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Season 15 (CBS) (1965-66)
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  ############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############# season 15 1965-66 ##############
CBS Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm (series now in COLOR)

Red Skelton, who was among the first TV personalities to appear in color on a weekly basis back in the 1950s, only to
be forced exclusively into black-and-white telecasts due to a feud between his home network CBS and RCA-controlled NBC,
returned to full color with the September 14, 1965 broadcast of "The Red Skelton Hour".

15.01 [496] The Red Skelton Hour: title possibly HOW STUPID OF CUPID
14Sep1965 CBS
Paul Ford (Colonel Hall in "The Phil Silvers Show")
Freddie & the Dreamers (British Pop Group)
Sheila Rogers
Main Comedy Sketch: title possibly "How Stupid is Cupid"
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) falls in love with the girl dummy controlled by ventriloquist Quincy Quiverlips (Paul Ford).
Musical Highlights:
Freddie and the Dreamers perform "I'm Telling You Now" & "A Little You."
"The Silent Spot"
Red and Sheila Rogers play a married couple returning home from vacation.

15.02 [497] The Red Skelton Hour: FASTEST CRUMB IN THE WEST
21Sep1965 CBS
Bobby Darin
Jackie & Gayle
Chanin Hale

Main Comedy Sketch: "Fastest Crumb in the West"
In order to overcome his chronic cowardice, Sheriff Deadeye (Red) gulps down some "Brave Juice" concocted by
Indian medicine man Running Fever (Bobby Darin).
Musical Highlights:
Bobby Darin sings "That Funny Feeling" (from his recent movie the same name)
Bobby Darin with Jackie & Gayle sings "Sunday in New York."
Jackie & Gayle sings "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a wealthy yachtsman, entertaining girlfriend Chanin Hale.

15.03 [498] The Red Skelton Hour: LOAFER COME BACK TO ME
28Sep1965 CBS
Mickey Rooney
20-Man U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Team of the Pacific Fleet Force.
Main Comedy Sketch: "Loafer Come Back To Me."
When former indigent Muggsy (Mickey Rooney) becomes a movie star, he tries to hide his hobo past,
but his old pal Freddie the Freeloader (Red) won't let him.
Musical Highlights:
The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Team of the Pacific
"The Silent Spot"
Red impersonates a fickle rooster, with Chanin Hale as his favorite hen.

15.04 [499] The Red Skelton Hour: WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WIFE?
05Oct1965 CBS
Patrice Munsel
Peter & Gordon (British Pop Duo, Peter Asher & Gordon Waller)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wife?"
(no details)
Musical Highlights:
Peter and Gordon sing "Don't Pity Me."
Patrice Munsel (opera star) with Peter and Gordon sing"You Don't Want My Love."
Patrice Munsel sings "Summertime."
"The Silent Spot"
(no details)

15.05 [500] The Red Skelton Hour: possibly LOCO BOY MAKES GOOD
12Oct1965 CBS
Bobby Rydell
The New Christy Minstrels

Main Comedy Sketch: possibly "Loco Boy Makes Good"
Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) enters the Olympics as a champion matchstick piler, with Bobby Rydell as his principal competitor Goody
and frequent Red Skelton Hour featured player Jan Arvan as Clem's Paw.
Musical Highlights:
Bobby Rydell sings ..
The New Christy Minstrels sing ...
"The Silent Spot"
Red mimes the role of an old prospector.

15.06 [501] The Red Skelton Hour: A TASTE OF MONEY
19Oct1965 CBS
Harve Presnell (Debbie Reynolds' leading man in the 1964 musical film "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"),
Reta Shaw
Main Comedy Sketch: "A Taste Of Money"
San Fernando Red (Skelton) fraudulently poses as a missing heir, much to the consternation of lawyer
Harkness (Harve Presnell) and wealthy dowager Mrs. Throckmorton (Reta Shaw).
Musical Highlights:
Harve Presnell sings "Let It Be Me" and "Mountain Greenery."
"The Silent Spot"
Convict Red attempts a jailbreak.

15.07 [502] The Red Skelton Hour: possibly HERE COMES THE BRIBE
26Oct1965 CBS
Johnny Mathis
Carol Byron

Main Comedy Sketch: possibly "Here Comes The Bribe."
Spoofing the recent Lorne Greene song hit "Ringo," wandering troubadour Johnny Appleworm (Johnny Mathis) sings a
ballad about the checkered career of Sheriif Deadeye (Red), the stupidest gun in the West.
Musical Highlights:
Johnny Mathis sings "On a Wonderful Day" & "Young and Foolish."
"The Silent Spot"
Red and Carol Byron enact the story of "Hansel and Gretel".

15.08 [503] The Red Skelton Hour: HOBO A GO-GO
02Nov1965 CBS
Audrey Meadows (return visit)
The Lettermen
Douglas Fowley

Main Comedy Sketch: "Hobo A Go-Go"
Freddie the Freeloader (Red) and Muggsy (Douglas Fowley) are shipwrecked on a tropical island ruled by
the iron-fisted Dolores Dictator (Audrey Meadows).
Musical Highlights:
The Letterman perform "Things We Did Last Summer" and "Walk on By."
"The Silent Spot"
Red portrays an elderly street vendor.

15.09 [504] The Red Skelton Hour:
09Nov1965 CBS
Vic Dana (singer) (no relation to Bill Dana)
Bill Dana (comedian)
Mary Wickes
Jan Arvan
Sandra Gould
Chanin Hale

Main Comedy Sketch:
"Mean Widdle Kid", Junior Cavendish (Red) shoots down Jose's spaceship with his slingshot.
Comedian Bill Dana reprises his Latino "Jose Jimenez" characterization
Mary Wickes plays Junior's teacher, while Jan Arvan and Sandra Gould are cast as Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish.
Musical Highlights:
Vic Dana sings "Birth of the Blues" and "What Now, My Love?",
The Alan Copeland Singers and The Skelton Dancers perform "Funny Face" and "Face of a Clown.".
"The Silent Spot"
A new twist to an old legend, as Roman slave Red must choose between the Lady (Chanin Hale) and the Lion.

15.10 [505] The Red Skelton Hour:
16Nov1965 CBS
Stanley Holloway (won an Oscar for his performance in the film version of "My Fair Lady")
The Youngfolk (singers)
Main Comedy Sketch:
A hen owned by Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) is laying square eggs, terrifying a round-eggcup tycoon (Stanley Holloway).
Musical Highlights:
The Youngfolk singing
"The Silent Spot"
Red tries to plant his footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.

[--] 23Nov1965 - pre-empted for a "Salute to Stan Laurel" special.

15.11 [506] The Red Skelton Hour:
30Nov1965 CBS
Robert Morse (Broadway Star)
The Animals (British Pop Group)
Doris Singleton
Main Comedy Sketch:
George Appleby" (Red) is fed up with supporting the freeloading brother (Robert Morse) of his wife Clara (Doris Singleton).
Musical Highlights:
The Animals perform "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
"The Silent Spot"
Red impersonates a mad scientist.

15.12 [507] The Red Skelton Hour: NEVER ON A BUM-DAY
07Dec1965 CBS
Robert Vaughn ("The Man From UNCLE")
The Doodletown Pipers
Carol Byron

Main Comedy Sketch: "Never On A Bum-Day"
Hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red) is shielded by a guardian angel (Carol Byron) from the persecution of
Police Officer McGuire (Robert Vaughn).
Musical Highlights:
The Doodletown Pipers sing "Those Were the Days."
"The Silent Spot"
Red mimes a nervous expectant father.

15.13 [508] The Red Skelton Hour: JERK OF ALL TRADES
14Dec1965 CBS
Tallulah Bankhead (actress)
Horst Jankowski (pianist)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Jerk Of All Trades"
Something doesn't smell quite right when gas-company employee Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) searches for a leak
in the perfume factory owned by Mme. Fragrant (Tallulah Bankhead).
Musical Highlights:
Horst Jankowski performs his hit tune "A Walk in the Black Forest" and Irving Berlin's "Play a Simple Melody."
"The Silent Spot"
Ebeneezer Scrooge (Red) mans a corner magazine stand during the Yuletide season.

15.14 [509] The Red Skelton Hour: THE PLIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (II) (1965) (Christmas Special)
This full-color episode is a re-staging (with a few entertaining variations) of Red's black-and-white 1964 Christmas show.
21Dec1965 CBS
Guest star:
Greer Garson (return visit)
Main Comedy Sketch: "The Plight Before Christmas"
Hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red) meets female hobo (Greer Garson).
Musical Highlights:
Greer Garson sings the duet "Side by Side" with Red
Hillcrest Elementary School Choir of Los Angeles, sing a medley of Christmas tunes,
and perform Red Skelton's own composition "The Night Before Christmas
"The Silent Spot"
(no details)
Greer Garson reads the immortal essay "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus."

15.15 [510] The Red Skelton Hour: MONOTONY ON THE BOUNTY
28Dec1965 CBS
Cesar Romero
Silkie (British Pop Group)
Emmaline Henry, Barbara Morrison, Helen Kleeb, Minnie Coffin, Laura Mason
Main Comedy Sketch: "Monotony On The Bounty"
Trying to escape his throngs of female admirers, Harry Cleancut (Cesar Romero) makes a beeline for the crooked travel
agency run by San Fernando Red (Skelton) and his cohort Ruby (Emmaline Henry). Also featured are Barbara Morrison
(Red's favorite "fat lady") as Bertha Bluechip, Helen Kleeb as Agatha, Minnie Coffin as Christie and Laura Mason as the Queen.
Musical Highlights:
Silkie performs "A Long Time Gone" and "It Ain't Me, Babe."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays the proprietor of a fish market.

15.16 [511] The Red Skelton Hour: WHEN NUT-HOOD WAS IN FLOWER
04Jan1966 CBS
Milton Berle (comedian)
Linda Bennett (new singing discovery)
Henry Gordon
Jan Arvan

Main Comedy Sketch: "When Nut-Hood Was in Flower"
Duke No-Good of Anasthesia (Milton Berle) purchases a selection of torture devices from Forsooth (Red),
a sales representative from Max Fracture (Jan Arvan). Henry Gordon plays the King.
Musical Highlights:
Linda Bennett sings "I'm Nobody's Baby" and "Limehouse Blues."
"The Silent Spot"
Homeowner Red tries to take down the Christmas tree.

15.17 [512] The Red Skelton Hour:
11Jan1966 CBS
Buddy Ebsen (Jed Clampett in "The Beverly Hillbillies)
Jackie and Gayle
Chanin Hale
Reta Shaw
Main Comedy Sketch:
At the behest of his Maw and Paw (John Benson, Jan Arvan), backwoodsman Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) heads to
Beverly Hills to visit his newly-rich old chum Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen).
Chanin Hale appears as a secretary, while Reta Shaw portrays Mrs. Gotloot.
Musical Highlights:
Jackie and Gayle sing
"The Silent Spot"
Red portrays a drunken magician.

15.18 [513] The Red Skelton Hour: CONCERT IN PANTOMIME (II)(1966) (Special)
18Jan1966 CBS
Marcel Marceau (French mime artist)
Christine Matchett, Nancy Howard, Melanie Alexander
Main Comedy Sketch: "Concert in Pantomime"
In answer to the overwhelmingly positive audience response to their 1965 joint appearance on The Red Skelton Hour,
Red and master mime Marcel Marceau re-teamed for another "Concert in Pantomime"
In a series of wordless sketches, Red portrays a woman driver, a father looking at his newborn baby, an old fisherman
and his grandson, a prize fighter, and a dying astronaut. In his whiteface guise of Bip, Marceau impersonates a
sculptor, a circus performer, a kite flyer and an auditioning musician, then offers his classic pantomime
"Birth, Youth, Maturity, Old Age and Death."
In the finale, Toy soldier Marcel and rag doll Red try to cheer up a melancholy little girl (Christine Matchett);
Nancy Howard plays the girl's mother, and Melanie Alexander is seen as a female doll.

15.19 [514] The Red Skelton Hour: possibly THE AGONY AND THE NAG-ONY
25Jan1966 CBS
Vincent Price
Diana Ross and The Supremes
Shirley Mitchell

Main Comedy Sketch: possibly "The Agony And The Nag-Ony."
At the insistence of Clara Appleby (Shirley Mitchell), door-to-door psychiatrist Sigmund Fraud (Vincent Price)
treats Clara's husband George Appleby (Red), who is convinced that he's turned into a butterfly!
Musical Highlights:
Diana Ross and The Supremes sing "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby" and "Mother Dear."
"The Silent Spot"
A composer (Red) vainly seeks solitude so he can write his next masterpiece.

01Feb1966 CBS
George Gobel (comedian)
The Hollies (British Pop Group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Down The Old Chisholm Trail With The Old Chiseler."
Would-be artist Sheriff Deadeye (Red) tries to increase the value of his own paintings by "borrowing" the signature
of Parisian impressionist Tooloose Latrec (George Gobel).
Musical Highlights:
The Hollies perform "I'm Alive" & "Look Through Any Window."
"The Silent Spot"
Red recreates a classic Buster Keaton routine as an erstwhile suitor who is confused by identical twin girls.

15.21 [516] The Red Skelton Hour: BE IT EVER SO HOMELY, THERE'S NO FACE LIKE CLEM
08Feb1966 CBS (repeated 14Jun66)
Tina Louise ("Gilligan's Island" co-star)
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Main Comedy Sketch: "Be It Ever So Homely, There's No Face Like Clem"
As the result of a widespread search conducted by film director Fritz Flicker (Roland Winters), Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red)
is chosen as "the ugliest man in the world" and as such is cast opposite the most beautiful actress on earth (Tina Louise).
Musical Highlights:
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Bass perform "Zorba the Greek," "Mexican Shuffle" & "Tijuana Taxi."
Tina Louise sings "The Lady Is a Tramp."
"The Silent Spot"
Red reprises his "old man" characterization as a decrepit secret agent.

15.22 [517] The Red Skelton Hour: HALF A LOAFER IS BETTER THAN NONE
15Feb1966 CBS
Ed Wynn (clown) (one of his last TV appearances)
Donna Loren (singer)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Half A Loafer Is Better Than None."
Explorer Colonel Jungle-Rot (Ed Wynn), is faced with the appalling prospect that hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red)
may be his long-lost son.
Musical Highlights:
Donna Loren performs "Johnny One-Note" and "The Way of Love."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a klutzy bakery worker.

15.23 [518] The Red Skelton Hour: A THOUSAND AND ONE ARABIAN NUTS
22Feb1966 CBS
Stubby Kaye (Rotund comedian)
Muriel Landers (Rotund comedian)
David Sharpe
Main Comedy Sketch: "A Thousand And One Arabian Nuts"
Abou-Boob (Red) and Abou-Smart (Stubby Kaye), the owners of Gazundheit Flying Carpet Airlines,
while Fatima (Muriel Landers) dons veil and harem pants.
Musical Highlights:
Stubby Kaye sings a medley of "One of Those Songs," "Comes the Time" and "Hoedown."
"The Silent Spot"
Red and veteran Hollywood stunt coordinator David Sharpe play two elderly neighbors-one male, one female-who despise one another.

15.24 [519] The Red Skelton Hour: THE RED SKELTON SCRAPBOOK (II)(1966) (Special)
01Mar1966 CBS
Guest Host: John Wayne
Melanie Alexander
Red Skelton reprising several of his most beloved routines, including "Dunking Doughnuts" and (with Melanie Alexander)
his spoof of Michael Fokine's ballet Spectre of the Rose. Other highlights included Red's impersonation of a Gay '90s bachelor,
and his portrayal of eternally inebriated Willie Lump Lump in the classic "Upside Down Room" routine (which is also
prominently featured in Skelton's 1953 theatrical feature The Clown).


[---] 08-Mar-1966 - pre-empted, scheduled show moved to 19-Apr-1966
or [--] 8Mar1966 - repeat with Bill Dana and Vic Dana

[---] 15-Mar-1966 - pre-empted for coverage of the Gemini VIII space crisis
or 15Mar1966 - repeat with Stanley Holloway

[---] 22-Mar-1966 - pre-empted for a Carol Burnett special "Carol Plus 2" with Zero Mostell and Lucille Ball.


15.25 [520] The Red Skelton Hour: LOVE AT FIRST FRIGHT
29Mar1966 CBS
Phyllis Diller
The Rockin' Berries
(British Pop Group)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Love at First Fright"
The bickering Applebys, George (Red) and Clara (Clara), recall how they first met in college way back in the Roaring Twenties.
Musical Highlights:
The Rockin' Berries perform "Poor Man's Son" and "You're My Girl."
"The Silent Spot"
Red portrays a timorous burglar.

15.26 [521] The Red Skelton Hour: GOODBYE, MR. GYP
05Apr1966 CBS
Jackie Coogan (actor)
The Doodletown Pipers
Main Comedy Sketch: "Goodbye, Mr. Gyp"
San Fernando Red tries to mold lumberjack Humphrey T. Humble (Jackie Coogan) into a Muhammad Ali-style prizefighter.
Musical Highlights:
The Doodletown Pipers perform "Wait Til You See Her" and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah."
"The Silent Spot"
Red mimes the role of a slovenly housekeeper.

15.27 [522] The Red Skelton Hour: THE BUM WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD
12Apr1966 CBS
Nancy Wilson
Jack Kruschen

Main Comedy Sketch: "The Bum Who Came In From the Cold"
Doctors Cagey (Nancy Wilson) and Shnorba (Jack Kruschen) can't understand why hobo Freddie the Freeloader (Red) has remained
immune to a recent flu epidemic.
Musical Highlights:
Nancy Wilson sings "Satin Doll" and "Here's That Rainy Day."
"The Silent Spot"
A passerby (Red) tries to prevent a woman from killing herself.

15.28 [523] The Red Skelton Hour: BRATMAN
19April1966 CBS
Fernando Lamas
Ike Cole

Main Comedy Sketch: "Bratman"
On the lam from the law, jewel thief Raffles Cavendish (Fernando Lamas) is forced to take his contentious son
"Mean Widdle Kid" Junior (Red) along for the ride.
Musical Highlights:
Ike Cole sings a medley of tunes associated with his legendary sibling Nat King Cole.
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays an ingenious caveman.
Originally scheduled to air on March 8 1966, this episode was moved to April 19 due to a News-Special pre-emption.

15.29 [524] The Red Skelton Hour: A BEAUTY CAN SKIN YOU DEEP
26Apr1966 CBS
Abbe Lane (first appeared on the show with her former husband Xavier Cugat)
Main Comedy Sketch: "A Beauty Can Skin You Deep"
Henpecked George Appleby (Red) tries to escape his wife Clara (Abbe Lane) by accepting a post as volcano watcher
on a South Pacific Isle.
Musical Highlights:
Abbe Lane sings "Big Spender" (from the then-current Broadway hit "Sweet Charity")
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays an old man who is visited by his "far-out" teenaged granddaughter.

15.30 [525] The Red Skelton Hour: OUR MAN FINK
03May1966 CBS
Robert Merrill (Metropolitan Opera star) (return visit)
Main Comedy Sketch: "Our Man Fink"
New Cavalry recruit Deadeye (Red) finds himself serving under Colonel Fiasco (Robert Merrill) at Fort Fragile.
Musical Highlights:
Robert Merrill (baritone) sings "Mattinata," "Return to Sorrento" and "What Is This Thing Called Love?"
"The Silent Spot"
A starving sculptor (Red) tries to make a meal of an elusive pigeon.

15.31 [526] The Red Skelton Hour: SWEET SMELL OF FAILURE
10May1966 CBS
Jack Jones (singer)
Virginia Grey
Main Comedy Sketch: "Sweet Smell Of Failure"
Spy spoof as Agent 707 (Jack Jones) tricks Freddie the Freeloader (Red) into transporting a top-secret list of spies
to Lisbon on an airplane festooned with enemy agents. Virginia Grey appears as the stewardess.
Musical Highlights:
Jack sings "The Impossible Dream" (from the 1965 musical "Man of La Mancha") and "You've Got Possibilities".
"The Silent Spot"
A nouveau riche Texan (Red) stages an elaborate dinner party.
Note: Final program of Red Skelton's 15th TV season, though not the last one to be telecast.

15.32 [527] The Red Skelton Hour: STUPIDITY-ITALIAN STYLE
17May1966 CBS
Petula Clark (British singer)
Romo Vincent,  Jan Arvan
Main Comedy Sketch: "Stupidity-Italian Style"
Dimwitted Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) becomes a member of the Peace Corps and is sent to Pisa, Italy, to help the
natives with farming. He accidentally straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with a jack, thereby destroying the
tourist trade in Italy. Petula appears as a local signorina named Luigi (sic!), while Romo Vincent plays the Major-Domo.
and Jan Arvan plays Paw Kadiddlehopper.
Musical Highlights:
Petula Clark sings "I Know A Place" & "A Sign Of The Times."
"The Silent Spot"
Red plays a klutzy TV repairman making a house call.
Originally scheduled to air on March 15 1966, this episode was pre-empted by the Gemini VIII space crisis;
the show eventually aired on May 17, as the final entry of The Red Skelton Hour's 1965-66 season.

Spring/Summer reruns:
[---] 24-May-1966 - repeat from 5-Oct-65 with Patrice Munsel; Peter and Gordon
[---] 31-May-1966 - repeat from 21-Sep-65 (Bobby Darin / Jackie & Gayle)
[---] 07-Jun-1966
[---] 14-Jun-1966 - repeat from 08-Feb-1966 (Tina Louise / Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass)
[---] 21-Jun-1966
[---] 28-Jun-1966 - repeat from 14-Dec-1965 (Tallulah Bankhead / Horst Jankowski)

Summer replacement series:
"Hippodrome" (aired from 5-Jul-1966 through 6-Sep-1966).

############ The Red Skelton Hour ############
############## end of season 15 ###############

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