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Season 19 (CBS) (1969-70)
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############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############# season 19 1969-70 ##############
CBS Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30 pm

Musical Regulars: The Jimmy Joyce Singers and The Tom Hansen Dancers

 19.01 [621] The Red Skelton Hour: POP, THE ASTRONAUT (copyright title)
23-Sep-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39707.
Peter Graves
Iron Butterfly
(rock group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Pop, the Astronaut"
Pop the Janitor (Red) stows away on a Jupiter-bound spaceship manned by guest star Peter Graves.
Musical Highlights:
Iron Butterfly performs "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" & "Soul Experience."
and also performing a duet of sorts with autoharp-player Red Skelton!
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and the Tom Hansen Dancers teamed for the production number "Up Up and Away".
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a Keystone Kop.

19.02 [622] The Red Skelton Hour: A HAPPENING THAT HAPPENED IN TEXAS (copyright title)
30-Sep-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39706.
Walter Brennan
The Lettermen
Peggy Rhea
Bern Hoffman

Main Comedy Sketch: "A happening that happened in Texas".
Two sheriffs (Walter Brennan and Red), hoping to settle their rivalry for the hand of a wealthy widow (Peggy Rhea),
both hire the same gunslinger (Bern Hoffman) to do their dirty work.
Musical Highlights:
The Lettermen sing "Hurt So Bad" and "Shangri-La."
The Tom Hansen Dancers and Jimmy Joyce Singers do two Baroque numbers with "I Know a Place" and "Baroque-A-Nova".
"The Silent Spot"
A big game safari hunter (Red) is pestered by a playful gorilla.

19.03 [623] The Red Skelton Hour: THE SUBJECT WAS PAINTERS (copyright title) YOU CAN'T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN- BUT YOU CAN TRY
07-Oct-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39705.
Jack Albertson (appeared as a featured player in several of Red Skelton's TV shows of the 1950s and 1960s, returns as a full-fledged guest star)
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
Main Comedy Sketches:
(1) "The Subject Was Painters"
Jack Albertson spoofs his recent Oscar win for The Subject Was Roses,
(2) "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man - But You Can Try"
Banker George Appleby (Red) is forced to pose as his entire household staff.
Musical Highlights:
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap perform "This Girl is a Woman Now"
Gary Puckett solos on "Home"
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and The Tom Hansen Dancers interpret 'Spinning Wheel.'
Red performs on his auto harp.
"The Silent Spot"
A 97-pound-weakling (Red) shows off at the beach for a bathing beauty

aka "The Babysitter and the Farmer's Son" (copyright title - strange?)
14-Oct-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39709.
Martha Raye
The Vogues
Jan Arvan

Main Comedy Sketch:
"The Traveling Saleslady and the Farmer's Son" .
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton) is swept off his feet by a traveling saleslady (Martha Raye), segueing into a parody
of the Nelson Eddy/Jeannette MacDonald musical Rose Marie.
Musical Highlights:
The Vogues perform "See That Girl" and "Time After Time."
Martha Raye sings "Watch What Happens."
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers join forces for "Walk Right In".
"The Silent Spot"
A master of disguise (Red) tries to deliver a summons to an elusive lawbreaker (Jan Arvan).

19.05 [625] The Red Skelton Hour: WILLIE LUMP LUMP'S BIRTHDAY (copyright title)
21-Oct-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39708.
Kaye Ballard
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Ed Sullivan
("surprise" appearance)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Willie Lump Lump's Birthday"
A Motor Vehicle Bureau employee (Kaye Ballard) gives a driving test to the inebriated Willie Lump Lump (Red Skelton),
Musical Highlights:
Paul Revere and the Raiders perform "Good Thing" and "We All Gotta Get Together."
Other Highlights:
Red and Kaye Ballard toast a few celebrity birthdays
"The Silent Spot"
Red tries to catch his dinner at a sea-food restaurant.

19.06 [626] The Red Skelton Hour: AUTOGRAPH HOUNDS (copyright title)
_aka_ "John Wayne's 40th Anniversary or Hominy and True Grits"
28-Oct-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39710.
Red Skelton offers a full-hour tribute to his friend and fellow "living legend" John Wayne.
John Wayne
Julius Wechter and The Baja Marimba Band

Main Comedy Sketches:
Opening: Little Boy watching a monster movie.
"Autograph Hounds" Red plays different autograph hounds after John Wayne.
"Hominy and True Grits" Sheriff Deadeye vs. Rooster Cogburn.
Red spoofs the Duke's Oscar-winning performance in True Grit,
Musical Highlights:
Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band perform "Brazilia," "Coming Through the Back Door" and "Fresh Air."
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers team up for "Tonight" and "To the Movies We Go".
"The Silent Spot"
Red is a bouncer satirizing another Wayne classic, The Quiet Man.

19.07 [627] The Red Skelton Hour: SEE YOUR DOCTOR ONCE A YEAR, EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU (copyright title)
04-Nov-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39711.
Audrey Meadows
Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) Charlie McCarthy (dummy)
Three Dog Night
Beverly Powers

Main Comedy Sketch: "See your doctor once a year even if it kills you".
A waspish admitting nurse in a hospital emergency ward (Audrey Meadows) has to put up with Freddie the Freeloader (Red),
an accident victim.
Musical Highlights:
Three Dog Night performs "Easy to be Hard."
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and the Tom Hansen Dancers, who perform the ensemble number "I Hear Music".
"The Olio Spot"
In the vaudeville segment, Edgar Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy team with Red to recreate the famous radio feud
between Charlie and W.C. Fields, both making a play for Dr. Edgar Bergen's pretty nurse (Beverly Powers).

19.08 [628] The Red Skelton Hour: AN ICICLE BUILT FOR TWO (copyright title)
11-Nov-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39712.
Maurice Evans (distinguished actor)
Oliver (pop singer)
Beverly Powers
Main Comedy Sketch: "An Icicle Built for Two"
An Alaskan mountie (Maurice Evans) is determined to arrest crooked trading-post proprietor San Fernando Red (Skelton)
and his Eskimo cohort (Beverly Powers).
Musical Highlights:
Oliver sings "Who Will Buy" and "Jean"
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers perform "Consider Yourself".
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays the bookkeeper at a beach-ball company.

19.09 [629] The Red Skelton Hour: SINGING WAITERS, HILLBILLY SONGWRITERS (copyright title)
18-Nov-69 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39713.
George Gobel
Lou Rawls
Walker Edmiston
(voice-over specialist)
Peggy Rea
Main Comedy Sketches: (1) "Singing Waiters" (2) "Hillbilly Songwriters"
Red Skelton and George Gobel play
(1) Singing waiters composing an Irving Berlin-type tune and (2) Hillbilly songwriters trying to adjust to the "Mod" music world
Musical Highlights:
Lou Rawls sings "Your Good Thing" and "Cotton Fields"
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers offer "Games People Play" and "Summer Me Winter Me".
"The Silent Spot"
Red struggles against an outsized snowstorm.

19.10 [630] The Red Skelton Hour:
25-Nov-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39714.
Walter Brennan (2nd appearance this season)
Smith (Rock group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "There's One Thing Money Won't Buy, & Someday We'll Find Out"
A business tycoon (Walter Brennan) who dons hobo guise to sucker Freddie the Freeloader (Red) out of some valuable property.
Musical Highlights:
Smith performs "Baby It's You" and "Tell Him No."
The Tom Hansen Dancers perform "Unidentified Flying Object", and the Dancers join the Jimmy Joyce Singers for "Sunny".
"The Silent Spot"
Pilgrim Red scours the countryside for a Thanksgiving turkey.

19.11 [631] The Red Skelton Hour: IT IS BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST -- MUCH BETTER (copyright title)
02-Dec-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39715.
Janet Leigh
The Mills Brothers

Main Comedy Sketches: "It is Better To Have Loved and Lost -- Much Better"
(1) Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) is courted by hillbilly gal Daisy June (Janet Leigh) trying to coax him into marriage.
(2) Clara Appleby (Janet Leigh) browbeats husband George (Red) into asking for a raise.
Musical Highlights:
The Mills Brothers perform "Cab Driver" and "Nevertheless."
The Mills Brothers with the Tom Hansen dancers & the Jimmy Joyce Singers perform "Paper Doll".
Tom Hansen dancers & the Jimmy Joyce Singers perform "Happy Heart."
"The Silent Spot"
Red is cast as a clumsy demolitions "expert".

19.12 [632] The Red Skelton Hour:
09-Dec-1969 Tue / OREG: LP39716.
Agnes Moorehead
Shirley Bassey
(British singer)
Main Comedy Sketch: "He Wanted to be a Square-Shooter, But He Found That His Barrel Was Round"
Agnes Moorehead plays a decency campaigner determined to stamp out Sheriff Deadeye (Red Skelton), then plays a witch in a series of blackout gags.
Musical Highlights:
Shirley Bassey sings "We."
Shirley Bassey sings "Let's Misbehave" (with the Tom Hansen dancers & Jimmy Joyce Singers).
The Singers and Dancers also perform "Be True to Your School".
The Silent Spot:
"Getting Rid of Mice". Red is an exterminator in a science laboratory.

19.13 [633] The Red Skelton Hour: THE SON OF OLIVER TWIST OR JUNIOR IS JUST A LITTLE DICKENS (copyright title)
16-Dec-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39717.
Cyril Ritchard
Jack Wild
Radames Pera

Also appearing: Barbara Morrison, Florence Lake, Linda Sue Risk and Gary Waynesmith.
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Son of Oliver Twist or Junior is Just a Little Dickens"
Red Skelton in this lavish spoof of Oliver!, in his "Mean Widdle Kid" guise,
plays Oliver Twist Jr., with Cyril Ritchard as Mr. Rumble, Jack Wild repeating his film role as The Artful Dodger,
and Radames Pera as Oliver Twist.
Musical Highlights:
"Fish 'N' Chips" (Jack Wild, Tom Hansen Dancers), and "My Favorite Things" (Dancers, Jimmy Joyce Singers).
The Silent Spot: "The Magic of Christmas"
with Red as Santa Claus.

19.14 [634] The Red Skelton Hour: CRIME DOESN'T PAY, BUT IT'S TAX FREE (copyright title)
30-Dec-1969 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39718.
Barbara Bain (from "Mission: Impossible")
Sweetwater (singing group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Crime Doesn't Pay But It's Tax Free"
A female journalist (Barbara Bain) poses as a crook to nab San Fernando Red (Skelton).
Musical Highlights:
Sweetwater performs "Two Worlds."
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers perform "The Happening" and "Stanley Steamer".
"The Silent Spot"
A man and his wife (Red, Helen Kleeb) prepare for a New Year's Eve party.

19.15 [635] The Red Skelton Hour:
06-Jan-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39719.
Vincent Price
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Chanin Hale
Jan Arvan
Bill Shannon

Main Comedy Sketch:
"You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country, If You Promise Not To Bring Him Back"
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton) and his buddy (Frank Sinatra Jr.) drive their teacher (Vincent Price)
crazy with their ineptitude.
Musical Highlights:
Frank Sinatra Jr. sings "All Of You", then joins the Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers for "On the Other Side of the Tracks.
The Singers and Dancers also perform "12th Street Rag" and "You've Made Me So Very Happy".
"The Silent Spot"
Chanin Hale, Jan Arvan and Bill Shannon join Red in a pantomime about a pair of endangered houseflies.

19.16 [636] The Red Skelton Hour: IF MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN, WHY DO THEY CALL IT HEAVEN? (copyright title)
13-Jan-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39704.
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
Pat Carroll
Ida May McKenzie

In his monologue, Red recalls W.C. Fields and re-creates one of his routines.
Main Comedy Sketch: "If Marriages Are Made in Heaven, Why Do They Call it Heaven"
George and Clara Appleby (Red Skelton and Pat Carroll) are feted on their wedding anniversary by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra.
Musical Highlights:
Duke Ellington and his orchestra perform "I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good", "Satin Doll" and "Take the 'A' Train".
Duke and his aggregation also team with the Tom Hansen Dancers for "Take the A Train", while the Dancers peform "Sign of the Times".
"The Silent Spot"
Red sees strange visions in a barroom mirror.
Red pretends to be various animals.

(copyright title)
20-Jan-1970 Tue / OREG: LP39721.
Robert Merrill
Main Comedy Sketch:
"There's no business like show business, but when there's no business, show business goes out of business like any other business".
Robert Merrill joins Red Skelton in a sketch about two over-the-hill vaudevillians who try to revive their act.
Musical Highlights:
Robert Merrill sings "Largo I Factotum" from The Barber of Seville
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and The Tom Hansen Dancers perform "Do a Little Dance for Mommy".
"The Silent Spot"
An old violin teacher (Red) engages in a battle of wits with a yelping dog.

19.18 [638] The Red Skelton Hour: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, BUT NOWADAYS WHO CAN AFFORD A HOME? (copyright title)
27-Jan-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39722.
Jane Powell
James Millhollin
Barbara Morrison
Jan Arvan
Ray Kellogg

Main Comedy Sketch: "Charity Begins at Home, But Nowadays Who Can Afford a Home"
The hostess at a charity masquerade ball (Jane Powell) assumes that the shabby Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton)
is an eccentric philanthropist.
Musical Highlights:
Jane Powell sings "The Lady is a Tramp", and with the Tom Hansen Dancers peforms "Carnival".
The Dancers join forces with the Jimmy Joyce Singers for "My Love".
"The Silent Spot"
A Hollywood commuter (Red) waits for a bus.

19.19 [639] The Red Skelton Hour: IS THIS ANY WAY TO RUIN AN AIRLINE? (copyright title)
03-Feb-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39723
Mike Conners
Danny Davis and The Nashville Brass

Main Comedy Sketches:
(1) "Is This the Way to Ruin an Airline"
The recent spate of airline hijackings provided comedy material for this sketch . .
Red and Mike Connors play pilots torn between two hijackers with two entirely different destinations.
(2) "McPugg and the Plastic Surgeon".
A plastic surgeon (Mike Connors), tries to perform miracles on the battered countenance of boxer Cauliflower McPugg (Red).
Musical Highlights:
Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass perform "Wabash Cannonball."
The Nashville Brass perform "Lonely Street."
"The Silent Spot"
Charlie the Swinger encounters difficulty trying to pick up his date for the evening.

19.20 [640] The Red Skelton Hour: WHEN EAST MEETS WEST, YOU'VE SURE GOT A SKINNY COUNTRY (copyright title)
10-Feb-1970 CBS Tue/ OREG: LP39724
Carol Lawrence
Main Comedy Sketch: "When East Meets West, You've Sure Got a Skinny Country"
A saloon gal (Carol Lawrence) strikes terror in the heart of Sheriff Deadeye (Red Skelton) by aligning herself with his hated rival.
Musical Highlights:
Carol Lawrence sings "Big Spender", then joins The Tom Hansen Dancers for "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"
The Tom Hansen Dancers and the Jimmy Joyce Singers perform "My Love"
Red sings his own composition, "Tell Her You Love Her", as a valentine to his wife Georgia;
(Ironically, Mr. and Mrs. Skelton would split up a year or so after this episode aired)
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a hapless weight reducing-salon customer.

19.21 [641] The Red Skelton Hour: PEOPLE WHO LIKE PEOPLE ARE CANNIBALS (copyright title)
17-Feb-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39725
Barbara Feldon
The Lettermen

Main Comedy Sketch: "People Who Like People are Cannibals"
A lady scientist (Barbara Feldon) tests out her new chicken-feed formula on "human guinea pig" Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red).
Musical Highlights:
The Lettermen sing "Traces" and "Memories."
The Lettermen join Barbara Feldon and the Tom Hansen Dancers for "Sweet Georgia Brown";
also, the Dancers and the Jimmy Joyce Singers team up for "Call Me".
"The Silent Spot"
A harried househusband is victimized by a room full of recalcitrant toys and appliances.

19.22 [642] The Red Skelton Hour: THE THREE MUSKETEERS RIDE AGAIN, THOSE DING-DONG DADDIES (copyright title)
24-Feb-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39726
Mickey Rooney
Tiny Tim
Audrey Meadows
Jackie Coogan
Jimmy Cross

Main Comedy Sketch: "The Three Musketeers Ride Again, Those Ding-Dong Daddies"
In an elaborate "Three Musketeers" sketch, Red, Mickey Rooney and Jackie Coogan go to rescue the Queen (Audrey Meadows)-
but bring back Tiny Tim instead!
Musical highlights:
"A Bird in a Gilded Cage" (Tiny Tim); "March of the Musketeers" (Red, Mickey, Tim);
"One of Those Songs" (Jimmy Joyce Singers, Tom Hansen Dancers).
"The Silent Spot"
Red recreates his characterization of a persnickety street cleaner.

19.23 [643] The Red Skelton Hour: BILL BAILEY MUST HAVE BEEN MARRIED, THAT'S WHY HE NEVER CAME HOME (copyright title)
03-Mar-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39727
Jackie DeShannon
Godfrey Cambridge
Pat Carroll
Ida Mae McKenzie

Main Comedy Sketch:
"Bill Bailey Must Have Been Married That's Why He Never Came Home"
An outrageously expensive plumber (Godfrey Cambridge) appears in a "George Appleby" comedy sketch with Red Skelton (George) and Pat Carroll (Clara).
Musical Highlights:
Jackie DeShannon sings "Love Is Blue" and "Jackie", and joins the Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers for "Brighton Hill"
The Singers and Dancers also perform "Time After Time".
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a hotel night clerk who struggles manfully to handle a busy switchboard.

19.24 [644] The Red Skelton Hour: BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER AND HARDER TO SHAVE WITH (copyright title)
10-Mar-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39720
Vincent Price
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

Main Comedy Sketch: "Blood is Thicker Than Water and Harder to Shave With"
Hoping to be paroled from jail, Sheriff Deadeye (Red) puts his fate in the hands of his attorney brother Clarence Narrow (Vincent).
Musical Highlights:
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition sing "Something's Burning" and "Reuben James"
"The Silent Spot"
A chronic gambler (Red) loses his shirt in a gambling casino.

19.25 [645] The Red Skelton Hour: "He Died With His Boots On Cause He Had Cold Feet to Start" (TV Guide title)
"He died with his boots off, that's why he stubbed his toe" ADTI: "When he kicked the bucket" (copyright titles)
17-Mar-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39728
Fess Parker
Mac Davis
(singer, network TV debut)
Main Comedy Sketch: "He Died With His Boots On Cause He Had Cold Feet to Start"
Fess Parker revives his Davy Crockett characterization in a dream sequence wherein Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton),
a soldier at the Alamo, helps Davy spy on General Santa Ana.
Musical Highlights:
Mac Davis sings "In the Ghetto" and "Memories."
The Jimmy Joyce Singers and The Tom Hansen Dancers team up for "Sing Something Simple".
"The Silent Spot"
A nervous realtor (Red) tries to evict a spirtualist.

19.26 [646] The Red Skelton Hour: SAN FERNANDO RED'S SPY SCHOOL or HOW TO MAKE A POSSIBLE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (copyright title)
24-Mar-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39729
Tony Sandler & Ralph Young
Billy Barty
Beverly Powers

Main Comedy Sketch: "San Fernando Red's Spy School or How to Make a Possible Mission Impossible"
San Fernando Red (Skelton) runs a phony spy school . Beverly Powers and Billy Barty also appear in the sketch.
Musical Highlights:
Tony Sandler and Ralph Young sing "The 59th Street Bridge Song"
and "Love of the Common People (Sandler and Young, Jimmy Joyce Singers, Tom Hansen Dancers) and "Shine on Your Shoes" (Singers, Dancers).
"The Silent Spot"
A conventioneer (Red) tries to cure his hangover.

19.27 [647] The Red Skelton Hour: BE IT EVER SO CRUMBLED, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME (copyright title)
31-Mar-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39730.
George Gobel
Original Caste
(rock group)
Barbara Bostock

Main Comedy Sketch: "Be It Ever So Crumbled, There is No Place Like Home"
Advertising for a roommate to share his city-dump shack, Freddie the Freeloader (Red) ends up with a fugitive
henpecked husband (George Gobel).
Musical Highlights:
Original Caste perform "Mr. Monday" and "One Tin Soldier."
The Tom Hansen Dancers perform "76 Trombones", and the Dancers and the Jimmy Joyce Singers team up for "I'm Your Puppet".
"The Silent Spot"
A practical joker (Red) gets his comeuppance at a picnic.

19.28 [648] The Red Skelton Hour: STONE WALLS DO NOT A PRISON MAKE-- SO THEY ADDED IRON BARS (copyright title)
07-Apr-1970 CBS Tue / OREG: LP39731.
Cesar Romero
Clint Howard

Main Comedy Sketch:
Inmates Cesar Romero and Bolivar Shagnasty (Red Skelton) revolt against lousy prison food, and little Clint Howard (Ron's brother)
sells lemonade that has been "sweetened" by inebriate Willie Lump Lump (Red again).
Musical Highlights:
Brenda Thompson, a member of the Tom Hansen Dancers, solos in "Little Girl Blue" and "I'll Never Fall in Love Again".
"The Silent Spot"
An old crossing guard (Red) spends his last day on the job.
Red Skelton's final program of the 1969-70 season-and though he didn't know it at the time, it was his last show for CBS.
Still ranking high in the Nielsen ratings, The Red Skelton Hour was becoming too prohibitively expensive to survive-and besides,
the network was trying to divest itself of its "old" shows in order to broaden their appeal to young viewers. While Skelton was
traumatized by the cancellation, his depression didn't last too long; within a few weeks, his show was picked up by NBC,
where Skelton had launched his weekly TV series back in 1951.

Last of the Hour-Long Episodes  - Next Season "The Red Skelton Show" moves to NBC  reduced to 30 minutes
for its final season

############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############## end of season 19 ###############

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