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 Season 7 (1986-87)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############## season  7 1986-87 ##############
  Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

7.01 [1270] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Good Morning America" co-host Joan Lunden
and Duncan Spencer of Fathers magazine.
AIDS report. Recalled children's products.

7.02 [1271] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Marla Gibbs of "227"
and Jeffrey Archer author of "A Matter of Honor".
AIDS impact on the gay community.

7.03 [1272] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jane Seymour and actor Rodney Allen Rippy.
Visit with Shelia Moore author of "The Little Boy Book".
Heterosexuals with AIDS. Hypoglycemia. Hawaiian tours.

7.04 [1273] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Sally Struthers
and Home Shopping Network host Bob Circosta.
Pet care tips for children. AIDS prevention.

7.05 [1274] Hour Magazine
Interviews with entertainer Bob Hope
and "Falcon Crest" actress Abby Dalton.
Advice for women with remarried ex-husbands.
AIDS questions. School fashion bargains.

7.06 [1275] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jill Ireland
and actress Catherine Deneuve (Part 1 of 2).
How married women feel about their husbands.
Sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

7.07 [1276] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Kevin Dobson of "Knots Landing"
and actress Catherine Deneuve (Part 2 of 2).
A woman who sued a rapist.
Jose Eber with Fall hairstyles.

7.08 [1277] Hour Magazine
Interviews with game show host Bert Convy
and Sydney Biddle Barrows author of "Mayflower Madam".
Handwriting analysis.
How emotions affect illness.
Rodents as pets.

7.09 [1278] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Charlotte Rae of "The Facts of Life".
How stress affects the immune system.
Harmful ingredients in cosmetics.

7.10 [1279] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Ken Howard of "Dynasty"
and actor Dack Rambo of "Dallas".
Visit with Steven Locke author of "The Healer Within: The New Medicine of Mind & Body".

7.11 [1280] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Tony Danza.
Dr. Joyce Brothers discusses vanity.
Radon gas in the home.
Determining a child's sex before conception.

7.12 [1281] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Erik Estrada and his wife and son
and actress Nancy McKeon of "The Facts of Life".
Advice for the "superwoman".

7.13 [1282] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Ben Vereen
actor Daniel J. Travanti of "Adam: His Song Continues"
and singer Petula Clark.
Visit with consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Diuretics. A nitroglycerin spray. Migraine treatments.

7.14 [1283] Hour Magazine
Interviews with football great Joe Namath
and singer Rosemary Clooney.
Commercial jingles. Safe and non-violent toys.
Stress-related pain in women.

7.15 [1284] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Danny Thomas
and actor Patrick Duffy of "Dallas".
Multiple marriages. Unusual gifts.

7.16 [1285] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV personality Dick Clark
singer-actor Frankie Avalon
and actress Jane Wyman of "Falcon Crest".

7.17 [1286] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer-actress Dale Evans
and actor Lorenzo Lamas of "Falcon Crest".
A look at Alcoholism. Hairstylist Jose Eber.

7.18 [1287] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Perfect Strangers" co-stars Mark Linn-Baker
and Bronson Pinchot
and "Falcon Crest" co-stars Susan Sullivan and Robert Foxworth.
Preventing eye disorders.

7.19 [1288] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Robert Wagner
singer-actress Gloria Loring
and "Falcon Crest" newcomer Kim Novak (Part 1 of 2).
The widow of an AIDS victim.

7.20 [1289] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas"
actor Ted Danson of "Cheers"
and "Falcon Crest" newcomer Kim Novak (Part 2 of 2).
New developments in plastic surgery.

7.21 [1290] Hour Magazine
06Oct1986 [rerun 06Apr87]
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper of "Valerie" (Part 1 of 2)
and actor Ricardo Montalban.
How to have constructive confrontations with one's mate.
A report on crack cocaine.

7.22 [1291] Hour Magazine
07Oct1986 [rerun 07Apr87]
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper of "Valerie" (Part 2 of 2)
and actress Tracey Scoggins of "The Colbys".
TV critic Gary Deeb previews the Fall shows.
Full-figured fashions.
A report on crack cocaine.

7.23 [1292] Hour Magazine
08Oct1986 [rerun 08Apr87]
Interviews with actress Emma Samms of "The Colbys"
and psychologist Sonya Friedman.
A report on crack cocaine.

7.24 [1293] Hour Magazine
09Oct1986 [rerun 09Apr87]
Interviews with "The Colbys" co-stars Charlton Heston
and Katharine Ross
and actress Deidre Hall of "Our House".
A report on crack cocaine.

7.25 [1294] Hour Magazine
10Oct1986 [rerun 10Apr87]
Interviews with actor John James of "The Colbys"
and actor Wilford Brimley of "Our House".
Visit with Margaret Kent author of "How to Marry a Superior Woman".
A report on crack cocaine.

7.26 [1295] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Cloris Leachman
and Susan Forward author of "Men Who Hate Women and Women Who Love Them".
Advice for women returning to college.
Exercise equipment.

7.27 [1296] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Doug Sheehan of "Knots Landing".
Love and sex after 60.

7.28 [1297] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer John Davidson
actress Sheryl Lee Ralph
and Martin Greenburg author of "he Birth of a Father".
Low-fat diets for infants.
Men's Fall fashions.

7.29 [1298] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Janet Leigh.
Drugs that affect sexual desire and potency.
Health insurance for recovering alcoholics.

7.30 [1299] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Constance Towers of "Capitol" and husband John Gavin
and comedienne Roseanne Barr.
A rating of fast-food breakfasts. Protection against medical incompetence.

7.31 [1300] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Carol Burnett (Part 1 of 3)
and actress Pam Dawber.
Retired Adm. Elmo Zumwalt Jr. and his son Elmo Zumwalt III talk about Agent Orange.
Choosing a travel agent.

7.32 [1301] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Carol Burnett (Part 2 of 3)
actor Gordon Thomson of "Dynasty"
and actress Annie Potts of "Designing Women".
Coping with a siblings death. Health food myths. Hairstylist Jose Eber.

7.33 [1302] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Carol Burnett (Part 3 of 3)
author Jackie Collins
and Anthony Astrachan author of "How Men Feel" Their Response to Women's Demands for Equality and Power".
Children of battered women.

7.34 [1303] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Bonnie Franklin of "One Day at a Time".
Robert Osborne previews Fall films.
Chef Tell prepares a dish.
Comparison shopping for VCRs.

7.35 [1304] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak.
Bargain household items.
Children introduced to drugs by adults.

7.36 [1305] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jenilee Harrison of "Dallas"
and Carol Dix author of "New Mother Syndrome: Coping With Post-Partum Stress and Depression".

7.37 [1306] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedian Jay Leno
actor Curtis Baldwin of "227"
and actor Paul Hogan of "Crocodile Dundee".
Child car seats.
Wives of race car drivers.
Toys for Christmas.

7.38 [1307] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Steve Kanaly of "Dallas"
and author Eda LeShan discusses aging.
A denim fashion show.
Paternity leaves. Cause of fatigue.

7.39 [1308] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Charles Shaughnessy of "Days of Our Lives"
and TV hostess Sarah Purcell.
Warren Farrell author of "Why Men Are the Way They Are".
A treatment for snoring.
DES daughters.

7.40 [1309] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Howard of "Dallas"
and actor Marc Price of "Family Ties".
A surrogate mother.
Over-the-counter pain medications for women.
AIDS and the bisexual community.

7.41 [1310] Hour Magazine
03Nov1986 [rerun 01Jun87]
Interviews with singer Nancy Sinatra and her mother
and Mike Wallace host of "60 Minutes".
Teaching kids life-saving techniques.

7.42 [1311] Hour Magazine
04Nov1986 [rerun 02Jun87]
Interviews with singer Nancy Sinatra and her sister Tina
singer-actor Dennis Day
and Morley Safer of ""60 Minutes".
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

7.43 [1312] Hour Magazine
05Nov1986 [rerun 03Jun87]
Interviews with actor Roy Scheider
actress Gale Storm
and Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes".
Flu vaccine update.

7.44 [1313] Hour Magazine
06Nov1986 [rerun 04Jun87]
Interviews with actress Linda Evans of "Dynasty"
Diane Sawyer host of "60 Minutes"
and the King Sisters.

7.45 [1314] Hour Magazine
07Nov1986 [rerun 05Jun87]
Interviews with actress Joan Collins of "Dynasty"
Harry Reasoner of "60 Minutes"
Michael Knight of "All My Children"
Joyce Vedral author of "My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy"
and Olympic runner Wilma Rudolph.
A tour of Bloomingdale's.

7.46 [1315] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jane Fonda
and actor Keith Thibodeaux of "I Love Lucy".
Low impact aerobics. Women against pornography. Cardiology advances.

7.47 [1316] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Mary Frann of "Newhart"
singer Bobby Sherman
and actress Tracy Nelson.
Presciption pill addiction. Cancer prevention and treatment. Infant fashions.

7.48 [1316] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Carol Burnett
actress Constance McCashin
and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Alzheimer's disease.

7.49 [1317] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joan Fontaine
singer Mary Wilson formerly of The Supremes
and Lucy R. Fischer author of "Adult Daughters and Their Mothers".
Care for premature infants.

7.50 [1318] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Sullivan
comedian Soupy Sales
exercise guru Richard Simmons
and consumer advocate David Horowitz.
AIDS update.

7.51 [1319] Hour Magazine
17Nov1986 [rerun 08Jun87]
Interviews with actress Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains"
actor Michael Nader of "Dynasty"
Country singer Kenny Rogers
and bandleader Bob Crosby.
Mother/daughter eating disorders.

7.52 [1320] Hour Magazine
18Nov1986 [rerun 09Jun87]
Interviews with singer Andy Williams
comedian George Gobels
Country singer Kenny Rogers
Miranda Daniloff
and hairstylist Jose Eber.

7.53 [1321] Hour Magazine
19Nov1986 [rerun 10Jun87]
Interviews with Lucille Ball (Part 1 of 3)
actor Larry Hagman of "Dallas"
and singer Chubby Checker.
Cigarettes effects on women.
Fashions from "Banana Republic".

7.54 [1322] Hour Magazine
20Nov1986 [rerun 11Jun87]
Interviews with Lucille Ball (Part 2 of 3)
actor Lloyd Bridges
and former "Dark Shadows" co-stars Jonathan Frid
and Kathryn Leigh Scott.
Adult thumb sucking. Stocking stuffers.

7.55 [1323] Hour Magazine
21Nov1986 [rerun 12Jun87]
Interviews with Lucille Ball (Part 3 of 3)
actor Charles "Buddy" Rogers
and film critics Gene Siskel
and Roger Ebert.

7.56 [1324] Hour Magazine
24Nov1986 [rerun 15Jun87]
Interviews with actress Victoria Principal of "Dallas"
actor Clifton Davis of "Amen"
and singer Gary Lewis (of Gary Lewis and the Playboys).
Starting an exercise program. Drug testing.

7.57 [1325] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Debbie Reynolds
and actor Chuck Norris.
Parents of disabled children. Weight training. Laura Ashley fashions.

7.58 [1326] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Diahann Carroll
and news anchor Tom Brokaw.
Women's breast cancer fears. Nolan Miller's "Dynasty" fashions.

7.59 [1327] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Nell Carter
and TV personality Arlene Francis.
India inspired fashions.

7.60 [1328] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Connie Sellecca
and actor James Brolin of "Hotel"
actors Johnnie Whitaker
and Marc Copage
and author Peter Gott.

7.61 [1329] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Marilyn McCoo
and actor James Reynolds.
How to poison proof a home. Report on alcoholism.

7.62 [1330] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Shirley Johns
The tough love program for problem teens. 25 varieties of cats. A face-lift quiz.

7.63 [1331] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ana Alicia of "Falcon Crest"
and Jeff Smith "The Frugal Gourmet".
Where to find single, straight men. How to improve family communication. Herpes transmission and treatment.

7.64 [1332] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Delta Burke.
A cancer hot line. Advertising's sexism against men.

7.65 [1333] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Amy Irving
and Judge Joseph Wapner.
AIDS' impact on real estate agents. Designer look-alikes. Children of deaf parents.

7.66 [1334] Hour Magazine
Interview with entertainer Liberace.
Year-end financial tips. The founders of a magazine for cancer patients.

7.67 [1335] Hour Magazine
Interviews with evangelist Robert Schuller
and Julie Nixon Eisenhower.
Dr. William Rader with "St. Elsewhere" co-star Stephen Furst.
Holiday hairstyles and evening fashions.

7.68 [1336] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV host Ed McMahon
and Chef Wolfgang Puck.
Copycat toy dangers. Women and estrogen. How to choose and care for a Christmas tree.

7.69 [1337] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joan Van Ark of "Knots Landing"
and Paloma Picasso.
Rev. Lawrence Jenco, a former hostage in Lebanon talks about faith.
Gifts for the person who has everything.

7.70 [1338] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne-actress Vicki Lawrence
and actress Jane Fonda.
Inexpensive holiday gift wrapping.
Exercising with Pat Boone.

[--] Hour Magazine
15Dec1986 [repeat from 19May86]
Glenn Ford, Harold S. Kushner author of "When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough", when to get it in writing, sex surrogates, aerobics champions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Dec1986 [repeat from 20May86]
Howard Keel, Rich Little, Ala von Auersperg Kneissl and Alexander von Auersperg, stepchildren of Claus von Bulow, depression in women. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Dec1986 [repeat from 21May86]
Patricia Neal, Walter Matthau, actress Troy Beyer of "Dynasty", bypass surgery, women and divorce. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Dec1986 [repeat from 22May86]
Charlton Heston, Walter Matthau, Sonya Friedman on older women's happiness. unusual gifts. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Dec1986 [repeat from 23May86]
June Allyson, Hollywood reporter columnist Robert Osborne, Jack LaLanne and his wife Elaine on physical fitness after 50. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Dec1986 [repeat from 09Dec85]
Michele Lee, recovery from anorexia, protecting children during holiday shopping. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Dec1986 [repeat from 10Dec85]
Danny DeVito, alcoholism recovery. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Dec1986 [repeat from 11Dec85]
William Daniels, safe toys for small children, medical discrimination of the elderly. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
pre-empted for Holiday programming.

[--] Hour Magazine
26Dec1986 [repeat from 13Dec86]
Bob Hope, David Horowitz, Dina Rasor author of "The Pentagon Underground", reversing hair loss process. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Dec1986 [repeat from 07Jul86]
Gary Coleman, Gail Sheehy author of "Spirit of Survival", special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi, gastric bubbles, improving teens self-confidence. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Dec1986 [repeat from 08Jul86]
Bruce Jenner, Jose Eber, men's sexual fantasies, athletes and academics, the disabled as parents. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Dec1986 [repeat from 09Jul86]
Michael Gross, stepparenting, compulsive shoppers, child abuse detection, gallstones' causes and treatments. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Jan1987 [repeat from 10Jul86]
Howie Mandel, prisoners of war in Vietnam, genital warts. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Jan1987 [repeat from 11Jul86]
Marvin Hamlisch, how stress effects men, interpreting product labels, intimacy after lumpectomy or mastectomy. (R)

7.71 [1339] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lynda Carter
actor David Rappaport
and Ms. magazine editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin.
"Type T" personalities. Prosecuting drunk drivers.

7.72 [1340] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Julie Harris of "Knots Landing".
A plan hijacking survivor. A fast-food nutrition report. A new hearing aid device.

7.73 [1341] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Cesar Romero
Conflict management for children. Couples who run successful businesses. Numerology. Facts on ulcers. Men's Spring fashions.

7.74 [1342] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jill Ireland
and actor Steve Forrest of "Dallas".
Chef Tell prepares a recipe. Breast cancer report. Warm-up exercises for skiers. Self-esteem among adoptees.

7.75 [1343] Hour Magazine
Interviews with sportscaster Joe Garagiola
and Dr. Joyce Brothers.
Child Abuse. Achieving New Year's health resolutions.

7.76 [1344] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Robert Young
author Sidney Sheldon
and Dennis McCarthy on his life as a Secret Service agent.
Corrective makeup. A controversial AIDS film.

7.77 [1345] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Dixie Carter of "Designing Women"
and Renee Taylor author of "My Life on a Diet".
Single women over 30. Jose Eber with some hairstyle trends.

7.78 [1346] Hour Magazine
Interviews with musician Doc Severinsen
and actress Heidi Bohay of "Hotel".
A coma survivor. A police captain turned priest. Obesity's causes. Heart attacks and personality types.

7.79 [1347] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer-actress Florence Henderson
and actress Kate Linder of "The Young and the Restless".
Chef Bert Greene prepares a dish.
Male impotence. Spring and Summer bridal gowns.

7.80 [1348] Hour Magazine
Interviews with composer Marvin Hamlisch
and Freddie Gershon on the world of rock and roll.
Emotional trauma of being fired. Nutrition for healthy eyes. Hair loss.

7.81 [1349] Hour Magazine
Interviews with talk show host Dick Cavett
and Guardian Angels founder Lisa Sliwa on women's self-defense.
How to make money.

7.82 [1350] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Today" show weatherman Willard Scott
and Bob Vila host of "This Old House".
Women's rights vs. fetal rights.
Hairstylist Jose Eber takes a look a new hair care products.

7.83 [1351] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actor Kris Kristofferson.
Alcoholism. Adopting children with special needs. Chronic depression. Pet products.

7.84 [1352] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Mary Ann Mobley
and wedding couple Steve and Shannon Gardea.
Fashions for 1987. A nudist retreat.

7.85 [1353] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "L.A. Law" co-stars Jill Eikenberry
and Michael Tucker.
Couples who live and work together. Treatment for multiple miscarriages. Sweater Styles.

7.86 [1354] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Mary Stuart.
Marriage after 50. Generic vs. brand-name drugs. Careers for women.

7.87 [1355] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Michelle Phillips of "Knots Landing".
Women and health insurance. Leaving a career to raise children. Fashions.

7.88 [1356] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Linda Purl.
Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church. Makeup tips.

7.89 [1357] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Susan Sullivan of "Falcon Crest".
A physical fitness program. Drug rehabilitation for young people.

7.90 [1358] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian of "Convicted: A Mother's Story"
and actress Ann Blyth.
Betty Friedan on the women's movement.

7.91 [1359] Hour Magazine
02Feb1987 [rerun 03Aug87]
Interviews with actor John Forsythe of "Dynasty"
and '50s recording artist Johnnie Ray.
Forced retirement controversy. Vegetarian dishes.
Teen pregnancy crisis (Part 1 of 5).

7.92 [1360] Hour Magazine
03Feb1987 [rerun 04Aug87]
Interviews with actor Ted McGinley
comedienne-actress Lily Tomlin
and Country singer Mickey Gilley.
Teen pregnancy crisis (Part 2).

7.93 [1361] Hour Magazine
04Feb1987 [rerun 05Aug87]
Interviews with actress Heather Locklear of "Dynasty"
and singer Gloria Gaynor.
Suicide's impact on families. Teen pregnancy crisis (Part 3). People who shouldn't take aspirin. Hairstylist Jose Eber.

7.94 [1362] Hour Magazine
05Feb1987 [rerun 06Aug87]
Interviews with actresses Pamela Bellwood
and Terri Garber of "Dynasty"
and '60s singing group The Association.
Teen pregnancy crisis (Part 4).

7.95 [1363] Hour Magazine
06Feb1987 [rerun 07Aug87]
Interviews with actress Ann-Margret
singer Helen Reddy
and author Jackie Collins.
Teen pregnancy crisis (Part 5).

7.96 [1364] Hour Magazine
09Feb1987 [rerun 10Aug87]
Interviews with actress Ann-Margret
actor Lorenzo Lamas of "Falcon Crest"
and group Blood, Sweat and Tears.
Children without conscience (Part 1 of 3). Fundamentalists Anonymous.

7.97 [1365] Hour Magazine
10Feb1987 [rerun 11Aug87]
Interviews with actor Ted Shackelford
actress Angie Dickinson
and singer Patti Page.
Children without conscience (Part 2 of 3).

7.98 [1366] Hour Magazine
11Feb1987 [rerun 12Aug87]
Interviews with actress Deidre Hall of "Days of Our Lives"
and The Lettermen who sing "Goin' Out of My Head".
Lottery winners. Travel tips.
Children without conscience (Part 3 of 3).

7.99 [1367] Hour Magazine
12Feb1987 [rerun 13Aug87]
Interviews with actress Catherine Hickland of "Capitol"
and singer Eddie Fisher.
Heart transplant recipient Baby Moses.
Baby boomers' financial problems.

7.100 [1368] Hour Magazine
13Feb1987 [rerun 14Aug87]
Interviews with TV personality Casey Kasem
and his wife Jean Kasem
and '60s recording artist Mary Wells.
Breast reconstruction. Valentine's Day chocolates and fashions.

7.101 [1369] Hour Magazine
Interviews with The McGuire Sisters who perform "Sincerely".
Tomorrow's medicine (Part 1 of 5).
Adopting children with AIDS.

7.102 [1370] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Billy Dee Williams
and singer Bobby Vinton who sings "Blue Velvet".
Tomorrow's medicine (Part 2 of 5) - nutrition.

7.103 [1371] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Telly Savalas.
Tomorrow's medicine (Part 3 of 5) - medication through the skin.

7.104 [1372] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Howard
The Mills Brothers who perform
and Chef Tell.
Racism in schools
Tomorrow's medicine (Part 4 of 5) - pain relief.

7.105 [1373] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Benson" star Robert Guillaume
and The Classics IV sing "Traces".
Tomorrow's medicine (Part 5 of 5) - hypertension.

7.106 [1374] Hour Magazine
23Feb1987 [rerun 17Aug87]
Interviews with entertainer Bob Hope
"Dallas" actor Ken Kercheval
actress Tyne Daly of "Cagney & Lacey"
and The Shirelles who sing "Dedicated to the One I Love".
Growing up with addicted parents (Part 1 of 5).

7.107 [1375] Hour Magazine
24Feb1987 [rerun 18Aug87]
Interviews with actor Perry King
actress Sharon Gless of "Cagney & Lacey"
and singer B.J. Thomas.
How food affects one's moods. Growing up with addicted parents (Part 2 of 5) - children of alcoholics.

7.108 [1376] Hour Magazine
25Feb1987 [rerun 19Aug87]
Interviews with "Cagney & Lacey" stars Tyne Daly and John Karlen
and singer Stephen Bishop.
Growing up with addicted parents (Part 3 of 5). Testing for colon cancer.

7.109 [1377] Hour Magazine
26Feb1987 [rerun 20Aug87]
Interviews with "Cagney & Lacey" stars Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless
actor Gene Hackman
actress Dee Wallace Stone of "Nothing Is Easy"
and singer Roger Williams who sings "Born Free".
Growing up with addicted parents (Part 4 of 5) - Adult children of alcoholics.

7.110 [1378] Hour Magazine
27Feb1987 [rerun 21Aug87]
Interviews with actor Ed Asner
and singer Dion who sings "Abraham, Martin and John".
Face-lift techniques with model Kim Alexis.
Growing up with addicted parents (Part 5 of 5).

7.111 [1379] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "The Bob Cummings Show" co-stars
Bob Cummings, Ann B. Davis and Dwayne Hickman.
Fashions for the mature woman. Fertility after 35.

7.112 [1380] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Teri Austin
Surrogate mothers. How illness affects marriage. Cosmetic eyelid surgery. Canine body language.

7.113 [1381] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Robert S. Woods of "Days of Our Lives"
singer Margaret Whiting
and John Gilchrist LIFE cereal's Mikey.
Coping with your child's choices in life.

7.114 [1382] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas"
and actor Merlin Olsen.
European fashions. Women who practice self-mutilation. Cajun cooking.

7.115 [1383] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actor Robert Goulet
Home video buying tips. Women's Day magazine's Outstanding Women of 1986. Savers who marry spenders. Father-and-son fashion show.

7.116 [1384] Hour Magazine
09Mar1987 [rerun 24Aug87]
Interviews with Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown
and author-columnist Irma Kurtz.
Positive thinking and weight loss.
Teaching kids lifesaving techniques. Eye makeup dangers.

7.117 [1385] Hour Magazine
10Mar1987 [rerun 25Aug87]
Interviews with "Newhart" actress Mary Frann
and former California Chief Justice Rose Bird.
Special Arts, for the disabled.
Overweight children. Home hair-coloring tips.

7.118 [1386] Hour Magazine
11Mar1987 [rerun 26Aug87]
Interviews with actress Lee Remick
and financial author William Mead who discusses two-income families.
Blood transfusion update. Teen fashions.

7.119 [1387] Hour Magazine
12Mar1987 [rerun 27Aug87]
Interviews with actress Barbara Eden
and actor Wil Weaton of "Stand By Me".
Male menopause. Coping with a parent's illness. Fashions.

7.120 [1388] Hour Magazine
13Mar1987 [rerun 28Aug87]
Interview with actor Dick Van Dyke
An 11-year-old Roman Catholic school student's pro-choice stand.
Causes of female hair loss.
82-year-old twins. New products for fathers.

7.121 [1389] Hour Magazine
16Mar1987 [rerun 31Aug87]
Interviews with actor Gordon Thomson
actor Ted Danson
and the Rev. Ellwood Keiser.
"Guiding Light" 50th anniversary.
Two-career marriages. Fashions for little girls.
Microwave ovens (Part 1 of 2).

7.122 [1390] Hour Magazine
17Mar1987 [rerun 01Sep87]
Interviews with actresses Jane Powell
and Mariette Hartley (Part 1 of 2).
Coping with life's tragedies.
Hairstylist Jose Eber with style trends.
Microwave ovens (Part 2 of 2).

7.123 [1391] Hour Magazine
18Mar1987 [rerun 02Sep87]
Interviews with actor Burt Reynolds
and actress Mariette Hartley (Part 2 of 2).
A tribute to an AIDS victim.
Preventing low birth-weights.

7.124 [1392] Hour Magazine
19Mar1987 [rerun 03Sep87]
Interviews with actor Wayne Northrup
and actress Lynn Herring
actress Cheryl Ladd
Dr. Joyce Brothers
and pharmacologist-author Joe Graedon.

7.125 [1393] Hour Magazine
20Mar1987 [rerun 04Sep87]
Interviews with actor George Hamilton
and "Spies" co-star Gary Kroeger.
Successful home businesses.
Cosmetic surgery. Heloise's household tips.

7.126 [1394] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Christopher Reeve
and actresses Loni Anderson
and Kim Cattrall.
Parents' rights in the doctor's office.

7.127 [1394] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jean Smart
and singer Rosemary Clooney.
Vitamin dangers. Book censorship. Anorexia. Spring knits.

7.128 [1395] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Jed Allan of "Santa Barbara"
actor Gary Busey
and bargain authority Geri Cook.
Updates on Alzheimer's disease and ulcers.

7.129 [1396] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Danny Glover of "Lethal Weapon"
and comedienne Phyllis Diller.
Denture alternative.

7.130 [1397] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Leo Buscaglia
and travel consultant Marty Leshner.
How to keep kids slim and healthy.

[--] Hour Magazine
30Mar1987 [rerun]
Dick Clark, Frankie Avalon, Jane Wyman, male intimacy, cat care tips. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Mar1987 [rerun]
Lorenzo Lamas, Dale Evans, Jose Eber, alcoholism after retirement. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Apr1987 [rerun]
Mark Linn-Baker, Bronson Pinchot, Susan Sullivan, Robert Foxworth, bachelors eager for marriage. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Apr1987 [rerun]
Gloria Loring, Robert Wagner, Kim Novak, (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Apr1987 [rerun]
Deborah Shelton of "Dallas", Ted Danson of "Cheers", Kim Novak of "Falcon Crest". A women's sex survey. New developments in plastic surgery. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Apr1987 [rerun from 06Oct86]
Valerie Harper, Ricardo Montalban. How to have constructive arguments. A report on crack cocaine. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Apr1987 [rerun from 07Oct86]
Valerie Harper, Tracy Scoggins. Full-figured fashions. Report on crack cocaine. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Apr1987 [rerun from 08Oct86]
Emma Samms, Sonya Friedman. Preventing heart attack deaths. Drug rehabilitation. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Apr1987 [rerun from 09Oct86]
Charlton Heston, Deidre Hall, tennis pro Pam Shriver. Advice for parents regarding drug abuse. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Apr1987 [rerun from 10Oct86]
John James, Margaret Kent, Wilford Brimley. (R)

7.131 [1398] Hour Magazine
Interviews with entertainer Bob Hope
newswoman Connie Chung
and her husband talk show host Maury Povich.
Children of interracial marriages. Telephone harassment.

7.132 [1399] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" host Robin Leach
and hairstylist Jose Eber.
Teen suicide. Bogus lawyers.

7.133 [1400] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Family Ties" actor Michael Gross
and actress Esther Rolle of "Good Times".
Dr. Rosenfeld on tanning parlors. In-vitro fertilization and the Roman Catholic Church. Gallstones and herpes.

7.134 [1401] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Dallas" co-star Steve Kanaly
actress Beth Maitland of "The Young and the Restless"
and TV minister Robert Schuller.

7.135 [1402] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Family Ties" actor Scott Valentine.
Teen drunken driving. Parenting tips.

7.136 [1403] Hour Magazine
Interview with Howie Mandel.

7.137 [1404] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer John Davidson
and Maggie Scarf author of "Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage".
Home business millionaires. How balding affects men. Aerobics.

7.138 [1405] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "L.A. Law" co-stars Alan Rachins
and Joanna Franks,
actress Morgan Fairchild
and Sally Beauman author of "Destiny".
Incompetent health club instructors.

7.139 [1406] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actors Joseph Bologna of "Rags to Riches"
and Scott Baio
and author Lois Melina.
"Glamour" magazine's top 10 working women.
Crohn's disease.

7.140 [1407] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Richard Crenna
and Judge William B. Keene of "Divorce Court".
Birth control pills. The mother of a teen suicide victim.

7.141 [1408] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Pat Morita of "The Karate Kid"
and actress JoBeth Williams.
Women's erotic fantasies. A Martial arts demonstration.

7.142 [1409] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor George Segal
The Bible Speaks fundamentalist group.
Sexual harassment by landlords. Adopted children's search for birth parents.

7.143 [1410] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Leann Hunley of "Dynasty".
Husbands feelings about working wives.
"Dynasty" wedding fashions. AIDS testing.

7.144 [1411] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Rue McClanahan of "Golden Girls".
Breast reconstruction. Children of battered women. Fashions.

7.145 [1412] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Michael Landon
and "Cathy" cartoonist Cathy Guisewite.
Teacher burnout. The Baby M decision's effect on surrogate mothers.

7.146 [1413] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Country star Dolly Parton
actor Angelo Krakoff
and Susan Nadler author of "Good Girls Gone Bad: American Women in Crime."
Home renovation tips.

7.147 [1414] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Larry Hagman
and actress Lindsay Wagner.
Homosexual priests. Compulsive eating's effect on a marriage.

7.148 [1415] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Sullivan
singer Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles
and Stephanie Brush author of "Life: A Warning".
An alcoholism test. Gourmet camping.

7.149 [1416] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Catherine Deneuve
and actor Christopher Hewett.
Women who marry for money. Wives of transvestites.
The physically challenged as parents. Geriatric pets.

7.150 [1417] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Sam Donaldson
former "Wheel of Fortune" hostess Susan Stafford
An AIDS update with U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop
Preferential treatment of women in the workplace.

7.151 [1418] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Bette Davis (Part 1 of 5)
and Laurie Burrow Grad (Woman of the Hour).
Empty-nest syndrome. TV glamour at discount prices

7.152 [1419] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Bette Davis (Part 2 of 5)
and Dr. William Rader (Man of the Hour).
Tips on buying compact-disc players. Bachelor cooking.

7.153 [1420] Hour Magazine
Interview with Bette Davis (Part 3 of 5)
Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld and her husband
Child heart transplant recipient. Exotic pets.

7.154 [1421] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Bette Davis (Part 4 of 5)
and Ali MacGraw
Hairstylist Jose Eber
Public image
How films influence fashion
Attending your high school reunion

7.155 [1422] Hour Magazine
Interview with Bette Davis (Part 5 of 5)
A visit with Patrick Duffy.
consumer advocate David Horowitz (Man of the Hour)
Children's consumer rights
AIDS and condoms.

7.156 [1423] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Lisa Hartman
author/psychologist Dr. Mel Kinder
Date rape on college campuses.

7.157 [1424] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Beverly Sills
Invasion of privacy at work
Growing up with addicted parents.

7.158 [1425] Hour Magazine
Interviews with former President Gerald Ford and wife Betty
and entertainer Bob Hope in Palm Springs
actor Cliff Robertson
actor Dirk Benedict of "The A-Team"
Celebrity endorsements. Why people smoke.

7.159 [1426] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa.
Entertainer Clint Holmes
Former drunken driver and an accident victim.
Dangers of breast augmentation.

7.160 [1427] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Annie Potts of "Designing Women"
and Maureen Reagan.
Double-Income-No-Kids couples. Safe Sex. Consumer questions.

7.161 [1428] Hour Magazine
Interviews with entertainer Bob Hope who promotes his special "Bob Hope's High-Flying Birthday Extravaganza"
Armand Hammer
Country singer Reba McEntire
Denver detective Christine Wallis
and author Dr. Marianne Neifert.

7.162 [1429] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger
and author Danielle Steele
A child bodybuilder
Auto repair horror stories.
High school graduation.

7.163 [1430] Hour Magazine
Interviews with former first lady Betty Ford
Gerald Arpino associate director of the Joffrey Ballet
Bridal fashions.

7.164 [1431] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Stepfanie Kramer of "Hunter"
Rabbi Harold Kushner
Dressing for your body type.
Loss of sexual desire after a hysterectomy.
New romance videos.

7.165 [1432] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Tim Conway
Educating children about AIDS
Infidelity test. Hair transplants. Endometriosis cure. Father's Day gifts.

[--] Hour Magazine
01Jun1987 [repeat from 03Nov86]
Nancy Sinatra, Tina Sinatra, Mike Wallace, Bob Cummings, exercise author Callan Pinckney. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Jun1987 [repeat from 04Nov86]
Nancy Sinatra, Dennis Day, Morley Safer, Soviet defector Alexandra Costa, Jose Eber. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Jun1987 [repeat from 05Nov86]
Roy Scheider, Ed Bradley, Gale Storm, Tempestt Bledsoe, Infidelity, Flu vaccine. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Jun1987 [repeat from 06Nov86]
Linda Evans, Diane Sawyer, The King Sisters, Patricia Harrison. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Jun1987 [repeat from 07Nov86]
Joan Collins, Harry Reasoner, Michael E. Knight, Wilma Rudolph, Tour of Bloomingdale's. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Jun1987 [repeat from 17Nov86]
Joanna Kerns, Michael Nader, Kenny Rogers, Bob Crosby, Mother/daughter eating disorders. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Jun1987 [repeat from 18Nov86]
Andy Williams, Kenny Rogers, George Gobel, Miranda Daniloff, American couple adopts a Korean foster child. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Jun1987 [repeat from 19Nov86]
Lucille Ball, Larry Hagman, Chubby Checker, fashions from "Banana Republic". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Jun1987 [repeat from 20Nov86]
Lucille Ball, Lloyd Bridges, Jonathan Frid and Kathryn Leigh Scott. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Jun1987 [repeat from 21Nov86]
Lucille Ball, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Buddy Rogers, Teri Austin, getting along with co-workers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Jun1987 [repeat from 24Nov86]
Victoria Principal, Clifton Davis, Gary Lewis, walking and jogging. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Jun1987 [repeat from 25Nov86]
Debbie Reynolds, Chuck Norris, Laura Ashley fashions, Parents of disabled children, weight training. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Jun1987 [repeat from 26Nov86]
Diahann Carroll, Tom Brokaw, Pinky Lee, women's fear of breast cancer, flu vaccine, fashions from "Dynasty". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Jun1987 [repeat from 27Nov86]
Nell Carter, Telma Hopkins, Arlene Francis, fashions from India, heart transplant recipients marry, single mother wins custody. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Jun1987 [repeat from 28Nov86]
James Brolin, Connie Sellecca, Johnny Whitaker, Marc Copage, Dr. Peter Gott, travel gifts. (R)

7.166 [1433] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Estelle Getty of "The Golden Girls"
and actress Barbara Luna.
Abuses in mental hospitals. Women's fear of money.
How attitude influences health (Part 1 of 2).

7.167 [1434] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Wheel of Fortune" hostess Vanna White.
The effectiveness of medication.
Mother who finds the man who raped her daughter.
Dealing with the death of a spouse.
Ballroom dancing.
How attitude influences health (Part 2 of 2).

7.168 [1435] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Rita Moreno
Miss Washington 1986
and comedian-psychiatrist Dr. Ellen Weinberg.
Leg cramps' causes and treatments. Swimwear.

7.169 [1436] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deidre Hall of "Days of Our Lives"
Dr. Susan Forward author of "Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them".
Children as Teachers of Peace. Incontinence sufferers. Summer travel bargains.

7.170 [1437] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Betty White
actress Patty Weaver of "The Young and the Restless"
and Dustin Nguyen.
Myths about AIDS transmission.

7.171 [1438] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Alyssa Milano of "Who's the Boss?"
and actress Yvonne DeCarlo.
Parent-teen conflicts. Student entrepreneurs.

7.172 [1439] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Gavin MacLeod
and Patti MacLeod.
Bald Headed Men of America. Spine injuries. Bankrupt couples. Slin disease scleroderma.

7.173 [1440] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Allyce Beasley of "Moonlighting".
Remaining friends after divorce. Gourmet baby food. Cancer treatment. Maternity fashions.

7.174 [1441] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Cassie Yates of "Dynasty".
Chronic dizziness. AIDS and pornography. Personalized gifts. Stepparents and divorce.

7.175 [1442] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains"
actress Abby Dalton of "Falcon Crest"
and author Jim Ross.
Mothers of AIDS victims. Real estate. Summer skin care.

7.176 [1443] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Teri Austin of "Knots Landing"
author Betsy Cohen
and Miss Black America 1987.
1987 Teacher of the Year. Sea Goddess II cruise yacht.

7.177 [1444] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Mindy Cohn
and columnist Shirley Eder.
National Spinal Cord Injury hotline. Alcoholic slips. Miniskirts.

7.178 [1445] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Christopher Templeton of "The Young and the Restless"
and news woman Linda Ellerbee.
Contact lenses. Cold sores.

7.179 [1446] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor John Saxon
and actress Teri Ann Linn.
Binging relapses. What to do if you're audited.

7.180 [1447] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Linda Evans who discusses the Take Charge Awards for women over 30
and Steven Carter author of "Men Who Can't Love".
Married police officers. Kitten care.
A report on the AIDS Related Complex (ARC).

7.181 [1448] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Patsy Pease of "Days of Our Lives"
folksinger Joan Baez
Nina Blackwood
author Michael Maron
and National Spelling Bee champion Stephanie Petit.

7.182 [1449] Hour Magazine
Interviews with former President Jimmy Carter
and Rosalynn Carter.
How to succeed in show business. Adult anorexia. Housing. Help for damaged hair.

7.183 [1450] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor A Martinez of "Santa Barbara"
Country singer Dolly Parton
and actress Peggy Lipton.
Alcohol and breast cancer.
Parents of Near Drownings (P.O.N.D.) founder.

7.184 [1451] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Gloria Steinem talks about Ms. magazine's 15th year.
comediennes Carol Siskin
and Nancy Redman
Milo Speriglio
and Adela Gregory co-authors of "Crypt 33".

7.185 [1452] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jane Fonda
author Jackie Collins
and Patti Lewis.
Women who can't forgive and forget.
American nurses who smuggled supplies into Afghanistan.

7.186 [1453] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Sheree J. Wilson of "Dallas"
and musician Richard Carpenter.
Voices behind "The Chipmunks". Building self-esteem in pre-teens. Body pain.

7.187 [1454] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Marcy Walker of "Santa Barbara"
actor Billy Warlock of "Days of Our Lives"
and hairstylist Jose Eber.
College coeds who posed for Playboy.
Invitro fertilization alternative. Coping with stress at work.

7.188 [1455] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jean Stapleton
Religion addiction. American women today. Selecting a hospital for surgery. Hollywood stunt demonstration.

7.189 [1456] Hour Magazine
Interviews with basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael
and Chef Tell.
Treatment for the bone disease osteosarcoma. Sex addiction.

7.190 [1457] Hour Magazine
Interview with comedienne-actress Vicki Lawrence.
Sunglasses. AIDS research.

7.191 [1458] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Head of the Class" co-stars Khrystyne Haje
Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider.
The U.S.A. Academic Team. Youths going public with their homosexuality.

7.192 [1459] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Robin Strasser of "One Life to Live".
Home equity loans. Nutrition test. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Surviving the Jonestown massacre.

7.193 [1460] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Diahann Carroll
author Janet Dailey
and Dr. Barbara deAngelis.
Suicide of children. Fall fashion preview.

7.194 [1461] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Rebecca Schaeffer of "My Sister Sam"
actor Joel Grey
and "Ask Mom and Dawn" advice columnists Dawn and Rae Karcher.
Child protection awards. Breast implants.

7.195 [1462] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedian-actor Gilbert Gottfriend of "Beverly Hills Cop II".
AIDS. Children at home alone. Orphans of the Mexican earthquake.

[--] Hour Magazine
03Aug1987 [repeat from 02Feb87]
John Forsythe, Johnnie Ray, forced retirement controversy, teen pregnancy prevention. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Aug1987 [repeat from 03Feb87]
Ted McGinley, Lily Tomlin, Mickey Gilley, author Jane Wagner. Post-polio syndrome. What teens want to know about pregnancy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Aug1987 [repeat from 04Feb87]
Heather Locklear, Gloria Gaynor. Suicide and the family. Aspirin. How parents can talk to children about sex. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Aug1987 [repeat from 05Feb87]
Pamela Bellwood, Teri Austin, The Association, school health clinics, daughter finds and reunites birth parents. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Aug1987 [repeat from 06Feb87]
Ann-Margret, Helen Reddy, Jackie Collins, audience questions and answers on teen pregnancy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Aug1987 [repeat from 09Feb87]
Lorenzo Lamas, Ann Margret, Blood, Sweat and Tears, psychological cause of children in trouble. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Aug1987 [repeat from 10Feb87]
Ted Shackelford, Angie Dickinson, Patti Page. Troubled children. Teens obsessed with weight loss. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Aug1987 [repeat from 11Feb87]
Deidre Hall, The Lettermen. Lottery winners marry. Recovering teens. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Aug1987 [repeat from 12Feb87]
Catherine Hickland, Eddie Fisher, economic problems for the baby boom generation. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
14Aug1987 [repeat from 13Feb87]
Casey Kasem, Jean Kasem, Mary Wells. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Aug1987 [repeat from 23Feb87]
Bob Hope, Ken Kercheval, The Shirelles. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Aug1987 [repeat from 24Feb87]
Perry King, Sharon Gless, BJ Thomas, Dr. Judith Workman. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Aug1987 [repeat from 25Feb87]
Barry Bostwick, Tyne Daly, John Karlen, Stephen Bishop. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Aug1987 [repeat from 26Feb87]
Dee Wallace, Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless, Barney Rosenzweig. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Aug1987 [repeat from 27Feb87]
Lee Remick. Treating sun-damaged skin. The financial pros and cons of two income families. AIDS and blood transfusions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Aug1987 [repeat from 09Mar87]
Helen Gurley Brown, Irma Kurtz. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Aug1987 [repeat from 10Mar87]
Mary Frann. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Aug1987 [repeat from 11Mar87]
Lee Remick. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Aug1987 [repeat from 12Mar87]
Barbara Eden, Susan Ruttan. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Aug1987 [repeat from 13Mar87]
Dick Van Dyke. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Aug1987 [repeat from 16Mar87]
Gordon Thomson, Ted Danson, Guiding Light's 50th anniversary. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Sep1987 [repeat from 17Mar87]
Jane Powell, Mariette Hartley, Marcy Lefton. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Sep1987 [repeat from 18Mar87]
Burt Reynolds, Mariette Hartley, Amy Sloan. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Sep1987 [repeat from 19Mar87]
Cheryl Ladd, Wayne Northrop, Lynn Herring. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Sep1987 [repeat from 20Mar87]
George Hamilton, Gary Kroeger. (R)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############### end of season 7 ##############

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