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Starring Anthony George, Doug McCure, Sebastian Cabot
Season 2 (CBS) (1961-62)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:

BJ Townsend, Rina Fox, Tom Alger, Jeff Eldridge, James Beer
Gabriel Orgaz (Director Credits)
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 ################ Checkmate #################
############# season 2 1961-62 ##############
Produced by Dick Berg
CBS Wednesdays 8.30 PM Eastern

2.01 [37] Checkmate: PORTRAIT OF A MAN RUNNING (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16227
4Oct61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Jon Kubichan
Written by Richard Fielder
Directed by Elliot Silverstein
Music Score Morton Stevens
Director of Photography Dale Deverman
Film Editor Richard Belding
Story Editor Dorothy Hechtlinger
Guest Stars
Ralph Bellamy [Governor Tom Barker, "The People's Man"]
Chester Morris [Albie DeWitt, Barker's organizer and campaign manager]
Patricia Huston ............ as Anne (Barker's trusted "Girl Friday - and
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday")
Wendell Holmes ............. as Marvin Everhardt (Barker's worthy opponent -
"college professor, humanitarian, and one of the best legal minds in the
Lillian Culver ............. as Mrs. Tuppeny (Barker's loyal supporter)
Frederic de Wilde .......... as The Reporter
Robert Victor .............. as The Technician
Wright King as Jim Barker (his "father's son" - with a conscience)
*The actor who portrayed the very important character Frank Castleberry (a
not so "legitimate businessman") was not given a screen credit. The TV
COLLECTOR Vol.2, #89, May-June 1997, p. 17, lists him as Oliver McGowan.
"Silver tongued" Tom Barker is running again for re-election. The once
sincere man had been "one whip cracking good Governor" but now has lapsed in
his moral uprightness and resorts to calling in the renown Checkmate team
from out of state as part of his publicity ploy to pin a staged
assassination attempt on dishonest highway contractor Frank Castleberry.
When Jed and Don find out the truth, they refuse to play the game. However,
Barker's assistant Anne is certain there is a real threat on the Governor's
life. She keeps getting calls from the same person leaving different phone
numbers for reply - numbers which all belong to funeral parlors. Despite
his son's objections, Barker is determined to win the election at all costs,
and his publicity manager Albie digs up disturbing information about the
opponent's past. But Albie has a personal reason for wanting to discredit
Everhardt. He hopes in so doing that Barker will drop the negative
publicity on Castleberry, who has told Albie he must choose who is to
Note: Don Corey said that Dr. Hyatt believed "a hunch is that most reliable
of all detection devices." (bj)

2.02 [38] Checkmate: THE BUTTON-DOWN BREAK (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16215
11Oct61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Lewis Reed
Story by William Shatner
Directed by Paul Stewart
Director of photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Musical score by Marty Paich
Guest Star:
Tony Randall ............ Luther Gage
William Bramley ......... Burke
Leo Penn ................ Allen
John Zaremba ............ Doctor Cooper
Jack Mann ............... the Superintendent
Bob Williams ............ the Guard
Olan Soule .............. the Window Washer (and snitch)
Ina Victor .............. Checkmate secretary Vicky
Jack Betts .............. Chris Devlin
Chris Devlin joins the Checkmate team going undercover as a
fellow inmate to keep an eye on convict Luther Gage (Tony
Randall) former personnel manager for an engineering firm, and
intellectual genius who has threatened Dr. Hyatt and
has an "infallible plan" for breaking out of prison.

2.03 [39] Checkmate: THE HEAT OF PASSION (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16221
18Oct61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Mann Rubin / Story by Sonya Roberts and Mann Rubin
Directed by Ron Winston
Music Score Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Ray Flin
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Guest Star:

Dorothy Malone [Lorna Shay, former hostess in a Los Angeles restaurant, now
committed in marriage--to a point--to a much older very rich man with a
"heart condition"]
John Dehner . . . as George Shay (Lorna's husband, a "shell" of a man who
appears to have an "inability to face the facts")
Ed Nelson . . . as Gil Stoneham (George's not-so-handy handyman and
Lorna's ex-lover)
Steve Gravers as Garvin (paranoid escaped convict who spent "three years in
the jug" for something only Gil got benefit for and now feels entitled to
"10 G's" for his trouble)
Lew Gallow as Sheriff Bain
Don thinks Dr. Hyatt needs a vacation and drops him off at the Aramoose
Lodge for rest and recreation. The professor is the "first guest of the
season," welcomed by new owner George Shay (Dehner) and his wife Lorna
(Malone). But the lodge's handyman Gil Stoneham (Nelson) isn't as pleased
to have an early guest. Hyatt, who's not the outdoor type, would rather be
"in San Francisco at the height of the rush hour." On his
first night the professor is awakened by biting mosquitoes. As he applies
bug repellant he hears dogs barking and goes outside to see what the noise
is about. A convict has escaped and is believed to be in the area. Indeed
he is, and he's after Gil to pay him the "10 G's" he feels he's entitled to.
Garvin (Gravers) is threatening Gil, but the handyman tells him to be
patient since he's got it all worked out--George Shay is going to have an
unfortunate accident. Then Gil will marry the grieving widow
(whom, not coincidentally, was his
ex-lover) and share her inheritance. When George and Hyatt are nearly
killed as a log bridge gives way, the professor calls upon Don to probe
into the backgrounds of Gil, Lorna, and the intended victim George himself.
Jed joins the investigation and arrives at the lodge posing as a movie
director [listen for Doug McClure's impersonation of Burt Lancaster] who was
caught in the state troopers' roadblock while scouting locations for his
next motion picture. Although it seems George won't face the facts that
someone wants to kill him, Hyatt finds that both he and Lorna have been
deceiving each other. When Gil sets things up and tells George he has the
convict trapped,
George insists on capturing Garvin even though he's fully aware of
Gil's plan to kill him (but doesn't care if Lorna no longer loves him) and
forces Hyatt to join them. Jed helps prevent George's murder
by pricking Lorna's conscience when he tells her during the filming of his
next movie he wants the "camera to crawl inside the people" and "make a
statement that the criminal himself is really the victim." (bj)

2.04 [40] Checkmate: WAITING FOR JOCKO
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16205
25-Oct-61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Juarez Roberts
Directed by Don Taylor
Music score by Pete Rugolo
Director of photography Ray Flin
Guest Star:
Jeffrey Hunter .... Edward 'Jocko' Townsend
On his birthday, Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot) is visited by a mentally unstable man whose intention is to kill the professor
for advising against his parole five years previously. Hyatt is ordered to make his own death instrument--a bottle of  nitroglycerin. [BJ]
Five years ago, Dr. Hyatt testified at a parole hearing that Jocko Townsend was pyscopathic. Though Hyatt had only been
trying to persuade the authorities to put Jocko under proper mental care, Jocko thought Hyatt was out to get him. [JB]
(Delayed time-shifted broadcast Thurs 2Nov 61 WLUC-6 Marquette, MI 6:30 p.m. EST.)
(From the Oct.28-Nov.3 1961 TV Guide, the Wisconsin edition)

 #2.05 [41] Checkmate: THROUGH A DARK GLASS (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16231
01Nov61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Music Score Fred Katz
Director of Photography Ray Flin
Film Editor Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Story Editor Dorothy Hechtlinger
Guest Star
Claire Bloom [Gina Burton, "inventive, tough," independent photojournalist]
Katherine Squire as Mrs. Vorlund (Director of the Vorland Institute for the
[Note: * Ms. Squire was credited as Vorlund, but the sign on the institute read Vorland]
William Windom as Peter Morell (a.k.a. Dr. Peter Manning, psychologist who
has had great success working with the handicapped - or so he says)
Les Tremayne ............ as Simon Oelrich (Gina's publisher)
Richard Evans ........... as Mitch (Gina's young fellow student at the
Jan Peters .............. as Leopold Bass (Racketeer who owns controlling
interest in the Gold Key Club and wants his client's indiscretions kept
Fern Barry .............. as Mrs. Stahl
Audrey Swanson .......... as Doris (Gina's nurse)
David Fresco ............ as Reese
Synopsis 1:
Publisher Simon Oelrich is afraid harm may come to his ace photo-journalist,
Gina Burton, whose doing a pictorial expose on vice. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Publisher Simon Oelrich had assigned photojournalist Gina Burton to do a
story on "America at Play." But instead of the usual beach and park scenes,
Gina came up with a "catalog of national vices, large and small." Oelrich
calls upon Checkmate to protect Gina since he fears those behind the vice
might not want their privacy invaded by pictorial exposure. But Don is too
late to keep the woman from being accidentally blinded by acid when she is
threatened in her darkroom. Because doctors give no hope that Gina will
regain her eyesight and Don is concerned that the attacker might return
since he ran away without taking the pictures, Gina is enrolled in the
Vorland Institute for the Blind. But she refuses to believe she will never
see again. Oelrich receives a recommendation for psychologist Peter
Manning. The doctor encourages Gina that, with her strong will, he may be
able to help her find a cure. But she must "endure endless questions" and
"re-examine the entire experience" which led to the trauma if there is to be
trust between them. In the meantime, Jed and Dr. Hyatt have been studying
the photographs and can find nothing more than the usual marital
indiscretions. However, some pictures may still be in Gina's camera,
including the one of a bored cigarette girl. And unbeknownst to Gina, Dr.
Manning is actually in cahoots with racketeer Leopold Bass who wants to
assure his clients on the East Coast that there will be no more
incriminating publicity. (bj)

2.06 [42] Checkmate: JUAN MORENO'S BODY (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16232
8Nov61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Anthony Spinner
Directed by Tom Gries
Music Score Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography Dale Deverman
Film Editor Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Story Editor Dorothy Hechtlinger
Guest Stars:
Diana Lynn [Jodi Winslow, a sensual woman who "likes fun and games,"
recently widowed by the death of her husband - but she's felt like a widow
for years]
Henry Jones [Ed Thurston, hard-boiled District Attorney]
Vladimir Sokoloff as Pedro Moreno (Juan's distraught father who knows his
son is innocent of murder)
Philip Ober as Marshall Winslow (lonely, grief stricken father of the
deceased who lives only to see Juan executed)
Perry Lopez ................ as Juan Moreno (the accused)
Katherine Warren ........... as Mrs. Chadwell
(Winslow's housekeeper - loyal almost to the point of perjury)
Ken Patterson .............. as Det. Ian Walters
(arresting officer with evidence to the contrary)
Stuart Nisbet .............. as Phil Daniels
Charles Wagenheim ......... as Okie
Michael Vandever ........... as Rick James
Pilar Del Rey .............. as Maria (Juan's bride-to-be)
Pedro Moreno hires Checkmate to gather evidence to prove that his boy Juan
did not murder the son of a prominent agricultural businessman. But the
district attorney seems to have the "perfect case" that will send Juan to
the gas chamber - the widow and her housekeeper both swear they saw Juan
beat the man to death. As a spokesman on behalf of the migrant workers,
Juan has been a hero to his people. However, he refuses to speak in his own
defense because, although innocent of murder, he is not without fault and
"would rather die than live in guilt and shame." (bj)

2.07 [43] Checkmate: KILL THE SOUND (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16217
15Nov61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Alfred Brenner
Directed by James Wong Howe
Music by Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Guest Star
Sid Caesar  [Johnny Wilder--pill popping, emotionally disturbed superstar
deejay who had stepped on a lot of people on his way to the top]
Dianne Foster [Phyllis Wood--Johnny's love interest and concerned but aloof
James Lydon as Ben Roberts (Johnny's badgered but loyal assistant)
Norman Burton as Lou Lewis (used to play the trumpet on the jazz radio
station, that is until the multi-talented Johnny replaced him and the rest
of the group with his one-man band)
Charles Seel as The Electrician
Lyn Thomas as Tiger Rag (club dancer whom Johnny jilted for another woman
who could further his career)
Robert Chadwick as Jim Corday (Johnny's intended summer replacement)

Brief Synopsis:
Overworked disc jockey Johnny Wilder (Caesar), who has made a few enemies on
his way up the career ladder, is set for a long overdo leave of absence.
But the frightened man hasn't left the studio for two weeks because he's
sure someone is out to kill him.  His boss, Miss Phyllis Wood (Foster),
calls upon Checkmate to stop a crime before it happens, and on the eve of
the beginning of his vacation a guilt ridden Johnny insists the threatening
voice on the phone (who vows to kill him before the night is over) is that
of Bill Star, the man he replaced at the radio station three years ago. (bj)

 2.08 [44] Checkmate: THE CRIMSON POOL (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16203
22Nov61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by Alan Crosland, Jr.
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.C.S.
Film Editor Richard Belding
Guest Stars
Vera Miles [ZoŽ Kamens - her "one objective was to paint honestly," but she
had become a "common crook," forging copies of original paintings]
John Kerr [Mitch Kamens - ZoŽ's sculptor husband who persuaded her to "copy"
paintings. ZoŽ still loves the man, but the "pain just goes on feeding
Vitina Marcus as Chana (Mitch's artist's model plus a little more)
Leon Lontoc as The Houseboy
Jacques Aubuchon as Erik Nordstrom (dishonest art collector, fanatic in his
belief that "true art is more than a reflection of life. It IS life, the
indestructible essence of our existence.")
Artist ZoŽ Kamens has recently returned to San Francisco from Paris. She
and Carl are visiting the Brevoort Art Gallery when ZoŽ leaves abruptly
looking at one of the paintings. ZoŽ later confides to Carl that she left
the gallery because the Monet painting, which was for sale, is not
the original. She knows it's a forgery because she was the one that copied
it. Oh, she believed at first that her husband Whit had a buyer in South
America for an authorized copy of the painting, but now she knows better.
ZoŽ plans on divorcing Whit, and that's good news for Don who had once been
in love with the her. But Don's offers of breakfast and flowers go
unnoticed after Whit convinces ZoŽ they belong together. ZoŽ lies that
she had only said Whit was doing something illegal to hurt him because she
had seen him kissing his artist's model. Trying to find out if ZoŽ had only
made up a story, Carl visits collector Erik Nordstrom who shows him
documentation that the Monet is indeed genuine. However, the psychotic man,
who wants to keep the valuable originals to look at and sell forgeries of
them at high prices, is actually blackmailing Whit with jail time or worse
unless ZoŽ produces another copy, this time of his Van Gogh. Feeling
slighted, Don refuses to listen to ZoŽ when she tells him that Whit indeed
wants her to forge paintings against her will and exclaims, "whenever things
aren't working with Whit you expect me to hold your hand." Yet when Carl
and Don find Whit's body in the art studio next to the defiled copy of the
Van Gogh, will Don finally believe ZoŽ, and will they arrive in time to save
her from Nordstrom who would "kill hundreds" for a "masterpiece, the final
expression of a rare talent." [bj]

 2.09 [45] Checkmate: THE TWO OF US (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16226
29Nov61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Lewis Reed
Directed by Paul Stewart
Director of Photography - Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Lloyd Bridges
[dual role as twin brothers "empire builder" Howard and "toy designer"
Robert Gentry]
Audrey Dalton [Ann Miles, Howard's forlorn fiancťe]
Paul Langton ................ as The Architect
Barney Phillips ..............as Capt. Jack Howard
Sheila Bromley ..............as Mrs. Welch (Robert's Landlady)
Stephanie Hill ................as The Girl (on the train)
Jeane Wood .................as The Librarian
Busy with his first project on the West Coast, ambitious construction
engineer Howard Gentry hires Checkmate to discover "any one of 100 people"
who could be out to knock him off the "top of the heap." However, the prime
suspect becomes Howard's twin brother Robert, whom Howard had fired from the
business five years previously. It doesn't seem possible that the
mild-mannered lonely toy maker would be the type to kill anyone, but Hyatt
suspects the motive for the attempts on Howard's life is simply a case of
severe sibling rivalry. Yet when Robert is the one who ends up dead the
question becomes which brother is out to get which brother. Corey's crime
solving instincts lead him to investigate two clues - an initialed blueprint
and a kiss from Ann. [bj]

[--] 06Dec61 - pre empted
"Death beyond Recall" - originally scheduled for this date, postponed to 07Feb62. [bj]

2.10 [46] Checkmate: NICE GUYS FINISH LAST (verified on film - bj)
13Dec61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Larry Cohen
Directed by Alan Crossland, Jr.
Director of Photography Ray Flin
Starring: (end credits)
Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot
and Jack Betts as Chris Devlin
Guest Stars:
James Whitmore ......... Detective Lt. Dave Harker
Diana Van De Vlis ..... Hope Reardon
Dennis Patrick ......... Nick Culley
Milton Selzer .......... Freddy (the snitch)
John Lasell ............ Capt. Bloch
Alexander Lockwood ..... the Asst. Commissioner
Al Austin .............. the Policeman
Leatrice Leigh ......... Woman Dispatcher #1
Alicia Li .............. Woman Dispatcher #2
Tom Curtis ............. the Butler
Angry at not being promoted to precinct captain, Don's detective
friend (James Whitmore) frames a "murder" on an old high school
rival (Dennis Patrick) whom he believes is responsible for the
pass over.  Chris Devlin helps with Checkmate's investigation
by posing as a rookie cop.

2.11 [47] Checkmate: TO THE BEST OF MY RECOLLECTION  (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16229
27Dec61 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by John McGreevey
Directed by Paul Stewart
Music Score Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Story Editor Dorothy Hechtlinger
Guest Star:
Laraine Day
[Sylvia Weston, perhaps - amnesiac with an identity crisis]
Charles Drake
[Mack Weston, Sylvia's husband with a plan to keep his wife'sinheritance]
Helen Brown ............. as Miss Treadwell (Sylvia's private nurse - for a short season)
Jack Finch .............. as The Clerk
Bill Bixby .............. as Pete Canaday (young executor of Sylvia's estate)
Francis DeSales ......... as Sgt. Lawrence
Robert Brubaker ......... as Dr. Farnell
Joanne Moriarity ........ as The Stewardess
Jerry Dexter ............ as The Ticketman
Tyler McVey ............. as The Manager
At City General Hospital Dr. Hyatt is intrigued to find a "genuine case of
total amnesia" and witness the reunion of Mack Weston with his previously
missing wife Sylvia. But Sylvia "has a strong feeling something terrible is
going to happen" if she leaves with the man, and "if it does, who is there
to care?" Hyatt assures her that anxiety is a normal response in cases of
memory loss, and she can call on him at any time. Mack and Sylvia had been
touring overseas for twelve years and had recently returned by ship to San
Francisco. Mack reminds his wife of their long absence when she doesn't
remember their house, although there is something frighteningly familiar
about the stairway. Her only other recollection is that of a missing glove.
Even though Mack treats her well otherwise, Sylvia is confined to her room
and kept sedated. It is only when her executor comes to discuss her trust
that she is able to bargain to sign for her quarterly allotment check if she
is first allowed to call Dr. Hyatt. Mack is eager to help Checkmate gather
clues to help Sylvia recover. He even finds a photo taken on the ship of
him, Sylvia, and Sylvia's friend widow Kit Huxton. Surely if they find Kit,
Sylvia's remembrances will come flooding back. But unfortunately the police
have "fished" a woman "out of the bay," and Mack identifies the body as that
of Mrs. Huxton. It's time for Dr. Hyatt to use his skills of hypnotism to
bring out Sylvia's suppressed memories. (bj)

2.12 [48] Checkmate: A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON MY WAY TO THE GAME (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP16239
3Jan62 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Lewis Reed and Don Taylor
Story by Lewis Reed
Directed by Don Taylor
Music score by Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Guest Stars:
Jack Benny ..... tv comedian and parade Grand Marshal Jack Bowen
Tina Louise ..... public relations manager Jo Ann Dunn
Otto Kruger ..... entrepreneur and co-Grand Marshal George Emory
Edward Mallory .. "newspaper photographer" Arthur Cole
Robert Karnes ... Lt. March
Suzanne Noel .... Pioneer Bowl Queen
Darlene Lucht ... Princess Babette
Dick Wilson ..... clerk
During the festivities of the Pioneer Bowl, it appears that
someone is out to get the Grand Marshal of the parade:
a much-loved television comedian.

2.13 [49] Checkmate: STAR SYSTEM
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16240
10Jan62 CBS
    Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by William Graham
Music score by Morton Stevens
Guest Stars:
Elizabeth Montgomery ..... Vicki Page (?Paige)
Jack Lord .... Ernie Chapin (director and Vicki's love interest)
Emile Genest ............. director Felix Landaur
John Bryant .............. "the leading man"
Ted Bessell .............. "the assistant director"
Russ Conway .............. Bernard Hoffman
Carole Eastman ........... actress Julie Enhart
Jed Sills (Doug McClure) poses as a public relations man to keep
tabs on a suicidal actress (Elizabeht Montgomery) accused of
trying to kill another actress (Carole Eastman) whom she suspects
is involved with her director boy friend (Jack Lord).

17Jan62  CBS
Teleplay by Oliver Gard and Mark Rodgers
Story by Oliver Gard
Directed by Ron Winston
Director of Photography Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Music score by Morton Stevens
Starring: (end credits)
Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot
and Jack Betts as Chris Devlin
Guest Stars:
Eleanor Parker ......... Marion Banion (beauty farm manager)
/Gussie Hill (ex-burlesque dancer)
Herschel Bernardi ..... Ned Hazly,
(Gussie's former boyfriend who took the rap
for the killing that Gussie committed)
Harriet MacGibbon ..... the Countess
Sam Hearn ............. Max
Larry Blake ........... the clerk
Frank Scannell ........ Barker
Cliff Norton .......... Jinx
Don Corey (Anthony George) falls for a lovely ex-burlesque queen
Gussie Hill (Eleanor Parker) when Checkmate is called in to
investigate the "disappearance" of an employee of the Venus West
Beauty Farm.

 2.15 [51] Checkmate: A VERY ROUGH SKETCH (verified on fim - bj)
24Jan62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Mann Rubin
Directed by Ron Winston
Checkmate Theme Johnny Williams
Director of Photography William Margulies, A.S.C.
Film Editor Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Dina Merrill [Laura Hammond, artist and "Florence Nightingale" type social
Keir Dullea as Eddie Phillips (gifted young artist with a hot temper)
Robert Ellenstein as Rudy Pasada (social worker who manages the gymnasium at
the juvenile delinquents' facility and has a long standing affection for
Louise Lorimer . . . . as Judge Singer
Eve McVeagh . . . . . as Bess Conrad (Eddie's Aunt)
Dan Sheridan . . . . . . as Al Conrad (Eddie's Uncle)
(*note - the Judge addressed Eddie's aunt and uncle as the McDowells, not Conrads)
Glenn Turnbull . . . . as The Detective (Lt. Franklin)
John Graham . . . . . . as The Headmaster (of Clayton Hall)
David DuVal . . . . . . as The 1st Player (basketball)
Martin Dean . . . . . . as The 2nd Player (basketball)
Eddie Phillips receives the award for outstanding art student at Clayton
Hall, but his father isn't present at the ceremony. Dr. Hyatt regretfully
informs the young man that his father is going to prison for embezzlement
and requests his son visit him before he is sent away. Eddie tells Hyatt
that he will pack his suitcase, but when Carl arrives at his room the boy
goes on a rampage and attacks him. Eddie has had a history of "delayed
hysterical violence" since his mother died when he was 8 years old and may
now feel that another one he cares for has left him. Since Hyatt is a
friend of Eddie's father and doesn't press charges, the judge gives the
young man a one year probation and puts him in the care of an aunt and
uncle. Eddie's aunt invites Laura Hammond, an art teacher at a facility
which helps rehabilitate juvenile delinquents, to look over her nephew's
sketch book and recruit him for her art class. But Eddie is outraged that
his drawings were shown without his consent and refuses the woman's
invitation. However, Laura doesn't give up on the boy, and he finally
agrees to try her class. Checkmate goes under cover to protect Eddie
"against himself" and find someone who "won't fail him". Despite Eddie's
continuing violent actions, will Laura be the one he can depend on to help
him deal with his emotional pain? What about Eddie's jealousy toward the
social club's manager who has made a dinner date with Laura for the very
night Eddie had planned to finish his charcoal sketch of her? And can Laura
"let" the infatuated young man "down easy" and teach him what "manliness
really is"? [bj]

 2.16 [52] Checkmate: THE YACHT CLUB GANG (verified on fim - bj)
30Jan62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer - Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by Alex Singer
Music Score - Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography - William Margulies, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Guest Star:
Patricia Neal [Fran Davis]
John Baragrey [Mitchell Kane]
Lucy Prentis ....... as Martha Kane
John Astin ......... as Jim Poole
Paul Tripp ......... as Dean Phillips
Wilton Graff ........ as Walter
Stacy Graham ....... as The Wife
George N. Neise .... as George
Stephen Franken as Dunc Tomlinson
Widowed Fran Davis runs the yacht-club where the well-to-do "play the game,"
burying their anxiety as they go deeper in hock to maintain their
lifestyles. She's a "professional happiness girl bouncing from room to room
spreading joy," but the "scream in her throat" is for Mitch Kane. Mitch had
gotten her the hostess job after her husband died, yet now it seems what was
once Mitch's compassion and Fran's gratitude has become a love affair. Dr.
Hyatt is himself a rather inactive member of the club so Fran asks Checkmate
to investigate what appears to have been a threat on Mitch's life - his car
had gone out of control and crashed into a ditch, and the repair man noted
it looked like someone had tried to cut the tie rod on his vehicle. But who
would want to hurt Mitch? After all, he's one of the most popular club
members - or is he? Jim Poole is full of resentment because Mitch had
dropped him from the law firm. He wants to keep Corey guessing: "If you're
looking for suspects, keep me on the list - right on top." And Mitch's wife
suspects he and Fran are having an affair. Could it be Fran herself? She'd
been an "ambulance driver in the American Field Service" where they taught
her all about cars. But what of her motive? Did she find out Mitch had
cast his vote with the other board members to fire her from her position?
Then there is young Dunc Tomlinson, the brilliant but gloomy class-cutting
student. For Dunc's parents, it's one continuous travel adventure, and
they've left the guardianship of their son to Mitch. The boy knows
everything that goes on at the club. From his living quarters in the
"trophy room," he has looked down into the sail house on "two people whose
souls are showing." Dunc is sweet on Fran himself and might be lashing out
at Mitch as his repressed father figure, especially since he feels he
doesn't even receive enough allowance to fix his jalopy. Dunc bluntly
admits to sawing the rod on Mitch's car and philosophizes to Jed, "Life is a
comic chronicle of man's struggle toward immortality. The question is, when
does your client Mitch succumb to the inevitable."[bj]

2.17 [53] Checkmate: DEATH BEYOND RECALL (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP16204
 07Feb62 CBS Wed (postponed from 06Dec61)
Produced by Dick Berg /Associate Producer Jon Kubichan
Written by Max Ehrlich
Directed by Herman Hoffman
Music Score Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Story Editor Dorothy Hechtlinger
Guest Star
Walter Pidgeon [John Baker, brilliant defense lawyer with a secret past]
Kent Smith ............ as Ainslee (John's law partner, a man of "integrity"
who could have had it all)
Mary La Roche ......... as Martha (John's not so adoring and devoted wife)
Stafford Repp ......... as Malloy (John's successfully defended client
who'd do anything to repay his lawyer - to a point)
Elaine Edwards ......... as Gloria (Baker's girlfriend, "glorious Gloria
who went from muskrats to mink in six months)
Harry Carter as ........ as The Man
Frank Gardner ......... as The Messenger
Allen Emerson .......... as 1st Reporter
Tom Allen .............. as 2nd Reporter
"The greatest lawyer in the world, Mr. John Baker," has done it again. He's
successfully defended Thomas Malloy - with the help of his partner Charles
Ainslee and Dr. Hyatt. In gratitude, Malloy promises Baker any favor. But
The satisfaction of victory is short lived when John receives notice of his
disbarment hearing over a past inheritance case. The desperate man calls
Malloy asking him to make good on the favor by killing him. Malloy can't
stomach such a thing himself but promises to contact someone else to do it,
and John won't know who, where, or when. John's wife Martha, who had been
pushed aside for years while her husband pursued success, assures him she
will support him no matter what. They decide to spend some time together
while waiting for the preliminary examination. The couple seems to be
enjoying their renewed romance, and Don and Carl find information that would
likely stop John from being expelled from the legal profession. Seeing
hope for the future, John decides to call off his execution. But Malloy has
been murdered, and no one knows who his contact was. When there is indeed
an attempt on John's life by someone who tries to run him down with an
automobile, Jed thinks Malloy's girlfriend Gloria might have the "key." But
will she talk? And Carl wants to "find the impurity" in their client's case
since he feels a man wouldn't want to hire someone to kill him just over the
threat of disbarment. Can Checkmate stop John Baker from an untimely death,
and what secret has the lawyer been hiding from the rest of the world? [bj]

 2.18 [54] Checkmate: THE SOUND OF NERVOUS LAUGHTER  (verified on film - bj)
14Feb62 CBS Wed (rebroadcast 05Sep64)
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer - Dorothy Hechtlinger
Teleplay by Jonathan Latimer and Mark Rodgers
Story by Jonathan Latimer
Directed by Paul Stewart
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
George Sanders [Richard Gilmore, aging has-been stage actor]
Margaret Phillips as Beatrice Lawlor [Richard's overprotective, smothering
wife - still in demand as a stage actress]
John Emery as Lawrence Price [theater director with "five flops in five years"]
Patricia Kane .......... as Leona Higgins
(brilliant but neurotic young playwright who has fallen in love with Richard Gilmore)
Ross Elliott ........... as Jerry Bronson
(currier who was sent to offer Beatrice a starring role in another play)
Chet Stratton .......... as Kirk Ransome
(co-star with Gilmore and Lawlor in "the ridiculous and absurd" dramatic play "The Gate Keeper")
Harry Ellerbe .......... as Peter Kendall
(New York producer who wants Beatrice to star in his play)
George Cisar ........... as The Motel Manager
Patti Hobbs ............ as Marilou
(aspiring young actress with a strong Southern accent)
Vince Williams ......... as Al Garrett (Price's assistant director)
Actor Richard Gilmore is treading the boards when he narrowly
misses being killed by a falling prop. Gilmore's wife,
actress Beatrice Lawlor, doesn't think it was an accident
- Gilmore's been receiving threatening notes. [RF]

2.19 [55] Checkmate: AN ASSASSIN ARRIVES, ANDANTE (verified on film - bj)
21Feb62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer  Dorothy Hechtlinger
Teleplay by Sy Salkowitz
Story by Anthony Spinner
Directed by Tom Gries
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
(exciting dramatic score, but no score credit was given)
Director of Photography - Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Guest Stars
Richard Conte [Victor Ragar (Rogga?), cello instructor, who is actually
Victor Romak, freedom fighter]
Signe Hasso [Marta, voice teacher who married Victor when she believed her
husband Paul was dead]
Warner Klemperer . . . . . as Franz Leder (Director of the Leder
Conservatory of Music, and a true friend)
John Alderman . . . . . as Andreas (Victor's idealistic brother)
Jimmy Carter . . . . . as Leo
Audrey Swanson . . . . . as Linda (Registrar at the Conservatory)
Noah Keen as Paul Delorio (the betrayed)
The director of a music conservatory hires Checkmate to protect his cello
instructor from assassination. Victor doesn't think he has anything to
fear, but Don finds out he is more than a musician - he's the leader of
Russian freedom fighters. And now one of his own that had been given up for
dead arrives in San Francisco quite alive and full of threats. Paul plans
to ruin Victor's reputation before he kills him. The angry man claims
Victor is nothing but a traitor who had used him as the "scapegoat" to be
caught by police when the rest of the group met to make their escape from
Russia. Don advises the underground organization that the best way to keep
their cause alive would be to protect Victor's name. If the "lovers of
freedom" won't execute their cowardly leader, perhaps Victor's brother will
do the job. After all, in the young man's eyes, Victor has toppled from his
hero pedestal. But is treason the real motive behind Paul's desire to
destroy his one time comrade or could it be that he was betrayed because
Victor was in love with his wife and wanted her for himself? [bj]

 2.20 [56] Checkmate: REMEMBRANCE OF CRIMES PAST (verified on film - bj)
28Feb62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by William A. Graham
Music Score - Richard Shores
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Robert J. Gough
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Angie Dickinson [Karen Vale, the "hearts and flowers traitor"]
Anne Seymour . . . . . as Mrs. Creighton (compassionate rehabilitater of
wayward women)
Joyce Van Patten . . . . . as Marcia James (paroled gas station robber - or
so she'd have us believe)
Warren Stevens . . . . . as Eric Williams (a.k.a. John Lawrence, enemy
agent and the love of Karen's life)
Stuart Nisbet . . . . . as Vesey (a.k.a. Holcomb, travel agent and patriot
who leads the picket line opposing Karen's release from prison - or so it
Mary Gregory . . . . . as Hattie (paroled shoplifter)
Ben Wright . . . . . as Dietz
Ruth Wilhan . . . . . as The Waitress
Marshall Reed . . . . . as The Neighbor
Ann Atmar . . . . . as Jane (frightened young parolee at the Creighton
George Dockstader . . . . . as The Roughneck
Mrs. Creighton, who runs a home to help paroled women adjust back into
society, calls upon Checkmate to protect Karen Vale. Karen has just been
released from prison after serving 5 years for the crime of treason, and it
seems the "good American" citizens want her back behind bars. While Jed
infiltrates the picket line opposing Karen outside the Creighton House, Don
does his best to gain the young woman's confidence even though he admits to
having some resentment over her transgression. Encouraged by another
parolee to get out and enjoy herself, Karen joins Marcia at a social club.
There she is reunited with her turncoat lover whom she thought was dead.
Eric promises her a home with him in Canada if she will come back to him and
their cause. Later Jed follows Karen to a travel agency where he discovers
she is "chummy" with the head of the picket line. Most of the women in the
home would like to see Karen leave because the negative publicity
surrounding her seems to be deterring their chances to get jobs. But even
though Mrs. Creighton is concerned about the respectability of her home, she
reminds the girls that they are not "alive" unless they are "committed to
something larger than themselves." Karen desperately needs someone she can
trust, but is there anyone she can really depend on? And to what (and whom)
will Karen ultimately commit herself? [bj]

2.21 [57] Checkmate: THE HEART IS A HANDOUT (verified on fim - bj)
7Mar62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Tom Gries
Director of Photography Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Guest Star: 
Myron McCormick
.......... Phillip "Doc" Walters, head of the hobo community the hobo gang:
Sean McClory ............ the hitman
Jay Adler ............... Baines the pickpocket
Dabbs Greer ............. Hokey the "preacher"
Dean Stanton ............ the Singer
Robert Burton ........... Doc's father Theodore Walters
the inheritance hungry bunch:
Robert Patten ........... Arthur Stenton
Eve Brent ............... Barbara Walters, Doc's ex-wife
Ann Benton .............. Gloria Walters, Doc's niece
Gage Clarke ............. Williams (titles error - didn't appear)
There were no credits given for the people that played Harry,
Doc's father's caretaker and overseer of the inheritance, nor for
a James Westbrook (Doc's cousin). [bj]
Greed becomes a motive for murder, and Jed joins a
hobo camp to protect the life of the disowned son of a dying wealthy man.
(the relatives are out to get the guy because they don't want
to pay him an allowance from the inheritance)

   2.22 [58] Checkmate: BROODING FIXATION (broadcast title) (verified on film -bj)
aka "Shades of Hamlet"
14Mar62 CBS Wed (rerun 11Apr64)(rerun 12Jun65 CBS)
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Teleplay by Mark Rodgers and Oliver Crawford
Story by Oliver Crawford
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Music Score - Morton Stevens
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Stars
Mary Astor [Esther Brack, recently widowed wife of the famous Arnold Brack -
the man who "ran the world"]
Scott Marlowe [Daniel Brack, grieving son of Arnold and Edith]
Frank Overton as Martin Brack (Arnold's brother - the man who "ran the
Olive Sturgess as Felice O'Neill (Daughter of the Brack Estate's
Groundskeeper - a girl torn between her love for Dan and her respect for her
Maurice Manson ........ as The First Member (of the Board)
Russ Whiteman ......... as The Second Member
Nolan Leary ........... as The Minister
Jeane Wood ............ as The Maid
Ford Rainey as Paul O'Neill (Groundskeeper and Manager of the Brack Estate)
Synopsis 1:
Young Daniel Brack returns from school in Europe to attend the
funeral of his famous father. [TA/RF]
Synopsis 2:
Daniel Brack is obsessed with the thought that his beloved father's death
was no accident. Since his mother and uncle show no emotion at the funeral,
Dan suspects they could have murdered him in order to take over his
lucrative business. Arnold Brack had always been faithful to tape record a
log of his daily pursuits, yet the reel from the day he died was missing
from the machine. Who could have taken it, and why? And is there a
parallel between the happenings at the estate and Brack's favorite Shakespeare plays? (bj)

2.23 [59] Checkmate: A CHANT OF SILENCE  (verified on film - bj)
21Mar62 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Written by Richard McCracken
Directed by William A. Graham
Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Music Score Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Guest Star
Nick Adams [Weiler, A.K.A. "Kid"] (guilty criminal with a conscience)
James Coburn as Gresch (sadistic thug with a hard heart)
Brendan Dillon as Father Thomas
Leonard Geer as The Deputy
Roy Sickner as The Policeman
Alan Napier as Father Dunne (the Father Abbot)
While headed for prison two thugs kill a police officer and escape from
custody. The duo takes refuge in a monastery where Dr. Hyatt has
been "indulging" his new habit of recording Gregorian chants.  The sadistic
Gresch (Coburn), who long ago abandoned religion, threatens to kill Father
Dunne (Napier) if he and the other monks don't comply with his wishes.  He
demands money and the abbey's pickup truck and plans to take Hyatt along as
a hostage on the get-away with no guarantee to safely release "Brother
Brains" when he is no longer needed.  To protect his life, Hyatt plays on
Weiler's (Adams) guilty conscience and strict religious upbringing, but
Gresch makes a mockery of everything sacred.  Meanwhile, Jed and Don become
concerned when the Professor doesn't keep his date with them for the Mozart
concert and follow clues which lead to the monastery.  Religious dissension
between Gresch and the "Kid" comes to a climax when Gresch, not satisfied
with the amount of money given to him by the "Padre," orders Weiler to take
the crown from the statue of the Madonna.  The Kid refuses because "it
belongs to God" and, protecting the abbey's property, grabs the crown and
Gresch stops him by shooting him in the leg.  Weiler begs Gresch not to
without him, and as the sound of police sirens nears, Hyatt reminds Gresch
that the Kid's
pleas were those of every man's soul--the cries that even Gresch had in his
innermost being.
As Gresch goes back to help his fallen partner, the police enter the abbey
courtyard firing
their guns.  When Jed asks the Professor what had gone on in the monastery
Hyatt replies the two men had brought terror to the abbey but took different
hearts away with them. (bj)

2.24 [60] Checkmate: TRIAL BY MIDNIGHT   (verified on film - bj)
28Mar62 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Mark Rodgers
Directed by Alex Singer
Director of Photography Robert J. Gough
Guest Star
Dana Andrews [Judge Leland McIntyre]
Philip Abbott as Lawrence Dresher ("outside accountant" who testified for
the prosecution)
Lori March as Evelyn McIntyre (the Judge's devoted wife)
John McLiam as Lee R. Anderson (trial juror, plumber by occupation)
Carolyn Craig as Joanna Leigh (or so she says)
Kim Hamilton as Mrs. Williams (bright lecture student)
Sandra Gail Bettin as Registration Clerk
G. Stanley Jones as Court Clerk
Paul Geary as Interne
Donald Freed as Jones (lecture student)
Joe Scott as Wilson (lecture student)
Brief Synopsis:
Leland McIntyre (Andrews), Court Judge and noted lecturer on advanced
criminal law, hires Checkmate to find out who's trying to kill him.  It
appears the attempts on his life are somehow connected to his lecture on the
Parkman Case, a trial he presided over eight years ago in which he "used his
robe and bench and brilliance" to influence jurors and send an innocent man
to the gas chamber. (bj)

2.25 [61] Checkmate: RIDE A WILD HORSE  (verified on film - bj)
4Apr62 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Harold Jack Bloom and Dick Nelson
Story by Harold Jack Bloom
Directed by Byron Paul
Director of Photography Bud Thackery, A.S.C.
Film Editor Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
David Janssen ...... Len Kobalsky,
(rodeo star with a name from the "Old Country")
Tom Reese ........... Bucky Tate,
(jealous ex-rodeo star now rodeo clown)
Robert Colbert ....... Phil Lowell (newly wealthy in oil wells)
Ed Peck .............. Ernie
Donald Barry ......... Kyle Horgan
Ben Wright ........... The Attendant
Charles Macauly ...... Alan
Roy Engel ............ The Deputy
Roy Jenson ........... Fritzi Miller (professional boxer)
Suzanne Lloyd as Marcy Woodruff
(sister to Phil who wants only a simple life)
****BIG credit error again!  Marcy was called Miss Lowell in this episode,
not Miss Woodruff--perhaps the name was changed later in production.

A young woman suspects her brother might be trying to protect
the family fortune by doing away with her rodeo star boyfriend and hires
Checkmate to look into the matter.

2.26 [62] Checkmate: SO BEATS MY PLASTIC HEART
11Apr62 CBS
Written by Mark Rodgers
Directed by Bernard Girard
Director of photography Fred Mandl, A.S.C.
Starring: (opening credits)
Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot.
Starring: (end credits)
Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot, and Jack Betts as Chris Devlin
Guest Stars:
Celeste Holm ......... Laraine Whitman
Susan Oliver ......... Hope Anthony, budding author/poet
Lee Philips .......... Joe Meade, stagnant novelist
Phillip Pine ......... Harry Clark, unproductive painter
Doris Singleton ...... Mavis Woods, Laraine's sister-in-law
(creditted as Mavis Long)
While investigating death threats to Laraine Whitman (Celeste
Holm)owner of "Whitman's Crest", a "home" where struggling
artists are encouraged to perfect their crafts, Jed falls for
an enchanting poet (Susan Oliver) whose "heart" is like the
plastic one she "gave" to a character in one of her stories-it
"warmed very easily" and could "love often, but not for very long."

2.27 [63] Checkmate: IN A FOREIGN QUARTER (verified on film - bj)
18Apr62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Music Score - Lyn Murray
Director of Photography - Robert J. Gough
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Nobu McCarthy [Helen Low, "Flower of Peace and Beauty" who appears to be on
the edge of destruction]
Tod Andrews as Dr. James Low (Helen's husband and member of the University
Psychology Department]
James Hong as Louis Quong (Low's student and "social climber")
Teru Shimada .......... as Ling Chow (Helen's father - an observer of
ancient Chinese customs but a father who "urges his children to Westernize")
Gordon Kee ............ as The Young Man
Warren Hsieh .......... as The First Boy
Walter Hong, Jr. ....... as The Second Boy
Dr. James Low calls upon Hyatt and the Checkmate team to thwart the murder
of his student Louis Quong, whom he says is blackmailing his wife over her
indiscretion with him. According to Low, Helen has been acting strangely,
and he is concerned about her sanity as well as Low's safety. Carl and Don
hope to force Helen to
confess her affair to her husband to relieve her anxiety about it. Jed,
however, cautions that the Chinese have very strong family bonds and honor,
and Helen may choose to end her life instead of cause disgrace. It seems
that Helen will go over the brink with Checkmate as "witnesses" to her
"distraught, nervous, and depressed" state. It's all a matter of psychology
with "the present subjects not white mice, but the maze nevertheless real." [bj]
2.28 [64] Checkmate: REFERENDUM ON MURDER (verified on film - bj)
25Apr62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by John Mantley
Directed by Lewis Allen
[credit note - in the opening credits Anthony George was listed in the
starring roles along with Doug McClure and Sebastian Cabot. However, the
closing credits listed as starring Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot, and Jack
Betts as Chris Devlin]
Guest Stars
Dan O'Herlihy [Steven Jordan, newspaper owner and social crusader]
Bethel Leslie  [Cynthia Jordan - Steven's adoring wife who had bought the
newspaper for her husband so he could have a voice in public affairs]
Dorothy Green as Mildred Crowl (Barney's not so adoring money-minded wife)
Frank Maxwell as Alex Wismer (Associate Editor and the Jordan's
self-appointed guardian)
Don Hanmer ............ as Barney Crowl (a friend of the Jordan's, a
constantly busy riches-oriented man and poor gambler)
Grazia Narciso ........ as Italian Woman (who agrees with the "Courier"'s
stand opposing gambling)
Richard Hervey ........ as Sports Editor (Ed)
Breena Howard ......... as Maggie (Jordan's Secretary)
June Michele .......... as Mary (newspaper editor)
Jeane Wood ............ as Maid (Christine)
Oliver McGowan as Julian Hartman (public relations man or lobbyist for the Syndicate?)
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
The wife of a prominent newspaperman calls on Checkmate to protect her
husband after he receives a letter threatening him harm if the "Courier"
continues to oppose the referendum allowing gambling in the town of Midview.
And on the paper's tenth anniversary, it seems the threat has been carried
out when someone attempts to kill Steven by poisoning his alcoholic
beverage. Could it be the Syndicate who is responsible or a person close to
Steven who might be using the referendum to cover up their personal grudge?
Might it happen if Steve won't change the paper's stand that someone will
reveal a secret from his past which could ruin his reputation and destroy
his marriage? Is there another reason behind the intimidations? With Don
out of town, Jed and Dr. Hyatt enlist the help of Chris Devlin. With so
many suspects, will Checkmate's plan to identify the would-be killer succeed
before it's too late? [bj]

2.29 [65] Checkmate: THE SOMEDAY MAN (verified on film - bj)
2May62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Checkmate Theme Johnny Williams
Directory of Photography . . . John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor . . . Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Don Taylor [Chip Damion, former "all American" football player who is now
"picking up dirty towels" in the health club bearing his name]
Julie Adams as Jean Damion (Chip's supportive wife of 14 years)
Ron Randell as Perry Fields (he's letting Chip in on a business deal)
George Petrie . . . . . . as Jack Pennell ("slime from the sewer")
Joseph Hoover . . . . . as Tommy Bigelow (former tomato picker now star
college football player)
Lillian Bronson . . . . . . as Mrs. Greenhouse
Robert J. Stevenson . . as Ira Sandler (likes to bet on football games)
Thomas McBride . . . . as Greenhouse (Janitor of the health club)
Sandy Kenyon as George Diedrich (Chip's accountant and true friend since
Ex pro-football standout Chip Damion and his wife live in a penthouse and
enjoy the high life. Chip has his name on a health club marquee. From all
appearances, it looks like he's "made it", but the problem is he doesn't own
the club and is only making $200 a week to manage it. He's been keeping his
financial debt and business failures a secret from his wife but has to
finally admit his ruin when his accountant calls in Checkmate after Chip is
beaten and the club's janitor almost killed. Chip is the type that thinks
that "some day" he'll be successful. Hungry for money to continue his
lifestyle, Chip had taken an advance of $2,000 to ask his young college
football protťgť Tom Bigelow to hold down the points in last week's game.
However, he changed his mind and couldn't go through with it. Now the men
want the cash back, but Chip had already spent it to pay some bills.
Desperate, Chip assures his wife that he's on to something big - club patron
Perry Fields is going to get him in on a "sure thing" in Texas real estate
for just a (borrowed) $10,000 investment. But when more money is later
required of him to stay in the business gamble, will Chip fall to the next
temptation to ask Tom to throw the game? And is Perry's deal all it was
promoted to be? [bj]

 2.30 [66] Checkmate: RENDEZVOUS IN WASHINGTON (verified on film -bj)
09May62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer - Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Mark Rodgers
Directed by William H. Graham
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Benjamine H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
Macdonald Carey [Fred Haley, industrialist who is being considered for the
new humanitarian job at the Royce Foundation but could miss his appointment
if the committee finds out about his desire to leave his wife for another
Kathleen Crowley as Pauline Spencer (young woman who works in the
translation department of the Royce Foundation - Haley's lover, but a lady
with scruples)
William Allyn .......... as Joel Drake (society columnist - a man with a
criminal background in his native Holland)
Peter Helm ............. as Ted Haley (Fred's 17 year old son who had always
believed his father to be "the best")
Russ Grieve ............ as The Board Member
Robert Gallagher ....... as Senator Van Trent
Faye Nuell ............. as Barbara Miles (Pauline's co-worker)
Lucile Curtis .......... as The Woman
Bart Patton ............ as The Young Man
Barry Brooks ........... as The Clerk
Ben Pollock ............ as The Attendant
Maxine Stuart as Dianne Cartwright (Haley's socialite in-law, a woman set on
protecting her sister's interests)
Hyatt and Corey are called to Washington by Frederic Haley. Haley
wants Checkmate to protect Pauline Spencer, a girl he is in love
with. [RF]

2.31 [67] Checkmate: THE BOLD AND THE TOUGH (verified on film - bj)
16May62 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Teleplay by Dick Nelson
Story by Reuben Bercovitch and Dick Nelson
Directed by Don Taylor
Director of Photography Bud Thackery, A.S.C.
Guest Star
Earl Holliman [Jack Quentin, shrewd business tycoon, the "rich man's 'Jack the Ripper'"]
Also Starring
Edward Binns as Harl Stoner (owner of the Stoner Ranch, or so he thought)
Stanley Adams as Cholly Luke (Harl's loyal friend, a "very large meat packer
from Los Angeles")
Paul Birch as Ed Stoner (Harl's trouble-making brother)
Emily McLaughlin as Sue Stoner (Ed's wife and hostess for the weekend
stockholders' get-together)
Harry Carey, Jr. as Phil Cassidy (ranch foreman)
Ellen McRae  (later Ellen Burstyn) as Margo (Jack Quentin's lovely secretary who had enough sense
to fall in love with her boss)
Checkmate is called to infiltrate the stockholders' meeting at a very large
"obsolete" ranch when it appears that someone is trying to put a bullet
through owner Harl Stoner's (Binns) "congenial carcass."  While Don and Jed
investigate, big businessman Jack Quentin (Holliman) goes out to sway all
the proxy votes his way.  He plans to buy up the shares so he can break up
the ranch into real estate parcels and sell them at a huge profit.  Harl,
however, is determined to keep the ranch intact since his grandfather had
won it in a card game, his father had ridden on horseback all the way to
Texas to purchase purebred cattle for the spread, and his grandfather,
father, wife, and son were all buried on the place--it wasn't just land to
him, it was his home.  Quentin reminds Stoner that, since he had needed
money a few years ago and sold shares, the ranch now belonged to the
corporation not to him, and it was no longer making a profit.  Margo (McRae)
asks Jack if he couldn't just once "let this one get away" but fears her
request is unreasonable to her hard-driving boss who always has to "get his
limit."  It appears that Quentin will win by default when Cholly leaves
after becoming the prime suspect in the attempt on Harl's life and a
mentally unstable Ed accuses his brother of trying to steal his wife.  Even
when Harl reveals who really fired the gun at him and Cholly returns to side
with his friend the majority of the votes are still in Jack's favor.  Then
Harl, in a desperate move to make a deal with Quentin, brings out a deck of
cards. (bj)

2.32 [68] Checkmate: WILL THE REAL KILLER PLEASE STAND UP?  (verified on film - bj)
23May62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Mark Rodgers
Directed by Ron Winston
Checkmate Theme Johnny Williams
(no score credit given, but Johnny Williams' "Tomorrow" was played as waltz
music in the club car)
Director of Photography Bud Thackery, A.S.C.
Film Editor Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Ilka Windish as Maria Richards [surname pronounced more in a European way
without the "s" on the end] (Beautiful, wealthy woman of the International
set, a "fixed star in the world's sky")
Stefan Schnabel as Anton Szorny (one of three brothers who carries a
retractable sword in his walking stick)
Milton Selzer as Wladyslaw Szorny (the second of three brothers whose
"protection" is a box containing black widow venom)
Oscar Beregi as The Conductor (He's as "unusual" as the brothers Szorny)
Daniel Ocko . . . . as Boris Szorny (third brother, painter of beautiful
women with a hidden gun in his zither)
Larry Ward . . . . as Mr. Trent (hit-man)
Don Harvey . . . . as Joe
Ken Renard . . . . as The Waiter
Upon the death of their powerful millionaire father, three "incompetent"
brothers hire Checkmate to protect them until the reading of the will.
Because "no Szorny is ever satisfied with 1/3 of anything," the siblings all
feel the main threat to their lives will come at the hands of each other.
On the train trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the distrustful
brothers all have their own unique forms of "protection". But could there
be someone outside the family who also has an eye on the fortune? [bj]

    [--] 30May62 CBS Wed - Checkmate episode "Side by Side" postponed to 20Jun62

2.33 [69] Checkmate: DOWN THE GARDENIA PATH  (verified on film - bj)
 6Jun62 CBS Wed
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Music Score - Richard Shores (with main theme recycled from #62 "So Beats My
Plastic Heart")
Checkmate Theme - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Robert J. Gough
Film Editor - Milton Shifman, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Susan Kohner [Victoria Angelo, young lady with a longing for a better life)
Ilka Chase as Mary Milburn Reed (proprietress of Reed Convention
Joe de Santis . . . . . as Joe Angelo (Vicki's father who insists his
daughter be a "good girl")
Warren Parker . . . . . as Arthur Harper (convention attendee who refuses
to be blackmailed)
Harvey Stephens . . . . . as [Byron] Jennings (frightened convention speaker
who resists disclosing the name of the blackmailer)
Dolores Quinton . . . . . as Cashier
Orville Sherman . . . . . as Delegate
Stephanie Hill . . . . . as Girl Number One
Annette Cabot . . . . . as Girl Number Three
Don Dubbins as Paul McGill (Mrs. Reed's assistant - a man with a grudge)
A beautiful young woman who had become a Gardenia Girl to earn money to
escape the simple life of her fisherman father becomes the unwilling
accomplice and prime suspect in blackmailing men convention delegates. She
would like to quit her job as a hostess but, because she's been lying to her
father about her whereabouts at night, is stuck in the web of deceit that's
been spun by the real extortionist. Will she be able to confide in
Checkmate? And what is the motive behind the exacter's behavior since he
has no need for the money?
1) Gardenia Girls were women of excellent reputations used as convention
hostesses to liven up "hospitality parties".
2) Dr. Hyatt prides himself on being able to come up with a speech on two
minutes notice.
3) Jed relies on his good "track record" of being able to tell the nice kids
from the bad.
4) Don maintains that it is the victims who make blackmail work because they
won't speak out against the perpetrators. [bj]

2.34 [70] Checkmate: SIDE BY SIDE (pilot for a proposed series) (verified on film - bj)
20Jun62 CBS Wed (postponed from 30May62)
Produced by Dick Berg / Associate Producer Dorothy Hechtlinger
Written by Richard Fielder
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Music Score Pete Rugolo
Director of Photography Bud Thackery, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Starring: (opening credits)
Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot.
Starring: (end credits)
Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastian Cabot, and Jack Betts as Chris Devlin
Guest Star:
Buddy Ebsen ........... Pete O'Mara (senior partner in singing team)
Paul Carr ............. Johnny Kay (junior partner in the team)
Judith Braun .......... Barbara O'Mara
(wife of Pete and unwilling love interest of Johnny)
Ed Nelson ............. Chuck Palmer (recording agent)
Charles Seel .......... Georgie Prince
Robert B. Williams .... Willie, The Barber
Barbara Dane .......... The Gospel Singer
Edmon Ryan ............ Vic Galloway
Chris Devlon (Jack Betts) goes under cover as a music composer
to find out who is responsible for assaults on the arrogant young partner
(Carr) of a singing team.  Evidence points to the senior partner (Ebsen)
who fears his protťgť plans to go solo and resents the man's advances
toward his wife.

################# Checkmate ##################
################## the end #################

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