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 Season 2 (WNDT/WNET) (1967-68)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, Tom Alger
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############## NET Playhouse ##############
############ season 2 1967-68 #############


2.01 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 1)
08Sep1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Cast includes:
Ichizo Itami .... Prince Genji
First of eight programs based on the Japanese tale about the charming and irrestible Prince Genji. (New York Times) [TA]

2.02 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 2)
15Sep1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Second in a series of eight programs based on the ancient Japanese classic about amorous pursuits of 11th century prince.
(New York Times) [TA]

2.03 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 3)
22Sep1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
The third in a series of eight programs based on the ancient Japanese classic.

2.04 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 4)
29Sep1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Fourth in a series.

2.05 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 5)
06Oct1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri

2.06 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 6)
13Oct1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Ichizo Itami ......... Genji
Chiyoko Honma .... Tamakazura
Choichiro Kawasaki .... Chujo
Chieko Sakurada .... Ukon
Masakazu Tamura ..... Yugirl
Genji finds the daughter of his murdered mistress, and then begins the delicate task of uniting the young girl with
her real father - Genji's archrival. English translation is provided in a voice-over sound track. [TA]

2.07 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 7)
20Oct1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri

2.08 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part 8)
27Oct1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
The last of a series of eight programs based on the ancient Japanese classic, "The Tale of Genji."

2.xx [---] NET Playhouse: THE TALE OF GENJI (Part number not known) [RF]
29Dec1967 [RF]
NYC airdate not known
Ichizo Itami ......... Genji
Manami Fuji .......... Murasaki
Mariko Kaga .......... Sanomiya
Genji's wife dies, leaving him to ponder his many thoughtless flirtations. [RF]


03Nov1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Play by Pulitzer Prize winning poet-playwright Archibald MacLeish
Cast includes:
John Beal
Royal Beal
Gary Burghoff
Quality entertainment and television can be consistent as is proven on the NET Playhouse with the debut of an
Archibald MacLeish play, "An Evening's Journey to Conway, Mass." Originally written as a bicentennial salute to
the author's hometown, the play tells of a young man's boredom with life in the town and his over-powering ambition
to leave. As he stands in front of the local hangout with other youngsters he is set to thinking of the town's past
and goes back into the area's history of what brought the place into being and of the blood and tears that contributed to
its stability from the days of the Revolutionary War to today. Gary Burghoff is featured. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.10 [---] NET Playhouse: NEXT TIME I'LL SING TO YOU  (2hrs)  (US Production)
10Nov1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10:30pm / 16Jan1968 [RF] / 02Feb1968 [RF]
Performed by the UCLA Theater Group
Carol Booth
Nigel McKeand ....... Meff
Patrick Horgan ...... Dust
Robert Casper ....... Hermit
This drama about the loneliness of man focuses on an English hermit who secluded himself for 36 years. [RF]
Performed by the Theatre Group of Los Angeles. [RF]
NET Playhouse presents a provocative play titled "Next Time I'llSing To You," based on the book "A Hermit Disclosed."
This work studied the famed hermit of Great Canfield, Essex, England, who lived in self-imposed solitude for 36 years.
The play attempts an exploration of the inescapable isolation of the human being and through it the essence of existence.
It reaches no conclusions, but through sometunes witty and sometimes heady dialogue, is a thoughtful piece of literature
with no stage trappings to distract or discolor the fundamentals of the discourse. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

[--] 17Nov1967 NYC - Repeat of "An Enemy of the People" (first aired 02Dec1966 NYC)

2.11 [---] NET Playhouse: A CHOICE OF KINGS (90 min) (UK-Redifussion Television Production)
(first shown in the UK on the the ITV Network "Play Of The Week" 11-Oct-1966)
24Nov1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30pm
Michael Craig ....... Harold, Earl of Wessex
John Glover ......... William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy
John Mortimer's drama of political intrigue, set in 1064, concerning the question of succession to the English throne.
(New York Times) [TA]

2.12 [---] NET Playhouse: DUBLIN ONE (1hr 15mins) (Irish Production)
01Dec1967 WNDT-13 Fri 8:50-9:45pm / 02Feb1968 [RF]
Donal Donnelly
Martin Dempsey
James Joyce short stories from his "Dubliners" collection, are dramatized by Ireland's Abbey Players. [RF]
NET Playhouse offers a selection of five James Joyce short stories titled "Dublin One" and adapted for television as
different ages in the lives of its citizenry by Irish playwright Hugh Leonard. The ages and their parallel pieces are:
childhood ("An Encounter"); adolescence ("Two Gallants"); maturity ("Counterparts") and public life ("Grace" and
"Ivy Day in the Committee Room"). Basically a portrait of the "lackluster lives of the Dublin inhabitants and their
inertia, the Joyce characters are brought to life by Dublin's famed Abbey Players. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.13 [---] NET Playhouse: THE SUCCESSOR (90 min) (UK-Anglia Television Production)
(first shown in the UK on the ITV Network "Play Of The Week" 13-Sep-1965)
08Dec1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 29Dec1967 [RF]
Rupert Davies ...... Cardinal of Bologna
Cyril Luckham ...... Cardinal Dean
Alan Wheatley ...... Cardinal of Palermo
Peter Copley ....... Cardinal Ricci
Jonathan Burns ............ Father Bianchi
This play focuses on the deliberations of a convention  of Catholic cardinals as they elect a new pope. [RF]
The successor dramatizes a papal election. This critically acclaimed play probes into the deliberations of the College
of Cardinals, exploring the problems, pressures and personalities of the church leaders and their high office. [RF]

2.14 [---] NET Playhouse: "INFANCY" AND "CHILDHOOD" (60 mins) (country?)
15Dec1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 07Jan1968 [RF]
cast of "Infancy":
Tony Hendra and Nic Ullet ... The Babies
Eileen Brennan ... Millie
Fred Gwynne ... Officer Avonzino
Evellyn Foster ... Mrs. Boker
cast of "Childhood":
Frances Sternhagen
George Rose
Julie Herrod
Two critically acclaimed, one-act dramas by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Thornton Wilder.
 Both works deal with the lack of communication between children and their parents. [RF]

2.15 [---] NET Playhouse: THE EDWARDIANS #2 - MID-CHANNEL (1hr 15mins) (UK-Granada Television Production)
(First broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network "Play of The Week" pt.2 of the 4 part series "The Edwardians" 10-May-1965)
22Dec1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Written by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, English dramatist.
Bernard Archard
Pauline Jameson
Synopsis 1:
English playwright Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's drama about the destruction of a 14-year-old marriage. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A middle-aged husband and his young wife are torn apart by their very desire to remain together. (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Mid-Channel," Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's drama of a young wife and her middle-aged husband who are torn apart by their
very desire to remain together, will be seen on NET Playhouse at 8:30 p.m. Friday. The play gets its title from a
dangerously shallow sandbar in the middle of the English Channel an appropriate symbol for the story which deals with
a childless marriage, suddenly shipwrecked after 14 years. Bernard Archard plays the embittered husband, who, realizing
the futility of their marriage, causes the death of his young wife, Zoe. Pauline Jameson portrays his doomed partner.
"Mid-Channel" was written in 1909, the year Pinero was knighted and was first produced that September at St. James Theater
in London. Twenty-five years later Pinero died at the age of 79, one of the English theater's most brilliant craftsmen
and innovators. A leading exponent of the "well-made play," he had put his hand to over 40 dramatic works including
'The Second Mrs. Tanqueray" and "Trelawney of the Walls." [TA]


2.16 [---] NET Playhouse: YES IS FOR A VERY YOUNG MAN (2hours 10mins) (US Production)
29Dec1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 30Dec1967 [RF] / 09Feb1968 (rerun) [RF]
play by Gertrude Stein
Lisa Richards ...... Denise
Burr de Benning .... Ferdinand
Paul Benedict ...... Henri
During the Nazi occupation of France, members of a rural family in Savoy are torn
between duty to France and a desire for personal revenge. [RF]

2.17 [---] NET Playhouse: AUTO STOP (1hr 15 min) (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "The Wednesday Play" 21-Apr-1965)
05Jan1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri (rebroadcast 08Aug69) [RF]
Script by Alan Seymour
Directed by Brian Parker
David Hemmings ..... Henry
John Trigger ....... Aryan
Delphi Lawrence .... Federika
David Lander ....... Ernie
Gino Melvazzi ...... Pietro
Janice Dinnen ...... Moya
Katherine Schofield .. Karin
Bettine le Beau .... Maria
Catherine Griller .. Rosaleen
Synopsis 1:
This drama of a young man's summer odyssey in search of maturity and worldly experience. Henry, a callow English youth,
is rejected by Federika, the older and more sophisticated woman he has fallen in love with. She says, in effect, come back
when you've grown up. Wounded but still hopeful, Henry decides to grow up by experiencing Europe, and he embarks on a
hitchhiker's journey across the Continent in a determined quest for manhood. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Henry's hitchhiking journey across the Continent, a trek that includes romantic interludes, a "Dolce Vita" party in
Rome and an encounter with a Neo-Nazi, all part of his growing up. [RF]

[---] 12Jan1968 NYC - Repeat of "The Journey of the Fifth Horse" (first aired 14Oct1966 NYC)

2.18 [---] NET Playhouse: HOME (90mins)
19Jan1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10
Written by Megan Terry, author of "Viet Rock"
Irene Dailey ........ Ruth
Roger Davis ......... Roy
Dixie Marquis ....... Cynthia
Synopsis 1:
A commentary on the effects of the population explosion. The action focuses on nine individuals who occupy a honeycomb
of small rooms. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
NET Playhouse presents an unusual musical drama on the over-population threat titled "Home." The work of Megan Terry,
who authored the controversial musical play "Viet Rock," the play sees in the future a honeycomb of small rooms in
which groups of people are born, live and die, without ever getting out. It concentrates on one of these rooms and
the nine people whose lives begin and end there. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.19 [---] NET Playhouse: A PASSAGE TO INDIA (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Play Of The Month" 16-Nov-1965)
26Jan1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm
Produced by the BBC
Adapted for TV by John Maynard
Based on the Santha Rama Rau's 1962 Broadway play
Dame Sybil Thorndike ..... Mrs. Moore
Zia Mohyeddin ....... Dr. Aziz (re-creating his stage role)
Cyril Cusack ........ Mr. Fielding
Virginia McKenna .... Adela Quested
Ishaq Bux ........... Qasim Ali
Michael Bates ....... Professor Godbole
Ronald Hines ........ Ronald Heaslop
A. Razzaq ... guide
E.M. Forster's novel is the basis of this play by Santha Rama Rau about Anglo-Indian relations in the 1920's.
(New York Times) [TA]
Set in the 1920's the drama opens in India with the arrival of Mrs. Moore, an Englishwoman who is visiting her son
Ronald and his fiancee Adela. Interested in learning about India, the two women become friendly with a young Indian doctor
- a casual breach of racial barrier that rapidly becomes a choking knot of bigotry and shattered friendships. [RF]
*Note: The late E.M. Forster's memorable novel "A Passage to India" is the source for this absorbing study of social
barriers. "A Passage to India" is considered to be Forster's masterpiece and attests to his gift for characterization
and subtlety in plot, wit and irony.

2.20 [---] NET Playhouse: THE LADY WITH THE DOG (75 min)
(1960 Russian film, originally titled "Dama s sobachkoj")
02Feb1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Cast includes:
Iya Savvina ... Anna Sergeyovna
Aleksey (Alexei) Batalov ... Dimitri Gurov
Nina Alisova ... Madame Gurov
Pantelejmon Krymov (Piotr Krimov) ... von Didenitz (Von Diederitz)
Dmitri Zebrov ... Frolov
A film of Anton Chekhov's story of a love affair between a bank official and a young woman.
(New York Times & Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A critically acclaimed 1960 Russian film. Based on the Anton Chekhov short story, the film focuses on the growing
love between a middle-aged bank clerk and a beautiful young woman, both already married. Set in the 19th Century,
the feature was cited for its realistic portrayal of background and people: "They have the appearance of newsreels
of sixty years ago, miraculously well photographed and clear." English subtitles. [TA]

2.21 [---] NET Playhouse: UNMAN, WITTERING AND ZIGO (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Theatre 625" 27-Jun-1965 BBC2)
09Feb1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri

Directed by Donald McWhinnie
Written by Cedric Messina
Peter Blythe ........ John Ebony
John Sharpe ......... Cary Farthingale
Tamara Hinchco ...... Nadia
Peter Howell ........ Headmaster
Noel Davis .......... Winstanley
Norman Wynne ........ Inspector
John Ebony, an idealistic young teacher, begins his career at the Chantry School. Enthusiasm, in short order, gives
way to uneasiness and fear. His pupils have made up their own class rules - and threaten him with the same punishment
meted out to his predecessor - death. [RF] [TA]

2.22 [---] NET Playhouse: CHARLEY'S AUNT (60 min.) (UK Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "The Sunday-Night Play" series 16-Apr-1961)(imdb)
16Feb1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Cast: (WNDT)
Richard Briers ... Lord Babberly/Aunt
Derrick Sherwin ... Jack Chesney
Raymond Clarke .... Charley Wykeham
Pauline Jameson ....Aunt
Diana Beerer ... Amy Spettigue
Cast: (imdb)( 16-Apr-1961) (possibly an earlier version)
Bernard Cribbins
Donald Wolfit

Brandon Thomas's classic romantic farce about an aristocratic Oxford student who is persuaded to impersonate a friend's
elderly aunt. It's all for the cause of preserving the honor of two young ladies, but complications develop when the real
aunt arrives on the scene. [TA]

2.23 [---] NET Playhouse: THE 39th WITNESS (60 min) (Country?)
23Feb1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:80-9:30pm
James Sweenie ...... Murderer
Alan North ......... Brent
Tom Lignon ......... Goldman
Synopsis 1:
On March 13, 1964 Kitty Genovese was brutally murdered on a New York City street. Thirty-eight of her neighbors either
saw the attack or heard her screams - but not one called the police. This fictionalized account of the homicide is
a comment on man's responsibility - or lack of it - in contemporary society. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
NET Playhouse presents "The 39th Witness" which is a dramatization of the murder of Kitty Genovese in Queens several
years ago. Writer Sol Stember uses as his theme the failure of responsibility in contemporary society suggested by the
Genovese case. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.24 [---] NET Playhouse: THE YOUNG ELIZABETH (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thursday Theatre" 24-Dec-1964)
01Mar1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Katharine Blake ... Mary Tudor
Scott Forbes ... Thomas Seymour
Valerie Gearson ... Elizabeth Tudor
The story concerns the perilous years between the death of Henry the VIII and the accession to the throne of his daughter,
Elizabeth. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.25 [---] NET Playhouse: THE EDWARDIANS #3 - OLIVE LATIMER'S HUSBAND (UK-Granada Television Production)
(First broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network "Play of The Week" pt 3 of the 4 pt series "The Edwardians" 17-May-1965)
08Mar1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:15pm
Barbara Jefford .... Olive Latimer
Robin Bailey
Sebastian Shaw
NET Playhouse presents an English thriller authored by Rodolph (Rudolph) Besier ("The Barretts of Wimpole Street")
in which Barbara Jefford stars in the title role of "Olive Latimer's Husband." Miss Jefford portrays a beautiful widow
who becomes the "number one" suspect following the mysterious death of her husband. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
"Olive Latimer's Husband" by Rudolph Bcsicr is a murder mystery about a woman who hastens the death of her rich husband.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.26 [---] NET Playhouse: JULIUS MONK'S 'PLAZA 9'
15Mar1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Synopsis (newspaper article):
The new morality, singles' bars, psychedelic drugs, Charles de Gaulle, Great Society and the coming election will be
some of the topics handled with hilarious irreverence when NET Playhouse presents America's most celebrated revue,
Julius Monk's "Plaza 9."
The Program taped at New York's famous Plaza Hotel, the company's home since 1952, will be seen on Friday, March 15 at 8:30.
Julius Monk has assembled outstanding numbers from his current production and from, earlier revues for this special
NET Playhouse presentation.
One of the original producers of the sophisticated cafe form in the United States, Julius Monk's career has embraced
over thirty years in the entertainment field. His name is synonymous with such night spots as Le Ruban Bleu, the Downstairs,
and the Upstairs at the Downstairs and his roster of notable alumni include Liberace, Imogene Coca, Tom Poston,
Jonathan Winters, Dody Goodman and Tammy Grimes. (Schenectady NY Gazette)

2.27 [---] NET Playhouse: DEFECTION! THE CASE OF COLONEL PETROV (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Play Of The Month" series 27Sep66)
22Mar1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10:15pm
Lee Montague
Nigel Stock
Synopsis 1:
"Defection! The case of Colonel Petrov" is Donald Bull's play based on the book by Michael Bialoguski, the Australian
intelligence agent assigned to Colonel Petrov, a Soviet diplomat who defected. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
NET Playhouse presents an absorbing drama titled "Defection: The Case of Col. Petrov' based on actual happenings and
asking the question "What is a traitor?" The definition revolves around a Russian-born Polish
citizen who has left his Iron Curtain cradle to live in Australia. But his past accompanies him when Russian intelligence
starts putting pressure on the man to work for and with them. Instead he joins Australian intelligence, playing the
dangerous game with the Russians. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.28 [---] NET Playhouse: DR. KNOCK (UK Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Theatre 625" 2-Jan-1966 BBC2)
29Mar1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri (repeated 25Oct1968 NYC)

A 1923 farce by French novelist-dramatist Jules Romains.
Leonard Rossiter .... Dr. Knock
John Le Mesurier .... Dr. Parpalaid
Renee Houston ....... Mme. Remy
Graham Armitage ..... M. Bernard
Robert Gillespie .... M. Mousquet
The comedy centers on the resourceful Dr. Knock, who drums up business for his newly acquired practice by turning
everyone within reach into a hypochondriac. [RF]

[---] 05Apr1968 NYC - Repeat of "Uncle Vanya" (first aired 10Feb1967 NYC)

2.29 [---] NET Playhouse: EVERYMAN (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Festival" series 20May64)
12Apr1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:45pm
Alan Dobie
Robie Chapman
Edward de Souza
Derek Birch
Sean Lynch
Ann Bell
Wendy Gifford
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse presents BBC's production of "Everyman," medieval morality play, given a jazz score, special visual
effects and done in modern dress. Allegory tells of Everyman's encounters with personified virtues
and vices, as well as...Death. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman)
Synopsis 2:
Modern-dress production of the most famous medieval morality play "Everyman" about man's journey through life with
Death attending his every step. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.30 [---] NET Playhouse: 1984 (UK-BBC Production)  (2hrs)
 (first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Theatre 625" 28Nov65 BBC2)
19Apr1968 NYC WNDT-13 Friday 8:30-10:45pm / 23Apr1968 Tuesday [RF]
BBC production of George Orwell's well-known prophetic novel
Teleplay by Nigel Krealo
David Buck .......... Winston Smith
Jane Morrow ........ Julia
Vernon Dobtcheff .. Goldstein
Joseph O'Coner ..... O'Brien
John Brandon ......... American General
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse presents the BBC's production of "1984," George Orwell's horrifying look into the future and how an
omnipresent 'big brother' watches every move and listens to every word of his 'brainwashed' subjects.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2 (newspaper photo caption):
Winston Smith, (David Buck), the tragic hero of "1984," a dramatized version of George Orwell's classic presented
on "NET Playhouse." (April 19, 1968 Waterville NY Times) [TA]
Synopsis 3:
A prophetic story about society in the dark future when the last spark of human dignity would be extinguished
by international totalitarianism.[RF]

2.31 [---] NET Playhouse: THE CHANGELING (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network "Play Of The Week: Blood and Thunder" series 4-Jan-1965)
26Apr1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse presents "The Changeling," beautifully staged Jacobean drama. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
"The Changeling" is a study of crime and its psychological effects by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

[---] 03May1968 NYC - Repeat of "Sponono" (first aired 14Apr1967 NYC)

2.32 [---] NET Playhouse: TRUMPETS OF THE LORD
10May1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm
James Earle Jones
Jane White
Lex Monson
Theresa Merritt
Billie Stewart
Bill Glover
Earl Baker
Milton Grayson
Bernice Hall
Albertine Robinson
NET Playhouse presents "Trumpets of the Lord" a magnificent potpourri of spirituals and sermons, based on African
-American poet James Weldon Johnson "God's Trembones," his collection of freeverse sermons.
The cast includes Lex Monson and Theresa Merritt (from the original off-Broadway production), James Earle Jones,
Jane White, Billie Stewart, Bill Glover, Earl Baker, Milton Grayson, Bernice Hall and Albertine Robinson.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.33 [---] NET Playhouse: ROSMERSHOLM (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Theatre 625" 26Sep65)
17May1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10:15pm
Dame Peggy Ashcroft
Knut Wigert
Mark Dignam
Morris Perry
John Laurie
Angela Baddeley
NET Playhouse presents a BBC production of Ibsen's tragic "Rosemersholm," his 1886 psychological downfall of a rebel
clergyman who meets his fate at the hands of his plotting housekeeper. Author Ann Jellicoe ("The Knack") adapted
the play. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

[--] 24May1968 NYC - Repeat of "The Battle of Culloden" (first aired 10Mar1967 NYC)

2.34 [---] NET Playhouse: THE EDWARDIANS #1 - THE WALLS OF JERICO (UK-Granada production)
(First broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network "Play of The Week" pt 1 of the 4 pt series "The Edwardians" 3-May-1965)
31May1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:80-9:45pm
Patrick Allen
Diana Fairfax
Nerys Hughes
Barbara Couper
Fulton McKay
Austin Trevor
Barrie Ingham
Mary Webster
NET Playhouse presents "The Walls of Jericho," a robust Edwardian drama by Alfred Sutro about a self-made man who
attempts to buy his way into London high society only to find it a 'drag', as well as his selfish 'high-brow' wife.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

[--] 07June1968 NYC - pre-empted
(According to the New York Times, WNDT-13 aired a show titled "Enface du Christ" in the 8-10pm Friday timeslot.
The theme of "Enface du Christ" is unknown, but much of WNDT-13's programming that day featured tributes to the late
Robert F. Kennedy.)

BBC Thirteen Against Fate (BBC1) (1966) UK Dramatic Anthology series
2.35 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #1 - THE LODGER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 19Jun66)
14June1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm (postponed from 07June1968)
Zia Mohyeddin
Gwendolyn Watts
Betty Baskomb
Gemma Jones
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse presents George Simnon's "The Lodger," a chilling cameo about a group of people who can not turn in a
fellow lodger, even though they know he's a murderer.
First in a series of thirteen plays based on the work of French author George Simenon, stars Zia Mohyeddin, young Pakistani
actor. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A young Turkish rug salesman hides out in a Brussels boarding house. Although the other lodgers In the household know he is a murderer, they cannot bring themselves to betray him to the police. [TA]

2.36 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #2 - TRAPPED (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 26Jun66)
NYC air date unknown
Although he is really innocent of the murder of his mistress, young Louis Bert has led a sordid life that works against
him and he is convicted of the crime. [TA]

2.37 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #3 - THE TRAVELLER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 3Jul66)
21June1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Hywel Bennett
Kenneth J. Warren
Anthony Shirbell
Made1eine Christie
Joan Young
Andre Van Gysegrem
Jocelyn Birdsall
Synopsis 1:
Gilles Mauvoisin, recently orphaned, returns to his late parents' home town to find he has inherited his rich uncle's
entire estate, as well as the results of the old man's corrupt strangle hold on the town. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The third of "Thirteen Against Fate" teleplays based on writings of George Simenon. "The Traveler" is a psychological
-thriller that revolves around the combination of a safe that might hold a telling secret.

2.38 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #4 - THE WIDOWER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 10Jul66)
28June1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Bernard Jeantet married his wife, Jeanne, a former prostitute, out of pity. But when she is found dead in a hotel room,
he discovers how far self delusion had taken him.

2.39 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #5 - THE JUDGE (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 17Jul66)
05July1968 WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Alexander Knox
Peter Howell
Sheila Burrell
John Ronane
Rona Anderson
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse offers another Georges Simenon psychological-thriller, "The Judge," unique chiller revolves around the
strange story of a French judge whose own private life parallels that of the suspect in a murder case he is trying.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Alexander Knox stars aa a French judge whose own private life curiously parallels the murder case he is trying.

2.40 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #6 - THE SCHOOLMASTER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 24Jul66)
12July1968 WNDT-13 Fri
In George Simenon's story, a provincial schoolmaster, known for his meticulous and rigid ways, suddenly loses control
and reveals the lies he has lived for so long. (Niagara Falls Gazette) [TA]

2.41 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #7 - The WITNESS (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 31Jul66)
19July1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Pamela Brown
Daphne Heard
Moultrie Kelsall
Elizabeth Hughes
Barry Jackson
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse presents Pamela Brown in a stunning performance of a
farm woman whose greed leads to a violent murder, in Georges Simenon's "The Witness." (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Pamela Brown stars as Mme. Pontreau, a dominating, ruthless farm-woman who murders her son-in-law in order to possess
his farm. [TA]

2.42 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #8 - THE FRIENDS (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 7Aug66)
26Jul1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Synopsis 1:
Off the southern coast of France, Vladimir, the employed captain of a yacht owned by Mme. Papelier, steals a ring. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
In tonight's George Simenon play, "The Friends," a man frames his best friend because of jealousy over a woman.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

2.43 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #9 - THE SURVIVORS (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 14Aug66)
02Aug1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
"The Survivors" is the story of twin brothers who have been raised by their embittered mother to believe that their
father was cannibalized long ago by fellow survivors of a shipwreck. [TA]

2.44 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #10 - THE SON (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 21Aug66)
09Aug1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Cast includes:
Simon Ward
Synopsis 1:
A seventeen year old boy on his way home from school finds his father shot and killed in the street.
Synopsis 2:
"The Son" presents Simon Ward as a young boy who sets out to find out what drove his father to suicide.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 3:
A 17-year-old boy uncovers some unpleasant family history while looking into his father's reason for suicide.
(Niagara Falls Gazette)

2.45 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #11 - THE MURDERER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 28Aug66)
16Aug1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 9-10pm
Frank Finlay
Synopsis 1:
A stolid and respectable Dutch doctor carefully plots and carries out the murder of his wife and her lover. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Georges Simenon's play about a Dutch doctor who murders his wife and her love and, although never convicted of the
crime, pays for his freedom in an unforseen way. (New York Magazine) [TA]

2.46 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #12 - THE SUSPECT (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 4Sep66)
23Aug1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Synopsis 1:
"The Suspect" stars Marius Goring as a middle-aged recluse involved in a young girl's murder.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A particularly brutal killing of a young girl occurs near a seedy Paris lodging house where a recluse Lives.
He is suspected of the crime. [TA]

2.47 [---] NET Playhouse: THIRTEEN AGAINST FATE #13 - THE CONSUL (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thirteen Against Fate" series 11Sep66)
30Aug1968 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Synopsis 1:
During the time of the Stalinist purges in 1933, a young Turkish diplomat arrives to take over his country's consulate
at Batum, a provincial Russian seaport on the Black Sea.
Synopsis 2:
"Thirteen Against Fate - The Consul" is the story of a young Turkish diplomat who is pluriged into intrigue when
taking over his country's
consulate in a Russian seaport.

06Sep1968 NYC - repeat of "Victoria Regina - Spring"
13Sep1968 NYC - repeat of "Victoria Regina - Summer"
20Sep1968 NYC - repeat of "Victoria Regina - Autumn"
27Sep1968 NYC - repeat of "Victoria Regina - Winter"


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