CTVA - The Virginian: Men from Shiloh 9.04 [229] "With, Love, Bullets and Valentines" 7-Oct-1970

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9.04 [229]
"with, love, bullets and valentines"

Original NBC Broadcast - 7 October 1970

Universal City Studios, Inc.
executive producer leslie stevens
written and produced by glen a. larson
directed by philip leacock

(shown on the opening sketch sequence)
stewart granger [Col. Alan MacKenzie] (not in this episode)
doug mcclure [Trampas]
lee majors as tate (not in this episode)
james drury as the virginian (not in this episode)

guest stars
art carney [Skeet]
tom ewell [Hoy Valentine]
deborah walley [Corey Ann Skeet]
special guest star
jack albertson as billy valentine [A.K.A. "Moose"]

full ending credits:
ben cooper as jason
george chandler as hawkins
and gene evans as harv plimpton
edward faulkner  leroy plimpton
bill baldwin  3rd reporter
james bacon  2nd reporter
vince williams  1st reporter
bill catching  railroad man
larry levine  1st card player
associate producer bill egan
music score  lyn murray
(wonderful score, very appropriate for setting the mood of this episode)
theme  ennio morricone
director of photography john m. stephens
art director  george webb
set decorations  perry murdock
unit manager joseph e. kenney
assistant director  ralph ferrin
film editor  j. howard terrill (interesting piece of split screen showing
the characters on one half and trains on the other)

music supervision  stanley wilson
sound  roger h. heman, jr.
color coordinator  robert brower
main title design  jack cole
titles and optical effects  universal title
editorial supervision  richard belding
costume supervision  vincent dee
makeup  bud westmore
hair stylist  larry germain

Series regular characters appearing in this episode:  Trampas
(note:  Cecil Combs was back to being an extra as he appeared as one of the
Plimpton detectives instead of Shiloh ranch hand Cecil)

Brief Synopsis:
As luck would (or wouldn't) have it Trampas wins the deed to a river boat in
a poker game--the only thing he has to show from the pot after the money is
impounded for evidence because it contains stolen bills.  Although the Nancy
Belle is home to Mr. Skeet (Carney) and his granddaughter Corey (Walley) the
old man has a habit of selling the vessel to unsuspecting customers then
buying it back for cents on the dollar when the new owner sees how
dilapidated it is.  In need of traveling money for the return trip to
Wyoming Trampas wants only the $300 which was confiscated
at the game in exchange to let Skeet keep his boat, but Skeet insists he's
low on funds and will give him $50 cash to be on his way.  Determined not to
let the paddle wheel go for less Trampas decides to fix up the Belle and put
her on the market.  The cowboy gets little help with repairs from the lazy
Skeet, but things look up when they receive an offer of $5000 for the "real
mess"--from the crafty
Valentine brothers (Albertson and Ewell) and their aging gang who plan to
retire from the outlaw business after stealing a million dollars worth of
silver from the railroad and want to use the Belle to escape the publicity
seeking Plimpton detectives.

Although "with love, bullets and valentines" was enjoyable as an
escapism (largely due to Lyn Murray's score), the depth of both
Trampas' character and the story line which we had grown accustomed to
viewing during seasons two through eight was lacking in this episode. (bj)

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