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Season 2 (1968-69)
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 2 1968-69 ###############
CBS (Saturdays 10:00 pm EST)
At the start of the second season, Mannix leaves "Intertect", and
sets up his own shop at 17 Paseo Verdes, West Los Angeles.

2.1 [--] Mannix: THE SILENT CRY
28Sep1968 CBS Sat
written by Arthur Weiss
directed by Don Taylor
guest stars
Jason Evers
Clarence Landry as Cal
Harry Lauter as Sergeant
Ryan MacDonald as Lieutenant
Laurence Naismith
Simon Scott
Mannix obtains the assistance of a deaf girl, who reads the lips of a man plotting a crime. The girl plays an
important role when the police cannot uncover enough evidence of criminal intent. Gail Fisher is seen for the first
time in her regular role as Peggy Fair, Mannix's secretary. [RF]

2.2 [--] Mannix: COMES UP ROSE
05Oct1968 CBS Sat
written by Lee Loeb
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Sheree North as Rose Anderson
Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Charlie Anderson
Barbara Rhoades as Billie
Charles Horvath as Borden
Arline Anderson as Mrs. Templeton
Nicky Blair as Cliff
Lee Bergere as Harvey Templeton
John Gallaudet as Clerk
Allen Joseph as Instructor
Byron Morrow as Nick
Ronald Long as Carson Puffy
Airport security officer Charlie Anderson hires Mannix to find his missing wife, who is also being sought by a
syndicate of sophisticated thieves. When Mannix finds her, she is strangely reluctant to return to her husband,
although she professes her love for him. After Mannix convinces the woman to return, she suddenly vanishes again. [RF]

2.3 [--] Mannix: PRESSURE POINT
12Oct1968 CBS Sat
written by Warren Duff
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
James McEachin as Benjy
Harold Stone as Judge Green
Paul Stewart as Morgan Farrell
Martin Braddock as Programmer
Ryan MacDonald as Lt. Hargrave
Stewart Moss
Jay Robinson
Richard Niles as Intern
Pamela Dunlap as Kelly Green
Geraldine Wall as Norma
Thordis Brandt as Miss Hampstead
A wounded young man stumbles into Mannix's home in the dead of night and gasps a cryptic message before passing out.
While Mannix attempts to solve the riddle contained in the lad's message, a menacing group of youths comes looking
for the boy. The group knocks Mannix unconscious and when he awakens, the wounded boy is gone.

2.4 [--] Mannix: TO THE SWIFTEST, DEATH
19Oct1968 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Jed Allan as Ed Kovak
Peter Haskell as Hal Murdock
Jill Ireland as Ellen Kovak
Hugh Beaumont as Frank Abbott
Emily Banks as Barbara
Richard Derr as Roger Kittridge
William Fawcett as Janitor
Nicholas Colasanto as Mac Wagner
Joe Mantell as Albie Loos
Stuart Nisbet as Ryan
Sabrina Scharf as Marie McGill
A race car driver is killed in an event in which Mannix is also a competitor, and the driver's widow hires the detective
to investigate possible foul play. [RF]

2.5 [--] Mannix: END OF THE RAINBOW
26Oct1968 CBS Sat
written by Jackson Gillis & Robert L. Friend
directed by Robert Friend
guest stars
Kathryn Hays as Betsy Charnik
Jack Ging as James Spencer
Orwin C. Harvey as Mervin
Robert 'Buzz' Henry as Fred
Arthur Peterson as Prison Official
Carlos Romero as Jug Haskins
George Savalas as Sergeant
Marti Stevens as Mrs. O'Farrell
Diane Van Valin as Stripper
Al Charnik as Bartender
The mysterious death of a recently released prison inmate who carried a scrap of paper with Mannix's name on it leads
the investigator into a tangled web of grand larceny and duplicity. [RF]

2.6 [--] Mannix: A COPY OF MURDER
02Nov1968 CBS Sat
written by Brian McKay
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Michael Evans as George Bigelow
Kevin Hagen as Fred Archer
Allen Jaffe as Graham
Clifton James as Police Chief
Troy Melton as Toby Johnson
Nelson Olmsted as Clayburn
Gerald Price as Tommy Carr
Barbara Rush as Celia Bell
Harlan Warde as Coroner
Mannix hunts for a missing manuscript that holds the key to an unsolved death. The private investigator seeks clues
from the victim's glamorous widow, but he is blocked by Police Chief Ford of the beach community of Costa Real. [RF]

2.7 [--] Mannix: EDGE OF THE KNIFE
09Nov1968 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Stuart Hagmann
guest stars
Geraldine Brooks as Katrina McKenzie
Anna Lee as Mrs Harriman
Christine Matchett as Karen
Priscilla Morrill as Janet Paulson
Ford Rainey as Roscoe Bell
Peggy Rea as Nurse Hollister
Timothy Scott as Brian McKenzie
Fritz Weaver as Dr Cameron McKenzie
Frankie Abbott as Bob
Veronica Cartwright as Jeannie
Patrick O'Moore as Mr. Harriman
Eve Plumb as Marian Harriman
Eddie Ryder as Henkel
A brilliant surgeon whose son is kidnapped and threatened with death unless the doctor allows one of his patients
to die. The desperate doctor turns to Mannix. [RF]

2.8 [--] Mannix: WHO WILL DIG THE GRAVES?
16Nov1968 CBS Sat
written by Daniel Mainwaring
directed by Allen Reisner
guest stars
Barry Atwater as David Blair Phillips/Henry Talbot
Ron Burke as Travis
James J. Casino as Roarke
George Gaynes as Professor Brendan
Max Kleven as Bledsoe
Linda Marsh as Susan Ward
David Renard as Widefoot
Charles Robinson as Harvey Roanhorse
Harry Dean Stanton as Dean Hill
Austin Willis as Dr Mark Gregory
A millionaire philanthropist asks Mannix to find and return his estranged wife to him, even though she is reported dead.
Mannix follows the curious trail of the woman, but is unaccountably menaced by a squad of strong-arm thugs. [RF]

2.9 [--] Mannix: IN NEED OF A FRIEND
23Nov1968 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
John Colicos as David Barker
Barbara Babcock as Lucille
Richard Bull as Bernard Cord
Sam Gilman as Tom Sommers
Marie Windsor as Barbara Timpkins
Paul Stevens as Walter Timpkins
Cloris Leachman as Barker's ex-wife
Pete Kellett as Second Bartender
Terry Messina as Gloria
Teru Shimada as Gardener
E.A. Sirianni as Mortuary Manager
Mark Stewart as Toby
Brian Wood as Doctor
Mannix attempts to dig up conclusive new evidence exonerating David Barker, whom he once helped convict of a million-dollar
embezzlement. But nobody is willing to help Mannix, including Barker. Mannix is even more convinced of his client's
innocence when someone attempts to kill Barker. [RF]

2.10 [--] Mannix: NIGHT OUT OF TIME (aka BLACKOUT)
07Dec1968 CBS Sat
teleplay by Jerome Ross & Warren Duff
written by Jerome Ross
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Jeanne Bates as Melinda Webber
David Brian as Clifton Ross Sr.
Mart Hulswit as Cliff Ross Jr.
Frank Campanella as Lt. Dave Angstrom
Wright King as Jonathan Webber
Morgan Sterne as Charles Hobart
Mike De Anda as Maitre'd
Sean Morgan as Harry
Ottola Nesmith as Mrs. Blainey
Joseph Perry as Police Officer
Cliff Ross, the son of an aviation tycoon, wakes up one morning with a bloody bandaged hand, a missing girlfriend and
no memory. Ross hires Mannix to unravel the mystery, which includes murder. Mannix believes his client is in the clear
when two friends provide an airtight alibi. Unfortunately, the alibi places Ross at the scene of the killing. Ross Jr.
drives a white Mercedes convertible 300SL with red leather interior license plate no. JSL849. [RF]

2.11 [--] Mannix: A VIEW OF NOWHERE
14Dec1968 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel & George F. SLavin
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Michael Wilding as Phillip Montford/Sir Arnold Salt
Hazel Court as Barbara Montford
Woodrow Parfrey as Harrison
Frank Campanella as Lt Dave Angstrom
Larry Linville as Sgt George Kramer
Katherine Woodville as Joanna Salt
Gail Bonney as Mrs Timmins
Bill Baldwin Sr. as Janitor
Jack Bannon as Father Graves
Robert V. Barron as Car Rental Manager
Fabian Dean as Manager
While flying in a helicopter, Mannix believes he has seen a woman, Barbara Montford, being murdered. Mannix intensifies
his investigation when Montford tries to frame him. To help Mannix solve the case, Peggy goes undercover along with a
woman who thinks her uncle was killed by Montford. [RF]

2.12 [--] Mannix: FEAR I TO FALL
21Dec1968 CBS Sat
written by Samuel Newman
directed by Allen Reisner
guest stars
Richard Anderson as District Attorney Bartlett
Tol Avery as Amos Smith
Joanna Barnes as Phyllis Richards
Marian Collier as Mrs. Barlow
John Considine as Harry Barlow
Dana Elcar as Sheriff Conrad Bucola
Fred Krone as Edward Lewis
Elmer Modling as Airport Agent
Arthur Peterson as The Judge
Mannix smells a frame-up when subpoenaed to testify in a murder case against an ex-con he once sent to jail. Mannix joins
forces with the beautiful defense attorney to find the real killer. [RF]

2.13 [--] Mannix: DEATH RUN
04Jan1969 CBS Sat
written by Edward Lasko
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Fred Beir as Sheriff George Hale
Hal K. Dawson as Kessler
Eduard Franz as Dr Harris
Beverlee McKinsey as Carol Chase
Art Metrano as Tom
John Milford as Bill Chase
Lou Peralta as Carlos
Madlyn Rhue as Carol Chase (impostor)/Laura Geils.
In response to a mysterious plea for help from old friend Bill Chase, Mannix travels to a small mountain town. Mannix
becomes the target of the local sheriff, as well as the target of the real killer. [RF]

2.14 [--] Mannix: A PITTANCE OF FAITH
11Jan1969 CBS Sat
written by Blake Ritchie & Warren Duff
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Bobby Troup as Bobby
David Opatoshu as Mr Lardelli
E.J. André as Professor
Woodrow Parfrey as Harry
Corinne Camacho as Gina Lardelli
Don Eitner as Scott
Bart La Rue as Reporter
Larry Linville as Lt George Kramer
Joe Mantell as Albie Loos
Tom Palmer as Milikan
Mario Carvello
Mannix is hired by 21 people to prove that the death of model Gina Lardelli was not a suicide. Although doubtful at first,
Mannix becomes convinced that Gina did not take her own life when two thugs try to force him off the case. [RF]

2.15 [--] Mannix: ONLY GIANTS CAN PLAY
18Jan1969 CBS Sat
written by Al C. Ward
directed by Allen Reisner
guest stars
John Dehner as Jim Claman
Bettye Ackerman as Rita Claman
Patricia Barry as Claire Hanley
Peter Donat as Walter Webb
Slim Pickens as Mike Ray
Vincent Deadrick as Newley
Artie Lewis as Pete
Gilchrist Stuart as Charlie
Paul Hahn as Police Sergeant
Joseph Walsh as Hotel Clerk
Mannix suspects the bizarre death of a petty criminal may somehow be tied to the gubernatorial campaign of an old nemesis,
Jim Claman. Mannix investigates. [RF]

2.16 [--] Mannix: SHADOW OF A MAN (aka KILLJOY)
25Jan1969 CBS Sat
written by Stephen Kandel
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
William Windom as Nils Sanderson
Antoinette Bower as Barbara Sanderson
Alex Gerry as Dr Marcus Kaufman
Philip Ahn as Mr Rhee
Don Chastain as Pete Fair
Myron Healey as Morgan Petrie
George Chandler as Mr Hotchkiss
Helen Funai as Joy Suk
Larry Linville as Lt George Kramer
Bartlett Robinson as Bradshaw
Penny Gaston as Girl
Elizabeth Rogers as Records Clerk
Tracy M. Lee as Joy (as a child)
Nils Sanderson, a wealthy businessman, makes an attempt on Mannix's life but refuses to name the man who forced him
to do so. When Sanderson is killed, Mannix begins an investigation to find the murderer and learns that a crime
committed 16 years ago in another part of the world holds the key to his identity. [RF]

01Feb1969 CBS Sat
written by Blake Ritchie & Don M. Mankiewicz & Donn Mullally
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Robert Reed as Lt Adam Tobias
Lloyd Bochner as Alec Ryan
Nancy Kovack as Bret Nichols
Arline Anderson as Maid
David M. Frank as Tom
Salli Sachse as Mona
Police rule the death of Carol Wilson to be accidental, but Mannix launches his own investigation when he learns
that she was the former girlfriend of his longtime enemy, lawyer Alex Ryan. [RF]

2.18 [--] Mannix: DEATH IN A MINOR KEY
08Feb1969 CBS Sat
written by Ed Adamson
directed by Stuart Hagmann
guest stars
Yaphet Kotto as Gabe Johnson/Gabriel Dillon
Anthony Zerbe as Chief Finlay
Ed Gilbert as Roger Garth
Evans Evans as Phyllis Judson Garth
Lee Weaver as Charlie Willis
Ann Loos as Clara Boylan
Jon Lormer as Peter Boylan
Nancy Burnett as Librarian
Conlan Carter as Al Garner
Robert Miller Driscoll as Prison Official
Johnny Silver as Barney
When Peggy's boyfriend Gabe Johnson disappears, Mannix looks for him, only to find that Johnson is a prison road-gang
escapee and is determined not to return to jail. Mannix's search takes him to a quiet southern community where he
becomes convinced of Gabe's innocence and suspicious of the local sheriff's attempts to help him. [RF]

2.19 [--] Mannix: END GAME
15Feb1969 CBS Sat
written by Cliff Gould
directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest stars
Robert Wood as Art Malcolm
Steve Ihnat as Gus Keller
Arch Johnson as Captain Griswold
Joseph Breen as Sergeant
Mannix goes to the aid of a kidnapped policeman and finds himself cornered in a booby-trapped building. When Mannix
meets the kidnapper, he learns of his grand plan to kill everyone who testified against him in a military court-martial
trial--a plan that definitely includes Mannix. [RF]

22Feb1969 CBS Sat
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Murray Golden
guest stars
Christopher Carey as Roger Bard
Hedley Mattingly as Dustin Rhodes
Marianne McAndrew as Claudia Redstone
John Orchard as Wish
Ric Roman
Jorge Moreno
Mannix is caught between a band of thieves, a beautiful girl and a Scotland Yard detective, all of whom are searching
for Roger Bard and the money from a multi-million dollar robbery. [RF]

01Mar1969 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Stuart Hagman
guest stars
Susan Oliver as Linda Jordan
James Olson as Donald Jordan
Paul Winfield as Walter Lucas
Nan Martin as Frances Jordan
Joe Mantell as Albie Luce
Barbara Boles as Casey
Timothy Carey as Rasmussen
George Fisher as Arnie
King Moody as O'Keefe
Lee Faulkner as Hank
Hired to locate building contractor Donald Jordan, Mannix gets conflicting reasons for the disappearance from Jordan's
sister, wife and business partner, none of which add up. The case becomes even more complicated when Jordan turns up to
assure Mannix he's all right, only to be attacked by two hoods outside the private eye's office. [RF]

2.22 [--] Mannix: LAST RITES FOR MISS EMMA
08Mar1969 CBS Sat
written by William H. Wright
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
Robert Hooks as Floyd Brown
Walter Matthews as Lester Parks
Scott Hale as Harnell
Pepper Martin as Virgil
Dabbs Greer
Rhys Williams
John Alderson
Julian Burton as Chemist
Paulene Myers
Ron Randell
Mark Stewart as Toby
Mannix almost loses his secretary, Peggy Fair, when he tells her that he suspects her new boyfriend, Floyd Brown, of being
the key man in the theft of 45 cartons of morphine. Caught between her loyalty to Mannix and her love for Brown, Peggy
refuses to listen to Mannix--but later places her life in danger when she confronts Brown with the accusation.
One of the lines that Robert Hooks says as character Floyd Brown is "I'm no O.J. Simpson" . [RF]

2.23 [--] Mannix: THE SOLID GOLD WEB
22Mar1969 CBS Sat
written by Blake Ritchie & Donn Mullally
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Sally Kellerman as Diana Walker
John Randolph as Jason Walker
John Archer as Judge John Leigh
Whit Bissell as Harry Meacham
Shirley O'Hara as Iris Meacham
Robert Ellenstein as Macklin Reeves
Hal Baylor as Cully
Anne Loos as Cindy
Jason Wingreen as Barney
Mannix becomes involved in murder and political intrigue when he helps newspaper publisher Jason Walker find out the
reasons for his daughter Diana's strange behavior. The case rekindles a romance between Mannix and Diana, as he tries
to prove that she is being framed in the hit-and-run death of an underworld figure, Johnny Malina [RF]

05Apr1969 CBS Sat
written by Arthur Dales & John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Warren Stevens as Harry Wallach
Kenneth Mars as Mercer
Richard Bull as Frank Devereaux
Sue Ane Langdon as Mrs Devereaux
Paul Carr as Pete Neal
Ruth McDevitt as Miss Jean Johnson
Larry Linville as Lt George Kramer
Joe Mantell as Albie
Mark Stewart as Toby
Red West as Arlan
Paul Marin as Medical Examiner
Robert Casper as Decorator
The beautiful wife of a Las Vegas accountant involved in a confusing case of double identities and double-crosses as
Mannix searches for a dead body and $250,000 in cash. Mannix's investigation takes him to Vegas in search of the source
of the money and to a condemned boarding school that Mannix believes is the key to the mystery. [RF]

2.25 [49] Mannix: TO CATCH A RABBIT
12Apr1969 CBS Sat
written by Shimon Wincelberg & Shirl Hendryx
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Gail Kobe
Robert Reed as Lt. Adam Tobias
Jan Arvan as Mele Valera
Jack Bannon as Peter Martin
Robert Phillips
Pilar Seurat
Victor Izay as Lab Man
Stuart Nisbet as Medical Examiner
Frank Ramírez
Tony De Costa
A police detective with whom Mannix works to find the reasons behind the death of Peter Martin. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 2 ###############

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