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Season 1 (1967-68)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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############ Mannix - Intertect ##############
############# season 1 1967-68 ###############
24 episodes
CBS (Saturdays 10:00 pm EST)

1.1 [--] Mannix: THE NAME IS MANNIX
16Sep1967 CBS Sat
written by Bruce Geller
directed by Leonard J. Horn
guest stars
Barbara Anderson as Angela Dubrio
Lloyd Nolan as Sam Dubrio
Kim Hunter as Louise Dubrio
John Colicos as Albert
Bob Garrett as Chauffeur
Buzz Henry as Helicopter Pilot
K.L. Smith as Sheriff Bevan
Morgan Jones as Howard Pender
Henry Wills as Man with Sunglasses
Head of Intertect Lew Wickersham assigns Joe Mannix, his ace troubleshooter, to help when a big-time
racketeer's daughter is kidnapped. [RF]

1.2 [--] Mannix: SKID MARKS ON A DRY RUN
23Sep1967 CBS Sat
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by John Meredyth Lucas
guest stars
Charles Drake as Adam Pierson
Marian Moses as Martha Pierson
Vincent Gardenia as Eddie Renick
Elisabeth Fraser as Beverly Renick
Wende Wagner as Miss Ellis
Vic Perrin as Tony
Herbie Faye as Hustler
Gene Rutherford as Owney
Artie Lewis as Hayden
Morgan Jones as Howard Pender
Leonard Yorr as Max
Jonathan Kidd as Target Range Man
A millionaire industrialist intending to run for governor hires Intertect to investigate his past. Assigned
to the case, Mannix becomes involved with murder and a ruthless crime syndicate. [RF]

30Sep67 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Murray Golden
guest stars
Gloria DeHaven as Gloria Farnsworth
Frank Aletter as J.P. Malloy
Robert H. Harris as Lorne Marshall
Karla Most as Clara Warner
Richard Derr as Victor Farnsworth
Leslie Perkins as Susan Graham
Ed Long as Herman
Max Kleven as Chauffeur
For the sake of an old flame, Mannix reluctantly agrees to help prove her society husband is cavorting with another
woman. Before Mannix can prevent it, he is framed and becomes the prime suspect for the murder of her husband. [RF]

07Oct67 CBS Sat
written by Barry Oringer
directed by John Meredyth Lucas
guest stars
John Marley
David Hurst
Linda Marsh
Gabor Curtiz
Neil Diamond
Barry Ford
Mannix is assigned to locate a missing European scientist and pay him $1 million for a revolutionary chemical
discovery. Mannix involves himself romantically with the scientist's daughter in order to locate her father.
* Note: Buffalo Springfield, "The Boat that I Row", and "Raisin Cane". also "Solitary Man" with Neil Diamond. [RF]

14Oct67 CBS Sat
written by Lee Loeb
directed by Leonard J. Horn
guest stars
Elena Verdugo as Eva Brock
John Randolph as Clark
Amber Flower as Betsy
Logan Ramsey as Gilbert Aumont
Phillip Pine as Steve Brock
Letitia Roman as Ms. Scott
Ric Roman as Frankie Saunders
Gerry York as Pete Cleary
Jon Kowal as Guard
A little girl hires Mannix to prove her father innocent of a murder for which he is about to be executed. Much
to the chagrin of his employer, Mannix accepts the case and in the process investigates a wealthy industrialist
and romances his mistress. [RF]

1.6 [--] Mannix: THE COST OF A VACATION
21Oct67 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by John Meredyth Lucas
guest stars
Marlyn Mason
Donnelly Rhodes
Billy Snyder
Sheppard Sanders
Lilian Adams
Henry Beckman
Martin Braddock
Henry Calvin
Jewel Lain
Mannix becomes involved with a gorgeous model after she hires Intertect to help locate a boyfriend whom she
claims threatened to kill himself. [RF]

28Oct1967 CBS Sat
written by Barry Oringer
directed by Vincent McEveety
guest stars
Brooke Bundy
Tom Skerritt
Valora Noland
Robert Emhardt
Ed McCready
Leonard Breman
Booth Coleman
Allen Jaffe
Phil Leads
Sherwood Price
Michael Stanwood
Mannix is assigned to locate a pretty college coed whose only crime is not writing home. The investigation
discloses, however, that the shapely young lady is involved in the murder of a college basketball star.
*Buffalo Springfield appears in this episode and performs two songs, "Bluebird" and "For What It's Worth". [RF]

04Nov1967 CBS Sat
written by Laurence Heath
directed by Leonard J. Horn
guest stars
Richard Mulligan
Pat Priest
Ann Prentiss
Don Ross
John Harding
Robert Karnes
Morgan Jones as Howard Pender
Jimmy Joice
Herbert Voland
Robert Yuro
Jodi Meredith
A beautiful, wealthy socialite hires Mannix to find out whether her prospective husband wants to marry her
for love or money. Mannix reluctantly enters the case, not knowing that homicide also plays an important role
in the lovely young woman's life. [RF]

1.9 [--] Mannix: HUNTDOWN
18Nov1967 CBS Sat
written by Richard Landau
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
Steve Ihnat as Mayor Glass
Sandra Smith as Violet Brooks
Paul Stevens as Sheriff Wade
Ford Rainey as Sam Nash
Walter Baldwin as Luther
John Pickard as Wilkens
Ken Reynard as Mr. Sureyano
Philip Vandervort as Hamilton
Edna Glover as Operator
James Chandler as Truck Driver
On a routine mission for Intertect, Mannix searches for a dead man in a small cattle town. The investigation
turns into a puzzling mystery for Mannix, who suddenly discovers he is the hunted instead of the hunter. [RF]

1.10 [--] Mannix: COFFIN FOR A CLOWN
25Nov1967 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Alex Singer
guest stars
Gabriel Dell as Alan Brewer
Laraine Stephens as Helen Brewer
Norman Fell as Daniel Brewer
Diana Muldaur as Fran Brewer
Whitney Blake as Cloris Loman
Aram Katcher as Burt Loman
Harvey Parry as Ed Regan
Christopher A. Knight as Josh
Don Putnam as Artist
Ella Edwards as Nurse Jacobson M.E.
A divorced mother's plea for the return of her eight-year-old son leads Mannix on a dangerous search for
a desperate murderer and a huge cover up all in the name of money. [RF]

1.11 [--] Mannix: CATALOGUE OF SINS
02Dec1967 CBS Sat
written by Walter Brough
directed by Lee H. Katzin
guest stars
Percy Rodriguez as Roy Bradley
Richard Bakalyan as Frank Whitley
Joe Maross as Dr. Steven Warren
Kim Hamilton as Audrey Chalmers
Jennifer Billingsley as Gladys
Roy Jenson as Duane Toohey
Fay Spain as Secretary
Johnny Indrisano as Tim
Martin Braddock as Parker
Joe Mantell as Donald
Don Edwards as Agent
Pepper Martin as Hood #2
Robert Palmer as Hood #1
A motion-picture art director hires Mannix to pay a blackmailer's ransom. In the course of Mannix's investigation,
he discovers others are being blackmailed, but none are willing to divulge why. [RF]

1.12 [--] Mannix: TURN EVERY STONE
09Dec1967 CBS Sat
written by Jeri Emmett
directed by John Meredyth Lucas
guest stars
Linden Chiles as Homer Boswell
G.D. Spradlin as Sid Abernathy
Lloyd Gough as Senator Minerver
Nita Talbot as Gloria Turnbull
Sharyn Hillyer as Edna Lacey
Dabbs Greer as Dan Turpin
John Crawford as Traynor
Noam Pitlik as Lowell Gregg
Hampton Fancher as Cornwall Dover
Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Dover
Annazette Chase as Suzanne
Madge Blake as Mrs. Muriel Pochak
Jack Perkins as Henry
Frank Kreig as Proprietor
Newspaper publisher Homer Boswell hires Intertect troubleshooter Mannix when he finds himself with a potential
multi-million dollar libel suit involving dirty politics and the Mafia. [RF]

1.13 [--] Mannix: RUN, SHEEP, RUN
16Dec1967 CBS Sat
written by Howard Browne
directed by Gene Reynolds
guest stars
Malachi Throne as Inspector Frank Kyler
Ruta Lee as Jean Coleman
John Abbott as Monty Kelbo
Bill Bradley as Barry Frome
Richard Devon as Capt. Tom Randall
Susan Crane as Mavis Miller
Joyce Van Patten as Lola
Carol Bagdasarian as Maria
George Keymas as Orville Gopah
Mannix is assigned to investigate the homicide of an undercover police officer and locate an eyewitness who
was fronting for a citywide vice ring. [RF]

30Dec1967 CBS Sat
written by Sam Ross
directed by Laslo Benedek
guest stars
Julie Adams
Lynda Day
John Anderson
Sean McClory
Richard Merrifield
Ken Tilles
Dorothy Green
Dick Dial
Eddie Firestone
Roger Torrey
Joe Lo Presti
A beautiful blonde hires Mannix to investigate the mysterious actions of her father at a Mexico health ranch, run
exclusively for wealthy alcoholics. In order to gain admittance to the establishment, Mannix poses as an alcoholic. [RF]

1.15 [--] Mannix: THE FALLING STAR
06Jan1968 CBS Sat
written by Dorothy Herald
directed by Denis Sanders
guest stars
Jan Sterling as Ann Marian
Barbara Hunter as Carol
Marian Seldes as Ida Colby
Morgan Jones as Howard Pender
Otto Waldis as Otto Trenck
Lee Bergere as Steven Kosloff
Mickey Morton as Milt
Bobby Hall as Artie
Jack Baker as Dance Director
Richard Miller as Photographer
Quinn Redeker as Jim Dancy
Doug Henderson as Lockwood
Army Archerd as Himself
Rona Barrett as Herself
Mannix is assigned to investigate and protect a flamboyant motion-picture actress whose life is in jeopardy
after a time bomb is planted at her press conference. [RF]

13Jan1968 CBS Sat
written by Lew Erwin
directed by John Meredyth Lucas
guest stars
Peter Haskell
Karen Black
Harry Basch
Melinda Fee
Warren Kemmerling
Elisa Ingram
Wright King
Art Lewis
Steven Marlo
William O'Connell
Intertect investigator Mannix is hired to locate a suspected cop killer and homicidal maniac, whose lovely
wife might be his fourth victim. [RF]

1.17 [--] Mannix: DEADFALL (Part 1)
20Jan1968 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz
directed by Leonard J. Horn
guest stars
Antoinette Bower as Gail Mason
Beverly Garland as Edna Restin
Dana Elcar as Fred Restin
Nicholas Georgiade as Logan
Michael Tolan as Dr. Norman Forest
Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Andrew Josephus
Julian Burton as Justin Detwiler
Austin Willis as George Carlisle
Sidney Clute as Dr. Bernstein
Morgan Jones as Howard Pender
Jack Bernardi as Golf Ball Man
The strong friendship between Lew Wickersham and Mannix melts into a violent and deathly feud. The bitter
battle begins when Mannix launches an investigation into the theft of a highly secret formula for the development
of a laser ray. Stolen plans and sabotage involve Intertect and their agents. [RF]

1.18 [--] Mannix: DEADFALL (Part 2)
27Jan1968 CBS Sat
(credits same as pt 1 above)
Mannix goes undercover, pretending to be a murderer on the run, as he and Wickersham follow different paths
to the solution of a two-part episode. Both agents are led to the waterfront, where they are captured and
marked for death. [RF]

03Feb1968 CBS Sat
written by Dorothy Herald
directed by Lou Brandt
guest stars
Marianna Hill as Marcie
Scott Marlowe as Steve Cade
Howard Da Silva as Aram Karmalis
Mort Mills as Al
Charlie Wagenheim as Danny Boyle
Sid McCoy as Mallory
Barbara Baldavin as Arleen Cade
Jody Gilbert as Kitty
Vic Lundin as Tony
Morris Buchanan as Factotum
Jon Silo as Maitre'd
Harry Harvey Sr. as Proprietor
After resigning from the Intertect force to avoid an assignment, Mannix exposes a daring plot contrived of
fraud and murder. [RF]

1.20 [--] Mannix: ANOTHER FINAL EXIT (aka THE BOX)
10Feb1968 CBS Sat
written by Chester Krumholz & Teddi Sherman
directed by Ralph Senensky
guest stars
Larry Storch as Bernie Farmer
Jan Shepherd as Rose
Harry Landers as Jerome Gault
Grace Lee Whitney as Gloria
Paul Comi as Harry
Walter Brooke as Capt Wells
Aram Katcher as Samuel
Pamela Dunlap as Clarice
Dan Hanmer as Cokie
Jewell Lain as Stella
Amy Meagher as Secretary
Ernest Harada as Caterer
Hapless Bernie finds himself in deep trouble when a box that is supposed to hold $1 million dollars is empty,
upon the releasal of Inmate Jerome, he contacts Intertect to uncover the whereabouts of the missing money.
Mannix severs relations with Intertect and embarks upon a daring plan in which he deliberately flaunts himself
to attract the attention of an international narcotics ring that's marked him for murder. [RF]

1.21 [--] Mannix: EIGHT TO FIVE, IT'S A MIRACLE
17Feb1968 CBS Sat
written by Arthur Dales
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
William Smith as Salvatore Pucci
Jay Novello
Miriam Goldina
William Bryant
Bruce Gordon
Lilian Adams
Harry Harvey Sr
Larry Perkins
A blackmailer's plot to extort money in return for silence about the fraudulent perpetration of a holy miracle
lures Mannix into an emotionally charged investigation. [RF]

1.22 [--] Mannix: DELAYED ACTION
02Mar1968 CBS Sat
written by Barry Oringer
directed by Michael O'Herlihy
guest stars
Louise Sorel as Danielle Michaels/Mary Higgins
Walter Koenig as Harry
Ned Glass as Anthony R. Spinelli
Joel Fluellen as Sam Bailey
Richard Merrifield as Intern
Michael Greene as Warren
Ronald Long as Herbanoff
Craig Littler as Louie
Peggy Rea as Anne
John McLiam as Benny
Eddie Ryder as Richard
Richard Bull as Hood
Spinelli, a attempted murder victim's incoherent muttering of the name Mannix leads the detective to seek the
truth about a 20-year-old crime, which culminated in the bombing of The Daily Clarion, a local newspaper.
The placed burned down on Oct. 14, 1945, leaving several people dead and the owner of the paper Joe Higgins
guilty of the crime. After all these years of a cover-up the truth finally surfaces. [RF]

1.23 [--] Mannix: TO KILL A WRITER
09Mar1968 CBS Sat
written by Ben Gershman & David Braverman
directed by Charles R. Rondeau
guest stars
Michael Strong as Dwight West
Patti Chandler as Julie West
Paul Petersen as Dean Devlin
Larry D. Mann as Orlando Quinn
Shirley Bonn as Nikki Jason
Ted Cassidy as Felipe Montoya
Art Lewis as Stacey
David Fresco as Willie Lang
K.L. Smith as Swanson
Fay Spain as Landlady
Hired to protect the life of a controversial writer, Mannix uncovers an unsolved homicide committed six years ago. [RF]

1.24 [--] Mannix: THE GIRL IN THE FRAME
16Mar1968 CBS Sat
written by Wilton Schiller
directed by Barry Crane
guest stars
William Windom
Leslie Parrish
Sivi Aberg
Oscar Beregi
Arline Anderson
Martin Babcock
Arthur Bernard
Paul Mantee
A wealthy art collector fears he has purchased a forged Renoir when he glimpses a model identical to the girl
in the painting. Mannix succeeds in tracking down the model, but while the detective is questioning her they
both become the targets of a sniper. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 1 ###############

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