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 Midsomer Murders (1997-2011)
 Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)
TV Times /  British Film Institute
Internet Movie Database (http://www.us.imdb.com
Bentley production a Chrysalis company
in association with A& Television Networks
for the ITV network
Produced by Brian True-May, Betty Willingale  
UK Detective Drama series 1997-2011   81 episodes x 120 min (slot)

John Nettles as Det. Chief Insp. Tom Barnaby (81 episodes, 1997-2011)
Daniel Casey as Sgt. Gavin Troy (Barnaby's partner #1) (29 episodes, 1997-2003)(+ 1 ep - 2008)
John Hopkins as. Sergeant Dan Scott (Barnaby's partner #2) (14 episodes, 2004-2005)
Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones (Barnaby's partner #3) (23 episodes, 2005-2008)
Jane Wymark as Joyce Barnaby  (Barnaby's wife) (1997-2011)
Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby (Barnaby's daughter) (1997-2008)
Barry Jackson as Dr. Bullard (police pathologist) (1997-2011)
Kirsty Dillon ... WPC Gail Stephens (10 episodes, 2007-2008)

Midsomer Murders 2009: John Nettles Interview (HD)

Series 1
1.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Killings at Badger's Drift
23 March 1997
An elderly woman is found dead in her cottage and DCI Barnaby is convinced the death is not down to
natural causes.

1.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Written in Blood
22 March 1998
After a noted author speaks before a group of local Midsomer writers, the naked body of the event's host
is found bludgeoned to death in his bedroom.

1.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Death of a Hollow Man
29 March 1998
Barnaby donates time to the local amateur when Joyce is cast in a revival of "Amadeus," but complications
arise when the leading man is murdered onstage.

1.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH
22 April 1998

Yorkshire Television Junction into Midsomer Murders 22 April 1998
When the residents of Morton Fendle learn that the local mill is to be shut, many also realize that they
will lose their investments in the place. Alan Hollingsworth had encouraged the locals to invest but he
is now bankrupt and refuses to explain what has happened to the money. Feelings are running high and Gray
Patterson in particular, Hollingsworth's one time partner, seems ready to do something about it. When
Hollingsworth's wife disappears, Barnaby concludes that she has been kidnapped and that may account for
the missing money. Bur who exactly are the kidnappers and why have they targeted Mrs. Hollingsworth in
particular? A hidden romance and eventual betrayal allows Barnaby to bring the culprits to justice.

1.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEATH IN DISGUISE
6 May 1998

Yorkshire Televsion Junction into Midsomer Murders 6 May 1998
Ian Craigie is the "master" of a new-age commune. He founded the center with a partner, Bill Carter, to
scam the rich but over time, came to believe in the objectives and the good work they did. When Carter
is found dead at the bottom of a staircase, the question is whether he fell or was pushed. Barnaby and
Troy encounter an eclectic group of commune residents. There is Ken and Heather Beavers whom Barnaby
discovers had a very interesting past; Sylvie Gamelin who has just announced that she is donating the
several million pound inheritance she received on her 18th birthday; her father Guy who who is absolutely
opposed to the donation and her dipsomaniac mother, Felicity; and Christopher Wainwright who may also be
hiding something from his past. When another murder is committed, it is left to Barnaby to sift through
the backgrounds of the various individuals to find the motive behind the two murders.

Series 2

2.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEATH'S SHADOW
20 January 1999
Guest Star: Richard Briers
Barnaby and his wife plan to renew their wedding vows for their 25th anniversary, but he is distracted
by the investigation of a brutal murder committed with an Indian sword.

2.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Strangler's Wood
3 February 1999
The nude body of a Brazilian woman is found strangled in the woods, which suggests that a serial killer
from nine years before has begun killing again.

2.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Dead Man's Eleven
12 September 1999
Fletchers Cross is preparing itself for their annual cricket match against neighboring village, Midsomer
Worthy. Troy has also been selected to open the batting for the Midsomer team. However, tragedy strikes
when the wife of local landowner and cricket captain, Robert Cavendish, is discovered murdered after
taking their dog for a walk.

2.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Blood Will Out
19 September 1999
The murder of a village blow-hard, who had few supporters among his neighbors, happens while a gathering
of travelers is taking place.

Series 3

3.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEATH OF A STRANGER
31 December 1999
Guest Star: James Bolam
Fox hunting, taxidermy and Oscar Wilde are part of the backdrop as Barnaby and Troy investigate a series
of murders, beginning with that of a tramp in the woods.

3.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Blue Herrings
22 January 2000
A visit to his convalescent aunt prompts Barnaby to investigate a series of suspicious deaths at the nursing
home where she is staying.

3.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day
29 January 2000
The residents of Midsomer Mallow fear for their chances in the Perfect Village competition when a local thief
and womanizer is brutally killed with a pitchfork.

3.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Beyond the Grave
5 February 2000

Barnaby and Troy, with an actor tagging along for research, investigate a slashed painting at a museum, which
later turns out to be the site of a murder.

Series 4

4.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: Garden of Death
10 September 2000
When an arrogant aristocratic family's decision to develop a memorial garden into a commercial tea shop has
the villagers up in arms, murders past and present rear their heads.

4.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Destroying Angel
26 August 2001
After the severed hand of an heir to a scenic rural hotel and pub is found in the woods, the other heirs
receive death threats from an unknown source.

4.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Electric Vendetta
2 September 2001
The body of a criminal is found in a crop circle, the locals blame Extra-Terrestrail activity for the death.
Barnaby is not convinced by the theories. A second criminal is found dead in similar circumstances.

4.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Who Killed Cock Robin?
9 September 2001
Barnaby and Troy are drawn to Newton Magna where their search for a horse whisperer allegedly struck by a car
is complicated by the discovery of a body in the town well.

4.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: Dark Autumn
16 September 2001
The near decapitation of the local postman, whose hyperactive libido also makes him the village lothario,
leads to a series of grisly murders involving other promiscuous villagers.

4.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: Tainted Fruit
23 September 2001
When the body of arrogant local beauty Melissa Townsend is discovered by the pool at her manor house, Barnaby
and Troy uncover a seedy world of adultery and deceit within the affluent rural community.

Series 5

5.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: Market for Murder
16 June 2002
An investigation of a car fire and a bludgeon murder lead Barnaby and Troy to investigate the members of a
local reading club which has an agenda that goes beyond books.

5.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: A Worm in the Bud
23 June 2002
Some of the residents of Midsomer Worthy are trying to prevent James Harrington from turning Setwale Woods
into a housing estate. Led by a solicitor, Bernadette Sullivan, and a local farmer, Simon Bartlett, who
also happen to be having an affair, they haven't had much success in court. When Bartlett's wife Victoria
is found dead in the woods, Barnaby and Troy must first determine is if her murder is related to the planned
development or something as yet unknown. The information provided by two inquisitive children, who see the
investigation as a fascinating game, proves invaluable in solving the crime.

5.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Ring Out Your Dead
15 September 2002
In the village of Midsomer Wellow, someone is killing off the bell ringers of the parish church, in the week
before a big bell-ringing competition. One young woman on the team is even shot dead in the churchyard on
her wedding day.

5.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: MURDER ON ST. MALLEY'S DAY
22 September 2002

Anna Maxwell Martin in Midsomer Murders
The Devington school has a long history of educating the privileged members of society and many have gone on
to illustrious careers, such as in the Diplomatic Service. The Talbot family in particular has a long
association with the school with three generations having attended. When Daniel Talbot is killed during the
St. Malley's Day race, the same day his elderly grandfather dies of natural causes, Barnaby and Troy investigate.
They find ongoing feuds between the school and villagers, a conspiracy theorist who thinks the school is the
center of criminal activity, students who are having drinking parties at the local pub and the ongoing affairs
of the school's secretive Pudding Club. The discovery of a long-held school secret leads to the discovery
of the murderer.

Series 6

6.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: A Talent for Life
3 January 2003
Something is fishy about the clubbing deaths of two local residents.

6.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Death and Dreams
10 January 2003
The investigation into an elaborate suicide leads Barnaby to suspect the dead man may have had help
pulling the trigger.

6.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Painted in Blood
17 January 2003
Barnaby's wife, Joyce, finds a dead body on the Midsomer Florey village green while taking part in a
watercolour painting class, and she recognizes it as the elderly Miss Fairfax.

6.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: A Tale of Two Hamlets
24 January 2003
When heirs of the aristocratic Smythe-Webster family are killed, one by explosion and another by electrocution,
Barnaby's investigation uncovers long-hidden family secrets.

6.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: Birds of Prey
31 January 2003
The police investigate the apparent suicide of Julian Shepherd who drowned after driving his car into a nearby
river. Shepherd along with several other local residents had invested money in Charles Edmonton's latest
invention, a fuel-less transportation system. Edmonton, despite his advanced years, instilled a good deal
of confidence in his investors but Shepherd was facing severe financial difficulties and urgently needed
his investment to be returned. Troy meanwhile finds himself working with the comely PC Sarah Pearce who,
as a wildlife liaison officer, is investigating the illegal sales of birds of prey and their eggs. The two
cases come together when a birds' egg collector is found dead after a visit to the Edmonton estate. As the
number of dead bodies begins to climb, Barnaby realizes that there is something far more sinister at play.

Series 7

7.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Green Man
2 November 2003
Barnaby and Troy tackle two separate cases as Troy prepares to leave Midsomer after his promotion to DI.

7.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Bad Tidings
4 January 2004
Barnaby's new Sergeant arrives on the day after the murder of a local shrew occurs, and he is immediately
put to work.

7.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Fisher King
11 January 2004
Long-suppressed family secrets, stolen ancient artifacts, and a thirty year old death at a Celtic burial
site result in a series of murders in present day Midsomer.

7.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Sins of Commission
18 January 2004
When Midsomer hosts its 12th Annual Literary Festival, an author is found with his neck broken. More writers
will die before the winner of the competition is announced.

7.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Maid in Splendour
25 January 2004
DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Dan Scott investigate the shotgun murder of Jamie Cruikshank, a barman at the Maid
in Splendour, a pub in the village of Midsomer Worthy. The pub is now owned by Stephen Bannerman, a much
disliked local property developer who has his own plans for the pub. Bannerman's father Michael, the original
owner, didn't agree with his son's plans to turn the pub into a high end restaurant nor of his affair with
Bella Monday, the daughter of his lifelong friend Audrey. When Stephen is subsequently killed, also by
shotgun, Barnaby begins to wonder if Cruikshank's murder may have resulted from a case of mistaken identity.

7.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Straw Woman
29 February 2004
When the curate of the local church in Midsomer Parva is burned alive in the effigy of the straw woman, DCI
Tom Barnaby and DS Dan Scott find themselves investigating what must be a murder. Many of the villagers lay
the blame on Alan Clifford who has made his fortune in the sex industry and has moved into the local manor
house. There were others in the village however that objected to what they saw as a pagan festival. When the
vicar is also killed - he too is burned to death in what some believe is the result of spontaneous combustion
- the police have difficulty keeping some of the villagers from taking justice into their own hands. As the
death toll keep mounting, Barnaby realizes that the solution is to be found in old parish records.

7.7 [--] Midsomer Murders: Ghosts of Christmas Past
25 December 2004
Exactly nine years after Ferdy Villers killed himself, his entire family reunites for Christmas unaware that
someone is out for revenge.

Series 8

8.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: Things That Go Bump in the Night
10 October 2004
Undertaker Patrick Pennyman is found dead with his wrists slashed and suspicion turns towards a spiritualist

8.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Dead in the Water
17 October 2004
During a regatta, the body of Rowing Club chairman Guy Sweetman is found bludgeoned and drowned. Bachelor
Sweetman was prolifically promiscuous and jealousy would seem to be the motive.

8.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Orchis Fatalis
9 January 2005
Barnaby and Scott follow a trail of dead people involved in the collecting of rare orchids.

8.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Bantling Boy
16 January 2005
A four-member syndicate owns a racehorse that two of them are desperate to sell and two of them are determined
to keep. When one of them is murdered, Barnaby is on the case.

8.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: Second Sight
23 January 2005
DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate the death of John Ransom in the village of Midsomer Mere. He had just
been ejected from a pub for fighting but the post mortem shows a series of burn marks on his skull indicating
he may have been subject to electric shock. The police find that the dead man's brother Max was conducting
experiments in precognition and had applied the shocks. As Barnaby delves deeper, he learns of an ongoing
dispute between the Ransom and the Kirby families over whether a newborn niece should be baptized. The families
have a long history of fighting and both claim to have the power of second sight.

8.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: HIDDEN DEPTHS
13 March 2005

Parts 1,2,3,4 ?

Hidden Depths -part 5- midsomer murders

Hidden Depths- part 6- Midsomer murders

Hidden Depths -Part 7- Midsomer murders

Hidden Depths- Part 8- midsomer murders

Part 9?

Hidden Depths- part 10- midsomer murders
Troubled solicitor Nick Turner falls from the roof of his home, is this suicide disguised as murder?

8.7 [--] Midsomer Murders: SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE
3 April 2005

Parts 1, 2 ?

Sauce for the Goose-Midsomer Murders- part 3

Sauce for the Goose-Midsomer Murders- part 4

Sauce for the Goose-Midsomer Murders- part 5

Part 6?

Sauce for the Goose-Midsomer Murders- part 7

Sauce for the Goose-Midsomer Murders- Part 8

Part 9?

Sauce for the goose-Midsomer murders- part 10
When a corporate giant tries to acquire a small but respected relish factory owned and run by a dysfunctional
family, a naked body is found in the warehouse.

8.8 [--] Midsomer Murders: MIDSOMER RHAPSODY
2 October 2005

Midsomer Murders Season 8, Episode 8: Midsomer Rhapsody

Midsomer Rhapsody -part 9- midsomer murders
Deaths follow the discovery of a valuable musical manuscript sold cheaply at an auction.

Series 9

9.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: The House in the Woods
9 October 2005
A secluded old dark house, believed haunted by the residents of Midsomer Newton, becomes the scene of a
double murder when a househunting yuppie couple is found garroted.

9.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEAD LETTERS
26 February 2006

Part 1,2,3 ?

Dead Letters- part 4 -midsomer murders

Part 5?

Dead Letters part 6 midsomer murders

Part 7

Dead Letters part 8 midsomer murders

Dead Letters part 9 midsomer murders

Dead letters part 10 midsomer murders
Barnaby and Jones investigate a series of murders linked to the death of a beauty queen which occurred several
years previously.

9.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Vixen's Run
5 March 2006
Sir Freddy Butler collapses during a speech. The PM suggests the death is due to natural causes, however
Barnaby is not convinced. Sir Freddy's will is stolen and his lawyer's house is burned down in an arson attack.

9.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Down Among the Dead Men
12 March 2006
Expert blackmailer Martin Barret is murdered and there is no shortage of suspects.

9.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: Four Funerals and a Wedding
12 June 2006
Out on a family excursion, accompanied by Joyce, daughter Cully and Joyce's mother who is visiting, the Chief
Inspector soon finds himself investigating the murder of Mildred Danvers, whose flask of brandy was apparently
spiked with barbiturates. They were all there to attend the annual Skimmington Fair, a decades-old village
fête that essentially pitted the women against the misogynist men. There are several suspects including Henry
Marwood who returned Danvers' flask to her but has lied to the police about it; the local Doctor who seems
just a tad too quick to pronounce the death to be of natural causes; and the Rev. Anthony Gant who, in addition
to being Mrs. Danvers' cousin, was also mounting a court action against the Skimmington women in a attempt
to stop what he saw as the annual denigration of men. A second murder, this time from a target shooting rifle,
clearly puts Barnaby and DS Jones in the middle of a major investigation. A third death leads to the discovery
of hidden family connections and the solution to the mystery.

9.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: COUNTRY MATTERS
19 June 2006

Country Matters- Part 2- Midsomer Murders

Country matters -part 10 -midsomer murders
Controversy about a proposed supermarket ruining the quality of life in a small village, marital infidelity,
contaminated soil, and kinky sex lead to murder

9.7 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEATH IN CHORUS
26 June 2006

Death In Chorus- Part 3- Midsomer murders

Death In Chorus- Part 7 -misdomer murders

A heated competition among Midsomer church choirs is interrupted by the bludgeon murder of the Midsomer Worthy's
tenor, a local artist.

9.8 [--] Midsomer Murders: Last Year's Model
3 July 2006
Barnaby begins to think the damning evidence he helped provide to convict a murderess wasn't exactly as watertight
as it first looked.

Series 10

10.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: Dance with the Dead
12 November 2006
DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Ben Jones investigate the death of Simon Bright who is found dead inside an old World War II
vintage Humber parked at an abandoned airfield. From all appearances, the death appears to be a suicide but the
pathologist determines that the man suffered a severe blow to the dead and may in fact have been unconscious when
he died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Simon Bright's girlfriend, Laura Sharp, is nowhere to be found but the
death of the aging village Lothario and the attempted murder of another of her friends narrows the list of possible
murderers somewhat. Barnaby is convinced that one of Laura's ex-lovers is responsible but given her rather active
life, the question becomes which one?

10.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Animal Within
19 January 2007
When Faith Alexander arrives in Midsomer Deverell to meet her long-lost uncle Rex Masters, she is surprised to
find he has disappeared and told everyone she was killed in a plane crash. Then Rex's body is found in the weir,
and his friends produce wills, each claiming to inherit his fortune. But what is the truth about Rex's life of
mischief-making, and who wanted him dead?

10.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: King's Crystal
26 January 2007
King's Crystal, a glassware factory in Midsomer Magna, faces ruin following the death of its co-owner Alan King.
His widow, Hilary, angers her son Ian by marrying Alan's brother Charles, and rumours circulate that Charles
and accountant Peter Baxter embezzled funds. When Peter is stabbed to death with a Masonic dagger and Ian starts
behaving strangely after finding his father's sketchbook, Barnaby is called. But the answer lies in Cully's new

10.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Axeman Cometh
2 February 2007
Badger's Drift plays host to the Midsomer Rock Festival - with murderous consequences.

10.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: DEATH AND DUST
8 May 2007  / repeat 16Jun10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
Barnaby and Jones are called to investigate a series of murders involving a pair of feuding families.

10.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: A PICTURE OF INNOCENCE
3 June 2007  / repeat 30Jun10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
Guest Star: Liza Goddard
Rivalry breaks out between film and digital camera users.

10.7 [--] Midsomer Murders: They Seek Him Here
21 August 2007
A film about the French Revolution is made in Midsomer. People lose their head in the guillotine, and it's not
a film trick.

10.8 [--] Midsomer Murders: Death in a Chocolate Box
28 August 2007
Lord Holm, an aristocrat who once served a prison sentence for killing his sluttish wife, has turned his home
into a rehabilitation centre for other ex-offenders. Gina and Jack Colby, married ex-police officers, assist
him, Jack as administrator and Gina as a counsellor. Jack has expressed concerns over the hostel's financial
situation shortly before he is murdered. Eddie Marston, a new arrival at the hostel, over whose admittance
Tom Barnaby has had misgivings, goes missing, and the local postman, a disgraced former policeman, tells Tom
that he has been blackmailing Jack over information given him by Marston when they were cell-mates. Also in
the frame is the bad-tempered local inn-keeper, whose neglected wife had been using Jack as a confidant. Nothing
is ever simple when investigating a Midsomer murder.

Series 11

11.1 [--] Midsomer Murders: SHOT AT DAWN
1 January 2008
Guest Stars: George Cole, Donald Sinden, Brian Capron
A 90 years long feud between two families, the Hicks and the Hammonds, appears to have escalated to murder.

11.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: Blood Wedding
10 May 2008
A wedding involving one of Midsomer's oldest and wealthiest families triggers a number of murders.

11.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: Left for Dead
24 May 2008
Near the construction site of a bypass an elderly couple are found dead in their home. Later, the manager
of the company building the bypass is found murdered and Barnaby finds connections between the recent events
and the disappearance of a young boy years earlier.

11.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: Midsomer Life
31 May 2008
When a man who's been missing for two weeks is found dead in the woods near Midsomer, Barnaby finds connections
between him and a magazine editor known for his killing reviews of local hotels and restaurants.

11.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: The Magician's Nephew
14 June 2008
The traditions of a local cult in Midsomer, the Temple of Thoth, appear to be related to a series of murders
using poison of the poison dart frog.

11.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: DAYS OF MISRULE
5 July 2008

Days of Misrule- part 3-Midsomer Murders

Days of Misrule-part 4-Midsomer murders

Days of Misrule-part 5-Midsomer Murders

Days of Misrule-part 6-Midsomer Murders

Days of Misrule-part 7-midsomer murders

Days of Misrule- part 9-Midsomer murders
During the Christmas days Barnaby has to solve an explosion as well as a number of murders near a freight
company while trying to cope with his acting CS who has very strong beliefs about teamwork.

11.7 [66] Midsomer Murders: TALKING TO THE DEAD
5 August 2008  / 5May10 ITV1 UK Wed 8-10pm
Barnaby finds connections between a supposedly haunted forest, the traceless disappearances of two couples
and a gang of antiquity thieves.

Series 12

12.1 [67] Midsomer Murders: THE DOGLEG MURDERS
19 March 2009  /repeat 14Jul10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
On the Midsomer Golfclub Whiteoaks a member is killed with a golfclub. In the course of the investigation
they discover Whiteoaks to be full of hatred, gambling, violence, jealousy and extortion.

12.2 [--] Midsomer Murders: THE BLACK BOOK
26 March 2009 /repeat 21Jul10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
The sale of a previously unknown painting by an 18th century painter sends Barnaby into an investigation of
murders as well as art forgery.

12.3 [--] Midsomer Murders: SECRETS AND SPIES
7 July 2009  /repeat 28Jul10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
A number of murders near a government safe house in Midsomer appears to be connected to a group of British
spies stationed in East Berlin during the Cold War.

12.4 [--] Midsomer Murders: THE GLITCH
21 July 2009 /repeat 4Aug10 ITV Wed 8-10pm
Midsomer's cycling club is amused by the Bucketman, who throws red paint over road hogs, all employees of the
Soft Earth computer company, the latest victim being its pompous boss Clinton Finn. Club president George
Jeffers also angers Finn by threatening to expose a glitch in the air traffic control system Dr. Jeffers has
devised, the scrapping of which will cost Finn millions. Another club member, Emily, is killed in a nocturnal
hit-and-run whilst riding the bike belonging to Jeffers, whom Barnaby sees as the real intended target though
Jeffers' ex-wife, who is seeing Finn, blames Emily for her marriage breakdown. Garage owner Dan Snape is
murdered when he apparently finds a clue whilst working on one of the Bucketman's victim's car, which he is
about to relay to Dr. Jeffers. However, the killer is closer to home with motives of family loyalty and the
identity of the Bucketman brings Jeffers closer to his young son, though no charges can be pressed because of
a glitch.

12.5 [--] Midsomer Murders: SMALL MERCIES
20 September 2009
In the village of Little Worthy Bob Moss goes to open up his beloved model village to find a gruesome extra
attraction. Young local Richard Tanner has been stabbed in the side and his corpse tied down like Gulliver
in Liliput. He had his enemies, he put it about, but then his Goth girlfriend Christa Palfrey is also murdered
during a fancy dress boat race and the body count is completed with the slaying of Harriet Compton, one of
two elderly sisters who are pillars of the local community. In solving the crime Barnaby uncovers a secret affair
from three decades earlier and a love child, not the most stable citizen of Midsomer, who will go to any lengths
to get rid of enemies of the model village.

12.6 [--] Midsomer Murders: THE CREEPER
27 September 2009    / 27Jan210 ITV UK Wed   8-10pm
Guest Star: Rik Mayall, Paul Shelley, Jenny Aguttter

12.7 [73] Midsomer Murders: THE GREAT AND THE GOOD
4 October 2009 US / 14Apr10 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

Series 13

13.1 [74] Midsomer Murders: THE SWORD OF GUILLAUME
10Feb2010 ITV UK Wed  8-10pm
Guest Star: Brian Capron

13.2 [75] Midsomer Murders: THE MADE-TO-MEASURE MURDERS
2009 / 12May10 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

 13.3 [76] Midsomer Murders: BLOOD ON THE SADDLE
2009 / 8Sep10 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

13.4 [77] Midsomer Murders: THE SILENT LAND
22Sep10 ITV Wed 8-10pm

13.5 [78] Midsomer Murders: MASTER CLASS
06Oct10 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

13.6 [79] Midsomer Murders: THE NOBLE ART
13Oct10 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

13.7 [80] Midsomer Murders: NOT IN MY BACK YARD  
12-Jan-2011 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm

13.8 [81] Midsomer Murders: FIT FOR MURDER (final episode #81  starring John Nettles)
02-Feb-2011 ITV UK Wed 8-10pm
Guest Cast:
Ronni Ancona
Geraldine James

The series continues in 2011 - starring Neil Dudgeon as Tom's cousin, John Barnaby ....

NEW Midsomer Murders (2011-) (ITV/A&E) (UK) starring Neil Dudgeon

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