CTVA - Overland Trail #1.7 "Daughter of Sioux" 20-March-1960

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[07]  "Daughter Of The Sioux"
Original NBC Airdate March 20, 1960
Stagecoach Productions

Opening Credits:
William Bendix [Kelly]
Doug McClure [Flip]
Guest Star
Harry Guardino [in a reprise of his 01 role as Johnny Caldwell, Flip's friend and fellow stage driver]

Ending Credits:
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Teleplay by Dwight Newton
Story by Samuel A. Peeples
Produced by Samuel A. Peeples
Executive Producer Nat Holt
William Bendix
Doug McClure
Guest Star
Harry Guardino [Johnny Caldwell]
Jean Ingram [Diana Coolidge, A.K.A. Honey Bear--the Half Breed "Daughter of
the Sioux"]
Mario Alcalde [Bloody Hand]
Frank Ferguson [Jason Coolidge]
Will J. White
Martin Eric [Indian Agent]
Dorothy Johnson [?Saloon Girl, Johnny's "Lady Luck" at the gambling table]
Tina Menard [The Woman who was helping Honey Bear prepare for her
wedding--no name mentioned]
Gil Rankin [Indian Chief]
Joe Yrigoyen
filmed in hollywood at revue studios
mca tv exclusive distributor
Overland Trail Theme composed by Jeff Alexander
Director of Photography Buddy Harris
Art Director . . . Ray Beal
Editorial Supervisor . . . Richard G. Wray, A.C.E.
Film Editor . . . Gene Palmer
Music Supervision . . . Stanley Wilson
Sound . . . Earl Crain, Jr.
Assistant Director . . . Milton Carter
Set Decorator . . . Hal Gausman
Costume Supervisor . . . Vincent Dee
Makeup . . . Jack Barron
Hair Stylist . . . Florence Bush

Before Mr. Kelly leaves for St. Louis he appoints Flip as "acting
superintendent" in charge of opening a branch stage line to the Black Hills.
The trouble starts when the man who was to help them with Indian affairs
insists that in return Flip and Johnny deliver his half-Sioux daughter--who
wishes to marry Bloody Hand, "the leader of the young braves"--to the Eliza
Peabody Academy of Polite Instruction for Young Females.(bj)

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