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Season 2 (CBS) (1952-53)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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############ The Red Skelton Show ############
############## season 2 1952-53 ##############
NBC Sunday 7:00-7:30 (Sep52-Jun53)

At the beginning of the 2nd season, Red Skelton filmed his shows weeks in advance. (His show was live during Season One.)
Around November or December 1952, Skelton became hospitalized. When NBC ran out of new episodes, the production staff re-aired
sketches from Season One (using kinescope films). To fill out the episodes, they added new segments with musical guests backed
up by the orchestra. According to TV Guide, Red returned with a new show on March 22nd, 1953.

The Season 2 sponsor was Procter & Gamble, manufacturer of Tide laundry detergent.

Red's characters this season include:
Cauliflower McPugg (a boxer)
Clem Kadiddlehopper
"Deadeye" (aka "Sheriff Deadeye")
Freddie the Freeloader
"Pitchman Pete" (a "typical" TV salesman).
John Q. America (a.k.a. John Q. Public, a George Appleby type)
John Q. Quandary
"Little Richard" (no relation to the 1950s rock 'n' roll performer, but possibly a variation of "Junior").
"Lord Beaverhead" (British radio announcer)
San Fernando Red
Willie Lump Lump

2.01 [40] Red Skelton Show:
28Sep1952 NBC Sun
Sketches include:
The Skelton Scrapbook of Satire" - Red imitates different people at the beach.
Character actor Benny Rubin is among the supporting players.

2.02 [41] Red Skelton Show:
05Oct1952 NBC Sun
--Possibly the 05Oct1952 episode:
2.xx [--] Red Skelton Show: "Shore Leave"
Opening: New studio. Little Richard character. Meat. Red talks about an earthquake over the past summer.
Act 1: "Shore Leave" (w/Tide ad)
Act 2: "Paints a Room" - Willie does some painting.

2.03 [42] Red Skelton Show: Stagecoach Robbery
12Oct1952 NBC Sun
1. "Stagecoach Robbery" - Deadeye robs a stagecoach for a box of Tide.
2. Pantomime segment: Eating ice cream in a theater.
3. "Chloreomycetin, I Love You" - Weepy's fear of germs and his girl friend.

2.04 [43] Red Skelton Show:
19Oct1952 NBC Sun
Sketches include:
1. "Calling Dr. Frankenstein" - Lucy Knoch joins Red in a mad scientist skit.
2. San Fernando Red, the crooked politician, goes on a whistle-stop campaign.

2.05 [44] Red Skelton Show:
26Oct1952 NBC Sun
1. Red Skelton demonstrates the ways different people cross a busy traffic intersection. 
2. Skelton portrays British radio commentator Lord Beaverhead. 
3. An ex-G.I. mistakes Clem Kadiddlehopper for the "infamous" Lt. Muscles.

2.06 [45] Red Skelton Show: Whistle Stop
02Nov1952 NBC Sun
1. "Whistle Stop" - San Fernando Red winds up his political campaign.
2. "Gooney Gardner" - Clem Kadiddlehopper grapples with horticultural problems (w/Tide ad).
3. "Secret Ballot" - Undecided voter, John Q. America (an Appleby type), enters an election booth.

2.07 [46] Red Skelton Show:
09Nov1952 NBC Sun
1. Private Willie Lump Lump visits a U.S. Army dentist to have some "work" done. 
2. "The Clean Fighter," a skit with Cauliflower McPugg.
3. A graduation sketch with Clem Kadiddlehopper.

2.08 [47] Red Skelton Show:
16Nov1952 NBC Sun
?1. Opening - Skelton thanks Walter Ames (a Los Angeles Times TV columnist) and the Chicago Journal American.
?2. Clem Kadiddlehopper selling toothpaste.
?3. Soda fountain drug store.
?4. "G.I. McPugg" - A Cauliflower McPugg sketch with a Tide ad.
?5. Willie Lump Lump as "Private Bloodshot Eye"
?Musical highlights:?The Modernaires perform "The Customer's Always Right."

2.09 [48] Red Skelton Show: "Weepy Talks Turkey"
23Nov1952 NBC Sun
1. Opening: Red plays a "Puritan" forefather in stocks. Also with Little Richard (aka Junior).
2. Clem, as Pilgrim John Alden, tells the story of Miles Standish and Priscilla Mullins (w/Tide ad).
3. "Weepy Talks Turkey" - Red portrays a weepy football coach with troubles.
4. Closing: Thanksgiving speech. Red talks about the Pilgrims, then warns of threats to our freedom.

2.10 [49] Red Skelton Show:
30Nov1952 NBC Sun
1. Red portrays Peter Minuit, the Dutch colonizer who purchased Manhattan Island for a mere 60 guilders.
2. As Deadeye, Red plays a "just married" scene with Lucy Knoch.
3. "One Manís Mortgage" - A vignette with Red as John Q. Quandary.

2.11 [50] Red Skelton Show:
07Dec1952 NBC Sun
Red's characters include "Pitchman Pete," a "typical" TV salesman.

2.12 [51] Red Skelton Show:
1. Opening: Red tries to get through a theater lobby.
2. Dance segment with The Step Brothers.
3. "The Sultan" - Red is a sultan showered by gifts in a harem (w/Tide ad).
4. "The Bums Rush" - Freddie, dressed in a pin striped suit, tries to get into a Pool Hall with his friend Bo Roos.

2.13 [52] Red Skelton Show:
21Dec1952 NBC Sun
1. Red visits with Santa.
2. Different people purchasing toys.
3. Freddie the Freeloader complicates matters for Santa Claus.
4. "Dressing the Window" - Pierre Le Jerque
5. Clem working in the post office during the Christmas season.
6. Red's closing Christmas speech.

2.14 [53] Red Skelton Show: 1951-52 Season Highlights
28Dec1952 NBC Sun
This episode consisted of kinescope highlights from the 1951-52 season.
(During this time, Red Skelton was recovering from an operation)

2.15 [54] Red Skelton Show:
04Jan1953 NBC Sun
While Red continued to recuperate from his operation, NBC aired another episode consisting of film clips from past shows.
The sketches included Red playing the part of a barrister in an English courtroom scene.

2.16 [55] Red Skelton Show:
11Jan1953 NBC Sun
Sketches include:
1. Red shows how people act in a drug store. 
2. Willie Lump-Lump tries his hand at being a Private Eye.

2.17 [56] Red Skelton Show:
18Jan1953 NBC Sun
Sketches (film segments from past shows):
1. San Fernando Red greets political figures. 
2. "Spectre of the Rose" ballet with Nana Gollner.
3. Benny Rubin joins Red in an absentminded professor sketch.

2.18 [57] Red Skelton Show:
25Jan1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
Les Paul & Mary Ford perform "Tiger Rag" and "Bye Bye Blues." (new segment added to highlights from Red's first season).
Sketches (from the 1951-52 season):
1. Red shows why some people eat candy.
2. Rush-Rush (Tide Ad)
3. "On the House" - A scene with Red playing a drunk.

[--] Newspaper article: January 27, 1953  (San Mateo (California) Times:
Red Skelton may not know it yet, but producers of the famous redhead's show have been doing him a great favor while
he is recuperating from his recent illness. During the weeks Red has been lying in a hospital bed the producers have
taken some of the best of Red Skelton's shows of last year and adding such guest stars as Beryl Davis, Connie Russell
and just last Sunday Les Paul and Mary Ford. In doing this the producers are giving new pep to a show that, was slowly
dying on the vine. They also proved to Red that less of Red would be much better for the show. By adding the music and
acts it takes away the effect of saturation by Skelton. The producers seem to have found just the right amount of Skelton
for each show. As we finished writing the above, we got word from Hollywood that Red upon his return to the show will give
up the film version in which he started out the year. From now on the show will be done either live or on kinescoped segments.
This is a system devised by Bill Hollenbeck of the "Standard Hour," which we predicted would one day catch on in Hollywood."

2.19 [58] Red Skelton Show:
01Feb1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Helen O'Connell performs two songs.
Comedy sketches (on film):
1. Cauliflower McPugg expresses his ideas on baby sitters.
2. Deadeye suffers when he dreams about himself.

2.20 [59] Red Skelton Show:
08Feb1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Nat King Cole performs "Walking My Baby Back Home," "Strange" and "Because Youíre Mine."
Comedy sketches (on film):
1. "How to Eat Corn" (from 23Mar1952) - Red demonstrates the awkward ways that people eat corn on the cob.
2. "Quick Change" (from 30Sep1951) - Sketch with Tide commercial.
3. "Overture" (from 14Oct1951) - Red directs the orchestra for the "Poet and the Peasant" overture.

2.21 [60] Red Skelton Show:
15Feb1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Gale Robbins
Comedy sketches (filmed segments from past shows):
1. Red portrays a real-estate agent.
2. Red plays a vitamin salesman.
3. Deadeye in "The Mad Scientist."

2.22 [61] Red Skelton Show:
22Feb1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Lucille Norman (soprano) sings "Lady of Spain" and "Why Donít You Believe Me?"
Comedy sketches (on film, from past shows):
1. Red demonstrates the fine points of doughnut-dunking.
2. Red plays a waiter in a French Cafť.

2.23 [62] Red Skelton Show:
01Mar1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
The Mills Brothers sing "Paper Doll" and "Cielito Lindo."
Red does a slow-motion pantomime of a tenor.
Red demonstrates the fine points of tennis.
Clem Kadiddlehopper tries to kill a fly but is outwitted by the insect.
Red also appears as his San Fernando Red and Cauliflower McPugg characters.

2.24 [63] Red Skelton Show:
08Mar1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
Marjorie Lee
and Vera Young (singers), accompanied by David Rose and the Orchestra, perform a medley of Gershwin tunes.
Comedy sketches (on film, from past shows):
1. Red pantomimes "People Watching Prizefights." 
2. Red portrays Greek hero Achilles in a "Helen of Troy" skit.  
3. "The Telephone Booth" (a skit from 18May1952).

2.25 [64] Red Skelton Show:
15Mar1953 NBC Sun
June Havoc (actress)
David Rose and the Orchestra play "Old Man River" and "Swanee River."
1. Red Skelton performs a classic ballet with ballerina Mara Lynn as his partner.
2. "Catching a Bus" - Red portrays a series of characters and their troubles on a crowded bus.
3. Willie Lump Lump becomes a barber.

Red Skelton returns with new shows beginning March 22, 1953.

2.26 [65]Red Skelton Show:
22Mar1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
Andy and Della Russell perform "Don't Say Hello."
1. Tide man
2. "Different People in Hospitals" - Red mimes various people at a hospital including a new father.
3. Willie Lump Lump becomes an ambulance driver.
According to a 18Mar1953 UP newspaper article, Skelton "takes the cameras out of doors in a wild ambulance chase
through the streets of Los Angeles."

2.27 [66] Red Skelton Show:
29Mar1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Andy Russell
1. Opening: Seagulls (with Red as a rooster).
2. Mime: Newspaper stand
3. "Roll your own" Deadeye makes his own cigarette.
4. Red plays "Dr. Homer Hemogloben," a society doctor (w/Tide ad)
5. "Quiz Show Winner" - Willie Lump Lump runs out of room for all the prizes that he's won on quiz shows.

2.28 [67] Red Skelton Show: The Eyes Have It
05Apr1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
Allen & Ashton (dance team)
Comedy sketches:
1. Newsstand, Part 2 with George E. Stone.
2. "The Eyes Have It" - Califlower McPugg takes an eye test.
3. "Freddie in the Hospital" - Freddie the Freeloader sketch.

2.29 [68] Red Skelton Show:
12Apr1953 NBC Sun
Bob Foy (bicyclist)
1. Red holds an informal discussion in his dressing room.
2. "Sure As Shootin'," a Deadeye sketch.
3. "This is Your Strife" - San Fernando Red in a satire of "This is Your Life."

2.30 [69] Red Skelton Show:
19Apr1953 NBC Sun
Park and Clifford (acrobatic dancers)
1. A husband and wife argue at a card game.
2. A father bathes the baby.
3. "Baby's First Birthday" - Red portrays a baby at his first birthday party.

2.31 [70] Red Skelton Show:
26Apr1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
The Bell Sisters (vocal duo)
Musical Highlight:
Red sings the vintage tune "Ten Pretty Girls."
Comedy sketches include:
Red does a takeoff on 3-D motion pictures.

2.32 [71] Red Skelton Show:
03May1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
The Four Knights (singing group)
1. Red gives his impression of a baseball fan at a game.
2. "Racetrack" - Freddie the Freeloader waits for his horse to come in.
3. Red does a satire on "I Love Lucy."

2.33 [72] Red Skelton Show:
10May1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
The Bell Sisters.
1. "The Pickle Salesman" - As Pitchman Pete, Red demonstrates the best techniques of a pickle salesman.
2. "Washing the Elephant" - Willie Lump-Lump bathes a live elephant.
3. "Easy Terms" - Clem Kadiddlehopper tries to get a loan from a finance company in a skit with Lucille Knoch and Ned Glass.

2.34 [73] Red Skelton Show: Marooned
17May1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Helen O'Connell (singer)
1. "The Dog House"
2. "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" - Red attends a Hollywood premiere.
3. "The Desert Island" (aka "Marooned") - Red and Lucy Knoch are castaways on a desert isle.
4. "King Arthur"

2.35 [74] Red Skelton Show:
24May1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Gale Robbins sings "I'm in a Jam with Baby" and "Just One of Those Things."
1. "Behind the Fluoroscope"
2. Red portrays "Chef Baloney."
3. "Rush-Rush" - Red compares living at a normal pace to an accelerated life
4. "The Burglar at Home" - Red, as Bolivar, shows how a burglar behaves at home.

2.36 [75] Red Skelton Show: Freddie Becomes a Star-Gazer
31May1953 NBC Sun
1. Red portrays different types of people on their way to work.
2. Freddie the Freeloader becomes a stargazer.
3. Willie Lump Lump's wife locks him out of the house when he arrives home at dawn.

2.37 [76] Red Skelton Show:
07Jun1953 NBC Sun
Musical Highlight:
Red Skelton sings "Scarlet Ribbons."
1. "Lord Beaverhead" - Red does a takeoff on an Englishman.
2. Red is in a prison yard.
3. Red and his wife make a bad investment.

2.38 [77] Red Skelton Show:
14Jun1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guest:
Helen O'Connell sings "'S Wonderful" and "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You."
Sketches include:
1. A flying saucer skit with Billy Barty.
2. "Parking and Sparking."

2.39 [78] Red Skelton Show:
21Jun1953 NBC Sun
Musical Guests:
The Continentals
Sketches include:
1. Red plays a Texas storekeeper.
2. Red portrays a TV space cowboy.

[--] 28Jun1953 - start of Summer replacement series "Operation Neptune" an adventure series with Tod Griffin.

############ The Red Skelton Show ############
############## end of season 2 ###############

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