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Bootsie and Snudge (1960-63)(Revival 1974)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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Granada Television Production
for the ITV Network
Recorded at the Granada Studios, Quay Street, Manchester, England
Produced by Peter Eton (1961-63)
Mainly Written by Marty Feldman and Barry Took
Mainly Directed by Milo Lewis

UK Situation Comedy series 1960-63, 1974 104 episodes x 30 min (98 bw, 6 colour)

Series 1   39 episodes     (23-Sep-1960 to 23-Jun-1961) (Fridays 8:55 pm) (black-and-white)
Series 2     29 episodes         (27-Oct-1961 to 10-May-1962) (Fri 8:55 pm / Thur 8:30pm) (black-and-white)
Series 3    29 episodes        (08-Nov-1962 to 30-May-1963)  (Thursdays 7:30 pm) (black-and-white)
Series 4    6 episodes (16-Oct-1974 to 20-Nov-1974) (colour)

Alfie Bass as Montague 'Bootsie' Bisley /   Bill Fraser as Claude Snudge

Clive Dunn as Henry Beerbohm "Old" Johnson (series 1 - 3)
Robert Dorning as Rt. Hon. Sec. Hesketh Pendleton (series 1 - 3)

Bill Fraser and Alfie Bass had previously played the same characters in the long-running Granada TV sitcom The Army Game (1957-61).
They left "The Army Game" at the end of its 4th series in 1960, to star in "Bootsie and Snudge" where we see them in civilian life
working in a hotel.

############# Bootsie And Snudge #############
############## series 1 1960-61 ##############
39 episodes
 ITV Granada Fridays 8:55 pm (23-Sep-1960  to 23-Jun-1961)
1.01 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: CIVVY STREET
23-Sep-1960 ITV Granada, Friday
Guest cast:
A.J. Brown ... Sir Hector MacDonald
Harry Brunning ... Meadows
Jack (Jacky) Chissick ... Mailboy
Clifford Earl ... Army Corporal
Thomas Hammerton ... First Train Passenger
Henry McGee ... Labour Exchange Clerk
Bartlett Mullins ... Second Labour Exchange Clerk
Also appearing:
Edgar Vincent, Lawrence Archer, Philip Becker, and Peter Collingwood.
After demobbing from the Army, Bootsie and Snudge vow to go their separate ways but wind up back together again in civilian life. [imdb]
(Melbourne: 28June1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.02 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BOOTSIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE
30-Sep-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Sheila Hancock ... Greta
Keith Pyott ... The Vicar
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.03 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SNUDGE'S SCHOOL FRIEND
7-Oct-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Campbell Singer ... Sir Hubert Smythe
Arthur Goullet ... Tuttle
Clifford Earl ... The Policeman
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.04 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: WATCHING TELEVISION
14-Oct-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Geoffrey Palmer ... Fireman
Mark Singleton ... Television Shopkeeper
--matching episode?
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (unknown title)
The proprietor of a radio shop gives Bootsie and Snudge an old television set to stop them from watching TV through his shop window. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 27Jan1964 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.05 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A DAY OFF
21-Oct-1960 ITV Granada
When Bootsie and Snudge get a day off they face a new problem -- how to pass the time? [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 01Feb1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 12July1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.06 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE BEADY EYE OF THE LITTLE YELLOW GOD
28-Oct-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Michael Barrington ... Policeman
William Sherwood ... Major Reynolds
After Major Reynolds returns from India and books into the club, he entrusts Snudge with the care of a valuable emerald. [Melbourne Age] [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 07Jan1963 Mon. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 03Feb1964 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2

1.07 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: OF MOUSE AND MAN
4-Nov-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Patricia Hayes ... Mrs. Plackett
Bobby Dunn ... Mr. Dunn
Arthur Seaton ... Major Cartwright
A mouse is loose in the Imperial Club. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 08Feb1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 19July1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.08 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: DOING THE STEPS
11-Nov-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Edward Malin ... George
Lloyd Pearson ... Sandwich Board Man
It is Thursday morning, and Bootsie's day to clean the steps outside the Club.
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 07Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 16June1964 Tues. 6:25pm ABV-2

1.09 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: CORDON BLEU
18-Nov-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Alex Gallier ... The Chef
Arnold Bell ... The Restauranteur
After staff illness makes it necessary for old Johnson to do the cooking, Snudge persuades the hon. sec. to engage a French chef. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 04Feb1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 14July1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.10 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE BLIND DATE
25-Nov-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Angela Douglas ... Arthur's Girl
Vivienne Martin ... Enid
Arthur Mullard ... Arthur
Neil Wilson ... Concierge
Barbara Young ... Rosemary
While sending a telegram for the Hon. Sec., Snudge makes a blind date. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 24Dec1963 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 02June1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.11 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: OUR HEARSE
2-Dec-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Clifford Earl ... Policeman
Charles Lloyd Pack ... McMurtrie
Roger Maxwell
Bootsie and Snudge decide to buy a car. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 11Feb1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 21July1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.12 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: LOCKED IN THE WASHROOM
9-Dec-1960 ITV Granada
While the staff of the club are locking up and getting ready for bed, in the downstairs washroom Snudge is listening to
Bootsie's description of a horror film. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 26July1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.13 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BATH NIGHT
16-Dec-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Clifford Earl ... The Policeman
--matching episode?
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (unknown title)
Snudge has trouble with the geyser on his bath night.
With Clive Dunn as Old Johnson. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 18Nov1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.14 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: JOHNSON'S RETIREMENT
23-Dec-1960 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Thora Hird ... Emily
Henry B. Longhurst ... Committee Chairman
Old Johnson's enforced retirement finds him unhappy at the home of his skin-flint daughter Emily (Thora Hird) and
meantime Snudge is disgruntled with his extra chores. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 25Nov1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.15 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE BACHELOR PARTY
30-Dec-1960 ITV Granada, Friday
Guest cast:
Bruno Barnabe ... Dr. O'Hara
Walter Horsbrugh ... Judge Tyler
David Keir ... Barman
Lloyd Pearson ... Professor Potter
William Raynor ... Lord Possett
Mark Singleton ... Captain Fawcett
It is Saturday afternoon and Bootsie and Snudge decide they need haircuts before a night out. [Melbourne Age]
Note: Instead of "The Bachelor Party," this may be a synopsis for "Barber Shop Quartet."
(Melbourne: 02Dec1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.16 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BARBER SHOP QUARTET
6-Jan-1961 ITV Granada, Friday
Guest cast:
Warren Mitchell ... Barber
Arthur Mullard ... Big Harry
Geoffrey Palmer ... Policeman
Joe Ritchie ... Gambler
Bernard Spear ... Ralph
George Tovey ... Newspaper Seller
Bootsie and Snudge decide to visit Dave's barber shop to spruce up for their Saturday night out. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 02Aug1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.17 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: CLAUDE FAUST
13-Jan-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Ronald Fraser ... Devil
Raymond Rollett Raymond Rollett ... Vicar
Nervous during a thunderstorm, Snudge is taunted by Bisley's remark that is "past it." Soon after, Snudge has a mysterious visitor who offers
him a week of youth and vigor in return for his soul. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 09Dec1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.18 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: HATHAWAY'S DOTAGE
20-Jan-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Peter Bathurst ... Lord Hathaway
Harry Brunning ... Park Keeper
Clifford Earl ... Policeman
Frank Hawkins ... Police Inspector
Marianne Stone ... Nurse
By pushing Lord Hathaway through the park in a wheel chair, Snudge is hopeful that the old man might remember him in his will. [Melbourne Age] [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Melbourne: 16Dec1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2
Canberra: 14Jan1963 Mon. 6:30pm ABC-3

1.19 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE 'AT HOME' aka AT HOME
27-Jan-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Charles Carson ... The Chairman
Jack Chissick ... Table Tennis Player
Barry Took ... Rev. Hugo Pennyfeather
George Tovey ... George
As membership of the club is falling off, the secretary and the committee decide something must be done about it. They decide to hold an "At Home"
to members of another club. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 23Dec1963 Mon 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.20 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THERE'S NO SMOKE
3-Feb-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Charles Carson ... The Chairman
Loelia Kidd ... The Girl
Geoffrey Palmer ... Policeman
Rita Webb ... The Shopkeeper
Bootsie finds himself without cigarettes at midnight, when the shops are closed. Snudge is amused until he discovers he, too, would like a cigarette. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 09Aug1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.21 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: MR. MAGEE
10-Feb-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Harry Hutchinson ... Mr. Magee
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

Series One episode?
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (unknown title)
After he meets a tramp on a park bench, a fit of wanderlust comes over Bisley and he decides to quit his job at the club and leave for Ireland.
(Melbourne: 06Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.22 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE MORNING AFTER
17-Feb-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
John Blythe ... Strip Club Manager
Pamela Cundell Pamela Cundell ... Mrs. Wilson
Geoffrey Palmer Geoffrey Palmer ... Policeman
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.23 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: OLD HASSETT'S CHAIR
24-Feb-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Arthur Brough ... Mr. Hassett
Bernard Goldman ... Linnet
Thomas Hammerton ... Mr. Parrish
Bisley is given the job of repairing a chair which is the exclusive property of a difficult member Hassett. Left alone with Bisley and a saw,
the chair and the Hon. Sec. are in for a letdown. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 20Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.24 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A GAME OF SNOOKER
3-Mar-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Robin Kildare ... Staff Member
Tidying a billiard room seems a simple enough job, even to undomesticated types like Bootsie and Snudge. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 16Aug1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.25 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SNUDGE'S DATE
10-Mar-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Betty Bascomb (Baskcomb) … Lilly
Dorothy Gordon ... Waitress
When Snudge gets dressed up to go out on his Sunday afternoon off duty, Bootsie decides to follow him. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 15Mar1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 23Aug1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.26 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BANK ROBBER
17-Mar-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Arnold Bell ... Detective Inspector Henderson
George Tovey ... Bank Robber
There is general suspicion through the club when Bisley finds a man hanging out of a window with a bag full of money. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 21Jan1963 Mon. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 10Feb1964 6:30pm ABV-2

1.27 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: ONCE A THIEF…
24-Mar-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Geoffrey Hibbert ... Ernie Jarvis
Bisley convinces the Hon. Sec. to hire ex-convict Ernie Jervis as a washroom attendant, but Snudge finds fault with him. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 18Feb1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 8Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.28 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: MORNING SURGERY
31-Mar-1961 ITV Granada, Friday
Guest cast:
Pat Coombs ... Grace
Patricia Hayes ... Bea
Edward Malin ... Mr. Briggs
John Salew ... Dr. Mullins
Joy Stewart ... Miss Phillips
When Bootsie gets a rash on his back, an unsympathetic Snudge takes him to the doctor's surgery. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 22Mar1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 30Aug1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.29 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE MOTH HUNT
7-Apr-1961 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
(Canberra: 25Feb1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3)
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.30 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE CEMETERY
14-Apr-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Graham Stark ... Omelette Man
Charles Leno ... Keeper
Mavis Ranson ... Girl
Alister Williamson ... Father
For Bootsie and Snudge, an afternoon spent in the quiet of a churchyard is complicated by a park attendant, a pretty girl, an artist,
and banner carrier, and their boss. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 29Mar1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 06Sep1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.31 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: OLD COMRADES
21-Apr-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
William Mervyn ... Major Penny-Court
Major Arnold Pennycourt believes Old Johnson, with whom he served in the Boer War, is a club member. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 03Mar1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 11Aug1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.32 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: HOW TO WIN FRIENDS
28-Apr-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Frank Atkinson ... Member
Frank Littlewood ... Colonel Medlicott
Snudge gives a sherry party. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 14Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 25Aug1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABV-2

1.33 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: DAYS FISHING
aka "A Day's Fishing"
5-May-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
William Lyon Brown ... Tramp
When the Hon Sec. asks Bootsie, Snudge and Old Johnson to spend their Sunday off fishing with him it is soon apparent that their
angles on angling differ. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 15Sep1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2)

1.34 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE LAUNDERETTE
12-May-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Patricia Hayes ... Housewife
Marianne Stone ... Launderette Manager
Snudge decides to initiate Bootsie into the joys of the washing machine age. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 05Apr1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 13Sep1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.35 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE CONCERT PIANIST
19-May-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Warren Mitchell ... Anton Borovik
A concert pianist comes to play at the club. He is an ageing man who plans to make his comeback in the concert world
… and what he needs most is encouragement. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 12Apr1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 20Sep1962 Thurs. 6:30pm ABV-2

1.36 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A NIGHT OUT
26-May-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Jeffrey Gardiner ... Window Dresser
Geoffrey Palmer ... Police Inspector
Joe Ritchie ... Arcade Owner
Alister Williamson ... Boxer
Synopsis: n/a
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 31Dec1963 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.37 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: RALLY ROUND THE FLAG
2 Jun-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Honor Blackman … Flag Seller
Keith Marsh … Flag Buyer
Bootsie, Snudge and Old Johnson decide to sell pennants to help raise money for the Imperial Club's charity fund.
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 17Dec1963 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Sydney: 17Dec1963 Tues. 6:30pm, ABN-2
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

1.38 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: VISITING TIME
9-Jun-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Joy Stewart … Nurse
In hospital awaiting a tonsil operation, Bisley finds the visit by Snudge, Old Johnson and the Hon. Sec. to be a painful experience. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 21Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 30June1964 6:25pm ABV-2

1.39 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE HOLIDAY
16-Jun-1961 ITV Granada, Friday (8:55pm STV)
Guest cast:
Douglas Bradley-Smith ... Bert
Ted Carson ... Fred
Sun-baking on the roof has a sequel for Bootsie and Snudge. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 28Jan1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 01Sep1964 6:30pm ABV-2

Note: Some sources list an additional Series 1 episode:
1.40 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BACK PAY (missing)
Guest cast:
Keith Pyott ... Solicitor
This appears to be the same episode as 2.02 "The Trone System" based on the episode title & guest Keith Pyott (as a solicitor).
"Official" sources, such as the "Complete Series 1" DVD set, list a total of 39 Series One episodes.

[--] The Glasgow Evening Times lists a Bootsie and Snudge episode for 23-Jun-1961, but with no episode details.


Four "unknown title" episodes (possibly Series 2):

[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (episode title unknown)
The Hon. Sec. and Snudge send Bisley to the basement to stoke the boiler. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 06Oct1964 Tuesday 6:30pm ABV-2)

[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (episode title unknown)
The Hon. Sec. regrets the day he gives Bootsie and Snudge a larger room as the solution to a problem. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 13Oct1964 Tuesday 6:30pm ABV-2)

[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (episode title unknown)
Bisley join Old Johnson in a small mutiny against Snudge. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 3Nov1964 Tuesday 6:30pm ABV-2)

[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (episode title unknown)
On their way back from the seaside, Bisley, Snudge, the Hon. Sec. and Old Johnson are stranded on a country road. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 10Nov1964 Tuesday 6:30pm ABV-2)

############# Bootsie And Snudge #############
############## series 2 1961-62 ##############
29 episodes
 ITV Granada Fridays 8:55pm  (27Oct61 through 29Dec61)
ITV Granada Thursdays 8:30pm (4Jan62 through 10May62)

2.01 [41] Bootsie and Snudge: ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT
27-Oct-1961 ITV Granada, Friday
Guest cast:
Douglas Bradley-Smith ... Mr. Barnett
Mark Singleton ... Shop Assistant
Synopsis: n/a

--same episode?
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (unknown title, possibly "Room for Improvement")
Bisley and Old Johnson stage their own kind of rebellion against Snudge and his smarten - yourself - up campaign. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 27Oct1964 Tuesday 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.02 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE TRONE SYSTEM
3-Nov-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Jocelyn James ... Secretary
Keith Pyott ... Carver
Synopsis 1:
Old Johnson hires a solicitor to sue the Imperial Club for back pay. [imdb]
Synopsis 2:
Keith Pyott appears as Mr. Carver, a solicitor engaged by Bootsie and Old Johnson to sue for back pay.
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

2.03 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: NIGHT CAP
10-Nov-1961 ITV Granada
Relaxing by the fireside as the hour grows late, Bootsie, Snudge and Old Johnson enjoy their brandy. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 20Oct1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.04 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: GOODBYE WORLD
17-Nov-1961 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

2.05 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: RETURN TO DINGLE BOTTOM
24-Nov-1961 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

2.06 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE SEC'S GOOD BOOKS
1-Dec-1961 ITV Granada
Synopsis 1:
The Hon. Sec. is in a turmoil because the auditors are due. [Melbourne Age]
Synopsis 2:
With the Hon. Sec. in a turmoil because the auditors are due. Bootsie and Smudge set about helping him to balance his budget. [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 10Mar1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 22Sep1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.07 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE HIGHER PURPOSE
8-Dec-1961 ITV Granada
Bootsie and Snudge set out to reunite the Hon. Sec. and his lost love. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 17Nov1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.08 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE SECOND SECOND WORLD WAR
15-Dec-1961 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Alexander Archdale ... Commander Uprichard
Sydney Woolf ... Brigadier-General Parker
The war is refought in the club library with Bootsie as Churchill, Snudge as Hitler, and Old Johnson reluctantly representing Japan. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Melbourne: 29Sep1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2
Canberra: 06Oct1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3

2.09 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED
22-Dec-1961 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
--alternate episode title?
On a bright, brisk Sunday morning Bootsie and Snudge are feeling happy with their lot. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 01-Dec-1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.10 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BABY ON THE DOORSTEP
29-Dec-1961 ITV Granada, Friday (8:55pm STV)
A baby is found on the doorstep of the club and the hon. sec. is doing his best to find the parents, while the others are planning its future. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 24-Nov-1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2)

[--] Day/Time change:
Beginning 4Jan62, "Bootsie and Snudge" moves to Thursdays.

2.11 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A SEAT IN THE STALLS
4-Jan-1962 ITV Granada, Thurs. (8:30pm STV & Border TV)
A club member has given Bisley two tickets to the theatre, but who is to accompany him? [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 08-Dec-1964 Tue. 6:25pm ABV-2)

2.12 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BRITISH RAILWAYS REGRETS
11-Jan-1962 ITV Granada, Thurs. (8:30pm STV & Border TV)
--matching episode?
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: (unknown title, possibly "British Railways Regrets")
A club member invites the Hon. Sec., Old Johnson, Bisley, and Snudge to join him for a weekend of fishing. Hopefully they set off on the
train journey to Hove. [Melbourne Age] [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 19May1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 15Dec1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.13 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A NICE QUIET SATURDAY AFTERNOON
18-Jan-1962 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

2.14 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BOOTSIE AND THE BEAST
25-Jan-1962 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

--unknown air date:
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE GORILLA
The night that Snudge expresses to Bisley a great fear of burglars is also the one on which Old Johnson takes his current lady love to a
prize "spot" dance. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 25Aug1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Sydney: 25Aug1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 16Mar1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

1-Feb-1962 ITV Granada
Because Old Johnson forgot to tell anybody about the Water Board's warning that the supply would be cut off until noon, Bisley and Snudge
have to find a way out of the inconvenience this causes. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 01Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 09Mar1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.16 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A CALL FOR CLAUDE SNUDGE
8-Feb-1962 ITV Granada
Snudge is at a loss to know who is pestering him with insulting anonymous phone calls. [Canberra Times] [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 08Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm
Melbourne: 02Mar1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.17 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A DAY BY THE SEA
15-Feb-1962 ITV Granada
The Hon. Sec., Old Johnson, Bisley, and Snudge visit Chapley-On-Sea. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 15Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 22Dec1964 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.18 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: PUNCH UP AT THE IMPERIAL
22-Feb-1962 ITV Granada
Guest cast:
Barry Took ... Rev. Pennyfeather
The Hon. Sec. decides that the only sensible way to settle the grudges that Bisley and Snudge are harboring towards each other is
to match them for a few rounds in the ring at the club gym. A bout is arranged … [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 22Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 29Dec1964 Tue. 6:25pm ABV-2

2.19 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: FIRE DRILL
01-Mar-1962 ITV Granada
As a fire inspector from the insurance company is coming to examine the club's facilities, the Hon. Sec. decides to hold an emergency
fire drill. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 29Sep1964 Tues. 6:30pm
Melbourne: 05Jan1965 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.20 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: TRAPPED IN THE SAFE
8-Mar-1962 ITV Granada
Snudge accidentally locks the club safe and nobody can remember the combination. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 20Oct1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 12Jan1965 Tue. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.21 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SON OF BESPOKE OVERCOAT
aka SON OF BESPOKE TAILOR (Australian episode title)
15-Mar-1962 ITV Granada
Snudge sees the opportunity of getting for himself a new suit when old Johnson volunteers to make one for Bisley. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 13Oct1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 19Jan1965 Tue. 6:25pm ABV-2

2.22 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A DOG'S LIFE
22-Mar-1962 ITV Granada
Snudge taunts the bored and broke Bisley that he is nothing and never will be anything. Suddenly, as if in retaliation,
Bisley becomes shifty, secretive … and rich. [Canberra Times]
Synopsis 2:
Bisley turns from bored and broke to secretive and rich and Snudge must know where the money comes from. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 27Oct1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 26Jan1965 Tues. 6:25pm ABV-2

2.23 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A LOAD OF OLD RUBBISH
29-Mar-1962 ITV Granada
Snudge and Bisley revolt and refuse to carry cans at the club. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 03Nov1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3
Melbourne: 02Feb1965 Tues. 6:35pm ABV-2

2.24 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE COFFEE MACHINE
5-Apr-1962 ITV Granada
The one thing that Bisley has been able to do well all his life has been to make Turkish coffee, and now Snudge convinces the Hon. Sec.
that he should install an espresso machine. [Canberra Times] [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Melbourne: 09Feb1965 Tues. 6:25pm ABV-2
Canberra: 10Nov1964 Tues. 6:30pm, ABC-3

2.25 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE CELLAR
12-Apr-1962 ITV Granada
Bisley and Snudge believe treasure is buried in the club cellar. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 16Feb1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.26 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SPRING, SPRING, SPRING
19-Apr-1962 ITV Granada
With the arrival of Spring, Bisley and Snudge decide to visit the park. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 24Nov1964 Tues. 6:25pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 23Feb1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

2.27 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: LOCKED OUT
26-Apr-1962 ITV Granada
The Hon. Sec., Old Johnson, Bootsie and Snudge find themselves locked out in the rain. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 27July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

2.28 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: REAR WINDOW
aka A VIEW FROM A WINDOW (Australian title)
3-May-1962 ITV Granada
Forced to rest up with a broken leg, Snudge amuses himself by looking through binoculars at flat dwellers across the street,
all very reminiscent of the thriller Rear Window. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Melbourne: 14Sep1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2
Sydney: 03Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2

2.29 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: LOVER'S KNOT
10-May-1962 ITV Granada, Thurs.
Bootsie and Snudge try to rescue Old Johnson from being dragged to the altar. [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 13Apr1965 Tues. 6:25pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 18May1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

############# Bootsie And Snudge #############
############## series 3 1962-63 ##############
29 episodes
  ITV Granada Thursdays 7:30 pm (08-Nov-1962  to 30-May-1963)

[--] Variety Magazine (Nov. 14, 1962):
The "Bootsie and Snudge" comedy series has started again on Granada TV. Alfred Marks?????? (they mean Bill Fraser) and Alfie Bass star, as before,
but a new scriptwriter, Barry Took, has taken over from Marty Feldman.

3.01 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: COME IN ESKIMO NELL
8-Nov-1962 ITV Granada, Thurs.
Nell, Bootsie, Snudge and the others are flying from Spain to England after a holiday. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 06July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.02 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE RESCUE (missing episode)
15-Nov-1962 ITV Granada
After Bisley and Snudge have rescued downtrodden George Potter (Graham Stark) from the river, they find their efforts unappreciated.
Later, two closer acquaintances need some help. [Sydney Morning Herald] [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 11May1965 Tues. 6:25pm
Melbourne: 22June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.03 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE WALL
22-Nov-1962 ITV Granada
Bisley goes over a wall to retrieve a ball and finds himself in the grounds of the Russian embassy, where he is arrested as a spy. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 11May1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.04 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING JUMBO
29-Nov-1962 ITV Granada
Bootsie and Snudge are charged with disorderly conduct after climbing the Albert Memorial. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 28Sep1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.05 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SOUL MATES (missing episode)
6-Dec-1962 ITV Granada
Because they dread a lonely old age, the Hon. Sec. and Snudge decide to seek females of their own age and type at a marriage bureau. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 04May1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 15June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.06 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE REUNION
13-Dec-1962 ITV Granada
On the way to a unit reunion, Snudge remembers the day when news came that they were off to Aden. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 10Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.07 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: CARNET DE BALHAM (missing episode)
possible aka: I'M IN A DANCING MOOD
20-Dec-1962 ITV Granada
"Carnet de Balham." A chance phone call entices Bootsie, Snudge, Old Johnson and the Hon. Sec. to a dubious dancing academy which has
promised them free introductory lessons. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 20Apr1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 25May1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

27-Dec-1962 ITV Granada, Thurs.
"A Funny Thing Happened." After a meal of Mexican food, Bisley's stomachache brings on a dream in which he becomes a revolutionary
sentenced to death for writing "Snudge Go Home" all over a hacienda wall. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 01June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.09 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE TOE RAG
3-Jan-1963 ITV Granada, Thurs.
A busker latches on to job hunters Bootsie and Snudge. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 13July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.10 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUTS
aka THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TUMMY (Australian title)
10-Jan-1963 ITV Granada
When Bisley learns he has high blood pressure and must lose weight quickly, Snudge is determined to see that his friend keeps to a strict diet. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 08July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 17Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.11 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE STATUE
17-Jan-1963 ITV Granada
Snudge rises in protest she he hears they are going to tear down the statue of his idol, General Sir Alexander Knightsbridge. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Melbourne: 20July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2
Sydney: 08June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2

3.12 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE INCREDIBLE TATTOOED BISLEY
24-Jan-1963 ITV Granada
With the idea of exhibiting his body and making a lot of money, Bootsie is convinced by Snudge that they should head for Soho to find a tattoo artist. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra: 22June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 03Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.13 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE PILLAR BOX
31-Jan-1963 ITV Granada
Instead of taking the parcel the Hon. Sec. asked him to mail to the post office, Bisley pops it in a pillar box. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 08June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.14 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: CUPID IN PADDINGTON
7-Feb-1963 ITV Granada
Mainly with designs on a better room at their digs in Paddington, Bootsie and Snudge play Cupid by bringing together Dr. Spasm and Miss Font.
[Sydney Morning Herald] [Canberra Times]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 18May1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABC-3
Melbourne: 29June1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.15 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: TWELVE ANGRY MEN
14-Feb-1963 ITV Granada
--probably the same episode:
[--] Bootsie and Snudge: TWELVE JUST MEN
The Hon. Sec., as foreman and 10 other jurors are in agreement about a man's guilt. But, Bisley, the 12th member disagrees. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney & Canberra: 10Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm
Melbourne: 21Sep1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.16 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: DOWN IN THE MOUTH
21-Feb-1963 ITV Granada
"When in doubt, have it out," is Snudge's advice to Bisley concerning his toothache. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 20July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 31Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.17 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE PARCEL
28-Feb-1963 ITV Granada
The efforts of Bisley, Old Johnson and the Hon. Sec. to recover a parcel for Snudge from a railway lost property office bring them all
to the attention of security officials. [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Sydney: 13July1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABN-2
Melbourne: 24Aug1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.18 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BEING NICE TO BOOTSIE
7-Mar-1963 ITV Granada, Thurs.
writers: Jack Rosenthal and Harry Driver
An attempt by Bootsie to make out he's sick and unable to work meets with no sympathy from Snudge until a dribble of toothpaste leads
the former Sergeant to conclude his roommate's suffering from rabies. Fellow Imperial Club employee Mr. Johnson is convinced that
Bootsie's got hydrophobia. The club secretary (Robert Dorning) takes a less than caring attitude ("Once I've had my morning cup of tea he'll be fine").
A doctor staying at the Imperial prescribes rest for Bootsie, and, most importantly, urges everyone else to be nice to Bootsie. Snudge,
Johnson and the Secretary all compete to make a pancake for Bootsie, with predictably messy results. [Description condensed from 'TV minus 50' website]
Note: TV minus 50 (incorrectly?) lists the air date as 14-Feb-1963.
(Melbourne: unknown air date)

3.19 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: DEAR DEPARTED
14-Mar-1963 ITV Granada
Bootsie and Snudge wonder why they are invited to a "party" in the back of O'Reilly's pie shop. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 12Oct1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.20 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: HE'S GOT TO GO
21-Mar-1963 ITV Granada
The Chairman of the Club decides that the services of Old Johnson are no longer required. [Canberra Times] [Melbourne Age]
Australian air dates:
Canberra & Sydney: 27July1965 Tues. 6:30pm
Melbourne: 07Sep1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2

3.21 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SMALL BACK GARDEN
28-Mar-1963 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
[No description in Melbourne Age.]
(Melbourne: 02Nov1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.22 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: SILENCE IN COURT
4-Apr-1963 ITV Granada
Bootsie and Snudge refuse to say a word to two traffic policemen, and later in court are treated as deaf and dumb. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 19Oct1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.23 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: BLOWED IF I KNOW
11-Apr-1963 ITV Granada
The chairman of the club brow-beats the Hon. Sec. about the poor workmanship of Bisley and Co. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 05Oct1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.24 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: GET HIM TO THE CHURCH
18-Apr-1963 ITV Granada
Bootsie and Snudge lose a bridegroom two hours before the wedding. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 07Dec1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.25 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE LORRY ROUTE
25-Apr-1963 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
[No description in Melbourne Age.]
(Melbourne: 16Nov1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.26 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE LIBRARIAN
2 May-1963 ITV Granada
Bisley is smitten by the new blonde librarian, and to everyone's surprise, she agrees to go out with him to an expensive restaurant. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 23Nov1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.27 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: TICKETS PLEASE
9-May-1963 ITV Granada
Synopsis: n/a
[No description in Melbourne Age.]
(Melbourne: 30Nov1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.28 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: PIGS CAN'T FLY
16-May-1963 ITV Granada
Believing that Snudge is after his life savings, Bisley hides his piggy bank in what he thinks is a safe place. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 26Oct1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

3.29 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: THE MAZE [Final Episode of the Original Series]
30-May-1963 ITV Granada, Thurs.
While on a visit to Hampton Court Palace grounds, Bootsie and Snudge decide to have a quiet look at the maze. [Melbourne Age]
(Melbourne: 09Nov1965 Tues. 6:30pm ABV-2)

Foreign Affairs (1964)
Granada Television Production
for the ITV Network
Produced by Peter Eton, Derek Granger
Directed by Milo Lewis
Written by Richard Harris, Peter Jones, Dennis Spooner, Barry Took

UK Situation Comedy series 1964 8 episodes x 30 min (2 Jan 64 - 20 Feb 64)

Alfie Bass as Montagu 'Bootsie' Bisley  /  Bill Fraser as Claude Snudge
Nicholas Phipps as Ambassador
Arthur Barrett (recurring role)

1.01 [--] Foreign Affairs: FANCY MEETING YOU (missing episode)
02-Jan-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
Bootsie and Snudge (Alfie Bass and Bill Fraser) are back!
Now they are employed by the embassy of "An Unspecified Foreign Power," and their first adventure is entitled "Fancy Meeting You." [Glasgow Evening Times]

1.02 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 2 (missing episode)
09-Jan-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm

1.03 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 3 (missing episode)
16-Jan-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
with Arthur Barrett, Ivor Dean, Steve Plytas, Stephen Scott

1.04 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 4 (missing episode)
23-Jan-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
with Arthur Barrett, Diana Chapman, Warren Mitchell, Harry Brunning

1.05 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 5 (missing episode)
30-Jan-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
with Stan Jay, Arthur Barrett

1.06 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 6 (missing episode)
06-Feb-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
with George Roderick, Kim Tracy, David Lander, Walter Randall

1.07 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 7 (missing episode)
13-Feb-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm

1.08 [--] Foreign Affairs: Episode 8 (missing episode)
20-Feb-1964 ITV Granada, Thurs. 7:30pm
with Otto Diamant, James Joseph, Bill Matthews, Arthur Barrett

There was a completely different series from BBC
also called "Foreign Affairs" staring Leslie Phillips.

Vacant Lot (1967)

ABC Weekend Television Production (ITV Franchise for North of England and The Midlands)
(NOT Fully Networked) (NOT ATV London)
Produced by Milo Lewis
Written by Jeremy Lloyd and Jimmy Grafton

US Situation Comedy series 1967 7 episodes x 30 min (01Apr67-13May67) (Saturdays 8:30)(NOT ATV London)
Bill Fraser as William Bendlove  /  Alfie Bass as Alf Grimble
Jack Haig as Stoker
Nicky Henson as Rock
Arthur Mullard as Chippy

1.1 [--] Vacant Lot: (title unknown)
01Apr67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.2 [--] Vacant Lot: THE GREAT PAY SNATCH
08Apr67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.3 [--] Vacant Lot: HATS OFF FOR THE GUV'NOR
15Apr67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.4 [--] Vacant Lot: PARTNERSHIP BID
22Apr67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.5 [--] Vacant Lot: ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT
29Apr67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.6 [--] Vacant Lot: (title unknown)
06May67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

1.7 [--] Vacant Lot: CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE (final episode)
13May67 ABC Sat 8:30pm (NOT ATV London)

Bootsie and Snudge (Revival 1974) (Colour)

############# Bootsie And Snudge #############
################ series 4 1974 ###############
###############(Revival series) ##############
6 episodes in Colour    ITV Granada, Wednesdays

Alfie Bass as Montague 'Bootsie' Bisley  / Bill Fraser as Claude Snudge

4.01 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: TWO IN A MILLION (colour)
16-Oct-1974 ITV Granada, Wed.
Synopsis 1:
Bootsie is a millionaire after winning the pools, and Snudge is the one along for the ride this time around.
Synopsis 2:
Bootsie - richer by one million pounds - and Snudge - pompous and blustering as ever - return in a new series. [Canberra Times]
(Canberra, Australia: 01Dec1976 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

4.02 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: A LITTLE BIT ON ACCOUNT (colour)
23-Oct-1974 ITV Granada, Wed.
Bootsie reluctantly agrees to follow Snudge's advice and put his money in a bank.
(Canberra, Australia: 08Dec1976 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

4.03 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: UP THE DOWNSTAIRS (colour)
30-Oct-1974 ITV Granada, Wed.
Bootsie and Snudge hire a house-proud housekeeper, only to find that they prefer Snudge's inadequate attempts at cooking and cleaning. [Canberra Times]
(Canberra: 15Dec1976 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

4.04 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: AN AVERAGE COUPLE (colour)
6-Nov-1974 ITV Granada
Keeping house Bisley and Snudge bicker away like a long-married couple. One particular day Snudge's injuries reach mammoth proportions. [Canberra Times]
Synopsis 2:
Bootsie and Snudge do some decorating.
(Canberra, Australia: 22Dec1976 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

4.05 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: AS GOOD AS A REST (colour)
13-Nov-1974 ITV Granada
Bootsie has a hangover, and Snudge persuades him to see a Hartley Street "specialist" for the cure.
(Canberra, Australia: 29Dec1976 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

4.06 [--] Bootsie and Snudge: WANNA BET? (colour)
20-Nov-1974 ITV Granada, Wed.
Synopsis 1:
Millionaire Bootsie gambles again, but the happiness of a family is part of the stakes.
Synopsis 2:
A small bet over the outcome of a TV drama escalates until Bisley owes Snudge a considerable part of his million pounds . [Canberra Times]
(Canberra, Australia: 05Jan1977 Wed. 8:00pm ABC-3)

############### Bootsie and Snudge ###########
################### the end ##################

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