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Season 17 (CBS) (1967-68)
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############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############# season 17 1967-68 ##############
CBS Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm

05-Sep-1967 CBS
Eve Arden
Robert Stack
Johnny Rivers

Main Comedy Sketch: "For Better Or Worse Like George Appleby Got"
Escaped convict (Robert Stack) learns to regret his decision to kidnap the bickering George & Clara Appleby (Red, Eve Arden)
and spirit them away to his Mexican hideout.
Musical Highlights:
Johnny Rivers performs "Help" & "The Tracks of My Tears."
"One Minute Dramas"
A new segment of quickie blackout sketches a la "Laugh-In" (which hadn't yet premiered).
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a tourist on a Hawaiian vacation.

17.02 [561] The Red Skelton Hour: THE SEVEN AGES OF MAN
12-Sep-1967 CBS
Maurice Evans (Shakespearean actor)
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Seven Ages of Man,"
Maurice Evans narrates the lenghty pantomime sketch with all seven ages-from "mewling and pewking"
to "sans hair, sans teeth, sans everything"-enacted by Red Skelton.
Musical Highlights:
Red sings his own composition, "Little Boy."
The dancers and singers perform Cole Porter's "Brush Up Your Shakespeare."
"The Silent Spot"
(no details)

17.03 [562] The Red Skelton Hour: SADDLE SORES ON THE OLD CORRAL
19-Sep-1967 CBS
Stanley Holloway (British entertainer)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Main Comedy Sketch: "Saddle Sores On The Old Corral"
The Old West will never be the same when Sheriff Deadeye (Red) comes face to face with Sir Whitecliff of Dover (Stanley Holloway).
Musical Highlights:
Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 perform "Mas Que Nada" and "Night and Day"
"One-Minute Dramas"
Skelton and Holloway poking fun at British humor, court musicians and TV commercials.
"The Silent Spot"

17.04 [563] The Red Skelton Hour: THE SPY WITH THE LEAKY MOUTH
26-Sep-1967 CBS
Godfrey Cambridge
Janis Paige

Main Comedy Sketch: "The Spy With The Leaky Mouth"
An international spy (Godfrey Cambridge) tries to extract a secret message from a tooth in the mouth of Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton).
Musical Highlights:
Janis Paige sings "My Shining Hour" and "Sam You Made the Pants too Long"
"One-Minute Dramas"
A man wants to be cured of his thumb-sucking habit.
"The Silent Spot"
Red forces his guests to watch his home movies.

17.05 [564] The Red Skelton Hour: WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE'S A DRAGON
03-Oct-1967 CBS
Bert Lahr (one of his last TV appearances)
Fran Jeffries
Main Comedy Sketch: "Where There's Smoke There's A Dragon"
Forsooth (Red) arrives at the court of King Foul-Up I (Bert Lahr), seeking to become a knight.
Musical Highlights:
Fran Jeffries sings "Too Close for Comfort" and "Out of This World."
"One-Minute Dramas"
A series of classic Burlesque blackouts, performed con brio by Red and Bert Lahr.
"The Silent Spot"
A do-it-yourself fanatic (Red) drives his neighbors crazy.
Red Skelton and Bert Lahr had previously appeared together in the 1942 theatrical feature "Ship Ahoy."

17.06 [565] The Red Skelton Hour: A SPY IS A PEEPING TOM ON SALARY
10-Oct-1967 CBS
Fernando Lamas (actor)
The 5th Dimension
Emmaline Henry
The Alan Copeland singers, TheTom Hansen Dancers, The David Rose Orchestra
Main Comedy Sketch: "A Spy is a Peeping Tom on Salary"
Master spy Harry Sneak (Fernando Lamas) recruits tourist George Appleby (Red) as a secret agent to help him protect the
Maharajah of Kumquat.Appleby, posing as a waiter, in a Chinese restaurant where the maharajah is to dine, discovers that
a time bomb has been planted in a fortune cookie. The question is: Which one?. Appleby's bickering wife, Clara is played
by Emmaline Henry
Musical Highlights:
The 5th Dimension -sing "Somewhere" and "My Way"
also "Up, Up and Away" (according to a YouTube clip)
"One-Minute Dramas"
Lamas joins Skelton in a series of one-minute dramas set at a lonely London bridge, a prison, and a barbershop.
"The Silent Spot"
Skelton plays a hospital patient with a bad case of nerves and a worse case of gout ~ neither of which is helped
when another patient checks into the room.

17.07 [566] The Red Skelton Hour: CLOTHES MAKE THE BUM
17-Oct-1967 CBS
Terry-Thomas (Gap-toothed British comedy actor)
Nancy Wilson (singer)
The Tom Hansen Dancers
Main Comedy Sketch: "Clothes Make The Bum"
A floorwalker (Terry-Thomas) tangles with hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton) at a high-toned fashion show.
Nancy Wilson plays the store detective
Musical Highlights:
Nancy Wilson sings "Up Tight" and "Music That Makes Me Dance."
The Tom Hansen Dancers are spotlighted in a production number based on the song "Taco Holiday".
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a grocer besieged by complaining customers.

17.08 [567] The Red Skelton Hour: A NEW YORK STRIPPER IS NOT ALWAYS A STEAK
24-Oct-1967 CBS
John Forsythe
Michelle Lee
Roland Winters
The Tom Hansen Dancers

Main Comedy Sketch: "A New York Stripper Is Not Always a Steak"
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) is hired by a millionaire (Roland Winters) to prevent the millionaire's son (John Forsythe)
from wedding a stripper (Michelle Lee).
Musical Highlights:
Michelle Lee sings "I'm Old Fashioned" and "Anything Goes" (with back-up singers and dancers).
The Tom Hansen Dancers' interpretation of "Feelin' Groovy".
"The Silent Spot"
A lonely fisherman (Red) lands a mermaid.

17.09 [568] The Red Skelton Hour: HIPPIE DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN
31-Oct-1967 CBS (Show # 0701, VTR 8/7-8-9)
Jackie Coogan
Tim Conway
Nancy Ames

Main Comedy Sketch: "Hippie Days Are Here Again"
Freddie the Freeloader (Red Skelton) stumbles into a love-in, where he is readily accepted as an equal by hippies
Cherub Sweetface (Tim Conway) and Handsoff Hanna (Nancy Ames). Jackie Coogan plays the Police Officer.
Musical Highlights:
Nancy Ames sings "I Feel Fine" and "Meditation."
The Singing and Dancing ensemble perform "Up Up and Away".
"One-Minute Drama":
Scientists Red and Nancy Ames plant a weird growth in Tim Conway's head.
"The Silent Spot"
An elderly bum (Red) tries to cadge a meal from a voracious diner (Jackie Coogan).
Note: Silent Spot revised 19Jul1967, Scheduled to air 05Sept1967.

17.10 [569] The Red Skelton Hour:
07-Nov-1967 CBS
Wally Cox
Chanin Hale
Kathy Gale
(a member of The Tom Hansen Dancers)
Main Comedy Sketch:
A big-game hunter (Wally Cox) hires Sheriff Deadeye (Red) and Indian maiden Sitting Pretty (Chanin Hale) as mountain guides.
Musical Highlights:
Kathy Gale sings "Blues in the Night."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays the manager of a movie house.

17.11 [570] The Red Skelton Hour:
14-Nov-1967 CBS
Vincent Price
Dionne Warwick

Main Comedy Sketch:
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) helps Dr. Flygrabber (Vincent Price) hunt for giant lightning bugs.
Musical Highlights:
Dionne Warwick sings "I Say a Little Prayer," "He Loves Me" and "I Dig Rock-and-Roll Music."
"The Silent Spot"
A Thanksgiving turkey (Red) begins to suspect that his owner is up to no good.

17.12 [571] The Red Skelton Hour: RED'S RELATIVES
21-Nov-1967 CBS
Polly Bergen
Pat Carroll, Reta Shaw, Jan Arvan, Billy Barty

Main Comedy Sketch: "Red's Relatives"
Red Skelton plays several of his favorite characters in a five-act comedy sketch. Aging Methuselah Skelton (Red)
must decide which of his heirs will receive his fortune. In order to qualify, Bolivar Shagnasty (Red) must propose
to his longtime fiance (Polly Bergen); boxer Cauliflower McPugg (Red) must win a championship bout with the Glendale
Mauler; Willy Lump-Lump (Red) has to stop drinking; and Charlie the Swinger (Red again!) must find a bride.
Pat Carroll appears as Willy's long-suffering wife, while the rest of the cast includes Reta Shaw, Jan Arvan and Billy Barty.
Musical Highlights:
Polly Bergen sings "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey" and "They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me."

17.13 [572] The Red Skelton Hour: LITTLE OLD RAINMAKER, HE
28-Nov-1967 CBS
Arthur Godfrey
Harpers Bizarre

Main Comedy Sketch: "Little Old Rainmaker, He"
Phony rainmaker San Fernando Red (Skelton) tries to fleece a cagey farmer (Arthur Godfrey).
Musical Highlights:
Harpers Bizarre perform "Anything Goes" and "Chattanooga Choo Choo" backed up with a genuine miniature train from
the collection of orchestra leader David Rose,
The Tom Hansen Dancers' interpretation of "The Biggest Night of the Year."
"The Silent Spot":
"The Thanksgiving Turkey"

17.14 [573] The Red Skelton Hour:
05-Dec-1967 CBS
George Gobel
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Main Comedy Sketch:
To find out who he is, an amnesiac (George Gobel) enlists the aid of hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red).
Musical Highlights:
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons perform "Sherry," "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and a medley of songs from "The Sound of Music"
"The Silent Spot"
Red portrays a neat-freak sanitation worker.

17.15 [574] The Red Skelton Hour:
12-Dec-1967 CBS
Milton Berle
Dusty Springfield
(British Singer)
Main Comedy Sketch:
Nutty Nougat (Milton Berle) helps George Appeby (Red) out of a jam by posing as Mrs. Appleby (Milton Berle in a dress!)
Musical Highlights:
Dusty Springfield sings "The Look of Love" and "Sunny."
"One-Minute Dramas":
Red and Uncle Miltie, dedicate a dam, visit a topless-waitress club, and agonize in the waiting room of a doctor's office.
"The Silent Spot"
Santa Claus (Red) negotiates an extremely slippery rooftop.

17.16 [575] The Red Skelton Hour: A CHRISTMAS URCHIN (Christmas Special)
19-Dec-1967 CBS (Rerun 23Dec1969)
Howard Keel
Joan Freeman
Linda Sue Risk

Main Comedy Sketch: "A Christmas Urchin," a sketch written by Skelton himself.
During the Yuletide season, hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red) and Officer McGoogle (Howard Keel) try to cheer up a
little girl (Linda Sue Rusk) and her widowed mom (Joan Freeman). Ballerina Jiliana also appears in the story.
Musical Highlights: Howard Keel Christmas medley including Red Skelton's "The Night Before Christmas".
"The Silent Spot"

[--] 26Dec1967 - REPEAT of "The Seven Ages of Man" (based on Shakespeare's "As You Like It")

[--] 02Jan1968 - REPEAT with Tennessee Ernie Ford

17.17 [576] The Red Skelton Hour:
09-Jan-1968 CBS
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
Gilbert Price

Main Comedy Sketch:
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans join Red Skelton in a rootin', tootin' "Sheriff Deadeye" comedy sketch.
Musical Highlights:
Gilbert Price sings "It Ain't Necessarily So" and "The Impossible Dream."
"The Silent Spot"
An old man (Red) spends his last buck on a chain letter.

17.18 [577] The Red Skelton Hour: RED SKELTON ONE-MAN SHOW (Special)
16-Jan-1968 CBS
In a virtuoso episode of The Red Skelton Hour, Red recalls his 39 years in show business. He recreates his classic routines
"Guzzlers Gin," "Dunking Doughnuts" and "Bathing the Baby," then turns serious as he sings "Scarlet Ribbons." As a bonus, Skelton
introduces his own composition, "The Everett McKinley Dirksen March," in honor of the venerable Illinois Republican senator.
Originally scheduled for January 9, 1968, this One-Man Show was moved to January 16 to take advantage of a better ratings slot.

17.19 [578] The Red Skelton Hour:
23-Jan-1968 CBS
Phyllis Diller
Lou Rawls

Main Comedy Sketch:
A washed-up actress (Phyllis Diller) casts Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) as a bullfighter in her comeback film.
Musical Highlights:
Lou Rawls sing "Three O'Clock in the Morning" and "On a Clear Day."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays an inept store detective.

17.20 [579] The Red Skelton Hour: FAIRY TALES FOR OLD CHILDREN (Salute to famous Fairy Tales) (Special)
30-Jan-1968 CBS
Sets Designed by Sidney Rushakoff
Jane Powell - Natasha/Mrs. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater/Beauty/Sleeping Beauty
Cyril Ritchard - Aladdin/Beast/Witch
Act 1: "Aladdin"
With Aladdin (Cyril Ritchard) and Forsooth the Genie (Red)
Act 2: "Rip Van Winkle" Musical Highlights: "Beauty and the Beast"
Rip Van Winkle (Red) awakens in the "Groovy" sixties, and Red and Jane appear in a pantomime version of "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater."
Act 3: "Sleeping Beauty"
Junior Cavendish (Red) attempts to awaken Sleeping Beauty (Jane Powell).
Junior tells stories to his little baby brother Gregory. Dance: "Three Blind Mice" (Jane Powell)
Junior Cast: David Sharpe, Dick Winslow, Eve Brent, Janos Prohaska, Randy Whipple, Brad Trumbull, Ruth Scott
Musical Highlights:
"Three Blind Mice" and a medley of tunes from Tschaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty ballet.
Next week announced Terry-Thomas, Shani Wallis (see #17.23 20Feb68)

17.21 [580] The Red Skelton Hour:
06-Feb-1968 CBS
Herschel Bernardi
Diane Linkletter

Main Comedy Sketch:
Diane Linkletter, light-years removed from the bad drug trip that ended her life, appears with Red Skelton and Herschel Bernardi
in a "Freddie the Freeloader" comedy sketch.
Musical Highlights:
Herschel Bernardi sings "Sunrise Sunset" (from "Fiddler on the Roof")
The Tom Hansen Dancers perform to the tune of Skelton's own composition "The Everett McKinley Dirksen March.
"The Silent Spot"
(no details)

17.22 [581] The Red Skelton Hour: SHERIFFS ARE BOUGHT, NOT MADE
13-Feb-1968 CBS Tue
Burl Ives
(Scottish Singer)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Sheriffs Are Bought Not Made"
Burl Ives reprises his Cat on a Hot Tin Roof characterization in a "Sheriff Deadeye" comedy sketch.
Somewhere in the Bad Lands, Deadeye (Red) and Big Pappy (Burl Ives) clash over staking a gold claim.
Musical Highlights:
Lulu sings "To Sir, with Love" & "Lulu's Back in Town."
Lulu and Burt Ives and the Tom Hansen Dancers - "Consider Yourself" production number.
Burl Ives sings "The Little White Duck."
"The Silent Spot"
An absent minded assembly-line worker (Red) causes chaos at a candy factory.

20-Feb-1968 CBS Tue
Terry-Thomas (gap-toothed British comedian)
Shani Wallis (British singer, star of the film musical "Oliver")
Main Comedy Sketch: "Cauliflower Ears that Bloom in the Spring, Tra-La"
Red appears as boxing promoter Bolivar Shagnasty and his "boy" Cauliflower McPugg,
while Terry-Thomas doubles up as Bolivar and Cauliflower's British counterparts.
Musical Highlights:
Shani Wallis sings "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "I've Got Your Number."
"The Silent Spot"
Red mimes the legend of George Washington and the cherry tree.

17.24 [583] The Red Skelton Hour: LAUGHTER, THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE (United Nations Second Show) (Special)
27-Feb-1968 CBS
Guest Host:
Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey
Guests: David Sharpe, Chanin Hale
In 1960, Red Skelton performed a comedy concert before an international audience during the 15th anniversary celebration of the United Nations.
Highlights of this performance were assembled in the half-hour taped program "Laughter, the Universal Language", which earned Red the United States
Information Agency's Award for Distinguished Service.
In 1968, Skelton again appeared at the UN, again in an all-pantomime concert. Highlights included such classic routines as a girl dressing,
a little boy shooting a sparrow, "The Piano Recital", a determined tourist climbing the Eiffel Tower, Red and David Sharpe's interpretation
of a pair of nasty neighbors (with Sharpe in drag), and Red and Chanin Hale appearing as a fickle rooster and a wistful hen.
The program closed with Skelton's poignant "Old Man Watching a Parade", a sketch dedicated to his late son Richard.

17.25 [584] The Red Skelton Hour: MY BROTHER WEARS MY MOTHER'S ARMY SHOES
05-Mar-1968 CBS
Liberace (pianist)
The Youngfolk (singing group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "My Brother Wears My Mother's Army Shoes"
A flamboyant pianist (Liberace) hires his brother Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) as his page turner.
Musical Highlights:
Liberace performs "All the Things You Are."
The Young Folk sing "Gotta Travel On."
Liberace and the Young Folk perform "Feelin' Groovy."
"The Silent Spot"
(no details)

17.26 [585] The Red Skelton Hour:
12-Mar-1968 CBS
Mike Connors (star of "Mannix)
Tom Jones
Emmaline Henry

Main Comedy Sketch:
George Appleby (Red) suspects that his wife Clara (Emmaline Henry) and his college pal (Mike Connors) plan to bump him off.
Musical Highlights:
Tom Jones sings "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"
Tom Jones - "Mohair Sam" & "You Came a Long Way from St. Louis" (production numbers with dancers)
"The Silent Spot"
A dumb motorist (Red) has car troubles.

19-Mar-1968 CBS
Eddy Arnold (Country & western singer)
Pat Priest
Reta Shaw

Main Comedy Sketch: "San Fernando, A Man With A Heart of Stolen Gold"
With the IRS breathing down his neck, San Fernando Red (Skelton) tries to straighten out the debts incurred by the radio
station owned by his cousin (Eddy Arnold). Also in the sketch, Pat Priest and Reta Shaw.
Musical Highlights:
Eddy Arnold sings a medley of "Here Comes the Rain, Baby" and "Singin' in the Rain."
"The Silent Spot"
Red struggles manfully to stay on a diet.

17.28 [587] The Red Skelton Hour: THE PIE-EYED PIPER
26-Mar-1968 CBS
Joe E. Ross
Pat Carroll
The Doodletown Pipers

Brad Logan Telephone Man/#2 Guard)
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Pie-Eyed Piper" - Bolivar & Willie
Red Skelton plays two of his favorite characters: roughneck Bolivar Shagnasty and rum-pot Willie Lump Lump.
With the help of Bolivar and Officer Clancy (Joe E. Ross), Willie's wife (Pat Carroll) tries to curb her husband's heavy drinking.
Musical Highlights:
The Doodletown Pipers (with Teresa Graves) sing a medley of "Blowin' in the Wind", "Do You Want to Dance?" and "Dancing in the Street."
The Tom Hansen Dancers offer their version of "I Like Mountain Music".
"The Silent Spot: Over the Wall"
Convict Red tries to bust out of prison.

17.29 [588] The Red Skelton Hour: THE LOVE BUG'LL GETCHA IF YOU DON'T USE DDT
02-Apr-1968 CBS
Jack Jones
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Love Bug'll Getcha If You Don't Use DDT"
A "love specialist" (Jack Jones) tries to help Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton) propose to his sweetheart.
Musical Highlights:
Jack Jones sings "Getting Sentimental Over You" and "Pretty"
The Tom Hansen Dancers perform to the song "Music Music Music".
"The Silent Spot"
An exhausted travelling salesman (Red) tries to grab some shuteye at a noisy hotel.

[--] 04-Apr-1968 Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

[--] 09Apr1968 - REPEAT

[--] 16Apr1968 - REPEAT with guests Polly Bergen & Pat Carroll (from 21-Nov-1967)

17.30 [589] The Red Skelton Hour: THE JULIUS CAESAR CAPER
23-April-1968 CBS Tue
Mickey Rooney
Lana Cantrell
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Julius Caesar Caper"
Julius Caesar (Mickey Rooney) has a fatal rendezvous at the Senate which is briefly forestalled by his slave Forsooth (Red).
Musical Highlights:
Lana Cantrell sings "I'm Falling in Love Again" and "Bonnie and Clyde,"
The Singers and Dancers team up for "Big Beautiful Doll."
"The Silent Spot"
A man (Red) squares off against his battleaxe mother-in-law.
Way back in 1939, Mickey Rooney urged his bosses at MGM to sign Red Skelton to a movie contract.
This may be the reason Rooney appeared in so many of Red's TV programs of the 1950s and 1960s.

30-April-1968 CBS Tue
Nipsey Russell (guest-starred in the final program of the previous season and returns to close out Red's 17th TV season)
The Association
Brad Logan (Schultz)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Rings On Her Fingers Also Go Through Your Nose"
Insurance agent/medical examiner/undertaker Hardsell Hopkins (Nipsey Russell) targets
George Apppleby (Red) as his next victim-er, client.
Musical Highlights:
The Association perform "Birthday Morning," "Windy" & "Wasn't It A Bit Like Now?"
The Silent Spot: "The Old Handy Man"
An old handyman (Red) tries to fix up a fixer-upper.
Originally Scheduled to air on April 9, 1968, this episode was moved to April 30
due to CBS' coverage of the Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination.

Showtime (US title) / The Big Show (UK title)
(ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)

Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"
Van Bernard Productions, Inc.
(Taped at ATV-ITC Elstree Studios, London, England)
 see separate episode guide -  Showtime

  ############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############## end of season 17 ###############

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