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Christmas 1968

 Christmas Eve 1968 - Tuesday 24th December 1968 - BBC-1 Television
11am Apollo report
11:20am Jackanory
11:35am The Christmas Story from St. Mary's Church, Cerne Abbas
12noon Carols and Cash
12:30pm When Comedy Was King: the laughter-makers
1:30pm Apollo report
1:50pm Watch with Mother
2:05pm News
2:10pm Captain Blood (film) starring Errol Flynn
3:45pm Bewitched (comedy series) Humbug Not Spoken Here
4:10pm Play School
4:30pm Nina and Frederick in the Christmas Tree
5pm Jack and the Beanstalk
5:50pm News
6pm Town and Around
6:15pm Carols from King's College, Cambridge
7pm Z Cars: Blame it on Father Christmas, part 2
7:25pm The Gang Show: excerpts from the 1968 production
8:15pm Cilla
9:05pm News
9:20pm Play of the Month: Waters of the Moon by N.C. Hunter
with Margaret Leighton, Athene Seyler, Kathleen Harrison, Vivien Merchant, Roland Culver, Michael Gwynn
10:50pm Children Talking: about Going to the Moon
11pm Amahl and the Night Visitors: opera by Menotti
11:45pm Midnight Eucharist from St. George's Parish Church, Belfast

Christmas Eve 1968 - Tuesday 24th December 1968 - BBC-2 Television
(All BBC2 programmes in Colour unless stated otherwise)
11-11:20am Play School: The Lost Tambourine
1:15-2pm Apollo report (monochrome)
2:50pm Christmas is Coming featuring the Stars
3pm Little Women (film)
starring June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor, Peter Lawford, Roassano Brazzi
5pm Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass
5:50pm The Christmas Visitor (cartoon)
6pm Stowaway in the Sky (film) by Albert Lamorisse
7:15pm El Sombrero (cartoon film)
7:25pm Newsroom. Weather
7:55pm play by Nicholas Bethell, with John Ronane, Peter Jeffrey, Ann Bell, Ilona Rodgers
9:05pm Francis Albert Sinatra invites you to the Frank Sinatra Show
9:55pm Phantasmagoria: or the story of The Magic Lantern
10:25pm The Clerkes of Oxenford: early Christmas Carols
10:50pm The Captain's Table (film) with John Gregson, Peggy Cummins, Donald Sinden, Nadia Gray

Christmas Eve 1968 - Tuesday 24th December 1968 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
9-9;15am Moonshot
4:30pm The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
4:50pm Sooty's Christmas Party
5:15pm Thirteen Thousand and Eighty-Three Pounds, with Elizabeth Crowther, Howard Trevor, James Hayter, Marjie Lawrence
5:50pm News
6:04pm Today, with Eamonn Andrews
6:30pm Peyton Place (last episode)
7pm Moody
7:30pm Carry on Regardless (film)
9pm Whatever Happened to Christmas? with Bruce Forsyth and Cliff Richard
10pm News
10:30pm Borge Presents Borge: Victor Borge
11:30pm Focus on St. Paul's. Introduced by Kenneth Robinson
11:55pm Midnight Mass, from the Church of St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Largs, Ayrshire


Christmas Day 1968 - Wednesday 25th December 1968 - BBC-1 Television
8:45am Carol Story
9:15pm News
9:30am Apollo report
9:35pm Jackanory
9:45pm Professor in Toyland
10:15am A Spoonful of Sugar
10:45am Service from the Methodist Church, Solihull, Warwickshire
11:30am Meet the Kids
12:15pm The Charlie Drake Show
1pm The Newcomers
1:25pm Top of the Pops '68 (part 1)
2:10pm The Black and White Minstrel Christmas Show
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:05pm Billy Smart's Circus
4:10pm Disney Time
5pm Humpty Dumpty
6:30pm News
6:35pm Christian Aid: Christmas appeal
6:40pm Christmas Night with the Stars
8:45pm Ken Dodd: Doddy for Christmas
9:45pm Some Like It Hot (film) directed by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon
11:40pm News. Weather
11:50pm Quiz of the Year, with Ned Sherrin
12:25am Of the Nativite of Oure LOurde: extracts from St. Benaventura's Life of Jesus

Christmas Day 1968 - Wednesday 25th December 1968 - BBC-2 Television
9:15-9:30am Apollo Report
11:20am Play School: The Christmas Story
11:40am Christmas Morning at Windsor
11:55am-12:10pm Apollo report
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:05pm Royal Ballet: The Nutcracker, Act 1 and 2, with Merle Park, Rudolf Nureyev
4:45pm Peace on Earth: The Christmas Story
5pm Lords of the Forest: Masters of the Congo Jungle (film)
6:30pm Dimensions: clownish exercise in perspective
6:40pm Lancelot and Guinevere (film) starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace
8:35pm News. Weather
8:45pm The Merry Widow, operetta by Franz Lehar, with Mary Costa, Jeremy Brett
10:30pm The Harry Secombe Show
11:25pm Mr. Rossi on the Beach (cartoon)
11:40pm Anchors Aweigh (film musical) starring Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson, Jose Iturbi

Christmas Day 1968 - Wednesday 25th December 1968 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
9:15am Christmas Day with Tingha and Tucker
9:45am Carols from Ripon Cathedral
10:30pm Holy Communion at Southwark Cathedral
11:40am The Royal Family at St. George's Chapel Windsor
11:55am Freewheelers
12:30pm Tarzan's Savage Fury (film) starring Lex Barker, Dorothy Hart, Patric Knowles, Charles Korvin
2pm All Kinds of Music
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:10pm Kelvin Hall Circus
4:10pm Do Not Adjust Your Stocking
5pm The Courage of Lassie (film) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan, Tom Drake
5:50pm News
6pm The Courage of Lassie (film continued)
6:45pm Opportunity Knocks - Christmas Special
7:30pm Coronation Street
8pm Westward the Women (film) starring Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel, John McIntire
10pm News
10:15pm Christmas Horne A' Plenty
10:45pm The Sex Game. Julia Foster, Renee Houston, Valerie Gearon, Julian Orchard, Fredrick Jaeger
in Hippy Hippy Who Cares by Fay Weldon
11:45pm Mountbatten Interview
12:5am The Other Side of the Coin. Kenneth Greet talk to Marjorie Proops about the brighter side of family life


Boxing Day 1968 - Thursday 26th December 1968 - BBC-1 Television
9:15am Watch with Mother
9:30am News
9:35am Days for Thrills and Laughter
11:05am Transworld Top Team
11:30am A Thousand Miles a Day: London to Sydney Marathon (film)
12:20pm The Newcomers
12:45-3:15pm Boxing Day Grandstand: Horse Racing, Rugby League, Motor Racing
3:15pm North-West Mounted Police (film) Gary Cooper, Medeleine Carroll, Paulette Goddard
5:15pm Tom and Jerry
5:25pm Today's Sport
5:35pm News
5:45pm The Andy Williams Christmas Show on Ice
6:35pm Top of the Pops '68 (part 2)
7:15pm The Benny Hill Show
8pm The Bulldog Breed (film) starring Norman Wisdom
9:35pm The Good Old Days: old-time music-hall
10:25pm News
10:35pm Frost Over Christmas
11:15pm The Dean Martin Christmas Show

Boxing Day 1968 - Thursday 26th December 1968 - BBC-2 Television
(All BBC2 programmes in colour)
11-11:20am Play School
3pm Christmas Play: The Three Princes, by Rex Tucker, with Timothy Dalton, Isla Blair
4pm The Conquest of Everest: story of the Everest Expedition led by Sir John Hunt
5:15pm The Black Shield of Falworth (film) starring Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, David Farrar
6:50pm 4472-Flying Scotsman: epitaph for the age of steam (film)
7:30pm News Summary
7:35pm How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)
8pm Iolanthe: an updated version by Alan Melville, with Patrick Cargill, Joan Sims
9:35pm Bardot Special: Brigitte Bardot with Manitas de Plata, Sach Distel
10:25pm The Red Shoes (film) starring Anton Walbrook, Marius Goring, Moirer, Leonide Massine, Robert Helpmann

Boxing Day 1968 - Thursday 26th December 1968 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
10am Mad Movies
10:25am Bugs Bunny
10:50am The Flying Nun (comedy series) starring Sally Field
11:15am Sugarball
11:25am Dickens at Christmas: Christmas at Dingley Dell intrduced by Fredric March
with James Donald, Ambrosine Phillpotts, John Salew, Jack Watling
11:50am Little Big Time
12:15pm Silver City (film) starring Edmond O'Brien, Yvonne De Carlo, Barry Fitzgerald, Richard Arlen, Gladys George
2pm Horse Racing from Wincanton
3:55 Professional Wrestling
4:40pm Cinderfella (film) starring Jerry Lewis, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Ed Wynn, Judith Anderson
5:40pm News and Sports Results
6pm Cinderfella (film continued)
6:30pm Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (comedy series)
starring John Bluthal, Joe Lynch in I'm Dreaming of a Kosher Christmas
7pm Hatari (film) starring John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli
9:30pm The Reporters
10pm News
10:15pm Cinema Says It With Music
11pm The Eamonn Andrews Boxing Day Special, with Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen, Danny La Rue, Roy Hudd, Dickie Henderson
11:45pm The Other Side of the Coin, Kenneth Greet talks to Alan Brash, director of Christian Aid, about world poverty

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