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Starring George Burns & Gracie Allen
Season 1 (CBS) (1950-51) (Live)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: 
Tom Alger [TA] Jim Brent [JB] Robert Leszczak [RL]
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######### The Burns And Allen Show ###########
############# season 1 1950-51 ###############
################ (live shows) ################
CBS Thursdays 8:00 PM Eastern (fortnightly)
Alternating with  Starlight Theatre (CBS)(1950-51) "live" Dramatic Anthology

1.01 [--] Burns and Allen: THE KLEEBOB CARD GAME (aka "Book Salesman")
Live show no. 1
12Oct1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
Director: Ralph Levy
Guest Cast:
The Skylarks....Themselves
Henry Jones.....Encyclopedia Salesman
Synopsis 1:
In the opening episode, Gracie and Blanche want to go to the movies and George and Harry want to go to the fights.
George tries to trick Gracie with a made-up card game called "Kleebob".
Synopsis 2:
To get out of a dinner date with their wives, George and Harry concoct a fictional engag ement---the "Kleebob Card Game."
Synopsis 3:
A salesman tries to sell books to Gracie; George and Harry try to get out of taking their wives to the movies.
Synopsis 4:
George organizes a card game called Kleebob to decide whether the Burns and Mortons go to the fights or the movies. [PT]

[---] 19Oct1950 - The Show Goes On, with Robert Q. Lewis,
guests Gene Autry, Stanley Melba, Alfred Salmaggi. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

1.02 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #2
26Oct1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
Writers: Paul Henning, Sid Dorfman, Harvey Helm, and Willy Burns
Director: Ralph Levy
After going to an art museum, Gracie believes she can become a great artist. She begins her art career by painting a portrait of George.
[---] 02Nov1950 - The Show Goes On, with Robert Q. Lewis and guests. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

1.03 [--] Burns and Allen: THE PROPERTY TAX ASSESSOR
(aka "Gracie's Accident")
Live show no. 3
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Gracies Accident Part 1
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Gracies Accident Part 2
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Gracies Accident Part 3
09Nov1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
Guest Cast:
Bob Sweeney.....Mr. Sweeney
Ellen Handley....Herself
Marilyn Clark....Miss Jones
Synopsis 1:
Gracie finds a dent in the fender of the car. To keep George from noticing, she tries to convince George that
the Burnses and Mortons should walk to a football game rather than drive.
Synopsis 2:
A real-estate tax man speaks with Gracie; Gracie thinks she dented George's car.
Synopsis 3:
In his opening monologue, George talks about his honeymoon with Gracie. In act one, Gracie is visited by a property tax
assessor. George introduces musical guest Ellen Handley, who sings "New Sun in the Sky." In act two, Gracie
finds a dent in the car. Wanting to g et the dent fixed before George finds out, Gracie enlists Bill Good man and Miss
Jones (Marilyn Clark) to borrow the vehicle. After that fails, Gracie insists they walk 5 miles to a football game. [TA]

[---] 16Nov1950 - Starlight Theatre: "Welcome Home," with Robert Weber and Dorothy Rohr. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

Live show no. 4
23Nov1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Secretary Part 1
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Secretary Part 2
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Secretary Part 3
Guest Cast:
Harrison Muller Sr....Himself
Bob Fosse....Himself
Camilla DeWitt....Geraldine Bojus
Jim Benson....Radio Announcer
Synopsis 1:
When Harry Morton hires a new secretary, Blanch and Gracie suspect that he has hired a beautiful girl.
Synopsis 2:
Blanche believes Harry's secretary is a beautiful woman; George and Gracie have a dinner party.
Synopsis 3:
Blanche is jealous when she hears Harry has hired an attractive n ew secretary.

[---] 30Nov1950 - Starlight Theatre: "Before You Came Along," with Wendy Barrie and Frank Albertson. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

1.05 [--] Burns and Allen: GRACIE'S CHECKING ACCOUNT
Live show no. 5
07Dec1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
Guest Cast:
Danny Taxi.....Vanderlip
Bert Soran....Motorcycle Cop
Synopsis 1:
Gracie returns George's Xmas gifts before he has seen them because he always exchanges them anyway. The banker,
Mr. Vanderlip has a talk with the Burnses about Gracie's odd check writing system.
Synopsis 2:
George's banker tries to cancel Gracie's checking account; Gracie has a run-in with a traffic cop.

[---] 14Dec1950 - Starlight Theatre: "A Man Is Born," with Janis Carter and Richard Webb. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

1.06 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #6
21Dec1950 CBS Thursday 8:00pm
At Christmas, Gracie tells about the Christmases she had as a child.
--Same episode?
"Gracie's Christmas Present for George"
Gracie tries to surprise George.

[---] 28Dec1950 (New York City) - Starlight Theatre: "Two White Horses,"
with Lee Bowman, Mary Sinclair, Ralph Riggs. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

1.07 [--] Burns and Allen: RHUMBA LESSONS (DVD title)
Live Show no. 7
28Dec1950 CBS Hollywood air date / (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 04Jan1951)
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Dance Lessons Part 1
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Dance Lessons Part 2
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Dance Lessons Part 3
Synopsis 1:
George and Harry need dancing instruction, but don't want it.
Synopsis 2:
The women enroll the men in a dance class. The men fake backaches...until they get a look at the instructor!
The first show broadcast live from Hollywood. (video description)

From 28Dec1950 through September 1951, "Burns and Allen" was shown live only on the West Coast.
The eastern part of the country, including New York City and Chicago, viewed kinescopes of these episodes two weeks later.
(The exception is the 28Dec1950 episode, which is believed to have been delayed by one week.)
Live coast-to-coast television would not become available until 30Sep1951.

1.08 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #8
04Jan1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 18Jan1951)
Guest Cast:
Jack Benny...Himself
Looking at the calendar, Gracie finds that a date has been circled. But why?
Synopsis 2:
Jack Benny is a guest at Gracie's party. [PT]
Synopsis 2:
Gracie has the word "party" circled on her calendar, and assumes she's having a party for George; she knows
it's not his birthday; so she creates a day for him. Watc h for a surprise ending featuring a very special guest star!
This episode is the first to star John Brown in the role of Harry Morton. George breaks character to introduce him.

[---] 11Jan1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Relatively Speaking

1.09 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #9
18Jan1951 CBS Hollywood air date /   (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 01Feb1951)
Synopsis 1:
George and Harry Morton want to go duck hunting, but Gracie and Blanche want to go to Palm Springs.
Synopsis 2:
George arranges for a phony doctor to advise against a visit to humid Palm Springs. [PT]

[---] 25Jan1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Be Nice to Mr. Campbell"

1.10 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #10
01Feb1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 15Feb1951)
Synopsis: Gracie finds a stray St. Bernard dog.

[---] 08Feb1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Julie"

1.11 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #11
15Feb1951 CBS Hollywood air date
(NYC & Chicago air date possibly 01Mar1951)
When Blanche discovers that Harry has been holding out money from his paycheck to go to the racetrack, she leaves
him and stays with the Burnses.
Synopsis 2 (probably the same episode):
Gracie brings the quarreling Mortons together against their better judgment, then arranges for Harry to give Blanche a new mink coat. (01Mar1951 Chicago edition TV Guide) [JB]

[---] 22Feb1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Magic Wire"

1.12 [--] Burns and Allen: THE INCOME TAX MAN
Live show no. 12

01Mar1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (Chicago & NYC TV Guide date: 15Mar1951)
Writer: Willy Burns, Sid Dorfman
Director: Ralph Levy
Guest Cast:
Frank Jaquet....Miller the Baker
Joseph Kearns.....Ralph Hanley
Synopsis 1:
The income tax man gets frustrated trying to understand Gracie's tax deductions.
Synopsis 2:
An accountant (Joseph Kearns) copes with Gracie's creative tax records; a visit from the neighborhood baker.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie drives an income tax expert crazy. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
Gracie throws an income tax expert and George into a state of mathematical jitters when she tells them her
peculiar plan to reduce taxes to zero. [JB]

[---] 08Mar1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Miss Buell"

1.13 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #13
15Mar1951 CBS Hollywood air date  /  (Chicago TV Guide date: 29Mar1951)
The Va nderlips are having a dinner party, but have not invited Blanche and Harry.
--Same episode?
Synopsis (29Mar1951 Chicago TV Guide):
When George makes the statement that the cost of living has risen because the dollar is worth only 60 cents
Gracie counters with a proposition. [JB]

[---] 22Mar1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Flaxen-Haired Mannequin"

1.14 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #14
29Mar1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (Chicago TV Guide date: 12Apr1951)
Synopsis 1:
Gracie witnesses an car accident that involves gangster Johnny Velvet. Velvet and his attorney try to
intimidate Gracie into testifying in his favor.
Synopsis 2:
Despite threats by plaintiff, defendant and thugs, Gracie's testimony is something new in jurisprudence. [JB]

[---] 05Apr195 1 - Starlight Theatre: "Season for Marriage"
1.15 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #15
12Apr1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 26Apr1951)
Live Show #15
Synopsis 1:
George is sick. People keep bringing him food to help him gain strength and recover.
Synopsis 2:
George is ill but get-well food can't seem to reach him. [PT]

[---] 19Apr1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Magnificent Faker"

1.16 [--] Burns and Allen: TEENAGE GIRL SPENDS THE WEEKEND
(alternate DVD titles: "Emily Vanderlip Stays with The Burnses," "Teen Visit" and "Harry's Tulips")
Live show no. 16
26Apr1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (Chicago TV Guide date: 10May1951)
Sponsored by Carnation Evaporated Milk
Guest Cast:
Jean Mahoney....Emily Vanderlip
Bill Foster......Chuck (Emily's boyfriend)
Synopsis 1:
In his opening monologue, George talks about high bill s from the plumber and refrigerator repairman. In the sketch,
while her parents are out of town, 17-year-old Emily Vanderlip spends the weekend with the Burnses. A confused Gracie
tries to help Emily with her schoolwork. Gracie tells George about her own teenage years and her older brother Jim.
Emily and her date Chuck do a dance demonstration for the Burnses. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Gracie entertains a visiting teenage neighbor, and George can't get used to the current young fads.
Bea Benaderet and John Brown appear as the Mortons.
Synopsis 3 (TV4u.com):
Gracie runs over some of Harrys tulips. In this episode Harry is played by John Brown.
Note: TV4u.com titles this episode "Harry's Tulips," which is a bit misleading. Instead of being a main
storyline, the Harry's tulips are only discussed in a conversation between Blanche and Harry.

[---] 03May 1951 - Starlight Theatre: "I Guess There Are Other Girls"

1.17 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #17
10May1951 CBS Hollywood air date
(Chicago & NYC TV Guide date: 24May1951)
Synopsis 1:
Harry Morton sells a lot in the neighborhood to some out-of-state people.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie (not to mention George's singing) discourages prospective neighbors. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie welcomes the Andersen's from Minnesota who are thinking of buying property in her neighborhood. [JB]

[---] 17May1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

1.18 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #18
24May1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (NYC & Chicago air date possibly 07June1951)
The Vanderlips plan a costume party. To get ideas on costumes, Gracie goes to a travel agency to look at the photos in the brochures.
Note: With this episode, John Brown was replaced by Fred Clark.

[---] 31May1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Comeback"

1.19 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #19
07June1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (Chicago & NYC TV Guide date: 21June1951)
Guest Cast:
Sarah Selby....Mamie Kelly
Gracie's old school friend Mamie Kelly visits the Burnses.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie welcomes an old school chum. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie receives a visit from an old school friend and the two women don't stop talking for three days. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
Gracie's old school chum has become an unwanted guest. [PT]

[---] 14June1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Fascinating Mr. Hogan"

1.20 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #20
21June1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (Chicago TV Guide date: 05July1951)
Harry Morton would rather go fishing than visit Blanche's mother.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie promises her friend Harry that she will play dumb to his devious devices to go fishing instead of visiting his mother-in-law. [JB]

[---] 28June1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Three Hours Between Planes"

1.21 [--] Burns and Allen: TOO MUCH OF THE MORTONS (DVD title) Live Show #21
05July1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (NYC & Chicago air date probably 19July1951)
Guest Cast:
Marc Cavell.....Bobby
Herb Vigran....Mr. Norman
George thinks that he and Gracie have been spending too much time with the Mortons.
Synopsis 2:
George's plan to trick the Mortons into going out of town so he and Gracie can have a weekend a lone backfires,
thanks to Gracie. (DVD description)
Synopsis 3 (same episode?):
Gracie copes with termites. (from 19Jul1951 NYC TV Guide) [JB]

[---] 12July1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Big Head" with Dickie Moore.

1.22 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #22
19July1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (Chicago & NYC TV Guide date: 02Aug1951)
Synopsis 1:
Gangster Silky Thompson wants to move into George and Gracies's neighborhood.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie meets a gangster. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie's first impression is not to keep gangster Silky Thompson from the neighborhood, but when she meets him.... [JB]
Synopsis 4:
Residents have started a petition to stop a gangster mov­ing into the neighborhood. [PT]
[---] 26July1951 - Starlight Theatre: "In a Military Manner"
1.23 [--] Burns and Allen: GRACIE AND BLANCHE BECOME VEGETARIANS (DVD title)
Live show no. 23
02Aug1951 CBS Hollywood air date / (Chicago & NYC air date probably 16Aug1951)
Gracie and Blanche get interested in dieting and get their club involved with the author of a diet book.
Synopsis 2:
The girls go on a health kick and decide to serve nothing but fruits and vegetables. George and Harry (played by Fred Clark) are not happy.
Synopsis 3:
George and Harry rebel at the health food their wives insist on serving them. [PT]

[---] 09Aug1951 - Starlight Theatre: "With Abited Breath"

1.24 [--] Burns and Allen: SPACE PATROL KIDS VISIT
Live show no. 24
16Aug1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (NYC TV Guide date: 30Aug1951)
Guest Cast:
Sarah Selby.....Mamie Kelly
Jeri Lou James....Cherrie Kelly
Pierre Watkin.....Mo rtimer Douglas
Linda Plowman......Jessie Kelly
Jill St. John......Jill Kelly
Harry Von Zell joins the cast.
Synopsis 1:
Trouble starts when Mamie Kelly and her three children park their trailer in the Burns backyard.
Synopsis 2:
George and Gracie play host to three girls; Gracie interviews the school's principal; George writes a speech.
Synopsis 3:
Gracie's childhood pal parks awhile. [JB]
Synopsis 4:
George regrets allowing a woman with three children to park her trailer in the backyard. [PT]

[---] 23Aug1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Lunch at DiSalvo's"

1.25 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #25
30Aug1951 CBS Hollywood air date
(NYC TV Guide date: 13Sept1951)
Synopsis 1:
Gracie gets into trouble ordering appliances from a real-estate client of Harry Morton.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie buys o n a discount. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie learns she can make lots of savings by buying things wholesale. [PT]
Note: Bill Goodwin's final appearance.

[---] 06Sept1951 - Starlight Theatre: "Act of God Non-withstanding"

1.26 [--] Burns and Allen: Live Show #26
(DVD title: "Gracie Throws a Wedding")
13Sept1951 CBS Hollywood air date /  (NYC TV Guide date: 27Sept1951)
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Home Wedding Part 1
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Home Wedding Part 2
George Burns and Gracie Allen Show - Home Wedding Part 3
Synopsis 1:
Gracie invites problems by holding a home wedding.
Synopsis 2:
Gracie plans a wedding without a bride. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
Gracie plans a wedding and strange bells ring in George's head. [JB]
(Aired 9Oct1951 on WNAC-7, Boston, Tuesday 10:30pm)
Synopsis 4:
Gracie throws a wedding at the Burnses' for a friend's daughter, and drives the caterer, the florist,
the participants, and all else crazy in the process. Once again, George stops the action and introduces
Harry Von Zell as the show's new announcer!

[---] 20Sep1951 - Starlight Theatre: "The Gravy Train" with Dane Clark, Elinor Lynn, Loring Smith. (CBS Thursday 8:00pm)

######### The Burns And Allen Show ###########
############### end of season 1 ##############

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