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Season 22 (CBS)(1969-70)
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  Playlist -  "The Ed Sullivan Show"  Season 22 (1969-70)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############## season 22 1969-70 #############
CBS Sundays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern (36 New Episodes] (Color)

  22.1 [1000] The Ed Sullivan Show: [Season 22 Premiere]
28-Sep-1969 CBS Sun
Barbra Streisand
The Temptations
Tony Bennett
Red Skelton
--The Temptations - "I Can't Get Next to You," "September in the Rain" & "Autumn Leaves."
--Barbra Streisand (on tape from Las Vegas) - "Hello, Dolly" medley:
"Before the Parade Passes By," "So Long, Dearie" and "Hello Dolly."
--Tony Bennett - "What the World Needs Now Is Love," "People" & "I Gotta Be Me."
--Red Skelton (comedian) - classic drunk routine; "the Bin Salesman."
--The Osipov Balalaika Festival Orchestra - Russian folk dance and music.
--Audience bows: Jerry Vale; Rodney Dangerfield

22.2 [1001] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Oct-1969 CBS Sun
Gladys Knight & the Pips
Phyllis Diller  (stand-up comedian)
Flip Wilson  (stand-up comedian)
Sasha Distel
Fantasio (magician)
--Gladys Knight & the Pips - medley ("Let Us Entertain You," "The Nitty Gritty," "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"
& "I Can't Get Used to Seeing You").
--Sasha Distel (French singer) - "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," "Louise" & "The Good Life."
--1969 Harvest Moon Ball winners from various categories.
--Ed interviews baseball players Gil Hodges, Cleon Jones, Tommy Agee, Jerry Koosman and Tom Seaver.
--Audience bows: Stevie Wonder; Jim Stewart & Kurt Runzy (balloonists); John Roosma & Bobby Thompson (military heroes)
--On film:
Ed visits set of "Paint Your Wagon" in Oregon. Ed talks with Alan Jay Lerner And Josh Logan.
Clint Eastwood sings "I Talk To The Trees" (rehearsal and movie clip).
--On film: A Hassidic Wedding Dance filmed at the New Music Hall, Israel.

22.3 [1002] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-Oct-1969 CBS Sun (repeated 23-Aug-70)
Lee Marvin
Woody Allen
Shirley Bassey
Jo Anne Worley (comedian)
The Alcettys (plate spinners)
Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
--Woody Allen (comedian, doing a stand-up monologue).
--Oliver (pop singer William Oliver Swofford) - "Jean" and "Where is Love?"
--Shirley Bassey - "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" & "This is My Life."
--Lee Marvin (actor, making his singing debut) - "Wandering Star" (with the Yale Glee Club). Song from the movie "Paint Your Wagon."
--Jo Anne Worley (from 'Laugh-In') - performs a comedy bit and song.
--The Yale Glee Club - medley of Football songs.
--The Castro Brothers (singers-instrumentalists) - "Say a Little Prayer for Me" & "Michelle."

Note: Oliver's appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show:
--"Where Is Love?" and "Jean" (12Oct69)
--"Sunday Morning," "Jean," "Good Morning Starshine" (04Jan70)
--"Early Morning Rain" & "Walking Down the Line" (March 21, 1971)

22.4 [1003] The Ed Sullivan Show:
19-Oct-1969 CBS Sun
Cyd Charisse
Joan Rivers
Lana Cantrell
Don Ellis
Topo Gigio
Tanya the Elephant
--Smith (rock band, with lead singer Gayle McCormick) - "Baby It's You."
--Cyd Charisse - dances to an instrumental version of "MacArthur Park."
--Joan Rivers (comedian) - does a stand-up routine, then plays a teller in a bank robber sketch with Anthony Holland.
--The New York Mets (including Tug McGraw, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver) sing "You Gotta Have Heart."
Ed congratulates the Mets on winning the World Series. Mets pitcher Jack DiLauro does an Ed Sullivan imitation.
--Lana Cantrell (Australian singer) - "Yesterday When I Was Young" and "A Time for Us."
--The Don Ellis Band performs "Concerto for Trumpet."
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as Jose Jimenez) - talks about being Casey Stengel's speech teacher.
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - sings "The Way You Look Tonight" with chicken puppets.
--Audience bows: Phyllis Newman (actress); Mrs. Mary Lanza (mother of the late singer Mario Lanza); and writer Paddy Chayefsky.

22.5 [1004] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Oct-1969 CBS Sun (repeated 6-Sept-70)
Liza Minnelli
Henry Mancini (composer-conductor)
Mason Williams
Judy Carne
George Kirby  (stand-up comedian)
Charlie Manna (stand-up comedian)
David Hemmings
--Santana - "Persuasion" and "Jingo Jingo."
--Liza Minnelli - "Come Saturday Morning" (with scenes from her movie "The Sterile Cuckoo").
--David Hemmings (actor) reads from "Romeo & Juliet," while Mancini leading the orchestra with "A Time for Us" (the theme from the 1968 film).
--Mason Williams - "Cowboy Buckaroo" (sings & plays guitar).
--Henry Mancini - "Peter Gunn" theme & "Romeo and Juliet" theme.
--Judy Carne (from "Laugh-In") - "American Moon" (a.k.a. "There's an American Flag on the Moon Tonight").
--Albert Almonzino - does hand shadow puppets
--The Trio Hogados (aerialists, "ball-balancers")
--Audience bows: Barbara Eden; Jack Warner

Note: The 30-minute "Best of Sullivan" repeat of the above episode includes these clips (taken from other episodes):
--Smokey Robinson medley (from 31-Mar-1968)
--Muppets sketch with Rex Robbins - Rex reconfigures appearance of Muppets (nose change, hats, voice changes)
--Dickie Henderson (British singer-comedian) - plays a singer having problems with the microphone cord.

22.6 [1005] The Ed Sullivan Show:
02-Nov-1969 CBS Sun
The Band
Petula Clark
Pearl Bailey
Buck Owens 
David Frye (impressionist)
--The Band - "Up on Cripple Creek."
--Buck Owens - "Tall Dark Stranger" and "Big In Vegas."
--Petula Clark - "Fill The World with Love," "No One Better Than You" and "The Fool On The Hill."
--Pearl Bailey - "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" (duet with Ed, who briefly sings and dances).
--Pearl Bailey - "Protect Me" and "Whoever You Are, I Love You."
--Rodney Dangerfield - "No Respect" routine.
--David Frye - does impressions of well-known politicians.
--Lucho Navarro (voice impressionist) - does sound effects of Indy 500 cars.
--Feux Follets (traditional Canadian dancers).
--Audience bows: Dr. Henry King Stanford (University of Miami President); Benny Gaines; Harold Robbins (writer);
Arthur P. Jacobs (producer of the 1969 version of "Goodbye Mr. Chips").

22.7 [1006] The Ed Sullivan Show:
09-Nov-1969 CBS Sun (repeated 12-Jul-70)
The Association
Nancy Wilson
Jack Jones
Scoey Mitchell
Frank Gorshin
Norm Crosby
The Halassys
--The Association - "Seven Man Band" and "Dubuque Blues."
--Nancy Wilson - "What A Little Moonlight Can Do" & "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You."
--Nancy Wilson and Jack Jones - "Beautiful Things."
--Jack Jones - "Get Together" and "You Made Me Love You."
--Frank Gorshin sings "The Darlin' of New York" (production number from the Broadway musical "Jimmy").
--Scoey Mitchell (stand-up monologue) - topics: race, women
--Norm Crosby (stand-up routine) - fractures the English language, talks about the 'Degenerate Gap.'
--The Halassys (balancing act, family teeterboard act)
--Ed Sullivan Singers - medley of Israeli songs
--Audience bows: Veterans from Walter Reed Hospital In Washington D.C.; Jorge Velasquez (jockey).

22.8 [1007] The Ed Sullivan Show:
16-Nov-1969 CBS Sun (repeated 16-Aug-70)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jerry Lee Lewis
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Moms Mabley
Carol Lawrence
Jack Carter
Karen Wyman
Edward Villella & Patricia McBride
--Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son" & "Down on the Corner."
--Jerry Lee Lewis - "You Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye," "Great Balls of Fire," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" and "What'd I Say?"
--Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face" (from "My Fair Lady") and "Let a Woman in Your Life."
--Moms Mabley (stand-up monologue) - topics include her preference for younger men, and her opinions of old men.
--Carol Lawrence - "Chicago" (production number, goes from the Old West through the 1960's)
--Jack Carter (stand-up routine) - jokes about flying, Spiro Agnew, and his own mother.
--Karen Wyman (17-year-old singer, from the Bronx, NYC) - "Baby It's You" & "What's Out There?"
--Edward Villella & Patricia McBride - ballet dance to "To Love Is Blue"
--Audience bows: Carl Reiner; Julius La Rosa; Bill Leary

22.9 [1008] The Ed Sullivan Show:
23-Nov-1969 CBS Sun
The Rolling Stones
Ella Fitzgerald
Robert Klein
Ed Ames
Eddie Albert
Peter Gennaro Dancers
--The Rolling Stones (segments taped Nov. 18, 1969 in Los Angeles) - perform "Gimme Shelter," "Love in Vain" & "Honky Tonk Woman."
--Ella Fitzgerald - "You Better Love Me" and "Open Your Window."
--Eddie Albert (actor) - recites Norman Corwin's "Prayer for the '70s."
--Robert Klein (stand-up comedian) - talks about his school days.
--Ed Ames - "A Thing Called Love" and "I Believe."
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Topo prepares for a football game.
--Peter Gennaro and two women dance to "Smiling Phases."
--Hawthorn Tigers (animal act) - tiger rides on horseback alone & with trainer.

22.10 [1009] The Ed Sullivan Show:
30-Nov-1969 CBS Sun
Neil Diamond
Julie Budd
Sergio Franchi
The Muppets
Pat Henry
Irwin C. Watson
The Martin Brothers
--Neil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline" and "Holly Holy."
--The Muppets (2 singing cows & 1 hairy creature sing the "Ma-Na-Ma-Na" song).
--Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) sings "Stay" and "Granada" (both songs in English & Italian).
--Voices Of East Harlem (led by Bernice Cole) - medley including "For What It's Worth" (Gospel style singing).
--Julie Budd (15-year-old singer) - "Skylark."
--Pat Henry (stand-up comedian) - topics include New York, marriage, and health.
--Irwin C. Watson (stand-up comedian) - topics include old sayings, the Moon, and Indians.
--The Martin Brothers (jugglers from Argentina)
--Audience bows: Toots Shore & Bob Considine (and their wives); Wayne Zahn (bowling champ);
Raymond A Gallagher (VFW Commander in Chief).
--On film: clip from "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"; baseball sketch from Broadway play;

22.11 [1010] The Ed Sullivan Show:
07-Dec-1969 CBS Sun (repeated 02-Aug-70)
The 5th Dimension
Imogene Coca
Ferrante & Teicher
Tony Sandler & Ralph Young
Richard Tucker
Ron Carey
--The 5th Dimension sing "Wedding Bell Blues" and a medley ("People Got to Be Free" and "The Declaration" aka "The Declaration of Independence").
--The 5th Dimension sing "Happy Birthday" to Rudolph Friml (the oldest member of ASCAP).
--Ferrante & Teicher (piano players) - perform the theme from "Midnight Cowboy."
--Imogene Coca (comedienne) - in a comedy skit, plays a shopper who is forced into Hippie garb by an aggressive sales woman.
--Tony Sandler & Ralph Young - "Put On A Happy Face" & "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)."
--Richard Tucker (Metropolitan tenor wearing clown suit) - sings the aria from the opera "Pagliacci."
--Ron Carey (stand-up routine) - topic: Catholic football team.
--Burch Mann's Ballet America (twelve dancers)
--The Feller Brothers & Dodo (high wire act from West Berlin)
--Audience bows: Irene Papas, Yves Montand, Irving Rudd & Mrs. Bob Gibson; and a group of wounded Vietnam veterans.

22.12 [1011] The Ed Sullivan Show:
14-Dec-1969 CBS Sun
The Jackson Five
Lainie Kazan
John Davidson
Wayne and Shuster
The Muppets
Topo Gigio
Guy Marks (stand-up comedian)
--The Jackson Five - "Stand," "I Wonder Who's Loving You Now" & "I Want You Back."
--Lainie Kazan - "Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair?"
--John Davidson - "Something" and a medley ("Get Together" & "Games People Play")
--Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - parody TV commercials.
--The Muppets - Big Bird dances with 6 bird watchers.
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - gets help from Ed with his Christmas list.
--El Conquistador Strolling Violins (band from Puerto Rico) - instrumental song.
--The Mecners (acrobatic act)
--Audience bows: Diana Ross (appears following The Jackson Five's performance); LeeRoy Yarbrough (1969 NASCAR Champion driver);
Etta Cortez (Vegas magazine editor); and Gig Young (actor).

22.13 [1012] The Ed Sullivan Show: THE SWINGING, SOULFUL SIXTIES
21-Dec-1969 CBS Sun
"The Swinging, Soulful Sixties" Ed Sullivan reviews the decade in entertainment.
Taped segments (many from Ed's shows):
(1) Broadway/Theater songs:
--Richard Burton - Soliloquy from Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
--Robert Goulet - song from "Camelot" and "Happy Face."
--Gwen Verdon - "If My Friends Could See Me Now" (from "Sweet Charity").
(2) Beatlemania:
--The Beatles At Shea Stadium August 15, 1965.
(3) British acts:
--Petula Clark - "Downtown" (excerpt) & interview.
--Clips of The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, The Rolling Stones, Petula Clark.
(4) David Frost - looks at '60's headlines and movies
(5) Diana Ross & the Supremes
--Ed Sullivan talks to Diana Ross about trends of popular music in the 1960s.
--The Supremes - medley
("Baby Love;" "Stop! In The Name Of Love;" "Come See About Me;" "My World Is Empty Without You," "You Can't Hurry Love,"
"The Happening," "Keep Me Hangin' On," "Reflections,""Love Child" and "I Hear A Symphony")
--The Supremes - "Someday We'll Be Together."
(6) Barbra Streisand:
--Barbra Streisand - "I Cried A River" (excerpt); clips from "Funny Girl," and her Las Vegas appearance.
(7) American acts:
--Herb Alpert - "Taste Of Honey" (excerpt)
--Judy Garland - "Smile"

22.14 [1013] The Ed Sullivan Show:
28-Dec-1969 CBS Sun
R. Merrill
Roberta Peters
Joan Rivers
Jerry Vale
Dana Valery
Charlie Manna
Your Father's Mustache
--Thelma Houston - "Didn't We?" (and possibly "Save the Country").
--Jerry Vale sings "Stay Awhile" and a medley ("Sunny," "More," "This Guy's In Love" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You").
--Roberta Peters - sings "Sempra Libera" (from "La Traviata").
--Robert Merrill - sings "Di Provenza Il Mar" (from "La Traviata").
--Your Father's Mustache (Dixieland-style band) - "Come On People (Glory River)" with dancers.
--New Music Hall of Israel (troupe of folk-dancers, singers, and musicians) - segment includes "Where Are the Good Old-Fashioned Girls?" sung in Yiddish.
--Joan Rivers (comedy monologue)
--Charlie Manna (comedian)

22.15 [1014] The Ed Sullivan Show:
04-Jan-1970 CBS Sun
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Rodney Dangerfield
--Oliver sings a medley of hits ("Sunday Morning," "Jean," "Good Morning Starshine").
--Oliver with 'The World's Greatest Jazz Band' - "Bluesette."
--The World's Greatest Jazz Band (with Yank Lawson, Paul Haggart, Bud Freeman, Kal Winding, Ralph Sutton and Gus Johnson) - "Savoy Blues."
--Roy Rogers & Dale Evans sing "Maria" and a 'Paint Your Wagon' medley ("Wandering Star," "I Talk to the Trees" and "Paint Your Wagon").
--Dana Valery (singer, Sergio Franchi's sister) - "Here, There and Everywhere" and "Jickale Mawan" (a South African folk song).
--Phyllis Diller (comedian)
--Rodney Dangerfield
--Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does impressions of celebrities.
--On film (animated clip): The Archies - "Jingle, Jangle."

 22.16 [1015] The Ed Sullivan Show:
11-Jan-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 26-Jul-70)
Ike & Tina Turner Revue
Sonny James
Tiny Tim
Flip Wilson  (comedian)
Miss Vicki
Stiller & Meara (comedy team) (Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara)
Karen Wyman
Vino Venito (sword balancer)
--Ike and Tina Turner Revue - medley: "Proud Mary" and "Bold Soul Sister"
--Tiny Tim with the Enchanted Forest (an all-female band) - "Earth Angel."
--Tiny Tim sings a medley of old-fashioned love songs to his wife, Miss Vicki.
--Flip Wilson (stand-up routine) - talks about his preacher, Reverend Leroy, and the preacher's wife
(who, after shopping, tells her husband, "The Devil made me buy this dress").
--Sonny James - "Free Roamin' Mind" and "It's Just A Matter of Time."
--Karen Wyman (17-year-old singer, from the Bronx, NYC) - "Time and Love."
--Carter & Lynn (Adagio dance duo, from Detroit, Michigan)
--Audience bows: Miss Vicki's parents; Tiny Tim's parents; and The Kessler Twins.

22.17 [1016] The Ed Sullivan Show:
18-Jan-1970 CBS Sun
Muhammad Ali
June Allyson
Buddy Greco
Minnie Pearl  (comedian)
Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)
MacRonay (magician)
--Muhammad Ali (boxer) - performs excerpts from his 1969 Broadway play "Buck White" ("Big Time Buck White Chant" and "We Came in Chains").
--June Allyson sings a medley of show tunes.
--Michael James Brody Jr. and his wife Renee DuBois - "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere."
--The Kessler Twins (Alice & Ellen Kessler, twin sisters from Germany) - "This Girl's in Love with You."
--Buddy Greco - medley ("Aquarius," "Spinning Wheel," "Smiling Faces," "Day in the Life of a Fool").
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as 'skydiver' Jose Jimenez)
--Minnie Pearl (Nashville-based country comedienne)
--Audience bows: Lucille Ball, Luci Arnaz, and Desi Arnaz Jr.
--Audience bow: Ted Mack

22.18 [1017] The Ed Sullivan Show:
25-Jan-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 09-Aug-70)
B.J. Thomas
Little Anthony & the Imperials
Patti Page
Robert Klein (comedian)
Norm Crosby  (comedian)
Sly and the Family Stone
The Jovers (balancing act)
Klauser's Bears
--B.J. Thomas - "That Old Black Magic" & "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head."
--Little Anthony & the Imperials - "Goin' Out of My Head," "Don't Get Close," "Shimmy Shimmy Koko Bop," "Tears on My Pillow" & "Hurt So Bad."
--Patti Page - "La La La," "Winter World of Love" and "Something."
--Robert Klein (comedian) - re: working as a substitute teacher.
--Jacques d'Amboise (of the New York City Ballet)
--The Jovers (comedy acrobatic-balancing act)

22.19 [1018] The Ed Sullivan Show:
01-Feb-1970 CBS Sun
Bob Newhart
Red Skelton
Jackie DeShannon
Gwen Verdon
George Carlin
Sergio Franchi
Skiles & Henderson
Leo Samourai
--Jackie DeShannon sings "Put a Little Love In Your Heart" and "Brighton Hill."
--Robert Shaw and Rita Moreno (actors) - perform a scene from the Broadway musical "Gantry" (based on "Elmer Gantry").
--Sergio Franchi sings "To Give" and "Una Cantinon de Mexicana."
--Gwen Verdon (dancer) - "A Fine Fine Day" production number (choreographed by Bob Fosse).
--Bob Newhart (comedian) stand-up routine: police line-up.
--Red Skelton (comedian) - in a stand-up monologue, does a pantomime of a woman driving a car.
--Skiles & Henderson (comedy team) - do a routine about the 1939 Blitzkrieg bombings of London.
--Les Samourai (sword dancers and duelers) - two Frenchmen fight with swords.
--George Prentis' Punch & Judy Puppet Show (puppets with sticks).

22.20 [1019] The Ed Sullivan Show:
08-Feb-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 21-Jun-70)
Bobby Goldsboro
Richard Pryor
George Carlin (stand-up comedian)
Connie Stevens
Boots Randolph
Chet Atkins
Floyd Cramer
David Frye  (impressionist)
Mr. Jiggs (chimp act)
Sam & Sammy (acrobats)
--Bobby Goldsboro - "Everybody's Talkin'" & "Can You Feel It?"
--Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy) - routine about basketball, civil rights activist, and poets.
--George Carlin (stand-up comedian) - topics: daytime TV, Soap Operas, game shows.
--Connie Stevens - "Yankee Doodle," "Give My Regards To Broadway" & "If I Were A Rich Man."
--Boots Randolph - "Nashville, Tennessee" and "Hey, Jude."
--Floyd Cramer - "I'll Never Fall in Love Again."
--Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, and Boots Randolph - medley: "I Can't Help It," "Jambalaya" and "I Saw the Light."
--Cast members from the Broadway musical "Promises, Promises" perform "Turkey Lurkey Time," a song and dance number from the play.

22.21 [1020] The Ed Sullivan Show:
15-Feb-1970 CBS Sun
The "New" Supremes (without Diana Ross)
Joe Frazier
Robert Klein (stand-up comedian)
Arte Johnson  (stand-up comedian)
Caterina Valente
Michael Parks
Hawthorn Tigers (animal act)
--The "New" Supremes - "Up the Ladder to the Roof" & a show tune medley.
(Supremes with Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell & Mary Wilson ... without Diana Ross)
--Joe Frazier (wearing tuxedo, in a boxing ring set) - sings "Knock on Wood."
--Caterina Valente - "Never Will I Marry" and "Anything Goes."
--Michael Parks - "Mountain High" and "My Melancholy Baby."
--The Ed Sullivan Singers - "Mame."
--Santini Demon (a.k.a. The Amazing Fire Eating Santani Demon) - fire eater swallows lit torches, swords.
--Audience bows (cameos): Molly Pecan, Sam Levine; Ernie Terrel

[--] 22-Feb-70 - "The Ed Sullivan Show" pre-empted for the movie "Born Free"

22.22 [1021] The Ed Sullivan Show: BEATLES SONGBOOK - TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES
01-Mar-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 13-Sep-1970)
Dionne Warwick
Duke Ellington
Peggy Lee
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
Peter Gennaro Dancers
Edward Villella
The Muppets
--On film: The Beatles (clips from the movie "Let It Be") - "Let It Be" and "Two of Us" (2nd song might be "The Long and Winding Road").
--Dionne Warwick - "We Can Work It Out."
--Peggy Lee - "Something" & "Maxwell's Silver Hammer."
--Paul McCartney (on tape), Dionne Warwick, Peggy Lee - "Yesterday."
--Duke Ellington and his orchestra - concerto based on Beatles' tunes.
--Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (husband-and-wife singing team) - "Fool on the Hill."
--Peter Gennaro (choreographer) and dancers - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" production number.
--Edward Villella (of the New York Ballet) dances to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
--The Muppets - "In an Octopus's Garden" sketch (with wise-cracking octopus interrupting diver).

22.23 [1022] The Ed Sullivan Show:
08-Mar-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 28-Jun-70)
Nancy Sinatra
Rodney Dangerfield  (stand-up comedian)
Bobby Vinton
Joan Sutherland
Marilyn Horne
Wayne and Shuster
Irwin C. Watson  (stand-up comedian)
Trio Rennos (comic acrobats)
--Nancy Sinatra - "I Love Them All (The Boys In The Band)" and "California Dreamin'" (with the Rutger's University Marching Band).
--Bobby Vinton - "Take Me In Your Arms" & "My Elusive Dream."
--Joan Sutherland & Marilyn Horne - "Mira O Norma" duet from Bellini's "Norma."
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - sketch about a psychic.
--Audience bow (cameo): Liberace
On film:
--A National Urban Coalition PSA promoting racial harmony. In the film, 100 figures in entertainment, business,
government and sports are gathered together to sing "Let the Sunshine In."
Among those appearing are Jim Backus, Dan Blocker, Ralph Bunche, Johnny Carson, Ray Charles, Ossie Davis, Henry Fonda, Merv Griffin,
Chet Huntley, Martin Landau, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, Myrna Loy, Ali MacGraw, Dina Merrill, Greg Morris, Leonard Nimoy,
Gordon Parks, Leontyne Price, Carl Reiner, Nipsey Russell, Dinah Shore, Ed Sullivan, David Susskind, Eli Wallach & Anne Jackson,
Roy Wilkins, Flip Wilson, and the cast of "Hair."

22.24 [1023] The Ed Sullivan Show: SALUTE TO "HOLIDAY ON ICE" (Silver Anniversary)
15-Mar-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 05-Jul-70)
Ed Ames
Lana Cantrell
The Cook Family (acrobats)
Kossmayer's Mules
Muller's Chimps (aka The Holiday Chimps)
--Ed Ames - "Three Reasons."
--Lana Cantrell - "Isn't This a Lovely Day?"
Ice skating segments:
--Ronnie Robertson (solo skater)
--Marei Langenbein (German solo skater)
--Alfredo Mendoza & Carol Johnson (ice ballet)
--Alfredo Mendoza (also scheduled to do a "mad pas de deux" with Darolyn Prior).
--John Leech - skater in a sketch about an after-the-party hangover.
--Werner and Denise Muller
--Muller's Chimps (ice-skating chimpanzees, trained by Werner and Denyse Muller)

22.25 [1024] The Ed Sullivan Show:
22-Mar-1970 CBS Sun
Liza Minnelli
Rod McKuen
The Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band
--Coretta Scott King introduces footage from Martin Luther King's speeches.
--Liza Minnelli sings "If I Were In Your Shoes."
--Lisa Minnelli and The Bo Jangles - medley of rock songs: "You Can't Always Get What You Want," " Put A Little Love In Your Heart,"
" Up Above My Head," " Wedding Bell Blues," "And When I Die," and "Hey Jude."
--Rod McKuen (poet-composer) sings "London," "Everybody's Rich But Us" and "Jean."
--Liberace (pianist) - medley ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head," "Milwaukee's Most Famous Brew" and "The Impossible Dream").
--Liberace with the Tripoli Steel Band - "Alleycat."
--The Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band - perform a steel band song.
--Audience bows: Chick Meehan (Football Coach); Ken Strong (football All-American).

22.26 [1025] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Mar-1970  CBS Sun
Special Easter episode filmed at Brooke General Hospital (San Antonio) and Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (Denver).
Ed Sullivan and guests entertain soldiers who were wounded in Vietnam.
Gladys Knight & the Pips
Bobbie Gentry
Buck Owens
Nancy Ames
Marty Allen (stand-up comedian)
David Frye (impressionist)
George Kirby  (stand-up comedian)
--Gladys Knight and the Pips - "Hey Jude" & "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."
--Bobbie Gentry - "Papa" and "Ode to Billy Joe."
--Buck Owens - "Act Naturally" and "Tall Dark Stranger."
--Nancy Ames - "So Good To See Ya Babe" and "The Name Game."
--David Frye (impressionist) - does imitations of Ed Sullivan, James Cagney, Jack Benny, Rod Steiger, Nixon, and others.
22.27 [1026] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Apr-1970 CBS Sun
The Temptations
George Hamilton
Buddy Rich
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Marilyn Maye
John Byner  (comedian)
Gene Baylos (comedian)
The Canestrellis  (trampoline act)
--The Temptations - "You Make Me So Very Happy" & "Psychedelic Shack."
--Roy Rogers & Dale Evans - medley of patriotic songs: "This Is My Country" & "God Bless America."
--George Hamilton - medley of Hank Williams Sr. songs: "Hey Good Lookin'," "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You"),"
"Cold Cold Heart," "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," "I Saw the Light" & "Your Cheatin' Heart."
--Buddy Rich (jazz drummer and bandleader) with Orchestra - "Oh Ruth."
--Marilyn Maye & Buddy Rich - "Cabaret" medley.
22.28 [1027] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-Apr-1970 CBS Sun
Florence Henderson
Joan Rivers
The Young Saints (Pop Group)
Sergio Franchi
Myron Cohen (comedian)
The Muppets
--Florence Henderson (actress) sings "What Do You Do When Love Dies?" and a medley of songs from her movie "Song of Norway."
--Sergio Franchi sings "More Than Strangers" and "L-O-V-E."
--The Young Saints perform "Your Love" and "Tenderly."
--Shirley Booth and Al Freeman Jr. perform "Follow the Lamb" from the Broadway musical version of "Lilies of the Field."
--Joan Rivers (comedian) - topics include current fashions, doing housework, etc.
--The Muppets - puppet rock band mimes to the Beatles' "Come Together."
--Satani Demon (fire-eater wearing a devil costume)
--Albert Almoznino - does hand puppets of Ben Gurion, Stalin, Kruschev, Charles De Gaulle, Kennedy, and Richard Nixon.
--Audience bows: Judy Carne (from "Laugh-In"), George Sholty (trotting horse driver)
--Cameo: Lewis J. Stadlen (dressed as Groucho Marx) interrupts Ed at the beginning of the show.

22.29 [1028] The Ed Sullivan Show:
19-Apr-1970 CBS Sun
Paul McCartney (on film)
Bill Medley
Norm Crosby
Peter Nero
Jan Peerce
Gerri Granger
The Kessler Twins
--On film: Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed" video.
--Bill Medley sings "Peace Medley."
--Peter Nero (pianist) - medley of songs from "Hair."
--Jan Peerce (operatic tenor) - performs a medley of Passover songs.
--The Kessler Twins (singers-dancers Alice & Ellen Kessler) - "Mas Que Nada."
--Gerri Granger sings "At The Crossroads" and "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?"
--Osipov Balalaike Orchestra - Russian folk tunes played on traditional instruments.
--Norm Crosby (comedian) - explains the tradition of Passover.
--Sammy King (ventriloquist) - routine with Cuban parrot puppet.

22.30 [1029] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Apr-1970 CBS Sun (repeated 19-Jul-70)
Richie Havens
Lesley Gore
Jane Morgan
John Gary
Stiller & Meara (comedy team)  (Jerry Stiller  & Anne Meara)
Moms Mabley
Robert Klein  (stand-up comedian)
Victor Julian (dog act)
The Rolan Boys (balancing act)
--Richie Havens - "The Minstrel from Gault."
--Lesley Gore sings "Cry Me A River" and "Hey Jude."
--Moms Mabley (comedian) - stand-up routine, sings "Deed I Do."
--Jane Morgan sings "A Girl Named Johnny Cash" & "My Way."
--John Gary - medley: "The Straight Life," "Then She's a Lover" & "Little Green Apples."
--Audience bows (cameos): Pete Hamilton; Master Sergeant Leon Donnely; Dr. Howard Rusk; Irving Gyse; Miss USA

[--] 03-May-1970 - "The Ed Sullivan Show" pre-empted for the movie "The Wizard Of Oz."

22.31 [1030] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-May-1970 CBS Sun
The Jackson Five
Don Rickles  (comedian)
Sonny James
George Carlin  (comedian)
Roger Williams
Peter Gennaro  (dancer)
Marilyn Michaels (celebrity impressionist)  
Gino Tonetti
Clint Eastwood (on film)
--The Jackson Five perform "The Love You Save" and a medley ("I Want You Back" & "ABC").
--Sonny James (country singer) - "My Love" and "Waterloo."
--Roger Williams (pianist) - "Mas Que Nada" and a medley of Irving Berlin songs.
--Gino Tonetti - "This Is My Life."
--George Carlin - plays a "vacation expert" who gives advice to Ed.
--Marilyn Michaels - impersonates Ethel Merman, Connie Francis, Barbara Streisand, Roberta Peters, then sings "Mom-E-Le" (in Italian and English).
--On film: Don Rickles and Clint Eastwood on the set of their movie "Kelly's Heroes."

22.32 [1031] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-May-1970 CBS Sun
Phyllis Newman
Rodney Dangerfield
Pat Cooper
Stu Gilliam
The Letterman (vocal group)
West Point Glee Club
Lovelace Watkins
--The Lettermen sing "Going Out of My Head" and "She Cried."
--Lovelace Watkins (singer) - possibly "Gone Away."
--Phyllis Newman (singer-actress) - sings and does impressions in a preview of her nightclub act.
--West Point Glee Club sings "America the Beautiful" and performs a medley of George Gershwin songs.
--On film: Ringo Starr - "Sentimental Journey" music video.

22.33 [1032] The Ed Sullivan Show:
24-May-1970 CBS Sun
Barbara McNair
Sergio Franchi
Karen Wyman
Stanley M. Handleman
Georgie Kaye
Cadet Corps Steel Band
Rudy Schweitzer (juggler)
--Barbara McNair sings "People Gotta Be Free," "Here I'll Stay" and "Until It's Time for You To Go."
--Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) sings "La La La" and "Love is All."
--Karen Wyman (17-year-old singer) - "Make Me Smile" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
--Ballet America - "Daughters of the Dawn" Western-themed production number with six female and three male dancers.
--Cadet Corps Steel Band - perform "Ghost Riders in the Sky."
--Georgie Kaye - stand-up routine about taxes.
--Stanley Myron Handleman - comedy monologue
--Rudi Schweitzer (juggler) - juggles hats, etc.
--Sam & Sammy (father & son acrobats)
--Audience bows: Jack Dempsey (boxer); K.O. Phil Kaplin (boxer); and Yvonne Franchi (Sergio's wife).

22.34 [1033] The Ed Sullivan Show:
31-May-1970 CBS Sun
Al Martino
Rich Little
Dana Valery
Julie Budd
Bob Lewis
Voices of East Harlem
The Muppets
--Al Martino - "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Sweet Caroline."
--Julie Budd sings "California Shoeshine Boys" (with 4 female back-up singers) and "If I Ruled the World" (solo).
--The Voices of East Harlem (choir) sing "Simple Song of Freedom" and "Shake a Life."
--Dana Valery (sister of Sergio Franchi) - "For Once in My Life" and "Let It Be."
--Rich Little (comedian-impressionist) - imitates various movie stars.
--Bob Lewis (comedic magician) - tells jokes while doing magic tricks.
--Burger's Animals (trained animal act)
--Klaus Beckers (unicyclist, doing balancing act)
--The Muppets - Kermit the Frog, Grover, and other Muppets sing "What Kind of Fool Am I?"
--Audience bows: Clevon Little and Melba Moore (actors, both Tony Award winners for "Purlie").

22.35 [1034] The Ed Sullivan Show:
07-Jun-1970 CBS Sun
Connie Francis
Roslyn Kind
Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedian)
Scoey Mitchell (stand-up comedian)
George Kirby  (stand-up comedian)
Dick Jenson
The Szonys (ballet duo)
Tel Smit (magician)
--Connie Francis sings a medley of Judy Garland songs: "The Trolley Song," "You Made Me Love You," "The Bells Are Ringing," "Swanee,"
"The Man That Got Away" and "(Somewhere) Over The Rainbow."
--Roslyn Kind (Barbra Streisand's sister) sings "Purlie" (song from the Broadway play 'Purlie').
--Dick Jensen (Hawaiian singer) - performs a medley: "Try A Little Tenderness," "Expressway to Your Heart," "Heard It Through The Grapevine" and "Yesterday."
--The Ed Sullivan Singers perform "Moon River."
--Morey Amsterdam (nightclub and TV comedian) - stand-up monologue: does parody of Ed, talks about nudity in movies, etc.
--Scoey Mitchell (stand-up comedian) - does a routine about a religious fanatic.
--George Kirby (comedian-impressionist) - talks about Flip Wilson, does a Texas football player routine, and sings "The Green Green Grass of Home."

22.36 [1035] The Ed Sullivan Show:
14-Jun-1970 CBS Sun
Tommy James & the Shondells
Stiller & Meara (comedy team) (Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara) (parents of Ben Stiller)
Moms Mabley
Margaret Whiting
Sergio Franchi
Eugene List (concert pianist)
--Tommy James & the Shondells - "Ball of Fire" and "I'm Alive."
--Moms Mabley (stand-up comedian) - sings "Abraham, Martin & John" at end of her comedy monologue.
--Margaret Whiting (Richard Whiting's Daughter) - "Moonlight In Vermont" & "Gentle On My Mind."
--Sergio Franchi - "Didn't We" & "With A Little Help From My Friends."
--Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - do a sketch with Sergio Franchi.
--Eugene List (pianist), accompanied by nine other concert pianists, performs Louis Moreau Gottschalk's "The Siege of Saragossa," a "grande symphonie" for 10 pianos.
(The other nine pianists, all current or former students of List at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music, include John B. Van Buskirk and Neil Larrabee.)
--The Carals (balancing & juggling act)

Summer Reruns of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (21-Jun-70 to 13-Sep-70) (13weeks)
21-Jun-70 - repeat from 8-Feb-70 (Connie Stevens; Bobby Goldsboro)
28-Jun-70 - repeat from 08-Mar-70 (Nancy Sinatra)
05-Jul-70 - repeat from 15-Mar-70 (Holiday on Ice Salute, Ed Ames)
12-Jul-70 - repeat from 9-Nov-69 (The Association; Nancy Wilson)
19-Jul-70 - repeat from 26-Apr-70 (Richie Havens; Leslie Gore)
26-Jul-70 - repeat from 11-Jan-70 (Ike & Tina Turner; Tiny Tim)
02-Aug-70 - repeat from 07-Dec-69 (5th Dimension; Imogene Coco)
09-Aug-70 - repeat from 25-Jan-70 (Patti Page; B.J. Thomas)
16-Aug-70 - repeat from 16-Nov-69 (Creedence Clearwater Revival;
Jerry Lee Lewis)
23-Aug-70 - repeat from 12-Oct-1969 (Lee Marvin; Woody Allen)
30-Aug-70 - pre-empted for Football Game (Green Bay Packer vs.
Oakland Raiders)
06-Sep-70 - repeat from 26-Oct-69 (Santana; Liza Minnelli)
13-Sep-70 - repeat from 01-Mar-70 ("Beatles Songbook")

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############### end of season 22 #############
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