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 Season 3 (1953-54)
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########## Hallmark Hall of Fame ##########
############## season 3 1953-54 ##############


3.01 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A SMILE FOR DANGER
27Sep1953 CBS Sun
Sarah Churchill
William Ching
A woman poses as an agent in the East. [RF]

*NOTE: This program marked the first time that "Hallmark Hall of Fame" which is now produced in Hollywood
as a full-hour dramatic presentation and that the West Coast would be able to view the program at the same day
as the East Coast.

3.02 Hallmark Hall of Fame: OF TIME AND THE RIVER
04Oct1953 CBS Sun
Adapted by Howard Rodman
Story by Thomas Wolfe
Thomas Mitchell ..... William Oliver Gant
Sara Haden .......... Wife
Lamont Johnson ...... Son
Adaptation of Thomas Wolfe's "Of Time and the River", the deathbed scene. [RF]

3.03 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A QUEEN'S WAY
11Oct1953 CBS Sun
Written by Jennette & Francis Letton
Sarah Churhill ..... Catherine Parr
This is the biographical drama of Catherine Parr, one of the wives of Henry VIII. [RF]

3.04 Hallmark Hall of Fame: MCCOY OF ABILENE
18Oct1953 CBS Sun
Written by Harold Callen
Based on the book The Trampling herd by Paul Wellman
Directed by Albert McCleery
George Nader ....... Joseph McCoy
Marjorie Lord ...... Sarah McCoy
Gene Roth .......... March
Leonard Penn ....... Sam Hodgekiss
Rory Mallinson ..... David McCoy
James Dobson ....... Will
Frances Bavier ..... Lou Bloor
Walkin' Charlie Aldrich
Rodney Bell
James Best
Russ Conway
Robert Easton
Don Kennedy
John Larch
Steve Pendleton
Story of Joseph Geiting McCoy, American pioneer cattleman. [RF]

3.05 Hallmark Hall of Fame: NEVER KICK A MAN UPSTAIRS
25Oct1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Sidney Blackmer ..... Theodore Roosevelt
The story highlights the early career of "T.R." until the time he became President. It shows how, during
those years, Roosevelt was a colorful, forceful, imaginative man who overcame many obstacles, both personal
and political, on his rise to the Presidency. [RF]

3.06 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE IMAGINARY INVALID
01Nov1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Maurice Valency
Based on Moliere's play "The Imaginary Invalid" ("It laid an egg, but in ten years my sponsors will be
proud they were among the first to produce Moliere on TV.")
Sarah Churchill .. Toinette
Barry Jones ...... Argan
Moliere's rollicking satire tells the story of a wealthy fop, Argan, who fancies himself the victim of
dozens of ailments. He accordingly becomes the dupe of the absurd 17th Century doctors, who fill him with
worthless medicine and extract valuable fees in return. Argan's saucy maid Toinette, realizing the ridiculous
situation of her gullible master, devises a plan that makes him come to his senses. [RF]

3.07 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE LONELY PATH
08Nov1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
Gene Barry ........ John C. Fremont
Sarah Churchill ... Jessie Fremont
The moving story of John C. Fremont, one of the great American explorers of the last century is dramatized.
Fremont whose explorations helped open a large part of the far West, played a conspicuous part in the winning
of California territory from Mexico. An army lieutenant-colonel at the time, he was later court-martialed
for insubordination to his superior officer.
Disillusioned by this occurance, in which he felt himself blameless, he resigned his commission and once again
headed West. After many trying experiences, during which the bulwark of his faith was the enduring love of
his wife, Jessie, Fremont struck gold and remade his fortune. He eventually became the first Senator from California. [RF]
*NOTE: Also known as "The Lonely Way"

3.08 Hallmark Hall of Fame: OF TIME AND THE RIVER (II)
15Nov1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Based on the classic Thomas Wolfe novel
Thomas Mitchell ... William Oliver Gant
The story takes place during the hours just before Gant's demise. The remarkable man and his family are the
long suffering wife who finds joy in hearing a compliment about her cooking; Gant's daughter who wants freedom
from her father's overwhelming personality and young Eugene Gant who seeks the true meaning og the father-son
relationship. The old man, laughing in the face of death, towers about all in what has been acclaimed as a
great modern American novel. [RF]
*NOTE: A re-staging from 04Oct53.

22Nov1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Kenneth Tobey ... Miles Standish
Priscilla Mullins
Jeff Donnell
Roger Pace
The struggles of the early Pilgrims at Plymouth rock is dramatized. Beset by illness, food shortage and
Indian marauders, the colonists relied almost on courage alone in the realization of a haven that promised
them freedom they had long sought.
Against this background unfolded the love story of Priscilla and John Alden, including the famous line
"Speak for yourself, John" which occurs when Alden asks the maid to give her hand to his friend, Captain
Miles Standish. [RF]

3.10 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE LAST VOYAGE
29Nov1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Richard Garland ... Franklin
Maurice Manson
The story of Benjamin Franklin's famous trip to Paris during the Revolutionary War and its importance for
the American cause is dramatized.
In Paris Franklin meets the beautiful Mme. Brillon who helps him establish important acquaintances. But
he faced opposition from his fellow American hot-tempered Arthur Lee, and had to use the utmost patience
and tact to resolve a most dangerous situation. [RF]

[--] Hallmark Hall of Fame
pre-empted on 06Dec1953
for a Special Presentation of "Man of the Year"
Hosted by Ogden Nash
Others who will appear "live"
include New York City's Mayor-elect, Robert F. Wagner Jr., Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and many others.


3.11 Hallmark Hall of Fame: AESOP AND RHODOPE
13Dec1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Helene Hanff
Based on Walter Savage Landor novel "Imaginary Conversation".
Lamont Johnson ..... Aesop
Sarah Churchill .... Rhodope
Slave and story teller Aesop is smitten with slave girl Rhodope.

3.12 Hallmark Hall of Fame: AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS
20Dec1953 CBS Sun
Produced by Samuel Chotzinoff
Written by Gian Carlo Menotti
Directed by Kirk Browning
hosted & narrated by Sarah Churchill
Bill McIver ........ Amahl
Rosemary Kuhlmann .. the Mother
Andrew McKinley .... King Kaspar
David Aiken ........ King Melchior
Leon Lishner ....... King Balthazar
Francis Monachino .. the Page
Felisa Conde, John Butler, Glen Tetley as the Three Dancers.
Amahl, a crippled boy, and his poor mother are visited by the Three Wise Men, who stay the night, and are entertained
by the villagers. During the night, Amahl's mother tries to steal their jewels, but is caught by the page. Amahl begs
for her release, and is rewarded for his pains by being healed. He then leaves with the Three Wise Men. [RF]

3.13 Hallmark Hall of Fame: BLAZE OF DARKNESS
27Dec1953 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
Hosted & Narrated by Sarah Churchill
John Sutton ........ John Milton
About the mid-seventeenth century John Milton used his fiery pen to espouse the cause of Oliver Cromwell against
the throne, since he believed that Cromwell would make England the World's first true democracy. Milton worked
hard in this cause and though he was warned that continued eye-strain might cause him to lose his sight. Cromwell's
advent to power plunged England into a strict dictatorship to Milton's disillusionment. Milton once again took
up the pen to denounce Cromwell and, before long, overwork led to the poet's, total blindness. His personal star
continued in descent when Charles II, after his restoration, had the poet imprisoned as a traitor. Despite these
overwhelming setbacks, Milton lived to write the immortal "Paradise Lost." [RF]

3.14 Hallmark Hall of Fame: JOHN MARSHALL AND THE BURR CASE
03Jan1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Ellen & Richard McCracken
Richard Garland
Dan Riss
Robert Emmett Keane
The story of Chief Justice John Marshall and his dignity and impartiality during the trial of Aaron Burr,
the man who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.[RF]

3.15 Hallmark Hall of Fame: CRUSADE TO LIBERTY
10Jan1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock
Hosted & Narrated by Sarah Churchill
Douglass Montgomery .. James Edward Oglethorpe
Jan Englund .......... Anne Dabney
Edward Ashley
Philip Tonge
Tina Carver
Lumsden Hare
James Edward Oglethorpe fought a single-handed battle against the debtor prisons of England. In 1732,
Oglethorpe fights a losing battle for the freedom of all unfortunate Englishmen rotting in jail because
they owe money. Oglethorpe conceives a plan of starting a colony, to be made up of freed debtors, in
the new world. Eventually, a boatload of debtors arrives at what Is later to become Georgia, but warlike
Indians imperil the beleaguered band. When his fiancee, Anne Dabney, is murdered by the Indians, Oglethorpe
swears vengeance. However, calmer advice prevails, the colony is rebuilt and Oglethorpe becomes Georgia's
first governor, outlawing jail terms for men in debt. [RF]

3.16 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE ST. CLOUD STORM
17Jan1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Dorothy Green ........ Jane Grey Swisshelm
Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer newspaper woman, who in 1857 heeded her boss Horace Greeley's advice and headed
Westward to the town of St. Cloud, Minnesota, where she attempted to expose the local boss. Her presses were
destroyed and she almost lost her life. [RF]

3.17 Hallmark Hall of Fame: KING RICHARD II
24Jan1954 CBS Sun
Producer Albert McCleery
Story by William Shakespeare
Directed by George Schaefer
Maurice Evans ........ Richard II
Kent Smith ........... Bolingbroke
Sarah Churchill ...... the Queen
Frederic Worlock ..... John of Gaunt
Bruce Gordon ......... Thomas Mowbray
Morton Da Costa ...... Aumerle
Norman Barrs ......... Green
Robert Quarry ........ Bushy
Richard Purdy ........ Duke of York
Louis Hector ......... Northumberland
Jonathan Harris ...... Exton
Francis Bethencourt .. Willoughby
June Prudhomme, Sarah Marshall .. Ladies in Waiting
Terence Kilburn ...... Harry Percy
Louis Edmonds ........ Bagot
Ralph Clanton ........ Bishop of Carlisle
Porter Van Zandt ..... Salisbury
Paul Davis ........... a Guard
Alfred Shirley ....... Scroop
Whitford Kane ........ the Gardener
Joseph Dooley ........ Second Gardener
Raymond Johnson ...... Third Gardener
Clifford Cothren ..... Jailer
Van Williams ......... Exton's Servant
Kenneth Raymond, Tom Hughes Sand ... Pages
The story of the King who believed he ruled by divine right and was completely heedless of his personal
responsibility to his people and his Kingdom. Deposed by insurgent nobles who rebelled at his excesses,
Richard ultimately found dignity and true nobility in the tragedy of his ultimate ruin.[RF]
*NOTE: The program cost $175,000 to produce.

3.18 Hallmark Hall of Fame: LONE STAR
31Jan1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by James Truex
Houston goes to Mexican Territory at the suggestion of his friend, President Andrew Jackson. He soon becomes
involved in the cause of Texas independence, but in opposition to Stephen Austin, who believes Texas can
gain autonomy under Mexican rule. After Austin is imprisoned by the Mexicans, Houston is appointed
commander-in-chief of the Texas forces in their fight for freedom. When Houston's orders are ignored, the Alamo
falls. However, he rallies his forces and engages a much larger Mexican force under the wily Santa Ana,
in a battle in which he employs brilliant military strategy. [RF]

3.19 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE HANDS OF CLARA SCHUMANN
07Feb1954 CBS Sun
Written by Helene Hanff
From a story by John Murray
Sarah Churchill ...... Clara Weick Schumann
Patrick O'Neal ....... Robert Schumann
Clara Weick's father strongly objected to her marrying a penniless young composer named Schumann. The law
in Vienna then permitted fathers to choose their daughters' mates, and Clara felt obliged to sue in the
courts to Rain the right to marry the man of her choice. After a lengthy and humiliating public trial,
Clara was victorious and soon married Schumann. They made a triumphal tour of Europe—Schumann composing
and Clara playing the concert piano. [RF]

3.20 Hallmark Hall of Fame: CRUSADER AGAINST CRUELTY
14Feb1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Harold Callen
Kent Smith ......... Henry Bergh
Gertrude Michael
The true story of Henry Bergh and his fight against cruelty to children and animals is dramatized. [RF]

3.21 Hallmark Hall of Fame: MISS TRACY OF MT. VERNON
21Feb1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Elaine Ryan
Sarah Churchill ..... Sarah Tracy
Miss Tracy's story is told in order to preserve Washington's home as a national shrine in Mt. Vernon,
neutral during the Civil War. [RF]

3.22 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE TURBULENT AIR
28Feb1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
John Hudson ........ Antoine Lavoisier
The story of the co-discoverer of oxygen Lavoisier is dramatized. [RF]

3.23 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE GOOD SAMARITAN
07Mar1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Adapted for TV by Harold Callen
Based on an original story by Douglass Montgomery
Douglass Montgomery.. The Man
Selena Royle ........ Schoolteacher
Lamont Johnson ...... (is heard as the Voice of Jesus)
Ann Doran ........... Queen Isabella and Florence Nightingale
Story about a man who lives for almost 2,000 years in many nations at many times, attempting to imbue civilization
with the meaning and spirit of mercy through the ages. The drama will cover a space in time from the days of Christ
to the formation of the Red Cross. [RF]
*NOTE: A large cast was recruited for this tribute to the Red Cross.

3.24 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE ROAD TO TARA
14Mar1954 CBS Sun
Patrick O'Neal
Lois Hall
Christian Patricius escapes from pagen Eire and returns in story of St. Patrick. [RF]

3.25 Hallmark Hall of Fame: OUT OF JULES VERNE
21Mar1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
George Nader ..... Jules Verne
Carole Mathews ... Honorine
The program salutes the achievement of the father of science fiction. Despite his ardent desire to become a successful
writer, Verne failed as a playwright. He abandoned writing for the stage when he married a young widow and started
a business in the Stock Exchange at which he also failed. His wife and a friend Nadar the pioneer balloonist encouraged
him to write again and his first book, a fantasy about balloon ascension to the planets, became a sensational success
when its publication coincided with Nadar's balloon flight over Paris. Verne was also launched on his career as a
successful author of science fiction. [RF]

3.26 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE ORDEAL OF THOMAS JEFFERSON
28Mar1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Helene Hanff
Warner Anderson .... Thomas Jefferson
A period of history when Jefferson's enemies branded him as a traitor, spy and believer in "government by rabble".
Alien and sedition laws were passed, making it a crime to criticize the United States; newspapers were destroyed
and non-conforming Congressmen were jailed. But Jefferson fought for the right of this nation's citizens to be free
in the right to disagree with one another. [RF]

3.27 Hallmark Hall of Fame: YOUNG WILLIAM PENN
Written by James Truex
The story of a young privileged son who was greatly affected by the preaching of Quaker minister Thomas Loe. [RF]

3.28 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE LIBERATOR
11Apr1954 CBS Sun
Written by Howard Rodman
Joseph Jefferson ... Simon Bolivar
The story of Simon Bolivar who freed Venezuela from the tyranny of Spain. RF]

3.29 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE STORY OF RUTH
18Apr1954 CBS Sun
Written by Howard Rodman
Maria Riva
Fay Bainter
Margaret Hayes
Ruth a childless widow and foreigner was helped by an older woman Naomi to overcome the many difficulties she faced. [RF]

*NOTE: The famous quote from Ruth to Naomi: Do not urge me to leave you, or to turn back and not follow you. For
wherever you go, I will go; wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God.
Where you die, I will die and be buried.


3.30 [--] Hallmark Hall of Fame: LAFAYETTE FOR FREEDOM
25-Apr-1954 CBS Sun
written by Ellen & Richard McCracken

Note: From the "Lafayette For Freedom" episode - Hallmark Hall of Fame would now air 1/2 hour episodes
for every three Sundays and an hour long episode on the fourth Sunday.
This would continue with the fourth Season as well noted in several newspaper listings.

3.31 Hallmark Hall of Fame: PETTICOAT REVOLUTION
02May1954 CBS Sun
Written by Helen Hanff
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, wife of a Seneca Falls (N.Y.) lawyer, joins another feminist leader, Mrs. Bloomer, in
a campaign to permit women to own property and to keep the money they earn. The women become the laughing stock
of the country and, moreover, because of the notoriety, Stanton's career as a lawyer and legislator faces doom.
The issue nevertheless gains strength and momentum when 22,000 men sign the ladies' petition. It eventually passes
the New York State Legislature and becomes law. The husbands of Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Bloomer sign for relief,
only to find that their wives are in the midst of a new campaign—to win voting rights for women. [RF]

3.32 Hallmark Hall of Fame: PORTRAIT BY WHISTLER
09May1954 CBS Sun
Written by Ted Wear
Keith Larsen
Doris Lloyd
James McNeill
The drama describes the struggle of the famed artist to gain recognition and depicts the time that the sheriff
almost takes away his famous "Arrangement in Black and Gray" the world acclaimed picture of his mother. However,
a friend steps in to pay off the artist's many debts. [RF]

3.33 Hallmark Hall of Fame: MOBY DICK
16May1954 CBS Sun
Adapted by Howard Rodman from the Novel by Herman Melville
Directed by Albert McCleery
Victor Jory ......... Captain Ahab
Hugh O'Brian ........ Starbuck
Lamont Johnson ...... Ishmael
Harvey Stephens ..... Stubb
Thomas B. Henry ..... Fedallah
Nestor Paiva ........ Captain Peleg
Earl Lee ............ Elijah
Charles Mauu ........ Queequeg
John Hamilton ....... "Jeroboam" Captain
Tim Graham .......... Carpenter
Howard McNeely ...... Pip
Stevan Darrell ...... Tashtego
James Logan ......... "Rachael" Captain
John Larch .......... 1st Sailor
Steve Mitchell ...... 2nd Sailor
A sea captain seeks vengeance upon a whale.
*Note: TV Guide has this episode airing 04Apr54.

23May1954 CBS Sun
Robert Warwick ...... Father Serra
Lyle Talbot ......... Father Crespi
Leslie Dennison ..... Commander Rivera
Paul Richards ....... Captain Anza
The story of the Catholic missionary Father Junipera Serra, who founded over 18 missions along the West Coast
in the 1770's. His efforts helped to prevent the Russians from invading the U.S. through Alaska. [RF]
*NOTE: Also known as "Serra and San Francisco"

3.35 Hallmark Hall of Fame: THE ARMOUR-BEARER
30May1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Written by Helene Hanff
The moving story behind the founding of temple University in Philadelphia is told.
The drama will relate how Russell Con well, founder of the university, abandoned a lucrative law practice to become
a minister and a great humanitarian, as a result of the death of his armour-bearer in the Civil war.
Conwell was a Union army officer when his armour-bearer, a young lad named Johnny Ring, died. Since the boy had
hoped to become a minister and preacher after the war, Conwell decided to devote his own life to these objectives,
as a testimonial to the boy's, high moral spirit. [RF]

3.36 Hallmark Hall of Fame: A RECKLESS YOUTH
06Jun1954 CBS Sun
Produce & Directed by Albert McCleery
The little known and humorous story of how Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) won his wife Olivia Langdon. Clemens manages
to wangle an invitation as houseguest at the Langdon home in order to court the girl of his dreams. Her stern father
disapproves. [RF]

3.37 Hallmark Hall of Fame: COME TO THE WINDOW
13Jun1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Jan Clayton ....... Jenny Lind
Completely exhausted after a concert tour of the United Slates under the driving managership of P.T. Barnum, Jenny
Lind decides to abandon her theatrical career, marry an English suitor and retire in England. However, Otto Goldschmidt,
her devoted accompanist, realizes the beautiful coloratura could never be happy as a housewife. He loves Jenny, and
believes her voice is a gift to the world. It remains for the famed showman, P.T. Barnum, to solve her problem. [RF]

3.38 Hallmark Hall of Fame: FLIGHT FROM CATHAY
20Jun1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Sarah Churchill .. Kukschin
Chinese princess, Kukachin, is befriended by the adventurous Marco Polo. Young Polo, his father and uncle, although
respected advisors to Kubla Khan, are h e l d virtually as prisoners in the Emperor's palace. They desperately wish
to return to Venice and hit upon a scheme — to escort the Princess Kukachin W Persia, where she will marry the Shah.
From there they plan to escape to their home. [RF]

3.39 Hallmark Hall of Fame: WIFE UNTO CAESAR
27Jun1954 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Sarah Churchill ... Calpurnia
Hans Conried ...... Caesar
William Pullen .... Pompey
Rhodes Reason ..... Marcus
The story unfolds as Calpurnia visits her husband on the battlefield and is ordered back to Rome and there learns of
a plot against Caesar. She obtains the details and makes a desperate attempt to get the news to Caesar. [RF]

3.40 Hallmark Hall of Fame: JOHN PAUL JONES
04Jul54 CBS Sun
Produced & Directed by Albert McCleery
Gloria Jean
Lamont Johnson
Jay Barney
Historic drama about America's first naval hero.
The historical drama reveals that John Paul, (his actual name) came to America after becoming disgusted with the sea,
and decided to attempt farming.
In North Carolina he met a plantation owner named Wylie Jones who, impressed with the young sailor's candor, honesty
and knowledge of ships, took him into the family,, When the American Revolution started, he was reluctant to become
involved but Wylie Jones convinced him of the worthiness of the cause. Adopting the family name of Jones as his own,
he joined the Navy. [RF]

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############## end of season 3 ###############

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