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 Season 1 (WNDT/WNET) (1966-67)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, Tom Alger
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############## NET Playhouse ##############
############ season 1 1966-67 #############
WNDT-13 (later WNET-13), New York City Public TV channel, Fridays 8:00pm.
Depending upon the program, the running times varied.
In addition to the Friday broadcasts, WNDT also repeated the episodes a few days later
on either Mondays or Tuesdays. [TA]

1.1 [--] NET Playhouse: TEN BLOCKS ON THE CAMINO REAL (US Production)
07Oct1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:30pm
rerun 16May1967
Story by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Jack Landau
Produced by Jac Venza
Associate Producer Virginia Gray
Executive Producer Jac Venza
Music by Howard A. Roberts
Martin Sheen ...... Kilroy
Carrie Nye ........ Marguerite Gautier
Tom Aldredge ...... Baron de Charlus
Janet Margolin .... Esmerelda
Albert Dekker ..... Mr. Gutman
Hurd Hatfield ..... Jacques Casanova
Kazimir Kokich .... Don Quixote
Patricia Neway .... La Madrecita
Michael Baseleon .. Officer
Lotte Lenya ....... The Gypsy
Jackie Washington . Guitar Player
Stanley Berke, Nat Horne
Ken LeRoy, Aida Lioy
Ken Novarro, Sheldon Ossosky
Ramon Segarra, Clive Thompson
James Truitte
Kilroy, an ex-boxer and perpetual fall guy, who asks so little and always gets short-changed, but never gives up hope.
He is finally conned, or almost, into despairing subjection like the rest. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
One-act play based on the full-length "Camino Real." Scenes of life centered on a dusty plaza with its dried up
fountain. (NY Times) [TA]

1.2 [--] NET Playhouse: THE JOURNEY OF THE FIFTH HORSE (US Production)
14Oct1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-10pm
rerun 02Feb1968
Directed by Larry Arrick & Earl Dawson
Based on the play by Ronald Ribman
Based on the story "The Diary of a Superfluous Man" by Ivan Turgenev
Produced by Jac Venza
Dustin Hoffman ...... Zoditch
Michael Tolan
Charlotte Rae
Susan Anspach
William H. Bassett
Jack Aaron
Jim Doerr
Catherine Gaffigan
Martha Greenhouse
Mark Hammer
Susan Lipton
Harry Miller
Nicholas Saunders
Jim Doerr
Patricia Stich
Brian Turkington
Lee Wall
The play compares the loneliness of Turgenev's Chulkaturing who recalls a rejection of his love that made him feel
unnecessary and Ribman's own character Zoditch, also superfluous - but convinced of his own importance. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Winner of an Obie Award as best Off-Broadway play of 1965-66 season. The drama is partially based on Ivan Turgenev's
short novel, "The Diary of a Superfluous Man." Production performed by original cast.

1.3 [--] NET Playhouse: THE STAR WAGON (US Production)
21Oct1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-10:30pm
Written by Maxwell Anderson
Directed & Produced by Karl Genus
Executive Producer Jac Venza
Music by Jose Serebier
Dustin Hoffman ...... Hanus Wicks
Orson Bean
Eileen Brennan
Hallie Arlington
Marian Seldes
Hal Burdick
Richard S. Castellano
MacIntyre Dixon
Chet Doherty
Shelly Gale
Synopsis 1:
A disappointed inventor unleashes his latest gadget - a "star wagon" - that will return its driver to any desired
point in time. The time machine gives him a chance to revamp his life. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Full-length production of Maxwell Anderson's comedy-fantasy of the time-machine inventor who wants to live a life
all over again. (New York Times) [TA]

1.4 [--] NET Playhouse: L'AVVENTURA (1961) (Italian Production)
28Oct1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-11:30pm
Monica Vitti
Gabriele Ferzetti
Lea Massari
Michelangelo Antonioni's provocative, puzzling and brilliant film. (New York Times) [TA]


1.5 [--] NET Playhouse: VICTORIA REGINA #1: SPRING (60min) (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network, Friday 13-Nov-1964)
04Nov1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9pm
Patricia Routledge ... Queen Victoria
Joachim Hansen ... Prince Albert
Max Adrian ... Disraeli
Geoffrey Dunn ... Archbishop of Canterbury
First of four-part series about the life and times of the famous English monarch. (New York Times) [TA]

1.6 [--] NET Playhouse: VICTORIA REGINA #2: SUMMER (60min) (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network, Friday 20-Nov-1964)
11Nov1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9pm
repeated 13Sep1968
Patricia Routledge ... Queen Victoria
Joachim Hansen
Max Adrian
Geoffrey Dunn
Second of a four-part series on famous English monarch. (New York Times) [TA]

1.7 [--] NET Playhouse: VICTORIA REGINA #3: AUTUMN (60min) (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network, Friday 27-Nov-1964)
18Nov1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9pm
Directed by Stuart Latham
Adapted by Peter Wildeblood
Play by Laurence Housman
Patricia Routledge .. Queen Victoria
Joachim Hansen ...... Prince Albert
Max Adrian .......... Benjamin Disraeli
Geoffrey Dunn ....... Archbishop of Canterbury
Nicholas Courtney ... Tudor
Marianne Deeming .... Duchess of Kent
Cyril Luckham ....... Lord Melbourne
Miles Malleson ...... Conyngham
Third of four parts, Prime Minister Disraeli clashes with the Queen. [TA]

1.8 [--] NET Playhouse: VICTORIA REGINA #4: WINTER (60min) (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network, Friday 4-Dec-1964)
25Nov1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9pm
Cast includes:
Patricia Routledge ... Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and the last years of her long reign bring to a close this four-part series on
the life and times of the great English Monarch. [TA]


1.9 [--] NET Playhouse: AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (US Production)
02Dec1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:50pm

Video Playlist - An Enemy of the People (12pt)
Adapted by Arthur Miller
Based on Henrik Ibsen's 1882 play.
Directed by Paul Bogart
Produced by Jack Landau
Executive Producer Jac Venza
James Daly ........ Dr. Thomas Stockmann
Philip Bosco ...... Peter Stockmann
Kate Reid ......... Catherine Stockmann
George Voskovec ... Morten Kiil
Barbara Dana ...... Petra Stockmann
Timothy Daly ...... Morgan
William Prince .... Hovstad
James Olson ....... Horstad
Walter Klavun ..... Captain Horster
Synopsis 1:
A doctor in a small Norwegian town discovers that the medicinal springs source are poisoned. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
This 19th century drama of social criticism by Henrik Ibsen was adapted for Broadway by Arthur Miller as a
protest against the spirit and events of the McCarthy Era. The story focuses on a small-town doctor's lonely
battle against greed and dishonesty. [RF]

1.10 [--] NET Playhouse: A SLEEP OF PRISONERS
09Dec1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:30pm
Barry Morse
Paul Stevens
Ramon Bieri
Jon Volght
Christopher Fry's verse drama of four prisoners in an imaginary war.

1.11 [--] NET Playhouse: OFOETI
16Dec1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:30pm
Rene Auberjonois
Richard Dysart
John Tragard
Janis Young
Jewel Walker
Synopsis 1:
National premiere of the first television play by poet and Bucknell professor, John Wheatcroft. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A modern folklore tale by John Wheatcroft, about a highly imaginative, fantasy-bound youth and his search for
a troll. (New York Times) [TA]

1.12 [--] NET Playhouse: THE PLAY OF DANIEL
23Dec1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9pm
Alvin Epstein ... Narrator
Synopsis 1:
Medieval musical drama performed by the New York Pro Musica at The Cloisters. Events from the Book of Daniel.
Alvin Epstein reads W.H. Auden's narration. (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
The New York Pro Musica under the direction of the late Noah Greenberg performs this colorful medieval drama
which relates events from the prophet Daniel. (Hartford Courant) [TA]

1.13 [--] NET Playhouse: LA MARMITE
30Dec1966 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-10pm
Synopsis 1:
"La Marmite," presented by France's famous mime troupe, the Theatre de la Mandragore.
(01Jan1967 The Pittsburg Press) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A filmed performance in French with English subtitles, as performed by the Theatre de la Mandragore, With masks
and mime, the Latin poet Plautus's play follows the fortunes of an old miser who lives in fear of losing his pot
of gold. (New York Times) [TA]

1.14 [--] NET Playhouse: THE AMOROUS FLEA
06Jan1967 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:30pm
Cast includes:
Lew Parker
Musical comedy based on Moliere's "School for Wives." Its theme is youth and age competing for a young maiden's favors.
(New York Times) [TA]

1.15 [---] NET Playhouse: COMEDY OF ERRORS (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Festival" series 1-Jan-1964)
13Jan1967 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri
Donald Sinden and John Welsh star in a Royal Shakespeare Company presentation.
Synopsis 2:
Alec McCowen and Ian Richardson star in Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" to be presented on NET Playhouse by the
internationally famous Royal Shakespeare Company. [TA]

1.16 [---] NET Playhouse: LA MAMA PLAYWRIGHTS
20Jan1967 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri 8-9:45
NET Playhouse focuses on one of New York's more experimental group of playwrights, the La Mama theater club,
for a triple-bill of short plays. In Jean-Claude van Italie's "Pavane" the characters move through a set ritual of
human responses in our society.
The cast includes James Coco, Alvin Epstein, Shellie Feldman, Cynthia Harris, Sudl Bond, Joe Chaiken, Paul Dooley and
Ruth White. Sam Shepard's "Fourteen Hundred Thousand" concerns a young couple, parents of one of them and a friend.
Albert M. Ottenheimer and Miss White are pop and mom. The young people are played by Joyce Aaron, Chaiken and
Kevin O'Connor. "The Recluse," the final offering by Paul Foster concerns a demented old lady played by
Miss White. It also features Bryarly Lee as Jezebel. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.17 [---] NET Playhouse: THE WORLD OF CARL SANDBURG
27Jan1967 NYC WNDT-13 (later WNET) Fri
Uta Hagen
Fritz Weaver
The production consists of recitations of Carl Sandburg's poetry and prose. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.18 [---] NET Playhouse: KNIFE IN THE WATER (1962 Polish film)
03Feb1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Winner from Poland of International Film Critics Award at 1962 Venice Film Festival.

1.19 [---] NET Playhouse: UNCLE VANYA (UK Production)
(first shown Theatrically in the UK - filmed circa 1963)
10Feb1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Laurence Olivier ... Astrov
Michael Redgrave ... Voynitsky
Rosemary Harris
Sybil Thorndike
Synopsis 1:
Sir Laurence Olivier's production of Anton Chekhov's four-act play. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Chekovs drama about the tragic story of people thwarted and broken by their sensitivity and perception. [TA]

1.20 [---] NET Playhouse: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (60min)(UK-ABC Weekend Television Production)
(fist shown in the UK on the ITV Network on ABC'S "Armchair Theatre", Sunday 15-Nov-1964)
17Feb1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm
J. P. Ian Carmichael
Susannah York
Patrick Macnee
Fenella Fielding
"The Importance of Being Earnest," Oscar Wilde's elegant farce about confused identities, tells the story of Jack
(alias Ernest) Worthing, rich and handsome, who loves and wishes to marry the rich and beautiful Gwendolen, who
reciprocates his sentiment. Her aunt, however forbids the match and matters are complicated by the fact that Jack
leads a doublelife.
The cast Includes J. P. Ian Carmichael, Susannah York, Patrick Mcnee, and Fenella Fielding. And If you like Macnee,
you can turn to Channel 7 after the NET Playhouse and watch him as John Steed on "The Avengers". [TA]
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.21 [---] NET Playhouse: THE WORLD OF KURT WEILL (60 min)
24Feb1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm / 30Apr1967 [RF]
Singer-actress Lotte Lenya offers a tribute to her late composer husband. [RF]
Miss Lenya, Weill's widow, who helped immprtalize many of his most famous characters, is joined by actor George Voskovec
for the hour-long "NET Playhouse" presentation.
Together in word and song they tell the story of Kurt Weill, the cantor's son, the child prodigy, the controversal
composer, whose famous collaborations with Bertold Brecht gave the world "The Three-Penny Opera" and "The Rise and Fall
of the City of Mahagonny." [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Lotte Lenya is joined by actor George Voskovec to pay tribute to her late husband, composer Kurt Weill. Together in words
and music they recreate the story of his life. In the program Miss Lenya sings "Alabama Song," "Havana Song,"
"Mac the Knife" and "Foolish Heart," among others. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.22 [---] NET Playhouse: THE MASTER OF SANTIAGO
03Mar1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Story of a man who prefers to withdraw from a world of exploitation and hyprocrisy rather than compromise his values.

1.23 [---] NET Playhouse: THE BATTLE OF CULLODEN (75min)
10Mar1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8-9:45pm / 05May1967 [RF]
This documentary-drama re-creates the Battle of Culloden (1746) - the last battle fought on British soil. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
On April 16, 1746, on a moor not far from Inverness, the government forces, numbering some 9,000 men under William
Augustus engaged in battle with the Scottish Jacobites - less than 5,000 men under Charles Edward Stuart, who was
making one final attempt to restore the Royal Stuarts to the thrones of Scotland, England, and Ireland. In a bloody
massacre, the Jacobites were defeated. This documentary presents a step-by-step reconstruction of this battle on the
original site. [TA]

1.24 [---] NET Playhouse: USTINOV AD LIB (UK Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's Arts series "Sunday Night" 10-Apr-1966)
17Mar1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Peter Ustinov
Dudley Moore
Anthony Hopkins
Bernard Keefe
Synopsis 1:
Playwright-actor-director Peter Ustinov offers satiric improvisation on musical themes. Pianist Anthony Hopkins,
and British Satirists Dudley Moore and Bernard Keefe appear in Ustinov's caricatures of typical Russian, American,
German and English composers. (60mins) [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Actor-Writer Peter Ustinov faces his TV audience unprepared but unafraid in an hour of spoofs on musical themes.

1.25 [---] NET Playhouse: THE OLD GLORY: BENITO CERENO (2hrs) (US Production)
24Mar1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 28May1967 [RF]
Robert Lowell's last chapter in the Pulitzer Prize winning poet's trilogy, "The Old Glory."
Roscoe Lee Browne
Lester Rawlins
Frank Langella
Jack Ryland
Explores the paradoxes of the master-slave relationship. [RF]

1.26 [---] NET Playhouse: PAST INTRUDING (60min) (Japanese Production)
31Mar1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 15May1967 [RF]
Hideo Takamatsu
Yoko Minamida
Nobuo Nakamura
A Japanese film, follows the experiences of a psychiatrist who accidentally  revives his buried memory of a horrible
wartime experience. (60mins) [RF]
*Note: Filmed in Tokyo during the 1964 Olympic Games.

1.27 [---] NET Playhouse: MISALLIANCE (2hrs)
07Apr1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 02May1967 [RF]
Based on George Bernard Shaw's play
Richard Dysart ...... Tarleton
Guy Spaull .......... Lord Summerhays
Jacqueline Coslow ... Hypatia Tarleton
Carol Teitel
Jay Doyle
A farce about love and the misunderstandings between family members. Visitors at the country home of a manufacturer
find their lives changed by the sudden appearance of an outspoken Polish aviatrix. [RF]
Shaw's comedy about family relationships and how they are affected when a Polish aviatrix crashes into their midst.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.28 [---] NET Playhouse: SPONONO
14Apr1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 11pm
Drama written by South African author Alan Paton based on three stories from his collection - "Tales From a Troubled Land."
The play is set in a boy's reformatory in Johannesburg. Taped directly from stage of the Cort Theater during its New York
run with a South African cast. (New York Times) [TA]

[--] 21Apr1967 NYC WNDT-13 - repeat of "Camino Real" (first aired 07Oct1966 NYC)

1.29 [--] NET Playhouse: ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD  (1hr 45min) (UK- Granada Television Production)
(first shown in the UK on the ITV Network in 1961 - airdate not known)
28Apr1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 12May1967 [RF]
June Bronhill ....... Eurydice
Jon Weaving ......... Pluto
Kevin Miller ........ Orpheus
Britian's Sadler's Wells Opera Company performs this adaptation of Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld. Offenbach's
satiric treatment of the ancient Greek myth turns the lovers Orpheus and Eurydice into a bored couple, glad to be
rid of each other. [RF]

1.30 [---] NET Playhouse: A MOTHER FOR JANEK
05May1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Victor Ullman's award winning play, concerns the plight of Dusik, whose nephew Janek, is orphaned in the Hungarian
Revolution of 1956 and comes to the U.S. Dusik feels that as a bachelor he cannot properly bring up the 12-year-old
boy who suddenly comes into his life, and the poignant story of the play concerns his search for a mother for Janek.
The cast includes members of the American Conservatory Theater.

1.31 [--] NET Playhouse: ACQUIT OR HANG! (90min)(UK-Rediffusion Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network in "Play Of The Week" Monday 6-Jan-1964)
12May1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri / 02Jun1967 [RF]
John Hurt ........... Heywood
Michael Beint ....... Morrison
Roy Patrick ......... Burkitt
Peter Jeffrey ....... Muspratt
Kim Peacock ......... Byrn
William Marlowe ..... Millward
A British drama based on the court-martial of 10 HMS Bounty mutineers in 1792. Accused. [RF]

1.32 [---] NET Playhouse: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (UK-Production -possibly ATV)
(first broadcast on the the ITV Network "Play Of The Week" Monday 16-Nov-1964)
19May1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Patrick Wymark
Douglas Wilmer
Julia Foster
Peter Dowles
David Collins
Dramatization of Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" by Stanley Miller. Described by Dostoyevesky as "the whole
psychological process of crime," the story deals with a poor young Russian student who feels justified in killing
an evil old woman money-lender and her sister. The story is concentrated on the student's punishment, his nightmarish
visions of his crime and the agony he suffers as a cat-and-mouse struggle develops between him and a relentless police
investigator. [TA]

1.33 [---] NET Playhouse: BALLET DALA
26May1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
NET Playhouse features solo dancers from some of the world's greatest
ballet companies: the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow, the Royal Ballet of London, the Royal Danish Ballet, and the Paris
Opera Ballet. These dancers perform excerpts from well-known works. The dancers include:
Maya Plisetskaya, Nicolai Fadeyechev, Josette Amiel, Fleming Flindt, Svetana Beriosova and Donald MacLeary.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

02June1967 NYC WNDT-13 - repeat of "The Star Wagon" (first aired 21Oct1966 NYC)
09June1967 NYC WNDT-13 - repeat of "Ofoeti" (first aired 16Dec1966 NYC)

16June1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Duke Ellington
NET Playhouse presents A Concert on Sacred Music by Duke Ellington, from the Grace Cathedral, seat of the Episcopal
Archdiocese of San Francisco. The film presents complete portions of the concert which Ellington based on his longer
works, "Overture to Black, Brown and Beige," and "My People." (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

The Victorians (ITV/Granada)(1963) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
1.35 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #1 - THE RENT DAY (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #1 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 31-May-1963)
23June1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Charles Kay
Ingrid Hafner
Geoffrey Bayldon
John Wood
NET Playhouse presents a series of eight one-hour plays reflecting life in England in the mid-1800's.
Tonight's play, "The Rent Day" by Douglas Jerrold, first produced at the Theatre Drury Lane in 1832, tells the story of
a young farmer, Martin, and his wife, Rachel, who face eviction when they cannot pay their rent.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.36 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #2 - LONDON ASSURANCE (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #2 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 7-Jun-1963)
30June1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
John Wood
Charles Kay
Patricia Garwood
Synopsis 1:
"The Victorians: London Assurance" is a comedy about an
elderly nobleman who takes a fancy to the 18-year-old heiress niece of his friend. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
NET Playhouse presents "London Assurance" by Dion Boucicault. A stylish
comedy about the sprightly but elderly nobelman, Sir Harcourt
Courtly, who takes a fancy to the 18-year-old heiress niece of his friend Max Harkaway. Sir Harcourt's greatest
ambition is to make himself look 20 years younger, so that the girl will agree to marry him. But he faces unexpected
difficulties when his son Charles becomes involved. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.37 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #3 - SOCIETY (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #3 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 14-Jun-1963)
07July1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Written by T.W. Robertson
Barrie Ingham ........ Sidney Daryl
Geoffrey Bayldon ..... Mr. Chodd
Charles Kay .......... John Chodd
Comedy about a wealthy businessman who persuades a penniless young aristocrat to introduce his son into society. [RF]

1.38 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #4 - THE TICKET-OF-LEAVE MAN (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #4 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 21-Jun-1963)
14July1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Barrie Ingham
John Wood
A play by Tom Taylor first produced at the Olympic Theatre in London, in 1863, it recounts the adventures of a
young Lancashireman, Robert Brierly, who comes to London and falls victim to the schemes of a quick-witted crook. [TA]

1.39 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #5 - TWO ROSES (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #5 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 28-Jun-1963)
21July1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-9:30pm
Cast includes:
Patricia Garwood
Geoffrey Bayldon
Ingrid Hafner
NET Playhouse presents another of its "Victorians" series an 1870 play by John Albery titled 'Two Roses." The story is
of a large inheritance which will go to an impoverished but witty gentleman if a missing relative remains missing.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Play about an impoverished London gentleman who is within reach of an inheritance. Stars Patricia Garwood and Geoffrey
Bayldon. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.40 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #6 - STILL WATERS RUN DEEP (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #6 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 5-Jul-1963)
28July1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
The play concerns two men - one of whom has to prove that when honor is at stake he is a man to be reckoned with.
(Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

1.41 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #7 - THE SILVER RING (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #7 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 12-Jul-1963)
04Aug1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Written by by Henry Arthur Jones and Henry Herman
Charles Kay ... Denver
Patricia Garwood ... Mrs. Denver
Barrie Ingham ... Ware
Synopsis 1:
First presented in 1882, it is the story of a man addicted to gambling. He loses so heavily to the bookmakers that
he takes on another vice, drink, to escape his folly, and winds up involved in murder. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A gambler who fled to America to escape a murder charge returns to England in search of the real killer. [TA]

1.42 [---] NET Playhouse: THE VICTORIANS #8 - SWEET LAVENDER (UK-Granada Television Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on the ITV Network as episode #8 of the 8 part series "The Victorians" 19-Jul-1963)
(final episode)
11Aug1967 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Patricia Garwood
Charles Kay
Gwen Watford
Joan Haythorne
"Sweet Lavender" by. Arthur W. Pinero, was first produced in 1888 at Terrys Theatre, London. It is a romantic play
concerning the fresh and gentle Sweet Lavender, daughter of Ruth Holt, housekeeper and laundress in the London Temple,
who falls in love with a young man already engaged to someone else. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

18Aug1967 NYC - Repeat of "Comedy of Errors" (first aired 13Jan1967 NYC)

25Aug1967 NYC - Repeat of "Knife in the Water" (first aired 03Feb1967 NYC)

01Sep1967 NYC - Repeat of "La Marmite" (first aired 30Dec1966 NYC)


[--] NET Playhouse: THE SECOND MRS. TANGUERAY (UK Production?)
(a version of this play was first broadcast in the UK on BBC, Friday 9-Mar-1962, possibly an earlier version of
the same play?)
Unknown airdate:
Elizabeth Sellars
Arthur Wing Pinero's dramatic attack on hypocritical Victorian morality. (The Pittsburg Press) [TA]

############## NET Playhouse ##############
############# end of season 1 #############

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