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9.11 [236]
"follow the leader"

Original NBC Broadcast - 2 December 1970

Universal City Studios, Inc.
executive producer  leslie stevens
produced by glen a. larson
written by leslie stevens
directed by richard benedict
(shown on the opening sketch sequence)
stewart granger [Col. Alan MacKenzie] (appears)
doug mcclure [Trampas] (appears)
lee majors as tate (not in this episode)
james drury as the virginian (not in this episode)
guest stars
tony franciosa [Ritter Miley]
(convincingly disgusting as the tobacco chewing "half-wit")
kate woodville [Vanessa MacKenzie]
noah beery [Morgan]
special guest star
frank gorshin [Dutch]
End Credits:
steve sandor as van miley
harry carey, jr. as thad miley
ross elliott as the sheriff [Mark Abbott]
and shelly novack as dean miley
music score
leo shuken and jack hayes
ennio morricone
associate producer
bill egan
director of photography
john m. stephens
art director george webb
set decorations perry murdock
unit manager joseph e. kenny
assistant director ralph ferrin
film editor edward m. abroms
music supervision stanley wilson
(this episode aired after Mr. Wilson's death on July 12, 1970)
sound earl crain, jr.
titles and optical effects universal title
editorial supervision richard belding
costume supervision vincent dee
makeup bud westmore
hair stylist larry germain
 Series regular characters appearing in this episode
Trampas, Col. MacKenzie, Sheriff Abbott, and Harper

 Brief Synopsis:
Thad Miley (Carey) won't quit his honest job at Shiloh to rejoin his kin rustling cattle,
so his cousin Ritter (Franciosa) kills him.  Since Ritter has "the only brains
of the family" now that Thad is gone the other boys hope they can look to him to be
their leader.  When MacKenzie investigates the death of his wrangler, the gunsmith
(Beery) tells him there was one type of firearm that made the distinct mark the
rancher found on the bullet, and he had only sold two of them--one to Ritter and one to
Trampas.  The Mileys are more than happy to let Trampas take the blame when they
overhear the sheriff questioning him about the killing, but the angry cowhand sets out to
prove Ritter is the real culprit.  Because MacKenzie feels Trampas has been a
"first class hand" to him he wants to do everything he can to clear him of
the murder charge.  Trampas also gets a little help from the Colonel's beautiful
journalist cousin (Woodville) who's visiting Shiloh from England and would like to write a
story about cowboy life. (bj}
Note:  Compare Trampas' comment to Sheriff Abbott,
"Trouble is something I don't have to go looking for" in this episode to his
statement to Judge Garth in 2.01 "Ride a Dark Trail" that trouble goes with his
name.  See also the note on 2.01 about "Trampas" being a surname.  In
this episode Vanessa asks, "Is that all?", and he responds with, "Well,
I've been called a couple of other names, but I never use them."
Comment:  Some of Leslie Steven's treatment of Trampas in
"The Men From Shiloh" leaves me wishing for the old production values of
"The Virginian."  In this episode Trampas seems rather cruel at times and,
although MacKenzie gave the impression that he truly cared about him, Trampas seemed
a bit aloof from this boss rather than expressing the close ties he had with the
previous Shiloh owners. (bj)
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