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Christmas 1964 

Christmas Eve 1964 - Thursday 24th December 1964
BBC-1 Television

10:45-11am Watch with Mother
1:25 News
1:30-1:45pm Watch with Mother
3:40pm T.E. Lawrence (1888-1935)
4:40pm The Yellow Slippers (film from Poland)
6pm News
6:10pm Town and Around, Weather
6:35pm Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (cartoon musical)
7:25pm Top of the Pops '64: The No.1 Records of the Year
8:25pm Frankie Howerd
8:50pm Holiday Inn (film)
10:25pm News, followed by Weather
10:40pm Christmas Carols from the Chapel of King's College Cambridge
11:25pm-12:40am The Christmas Midnight Communion from the Church of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

Christmas Eve 1964 - Thursday 24th December 1964
BBC-2 Television

11-11:30pm Play School
7:7pm News
7:10pm The Heart of Christmas: an old theme and a new beat
7:35pm Music 625: Handel's Messiah
8:50pm The Young Elizabeth (play)
10:25pm Jungle Green: film of a detachment of British soldiers in a remote border stronghold
10:55pm News, followed by Weather
11pm Tom, Dick and Mary (comedy): Broadway Comes to Valley General
11:25pm Late Night Line-Up

Christmas Eve 1964 - Thursday 24th December 1964
ITA - Rediffusion (London)

3:15pm Tom Brown's Schooldays (film)
4:45pm Small Time
5pm Junior Criss Cross Quiz
5:25pm Space Patrol
5:55pm News, Weather
6:8pm Three After Six
6:30pm Mister Ed
7pm Double Your Money
7:30pm H.M.S. Paradise
8:25pm The Lucy Show
8:55pm News
9:10pm This Week
9:40pm Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Gloria Swanson & James McArthur in "Behind the Locked Door"
10:50pm News
10:52pm Dateline, Weather
11:5pm Musical Memoirs - Line Renaud, the French Singer
11:30pm Christmas in the Sixties
11:50pm Pontifical High Mass at Midnight from St. Benedict's Abbey, Ealing

Christmas Day 1964 - Friday 25th December 1964
BBC-1 Television

9:15am The Brave Little Tailor (German film)
9:50am Welcome Christmas!
10:30am The World of the Penquin
11:15am Christmas Morning Service, from Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
12noon Meet the Kids in Hospital
12:45pm Hob Y Deri Dando: songs and music
1:30pm Temple Houston
2:20pm Pink and Perky
2:30pm Compact: A Surprise for Christmas
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:5pm Billy Smart's Circus
4:10pm Disney Time
5:10pm News, followed by an appeal for the Royal Institute for the Deaf
5:15pm Robinson Crusoe
7:15pm Christmas Night with the Stars
8;45pm Laughter form the Whitehall: Simple Spymen
10:15pm News
10:25pm The Great War: History of the 1914-18 War: Part II
11:5pm Mexican Fiesta: Latin American folk dance
11:45pm Postscript to Christmas Day
11:50pm Weather

Christmas Day 1964 - Friday 25th December 1964
BBC-2 Television

4:25pm Christmas Carols, from the Chapel of the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge
5:10pm Slask: Polish State Song and Dance Company
6pm The Cat and the Canary (comedy-thriller)
7:10pm News
7:15pm The Little Sweep, opera
8:5pm Muses with Milligan: Poetry and Jazz
8:45pm Kiss Me Kate (film musical)
10:20pm Francis Durbridge Presents: Melissa - Part 3
10:45pm Swann, Wallace and Betjeman

Christmas Day 1964 - Friday 25th December 1964
ITA - Rediffusion (London)

9am Carol Service
9:45am Small Time: The Adventures of Twizzle
9:55am Chaplin Carnival
10:10am University Challenge
10:40am Mahalia Jackson
11am Family Service from the Parish Church of St. Mary, Balham
11:45am Chaplin Carnival
12noon Willum's Christmas
12:30pm Sing Along with Santa
1pm News; Weather
1:5pm Quick Draw McGraw
1:30pm Just Dennis
2pm Once a Jolly Swagman
3pm The Queen's Christmas Message to the Commonwealth
3:7pm Richard Whittington Esquire
4:30pm Don't Say a Word
5pm Five O'Clock World
5:30pm Ready, Steady, Go!
6:25pm News; Weather
6:30pm Petticoat Junction
6:58pm Meet Romeo (cartoon)
7pm Take Your Pick
7:28pm Meet Romeo (cartoon)
7:30pm Emergency - Ward 10
7:58pm Meet Romeo (cartoon)
8pm The Pride and the Passion (Part I)
8:55pm News
9:10pm The Pride and the Passion (Part II)
10:38pm Meet Romeo (cartoon)
10:40pm Stars and Garters
11:25pm Black Nativity. Christmas play starring Marion Williams
12:15pm Last Programme

Boxing Day 1964 - Saturday 26th December 1964
BBC-1 Television

10:45-11am Watch with Mother
11:30am The next Place
12:15-4:10pm Boxing Day Grandstand:
- Horse Racing from Kempton Park, Ice Skating from Garmisch
4:10pm Black Beauty (film)
5:20pm Today's Sport
5:30pm Juke Box Jury
5:55pm Dr. Who
6:20pm News and Weather
6:30pm Dixon of Dock Green
7:15pm Frenchman's Creek (film)
9:5pm The Good Old Days
10pm R3 Ministry of Research Centre No.3
10:50pm News and Sport
11pm The Danny Kaye Show
11:40pm Weather

Boxing Day 1964 - Saturday 26th December 1964
BBC-2 Television

5:27pm News
5:30pm Laurel and Hardy: Way Out West
6:30pm The Beat Room
7pm Match of the Day: a top League football match
7:50pm The Roy Castle Show
8:35pm Six: a series of new films made for BBC-2
9:5pm Cinema 625: Cabiria (Italian film with English Subtitles)
10:50-11:55pm Jazz 625

Boxing Day 1964 - Saturday 26th December 1964
ITA - Associated Television (ATV London)

12:20pm Horse Racing from Wetherby
2:10pm Zanzabuku
3:15pm Professional Wrestling
5pm Sports Results
5:15pm The Forest Rangers
5:45pm News
5:50pm Thank Your Lucky Stars
6:35pm Boxing Night Out
7:35pm Bonanza
8:30pm The Arthur Haynes Show
9:5pm News
9:15pm The Battle of the River Plate (film)
11:15pm On The Braden Beat
11:40pm News
11:45pm The Invisible Man, followed by Weather
12:9am Epilogue

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