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Christmas 1965 

Christmas Eve 1965 - Friday 24th December 1965
BBC-1 Television

1:25pm News
1:30-1:45pm Watch with Mother
3:55pm Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol
5pm Crackerjack
6:5pm Town and Around. Weather
6:30pm Son Paleface (film) starring Bob Hope
8pm The Julie Andrews Show
8:50pm News
9pm The Epic That Never Was: the story of a film that was never completed
10:10pm Christmas Carols from the Chapel of King's College Cambridge
10:55pm News
11pm Gala Performance
12midnight Midnight Mass from St. Anne's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Leeds
1:10pm Weather

Christmas Eve 1965 - Friday 24th December 1965
BBC-2 Television

11-11:25am Play School
5:40pm Christmas Carols from the Chapel of King's College Cambridge
6:25pm The Little Seep, opera by Benjamin Britten
7:15pm Wheelbase: the world of Christmas motoring
7:35pm The Mind of the Enemy: thriller serial. Part 5: The Fatal Ship
8:00pm The Virginian: Timberland
9:15pm The Bruce Forsyth Show
10:5pm News Summary
10:10pm Going My Way: 1944 Academy Award winning film
12:10am Early Morning Line-Up

Christmas Eve 1965 - Friday 24th December 1965
ITA - Rediffusion (London)

2pm The Pickwick Papers (film)
3:40pm A Children's Festival of Carols and Lessons
4:20pm Crosroads
4:45pm Small Time
5pm Five O'Clock Club
5:25pm Atom Ant
5:55pm News. Weekend Weather
6:8pm The Circus Comes to Town
7pm Take Your Pick
7:30pm Emergency - Ward 10
8pm Ready, Steady, Go!
8:55pm News
9:10pm Cinema
9:40pm A Man Called Shenandoah
10:5pm Peyton Place
10:35pm In the Beginning ... The Archbishop of Canterbury
10:50pm News. Weather
10:55pm Wayne and Shuster take an affectionate look at W.C. Fields
11:55pm The First Communion of Christmas


Christmas Day 1965 - Saturday 25th December 1965
BBC-1 Television

9:15am Welcome to Christmas and Sing the Morn
9:45am Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West
10:45pm Christmas Carols
11:15pm Morning Service from the village church of Fenny Compton, Warwickshire
12noon Leslie Crowther invites you to Meet the Kids in hospital at Christmas
12:45pm Champions on Ice
1:25pm The Andy Williams Show
2:15pm Dixon and Dock Green
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to Commonwealth
3:5pm Billy Smart's Circus
4pm Disney Time
4:50pm Mother Goose: pantomime
6:25pm News
6:30pm Val Doonican appeals for Family Service Units
6:35pm Dr. Who
7pm Max Bygraves meets The Black and White Minstrels
8pm Road to Bali (film) starring Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
9:30pm The Ken Dodd Show
10:30pm News and Weather
10:35pm Top of the Pops
11:50pm A Christmas Reverie
12midnight Weather

Christmas Day 1965 - Saturday 25th December 1965
BBC-2 Television

6:30pm When Comedy Was King: the screen's most famous laughtermakers
7:55pm News Summary
8pm The Child of Christ by Berlioz, sung in Ely Cathedral
9:35pm Island Yearbook: prizewinning from Sweden
10:35pm Eugenie Grandet. Part 2: Gold
11:20pm Late Night Line-Up

Christmas Day 1965 - Saturday 25th December 1965
ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)

9am Carols for Christmas, from Lichfield Cathedral
9:45am Adventure Showcase
11am Christmas Family Service, from Waltham Abbey, Essex
12:5pm Robin Hood
12:30pm News
12:35pm Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with Burl Ives
1:30pm Christmas Chorus
2:15pm Wish Upon a Wishbone
3pm The Queen
3:7pm Moby Dick (film) staring Gregory Peck
5:10pm Discovering Britain with John Betjeman
5:21pm Football Results
5:22pm Christmas Lucky Stars
6:5pm The Beverly Hillbillies
6:35pm Thunderbirds
7:30pm The Big Valley
8:25pm The Arthur Haynes Show
9pm Court Martial: Retreat from Life
9:55pm News
10:5pm The Bruce Forsyth Show
11:10pm On the Braden Beat
11:40pm Interpol Calling
12:5am Epilogue


Sunday 26th December 1965 (Boxing Day delayed until Monday)
BBC-1 Television

9:35am Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach (Part 1 and 2)
10:30am Morning Service, from the Forward Movement Presbyterian Church Mission Hall, Neath
11:30am International Balloon Race
12:15pm Top of the Pops
1:30pm News
1:35pm Jack and the Beanstalk (film version)
2:50pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
3:15pm Son of Sinbad (film fantasy)
4:45pm Pete and the Wolf. musical tale for children
5:10pm The Lucy Show
5:35pm Hereward the Wake (Part 16)
6pm Sooty
6:10pm News and Weather
6:15pm Meeting Point: Prison Visitor
6:45pm Story: The Founding of the Abbey
6:50pm Songs of Praise
7:25pm Oliver Twist (film)
9:15pm News
9:20pm Dr. Finlay's Casebook: The Vision
10:10pm Sunday Night presenting The Golden Ring: the recording of Wagner's Gotterdammerung
11:40-pm-12:10am Meeting Point

Sunday 26th December 1965 (Boxing Day delayed until Monday)
BBC-2 Television

6:30pm News Review
7:30pm The Christmas Story
8pm Theatre 625: A Piece of Resistance
9:20pm Life in the Animal World
10pm The Big Spender (Part 4): The Green Table
10:25pm Call My Bluff
10:55pm News
11pm Late Night Line-Up presents a special edition of Plunder

Sunday 26th December 1965 (Boxing Day delayed until Monday)
ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)

10am Journey of a Lifetime
11am United Free Church Christmas Service, from the Albion Congregational Church, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancs.
12:15pm Mr. Riviera
12:40pm Montana Belle
1:50pm Police Five
2pm News
2:5pm The Reputation Makers
2:35pm There Was a Crooked Man (film) starring Norman Wisdom
4:30pm The Forest Rangers
4:55pm Lena, starring Lena Horne
6pm News
6:15pm Ring a Bell
6:35pm About Religion: Highlights of Westminster Abbey 900th Centenary ceremonies.
7:5pm A Date with Music: Carols of Thomas Merritt, nineteenth-century miner
7:25pm The Christmas Palladium Show (90min)
8:55pm King Kong (film)
10:15pm King Kong (film) (continued)
10:45pm Braden Again !
11:5pm The Eamonn Andrews Show. Weather
11:55pm Epilogue


Boxing Day 1965 - Monday 27th December 1965
BBC-1 Television

11:10am Rogues of Sherwood Forest (adventure film)
12:25-3pm Boxing Day Grandstand
- Horse Racing from Kempton Park, Motor Racing from Brands Hatch, Ice Skating from Garmisch
3pm The Pied Piper of Hamelin (musical film)
4:25pm Blue Peter
4:50pm Jackanory
5pm The Royal Ballet: Coppelia
6:10pm News and Weather
6:20pm Today's Sport
6:30pm Meet the Wife (comedy) Journey Home
7pm United! (serial)
7:30pm Laughter from the Whitehall: Women Aren't Angels
9:5pm News
9:15pm Perry Mason: The Case of the Laughing Lady
10:5pm Old-Time Music-Hall
10:45pm News
10:50pm International Concert Hall
11:35pm Weather

Boxing Day 1965 - Monday 27th December 1965
BBC-2 Television

11-11:25am Play School
6:30pm The Reindeer Lapps (film from Finland)
7pm A Fight to Remember: Jack Johnson v. James J. Jeffries & Jack Johnson v. Jess Willard
7:30pm Patience, light opera by Gilbert and Sullivan.
In the Interval - Bridget D'Oyly Carte talks about the opera and the company
9:30pm Pure Gingold
10pm News Summary
10:5pm Yob and Nabob (play)
11:5pm Tonight in Person: International artists who have appeared in this series in 1965
11:50pm Late Night Line-Up

Boxing Day 1965 - Monday 27th December 1965
ITA - Rediffusion (London)

9:45am News
10:15am Gilligan's Island
10:45am Survival
11:10am The Adventures of Seahawk
11:40am Ragtime - Late Joys
12:15pm The Addams Family
12:40pm Horse Racing from Wincanton
2:40pm Three Men in a Boat (film) starring Laurence Harvey
4:15pm Crossroads
4:40pm Small Time
4:55pm Go!
5:20pm Flipper
5:50pm Sports Report and News. Weather
6:10pm Chaplin Carnival. Excerpts from The Wild Clerk of the Pawnshop
6:30pm The Flintstones
7pm All Our Yesterdays
7:30pm Coronation Street
8pm The Power Game
8:55pm News
9:10pm Stars and Garters
9:40pm Moulin Rouge (film) starring Jose Ferrer
11:40pm News
11:42pm Dateline. Weather
11:52pm A tribute to Westminster Abbey on its 900th Anniversary, with The Dean of Westminster

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