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 Season 5 (1984-85)
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

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############## season 5 1984-85 ##############
  Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

5.01 [879] Hour Magazine
10Sep1984 [Doylestown Intelligencer]
An interview with actor Troy Donahue.
A visit with World champion billard player Jean Balukus.
A woman who cares for children born to heroin addicts.
A look at Michael Jackson mania.

5.02 [880] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Morgan Fairchild.
Miss America Suzette Charles.
Sexual harassment on campus.
Oil magnate Laura Aurra.
Coping after the McDonald's massacre.

5.03 [881] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Billy Dee Williams.
A visit with actress Jill St. John.
A mother-daughter reunion.
Mail order catalogues.
Update on high blood pressure.

5.04 [882] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Vicki McClure.
A visit with novelist Rosemary Rogers.
Growing old with grace.
Coping with impotence.
Battling cancer discrimination.

5.05 [883] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Deborah Raffin.
Exercises with actress Pat Klous.
Consumer scams.
Two disabled persons who fell in love.
Cosmetic ear surgery.

5.06 [884] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor John Ritter.
Home for throwaway kids.
Fall television hits and misses.
Tips on buying meat.

5.07 [885] Hour Magazine
An interview with Carl Reiner and his wife Estelle.
Married men who pay for sex.
Choosing between husband and elderly mother.
Princess Diana's maternity fashions.

5.08 [886] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedienne Lily Tomlin.
Jogging dangers.
Careers for women.
How to judge a diamond.

5.09 [887] Hour Magazine
An interview with Steve Martin.
A visit with football star Joe Namath
Youngest father in America.
The perfect model.

5.10 [888] Hour Magazine
An interview with Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin.
A widow who carried on her husband's business.
Facts on divorce.
Fitness fallacies.

5.11 [889] Hour Magazine
24Sep1984 [rerun 10Jun85]
An interview with game show host Bert Convy and his wife Anne.
A visit with singer Placido Domingo.
Meg Whitcomb author of the "Dear Meg" column.

5.12 [890] Hour Magazine
25Sep1984 [rerun 11Jun85]
An interview with actress Shelley Long.
Fathers of high risk infants.
Why women pose nude.
Keeping pets healthy.

5.13 [891] Hour Magazine
26Sep1984 [rerun 12Jun85]
An interview with newsman Mike Wallace.
Dr. Leo Buscaglia on love relationships.
From abandoned child to successful entrepreneur.

5.14 [892] Hour Magazine
27Sep1984 [rerun 13Jun85]
An interview with newsman Mike Wallace (Part 2).
Sexual turning points.
Varicose vein prevention.
Travel quiz.

5.15 [893] Hour Magazine
28Sep1984 [rerun 14Jun85]
An interview with actress Nell Carter..
A woman who escaped from a serial murderer.
Contact lenses.
Exercise that helps insomniacs.

5.16 [894] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedian-actor Joey Bishop.
A visit with author Jackie Collins.
Public awareness of missing children.
A woman whose hearing was restored.
Senior citizens and self defense.

5.17 [895] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Jim Backus and his wife Henny who discuss hypochondria.
The dangers of food additives.
Coping with a destructive loved one.
Fall pant fashions.

5.18 [896] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Jack Wagner.
A physically disabled fashion model.
Battered wives.
Motherhood after 35.

5.19 [897] Hour Magazine
An interview with Michael Landon.
A visit with Jack Mumey, author of "The Joy of Being Sober".
Birth defects caused by sexually transmitted diseases.
Handwriting analysis.

5.20 [898] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Mary Wilson of The Supremes.
A macrobiotic diet as treatment for cancer.
Mystery novel contest.

5.21 [899] Hour Magazine
08Oct1984 [rerun 17Jun85]
An interview with Victoria Principal (Part 1)
A visit with actor Ryan O'Neal.
Meet Henry Rogers, author of "Rogers Rules for Success".
Grandparents relate the hilarious arrival of their first grandchild.

5.22 [900] Hour Magazine
09Oct1984 [rerun 18Jun85]
An interview with Victoria Principal (Part 2).
How to prevent osteoporosis through diet.

5.23 [901] Hour Magazine
10Oct1984 [rerun 19Jun85]
An interview with Victoria Principal (Part 3).
A visit with etiquette expert Marjabelle Stewart.

5.24 [902] Hour Magazine
11Oct1984 [rerun 20Jun85]
An interview with actress Dina Merrill.
A visit with actor Michael Fox.
Meet Dr. William Nolen author of "Crisis Time".
Non-narcotic headache treatments.

5.25 [903] Hour Magazine
12Oct1984 [rerun 21Jun85]
The story of a baby born without an immune system who was cured.
How to deal with sexual rejection.
Making money from old clothes.
Preventing headaches.

5.26 [904] Hour Magazine
15Oct1984 [rerun 24Jun85]
An interview with actress Mary Frann.
A 12-year-old who feeds the poor.

5.27 [905] Hour Magazine
16Oct1984 [rerun 25Jun85]
An interview with "Webster" stars Susan Clark and Alex Karras.
A visit with Michael Landon's daughter Leslie, who discusses how she developed bulimia.
A program that teaches parents how to play with their infants.

5.28 [906] Hour Magazine
17Oct1984 [rerun 26Jun85]
An interview with "Webster" star Emmanuel Lewis.
A visit with Dr Norman Vincent Peale.
A dancer overcomes a hip injury through traditional therapy and dance.
Aerobics for pets.
The final result of mouth reconstruction.

5.29 [907] Hour Magazine
18Oct1984 [rerun 27Jun85]
An interview with Henry Winkler (Part 1).
A visit with television columnist Gary Deeb.
Glynnis Walker author of "Second Wife, Second Best".
Fashion options for the stylish couple.

5.30 [908] Hour Magazine
19Oct1984 [rerun 28Jun85]
An interview with Henry Winkler (Part 2).
How to be a good mother in-law.
Iteostomy surgery.
A mother sues the man who sexually abused her child.

5.31 [909] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Valerie Bertinelli.
A visit with actress Lynda Carter.
Hyperkinetic children.
What to look for in collector's books.

5.32 [910] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Loni Anderson.
A visit with Playboy editor Hugh Hefner.
A teenage gambling addict.
Valuable kitchen collectibles.
Bridging the generation gap.

5.33 [911] Hour Magazine
An interview with game show host Bert Convy and his wife Anne.
A single mother risks her life to give birth.

5.34 [912] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress JoBeth Williams.
An ocean marathon swimmer.
Hidden disorders in women.

5.35 [913] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Mariette Hartley who discusses her father's suicide.
A mother who raised a model family.
New treatment for preemies.

5.36 [914] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Eileen Fulton.
A visit with Dr. Joyce Brothers.
Dangers of potassium.
A camp for hemophiliac children.

5.37 [915] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Janet Leigh.
Meet America's youngest karate champion.
Cosmetic tycoon Mary Kay.
A profile of a child molester.

5.38 [916] Hour Magazine
An interview with Gina Lollobrigida.
A visit with columnist Shirley Eder.

5.39 [917] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Gina Lollobrigida.
A visit with gourmet Chef Jeff Smith.
The Special Olympics.
Birth control.

5.40 [918] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Gregory Harrison.
A visit with singer-songwriter Paul McCartney.
Erotic experiences of women.
A widow who became a Hollywood cinematographer.

5.41 [919] Hour Magazine
05Nov1984 [rerun 05Aug85]
An interview with actress Sophia Loren.
A visit with tennis star Chris Evert Lloyd.
A look back with Louis Nye, Tom Poston and Bill Dana from "The Steve Allen Show".
Consumer rip-offs.

5.42 [920] Hour Magazine
06Nov1984 [rerun 06Aug85]
An interview with actress Sophia Loren (Part 2).
A "Gene Autry" TV show reunion with Gene Autry, Pat Buttram and Bob Woodward.
A housewife who became an ordained minister.
Nolan Miller's holiday fashions.

5.43 [921] Hour Magazine
07Nov1984 [rerun 07Aug85]
An interview with actress Sophia Loren (Part 3).
A look back with Gene Barry, Robert Stack and Tony Franciosa from the 60's series "The Name of the Game".
Gymnastics for kids with Olympic gymnast Mitch Gaylord.

5.44 [922] Hour Magazine
08Nov1984 [rerun 08Aug85]
An interview with actress Sophia Loren (Part 4).
A visit with comedian George Burns.
A talk with actress Jenilee Harrison.
Saving babies with heart defects.
From TV's 1960 "Batman" cast members Adam West and Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig.

5.45 [923] Hour Magazine
09Nov1984 [rerun 09Aug85]
An interview with actress Sophia Loren (Part 5).
A talk with actor Patrick Duffy of "Dallas".
From the 1950's TV show "Topper" cast members Anne Jeffries and Robert Sterling.
A visit with actress Cindy Gibb.
Bank attacks.

5.46 [924] Hour Magazine
12Nov1984 [rerun 12Aug85]
An interview with actors Bob Denver and Dwayne Hickman from "Dobie Gillis".
Behind the scenes of "Falcon Crest".

5.47 [925] Hour Magazine
13Nov1984 [rerun 13Aug85]
An interview actors Alan Young and Connie Hines from "Mr. Ed".
Behind the scenes of "Falcon Crest".
Teens and weight loss.
Breast cancer update.

5.48 [926] Hour Magazine
14Nov1984 [rerun 14Aug85]
A look at the TV series "Room 222" with Karen Valentine, Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nichols and Michael Constantine.
Stealing infants.
Preventing blindness.
Breast cancer update.

5.49 [927] Hour Magazine
15Nov1984 [rerun 15Aug85]
A visit with actors Jon Provost and June Lockhart of "Lassie"
Children and satanism.
Breast cancer update.

5.50 [928] Hour Magazine
16Nov1984 [rerun 16Aug85]
An interview with comedian David Brenner
A visit with singer Julio Inglesias.
A look back with Noel Neill and Jack Larson, cast members from TV's "Superman".

5.51 [929] Hour Magazine
19Nov1984 [rerun 19Aug85]
An interview with actor Alan Alda and his wife.
A reunion of "Mission: Impossible" cast Martin Landau, Greg Morris and Peter Lupus.
Child drug addicts.

5.52 [930] Hour Magazine
20Nov1984 [rerun 20Aug85]
An interview with actor Alan Alda and his wife.
A visit with actor Lorenzo Lamas
A "Wyatt Earp" reunion with Hugh O'Brian, Alan Dinehart and Douglas Fowley.

5.53 [931] Hour Magazine
21Nov1984 [rerun 21Aug85]
An interview with actress Donna Mills
A "Rhoda" reunion with Valerie Harper, Nancy Walker and Julie Kavner.
Flu immunizations.

5.54 [932] Hour Magazine
22Nov1984 [rerun 22Aug85]
An interview with actress Jane Fonda.
A reunion with "Our Miss Brooks" stars Eve Arden and Richard Crenna.
Women of the CIA.
Child abuse.

5.55 [933] Hour Magazine
23Nov1984 [rerun 23Aug85]
Interview with Jane Fonda (Part 2).
"The Waltons" reunion with Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Richard Thomas and Judy Norton.
Keeping rapists imprisoned.
A runaway father who returned home.

5.56 [934] Hour Magazine
26Nov1984 [rerun 26Aug85]
Interview with actor Jack Lemmon (Part 1).
"Hennessey" cast reunion with Jackie Cooper and Abby Dalton and Artie Johnson.
A father who kidnapped his children.

5.57 [935] Hour Magazine
27Nov1984 [rerun 27Aug85]
An interview with actor Jack Lemmon (Part 2).
A reunion with Barbara Billingsley
Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers from "Leave It to Beaver".
A visit with Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa.

5.58 [936] Hour Magazine
28Nov1984 [rerun 28Aug85]
An interview with actor Jack Lemmon (Part 3).
Tim Considine, Don Grady, Stanley and Barry Livingston of "My Three Sons".
Christmas gift ideas.

5.59 [937] Hour Magazine
29Nov1984 [rerun 29Aug85]
Robert Mandan, Katherine Helmond and Jay Johnson from "Soap".
A couple who reversed roles so the wife could attend medical school.

5.60 [938] Hour Magazine
30Nov1984 [rerun 30Aug85]
Interview with actress Morgan Fairchild
"The Iron Horse" cast reunion with Dale Robertson, Gary Collins, Ellen Burstyn and Robert Random.

5.61 [939] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Judith Light.
A visit with San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein.
Mother-daughter jealousy.
Low calorie soups.

5.62 [940] Hour Magazine
An interview with "Dallas" newcomer actress Deborah Shelton.
Movie guide to help puzzled parents.
Juvenile delinquency.

5.63 [941] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Ron Leibman
and his wife actress Jessica Walter.
Low-calorie chocolate treats.
New medication for leg pain.

5.64 [942] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Jon Cypher.
Unusual letters to "Dear Abby".
Christmas toys.

5.65 [943] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer-actress Polly Bergen.
Acupuncture for children.
Father-daughter business partners.
Adult Christmas toys.

5.66 [944] Hour Magazine
10Dec1984 [rerun 02Sep85]
An interview with actress Raquel Welch (Part 1 of 3).
Elliot Weiner, cat therapist.
A segment on running.

5.67 [945] Hour Magazine
11Dec1984 [rerun 03Sep85]
An interview with actress Raquel Welch (Part 2 of 3).
Homes of the stars.
Meet a mentally challenged high school graduate.

5.68 [946] Hour Magazine
12Dec1984 [rerun 04Sep85]
An interview with actress Raquel Welch (Part 3 of 3).
A visit with soap actress Christopher Templeton of "The Young and the Restless".
Men's intimacy problems.
The pros and cons of artificial hearts.

5.69 [947] Hour Magazine
13Dec1984 [rerun 05Sep85]
An interview with actor Billy Gray of "Father Knows Best".
Author Joe McGinniss discusses the story inspired by the "Fatal Vision" movie along with parents of Colette MacDonald.
The first woman to receive a fallopian tube and ovary transplant.

5.70 [948] Hour Magazine
14Dec1984 [rerun 06Sep85]
An interview with actor Mr. T.
Creative Christmas desserts.
Holiday etiquette.

[--] Hour Magazine
17Dec1984 [rerun from 07May84]
An interview with actress Kathleen Beller of "Dynasty".
A visit with actress Stefanie Powers and her mother.
Women choosing to be single parents.
A chauffeur service that prevents teenagers from driving drunk.

[--] Hour Magazine
18Dec1984 [rerun from 08May84]
An interview with actor Ted Shackelford of "Knots Landing".
Sexploitation of kids.
Identifying a child molester.

[--] Hour Magazine
19Dec1984 [rerun from 09May84]
An interview with actress Heather Locklear of "Dynasty".
Sexploitation of kids.
Protecting your eyes.

[--] Hour Magazine
20Dec1984 [rerun from 10May84]
An interview with actor Edward Asner.
Jerry Lewis discusses his break with Dean Martin.

[--] Hour Magazine
21Dec1984 [rerun from 11May84]
An interview with actor Cesar Romero.
A misdiagnosed cancer victim.

[--] Hour Magazine
24Dec1984 [repeat]
Nancy Reagan.
Helen Reddy.

[--] Hour Magazine
25Dec1984 [repeat from 14May84]
Nancy Reagan.
Lisa Hartman of "Knots Landing".
Surviving ovarian cancer.
Overcoming the fear of swimming.

[--] Hour Magazine
26Dec1984 [repeat from 15May84]
Nancy Reagan
Exercise warnings

[--] Hour Magazine
27Dec1984 [repeat from 16May84]
Nancy Reagan
Bert Parks
Mothers of gay children.

[--] Hour Magazine
28Dec1984 [repeat from 17May84]
Nancy Reagan
Lana Wood
consumer advocate David Horowitz

[--] Hour Magazine
31Dec1984 [repeat from 18May84]
Bruce Boxleitner and wife Kitty
former First Lady Betty Ford
Love tips by Alexandra Penney
Older women with younger men.

[--] Hour Magazine
01Jan1985 [repeat from 22May84]
Candice Bergen
Hollywood hairstylist Jose Eber
Coping with widowhood.

[--] Hour Magazine
02Jan1985 [repeat from 23May84]
Shari Belafonte-Harper
Drew Barrymore
Universal Tours 20th anniversary
New Treatment for blood clots
Bridal etiquette.

[--] Hour Magazine
03Jan1985 [repeat from 24May84]
Rock Hudson
Pamela Sue Martin
Improving one's speaking voice
Women travel agents.

[--] Hour Magazine
04Jan1985 [repeat from 25May84]
"Missing Children" host John Walsh.
Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-FL)
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
Sen, Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass)
Noreen and John Gosch parents of a missing child.

5.71 [949] Hour Magazine
An interview with musician Doc Severinsen.
Cinematography director Brianne Murphy.
A guide for preventing child molestation.

5.72 [950] Hour Magazine
An interview with model-actress Lauren Hutton.
Alternative care for the elderly
Avoiding heart disease by diet.
Mentality of cults.

5.73 [951] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Steve Bond from "General Hospital".
Stress in teens.
Causes and controls of hepatitis.
Do-it-yourself plumbing tips.

5.74 [952] Hour Magazine
Interview with Tony Danza of "Who's the Boss?"
Single mothers raising sons.
A divorcee who became a millionaire businesswoman.

5.75 [953] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Dallas" actress Charlene Tilton.
New over-the-counter painkillers.
Eating disorders among college students.
Women's fear of investments.

5.76 [954] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Constance Towers.
Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker author of "How to Have More in a Have Not World".
A school for deaf children.

5.77 [955] Hour Magazine
Interview with game show host Bert Convy and Ann Convy.
Fashion designer Suzanne Eliastam
The problems of juvenile diabetes.
Home decorating tips for modest budgets.

5.78 [957] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Ken Kercheval of "Dallas".
Long-term effects of child abuse.
Home decorating tips.
Treating kidney stones, herpes and leg pain.

5.79 [958] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Susan Howard of "Dallas".
The good girl syndrome.
A special program for gifted children.
Correcting hernia problems.

5.80 [959] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Hal Holbrook and his wife Dixie Carter
A mother-daughter reunion
A newspaper produced by children
At home blood pressure monitors.

5.81 [960] Hour Magazine
A father who meets his son for the first time.
A woman cocaine dealer.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Women football players.

5.82 [961] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Scott Baio
A visit with game show producer Mark Goodson
A shipwrecked family that survived.
Vigilante behavior.

5.83 [962] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Debbie Reynolds.
TV producer-writer Stephen J. Cannell
Mail-order food.

5.84 [963] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Hill Street Blues" producer Steven Bochco.
A visit with actress Barbara Bosson.
Medication for autism.

5.85 [964] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor George Hamilton.
Children of racially mixed marriages.

5.86 [965] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Liv Ullman.
A visit with comedian Garry Shandling.
Exposing military malpractices.

5.87 [966] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Jack Lemmon (Part 1).
Curing obesity through surgery.
Coping with child-rape.

5.88 [967] Hour Magazine
Interveiw with actor Jack Lemmon (Part 2).
Recognizing heart attack symptoms.

5.89 [968] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Leslie Caron.
Battered husbands.

5.90 [969] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Ray Bolger.
Winning in small claims court.
Coping with jaw disease.

5.91 [970] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Paul Newman.
Visits with actresses Marlo Thomas
and Michele Lee.
Conquering Alzheimer's disease.

5.92 [971] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Constance McCashin of "Knots Landing"
Financial investing for women.

5.93 [972] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Julie Harris.
Catya Sassoon and mother Beverly
Children's heart pacemakers.
Alzheimer's disease.

5.94 [973] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Donna Mills of "Knots Landing".
Mr. T. of "The A-Team".
Significant drug breakthroughs of the 80's.

5.95 [974] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Marsha Mason (Part 1 of 2).
A visit with Joan Van Ark of "Knots Landing".
Test tube.
Bedroom blunders.
A national organization for dwarfs.
Jazzercise founder Judi Sheppard Missett.

5.96 [975] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Marsha Mason (Part 2).
A visit with actress Molly Ringwald.
Discussion on teen suicide with Dr. Alan Berman of the American Association of Suicidology.

5.97 [976] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Angie Dickinson (Part 1 of 2).
Pamela Sue Martin discusses cocaine abuse.
A surrogate mother's rights.
Men's and women's sexual needs.

5.98 [977] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Angie Dickinson (Part 2 of 2).
A visit with author Jackie Collins.
Cliff Robertson and Rev. Ellwood Kieser discuss the Ethiopian famine.
Foods and drugs that don't mix.

5.99 [978] Hour Magazine
Renewing marriage vows.
Weekend retreat for lovers.
A Valentine's Day dinner.

5.100 [979] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Michael Gross of "Family Ties" and his wife Elza.
Money management.
Defending yourself verbally.
Facelifts for men.

5.101 [980] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Ali MacGraw.
At home with actress Dyan Cannon.
Medical miracles.
Resisting rape.
Recipe contest semifinalists.

5.102 [981] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Jack Klugman.
A visit with Michael Landon.
At home with entertainer Charo.
Coping with having a stillborn child.
Recipe contest semifinalists.

5.103 [982] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Diahann Carroll
At home with singer Bobby Vinton.
Compatibility test.
Fashions for royalty.
Recipe contest semifinalists.

5.104 [983] Hour Magazine
An interview with Lorenzo Lamas.
At home with Abby Dalton.
Meet an arsonist's parents.
Recipe contest semifinalists.

5.105 [984] Hour Magazine
An interview with entertainer Bob Hope.
At home with Ricardo Montalban.
A visit with Bruce Jenner and Linda Jenner.
Meet a boy who prevented a child kidnapping.

5.106 [985] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Pamela Bellwood.
Thin/fat syndrome.
Trimming your phone bill.
Supermarket savings.

5.107 [986] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Sally Field (Part 1 of 2).
Marital rape.
Preventing car theft.
Psychological effects of acne.

5.108 [987] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Sally Field (Part 2).
A visit with Jack LaLanne and his wife Elaine.
Facts about sex.
Adoption by a handicapped single mother.
Stroke prevention.

5.109 [988] Hour Magazine
An interview with Mayor Ed Koch.
Infant eye care.

5.110 [989] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV personality Art Linkletter and Jack Linkletter.
Pro-abortion nuns.
Solutions for problem hair.

5.111 [990] Hour Magazine
Kids from the "Cosby Show".
Burn ward nurses.
Whooping cough vaccine dangers.
How women feel about men.

5.112 [991] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor William Campbell
Visit with Jack Valente, President of the Motion Picture Association of America.
Coping with stillborn birth.
A fertility pump.

5.113 [992] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Robert Blake.
Planning a wedding.
Plant surgery.
Vitamin C.

5.114 [993] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Anne Archer.
Children and street dangers.
Financial pitfalls.
Emotional effects of hair loss.

5.115 [994] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Don Johnson.
Visit with Patti Davis and husband.
Profile film controversy.
Avoiding divorce.

5.116 [995] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jaclyn Smith.
Tax breaks for women.
Bob Mackie's Spring fashions.

5.117 [996] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Melissa Gilbert.
Bogus doctors.
Easy fix-it items.
Choosing a wedding ring and gown.
Coping with the birth of a stillborn child.

5.118 [997] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Mike Farrell and actress Louise Fletcher.
Oscar predictions by Hollywood columnist Robert Osborne.
Remedying constipation.

5.119 [998] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor David Selby of "Falcon Crest".
A visit with actor Larry Manetti of "Magnum P.I."
A discussion on the chlamydia epidemic.

5.120 [999] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Judd Hirsch.
Sex after cancer.
Bi-racial adoption family.
U.S. Army fitness program.

[--] Hour Magazine
18Mar1985 [repeat from 09Jul84]
Esther Williams (Part 1)
Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
Seventeen magazine sex columnist Kathy McCoy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Mar1985 [repeat from 10Jul84]
Esther Williams (Part 2)
Thaao Penghlis of Days of Our Lives
Male incest victim.
PMS nutrition. Swimwear. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Mar1985 [repeat from 11Jul84]
Cindy Adams and Joey Adams.
Peter Reckell of "Days of Our Lives"
Ann Reinking
Cult brainwashing.
Presidential canines. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Mar1985 [repeat from 12Jul84]
Ruth Buzzi
Terry Lester of "The Young and the Restless"
Confusing love with sexual attraction.
Skin care for men.
Ostomy Clinic. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Mar1985 [repeat from 13Jul84]
Michael Catlin of "Capitol"
Irene Kassorla author of "Go For It"
The language of buying a house.
Exercise for kids. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Mar1985 [repeat from 16Jul84]
Kirk Douglas
Peter Jennings
Famous ad slogans.
Teenage athletes use of steroid drugs. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Mar1985 [repeat from 17Jul84]
Kirk Douglas and Anne Douglas
Wilma Rudolph
Preventing home fires
Identity loss in a relationship. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Mar1985 [repeat from 18Jul84]
Kirk Douglas
Bob Greene
Kate Schmidt
How to quit smoking. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Mar1985 [repeat from 19Jul84]
Kirk Douglas
Julianne McNamara and Mary Lou Retton
Marian Guinn's story of public scrutiny and harassment. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Mar1985 [repeat from 20Jul84]
Mary Martin
David Horowitz
Know your husband.
Sexy after 60. (R)

5.121 [1000] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jacqueline Bisset.
A visit with police chief Penny Harrington.
A contraceptive implanted in the arm.
Makeup for teenagers.

5.122 [1001] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Perry King of "Riptide".
A visit with an Auschwitz survivor and a former Nazi.
Playboy's Playmate of the Year.
Compulsive shopping.

5.123 [1002] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Joe Penny of "Riptide".
Homosexual marriages.

5.124 [1003] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Thom Bray of "Riptide".
Myths about women's health.
Sex advice for newlyweds.
Pros and cons of car leasing.

5.125 [1004] Hour Magazine
Interview with illusionists Ziegfried and Roy.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
In-school student search issue.
Problem packaging.
Negotiating maternity leave.

5.126 [1005] Hour Magazine
Interview with Candice Bergen.
A visit with Rosemary Daniell author of "Sleeping With Soldiers: In Search of Macho Man".
Alcoholism quiz.
Removing acne scars.

5.127 [1006] Hour Magazine
Interview with Country singer Mel Tillis.
A visit with singer Teresa Brewer.
Husbands of breast cancer victims.
Incest victims turning to alcohol.

5.128 [1007] Hour Magazine
Interview with Ed McMahon with "Star Search" winner Catte Adams.
A visit with Judy Blume author of "Smart Women".
Close friends of the opposite sex.
Alcohol's physical effects.

5.129 [1008] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jennifer Bassey of "All My Children".
A visit with Jeff Lyons author of "Playing God in the Nursery".
Entertainment columnist Alan Gansberg.

5.130 [1009] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Robert Foxworth of "Falcon Crest".
Juggling family finances.
Teenage alcoholism.

5.131 [1010] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Geena Davis of "Sara".
A visit with Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott.
Show business gossip.

5.132 [1011] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Susan Sullivan of "Falcon Crest".
Men choosing bachelorhood.
Commercializing drugs.
Bagel recipes.

5.133 [1012] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jane Seymour.
Rosemary Curb and Nancy Manahan authors of "Lesbian Nuns".
How to plan a 50th wedding anniversary.

5.134 [1013] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Jimmy Stewart (Part 1 of 2).
A visit with Dr. Joyce Brothers.
Dangers of chewing tobacco.

5.135 [1014] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Jimmy Stewart (Part 2 of 2).
A visit with actress Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith.
Gossip with columnist Sheilah Graham.
Finding missing children.

5.136 [1015] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actress Gloria Loring.
Making children behave.

5.137 [1016] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Doug Sheehan.
Household disasters.
Kicking nicotine.

5.138 [1017] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Kevin Dobson of "Knots Landing".
Women entrepreneurs.
Choosing to be single.
Gamblers Anonymous.

5.139 [1018] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Pierce Brosnan.
Dentistry advances.

5.140 [1019] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Daniel J. Travanti.
A visit with John Mack Carter, editor of Good Housekeeping.
Executive maternity clothes.
Home tests for detecting colon cancer.

5.141 [1020] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor David Birney
and his wife actress Meredith Baxter Birney.
A visit with Rev. Robert Schuller.

5.142 [1021] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Kathryn Harrold.
Why women choose the wrong men.
Help for troubled teens.

5.143 [1022] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Patty Duke.
Laughter as therapy.

5.144 [1023] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Griffin O'Neal.
A visit with Alexandra Penney author of "Great Sex".
Dude ranch vacations.
Premartial financial advice.

5.145 [1024] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Michael Praed of "Dynasty".
A visit with actress Phylicia Ayers-Allen of "The Cosby Show".
Abusive relationships.
Spring fashions modeled by soap stars.

5.146 [1025] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Shelley Taylor Morgan of "General Hospital".
Recipe contest winner.

5.147 [1026] Hour Magazine
Interview with Kristian Alfonso of "Days of Our Lives".
A visit with actor Gene Kelly (Part 1 of 2).
Dr. Henry Heimlich.
Overcoming shyness.
Sexy Spring fashions.

5.148 [1027] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Sherilyn Wolter of "General Hospital".
A visit with actor Gene Kelly (Part 2 of 2).
A new cancer vaccine.

5.149 [1028] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Marcy Walker of "Santa Barbara".
A teacher falsely accused of child abuse.

5.150 [1029] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Eileen Davidson of "The Young and the Restless".
A visit with actress Cheryl Ladd.
Women and credit.
Meet a male anorexic.

5.151 [1030] Hour Magazine
Interview with "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak.
A visit with Barbara Parkins and Christopher Connelly of "Peyton Place."
Pregnancy exercises.

5.152 [1031] Hour Magazine
Interview with Tom Kennedy host of "Body Language".
Fashion designer Norma Kamali.
Wives of congressmen.
Overweight adolescents.

5.153 [1032] Hour Magazine
Interview with Bob Eubanks host of "The New Newlywed Game".
Celebrities against child abuse.
Facial isometrics.
At-home fashions.

5.154 [1033] Hour Magazine
Interview with Alex Trebek host of "Jeopardy!"
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Treating osteoporosis.

5.155 [1034] Hour Magazine
Interview with Chuck Woolery host of "Love Connection".
A visit actor Jameson Parker of "Simon & Simon".
Guilt and motherhood.
Preventing osteoporosis.

5.156 [1035] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Richard Crenna.
A visit with Gloria Vanderbilt.
Stars and their sports.

5.157 [1036] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Justine Bateman of "Family Ties".
A visit with Chef Craig Claiborne.
Abortion resulting in divorce.
Stars and their sports.
Men's fashions.

5.158 [1037] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas".
Chinatown cooks.
Parental kidnapping.
Stars and their sports.

5.159 [1038] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Roger Moore.
A visit with actress Mariette Hartley who discusses child abuse.
Women's erotic fantasies.
Stars and their sports.

5.160 [1039] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Bonnie Franklin.
Visit with Dr. Leo Buscaglia.
Breast surgery.
World's smallest dog.
Stars and their sports.

5.161 [1040] Hour Magazine
Interview with John Hinckley's parents.
The imposter syndrome.
Summer jobs for teens.

5.162 [1041] Hour Magazine
"Hour Magazine" wedding.

5.163 [1042] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor William Devane of "Knots Landing".
High blood pressure quiz.
Women imprisoned for overspending.

5.164 [1043] Hour Magazine
Interview with Bette Davis' daughter B.D. Hyman.
Fashions by Oleg Cassini.
Astronauts' wives.
The IUD and sterlization.

5.165 [1044] Hour Magazine
Interview with the Rev. Terry Cole-Whittaker.
Women against facelifts.
Summer health hazards.

5.166 [1045] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Bruce Boxleitner.
Nurses dependent on drugs.
Beauty rip-offs.

5.167 [1046] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Laurence Lau of "All My Children".
Handgun dangers.
Updating your underwear.
Organ transplants.
Stretching vacation cash.

5.168 [1047] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Marilu Henner.
Mother-daughter advice columnists.
Summer fashions for kids.

5.169 [1048] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Sally Struthers.
Teens and sexual pressure.
Bell's palsy.
Model Carmen with over 40 fashions.

5.170 [1049] Hour Magazine
Interview with the Lennon Sisters.
Raising twins.
A bulimia victim turned criminal.

[--] Hour Magazine
10Jun1985 [repeat from 24Sep84]
An interview with Bert Convy and his wife.
A visit with Placido Domingo.
Meg Whitcomb author of the "Dear Meg" column.

[--] Hour Magazine
11Jun1985 [repeat from 25Sep84]
An interview with Shelley Long.
Why women pose nude.
Keeping pets healthy.

[--] Hour Magazine
12Jun1985 [repeat from 26Sep84]
Mike Wallace
Leo Buscaglia.
Workaholic health dangers.
Symptoms of car trouble. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Jun1985 [repeat from 27Sep84]
Mike Wallace

[--] Hour Magazine
14Jun1985 [repeat from 28Sep84]
Nell Carter
Olympic gymnast Julianne McNamara
Serial Killers
Latest in contact lenses (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Jun1985 [repeat from 08Oct84]
Victoria Principal.
Ryan O'Neal.
Henry Rogers author of "Rogers Rules for Success".

[--] Hour Magazine
18Jun1985 [repeat from 09Oct84]
Victoria Principal
Osteoporosis prevention.
Families coping with mentally ill children. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Jun1985 [repeat from 10Oct84]
Victoria Principal
Types of headaches.
Easy meals for college students.
Salt intake and high blood pressure.

[--] Hour Magazine
20Jun1985 [repeat from 11Oct84]
Dina Merrill
Michael J. Fox
Dr. William Nolen
Non-narcotic headache treatment.

[--] Hour Magazine
21Jun1985 [repeat from 12Oct84]
Parents of a child born without an immune system.
Dealing with sexual rejection.
Headache treatment. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Jun1985 [repeat from 15Oct84]
Mary Frann from "Newhart"
A Philadelphia 12-year-old who helps the poor.
One-day dental reconstruction. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Jun1985 [repeat from 16Oct84]
Susan Clark and Alex Karras
Michael Landon's daughter Leslie.
Teaching parents how to play with their infants. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Jun1985 [repeat from 17Oct84]
Emmanuel Lewis
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Aerobics for pets.
Dental reconstruction. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Jun1985 [repeat from 18Oct84]
Henry Winkler
Glynnis Walker author of "Second Wife, Second Best". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Jun1985 [repeat from 19Oct1984]
Henry Winkler
Being a good mother-in-law
Ileostomy surgery.
A mother who sued her child's molester. (R)

5.171 [1050] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Steve Guttenberg.
A visit with singer Fabian.
Author Colleen McCullough.
Winning in small claims court.

5.172 [1051] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Ally Sheedy.
Victims of the Philadelphia MOVE bombing.

5.173 [1052] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Judd Nelson.
A visit with Ken Cooper author of "Running Without Fear".
In-law problems.
Rock n' roll for children.
Lupus, a medical mystery.

5.174 [1053] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Morgan Fairchild.
A visit with actor Doug McKeon.
Mercy killing.
Controlling incontinence in women.

5.175 [1054] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Michael J. Fox of "Family Ties".
A visit with astronaut Sally Ride.
Preventing sun-damaged skin.

5.176 [1055] Hour Magazine
Interview with director Ron Howard.
A visit with actress Judy Norton-Taylor.
Robin M. Henig author of "How a Woman Ages".
Ann Landers with a sex survey.

5.177 [1056] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Tracey Bregman of "The Young & the Restless".
High school dropouts.
Cooking light.
Petite fashions.

5.178 [1057] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Bonnie Franklin.
Addictive relationships.
Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewers' questions.

5.179 [1058] Hour Magazine
Interview with Sonya Friedman author of "Smart Cookies Don't Crumble".
Celebrities against child abuse.
Tips for traveling alone.
Accepting infertility.

5.180 [1059] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Byron Allen.
A visit with Olympic gymnast Bart Conner.
Young women tycoons.
Meningitis vaccine report.
Mother-daughter incest.

5.181 [1060] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Little Richard.
A visit with modelling agent Eileen Ford.
Women wrestlers.
Teen pregnancy
Soap stars' real-life loves.

5.182 [1061] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Nell Carter.
Real-life love on "All My Children".
Scott Madsen, the Soloflex body.
The working woman's sex life.

5.183 [1062] Hour Magazine
Chippendale's male strippers.
Real-life love on "The Young and the Restless".
Sex abuse in cults.
Honeymooners Steve and Shannon Gardea.
Dangers for women smokers.

5.184 [1063] Hour Magazine
An interview with NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw.
A visit with Susan Seaforth and Bill Hayes of "The Young and the Restless".
Visit comedian Marty Allen and his new wife Kate.
First sexual experience.

5.185 [1064] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Victoria Principal.
A visit with "We Are the World" producer Quincy Jones.
Soap stars' real-life loves.
Managing your family's money.

5.186 [1065] Hour Magazine
An interview with "E.T." stars Drew Barrymore and Dee Wallace Stone.
Female impersonators.
Soap Opera news.
A visit to San Francisco.

5.187 [1066] Hour Magazine
An interview with "Back to the Future" stars Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson.
A look at date rape.
Fashions for pregnant women.

5.188 [1067] Hour Magazine
An interview with "The Goonies" stars Ke Huy-Quan, Sean Astin and Jeff Cohen.
A visit with TV personalities Ed McMahon and Dick Clark.
Shopping for furniture.
Heart monitors.

5.189 [1068] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Brooke Shields.
A visit with soap opera writer Sally Sussman.
Meet Andrea, a multiple personality victim.

5.190 [1069] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Brooke Shields.
Marty Davis with Capitol Hill news.
The latest movie hits in the theater and on TV.
A 92-year-old woman and her 28-year-old husband.

5.191 [1070] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor David Hasselhoff.
Discrimination against transsexuals.
How to get quick cash.

5.192 [1071] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Fred Dryer, a football pro turned actor.
A stress test for burn out.
How to avoid AIDS.
Older women - younger men relationships.

5.193 [1072] Hour Magazine
An interview with game show host Bob Barker.
The Kensington Ladies Erotica Society.
Good Housekeeping's food department.
Tick bite dangers.

5.194 [1073] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Johnny Mathis.
A visit with author Lisa Birnbach with tips on preparing for college.
Preventing child exploitation and abduction.

5.195 [1074] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Judith Light of "Who's the Boss?"
A visit with actress Shelley Duvall.
Dr. Stuart Berger talks about his book "Dr. Berger's Immune Power Diet".

[--] Hour Magazine
05Aug1985 [repeat from 05Nov84]
Sophia Loren, Chris Evert Lloyd, Louis Nye, Tom Poston, Bill Dana from "The Steve Allen Show" and Consumer rip-offs. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Aug1985 [repeat from 06Nov84]
Sophia Loren, "Gene Autry Show" reunion, Nolan Miller's holiday fashions, a housewife who became an ordained minister. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Aug1985 [repeat from 07Nov84]
Sophia Loren, Gene Barry, Robert Stack and Tony Franciosa from "Name of the Game", gymnastics for kids with Olympic gymnast Mitch Gaylord. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Aug1985 [repeat from 08Nov84]
Sophia Loren, George Burns, cast members of "Batman", saving babies with heart defects. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Aug1985 [repeat from 09Nov84]
Sophia Loren, Patrick Duffy, Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling, Cindy Gibb, panic attacks. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Aug1985 [repeat from 12Nov84]
Bob Denver and Dwayne Hickman from "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis", Behind the scenes of "Falcon Crest", polygamy in the United States, surviving breast cancer. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Aug1985 [repeat from 13Nov84]
Alan Young and Connie Hines from "Mr. Ed", behind the scenes of "Falcon Crest", teen obesity. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
14Aug1985 [repeat from 14Nov84]
A look at the TV series "Room 222", breast cancer, infant stealing, preventing blindness. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Aug1985 [repeat from 15Nov84]
June Lockhart and Jon Provost of "Lassie", children and satanism, husbands and money. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Aug1985 [repeat from 16Nov84]
David Brenner, cast members from TV's "Superman", Julio Iglesias, children and satanism. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Aug1985 [repeat from 19Nov84]
Alan Alda, Arlene Alda, Martin Landau, Greg Morris and Peter Lupus of "Mission: Impossible", teen drug addiction. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Aug1985 [repeat from 20Nov84]
Alan Alda, Arlene Alda, Dorothy Malone and Ed Nelson of "Peyton Place", the Ronald McDonald House for families of hospitalized children. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Aug1985 [repeat from 21Nov84]
Valerie Harper, Julie Kavner and Nancy Walker from "Rhoda", Donna Mills, Mary Ellen Pinkham with tips on staying slim, adult immunizations. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Aug1985 [repeat from 22Nov84]
Jane Fonda, Eve Arden and Richard Crenna of "Our Miss Brooks", child abuse, Students Against Drunk Drivers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Aug1985 [repeat from 23Nov84]
Richard Thomas and Judy Norton-Taylor from "The Waltons", Jane Fonda, Dave Barry author of "Babies and Other Hazards of Sex", keeping rapists imprisoned. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Aug1985 [repeat from 26Nov84]
Jack Lemmon, Jackie Cooper and Abby Dalton from "Hennesey", women of Alaska, legal victory over child stealing. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Aug1985 [repeat from 27Nov84]
Jack Lemmon, Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers of "Leave It to Beaver", Joan Rivers, cults, women of Alaska. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Aug1985 [repeat from 28Nov84]
Jack Lemmon, Tim Considine, Don Grady, Stanley and Barry Livingston of "My Three Sons", the legacy of Baby Fae, women of Alaska. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Aug1985 [repeat from 29Nov84]
Robert Mandan, Katherine Helmond and Jay Johnson from "Soap", children of war, toddlers' shoes, women of Alaska. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Aug1985 [repeat from 30Nov84]
Morgan Fairchild, Dale Robertson and Gary Collins of "Iron Horse", joint custody, compulsion. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Sep1985 [repeat from 10Dec84]
Raquel Welch, Elliot Weiner, cat therapist. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Sep1985 [repeat from 11Dec84]
Raquel Welch, homes of the stars, discussion on widowhood. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Sep1985 [repeat from 12Dec84]
Raquel Welch, intimacy problems, soap star Christopher Templeton, pros and cons of artificial hearts. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Sep1985 [repeat from 13Dec84]
Billy Gray, Joe McGinniss author of "Fatal Vision" and the parents of Colette MacDonald. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Sep1985 [repeat from 14Dec84]
Mr. T (R)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############### end of season 5 ##############

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