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 Season 6 (1985-86)
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############## season 6 1985-86 ##############
 Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

6.01 [1075] Hour Magazine
09Sep1985 [rerun 16Dec85]
Interview with actress Isabel Sanford of "The Jeffersons" (Part 1 of 2).
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
AIDS protection for women.

6.02 [1076] Hour Magazine
10Sep1985 [rerun 17Dec85]
Interview with actress Isabel Sanford of "The Jeffersons" (Part 2 of 2).
Joanna Cotler author of "The Rotating Spaghetti Fork and Other Items You Can't Live Without".
The social effects of AIDS.

6.03 [1077] Hour Magazine
11Sep1985 [rerun 18Dec85]
Interviews with actress Michele Lee of "Knot's Landing" (Part 1 of 2).
and Golf pro Amy Alcott.
Teen drug abuse.
Fish nutrition.

6.04 [1078] Hour Magazine
12Sep1985 [rerun 19Dec85]
Interview with actress Michele Lee of "Knot's Landing" (Part 2 of 2).
McCall's Reader of the Year.
Cosmopolitan's most eligible bachelor.
Families of American hostages in Lebanon.

6.05 [1079] Hour Magazine
13Sep1985 [rerun 20Dec85]
Interview with actress Jenilee Harrison of "Dallas".
Film critic Robert Osborne's picks for weekend movies and TV.
Self defense against criminal attacks in the home.

6.06 [1080] Hour Magazine
16Sep1985 [rerun 23Dec85]
Interviews with actress Dyan Cannon.
David Hartman host of "Good Morning America"
and actress Julie Parrish of "Capitol".
Rescuing dinner disasters.

6.07 [1081] Hour Magazine
17Sep1985 [rerun 24Dec85]
Interviews with actress Dyan Cannon
singer Connie Francis and hairstylist Jose Eber.
Mother of an AIDS victim.
Inside the Cordon Bleu cooking school.

6.08 [1082] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Today Show" host Bryant Gumbel.
A visit with Tom Selleck's mother Martha.
Colon cancer prevention.
Looking younger through makeup.

6.09 [1083] Hour Magazine
19Sep1985 [rerun 26Dec85]
Interview with actress Pamela Bellwood.
Sex surrogates for prison inmates.
The Folies Bergere in Paris.
Preventing colon cancer.

6.10 [1084] Hour Magazine
20Sep1985 [rerun 27Dec85]
Interviews with actresses Betty Thomas
and Leslie Caron.
Discussion with Diet authors Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.
Soap Opera Digest editor Meredith Brown.

6.11 [1085] Hour Magazine
23Sep1985 [rerun 30Dec85]
Interview with actress Ann Jillian who discusses breast cancer (Part 1 of 2).
A look at Fall's hot TV shows.
Rare phobias and their cures.

6.12 [1086] Hour Magazine
24Sep1985 [rerun 31Dec85]
Interview with actresses Ann Jillian (Part 2 of 2)
and Tippi Hedren.
Careers and motherhood.
Male rape.
Designer fashion look-alikes.

6.13 [1087] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Morgan Brittany
Dr. Joyce Brothers with her husband Milton.
Aspirin dangers.
Last minute mail-order gifts.

6.14 [1088] Hour Magazine
26Sep1985 [rerun 02Jan86]
Interview with actress Abby Dalton.
Charles Givens with five ways to get rich.
Cooking with Richard Simmons.
Aspiring Olympic gymnasts.

6.15 [1089] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Chuck Norris
and author Jackie Collins.
Finding love through personal ads.
Polio vaccine problems.

6.16 [1090] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Joan Van Ark of "Knot's Landing"
and Priscilla Presley of "Dallas".
Visit with comedian George Burns.
Meet a three-year-old prodigy.

6.17 [1091] Hour Magazine
Interview with actresses Joan Van Ark of "Knot's Landing"
and Priscilla Presley of "Dallas".
Romance novelists.
Parental child-stealing.

6.18 [1092] Hour Magazine
Mary Ann Mobley with Conrad Bain.
New weapons in divorce wars.

6.19 [1093] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Catherine Mann
Michael Reagan.
Warning signs for marital break-up.

6.20 [1094] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Janet Leigh.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Meet the DeBolt family.

6.21 [1095] Hour Magazine
07Oct1985 [rerun 24Mar86]
Interview with singer-actor Harry Belafonte.
The media's effects on children (Part 1 of 3).
Author Nancy Friday with a look at jealousy.
Update on "We Are the World".

6.22 [1096] Hour Magazine
08Oct1985 [rerun 25Mar86]
Interview with actress Lee Remick.
The media's effects on children (Part 2 of 3).
Car financing.
Recovery from paralysis.
Fall fashions.

6.23 [1097] Hour Magazine
09Oct1985 [rerun 26Mar86]
Interview with actress Ali MacGraw.
Media's effects on children (Part 3 of 3).
Liver cancer treatment.

6.24 [1098] Hour Magazine
10Oct1985 [rerun 27Mar86]
Interview with actress Ali MacGraw.
Charles Kuralt.
Illegal abortion.
Meet a plane disaster survivor.

6.25 [1099] Hour Magazine
11Oct1985 [rerun 28Mar86]
Interview with actor Robert Mitchum.
Visit with Gloria Steinem.
Acquaintance rape.

6.26 [1100] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Deidre Hall.
Great consumer buys.

6.27 [1101] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Pearl Bailey.
Visit with Dixie Whatley of "Entertainment Tonight".
A police psychic.
Fear of flying.

6.28 [1102] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Barbara Eden
and Alice Huffman.
Toxic shock syndrome update.
Medical malpractice.
Fall fashion trends.

6.29 [1103] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actress Florence Henderson.
Romance after 40.
How to stretch your paycheck.

6.30 [1104] Hour Magazine
Interview with Tawny Schneider.
Visit with Anita Bryant.
Creating Halloween costumes.
Divorced fathers.

6.31 [1105] Hour Magazine
21Oct1985 [rerun 31Mar86]
Interviews with actress Judith Light
and author Betty Rollin.
Intimacy after pregnancy.

6.32 [1106] Hour Magazine
22Oct1985 [rerun 01Apr86]
Interviews with actress Judith Light and actor Michael Storm.
Chef Craig Claiborne prepares a dish.
Nervous breakdown recovery.

6.33 [1107] Hour Magazine
23Oct1985 [rerun 02Apr86]
Interview with actress Constance McCashin.
Advice for frustrated parents.
AIDS update.
Evening wear.
Deaf actors.

6.34 [1108] Hour Magazine
24Oct1985 [rerun 03Apr86]
Interview with actresses Katherine Helmond
and Mary Steenburgen
and singer-songwriter Carole Bayer Sager.
Outdated birthing techniques.

6.35 [1109] Hour Magazine
25Oct1985 [rerun 04Apr86]
Interview with actresses Estelle Getty
Jane Wyman and Dyan Cannon.
Assertiveness training for teens.

6.36 [1110] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Constance Towers.
The most admired woman in America.
A visit with Wilt Chamberlain.
Computer software for girls.

6.37 [1111] Hour Magazine
Interview with entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
A visit with husband and wife actors Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson.
Millionaire lottery winners.
Husbands of rape victims.

6.38 [1112] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Stefanie Powers.
Visit with John DeLorean and race car driver Danny Sullivan.
Teens sexual responsibility.
Diet pills.

6.39 [1113] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Ana Alicia
and author Sylvie Sommerfield.
Visit with comedian Alan King.
Birth control pill risks.

6.40 [1114] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Perry King.
Ann Landers discusses AIDS.
A diet plan for kids hooked on junk food.
Neighborhood Watch.

6.41 [1115] Hour Magazine
04Nov1985 [rerun 09Jun86]
Interview with actress Catherine Oxenberg of "Dynasty".
Ralph Martin author of "Charles and Diana"
with a profile of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Part 1 of 4).
Homemakers and pornography.

6.42 [1116] Hour Magazine
05Nov1985 [rerun 10Jun86]
Interviews with actress Marla Gibbs
and actor Michael Nader of "Dynasty".
Profile of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Part 2 of 4).
Princess Diana's fashion designers.
Instant fame's aftermath.
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.43 [1117] Hour Magazine
06Nov1985 [rerun 11Jun86]
Interview with actress Loni Anderson.
Profile of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Part 3 of 4).
Visit with author Marabel Morgan.
Keeping love alive.
High blood pressure medication.
Shopping tour of London.
Tips on indoor plants.

6.44 [1118] Hour Magazine
07Nov1985 [rerun 12Jun86]
Interview with actor George Hamilton.
Visit with playwright Jason Brown "Tender Places".
Profile of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Part 4 of 4).
Prince Charles' former valet Stephen Barry.
Fighting pain without drugs.

6.45 [1119] Hour Magazine
08Nov1985 [rerun 13Jun86]
Interview with actress Kate Jackson.
Visit with Cabbage Patch doll creator Xavier Roberts.
How a woman's success affects her husband.
The plight of farmers.
Parenting triplets.

6.46 [1120] Hour Magazine
11Nov1985 [rerun 16Jun86]
Interviews with Nancy and Frank Sinatra (Part 1 of 2)
and actress Ann Sothern.
Lifelong diet plan (Part 1 of 5).
Cocaine abuse among women.

6.47 [1121] Hour Magazine
12Nov1985 [rerun 17Jun86]
Interview with Nancy and Frank Sinatra (Part 2 of 2)
Lifelong diet plan (Part 2 of 5).
Coping with a spouse's death.

6.48 [1122] Hour Magazine
13Nov1985 [rerun 18Jun86]
Interviews with actress Susan Howard and Steve Kanaly of "Dallas"
actor Alan Thicke of "Growing Pains"
and actress Shirley MacLaine (Part 1 of 3).
Lifelong diet plan (Part 3 of 5).

6.49 [1123] Hour Magazine
14Nov1985 [rerun 19Jun86]
Interviews with actress Susan Howard of "Dallas"
Chef Julia Child
and actress Shirley MacLaine (Part 2 of 3).
Lifelong diet plan (Part 4 of 5).
A host's responsibility for drunken guests.

6.50 [1124] Hour Magazine
15Nov1985 [rerun 20Jun86]
Interviews with actress Charlotte Rae.
and actress Shirley MacLaine (Part 2 of 3).
Eating habits emotional roots: Lifelong diet plan (Part 5 of 5).
Child suicide.
Plastic surgery.

6.51 [1125] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Sullivan
actress Kim Zimmer of "Guiding Light"
and The McGuire Sisters.
Jane Fonda's workout.

6.52 [1126] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Sullivan
and actor Frank Runyeon of "As the World Turns".
Women's search for superman.
A look at autism.

6.53 [1127] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas" (Part 1 of 2)
actress Robin Strasser of "One Life to Live"
and actor Emmanuel Lewis.
Low self-esteem in women.

6.54 [1128] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas" (Part 2 of 2)
and actor Michael O'Leary of "Guiding Light".
Tim Conway discusses drug abuse.
Female victims of Agent Orange.

6.55 [1129] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Erika Slezak of "One Life to Live".
Plastic surgery for cancer patients.

6.56 [1130] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Mariette Hartley (Part 1 of 2).
Visit with singer-actress Doris Day (Part 1 of 3).
Tribute to Aaron Spelling (Part 1 of 5).

6.57 [1131] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Jayne Kennedy
and actress Mariette Hartley (Part 2 of 2).
Visit with singer-actress Doris Day (Part 2 of 3).
Tribute to Aaron Spelling (Part 2 of 5).
Teen marriage and pregnancy.

6.58 [1132] Hour Magazine
Interviews with sportscaster Howard Cosell
and race car driver Shirley Muldowney.
Visit with singer-actress Doris Day (Part 3 of 3).
Tribute to Aaron Spelling (Part 3 of 5).

6.59 [1133] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak.
Tribute to Aaron Spelling (Part 4 of 5).
Meet the Trumpet Brothers.
A discussion with pharmacist and author Joe Graedon.

6.60 [1134] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Emma Samms.
Tribute to Aaron Spelling (Part 5 of 5).
Meet Christa McAuliffe, first teacher in space.
A look at hysterectomy surgery.

6.61 [1135] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Daniel Greene of "Falcon Crest".
Help for child abusers.
How to crime-proof a car.

6.62 [1136] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Wheel of Fortune" hostess Vanna White.
Hospital dangers.
Male victims of violent crime.

6.63 [1137] Hour Magazine
Interview with Muppet creator Jim Henson.
Visit with gymnast Mary Lou Retton.
Coping with difficult children.
Stocking a medicine cabinet.

6.64 [1138] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Daniel J. Travanti
singer-actress Gloria Loring
and John Walsh.
Christmas gifts.
Support group for overweight teens.

6.65 [1139] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actress Shirley Jones.
Making second marriages work.
Mail-order gifts for kids.

6.66 [1140] Hour Magazine
09Dec1985 [rerun 22Dec86]
Interview with actress Michele Lee of "Knots Landing".
Anorexic children.

6.67 [1141] Hour Magazine
10Dec1985 [rerun 23Dec86]
Interview with actor Danny DeVito.
Alcoholism recovery.

6.68 [1142] Hour Magazine
11Dec1985 [rerun 24Dec86]
Interview with actor William Daniels of "St. Elsewhere".
Toys for small children.
Medical discrimination of the elderly.

6.69 [1143] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Morgan Fairchild.
Tips from hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.70 [1144] Hour Magazine
13Dec1985 [rerun 26Dec86]
Interview with entertainer Bob Hope.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz is interviewed at home.
Spending time at the Pentagon.

[--] Hour Magazine
16Dec1985 [repeat from 09Sep85]
Isabel Sanford, AIDS protection for Women, baby-safe homes, Behind-the-scenes of People magazine. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Dec1985 [repeat from 10Sep85]
Isabel Sanford, Joanna Cotler author of "The Rotating Spaghetti Fork and Other Items You Can't Live Without", The social effects of AIDS. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Dec1985 [repeat from 11Sep85]
Michele Lee, golf pro Amy Alcott, teen drug abuse, fish nutrition. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Dec1985 [repeat from 12Sep85]
Michele Lee, McCall's magazine reader of the year, Cosmopolitan magazine's most eligible bachelor, American hostages in the Middle East. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Dec1985 [repeat from 13Sep85]
Jennilee Harrison, Robert Osborne, self defense against criminal attacks in the home. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Dec1985 [repeat from 16Sep85]
Dyan Cannon, David Hartman, Julie Parrish, rescuing dinner disasters. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Dec1985 [repeat from 17Sep85]
Dyan Cannon, Connie Francis, Jose Eber, mother of AIDS victims, inside the Cordon Bleu cooking school. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
pre-empted for Christmas programming.

[--] Hour Magazine
26Dec1985 [repeat from 19Sep85]
Pamela Bellwood, Joel Grey, the Folies Bergere in Paris, preventing colon cancer. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Dec1985 [repeat from 20Sep85]
Betty Thomas, Leslie Caron, Meredith Brown (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Dec1985 [repeat from 23Sep85]
Ann Jillian discusses breast cancer, rare phobias and their cures. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Dec1985 [repeat from 24Sep85]
Ann Jillian, Tippi Hedren, male rape, designer fashion look-alikes. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
pre-empted by the Rose Bowl.

[--] Hour Magazine
02Jan1986 [repeat from 26Sep85]
Abby Dalton, Charles Givens on how to get rich, aspiring Olympic gymnasts, infertility treatments. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Jan1986 [repeat from 27Sep85]
Jackie Collins, Chuck Norris, finding love through personal ads, polio vaccine problems. (R)

6.71 [1145] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Morgan Fairchild (Part 1 of 2).
Commitments in romantic relationships.
The rights of the physically disabled.
Child adoption.

6.72 [1146] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Morgan Fairchild (Part 2 of 2).
AIDS and artificial insemination.
Women's relationships with married men.
Divorce's effects on children.

6.73 [1147] Hour Magazine
Interview with talk show host Dick Cavett.
Men's secrets.
Women and bypass surgery.
Puppy training.

6.74 [1148] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Ed Asner.
Dr. Benjamin Spock discusses step-parenting.
Breast cancer update.
A visit with "60 Minutes" executive producer Don Hewitt.

6.75 [1149] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Peter Reckell of "Days of Our Lives".
The common cold.
Creators of commercial jingles.
Help for teen mothers.
Gun control.

6.76 [1150] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
actor Josh Taylor,
deaf actress Mary Vreeland
and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

6.77 [1151] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
and actor Dirk Benedict of "The A-Team".
Housewives dealing with stress.
Adult children of alcoholics.

6.78 [1152] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Greer Garson
and actress Susan Lucci of "All My Children".
The first three years of life (Part 1 of 3).
Female hormone supplements.
A proper English tea.

6.79 [1153] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Dinah Shore.
Romantic relationships for mature women.
The first three years of life (Part 2 of 3).

6.80 [1154] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comic actors Tim Conway
and Harvey Korman.
Visit with Jean Auel author of "The Mammoth Hunters".
Foods for healthy teeth.
The making of the movie "Eleni".
The first three years of life (Part 3 of 3).

6.81 [1155] Hour Magazine
20Jan1986 [rerun 23Jun86]
Interview with actress Joan Fontaine.
Dr. Irene Kassorla discusses divorce.
Corrective surgery for adult scoliosis.

6.82 [1156] Hour Magazine
21Jan1986 [rerun 24Jun86]
Interview with The Judds.
Parents communicating with their adult children.
The effects of the pregnancy drug DES.

6.83 [1157] Hour Magazine
22Jan1986 [rerun 25Jun86]
Interview with actress Margaret Ladd of "Falcon Crest".
The world's tallest woman.
Adoption through resumes.
Controlling cholesterol levels.

6.84 [1158] Hour Magazine
23Jan1986 [rerun 26Jun86]
Interview with actress Doris Roberts of "Remington Steele".
Women's obsession with beauty.
How to spot health frauds.

6.85 [1159] Hour Magazine
24Jan1986 [rerun 27Jun86]
Interview with comedian Harvey Korman.
A woman with an I.Q. of 230.
Preventing your child's suicide.

6.86 [1160] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Patty Duke (Part 1 of 2)
and actor Richard Dreyfuss.
Cosmetic surgery.
The media's handling of rape cases.

6.87 [1161] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Patty Duke (Part 2 of 2).
Gypsy Rose Lee's son Erik Preminger.
Teaching children about sex.

6.88 [1162] Hour Magazine
Interview with Country singer Larry Gatlin.
A "Capitol" fashion show.
Dr. Rosenfeld discusses headaches.

6.89 [1163] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joan Collins (Part 1 of 2),
comedienne-actress Nell Carter
and composer Bill Conti.
Designer clothes at bargain prices.

6.90 [1164] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Joan Collins (Part 2 of 2)
and actor Omar Sharif.
A look at anorexia.
Beauty as a hindrance to love.
Men's and women's fashions.

6.91 [1165] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer-actress Barbi Benton
and weatherman Willard Scott.
Overcoming phobias.

6.92 [1166] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deborah Kerr
and Maureen Reagan.
Children of drug addicts.
"Dynasty" fashion designer Nolan Miller.

6.93 [1167] Hour Magazine
Interview with musician Doc Severinsen.
Dr. Rosenfeld on cancer.
Travel expert Marty Leshner.

6.94 [1168] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Debbie Reynolds
and Liv Ullmann.
Job discrimination against cancer victims.

6.95 [1169] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Victoria Principal
and comedian Robert Klein.

6.96 [1170] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Debbie Reynolds
and cartoonist Charles Schultz.
Backache treatment chips from "The People's Court".
Surviving divorce.

6.97 [1171] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Lee Marvin
and actress Rue McClanahan of "The Golden Girls".
"Dallas" fashions.
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.98 [1172] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Mariel Hemingway
and singer Anne Murray.
Auto safety through air bags.
Hair color makeovers.

6.99 [1173] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Mickey Rooney and Shelley Winters.
Mail-order brides.

6.100 [1174] Hour Magazine
Interview with Lindsay Wagner.
Dr. Leo Buscaglia.
"Hour Magazine" wedding couple Steven and Shannon Gardea.
Pet Fashions.

6.101 [1175] Hour Magazine
17Feb1986 [rerun 04Aug86]
Interview with Ken Kercheval of "Dallas".
Visit with Spencer Johnson author of "One Minute for Myself".
AIDS update.
Surgery for the hearing impaired.

6.102 [1176] Hour Magazine
18Feb1986 [rerun 05Aug86]
Interview with actor William Devane of "Knots Landing".
Home electronics.
Polo with the stars.

6.103 [1177] Hour Magazine
19Feb1986 [rerun 06Aug86]
Interviews with actor Gordon Thomson of "Dynasty"
and Jose Ferrer.
Child pornography.
Men's skin care.

6.104 [1178] Hour Magazine
20Feb1986 [rerun 07Aug86]
Interview with actress Cheryl Ladd.
Visit with Steve Kanaly and Susan Howard
and hearing impaired actor Solomon Smaniotto from "Dallas"
At-home fertility tests.

6.105 [1179] Hour Magazine
21Feb1986 [rerun 08Aug86]
Interview with Ted Shackelford and Teri Austin of "Dallas".
Chronique fatigue in women.
Gay parents.

6.106 [1180] Hour Magazine
24Feb1986 [rerun 11Aug86]
Interviews with Pamela Bellwood of "Dynasty"
and singer-actor Kris Kristofferson.
Meet female wrestler America Morris.

6.107 [1181] Hour Magazine
25Feb1986 [rerun 12Aug86]
Interview with "Entertainment Tonight" hostess Mary Hart.
Visit with actress Mary Martin.
Dr. William Rader reports on hostage trauma.
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.108 [1182] Hour Magazine
26Feb1986 [rerun 13Aug86]
Interviews with actresses Linda Lavin
and Hayley Mills
and actor John Reilly of "General Hospital".
Step-parenting. Cardiac update. Spring fashions.

6.109 [1183] Hour Magazine
27Feb1986 [rerun 14Aug86]
Interviews with actresses Teri Garr
and Kathleen Noone of "All My Children".
Ovarian cancer. The best careers for meeting men.

6.110 [1184] Hour Magazine
28Feb1986 [rerun 15Aug86]
Interview with actors George Hamilton
and Ed Marinaro.
Visit with "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" host Robin Leach and author Andrew Greeley.
Pregnancy shape-up. Fashions by Alexander Julian.

6.111 [1185] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Alyssa Milano of "Who's the Boss?"
Visit with Fred Rogers of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood".

6.112 [1186] Hour Magazine
Interview with comedian Robert Klein.
Children's car seat safety. A European luxury resort. Male bulimics.

6.113 [1187] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Lindsay Wagner.
Holistic medicine. The psychological effects of testing. Cancer prevention.

6.114 [1188] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Stephanie Beacham of "The Colbys".
Footwear for multiple sclerosis victims.

6.115 [1189] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Carol Channing
and singer-actor Robert Goulet.
Visit with exercise guru Richard Simmons.
Painless dentistry.

6.116 [1190] Hour Magazine
10Mar1986 [ rerun 18Aug86]
Interviews with actress Diahann Carroll of "Dynasty"
and Pat Morrow formerly of "Peyton Place".
Mary Frann coping with stress.
Visit with author Cynthia Freeman.

6.117 [1191] Hour Magazine
11Mar1986 [ rerun 19Aug86]
Interview with actor Carl Weathers.
A visit from gossip columnist Rona Barrett.
Unrealistic expectations and stress. Women strippers.

6.118 [1192] Hour Magazine
12Mar1986 [ rerun 20Aug86]
Interview with actress Linda Gray of "Dallas" (Part 1 of 2).
Dr. Rosenfeld reports on diabetes.
Counseling teenagers on sex. Fighting stress.

6.119 [1193] Hour Magazine
13Mar1986 [rerun 21Aug86]
Interviews with actor Robert Loggia
and actress Linda Gray of "Dallas" (Part 2 of 2).
Marcia Wallace of "The Bob Newhart Show" discusses breast cancer.
Stun gun controversy. Family stress.

6.120 [1194] Hour Magazine
14Mar1986 [rerun 22Aug86]
Interview with "Facts of Life" co-stars Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields.
Visit with Patti Davis.
The role of friends in controlling stress.

6.121 [1195] Hour Magazine
17Mar1986 [rerun 25Aug86]
Interviews with actor Dack Rambo of "Dallas"
and actress Christine Lahti.
Mrs. Barney Clark discusses artificial hearts.
Media induced fears.

6.122 [1196] Hour Magazine
18Mar1986 [rerun 26Aug86]
Interview with actress Raquel Welch.
Women obsessed with Mr. Wrong.
Sterlization as birth control.
"Dynasty" shopping spree.
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.123 [1197] Hour Magazine
19Mar1986 [rerun 27Aug86]
Interviews with actor James Mitchell of "All My Children"
and model Cheryl Tiegs.
Dr. Rosenfeld on migraines.
New home technology.

6.124 [1198] Hour Magazine
20Mar1986 [rerun 28Aug86]
Interviews with comedian Redd Foxx
and singer Johnny Mathis.
Intrauterine device controversy.

6.125 [1199] Hour Magazine
21Mar1986 [rerun 29Aug86]
Interview with actor Robert Conrad.
"General Hospital" actress Jackyln Zeman with isometric exercises.
All-terrain vehicle dangers.
A teenage heart transplant recipient.

[--] Hour Magazine
24Mar1986 [repeat from 07Oct85]
Harry Belafonte, author Nancy Friday, the media's effects on children. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Mar1986 [repeat from 08Oct85]
Lee Remick, the media's effects on children, car financing, Guillaine-Barre syndrome, fashions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Mar1986 [repeat from 09Oct85]
Ali MacGraw, the media's effects on children, liver cancer treatment. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Mar1986 [repeat from 10Oct85]
Ali MacGraw, Charles Kuralt, illegal abortion, a plane disaster survivor. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Mar1986 [repeat from 11Oct85]
Gloria Steinem, Robert Mitchum, acquaintance rape. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Mar1986 [repeat from 21Oct85]
Judith Light, Betty Rollin, intimacy after pregnancy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Apr1986 [repeat from 22Oct85]
Judith Light, Michael Storm, Craig Claiborne. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Apr1986 [repeat from 23Oct85]
Constance McCashin, National Theater for the Deaf, AIDS, evening wear, advice for frustrated parents. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Apr1986 [repeat from 24Oct85]
Katherine Helmond, Mary Steenburgern, Carole Bayer Sager, birthing techniques. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Apr1986 [repeat from 25Oct85]
Estelle Getty, Jane Wyman. (R)

6.126 [1200] Hour Magazine
07Apr1986 [rerun 01Sep86]
Interviews with actor Ted Knight
and Country singer Reba McEntire.
Marriage survival. Novelty gadgets. Non-alcoholic party drinks.
Social Security for the disabled.

6.127 [1201] Hour Magazine
08Apr1986 [rerun 02Sep86]
Interviews with actress Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains"
and actor William R. Moses of "Falcon Crest".
The Cesarean Prevention Movement.
Suicide prevention.

6.128 [1202] Hour Magazine
09Apr1986 [rerun 03Sep86]
Interview with TV host Ed McMahon and his wife Victoria.
Baby care tips from Heloise.
How to be an effective father.
A prizewinning cat. A New York toy fair. Chest pains.

6.129 [1203] Hour Magazine
10Apr1986 [rerun 04Sep86]
Interviews with actor Christopher Cazenove of "Dynasty"
and journalist Geraldo Rivera.
John Walsh on missing children.
Extended wear lenses.

6.130 [1204] Hour Magazine
11Apr1986 [rerun 05Sep86]
Interviews with actor Henry Winkler
and "Mr. Sunshine" star Jeffrey Tambor.
Visit with author Leo Buscaglia.
A dating service for overweight singles.
The shelf life of foods.

6.131 [1205] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Betty White
and Barbara Hershey.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Medicare patients' rights.

6.132 [1206] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Betty White (Part 2 of 2).
Barbara Yoder Hall author of "Born Amish"
Footwear for the disabled.
Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.133 [1207] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Judge Joseph Wapner
and actor Andy Griffith.
Visit with newswoman Sylvia Chase.
Parkinson's disease report. The homeless in America. Summer fashions.

6.134 [1208] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Danny DeVito
and actress Rhea Perlman.
Home refinancing advice.
Sexual desire disorders.
Nutrionally balance meals for children.

6.135 [1209] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Heather Locklear
and actress Barbara Rush.
How single people can achieve happiness.
Bed-wetting causes and treatments.

6.136 [1210] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Bonnie Bedelia of "Alex: The Life of a Child"
author Judith Krantz
and San Diego Padres player Steve Garvey.
Sexual harassment.
Disease prevention (Part 1 of 5).

6.137 [1211] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lauren Tewes of "Love Boat".
Cancer victims' children.
Baby boomers. Fall fashions.
Disease prevention (Part 2 of 5).

6.138 [1212] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lynn Redgrave.
Children and television. Hollywood makeup.
Disease prevention (Part 3 of 5).

6.139 [1213] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Suzanne Pleshette
and Eva Gabor.
How to find a husband. Summer hats.
Disease prevention (Part 4 of 5).

6.140 [1214] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Carol Lawrence
and Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.
Disease prevention (Part 5 of 5).

6.141 [1215] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor John Beck of "Dallas".
Marriage survival. Contraceptive injections.

6.142 [1216] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Gladys Knight.
PMS relief. Bulimia's warning signs. Discount fashions.

6.143 [1217] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Alan Thicke of "Growing Pains".
A report on prostate gland enlargement.
Low-impact aerobics. Cake decorating.

6.144 [1218] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Mark Harmon.
Meet Burger King's Herb.
Newborns affected by cocaine abuse.
Insomnia's causes and treatments.

6.145 [1219] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Brigitte Nielsen
and singer Eddie Rabbitt.
Perfectionism. Crohn's disease and colitis in children. Slenderizing fashions.

6.146 [1220] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Meredith Baxter Birney
and actor Patrick Swayze.
Anne Beatts co-author of "The Mom Book".
Rape therapy.

6.147 [1221] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Marion Ross.
Mothers for peace. AIDS hysteria. Impotency treatment. Water aerobics.

6.148 [1222] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Christopher Templeton of "The Young and the Restless"
and White House press secretary James Brady.
New products for the disabled.
Richard Simmons with wheelchair exercises.

6.149 [1223] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Marjorie Lord of "Make Room for Daddy"
and daughter actress Anne Archer.
Chef Tell prepares a dish.
Plastic handgun controversy.
Calcium's benefits.

6.150 [1224] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Gary's wife Mary Ann Mobley of "Diff'rent Strokes" and their daughter Clancy Collins.
Visit from 'Dear Abby' columnist Abigail Van Buren.
Women's image in advertising.
Wedding fashions.

6.151 [1225] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Meredith MacRae on alcoholism
and comedienne Joan Rivers discusses her autobiography "Enter Talking".
Visit with romance novelist Danielle Steel.

6.152 [1226] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Alan Alda
and comedienne Joan Rivers.
Child abuse laws. Male menopause. Retinitis pigmentosa. Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.153 [1227] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joan Van Ark
and actress JoBeth Williams.
Loneliness cures.
Celebrity polo in Palm Springs.
High blood pressure treatments.

6.154 [1228] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Richard Crenna
and supermodel Monika Schnarre.
Home-buying guide.
Childhood epilepsy treatment.
Barbecue tips.

6.155 [1229] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Ally Sheedy.
Dr. Joyce Brothers with a love survey.
Breast reduction surgery.
Home-buying guide.

6.156 [1230] Hour Magazine
19May1986 [rerun 15Dec86]
Interviews with actor Glenn Ford
and Harold S. Kushner author of "When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough".
When to 'get it in writing'. Sex surrogates. Aerobics champions.

6.157 [1231] Hour Magazine
20May1986 [rerun 16Dec86]
Interviews with actor Howard Keel of "Dallas"
comedian Rich Little
and Ala von Auersperg Kneissl and Alexander von Auersperg, stepchildren of Claus von Bulow.
Depression in women.

6.158 [1232] Hour Magazine
21May1986 [rerun 17Dec86]
Interviews with actress Patricia Neal
actress Troy Beyer of "Dynasty"
and director Martin Ritt.
Women and divorce. Bypass surgery.

6.159 [1233] Hour Magazine
22May1986 [rerun 18Dec86]
Interviews with actor Charlton Heston
and actor Walter Matthau.
Psychologist Sonya Friedman on older women's happiness.
Father's Day gift ideas.

6.160 [1234] Hour Magazine
23May1986 [rerun 19Dec86]
Interviews with actresses June Allyson
Janet Leigh and Margaret O'Brien.
Visit with fitness expert Jack LaLanne and Elaine LaLanne.
Prom Fashions. Summer movie preview.

6.161 [1235] Hour Magazine
Interview with comedian Bill Cosby (Part 1 of 3).
Visit with entertainer Bob Hope.
Sexual phobias. Kitchen gadgets.

6.162 [1236] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedian Bill Cosby (Part 2 of 3).
A new Osmond generation.
The working mother. Adoption. Hairstyles for large women.

6.163 [1237] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedian Bill Cosby (Part 3 of 3).
and actor Cesar Romero.
Visit with makeup artist Jeffrey Bruce.
Birth defects prevention.
Teens in abusive dating relationships.

6.164 [1238] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Donny Osmond
and news correspondent Linda Ellerbee.
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

6.165 [1239] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor David Mendenhall and actress Kimberly McCullough.
Visit with "Momma" cartoonist Mell Lazarus.
Helpful tips from Heloise.

6.166 [1240] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Mariette Hartley
and comediennes Louise Duart and Lois Bromfield.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
A look at religious cults.

6.167 [1241] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Diahann Carroll of "Dynasty".
Pregnant women and job discrimination. Swim wear.

6.168 [1242] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Country singer Tammy Wynette
and singer-actress Robyn Bernard of "General Hospital".
Teen suicide. Attic treasures.

6.169 [1243] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Pat Morita of "The Karate Kid Part II"
and actress Kate Capshaw of "Space Camp".
Senior citizens' travel bargains.
Women and cocaine.

6.170 [1244] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Rita Moreno
and Carroll Baker.
AIDS in schools. Unusual wedding gifts. Twins jealousy.

[--] Hour Magazine
09Jun1986 [repeat from 04Nov85]
Catherine Oxenberg, Ralph Martin author of "Charles and Diana", pornography. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Jun1986 [repeat from 05Nov85]
Marla Gibbs, Michael Nader, Princess Diana's fashion designers, instant fame's aftermath, Jose Eber. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Jun1986 [repeat from 06Nov85]
Loni Anderson, author Marabel Morgan, shopping tour of London, high blood pressure medication, tips on indoor plants. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Jun1986 [repeat from 07Nov85]
George Hamilton, playwright Jason Brown "Tender Places", Prince Charles' former valet Stephen Barry, fighting pain without drugs. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Jun1986 [repeat from 08Nov85]
Kate Jackson, Cabbage Patch doll creator Xavier Roberts, how a woman's success affects her husband, the plight of farmers, parenting triplets. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Jun1986 [repeat from 11Nov85]
Nancy and Frank Sinatra (Part 1 of 2), Ann Sothern, lifelong diet plan. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Jun1986 [repeat from 12Nov85]
Nancy and Frank Sinatra (Part 2 of 2), diet and exercise, coping with a spouse's death. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Jun1986 [repeat from 13Nov85]
Susan Howard and Steve Kanaly, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Thicke, healthy eating tips. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Jun1986 [repeat from 14Nov85]
Susan Howard, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Child, a host's responsibility for drunken guests, causes of food cravings. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Jun1986 [repeat from 15Nov85]
Charlotte Rae, Shirley MacLaine, eating habits emotional roots, plastic surgery. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Jun1986 [repeat from 20Jan86]
Joan Fontaine, Dr. Irene Kassorla discusses divorce, corrective surgery for adult scoliosis. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Jun1986 [repeat from 21Jan86]
The Judds, parents communicating with their adult children, the effects of the pregnancy drug DES. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Jun1986 [repeat from 22Jan86]
Margaret Ladd, the world's tallest woman, adoption through resumes, controlling cholesterol levels. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Jun1986 [repeat from 23Jan86]
Doris Roberts, society's obsession with beauty, how to spot health frauds. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Jun1986 [repeat from 24Jan86]
Harvey Korman, a woman with an IQ of 230, suicide prevention, cats worth thousands. (R)

6.171 [1245] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Leslie Charleson of "General Hospital".
Teaching children responsibility.
The latest in cameras. Sleep disorders.

6.172 [1246] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Amy Grant
and author Judy Blume.
Interracial marriage.

6.173 [1247] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actress Pia Zadora.
A postpartum home-care service.
Marriage prospects for women over 30.
Curing food addictions.

6.174 [1248] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Anthony Perkins.
Men and intimacy. Choosing the best credit card.
Corrective makeup. Women in espionage.

6.175 [1249] Hour Magazine
Interview with entertainer Wayne Newton.
Immigrants adjusting to American life.
Fourth of July picnic tips.

6.176 [1250] Hour Magazine
07Jul1986 [rerun 29Dec86]
Interviews with actor Gary Coleman
Gail Sheehy author of "Spirit of Survival"
and Visual effects artist Carlo Rambaldi.
Improving self-confidence. Gastric bubbles.

6.177 [1251] Hour Magazine
08Jul1986 [rerun 30Dec86]
Interview with Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner.
Men's sexual fantasies. Athletes and academics. The disabled as parents. Hairstylist Jose Eber.

6.178 [1252] Hour Magazine
09Jul1986 [rerun 31Dec86]
Interview with actor Michael Gross.
Step-parenting. Compulsive shoppers. Child abuse detection.
Gallstones' causes and treatments.

6.179 [1253] Hour Magazine
10Jul1986 [rerun 01Jan87]
Interviews with Howie Mandel
and 14-year-old performer Scott Grimes.
Prisoners of war in Vietnam.
Genital warts.

6.180 [1254] Hour Magazine
11Jul1986 [rerun 02Jan87]
Interviews with composer Marvin Hamlisch
and columnist Shirley Eder.
How stress affects men. Product labels. Intimacy after lumpectomy or mastectomy.

6.181 [1255] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor John Schneider
and actress Tina Yothers of "Family Ties".
Robin Norwood author of "Women Who Love Too Much".
Fashions for full-figured women.
Premature birth.

6.182 [1256] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Robert Foxworth of "Falcon Crest".
Actress Amanda Blake with young cancer patients.
Intimacy after 60. Calories in ice cream.

6.183 [1257] Hour Magazine
Interview with TV personality Steve Allen
and actress Allyce Beasley of "Moonlighting".
Financial liability for parents of pregnant minors.
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) treatments.

6.184 [1258] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Dear Abby" columnist Abigail Van Buren.
Moderate aerobics. AIDS in the classroom. Masochism.

6.185 [1259] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Ed Begley Jr.
A report on pending legislation affecting women.
Self-tanning products. "Volunteer of the Year" Elenor Young.
A diagnostic tool offering hope to the blind.

6.186 [1260] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Catherine Hickland of "Capitol"
Modeling agent Nina Blanchard
and male model Richard Popejoy.
Women's sexuality. Treating foot problems, bunions, corns and calluses. Cancer hot line.

6.187 [1261] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Terry Lester of "The Young and the Restless"
musician Woody Herman
and impressionist Fred Travalena.
Teenage girls' concerts. Women's infertility.

6.188 [1262] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Tom Selleck (Part 1 of 3)
and actress Kristian Alfonso of "Days of Our Lives".
Women's self-esteem. Fashions from popular "V" shows.

6.189 [1263] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Tom Selleck (Part 2 of 3)
actor Macdonald Carey of "Days of Our Lives"
and comedian Billy Crystal. Birth mark removal.

6.190 [1264] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Tom Selleck (Part 3 of 3)
and actress Finola Hughes of "General Hospital".
Romance enhancing items.

6.191 [1265] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Jason Bateman of "Valerie"
and actress Justine Bateman of "Family Ties".
Etiquette for hard-to-eat foods. A former bulimia victim.

6.192 [1266] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Stepfanie Kramer of "Hunter".
Visit with actress Jane Fonda (Part 1 of 2).
Parents' most common questions about child rearing.
Prostitutes appeal to married men.

6.193 [1267] Hour Magazine
Interview with TV host Chuck Woolery.
Visit with actress Jane Fonda (Part 2 of 2).
A report on runaways.

6.194 [1268] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Dallas" star Patrick Duffy
producer Leonard Katzman
and Janet Dailey author of "The Great Alone".
The characteristics of a successful marriage.
Hypertension treatment.

6.195 [1269] Hour Magazine
Interview with actors Josh Taylor of "Days of Our Lives" and "Valerie"
and Chris Robinson of "General Hospital".
Chef Tell prepares a dish.
Author Barbara Peabody talks about her book "The Screaming Room" and discusses her son's bout with AIDS.

[--] Hour Magazine
04Aug1986 [repeat from 17Feb86]
Ken Kercheval, Spencer Johnson author of "One Minute for Myself". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Aug1986 [repeat from 18Feb86]
William Devane

[--] Hour Magazine
06Aug1986 [repeat from 19Feb86]
Gordon Thomson, Jose Ferrer, Child pornography. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Aug1986 [repeat from 20Feb86]
Steve Kanaly, Susan Howard, Cheryl Ladd, hearing impaired actor Solomon Smaniotto from "Dallas". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Aug1986 [repeat from 21Feb86]
Ted Shackelford, Teri Austin, Chronique fatigue in women, gay parents. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Aug1986 [repeat from 24Feb86]
Pamela Bellwood, female wrestler America Morris. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Aug1986 [repeat from 25Feb86]
Mary Hart of "Entertainment Tonight". Mary Martin. Hostage trauma. Hairstylist Jose Eber. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Aug1986 [repeat from 26Feb86]
Linda Lavin discusses step-parenting, actor John Reilly of "General Hospital". Cardiac update. Travel wear. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
14Aug1986 [repeat from 27Feb86]
Teri Garr, Kathleen Noone of "All My Children". Ovarian cancer. The best careers for meeting men. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Aug1986 [repeat from 28Feb86]
George Hamilton, author Andrew Greeley, Pregnancy shape-up. Fashions by Alexander Julian. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Aug1986 [repeat from 10Mar1986]
Mary Frann coping with stress. Actress Pat Morrow of "Peyton Place" discusses adoption. Author Cynthia Freeman. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Aug1986 [repeat from 11Mar86]
Rona Barrett, actor Carl Weathers. Unrealistic expectations and stress. Women strippers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Aug1986 [repeat from 12Mar86]
Linda Gray, Counseling teenagers on sex. children diabetes facts. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Aug1986 [repeat from 13Mar86]
Linda Gray, Robert Loggia, Marcia Wallace of "The Bob Newhart Show" discusses breast cancer. Stun gun controversy. Family stress. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Aug1986 [repeat from 14Mar86]
"Facts of Life" Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields, Patti Davis. The role of friends in controlling stress. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Aug1986 [repeat from 17Mar86]
Dack Rambo of "Dallas", Christine Lahti, Mrs. Barney Clark discusses artificial hearts. Median induced fears. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Aug1986 [repeat from 18Mar86]
Raquel Welch. Women obsessed with Mr. Wrong. Sterlization as birth control. "Dynasty" fashions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Aug1986 [repeat from 19Mar86]
Cheryl Tiegs, James Mitchell of "All My Children", the prevention and treatment of migraines. home technology. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Aug1986 [repeat from 20Mar86]
Johnny Mathis, Rosemary Clooney, Intrauterine device (IUD) controversy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Aug1986 [repeat from 21Mar86]
Robert Conrad with sons Shane and Chris, Jackyln Zeman with isometric exercises. The father-child relationship. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Sep1986 [repeat from 07Apr86]
Ted Knight, Reba McEntire, Marriage survial. Novelty gadgets. Social Security for the disabled. Non-alcoholic party drinks. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Sep1986 [repeat from 08Apr86]
Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains", William R. Moses of "Falcon Crest", the Cesarean Prevention Movement. Suicide prevention. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Sep1986 [repeat from 09Apr86]
Ed McMahon and wife Victoria. How to be an effective father. A prizewinning cat. A New York toy fair. Chest pains. Baby care tips from Heloise. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Sep1986 [repeat from 10Apr86]
Christopher Cazenove of "Dynasty", journalist Geraldo Rivera, John Walsh on missing children. extended wear lenses. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Sep1986 [repeat from 11Apr86]
Leo Buscaglia, Henry Winkler, "Mr. Sunshine" star Jeffrey Tambor. A dating service for full-figured women. The shelf live of foods. (R)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############### end of season 6 ##############

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