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3.30 [090]
"We've Lost A Train"

(pilot for the western series "Laredo" 1965-67  56 episodes x 60 min. color)
Original NBC airdate 21April 1965
 [featured in "Backtrack" (1969 compilation movie)
Universal TV Production
Executive Producer Frank Price
Written by Borden Chase
Directed by Earl Bellamy

(shown on the ride-in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth
Doug McClure as Trampas
Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker
Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth
Randy Boone as Randy Benton
James Drury as the Virginian

Guest Stars:
Ida Lupino .................... Mama Dolores
Fernando Lamas ................ Captain Estrada
Rhonda Fleming ................ Carmelita

'Laredo' stars:
Philip Carey ........ Captain Edward Parmalee (`Laredo`)
William Smith ... Texas Ranger Joe Riley (`Laredo`)
Neville Brand ..... Texas Ranger Reese Bennett (`Laredo`)
Peter Brown ......... Texas Ranger Chad Cooper (`Laredo`)
V090_Laredo.jpg (53957 bytes)
Carol Byron
Hal Baylor
George Sawaya
Alberto Morin
Teresa Terry
Priscilla Garcia
Ruben Moreno

Other Credits:
'The Virginian' theme music by Percy Faith
Color processing by Consolidated Film Industries
The title 'The Virginian' by permission of EMKA LTD.

Brief Synopsis:
The Virginian sends Trampas to Mexico to pick up a prize
bull, encouraging him to have a pleasant trip but not by
cheating at cards, stealing someone else's girl, or seeing
how much liquor he could hold.  While in Laredo, Trampas becomes
the target of a hot-headed Texas Ranger and two fellow oficers

(this episode was the pilot for the western series 'Laredo' on NBC
1965-67  56 episodes x 60 min color
and was also combined with portions of 'Ride a Dark Trail'
-#31- for theatrical release as the movie 'Backtrack'.)

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