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 Season 4 (1954-55)
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########## Hallmark Hall of Fame ##########
############## season 4 1954-55 ##############


Written by Harold Callum
Wesley Addy
Osa Massen
The Swedish-American inventor of dynamite, established before his death the Nobel Prize to be awarded
annually for the best work in the field of physics, medicine and chemistry. [RF]

4.2 Hallmark Hall of Fame: DO NOT CRY FOR ME
Written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
Tells the story of the early life of the American composer Stephen Foster. Relates the difficulties Foster
encountered when he tried to have his first song performed. [RF]

4.3 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A MAN OF MANY IDEAS
Written by Boris Sagal
Peter Graves ... John Wanamaker
The story of John Nelson Wanamaker the 35th United States Postmaster General who was known for buying an abandoned
railroad depot and converting it into a department story called "The Grand Depot" which was considered the first
department store in Philadelphia. [RF]
*NOTE: Title was also listed as "The Story of John Wanamaker".

4.4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE RELUCTANT REDEEMER
Written by Helene Hanff
John Barrymore Jr. ... Moses
Natalie Wood
Karen Sharpe
Douglas Dumbrille
Gertrude Michael
The story tells of Moses' upbringing by an Egyptian pharaoh, his killing of a cruel overseer and the flight to
Media where he marries. When the voice of God comes from the burning bush he returns to Egypt to free his people.
Natalie Wood will be featured as the beloved ot Moses when he was a young man. [RF]
*NOTE: Title also listed as "The Story of Moses".

Ben Cooper
From court appointed organist to his triumphant position as Kantor at the Thomasschule his story unfolds as his
music was given to the world almost a century after he died after being rediscovered by Felix Mendelssohn.
*NOTE: Title also listed as "The Choir Minister of Leipzig". [RF]

4.6 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE IMMORTAL OATH
John Baer
Vera Miles
The tale of Hippocrates, the father of medicine is dramatized. [RF]

4.7 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE YANKEE ROADBLOCKS
written by John Paulding
Lance Fuller
An all-male cast set in the Revolutionary War days, the story tells how a hero exposed the plot of
Benedict Arnold and save General Washington from being captured by the British. [RF]

4.8 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE LADY IN THE WINGS
Written by Helene Hanff
Directed by Albert McCleery
Ann Doran ........... Marian Griswold Nevins MacDowell
Ludwig Stossel ...... Professor Roff
Michael Whalen ...... Lawyer
Theresa Lyon ........ Mary
Somer Alberg ........ Emil
Rosemary De Camp .... Anna Baetz
Selmer Jackson
Peter Hanson
Synopsis 1:
The story of the wife of composer Edward MacDowell. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The widow of the great composer, Edward MacDowell, remembering her happy past, wishes to create a place where
artists from all quarters can work in solitude. [RF]

*NOTE: Based on the true story of Edward MacDowell and his wife Marian. The MacDowell Colony founded in 1907
is based on a simple idea that creative people work best when they have time, space, privacy and the opportunity
to speak with other artists. Located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, this 450 wooded acres bring 250 Fellowships
each year.
Born Marian Griswold Nevins, the wife of American composer and pianist Edward MacDowell gave up a promising future
to devote herself to her husband's career.
She and Edward were married for 23 years when he died at age 46 of a devastating nervous disorder in 1908. She
spent the rest of her life (48years) creating the artist retreat, his final wish.
Marian MacDowell died on August 23, 1956, at the age of ninety-eight.

4.9 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE PATH TO PEACE
Written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
Herbert Rudley
Horace Greeley's fight for peace is dramatized. [RF]


 [--] "Hallmark Hall of Fame" pre-empted on 07Nov1954
for "The Max Liebman Show Spectacular" starring Judy Holliday, Steve Allen and Dick Shawn.

4.10 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A MATTER OF PRINCIPAL
An incident in the life of John Adams, second President of the United States and his defense
of an English Officer who was charged with the deaths of five American patriots in Boston. [RF]

4.11 Hallmark Hall of Fame: PRESIDENT FOR A DAY
Written by Day Nelson Gidding
The story of the man who was President of the United States for one day is told. David Rice
Atchison as President of the Senate automatically became President for 24 hours when Zachary
Taylor refused to be inaugurated on a Sunday. [RF]

4.12 Hallmark Hall of Fame: MACBETH
28Nov1954 2hr. presentation
executive producer Jack Rayel / producer Maurice Evans
story by William Shakespeare
Directed by George Schaefer
Composer Lehman Engel
Costume Designer Noel Taylor
Maurice Evans ..... Macbeth
Judith Anderson ... Lady Macbeth
Jane Rose ......... First Witch
Frieda Altman ..... Second Witch
Maud Sheerer ...... Third Witch
House Jameson ..... Duncan
Roger Hamilton .... Malcolm
William Woodson ... the Sergeant
Guy Sorel ......... Ross
Staats Cotsworth .. Banquo
Michael Kane ...... Angus
Basil Langton ..... Seyton
John Reese ........ Pleance
J. Pat O'Malley ... the Porter
Richard Waring .... Macduff
Barry Warren ...... Donaldbain
Noel Leslie ....... the Doctor
George Ebeling .... the First Murderer
Robert Carricart .. the Second Murderer
Ford Rainey ....... Menteith
Margot Stevenson .. Lady Macduff
Rhoden Streeter ... Young Macduff
Nan McFarland ..... Gentlewoman
Edwin Jerome ...... Caithness
Val Wrenne ........ the Servant
Roy Dean .......... the Messenger
A dramatization of Shakespeare's Macbeth.
*NOTE: Dame Judith Anderson won the first Emmy for Hallmark in her role as Lady Macbeth.

4.13 Hallmark Hall of Fame: DEADLOCK
Written by Eugene Vale
Wesley Addy
Ian Keith
The story of the Burr–Hamilton duel arose from a long-standing political and personal rivalry that
had developed between both men over a course of several years. [RF]

4.14 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE PROVINCE OF MAN
John Sutton
The story of how William Harvey used King John of England as a guinea pig to test his theory
of the circulatory system. [RF]

4.15 Hallmark Hall of Fame: AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS
Based on Gian Carlo Menotti's opera
Bill McIver ......... Amahl
Rosemary Kuhlmann ... Mother
Leon Lishner ........ King Balthazar
David Aiken ......... King Melchoir
Andrew McKinley ..... King Kaspar
Fancis Monachino .... Page
Felisa Conde, John Butler, Glen Tetley as the Three Dancers.
Amahl, a crippled boy, and his poor mother are visited by the Three Wise Men,
who stay the night, and are entertained by the villagers. During the night, Amahl's
mother tries to steal their jewels, but is caught by the page. Amahl begs for her release,
and is rewarded for his pains by being healed. He then leaves with the Three Wise Men.

Synopsis 2:
The tale of a poor boy and his mother who journey to visit Christ's birth in Bethlehem. [RF]

4.16 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE JOYFUL TYDINGS
Written by Elaine Ryan
Terence DeMarney
The story of the stormy controversy during the reign of Henry the Eighth is dramatized. [RF]

4.17 Hallmark Hall of Fame: WILLIAM TELL
James Arness ....... William Tell
The story of the legendary Swiss marksman William Tell is dramatized. [RF]

Ep 4.18 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE FIRST MINTMASTER
written by Meyer Dolinsky
directed by Albert McCleery
Lamont Johnson as John Hull
Mark Dana as Edward Hull
Mary Scott as Judith
Herbert Rudley as Reverend Joseph Cotton
Lumsden Hare as Governor Winthrop
James Flavin as Captain Kimble
Cyril Delevanti as Robert Kearney
Tim Graham as Ambros Martin
Story of John Hull, first mintmaster of Massachusetts Bay Colony, who was appointed

to the post in 1650 as the culmination of his efforts to abolish barter and foreign

coinage in favor of a stabilized currency.

Ep 4.19 Hallmark Hall of Fame: CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM
written by Peter Kortner
directed by Albert McCleery
Ben Cooper as Benjamin Franklin
Gill Harman as James Franklin
Richard Simmons as Cotton Mather
Michael Miller as John Collins
Douglass Dumbrille as Governor Spriggs
In the name of his brother, the editor of the Boston Courant,

Benjamin Franklin launches a campaign against Cotton Mather.

Ep 4.20 Hallmark Hall of Fame: DR. HARVEY W. WILEY
written by George Bruce
from an original story by Milton Kahn
directed by Albert McCleery
Paul Langton as Dr. Harvey W. Wiley
Morris Ankrum as Dr. Treet
Stephen Coit as William Allen White
George Eldredge as Congressman
Paul Birch as Secretary of Agriculture
John Larch as A young tough
Loretta King as Woman
Bill Bryant as Lieutenant
Struggle of chemist Wiley to expose frauds in food and drug trade

and in patent medicine. His efforts to prove the harmful effects of adulterated and

falsely labeled food ultimately led to passage of the Food and Drug Act.
*Note: Title also known as: The little-known story of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley,

the man who was responsible for the passage of pure food laws in America.

Ep 4.21 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A STORY ABOUT HENRY FORD
written by George Bruce
directed by Albert McCleery
Arthur Franz as Henry Ford
Karen Sharpe as Clara Ford
Robert Brubaker as Jared
David Stollery as Tommy
Alexander Campbell as Covin
Will J. White Barney Oldfield
Hal Forrest as First businessman
Michael Ferris as Second businessman
Ford, unhappy with farm life, moves to Detroit where he begins

to experiment with the gas engine, certain that it could be made

to propel a vehicle.

Ep 4.22 Hallmark Hall of Fame: PATRICK HENRY
adapted by Helene Hanff & James Truex
written by James Truex
directed by Albert McCleery
Jack Kelly as Patrick Henry
Angela Greene as Sally Henry
John Lupton as Thomas Jefferson
Tristram Coffin as Peyton Randolph
Don Kennedy as George Johnston
Leslie Denison as John Robinson
Silver-tongued Patrick Henry studied law for only six weeks,

but so impressed the board that they passed him. He was a

successful Southern backwoods lawyer, reluctant to enter the

aristocratic House of Burgesses until the British introduced

the Stamp Act.

Ep 4.23 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE SHINING BEACON
written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
directed by Albert McCleery
Whitfield Connor as Alcuin
Antony Eustrel as Voinier
Gladys Holland as Desiree
Don Megowan as Charlemagne
John Dodsworth as Luville
Peter Reynolds as Jacques
John Larch as Quintus
Will J. White as Soldier
Setting is England 1200 years ago. Tale of Alcuin, the great

educator who taught Charlemagne to read and write.
* Note Title also known as "A Tribute to Alcuin".

Ep 4.24 Hallmark Hall of Fame: MARTHA CUSTIS WASHINGTON
written by Eugene Vale & Elaine Ryan
directed by Albert McCleery
Karen Sharpe as Martha Custis
Marshall Thompson as George Washington
Hugh Beaumont as Col. Richard Chamberlayne
Margaret Campbell as Mrs. Chamberlayne
Maidie Norman as Lurie
Dennis King, Jr. as Richard Nicholas
The courtship of George Washington and Martha Custis,

a widowed mother of two.
* Note: Title also known as "The Courtship of George Washington & Martha Custis"

Ep 4.25 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE TALKING WIRE
written by George Bruce
story by Harold Callen
directed by Albert McCleery
Peter Hanson as Alexander Bell
Claudia Barrett as Mabel Hubbard
Ian Keith as Gardiner Greene Hubbard
Burt Masters as Thomas Watson
Charlott Knight as Landlady
Kim Charney as Georgie Sanders
The story of Alexander Graham Bell and experiments that

led to the electric hearing aid, and then the telephone.

Ep 4.26 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE ADVENTURES OF LT. CONTEE
directed by Albert McCleery
John Barrymore Jr.
Tribute to Lieutenant Marcus Contee one of Commodore Perry's

officers, whose personal efforts helped open Japan to foreign trade.

Ep 4.27 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE PIRATE AND THE LAWYER
written by Helen Hanff
directed by Albert McCleery
Ray Danton as Jean Lafitte
Herbert Rudley as Edward Livingston
Douglass Dumbrille as Governor William Claiborne
Loretta King as Louise Livingston
G. Thomas Duggan as Andrew Jackson
Liam Sullivan as Captain Nicholas Lockyer
William Justine as Dominique You
Adventures of pirate Jean Laffite and lawyer Edward Livingston.
* Note Title also known as "A Tribute to Edward Livingston".

Ep 4.28 Hallmark Hall of Fame: SOLDIER'S BRIDE
written by Helene Hanff
from a story by Rosemary Foster
directed by Albert McCleery
Sarah Churchill as Knox Taylor
John Baragray as Jefferson Davis
Richard Gaines as Zachary Taylor
Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Taylor
Robert Brubaker as Captain McRee
Story of the love between Knox Taylor (daughter of Colonel

Zachary Taylor) and Jefferson Davis.

Ep 4.29 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE FINEST GIFT
written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
directed by Albert McCleery
Tod Andrews as Lord Byron
Mary Scott as Mary Shelley
Richard Flato as Alexis Xenos
Myron Healey as Colonel Reiner
Peter Mamakos as Stefanos
Lumsden Hare as Ambassador Wakefield
Lou Krugman as Ahmet Fedize
Alphonse Martell as Ambassador Perret
Lord Byron's efforts to liberate Greece.

Ep 4.30 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE GREEN MOUNTAIN BOYS
written by George Bruce
directed by Albert McCleery
William Bishop as Ethan Allen
Berry Kroger as Benedict Arnold
Malcolm Atterbury as Peleg Sunderland
Walter Beaver as John Brown
John Craven as Remeber Baker
Sam Flint as President of Committee
Ray Montgomery as Seth Warner
John Dodsworth as British officer
Keith Hitchcock as Major William Delaplace
Story of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys.

Ep 4.31 Hallmark Hall of Fame: LYDIA
written by George Bruce & DeWitt Bodeen
from a story by E. Jack Neuman
directed by Albert McCleery
Sarah Churchill as Lydia
Lamont Johnson as Paul
Glenn Langan as Claudius
Paul Lukather as Silas
Donald Lawton as Nestor
Will J. White as Francis
Story of the pagan Greek Lydia, who lived in ancient Rome

and saved the life of the Apostle Paul.

Ep 4.32 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE MAN WHO TORE DOWN THE WALL
written by Joseph Schrank
directed by Albert McCleery
Peter Graves as Dr. James Ewing
Tristram Coffin as Dr. Parsons
Philip Tonge as Dr. Barman
Robert Brubaker as Dr. Douglas
William Schallert as Dr. Janeway
Tyler McVey as Dr. Stokes
Karen Steele as Nurse
Story from 1910 of Dr. James Ewing, who fought to break

down the barriers erected against the investigation and

treatment of cancer, and who "almost single-handedly founded

the Memorial Cancer Center in New York City.
* Note: Title also known as, "The Story of Dr. James Ewing"

4.33 [150] Hallmark Hall of Fame: AIMEE DE RIVERY
Prod. No. QK-7398
25Apr1954 CBS Sun
Written by George Bruce & Helene Hanff
Directed by Albert McCleery
Sarah Churchill ..... Aimee De Rivery
Geoffrey Toone ...... The Sultan
Celia Lovsky ........ Valideh Sultan
Lou Krugman ......... Ali Hussein
Leslie Denison ...... Commander of Corsairs
Paul Newlan ......... Kizlak Agha
Penny Santon ........ Katon Kaija
Naomi Burns ......... Fortune Teller
Michael Miller ...... Selim
Story of Aimée de Rivery, who brought reforms to Turkey. [RF]

Ep 4.34 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE TOUCH OF STEEL
written by Meyer Dolinsky
directed by Albert McCleery
Jan Merlin as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr
John Dennis as Sgt. Murphy
Hugh Beaumont as Col. Lander
Russell Johnson as Lefty
Forrest Taylor as Dr. Holmes
John Goddard as Cpl. Kenny
Claudia Barrett as Fanny
Story of young army officer and law student Oliver Wendell

Holmes, Jr., 60th justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Ep 4.35 Hallmark Hall of Fame: CRADLE SONG
written by Elaine Ryan
based on a story by James Truex
directed by Albert McCleery
Osa Massen as Ernestine Schumann-Heink
Alf Kjellin as Paul Schumann
Gregory Gay as Herr Sokolov
John Banner
Faye Wall
Manfred Furst
Story of Ernestine Schumann-Heink.

Ep 4.36 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE PROMISE
written by Leonard Heideman
from a story by Winifred Wolf and Jack Gordon
directed by Albert McCleery
Lamont Johnson as Damon
Marshall Thompson as Pythias
Ian Keith as Dionysius
Cathy Downs as Calanthe
Robert Brubaker as Caius
June Howard as Calaga
Dramatization of the legend of Damon and Pythias.
* Note Title also known as "The Story of Damon and Pythias".

Ep 4.37 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE MAN WITH A CAMERA
written by Boris & Sara Sagal
directed by Albert McCleery
Gene Reynolds as George Eastman
Story of George Eastman, and his development of the

first camera to use film.
* Note Title also known as, "The Story of George Eastman"

directed by Albert McCleery
Edward Arnold
Tribute to Rotary International in commemoration of its golden anniversary.

Includes speech by Rotary president, Herbert J. Taylor

Ep 4.39 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE TEMPERING OF THE SWORD
written by George Bruce
based on a story by George Faulkner
directed by Albert McCleery
Joseph Schildkraut as Baron von Steuben
Robert Warwick as George Washington
James Flavin as General Charles Lee
Robert Bolger as Captain Walker
Ralph Clanton as Count St. Germain
Manfred Furst as Otto
William Bryant as 1st Lieutenant
Story of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben, founder of

the American military system, who trained troops in

the American Revolution.
* Note: Title also known as "The Hammer and the Sword".

Ep 4.40 Hallmark Hall of Fame: CADET POE
adapted by Peter Kortner
Based on a story by Will Price and Marcia Dealy.
directed by Albert McCleery
John Carlyle as Edgar Allan Poe
Ian Keith as John Allan
Carolyn Craig as Virginia Clemm
Gil Harman as Lt. Joseph Locke
Tyler McVey as Supply Sargeant
Charles Meridith as President of the Court
Robert King as Cadet Bob Welty
Robert Sampson as Cadet Dick Gordon
Harvey Daniels as Cadet Jack Hume
Recounts a "little-known incident" in the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

Ep 4.41 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE FATHER WHO HAD NO SONS
written by George Bruce
directed by Albert McCleery
produced by Maurice Evans
Gene Lockhart as Milton Hershey
Mary Adams as Catherine Hershey
Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Smith
Robert Winans as Jimmy Smith
Erik Nielsen as Johnny Smith
Hugh Corcoran as Bobby
Irene Corlett as Ann Dobbs
William Neff as Sergeant Briggs
The inspiring story of Milton S. Hershey, who worked so hard

to bring happiness to thousands of orphans.

Ep 4.42 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE FARMER FROM MONTICELLO
written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
directed by Albert McCleery
produced & hosted by Maurice Evans
Rhodes Reason as Thomas Jefferson
Julie Bennett as Martha Jefferson
Tod Griffin as Patrick Henry
Will J. White as Jonathon Taylor
Herbert Rudley as Tobias Raile
Alexander Campbell as Dr. Garis
Shirley Higgenbotham as Hannah
The story of Thomas Jefferson's return to politics in 1773.

########### Hallmark Hall of Fame ############
############## end of season 4 ###############

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