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Christmas 1966

 Christmas Eve 1966 - Saturday 24th December 1966
BBC-1 Television

11:50am Weather and Announcements
11:55am Adventure: From Yarmouth to Paradise
12:45-3:50pm Grandstand
3:30pm Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (western film)
5pm Today's Sport: Football and Rugby Results
5:10pm Juke Box Jury
5:40pm News and Weather
5:50pm Dr Who: The Highlander, Part 2
6:15pm Dixon of Dock Green: The Golden Year
7pm High Adventure, the Saturday Film: Fire Down Below
8:50pm The Val Doonican Show
9:35pm News and Weather
9:45pm Peter Ustinov and Peter Jones - In All Directions
10:30pm Match of the Day: a top League Soccer match
11:17pm Weather
11:20pm See the Children Sing: Carols
11:50pm-1:5am Midnight Mass from Tewksbury Abbey

Christmas Eve 1966 - Saturday 24th December 1966
BBC-2 Television

6:15pm Rugby Special: South-Eastern Counties XV v. An Australian XV
6:50pm News and Sport
7pm The Danny Kaye Christmas Show
7:50pm I Gotta Shoe or Cindy-Ella: musical
9:45pm Francis Durbridge Presents ... Bat Out of Hell, Part 5
10:10pm Late Night Line-Up: Criticism, Discussion, Diversion
10:40pm Midnight Movie: The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

Christmas Eve 1966 - Saturday 24th December 1966
ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)

1pm News
1:5pm Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, featuring Burl Ives
1:55pm Pool of London, starring Bonar Colleano, Susan Shaw, Renee Asherson, Moira Lister, Earl Cameron
3:25pm Christmas Mad Movies, presented by Bob Monkhouse
4:10pm The Rifleman: The Raid, starring Chuck Connors
4:40pm Topo Gigio Comes To Town: The School Room
5:5pm News
5:15pm Professional Wrestling
6:15pm Emergency - Ward 10: A Matter of Confidence
7:10pm George and the Dragon, starring Sid James, Peggy Mount, John Le Mesurier and Keith Marsh
7:40pm The Facts of Life, starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball
9:30pm News
9:40pm Frankie and Bruce's Christmas Show
11:15pm On The Braden Beat with Bernard Braden
11:55pm-1am Celebrated Midnight Mass, from the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London.
Weather Forecast


Christmas Day 1966 - Sunday 25th December 1966
BBC-1 Television

9:30am Welcome Christmas: morning greetings - in songs and words
10:10am Mak the Sheep-Stealer: first production of his new opera for children by Holland Park School.
11am Christmas Morning Service from Christ Church, Cotham, Bristol
12noon Leslie Crowther invites you to Meet the Kids in hospital at Christmas
12:44pm Weather
12:45pm The Lucy Show: Lucy and George Burns
1:10pm The Andy Williams Show
2pm The Royal Palaces of Britain
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:5pm Billy Smart's Circus
4pm Disney Time
4:40pm Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp: pantomime
6:5pm News and Weather
6:10pm Appeal for The Royal National Institute for the Deaf
6:15pm Journey to Bethlehem: film of a visit to the Holy Land
6:45pm Christmas Carols from the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge
7:25pm The Black and White Minstrel Show
8pm The Ken Dodd Show
8:45pm The Commancheros (western film)
10:25pm News and Weather
10:30pm Dr. Fnlay's Casebook: The Gifts of the Magi
11:20pm Weather
11:22pm The Christmas Story: the birth of Christ illustrated by Italian pictures and music

Christmas Day 1966 - Sunday 25th December 1966
BBC-2 Television

3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:5pm The World of Jacque-Yves Cousteau: film of the French underwater explorer and inventor
4pm Oh Mr. Porter (comedy film classic)
5:20pm The Leningrad State Kirov Ballet
6:10pm NewsYear '66; the story of the year
7:25pm Horizon: Hand me my Sword, Humphrey
8pm Die Fledermaus, the new Sadler's Wells production
10:10pm Meet the Swingles in a programme of eighteenth-century music
10:30pm Late Night Lin-Up and Plunder: Reminiscences of Childhood
11:30pm Monsieur Beaucaire (film comedy)

Christmas Day 1966 - Sunday 25th December 1966
ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)

9:50am A Merry Christmas from Tingha and Tucker
10:20am The Light Shineth. Carols and music from Lincoln Cathedral
11am Manchester Cathedral. Christmas Eucharist
12:10pm The Royal Palaces of Britain
1:10pm Gala Opportunity Knocks
2pm Cliff Richard and the Shadows with guest stars Ivor Emmanuel and Patricia Bredin
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3.7pm Sabrina Fair (film) starring Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, William Holden
5:5pm Thunderbirds: Give or Take a Million
6pm News
6:15pm Weatherwise
6:35pm The Happy Birthday: Christmas song and music with orchestra from St. Albans Cathedral
7:25pm Secombe, Friends and Relations, starring Harry Secombe with many top guest stars
8:55pm Young at Heart (film) starring Doris Day and Frank Sinatra
10:15 News
10:25pm Young at Heart (continued)
11pm The Eamonn Andrews Show
11:55pm Rome, Sweet Rome starring Peggy Mount, Hughie Green, Del Moore, Lois Maxwell, Kip King
12:25am A Preview of Sport. Weather
12:55am A Last Thougth for Christmas Day


Boxing Day 1966 - Monday 26th December 1966
BBC-1 Television

9:30am The Munster (comedy film series) Far-Out Munsters
9:55am News. Weather
10am Watch with Mother: Joe and the Football
10:15am The Wild Stallion (Crin Blanc) Prize-winning French film
10:50am Life is a Circus
12:10pm Daktari
1-3:45pm Boxing Day Grandstand: Horse Racing from Wolverhampton
3:45pm When Comedy was King: a pageant of the screen's most famous laughter-makers
5:5pm Today's Sport
5:15pm Sooty's Christmas Show
5:30pm The Three Musketeers, Part 7
5:55pm News and Weather
6:5pm Cartoon Time: Trojan Horse
6:15pm Top of the Pops '66 (part 1)
7pm Till Death Us Do Part: (comedy series): Peace and Goodwill
7:30pm Brian Rix presents One for the Pot
9pm News and Weather
9:10pm The Monroes (western film series) Ordeal by Hope
10pm Sports Results
10:5pm Gala Performance: music, opera and ballet
10:55pm Weather
10:57pm Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes (film)

Boxing Day 1966 - Monday 26th December 1966
BBC-2 Television

11-11:25pm Play School
5:30pm The Charlie Chaplin Comedy Theatre presenting the silent film classic The Rink
5:55pm Peter and the Wolf - a musical tale for children
6:20pm Music Quiz
7pm Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth (film)
9pm Not Only ... But Also: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
9:50pm Carmen Jones: a modern version of Bizet's immortal opera Carmen
11:30pm News
11:40pm Late Night Line-Up: Criticism, Diversion, Discussion

Boxing Day 1966 - Monday 26th December 1966
ITA - Rediffusion (London)

7am Announcements and Weather
7:5am A Tour of Carols
7:45am Survival
8:10am Mad Movies, presented by Bob Monkhouse
8:35am Popeye
9:27am Announcements and Weather
9:30am The Addams Family
9:55am Richard the Lionheart - The Robbers of Ashdown Forest
10:20am Laredo - The Deadliest Kid in the West
11:20am Wayne and Shuster take an affectionate look at George Burns and Gracie Allen
12:5pm News
12:10pm Here Comes That Boy Again - Joe Brown (songs)
12:25pm Horse Racing from Wincanton
1:45pm Professional Wrestling
2:15pm Horse Racing from Wincanton
2:40pm Hippodrome with Jane Morgan and Gerry & The Pacemakers
3:30pm The Royal Palaces of Britain. Sir Kenneth Clark
4:30pm For Children - Play time
4:55pm Disney Wonderland
5:50pm News and Sports Results
6:8pm Crossroads
6:35pm Batman. Part 1 - Green Ice
7pm Tarzan and the Lost Safari (film) starring Gordon Scott
8:30pm Peyton Place
8:55pm News
9:10pm A Taste of Honey (film) starring Rita Tushingham
10:50pm The Temptation of Jezebel: An all-coloured cast in a blues version of The Prodigal Son
11:30pm Singing and Searching: Strangers at the Cradle


Tuesday 27th December 1966 - BBC-1 Television
9:30am The Munsters (comedy film series): Movie Star Munster
9:55pm News and Weather
10am Watch with Mother: Andy Pandy
10:15am Laurel and Hardy in Beau Chumps
10:50am Look: Bring up Benbow
11:15am Make Mine a Million (comedy film)
12:35pm-2:45pm Grandstand:
- Horse Racing from Wolverhampton, Motor Racing from Brands Hatch
2:45pm The Corsican Brothers (adventure film)
4:30pm Jackanory: Harlequinade and Black Beard the Pirate
4:45pm Jonny Quest: Dr. Zin's Robot Spy
5:10pm Babar the Little Elephant
5:49pm Weather
5:50pm News
5:58pm Town and Around
6:17pm Top of the Pops '66 (part 2)
7pm The Newcomers: serial
7:30pm Hugh and I (comedy series): Hold that Tiger
8pm The Love Affair: This Above All (film)
8:50pm News and Weather
9:5pm The Love Affair, part 2
10pm Sports Results
10:5pm The Abbey of the English: film celebrating the 900th year of Westminster Abbey
11:15pm Weather
11:17pm That's Me: an amusing encounter with Allan Arkin in New York's Central

Tuesday 27th December 1966 - BBC-2 Television
11-11:25am Play School
1:15-1:45pm Medicine Today: a series of programmes for doctors
5pm The Engineer in Wonderland: The Royal Institution, London, Annual Christmas Lectures to Young People
Lecture 1 - The White Rabbit
6pm The Glory of Sail: film story of the last hundred years of the square-rigged sailing ships
6:45pm The Golden Age of Comedy, featuring many famous comedians of the 1920s
8pm News
8:5pm The Eleanor Roosevelt Story: film biography of America's former First Lady
9:30pm Miss Julie: play by Strindberg
10:35pm Julian Bream and John Williams (guitarists)
11:15pm New Summary
11:20pm Late Night Line-Up: Criticism, Discussion, Diversion and film requests

Tuesday 27th December 1966 - ITA - Rediffusion (London)
7am Announcements and Weather
7:5am The Charlie Chaplin Carnival - The Fireman
7:20am Survival
7:45am Mad Movies, presented by Bob Monkhouse
8:10am Music Mine
8:25pm John Grierson presents
8:50am Thirsty Boots
9:3am Playbill
9:30am Long John Silver - The Pink Pearl
9:55pm Sara and Hoppity
10:7am The Addams Family - Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
10:35am Adventures of the Sea Hawk - The Will of the Lord
11am Alexander Brothers Show
11:25am Ivoer the Engine
11:35am Stunt Man
12noon News
12:5pm The Grafters - A story about street traders
12:45pm Take Your Shoes off
1:5pm The Adventures of Twizzle
1:20pm Slag's Place
1:50pm The Flintstones - Sherriff for a Day
2:20pm A Christmas Carol on Ice from Streatham Ice Rink
3:15pm Albert R.N. (film)
4:45pm For Children - Playtime
5pm Adventures of the Seaspray
5:25pm For Children - Orlando, Sam Kydd in Stealers Keepers - Episode 3
5:55pm News and Weather
6:8pm Crossroads
6:30pm Batman Part 2 - Deep Freeze
7pm Double Your Money, starring Hughie Green
7:30pm Peyton Place
8pm Mrs. Thursday
8:55pm News
9:10pm Julie's Gone, starring Raymond Francis, with John Carson, Michele Dotrice and David Garth.
A young girl disappears from a remote country house.
10:10pm The Felony Squad. Howard Duff in Fear Below. Detective Jim Briggs is left to die, trapped in a sewer.
10:42pm This Year of Sport
11:27pm Dateline. Weather
11:37pm Singing and Searching - Leaves of Life

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