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Season 2 (NBC) (1970-71)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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############ The Andy Williams Show ##########
############### season 2 1970-71 #############
NBC Saturdays 7:30-8:30pm Eastern
Produced by Alan Bernard & Andy Williams
Recurring Guests: (season 2)
Jonathan Winters, The Lennon Sisters
Charlie Callas, Professor Irwin Corey, Janos Prohaska, Jerry Maren
The Mike Post Orchestra, The Jaime Rogers Singers, The Andre Tayir Dancers, The Earl Brown Dancers

2.01 [25] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Bobby Darin
Barbara Bain
Martin Landau
The Supremes

Bobby sings "Mack the Knife".
Martin Landau and Barbara Bain cavort in short bits with Andy and sing about their youth.
Songs include "Peace in the Valley", "Together", "Up the Ladder", "Everybody's Got the Right to Love", "When I was Young".
Andys solos are "Close to You", "I Just Can't Help Believing" and "Sing That Song Again".
The Supremes offer a medley of their hits and join their host for "Peace In the Valley."
Martin Landau and Barbara Bain cavort in short bits with Andy and sing about their youth. Williams sings numbers like
"Close to You" and "I Just Can't Help Believing."

2.02 [26] The Andy Williams Show
26Sep1970 [rerun 03Apr71]
guest cast:
Ike & Tina Turner
Billy Daniels
Jonathan Winters

Andy sings "Maria"
Billy performs "That Old Black Magic"
Ike and Tina Turner do "Higher"
Liberace plays "Moonligh Sonata"
Jonathan Winters aids Andy with his opening remarks and pops up with zingers throughout.
The cookie begging bear and the Williams Weirdos also harangue Andy between songs.
Andy sings "Raindrops" & "Sweet Memories"
Andy with Ike & Tina Turner perform "City Man - Country Girl".

2.03 [27] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Donald O'Connor
Jo Anne Worley
Little Richard
David Gates and Bread

Andy sings "Big Yellow Taxi" and "Softly As I Leave You"
Little Richard does "Sing That Song Again".
Jo Anne Worley and Charlie Callas clown around in a sketch titled "Captain Weird and Wonderchick"
Bread performs "Make It With You".

2.04 [28] The Andy Williams Show
10Oct1970 [rerun 05Jun71]
guest cast:
Johnnie Ray
Ray Stevens
Jonathan Winters
The Lennon Sisters

Andy sings "Snowbird" & "Blowin' In the Wind".
Johnnie sings "Cry" & "The Little White Cloud That Cried".
The Lennon Sisters perform "Close To You".
Ray sings "Sunset Strip".
Andy tells a haunting bedtime story with sound and visual effects provided by his guests.
Charlie Callas
Mike Post Orchestra

2.05 [29] The Andy Williams Show
17Oct1970 [rerun 26Dec70]
guest cast:
Ella Fitzgerald
Chubby Checker
Lorne Greene
The Grasssroots

Andy sings "I Just Can't Help Believin'".
The Grass Roots perform "Sooner or Later" and "Come On and Say It".
Lorne Greene performs "Sand".
Andy sings "I Love You".
Lorne Greene & Ella Fitzgerald duet on "Tea For Two".
Andy & Ella duet on "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay".
Ella sings "Come Back to Me" and "A Tisket, A Tasket".
Andy sings "Joanne" & "All Those Things".
Chubby Checker performs "The Twist/Limbo Rock".
Andy closes with "September of My Years".

2.06 [30] The Andy Williams Show
24Oct1970 [rerun 10Apr71]
guest cast:
Rosemary Clooney
Mama Cass Elliot
Don Ho
The Temptations

Rosemary sings "Come On A-My House".
Andy sings "I'm Going to Make You Love Me", "El Condor Pasa", "It's Only Make Believe" and "All the Things You Are".
Don Ho sings "Until It's Time For You To Go".
Mama Cass sings "Good Times Are Comin'".
The Temptations sing "Long and Winding Road" & "Unite the World".
Andy, Don, Cass and the Temptations join in for "Workin' On A Groovy Thing".
Janos Prohaska
Mike Post Orchestra

2.07 [31] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Jo Anne Worley
Jonathan Winters

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perform "Grazing in the Grass"
Andy sings "Never My Love" and "Lost in the Stars".
Jo Anne Worley runs amuck as Yolande in a slapstick Latin production number
Charlie Callas rushes about as Captain Weird and the whole cast appears in a takeoff
on "The Wolf Man".
*Note: Janos Prohaska plays the bear but the voice is supplied by co-producer Allan Blye.

2.08 [32] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Kate Smith
Arte Johnson
Gladys Knight and the Pips
Andy sings "We've Only Just Begun"
Andy joins Kate Smith and Arte Johnson in a comedy sketch titled "Tree Talk".
Andy sings "Make It With You"
Gladys Knight and Andy duet.
Kate Smith sings "Any One Can Move a Mountain".

2.09 [33] The Andy Williams Show
14Nov1970 [rerun 12Dec70]
guest cast:
Leslie Uggams
Ken Berry
Claudine Longet

Leslie sings "Guitar Thing".
Ken sings "The Green, Green Grass of Home".
Claudine sings "Broomstick Cowboy".
Andy sings "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You", "The Letter", "Fire and Rain" and "The Very Thought of You".
In a song-and-dance number Leslie portrays moods suggested by classical, blues and rock guitar music.
Ken Berry plays a perennial fall guy.
Mike Post Orchestra
Andre Tayir Dancers
Charlie Callas

2.10 [34] The Andy Williams Show
21Nov1970 [rerun 17Apr71]
guest cast:
Phyllis Diller
Jonathan Winters
Ray Stevens

Jerry Maren as the cookie-mooching bear.
Andy sings "Out In the Country", "I'll Be There", "Hello, Young Lovers" and "Emily".
Ray sings "Can We Get to That?"
Andy and Ray sing "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" and "Take A Look Around You".
Phyllis camps it up as a camper camping joined by the Williams Weirdos on Andy's front lawn.
Jonathan portrays the Pilgrim forefathers
Added attraction: a mini-version of the cookie-mooching bear (Jerry Maren).
Mike Post Orchestra
Andre Tayir Dancers

2.11 [35] The Andy Williams Show
28Nov1970 [rerun 24Apr71]
guest cast:
Mike Douglas
Jimmy Durante
Linda Ronstadt
Ricky Nelson

Andy & Linda duet on "Long Long Time" & "Ticket To Ride".
Jimmy Durante portrays a carnival proprietor in a comedy segment with Andy and the Little General of the Williams Weirdos.
Jimmy Durante does "Gone Fishin'".
Jimmy & Mike duet on "I Want to Be Happy".
Andy & Mike discover the powers of the computer in a comedy sketch.
Mike does a production number about rain with "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "Here's That Rainy Day".
Ricky and his group do a medley of his hits with "Mary Lou" and "I'm Walkin'".
Linda sings "She's A Lovely Woman".
Andy sings "Happy Together" and "September Song".

2.12 [36] The Andy Williams Show
05Dec1970 [rerun 01May71]
guest cast:
Sonny James
Jonathan Winters
Marilyn McCoo
5th Dimension

Andy, Jonathan and the Weirdos clown in a "Battle of Jericho" sketch and a nautical piece of foolishness, "Swan Boat".
Andy & the 5th Dimension offer a medley of four tunes including "Paper Cup" and "Carpet Man".
Sonny James sings "Young Love"
Andy sings "Alfie" and "Without a Song".

[--] 12Dec1970 [rerun from 14Nov70]
Leslie Uggams, Ken Berry, Claudine Longet.

2.13 [37] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
John Astin
Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)
Claudine Longet
The Williams family converge at a ski lodge for the Holiday Season.
Featured are the Williams Brothers: Don, Dick and Bob. Claudine Longet: Noelle and Christian Williams (Andy's children).
Jane Williams, Andy's Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jay Williams. Special guests Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) and Charlie Callas.
Andy and the family join in for "Jingle Bells".
Andy sings "White Christmas".
Claudine tells the story in song "Petit Papa Noel", about a little girl's talk with Santa Claus.
Andy sings "It's a Most Wonderful Time of the Year".
Andy, Captain Kangaroo and Charlie Callas are featured in a Christmas fable scanning such places as Rock Land,
Doll Land and Christmas Land. Narrated by Claudine Longet.
Andy sings "The Christmas Song".
Andy and his brothers join in for a Christmas carol medley set in the traditional period of Charles Dickens.
Andy closes with "O Holy Night".
The yuletide season finds the Williams family converging at a winter ski lodge this year when they join host and relative
Andy Williams in an hour of song and holiday merriment
on CTV Television Network's "Andy Williams Christmas Show," Friday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. on Channel 13.
Featured are the Williams Brothers; Don, Dick and Bob; Claudine Longet, Noelle and Christian Williams, Jane Williams
and Andy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Williams. Included are guests Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) and Charlie Callas.
The show opens on a winter setting with Andy, his brothers and family in chorus singing "Jingle Bells,"
later moving to the lodge with Andy in a solo of "White Christmas."
Following a family - styled Christmas cookie sketch with Noelle and Christian (Andy's children) and Claudine
— Claudine tells a story in song, "Petit Papa Noel," of a little girl's talk with Santa Claus.
Andy then sings "It's A Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
The highlight of the program will be a Christmas Fable scanning such mythical places as Rockland,
Doll land and the joyful Christmasland, featuring Andy Williams, Captain Kangaroo and Charlie Callas.
Claudine Longet narrates.

[--] 26Dec1970 [rerun from 17Oct70] [Lowell & Uniontown PA]
Lorne Greene, Ella Fitzgerald, Chubby Checker

2.14 [38] The Andy Williams Show
02Jan1971 [rerun 08May71]
guest cast:
Petula Clark
Flip Wilson
Bill Haley and the Comets
Sly and the Family Stone

Andy & Petula duet on "Our House" and "Home On the Range".
Petula sings "Goin' Out of My Head" and "Happy Heart".
All join in for "I Believe In Music".
Flip Wilson kids Andy for his mania for sweaters, playing a Highland shepherd delivering the latest wool consignment
to the host.

2.15 [39] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Bobbie Gentry
Don Rickles
Tommy Roe
The New Seekers

Andy opens with "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?"
Bobbie Gentry and Professor Mousey Garner perform in a piano act.
Andy and the New Seekers offer "One".
The New Seekers sings "When There's No Love Left".
Don Rickles holds sway for ten minutes as he annihilates Andy and company in his well-known manner.
He also tangles with the cookie loving bear.
Andy sings "Love is a Many Splendored Thing".
Andy and Bobbie duet with "Fire and Rain".
Bobbie sings "Mississippi Delta".
Andy closes with "This Is All I Ask".

2.16 [40] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Ray Charles and the Raelettes
Mama Cass Elliot
Lorne Greene
Elton John

and The Lennon Sisters who will be appearing weekly.
Lorne sings a novelty number about an old miner's possessions—provided in staggery array by the prop man.
Andy, Lorne, Cass Elliot and Jerry Maren's Little General in a "Siberian Express" sketch.
Ray Charles sings "If You Were Mine" and is backed by the cast in a rocking "Heaven Help Us All".
Cass clowns with the bear and duets with Andy.
Elton John performs "Your Song".

2.17 [41] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Ken Berry
Jonathan Winters
Frankie Laine

and The Lennon Sisters.
with regulars
Charlie Callas
Janos Prohaska
Andre Taylr Dancers
Mike Post Orchestra
Excerpts from Andy's Command Performance in London are featured.
Jonathan Winters as the little ole story teller is back for nonsense in a Peace Conference sketch.
Ken Berry is greeted by a 1930's musical introduction and sings "Wichita Lineman".
The Lennon Sisters for a medley of 1970 hits.

2.18 [42] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Don Adams
Al Hirt and his Dixieland Band
The Edwin Hawkins Singers

and The Lennon Sisters.
The show is from San Diego where the Andy Williams San Diego Open Golf Tournament is happening.
Don Adams performs a famous golf routine. Golfers are shown from the San Diego Civic Auditorium.

2.19 [43] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Raymond Burr
Jerry Lee Lewis
Bobby Sherman

Burr performs a little Shakespeare for chuckles and then he and the Lennon Sisters take orders from Captain Andy in
"The Zeppelin".
Bobby Sherman sings "I Cried Like a Baby".
Jerry Lee Lewis rocks the studio with a 50's medley including "Great Balls of Fire".
Andy sings "Heather on the Hill" and "We've Only Just Begun".

2.20 [44] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Bobbie Gentry
Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
Jonathan Winters

and The Carpenters.
Andy opens the show singing "I Think I Love You".
Andy joins and the Carpenters perform "Ticket to Ride" and "I'll Never Fall In Love Again".
Karen Carpenter solos with "For All We Know".
Andy sings "It's Impossible".
Andy with Ozzie and Harriet and Jonathan do a comedy sketch looks at primetime programming produced by a local TV station.
Andy sings "The Impossible Dream" and introduces Jonathan Winters in the role of the storyteller.
Bobbie Gentry sings "Ode to Billie Joe".
The Carpenters perform "We've Only Just Begun".
Andy closes with "The Way You Look Tonight".

2.21 [45] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Jo Anne Worley
Jonathan Winters
The Friends of Distinction

and The Lennon Sisters.
The Lennon Sisters open the show with "Rose Garden".
The Friends of Distinction do "Grazing in the Grass".
Jo Anne Worley joins Andy and Jonathan in a spoof of "Love Story".
*News item:
What's it like to live the life of a famous bear? Ask Jonas Prohaska, who created the costume and give life and voice
to the cookie - mooching bear on "The Andy Williams Show" Saturdays (7:30-8:30 p.m.) on the NBC Television Network.
Prohaska says: "I enjoy the success the bear is having on the show. The cast and crew also seem to enjoy the bear
blackouts and I think Andy more than any of us.
Any recognition that I get from doing it is purely incidental. I don't think of myself as a personality, but I as
a person who gives life to — who animates — a personality."
The bear concept evolved out of a one - time idea that paid off in one . of last season's earlier shows.
Comedian Flip Wilson (now star of NBC-TV's "The Flip Wilson Show") was a guest and producers Chris Beard and Allan Blye
came up with the idea of inserting a bear into the act.
Says Beard: "The bear sort of represents a down trodden fellow who keeps banging on the door of life, and is constantly
being turned away. A social comment if you like. His performance on the show says something about prejudice, and rather
reflects people's ideas of acceptance and non - acceptance. We received such a hearth response from that first performance,
that we decided to make it a regular part of the show."
Prohaska constructs many of his own creations in the workshop of his Santa Monica home. Having performed since the
age of 12 as an acrobat in Hungary, Prohaska now I prefers to tinker in his shop.

2.22 [46] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Connie Francis
Mama Cass Elliot

and her singing partner Dave Mason
Jonathan Winters
and The Association.
Andy and Cass talk of women's lib.

2.23 [47] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Desi Arnaz
Jo Anne Worley

The Lennon Sisters
The Bee Gees
Charlie Callas

Desi, Jo Anne and Andy do a butcher shop sketch.
The three of them do a "My Fair Lady" takeoff.
Andy sings "Candida" and "Until It's Time For You To Go".

2.24 [48] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Fess Parker
Louis Nye
Dusty Springfield
The Lennon Sisters

Dusty sings "Running Out of Time".
Louis Nye plays the title in a spoof of "The Godfather" with Rosey Grier in a cameo and Andy and the Lennon Sisters
Fess Parker sings "Davy Crockett".
Andy sings "Danny Boy", "Long, Long Time" and "Fire and Rain".

2.25 [49] The Andy Williams Show
guest cast:
Judy Carne
Richie Havens
Jonathan Winters
The Lennon Sisters

Judy and the Dancers perform "Hot Pants".
Andy sings "She's A Lady", "Impossible Dream", "More" and "Village of St. Bernadette".
The Lennon Sisters sing "In My Life".
Judy and Jonathan play the leads in a spoof of the 1954 adventure film "King of the Khyber Rifles".
Charlie Callas
Janos Prohaska
Andre Tayir Dancers
Mike Post Orchestra

2.26 [50] The Andy Williams Show
27Mar1971 [rerun 17Apr71 & 17Jul71]
guest cast:
Henry Mancini
Phyllis Diller
Mama Cass Elliot
Ray Stevens
Jonathan Winters

Mrs. Joan Kennedy (wife of Senator Edward Kennedy D-Mass)
Andy and Henry perform "Whistling Away the Dark" (Henry's Oscar nominee from "Darling Lili")
Andy sings "Cause You Don't Want My Love", "It's Impossible", "Time After Time" and "My Way".
Joan Kennedy makes her TV debut as a concert pianist playing Debussy's Arbaesque in E Major and accompanying Andy on
the "Love Story" theme.
Andy, Jonathan, Cass and the Bear (Janos Prohaska) do a spoof of "Born Free".
Charlie Callas
Janos Prohaska
Andre Tayir Dancers
Mike Post Orchestra
*Note: Mrs. Joan Kennedy, the wife of Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, makes her first television appearance
performing "Love Story" on the piano accompanying Andy.

03Apr1971 rerun of 26Sep70
10Apr1971 rerun of 24Oct70
17Apr1971 rerun of 27Mar71
24Apr1971 rerun of 28Nov70
01May1971 rerun of 05Dec70
08May1971 rerun of 02Jan71
15May1971 rerun of 15Nov69
22May1971 rerun of 28Feb70
29May1971 rerun of 21Feb70
05Jun1971 rerun of 10Oct70
12Jun1971 rerun of 28Feb70
19Jun1971 rerun of 01Nov69
26Jun1971 rerun of 17Jan70
03Jul1971 rerun of 29Nov69
10Jul1971 rerun of 07Mar70
17Jul1971 rerun of 27Mar71

24Jul1971 Crime Story Saturday TV Adventure Theater, which replaces Andy Williams until the new season
is of interest only for the antiquity of its first presentation: its from 1963.
Theodore Bikel and Suzanne Pleshette are the stars.


 ############ The Andy Williams Show ##########
############## end of Season 2 ###############

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