen, Monica Mcgowan Johnson
Directed by Gary Shimokawa
Guest Cast:
Geoffrey Lewis.
Shirley wins a vacation at a newlywed hotel. Laverne and Shirley plan to use Carmine to fool the hotel staff into
letting them in, thinking they'll be left alone after the inital photos. Unfortunately they never get a moments
peace and a mass party ensues.

2.19 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Hi Neighbor, Book 2
1 March 1977 ABC Tue
written by David Landers and Michael McKean
Directed by Ray DeVally Jr.
Laverne & Shirley come to the rescue when Lenny and Squiggy get stood up. Laverne and Shirley reluctantly agree to go
out with Lenny and Squiggy after their dates cancel out on them, so Lenny and Squiggy take them to a posh restaurant
and give them a good meal and they have a good time. Until Squiggy sees his date with another guy at the same restaurant.
Squiggy gets his own back on the girl after calling the girls 'bottom of the barrel' they get chased for blocks and all
have a laugh about it when they get back to Laverne and Shirleys flat. The girls act tired when Lenny and Squiggy start
to get amorous but the boys offer to leave and thank the girls for the fun evening, at this the girls feel guilty and
thank the boys accordingly.

2.20 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Frank's Fling
8 March 1977 ABC Tue
Written by William J. Keenan
Directed by Howard Morris
Laverne asks Lenny, Squiggy and Carmine to dress up as gangsters in order to scare away a gold digger who wants to
marry her father.

2.21 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Haunted House
22 March 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Andrew Johnson
Directed by Alan Myerson
The girls want new furniture and go looking for a used couch, in a haunted house. Lenny and Squiggy go with Laverne
and Shirley to the haunted house to help them remove a couch if they buy one, of course the cast start to disappear
one by one until there's only the girls left, they can't get out, but in the end discover that it's the owners of the
house who are trying to scare people away so's they don't have to move. Shirley discovers that Abe Lincoln once slept
in the house and suggests they have the house marked as a piece of history which saves the building.

2.22 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Lonely at the Middle -aka- Tough In The Middle.
29 March 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Jack Winter
Directed by James Burrows
Guest Cast:
Pat McCormick.
Shirley is promoted to supervisor and has the other workers hating her for it. This episode sees Shirley getting promoted
and becoming not only Laverne's supervisor but all her bottle capping friends as well. She tries to introduce some time
saving ideas which don't go down well with her friends.

2.23 [--] Laverne and Shirley: Citizen Krane
5 April 1977 ABC Tue
Written by Raymond Siller
Directed by Ray DeVally Jr.
Guest Cast:
Severn Darden.
Milwaukee's most prominent citizen, Charles Feister Crane, decides to make Laverne and Shirley his newest
singing discovery, a singing duet called 'The Rosebuds'.

############# Laverne and Shirley ############
############### end of season 2 ##############

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