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Christmas 1967

 Christmas Eve 1967 - Sunday 24th December 1967 - BBC-1 Television
9am Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye: for viewers from Pakistan and India
9:25am News
9:35am The Christmas People
10am Jackanory
10:15am Little Dg Lost
11am Seeing and Believing
11:30am The Monroes
12:20pm John Gilpin Rides Again
12:30pm The Golden Age of Comedy
1:45pm News
1:50pm The Sooty Show
2pm David Copperfield (film)
4:5pm Hansel and Gretal: opera
5:40pm Les Miserables
6:15pm Meeting Point: The House by the Stable
6:50pm Carols from King's College, Cambridge
7:25pm Steptoe and Son: Pilgrim's Progress
7:55pm Dr. Finlay's Casebook: Unfit to Marry
8:45pm News
8:55pm The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
11:25pm Sir Malcolm's Carols from Stamford
11:50pm-1am Midnight Mass of Christmas from the Roman Catholic Church of St. Alban and St. Stephen, St Albans

Christmas Eve 1967 - Sunday 24th December 1967 - BBC-2 Television
3pm Bird's Eye View of Great Britain: a unique film by helicopter (colour)
4:15pm Villa Mon Reve: cartoon (colour)
4:30pm Jack and the Beanstalk (colour)
5:20pm Professor in Toyland: questions on toys of all descriptions (colour)
5:50pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas: cartoon (colour)
7:25pm Mr. Topaze: film (colour)
8:55pm The Charlie Drake Show (colour)
9:40pm Call My Bluff (colour)
10:10pm New Faces: film revue (colour)
11:45pm News
11:50pm Late Night Line-Up: film Someone in the Lift (Colour)

Christmas Eve 1967 - Sunday 24th December 1967 - ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)
11am Christmas in the Manchester Mission, morning service from the Central Hall, Manchester
12:15pm The New 3 Stooges
1:15pm The Royal Palaces of Britain
2:15pm The Pride of the Yankees (film) starring Gary Cooper
4:30pm Kelvin Hall Circus
5:30pm Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
6pm News
6:15pm Village of Peace: Tree House Family In Pestalozzi
6:35pm How on Earth, from Liverpool Anglican Church
7:25pm Beau Brummel (film) starring Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov and Robert Morley
9:35pm News
9:45pm Secombe and Friends, starring Harry Secombe with Alfred Marks, Peter Maxwell, Nina and Frederick,
Joan Turner, Norman Vaughan, with Special Guest Tom Jones
11:5pm The Eamonn Andrews Show, followed by Weather
11:55pm Manchester Cathedral Christmas Eucharist


Christmas Day 1967 - Monday 25th December 1967 - BBC-1 Television
9am We Wish You A Merry Christmas: 3,000 children sing carols
9:30am News
9:40am Jackanory
9:55am The Sooty Show
10:5am Charlie Chaplin Comedy Theatre: The Cure
10:30am Nina and Frederik
11:00am Service from St. George's Parish Church, Stockport
11:45am Leslie Crowther invites you to Meet the Kids in hospital
12:30pm Z Cars
12:55pm News
1:5pm A Spoonful of Sugar
1:35pm Three-way Christmas Quiz
2:5pm Top of the Pops 1967 (part 1)
3pm The Queen: Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:10pm Billy Smart's Circus
4:15pm Disney Time with Dick Van Dyke
5pm Cinderella: pantomime
6:30pm The News
6:35pm War on Want: Christmas Appeal
6:40pm Christmas Night with the Stars
8:40pm The Ken Dodd Christmas Show
9:40pm The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (film)
11:35pm The News
11:40pm Suliotis Sings: British debut
12:40am An Astronomer's Christmas: reflections
12:47am Weather

Christmas Day 1967 - Monday 25th December 1967 - BBC-2 Television
11-11:25am Play School
3pm The Queen: Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:10pm The Royal Palaces of Britain (colour)
4:10pm Amahl and the Night Visitors (opera)
5:00pm Doctor in Love (film) (colour)
6:30pm Red Skelton: Clown Alley - fun in the circus (colour)
7:20pm The Flute and the Arrow (film) (colour)
8:30pm The Rumanian National Dance Company and Orchestra (colour)
9:15pm Coral Caverns: The John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park (film) (colour)
9:40pm The Black and White Minstrel Show (colour)
10:25pm The News
10:30pm Bach's Christmas Oratorio: Parts 1,2 & 3 from Suffolk (colour)
12:05am Late Night Line-Up (colour)

Christmas Day 1967 - Monday 25th December 1967 - ITA - Rediffusion (London)
9am I Saw Three Ships
9:30am Comedy Time
10am David and the Donkey
10:45am A Tale of Canterbury. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Dean together
with those who serve in the Cathedral tell John Betjeman about its day-to-day organization
11am A Service for Christmas from the Church of St. James', Bierton, Bucks
11:45am A Christmas Stocking. Wilfred Pickles visits St Vincent's Orthopaedic Hospital, Pinner
12:30pm The Beverly Hillbillies
1pm News
1:2pm The World of Roy Castle
2pm All Kinds of Music
3pm The Queen: Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:10pm Fancy Pants (film) starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball
4:43 Mary Monons, a James Thurber fairy story
5:05pm Sexton Blake: The Vanishing Snowman (Christmas Special)
5:55pm News. Weather
6:9pm Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
- musical cartoon featuring the voices of Sammy Davis, Jr and Zsa Zsa Gabor
7pm Coronation Street
7:30pm Aladdin, special 90-minute television presentation of the pantomime
starring Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Arthur Askey and Vanessa Howard
9:5pm The Singer Not The Song (film) starring Dirk Bogarde, John Mills, Mylene Demongeot
10:00pm News at Ten
10:15pm The Singer Not The Song (film continued)
11:35pm A Tale of Canterbury (repeat)
12:15am Songs of East and West - The Spirit of Christmas. Donald Swann introduces and accompanies Nadia Cattouse


Boxing Day 1967 - Tuesday 26th December 1967 - BBC-1 Television
9:15am Jackanory
9:30am News
9:35am Belle and Sebastian
10am Last of the Mohicans (film)
11:30am Green Acres (comedy series)
11:55am The Lions of Longleat
12:30pm Z Cars: Family Affair
12:55-3:40pm Boxing Day Grandstand:
- Motor Racing, Golf, Racing from Nice, Rugby League
3:40pm News
3:45pm The Road to Morocco (film)
5:5pm Tom and Jerry: Neapolitan Mouse
5:15pm Today's Sport
5:25pm Top of the Pops 1967 (part 2)
6:10pm News
6:15pm Brigadoon: a Scottish fantasy materializes
7:30pm Frost Over Christmas: a wry look at the festive season
8:10pm This is Petula Clark
8:35pm The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour (film)
9:25pm News
9:35pm Norman Wisdom (film): The Square Peg
11pm Peter Ustinov in A Christmas Conversation

Boxing Day 1967 - Tuesday 26th December 1967 - BBC-2 Television
11-11:25am Play School
3pm Smiley: (film) adventures of a young boy in Australia (colour)
4:35pm Spike Milligan (colour)
5:5pm The Andy Williams Ice Show (colour)
5:55pm Face the Music: quiz
6:40pm The Danny Kaye Christmas Show
7:30pm Titipu: The Mikado brought up to date (colour)
9pm Life ... in the animal world: False Faces? (colour)
9:45pm This is the Life: two international stars (colour)
10:35pm Leningrad: its history and art treasures (colour)
11:25pm News
11:30pm Late Night Line-up (colour)

Boxing Day 1967 - Tuesday 26th December 1967 - ITA - Rediffusion (London)
10am Batman
10:50am The Compliments of the Season
11:30am Scrooge (film) starring Alastair Sim
1pm The Legend of Custer
1:55pm News
2pm-4:45 Boxing Day World of Sport:
- Motor Racing from Brands Hatch, Ice Dancing from Richmond Ice Rink,
- International Tennis (Rothmans Tournament), Wrestling
4:45pm The Playtime Christmas Box
4:52pm The Hunting of the Snark
5:20pm Zoo Time
5:50pm Sports Results
5:55pm News. Weather
6:9pm Crossroads
6:35pm Do Not Adjust Your Set - or - A Happy Boxing Day and A Preposterous New Year,
Introductory programme to a new 13 week revue series with:
Denise Coffey, Eric Idle, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
7pm The Benny Hill Show (rest of ITV Network 9-10pm)
8pm Waltz of the Toreadors (film) starring Peter Sellers
10pm News at Ten
10:30pm Down at the Old Bull and Bush, among the customers:
The Bachelors, Bud Flanagan, Kenneth McKellar, Scott Walker, Kim Cordell and Aimi MacDonald
11:30pm Dragnet: Harry Morgan and Jack Webb in The Shooting Board
12midnight Songs of East and West: The Spirit of Christmas, Donald Swann introduces Peter Jansens

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