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Starring George Burns & Gracie Allen
Season 6 (CBS) (1955-56) (Filmed)
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######### The Burns And Allen Show ###########
############# season 6 1955-56 ###############
CBS Mondays 8:00 PM Eastern
37 episodes listed here
Film show nos. 121-157

6.01 [173] Burns and Allen: THE BURNSES AND MORTONS GO TO NEW YORK
(aka "Burnses Going to New York")
Film show no. 121
03Oct1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Guest cast:
Robert Carson.....Mr. Maddis
Damian O'Flynn....Mr. Meeker
Robert Spencer....2nd Reporter
Roy Glenn.......train porter
Jim Hayward.......train man
Synopsis 1:
Gracie mistakes a salesman for a famous scientist.
Synopsis 2:
On a train trip to New York, Harry Von Zell plans a publici ty photo with Gracie and an atomic scientist.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie mistakes a traveling salesman for one of the world's leadng atomic scientists.

6.02 [174] Burns and Allen: RONNIE ARRIVES
Film show no. 122
10Oct1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Synopsis 1:
Ronnie opts to study serious acting in New York.
Synopsis 2:
Son Ronnie Burns joins his parents as a regular member of the Burns and Allen cast. George and Gracie are taken aback when Ronnie arrives unexpectedly in New York. They are even more surprised to learn that he is enrolling in the Actors' Studio for study as a thespian. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Ronnie Burns surprises George and Gracie when he arrives unexpectedly in New York to enter an actor's school.

6.03 [175] Burns and Allen: RONNIE MEETS SABRINA
Film show no. 123
17Oct1955 CBS Mond ay 8pm
Synopsis 1:
George and Gracie are concerned when Ronnie begin s dating a sophisticated, older woman.
Synopsis 2:
Son Ronnie aspires to a part in a play about a young man in love with a middle-aged woman. For the sake of realism, he starts dating an "older woman." Paula Hill plays the "older woman." [JB]

6.04 [176] Burns and Allen: CHANGING NAMES
Film show no. 124
24Oct1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Synopsis 1:
Gracie discovers Ronnie wants to change his name.
Synopsis 2:
Ronnie Burns feels that his name will hinder his plans for a career as a dramatic actor. So that her son won't have to change his name, Gracie changes hers to Lola E. Benedict. Naturally George is the victim of Gracie's logic. [JB]

6.05 [177] Burns and Allen: HARRY MORTON'S COCKTAIL PARTY
Film show no. 125
31Oct1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Synopsis 1:
Gracie becomes a salesgirl i n a bookstore to help the sales of George's book.
Synopsis 2:
In orde r to help the sale of George's new book, Gracie and Blanche go down to the book store the day it goes on sale. In the crowded confusion, Blanche accuses an innocent man of being a masher, and soon regrets her mistake. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie and Blanche have an adventure with a masher.

6.06 [178] Burns and Allen: THE MUSICAL VERSION
Film show no. 126
07Nov1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Guest stars:
Mack Gordon....,.Himself
Robert Carson.....Mr. Maddis
Synopsis 1:
George and Gracie sing and dance and are joined by songwriter Mack Gordon.
Synopsis 2:
George and Gracie depart from their usual format to take a musical excursion into the past. Joined by songwriter Mack Gordon, the former vaudeville team sings and dances to "I Love Her, That's Why," "Never in a Million Years," "Stay as Sweet as You Are" and others. Meanwhile, oblivious to all this frivolity, Ronnie Burns and his girl friend Velma study a very dramatic script. [JB]

6.07 [179] Burns and Allen: RONNIE MOVES TO THE VILLAGE
Film show no. 127
14Nov1955 CBS (repeated 18June1956)
Cast includes:
Frank Wilcox.....Mr. Boardman
Hart Sprager.....Jim Boardman
Synopsis 1:
Worried about her son, Gracie shows up in his Greenwich Village apartment---disguised, to say the least.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie acts like a beatnik to dissuade Ronnie from moving to Greenwich Village.
Synopsis 3:
Ronnie moves out and George and Gracie have to check on his new quarters in Greenwich village. George is smarter than Gracie and just walks in, but Gracie is funnier with her cigarette holder and black wig. B est when the grownups are on. [18June1956 Chicago Tribune]
Synopsis 4:
Ronnie tries to affect the proper atmosphere as a background for his career as an actor. He forsakes the Burns household and takes an apartment in Greenwich Village. Disguised in a black wig with long cigarette holder, Gracie goes to the village to check up on her actor-son. [JB]

6.08 [180] Burns and Allen: GRACIE HELPS LOLA
Film show no. 128
21Nov1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Guest cast:
Barbara Knudsen....Lola (the waitress)
Peter Leeds.....Al (Lola's Boyfriend)
Thomas Browne Henry.....Mr. Channing
Robert Carson.......Mr. Maddis
Dick Elliott....restaurant customer
Synopsis 1:
Gracie ends up as a waitress when she tries to patch up a lovers' quarrel.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie helps a lovelorn hotel waitress.
Synopsis 3:
In trying to patch up lovers' spat between a waitress and a taxi driver, Gracie promises to wait on tables so the girl can take a full day off for beauty treatments. Barbara Knudson plays the waitress. [JB]

6.09 [181] Burns and Allen: ANNIVERSARY PARTY
Film show no. 129
28Nov1955 CBS Monday 8pm
Guest cast:
Frank Wilcox......Mr. Boardman
Hart Sprager.....Jim Boardman
Gracie ruins her own anniversary dinner while trying to reconcile an artist and his wife.

6.10 [182] Burns and Allen: GEORGE BECOMES A DICTATOR
Film show no. 130
05Dec1955 CBS
Guest cast:
Hayden Rorke......Mr. Howard
Judi Meredith....Velma Rogers
Peter Brocco.........Peter
Synopsis 1:
George changes from villain to hero in Ronnie's eyes.
Synopsis 2:
George gives hi s son Ronnie a "helping hand" by getting the boy a booking on a comedy show. Ronnie, who is far more interested in melodrama, considers the well-meant favor as treachery. Judi Boutin plays an actress.

6.11 [183] Burns and Allen: RONNIE'S ELOPEMENT
Film show no. 131
12Dec1955 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie thinks Ronnie is planning to elope with a beautiful salesgirl.
Synopsis 2:
A beautiful salesgirl gives Gracie a message for Ronnie and Gracie quickly puts two and two together and comes up with five.

6.12 [184] Burns and Allen: COMPANY FOR CHRISTMAS
Film show no. 132
19Dec1955 CBS
Guest cast:
Douglass Dumbrille
Synopsis 1:
Gracie tries to help the Mortons c ope with too many Christmas visitors.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie seeks Christmas lodgings for an old couple.
Synopsis 3 (video description):
George and Grace are spending Christmas with their ever-present neighbors, the Mortons. The confusion begins when Harry Morton books a room for his father (whom his wife, Blanche, cannot stand), just as Blanche Morton is enlisting Grace to help book a room for her brother (whom Harry cannot stand). As is bound to happen when Grace becomes involved, everything becomes muddled and soon there is no room and two guests coming. The highlight of this episode is Grace's foray into service, dressing up as a maid in a misguided attempt to secure an extra room.

6.13 [185] Burns and Allen: GRACIE PAWNS HER RING
Film show no. 133
26Dec1955 CBS
Guest cast:
Hart Sprager...Jim Boardman
Peter Brocco....Pe ter
Herb Vigran.....Cab Driver
Synopsis 1:
Gracie pawns her diamond ring to raise money for a play.
Synopsis 2:
In order to finance a play written by a school chum of Ronnie, Gracie pawns a diamond ring. Hart Sprager is seen as Jim Boardman. [JB]

6.14 [186] Burns and Allen: APPEARANCES ARE DECEIVING
Film show no. 134
02Jan1956 CBS (repeated 9July1956)
Guest cast:
Lisa Gaye......Mary Brewster
John Hoyt......Mr. Brewster
William Hayden....Elevator Operator
Fritzi Dugan......Maid
Synopsis 1:
A father mistakes a play rehearsal for a true-life indiscretion.
Synopsis 2:
A protective father finds his daughter with Ronnie.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie has a problem to handle when an overly protective father [John Hoyt] finds his daughter embracing Ronnie. (9July1956 Chicago Tribune)
Synopsis 4:
A pompous father caus es quite a commotion when he catches his daughter in the arms of Ronnie Burn s. He refuses to believe the youngsters are rehearsing a scene for a play. [JB]
Newspaper review:
A father catches his daughter necking with Ronnie. The best part is when Blanche, under orders from Gracie, makes a pass at the father.

6.15 [187] Burns and Allen: LET'S DANCE
Film show no. 135
09Jan1956 CBS (repeated 02Jul1956)
Guest cast:
Myrna Hansen......Marie
William Vedder......Mr. Jefferson
Thomas Browne Henry.....Mr. Channing
Synopsis 1:
Gracie sells tickets for a dance but misleads the men into thinking they will escort an attractive salesgirl.
Sy nopsis 2:
Gracie uses a cigarette counter girl as bait to boost the sale of tickets for Ronnie's school dance. [02Jul1956 Chicago Tribune]
Synopsis 3:
We have to be grateful for little favors during July and August. George and Gracie take things easy during the heat, but Myrna Hanson may raise your temperature and the spirits of the cigarette lobby. [02Jul1956 Chicago Tribune]
Synopsis 4:
In order to boost the sale of tickets for son Ronnie's school dance, Gracie rashly promises prospective customers they may a date with the pretty cigarette-counter salesgirl. Trouble starts when all the "dates" show up at the same time. Myrna Hansen is seen as Marie the salesgirl. [JB]

6.16 [188] Burns and Allen: GEORGE GOES SKIING
Film show no. 136
16Jan1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
In an effor t to get closer to Ronnie, George decides he learn how to ski.
Synopsis 2 :
Goaded by Gracie into being a better pal to son Ronnie, George joins his offspring on a jaunt to the ski slopes. [JB]

6.17 [189] Burns and Allen: RONNIE GETS AN AGENT
Film show no. 137
23Jan1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Jack Benny..........Himself
Walter Woolf King...Mr. Fletcher
Lyle Talbot.........Jack Devlin
Nancy Hadley........Sally Fletcher
Frances Mercer......Mrs. Fletcher
Lois Collier........Devlin's Secretary
Synopsis 1:
Jack Benny visits; Ronnie has trouble with a theatrical agent.
Synopsis 2:
Jack Benny finds George in a dither when he pays him a surprise visit. There are acrobats tumbling in the living room, Gracie is giving a dinner party for high society and Ronnie is having contract troubles with a theatrical ag ent. [JB]
6.18 [190] Burns and Allen: POLITENESS NEVER PAYS
Film show no. 138
30Jan1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie employs a gigolo to teach manners to George.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie tries to evoke some attention from George by making herself more alluring. When that doesn't seem to have any effect, she hires a gigolo! [JB]

6.19 [191] Burns and Allen: ALICE GETS MARRIED
Film show no. 139
06Feb1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie sets off a chain reaction when she starts a rumor about Harry Von Zell's love life. (Chicago Tribune)
Synopsis 2:
Von Zell fears his bachelorhood is in peril.
Synopsis 3:
That inveterate bachelor Harry von Zell learns that his long-time g irl friend is coming to New York and feels that his single status is in grave da nger. Gracie comes to the rescue by blithely broadcasting a marriage bulletin involving Harry von Zell and Marie, the cigarette girl in their hotel. Myrna Hansen is seen as Marie. [JB]

6.20 [192] Burns and Allen: GEORGE NEEDS GLASSES
Film show no. 140
13Feb1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Raymond Bailey....Dr. H. M. Bradley
Noel Grayton......Mr. Sheridan
Peter Brocco......Peter
Synopsis 1:
Gracie takes Harry Von Zell to the optometrist.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie mistakenly decides that George needs glasses.

6.21 [193] Burns and Allen: THE INDIAN POTENTATE
Film show no. 141
20Feb1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Donald Randolph...The Maharajah
Synopsis 1:
Gracie dons the garb of an Eastern princess in an endeavor to meet an Indian Maharaja. (Chicago Tribune)
Synopsis 2:
Gracie takes drastic measures to me et a maharajah.

6.22 [194] Burns and Allen: THE LADIES' CLUB
Film show no. 142
27Feb1956 CBS (repeated 06Aug1956)
Guest cast:
Doris Packer...Mrs. Somers
Katherine Warren...Mrs. Winstrel
Synopsis 1:
Gracie is considered for membership in a snooty club.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie is perplexed when Ronnie starts answering doorbells that don't ring. (Chicago Tribune)
Synopsis 3:
Even Gracie is perplexed by Ronnie's strange behavior. His actions are even more confusing when Gracie receives a visit from a society matron considering her membership in an elite women's club. Doris Packer is seen as Mrs. Somers and Katherine Warren is seen as Mrs. Winstrel. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
The club ladies of Oyster Bay are caught in a sea of confusion when they consider Gracie for membership in an exclusive club.
Newspaper review (06Aug56 repeat):
A repeat of the pleasant outing in whi ch Gracie met Mrs. Somers, the society matron, and tried to worm her way into an exclusive womens' club. The most fun is watching the straight laced Mrs. Somers as she attempts to follow Gracie's twisted mind.

6.23 [195] Burns and Allen: CYRANO DE BERGERAC
Film show no. 143
05Mar1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Hart Sprager.....Jim Boardman
William Schallert....Waiter
Thomas Browne Henry.....Mr. Channing
Synopsis 1:
George thinks he has discovered an acting genius in Ronnie. George Burns, Gracie Allen, Harry Von Zell, Ronnie Burns.
Synopsis 2:
Ronnie studies Jose Ferrer's readings of 'Cyrano de Bergerac' as an example of fine acting.
Synopsis 3:
Jose Ferrer's voice makes a guest appearance. Ronnie studies Ferrer's reading of "Cyrano de Bergerac" for his drama course. He silently mouths the record's dialog, to the con sternation of his father, who thinks he has discovered an acting genius in the family. [JB]

6.24 [196] Burns and Allen: THE STOLEN PLANTS
Film show no. 144
12Mar1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie is arrested for raiding flower beds in New York's Central Park.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie raids the flower beds at Central Park. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie eyes the jonquils of Central Park, thinking they would look lovely on her garden terrace. But her flower-picking leads to the city courtroom instead of the hothouse. [JB]

6.25 [197] Burns and Allen: THE ENGLISH PLAYWRIGHT
Film show no. 145
19Mar1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Paul Cavanagh.....Raymond Curtis
Synopsis 1:
Gracie coax es a playwright into writing a play for Ronnie. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Gracie tries to convince a British playwright to create a part for Ronnie in his new play.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie thinks she's helping Ronnie to win a role in a play by becoming a "widow." She tells the playwright Ronnie is her only means of support and asks him to write a role for Ronnie in his new play. The role of the playwright, Raymond Curtis, is played by Paul Cavanagh.

6.26 [198] Burns and Allen: A WEEKEND ON LONG ISLAND
Film show no. 146
26Mar1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie excludes George from her surprise party.
Synopsis 2:
George is angry when he is not invited to a surprise party Gracie is giving. [TA]

6.27 [199] Burns and Allen: THE NEWLYWEDS
Film show no. 147
02Apr1956 CBS
Guest cast:
El inor Donahue.....Emily Vanderlip
Synopsis 1:
Chaperoning proves exhausting for Gracie.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie accepts the responsibility of acting as a chaperon for an attractive young girl.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie acts as chaperone for visiting Emily Vanderlip (Elinor Donahue).

6.28 [200] Burns and Allen: NIGHT OF VAUDEVILLE
Film show no. 148
09Apr1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Jay Wheeler
Judy Clark
Don Zeena
Bill Lloyd
Synopsis 1:
George and Gracie stage a vaudeville show to raise money for Ronnie's acting school.
Synopsis 2:
George stages a fund-raising vaudeville revival.

6.29 [201] Burns and Allen: BURLESK (aka "Burlesque")
Film show no. 149< BR>16Apr1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Jack Albertson...Bozo Schultz
Hart Sprage... ...Jim Boardman
Sylvia Lewis.....Goldie Green
Frank Wilcox.....Mr. Boardman
Synopsis 1:
Ronnie gets a job in a burlesque theater, and Gracie and Blanche pose as chorus girls to check on him.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie keeps an eye on burlesque-bound Ronnie.

6.30 [202] Burns and Allen: THE RIGHT PEOPLE
Film show no. 150
23Apr1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Doris Packer.....Mrs. Sohmers
Hayden Rorke.....Alfred Tyler Griffin
Synopsis 1:
Gracie thinks Ronnie is getting married.
Synopsis 2:
When it appears that a pretty young girl has fallen for son Ronnie, Gracie mistakenly thinks the two are planning to be married. [JB]

6.31 [203] Burns and Allen: THE MAGIC ACT
Film show no. 151
30Apr1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Harry B. Mendoza...The Gr eat Mendoza
Donald Kerr......Stagehand
Damian O'Flynn....Mr. Colton
Synopsis 1:
Gracie turns the tables during a magic performance.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie thinks George has an opportunity to star in a Western without her. She promptly gets herself booked into a magic act, since she doesn't want to stand in George's way. [JB]

6.32 [204] Burns and Allen: A PARIS CREATION
Film show no. 152
07May1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Jacqueline Beer.....Yvette
Steven Geray......Gaston Broussard
Adelle August.....Stewardess
Donald Lawton.....Clerk
Benny Rubin.......Englishman
Synopsis 1:
Gracie takes a dress to its designer in Paris for alterations.
Synopsis 2:
When Gracie expresses dissatisfaction with a new dress, George makes the mistake of telling her to take it back to the designer. The designer happens to be in Paris! [JB]
Synopsis 3:
George thoughtlessly advises Gracie to take a dress back to its designer and finds himself on a plane to Paris.

6.33 [205] Burns and Allen: BACK FROM PARIS
Film show no. 153
14May1956 CBS
Guest cast:
Steven Geray....Gaston Broussard
Synopsis 1:
Gracie makes a run on all the dress shops in Paris.
Synopsis 2:
En route home from their trip to Paris, George is astounded to learn that Gracie plans to open a dress shop of her own. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie leaves Paris behind but not before taking enough dresses to start a shop of her own.
Newspaper review:
Sitting in a sidewalk cafe, Gracie confuses the customs men and an understanding waiter. Light and pleasing fare, as usual.
&nbs p;
6.34 [206] Bur ns and Allen: THE 24 DRESSES
Film show no. 154
21May1956 CBS (repeated 27Aug1956)
Guest cast:
Doris Packer....Mrs. Sohmers
Synopsis 1:
George refuses to help Gracie open a dress shop.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie's scheme to open a dress shop is squelched by George.
Synopsis 3:
George and Gracie are still at odds about her idea of opening a dress shop. Gracie tries to find a way to get around George's veto. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
George is not the least bit happy with the souvenirs Gracie is bringing home from their visit in Paris. She has enough gowns to open a dress shop, and that's just what she plans to do. [JB]
Newspaper review:
Gracie is delightful, hiding 24 dresses from husband George after being ordered to send them back. George takes time out now and then to confer with the audience, a routine which works out smoothly. Good show.
&n bsp;
6.35 [207] Burns and Allen: RONNIE IS LOVESICK
Film show no. 155
28May1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
Gracie thinks Ronnie has joined the Foreign Legion after he is dumped by his French girlfriend.
Synopsis 2:
When Gracie spies Ronnie's costume for a play she jumps to the erroneous conclusion he has joined the Foreign Legion to forget the girl he met in Paris. She tries to solve the problem by introducing Ronnie to another girl. [JB]

6.36 [208] Burns and Allen: THE NIGHT OUT
Film show no. 156
04Jun1956 CBS
Guest cast:
John Hoyt.....Mr. Brewster
Synopsis 1:
Gracie suspects George has had a secret night out.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie doesn't know that Harry von Zell has borrowed George's topcoat. When a hat-check girl comes to the house to return the coat, Gracie thinks that George has had a night out on the town. [JB]
Newspaper review:
George gets locked in the massage room at the Friars' club. But it's Gracie's report to the police on George as a missing person that gets the biggest laughs. There's also an amusing bit with Harry Von Zell over a borrowed topcoat.

6.37 [209] Burns and Allen: THE TRIPLE SURPRISE PARTY
Film show no. 157
11Jun1956 CBS
Synopsis 1:
George tries to keep a party a secret from Gracie.
Synopsis 2:
George gives a surprise party for Harry Morton but pretends it's for Ronnie.

--------Summer Reruns (18Jun1956 - 03Sep1956)--------

18Jun1956 - Repeat of 6.07 ("Ronnie Moves to the Village" 14Nov1955)
25Jun1956 - Repeat of 6.04 ("Changing Names" 24Oct1955)
02Jul1956 - Repeat of 6.15 ("Let's Dance" 09Jan1956)
09Jul1956 - Repeat of 6.14 ("Appearances are Deceiving" 02Jan1956)
16Jul1956 - Repeat of 6.19 ("Alice Gets Married" 06Feb1956)
23Jul1956 - Repeat of 6.24 ("The Stolen Plants" 12Mar1956)
30Jul1956 - Repeat of 6.21 ("The Indian Potentate" 20Feb1956)
06Aug1956 - Repeat of 6.22 ("The Ladies' Club" 27Feb1956)
13Aug1956 - Repeat of 6.23 ("Cyrano de Bergerac" 05Mar1956)
20Aug1956 - Pre-empted for the GOP Convention
27Aug1956 - Repeat of 6.34 ("The 24 Dresses" 21May1956)
03Sep1956 - Repeat of 6.06 ("The Musical Version" 07Nov1955)

######### The Burns And Allen Show ###########
############### end of season 6 ##############

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