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Starring Anthony George, Doug McCure, Sebastian Cabot
Season 1 (CBS) (1960-61)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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BJ Townsend, Rina Fox, Tom Alger, Jeff Eldridge, James Beer
Gabriel Orgaz (Director Credits)
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################# Checkmate ##################
############# season 1 1960-61 ##############
Produced by Herbert Coleman (most season 1 eps)
Produced by Joseph T. Naar (ep #10)
Saturdays 8.30 on CBS

1.01 [--] Checkmate: DEATH RUNS WILD
17Sep60 CBS
Teleplay by James Gunn and John Kneubuhl
Story by John Kneubuhl
Directed by Jules Bricken
director of photograpy John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Guest Star:

Anne Baxter .......... Beatrice Martin Kipp
Myron Healey
James Bell
Kenneth MacDonald
Frankie Darro
The wealthy owner of a horse farm (Anne Baxter) hires Checkmate
to investigate faked murder attempts on her life in order to
"execute" Don Corey (Anthony George) whose witness in court
against her second husband was partially responsible for the man
being sentenced to death.
1.02 [--] Checkmate: INTERRUPTED HONEYMOON (verified on film - bj)
24Sep60 CBS Sat
Produced by Maxwell Shane
Written by Michael Morris
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Music by Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Stars
Inger Stevens [Betty Lyons, distraught bride of a missing husband]
Robert Vaughn [Abner Benson, clever criminal who's a "contemptible, foul,ruddy liar"]
Robert Clarke [Frank Lyons, "delirious bridegroom" and kidnap victim]
Stanley Clements
Paul Smith
Joseph Waring
Harry Harvey, Sr. [hotel waiter]
Valerie Allen [Tina, Benson's girlfriend]
To avoid the publicity of their elopement, a newly wed bride hires Checkmate
to investigate the disappearance of her husband. Dr. Hyatt makes use of his
"life's study of graphology" and his "oscillator" invention, Don his ability
to observe details, and Jed his talent of impersonation to foil the
ingenious plan of an escaped criminal who intends to use the bridegroom's
identity to evade the hangman.
Note on Jed - Dr. Hyatt doubts Jed was ever born but instead was "shot out
of a cannon." [bj]

1.03 [--] Checkmate: THE CYANIDE TOUCH  (verified on film - bj)
1Oct60 CBS Sat
Produced by Herbert Coleman
Written by Sterling Silliphant
Directed by Don Weis
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Jack MacKenzie A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington
Guest Stars
Dean Stockwell [Rod Stevenson - "moody and high strung" college student,
"the best adjusted psychotic in the whole frat house"]
Henry Jones [Larry Forbes - cunning entrepreneur who could care less about
death, except his own]
with Ken Lynch [Lt. Brand]
Steve Terrell
James Bonnet
George Brenlin
Yvonne Craig
Kevin Hagen
Stuart Randall
"There are some people who tend to be drawn more than others into the vortex
of violence. It is the work of Checkmate to anticipate these circumstances,
to uncover these people, and try to prevent their deaths or their killing of
others." Dr. Carl Hyatt has a theory that "death is rarely inevitable, and
there is a point where skillful manipulation of the personalities involved
could have avoided the ultimate catastrophe." So "what circumstances
brought Eddie Harrison to that place" of being struck down by Roddy
Stevenson's stolen automobile "and what skillful manipulation could have
prevented it?" Roddy identifies the two car thieves and finds they were
working for Larry Forbes, a man who uses his warehouse as a front to gather
and sell illegally gotten gains. Roddy wants to take matters into his own
hands and avenge the death of his best friend. Despite Don Corey's warning
that "the urge to make somebody pay is the worst urge in the world," Roddy
continues with his well thought out plan to make Forbes confess his crime
before executing him by means of cyanide pellets. Will Don be able to
intervene in time, and how does he "judge a man, by his thoughts
or by his actions?" [bj]

1.04 [--] Checkmate: LADY ON THE BRINK (verified on film - bj)
15Oct60 CBS
Produced by Herbert Coleman
Teleplay by Howard Browne and Joel Murcott
Story by Howard Browne
Directed by Frank Arrigo
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington
Guest Star:
Jane Wyman ........... Joan Talmadge
Ken Lynch ............ Lt. Brand (regular)
Robert Osterloh
Wilton Graff
Henry Roland
Robert Carricart
Olan Soulé
Mary Tyler Moore ..... Milli, the Secretary
Arthur Franz ......... Robert Haskell
Checkmate comes to the aid of a woman with a traumatic past when
it becomes evident that someone is trying to make it appear she's mentally
unstable and unreliable as to her eye-witness testimony at a murder trial.

1.05 [--] Checkmate: FACE IN THE WINDOW (verified on film - bj)
22Oct60 CBS
Produced by Herbert Coleman
Teleplay by Leigh Brackett and Harold Clements
Story by Leigh Brackett
Directed by Robert Florey
Director of Photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
Joseph Cotten ......... George Mallinson
Julie Adams ........... Janet Evans
Simón Scott ........... Peter Simpson
John Hoyt ............. Louis Roche
Doris Dowling
Betty Lou Gerson
Vinton Hayworth
Philip Ahn
The fiancée of a prominent archeologist enlists Checkmate's help
to prevent the doctor from murdering a mysterious man who was believed to
have been long dead.

1.06 [--] Checkmate: RUNAWAY  (verified on film - bj)
29Oct60 CBS
Produced by Herbert Coleman
Teleplay by James Gunn and Richard Nelson
Story by Richard Nelson and Steve Fisher
Directed by Don Medford
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star: 
Anna Maria Alberghetti .... Trudy Lumbard_ aka_ Jennifer Baines_aka_Mary Ann Milford
Herb Ellis
Isobel Elsom .............. Trudy's grandmother
Milton Parsons
Grandon Rhodes
Sheila Bromley ............. store clerk
Murray Matheson ............ Belner
A beautiful girl with several aliases, a set of skeleton keys, a
tendency to break things, and a knack for charming detectives around the
United States asks Checkmate to help her escape from a killer.  Don has his
suspicions and finds she's actually an heiress who wants to hide from her
money hungry-relatives and over-protective grandmother.  But there may be
some truth in her story of fleeing from the people that know she was a
witness to a crime.

1.07 [--] Checkmate: TARGET: TYCOON (verified on film - bj)
5Nov60 CBS
Teleplay by Robert Yale Libott
Story by Johnathan Latimer
Directed by Frank Arrigo
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
Charles Bickford ........ Whitney P. Thorne
Madlyn Rhue ............. Irene Thorne
George Mitchell
John Hubbard
Robert Wilke ............ Edward Scott (character to be verified)
John Lupton ............. David Thorne
An oil tycoon's daughter asks Checkmate to prevent the murder of
her father. But Whitney Thorne suspects his assailant is an ex-partner
from the wildcat days and wants a private "man to man,
kill or be killed, winner take all" fight.
In this episode we learn that Jed's father has been dead for a couple of
years and that his Dad had taught at a teacher's college in the Mid-West.
Also, Charles Bickford and Doug McClure would team up again in 1966 when
Bickford, as John Grainger,  took over the ownership of Shiloh Ranch on the
western series "The Virginian".

1.08 [--] Checkmate: THE DEADLY SHADOW (verified on film - bj)
12Nov60 CBS
Teleplay by Harold Clements and William McGivern
Story by William McGivern
Directed by Don Weis
Director of photography Jack MacKenzie, A.S.C.
Guest Stars:
Margaret O'Brien ........ Angela Kendricks
Richard LePore .......... Hal Smith
Sue Ann Langdon ......... Mary Lou Johnson
Katherine Warren ........ Mrs. Nelson
Forrest Lewis
Joseph Corey
Tyler McVey as the Marine Major
Checkmate is called upon to thwart a conspiracy against the
widow of one Private Paul Kendricks--a man whom Marine records
indicate never existed.

1.09 [-] Checkmate: THE DARK DIVIDE (verified on film - bj)
19Nov60 CBS Sat
Produced by Joseph T. Naar
Teleplay by James Gunn and Robert Bloomfield
Story by Robert Bloomfield
Directed by Don Weis
Music Johnny Williams (score includes "Isolated Pawn" and "Cyanide Touch")
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Barbara Rush [prudish Margaret Russell / "very lurid creature" Nikki
Phillip Pine [Vince Pollard, Nikki's partner in crime]
Irene Tedrow [Edith Hinton, Margaret's protective aunt]
John Beradino [Floyd Venner, "efficiency expert" in money collection]
Bob Hopkins [Hotel Clerk]
Robert Carson
Raymond Greenleaf
David McMahon [Bartender]
Edith Hinton enlists the help of Checkmate to protect her niece Margaret
Russell. It seems that ever since Edith returned from her cruise to South
America Margaret has been getting threatening phone calls from one Nikki
Garnett, a woman Margaret claims never to have met. Margaret is the
reserved inhibited type who "leads a very regular life" and keeps busy on
several committees. Even though she's attracted to Don Corey, she "has to
be good" or she "will break Aunt Edith's heart." Nikki, however is quite
the opposite - she's all "female", but the love them and leave them type,
who frequents seedy hotels and bars in bowling alleys. She's without a
heart and feels no remorse for driving off in Margaret's car with the money
from knocking over a gambling joint while her accomplice Vince is dumping
the dead body of their other partner who had been shot at the scene of the
crime. Nikki vows she will have Margaret done away with because Margaret
"crowds" her - and she "doesn't like to be crowded". She knows Vince will
be more than happy to kill Margaret in exchange for the stolen money now
that a hit man from the gambling establishment has given him 24 hours to
come up with it or else. But while investigating the case, Checkmate
discovers something is amiss - Margaret denies that she failed to show up
for some of her commitments and that she signed two checks for $500. She's
also been plagued with head aches which started while her aunt was on
vacation. Dr. Hyatt decides to hypnotize the young woman. It is then that
some strange and disturbing facts begin to emerge. Will Checkmate intervene
in time to keep Nikki from destroying Margaret - and herself? [bj]

1.10 [--] Checkmate: MOMENT OF TRUTH (verified on film - bj)
26Nov60 CBS
Produced by Joseph T. Naar
Teleplay by Jameson Brewer and Leonard Heideman
Story by Leonard Heideman
Directed by Walter Doniger
Guest Star:
Richard Conte ....... Juan Alvarez,
(hot-tempered bull fighting hero of the past)
Martin Landau ........ Lt. Diaz (of the Mexican Police)
Ilka Windish ........ Teresa Garcia
Juan's often inebriated girlfriend who "loves the man and all his weaknesses")
Lisa Gaye .......... Rita Alvarez,
(Juan's beautiful but troubled sister who's many boyfriends become
"forgotten names in her address book"]
Armand Alzamora
Miguel Landa
Alex Montoya
Victor Buono
Vito Scotti
Edward Colmans
Felipe Turich
Nacho Galindo
While vacationing in Mexico Jed catches the eye of Rita Alvarez, the
beautiful sister of "one of the greatest matadors who ever lived."  Rita and
Jed plan to rendezvous at the beach, but when Jed arrives he finds the girl
lying in the sand with a knife in her chest.  The police come upon the scene
as Jed is removing the weapon and take him into custody as a suspect in the
assault.  Jed assures them that when Rita regains consciousness she will
tell them he had nothing to do with her injury.  But Rita, blaming her
brother for what happened, will not clear Jed's name before she dies.  Juan
Alvarez's anger burns against Jed when the young man refuses to confess to
the murder or make statements to retract the adverse publicity surrounding
the circumstances of his sister's death.  After all, nothing is more
important to Juan than the Alvarez name.  Jed now becomes Checkmate's client
as Don and Dr. Hyatt delve into the case.  The only clue to the identity of
the killer seems to be small sea shells found at the crime site, but Don
must solve the mystery before Jed becomes the target of Alvarez's prize
fighting bull. (bj)

1.11 [--] Checkmate: THE MASK OF VENGEANCE (verified on film - bj)
3Dec60 CBS Sat
Produced by Joseph T. Naar
Written by Warner Law
Directed by Ted Post
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Janice Rule [Elena Nardos, spoiled daughter of a U.S. Ambassador, student at
the University and dancer in the Player's Workshop]
Tod Andrews [George Harris, proprietor of the Four Dragons cocktail bar,
cousin of deceased Tommy Tsong, and "leader" of the younger generation that
no longer will listen to their grandmother]
Ron Foster
Ben Astar [Ambassador Nardos]
Jane Chang [Mrs. Tsong, respected grandmother of the deceased boy as well as
the young Harris men]
Tony Monaco [Paul, director and choreographer at the Player's Workshop who
is sweet on Elena but no long has her affection]
Steve Conte
Gene Chan [Frank Harris, cousin of the deceased boy]
Lawrence Ung [Henry Harris, another cousin of the deceased boy]
W.T. Chang
Hans Moebus
Cloris Leachman as Marilyn (Elena's unstable, jealous roommate)
Ambassador Nardos claims diplomatic immunity for his self centered daughter
Elena after she accidentally runs over and kills a Chinese boy. Elena "does
everything too much" and has a past record of speeding in her vehicle.
Because Elena will not be standing trial, she receives threats on her life
by the family of the deceased. She is abducted and taken out to the
cemetery by two Chinese men in masks who menace her, and a
masked boy riding a bicycle throws firecrackers in
her car. However, George Harris assures Dr. Hyatt that although his family
might be harassing Elena they have no intention of killing her. Yet later
the girl is almost strangled to death in an alley by an Oriental man. The
only clue Dr. Hyatt has to go by is a piece of foam rubber found at the
scene. Elena and Don visit with George to apologize and promise an attempt
at repentance, which George accepts. But Carl and Don are still concerned
about the man who attacked her and suggest that she and her roommate
Marilyn go out of town while their apartment is baited with a policewoman
posing as Elena. Are the Harris's still out for their "own ideas of
justice", or could there be someone else who wants Elena dead?
Note: Don Corey had no sympathy for Elena and her father's use of
diplomatic immunity, but when it came down to doing his job he stated,
"Sympathy is not our business. We protect our clients whether
we admire them or not."

1.12 [--] Checkmate: THE MURDER GAME  (verified on film - bj)
17Dec60 CBS
Written and Directed by Douglas Heyes
Director of photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Guest Stars:
John Williams ........... Emory Olivant, retired lawyer
Mildred von Hollen ...... Mrs. Mercer, Olivant's maid
Duane Grey .............. the policeman
Diane Strom ............. the blond
Olivant's former clients and "guests" for the evening--
Joe Mantell ............. Wilbur
Richard Anderson ........ Victor
Elizabeth Allen ......... Cora
Joyce Jameson ........... Millie
Leo Gordon .............. Harry
A retired lawyer challenges Don and Dr. Hyatt to test Checkmate's
ability to detect and stop a crime before it is committed when
he reveals his plan to "justly execute" one of his former clients.

1.13 [--] Checkmate: THE PRINCESS IN THE TOWER (verified on film - bj)
31Dec60 CBS
Produced by Joseph T. Naar
Teleplay by Halsey Melone
Story by Betty Ulius
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Director of Photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Terry Moore [Claudia Warren, the "Princess"--a title bestowed upon her not
only because of her money and beauty]
Philip Ober [Frank Warren, Claudia's Uncle and executor of the
fortune left to Claudia by her deceased mother]
Shirley Ballard [Dorothy Carr, Frank's socialite girl friend]
John Lasell [Alex Fielding, Claudia's would-be suitor]
Peter Leeds
Naomi Stevens [Mrs. Horvath, the cleaning woman who used nicknames for all
her clients so she could gossip about them]
Madge Blake [Mrs. Wilcox]
Maudie Prickett
Ruby Dandridge [Ellen, Claudia's maid]
Roy Jenson
Before she is pushed out a window to her death, Checkmate's ironing
lady frantically calls Jed to tell him she overheard that one of her
employers, "the princess in the tower," is going to be murdered. At
first Jed suspects the rich girl's uncle because he stood to inherit
the entire family fortune upon her demise, but Claudia (Moore) refuses
to believe this because it would mean that even her own kin "loved" her
for her money. Now with only the nicknames of the ironing lady's
employers' to go on, Jed must identify the would-be killer and thwart
the crime before it happens. Could it be the "Thursday Woman,"
"Madam Golden," or "The Professor"?

1.14 [--] Checkmate: THE TERROR FROM THE EAST (verified on film - bj)
7Jan61 CBS
Written by Harold Clements
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Director of photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Guest Stars:
Charles Laughton ....... Rev. Wister
Lisa Lu ................ Wei-Ling
Dale Ishimoto .......... General Wu of the Benevolent Society
Pilar Seurat ........... Mrs. Chang
Ken Lynch
Dale Ishimoto
Victor Sen Yung
Weaver Levy
Guy Lee
William Yip
Willard Lee
Tommy H. Lee
Soon after arriving in San Francisco, a missionary from China
hires Checkmate to protect him and find the person he must warn
of impending assassination, but Don and Dr. Hyatt become
suspicious that the "minister's" real intentions may not be
entirely honorable.

1.15 [--] Checkmate: THE HUMAN TOUCH (verified on film - bj)
14Jan61 CBS

CHECKMATE: The Human Touch (1961)
Teleplay by James Gunn / Story by John Falvo and Pete Mamakos
Directed by Don Weis
Director of photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Guest Stars:
Peter Lorre .......... Alonzo Pace Graham
his partners in conspiracy:
June Vincent ......... Helena
Ronald Long .......... Bruno, Dr. Hyatt's look-alike
Rebecca Welles ....... Fay, Helena's neighbor
Richard Bakalyan
Gordon Richards
Frank Gerstle
Charles Horvath
Jack Rice
A master-minded criminal, Alonzo Pace Graham (Peter Lorre),
invents an elaborate scheme to kill Dr. Hyatt (Sebastian Cabot),
but his plan fails because he did not take into account the value
of the human bond of friendship. Carl Hyatt accepts a dinner
invitation from the criminal he sent to prison 15 years ago, and
who has been planning his destruction ever since. Carl fails to
keep Don and Jed from getting involved but falls into a trap in
spite of their help.

1.16 [--] Checkmate: HOUR OF EXECUTION (verified on film - bj)
21Jan61 Sat CBS (rebroadcast 09Feb63)
Teleplay by Robert Yale Libott
From a Story by Helen Nielsen
Directed by John English
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star
James Gregory [the "Honorable" Judge Ralph Addison]
Also Starring
Norma Crane [Abbie Addison, Ralph's re-united pregnant wife]
Robert H. Harris [Matt Coleman, youth social worker who doubts Johnny's
guilt and thinks of him as "his boy"]
Virginia Gregg [Ethyl Addison, Ralph's doting, protective sister]
David Garcia [Paul Messico, chef who demands justice for his imprisoned brother]
Sid Clute [Leo Cox, defense attorney at Johnny's trial]
Barney Phillips [Police Captain Howard]
Frank Sully [Postman]
Cy Malis [Jail Guard]
Larry Kert as Johnny Messico (condemned prisoner whose only alibi had been a
never located mysterious girl and her missing blue scarf)
Judge Addison is threatened with death at the exact hour set for the
execution of Johnny Messico, a man he sentenced to death. [RF]

1.17 [--] Checkmate: DON'T BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP14232
28Jan61 CBS
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis
Based on a Story by William Lindsay Gresham
Directed by Sidney Lanfield
Director of Photography John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Starring George, McClure, and Cabot
Mona Freeman [Felicia Royden, Major Kittering's niece, heir of her first
husband's fortune who seems to be "widow prone"]
Russell Collins [Major Kittering, Felicia's uncle who has concerns about his
niece remarrying--for her daughter Carol's sake]
Reta Shaw [Nora Flannery, ill-tempered cook who has a long standing interest
in the household and doesn't like men with beards]
Robert Rockwell [Ed Matthews, Felicia's intended husband who was also the
financial advisor for her first two husbands]
Norman Leavitt [Railroad Station Agent]
Judy Sanford as Carol [Felicia's "high-strung" ten year old daughter with a
tendency for screaming, "nightmares," and "fairy tales"]

Jed and Hyatt pose as chauffeur and butler in the "witches' den" of the
Kittering Estate after being "hired by an unknown client to protect an
unknown person from some unknown danger." But it's difficult to distinguish
the intended victim from the would-be killer, especially when it comes down
to Felicia's intended third husband or her daughter Carol--a "monster
masquerading as a little girl" with an overactive imagination (or so it

1.18 [--] Checkmate: LAUGH TILL I DIE (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14238
4Feb61 CBS Sat
Produced by ?
Written by Berne Giler
Directed by Don Weis
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Lee Huntington, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Dick Shawn [Danny Whitman, television comic and social crusader]
Robert Emhardt [Frank Marsdon, doting husband who "went from punk to polo
player in one generation"]
Joanne Linville [Mona Whitman, Dan's worried yet lovingly loyal wife]
H.M. Wynant [Jim Ramsey, Marsdon's right hand man, "sweet on Jane but not
making much headway" with her"
Elen Willard [Jane Marsdon, Corrine's lovely daughter from a previous
Jennifer Howard [Corrine Marsdon, miserable and unhappy woman and
ex-socialite who married Frank for security after her first husband died.
She's "taken from Frank for 8 years and given him nothing."]
Stewart Bradley [Victor, Marsdon's chauffer and hit man]
Don Wilbanks
Nina Shipman [Elizabeth Buford, Dr. Hyatt's enthusiastic (and pretty) lab
assistant with "no vices"]
Penny Edwards [Angie, Whitman's news anchorwoman]
Brad Weston
Leonard Bell
Dan Whitman has a new crusade for his "Roving Eye" television program. He's
"waging a one man campaign against drunk driving," especially in the case of
Corrine Marsdon who is on trial for vehicular manslaughter. Although
Corrine admits privately to her guilt, her rich ex-racketeer husband Frank
vows he will do anything to keep her out of prison. Dan calls upon
Checkmate after receiving threats that he will be harmed if he continues his
derogatory comments. Although his wife Mona fears for his life, the
comedian has decided there comes a time when a man must do what he can to
help right social wrongs. The trial is closed to the public, yet someone
is supplying Dan with information on the proceedings. Dr. Hyatt identifies
the brand of typewriter on which the notes are being processed, and Jed
Sills finds the machine in the Marsdon home. Could it be that Corrine's own
daughter Jane or perhaps Corrine herself is sending the incriminating
messages? Since Whitman refuses to stop his on air outcries, Frank
determines to have Dan's mouth closed for good and has his hit men lure him
to his deserted tuna factory by using Dan's abducted wife as bait. Don
Corey rushes to the rescue. What set up will he encounter when he arrives
on the scene? [bj]

 1.19 [--] Checkmate: BETWEEN TWO GUNS (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14242
11Feb61 CBS Sat
Written by Harold Clements
Directed by John English
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Jack Warden .............. Farrell
Beverly Garland ............. Jean
Donald Randolph .............Trenner
Ed Nelson ................ Carson
George Keymas
George Wallace
Steven Peck
Bern Hoffman
Synopsis 1:
The Checkmate investigative team is take hostage by vengeful gangster
Joe Farrell, who forces leader Don Corey to act as a courier for his
estranged wife and a fortune in stolen cash - with the mob hot on his
trail. Their lives are put in danger when one of Farrell's men tries
a double-cross against his boss and the mob. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A man named Farrell and his gunmen hold Sills and Hyatt hostage. They
order Corey to go to Reno to pick up some money and Farrell's ex-wife
Jean. [RF]

1.20 [--] Checkmate: A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14237
18Feb61 CBS
Produced by ?
Teleplay by Edmund Morris/ Story by Leonard Heideman
Directed by Richard Irving
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Gary Merrill [Ernie Stone, recent parolee who carries the burden of a secret]
Co Starring
Bruce Gordon [Bill Stevens, or so he says]
Josephine Hutchinson [Mrs. Stone, Ernie's mother]
Ron Nicholas [Chuck Ellis, drum player with a grudge against Ernie Stone]
Edmund Hashim
Joan Staley [Gloria, Krell's girlfriend]
Addison Richards
Joseph Hamilton
Anthony Jochim
John Carlyle
Maurice E. Kelly
Ernie Stone is Dr. Hyatt's "prime achievement in rehabilitation." He has
served his time and paid his debt to society. But young Chuck Ellis doesn't
want Stone out on parole because he blames him for the gunshot that
paralyzed his late father. It was 20 years ago on Christmas Eve, and
Chuck's conscience has been tormenting him ever since, knowing his father
would not have been at his place of business at the time Ernie was robbing
it had he not forgotten to bring home Chuck's Christmas presents. Since
Chuck vowed that Ernie will "pay in full," all suspicion falls on him when
Stone's life is threatened. But Don thinks there's evidence to the
contrary. Might someone else want Ernie dead to appease a guilty
conscience, and who might Ernie be trying to protect by not revealing the
whole truth about the robbery? [bj]

1.21 Checkmate:  MELODY FOR MURDER  (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP14236
25Feb61 CBS
Written by Stuart Jerome
Directed by Don Taylor
Director of Photography Lionel Lindon, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Jimmie Rodgers [Buddy Robbins, popular recording artist and the "pure,
wholesome symbol of young America"]
Everett Sloane [Walt Arnell, Buddy's manager]
Claire Griswold [Myra Simon, the beautiful woman who
would like to see Buddy destroyed--and she has her
Harry Lauter [Matt Keeler, publicity agent]
Abbagail Shelton
Buck Harrington
George O'Hanlon as Joey Thomas ("theatrical world's greatest comedian,
especially off stage")
Jed poses as a publicity secretary when Checkmate is hired to protect a
wholesome popular young singer (Rodgers) from what appears to be a crazed
female fan or ex-girlfriend who is threatening to kill him.
At first Jed assumes the notes written in lipstick
are simply publicity material, but the threats are taken
seriously after the cable breaks in the service elevator they are in and
Buddy is shot in the arm. By looking over photos from
Buddy's recent concert tour, Jed is able to discover
the woman's identity and finds she was
employed in the San Francisco hotel where the elevator "accident" occurred
and is now a waitress in the hotel in Los Angeles where Buddy is scheduled
to appear a movie. Myra (Griswold) indeed has her reasons to seek vengeance
the singer. She even has a gun--but it hasn't been fired. In fact,
Myra never bought bullets for it because she was more interested in
frightening Buddy and seeing his career destroyed than actually killing
him. So who else would want Buddy dead--and why?

 1.22 [--] Checkmate: PHANTOM LOVER (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14240
04Mar61 CBS Sat
Written by Raphael Hayes
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Music Johnny Williams (those with the record will recognize "Queen's Sacrifice")
Director of Photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Co-Starring (in opening credits)
Robert Lansing [Barry Sironde, self-sufficient, respected "pillar of
society" who's "death on crows"]
Bethel Leslie [Beth Sironde, fearful wife - or unpredictable, lonely, "over
emotional," woman who lives in a "make believe" world]
(the credit order was reversed in the closing credits)
John Bryant [Roland Devers, boat designer who had once been engaged to Bess]
Jeanne Bates [Miss Marx, Barry's secretary]
Herb Vigran [Herb the bartender]
Mary-Robin Redd [Mildred, Jed's nurse]
Riza Royce [Mrs. Rankin, Jim Mead's landlady]
William Yipp [Ling, the Sironde's butler]
Ollie O'Toole [Postman]
Bess Sironde's husband tells her that he has killed her friend Jim
Mead.Bess goes to Checkmate - fearing that she will be next. [RF]

 1.23 [--] Checkmate: THE GIFT (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14233
11Mar61 CBS Sat
Teleplay by Irwin and Gwen Gielgud
Story by Robert Blees
Directed by Jules Bricken
Music by Johnny Williams
Director of Photography John F. Warren, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
(Note: With the exception of Abraham Sofaer, no character names were given
with the actors' names. However, these were how the characters addressed
each other in this episode)
Guest Star
Patrice Munsel [Lola Tuscany, temperamental soprano who desires to be a
"woman, not a voice machine"]
Stephen Bekassey [Emile Miklos, impresario who loves his wife but spends
most of his time pampering Lola]  as Igor Bartok  ( tv guide)
Dorothy Green [Diana Miklos, Emile's wife who is now "on the other side of
the footlights" and, according to Romania, holds her husband strictly by her
money]  as Diana Bartok (tv guide)
Celia Lovsky [Romania, Lola's trusted caretaker, the potion dispensing
"Gypsy Queen"]
Frank Albertson [Jim Purdy, Lola's public relations manager whose job is "to
create the image"]
Abraham Sofaer as Zingari (Lola's hard driving accompanist who sacrificed
his own ambition to give her musical training)
Synopsis 1:
Checkmate is called upon to protect the life of beautiful soprano Lola
Tuscany. But is this fiery woman simply a "publicity seeker" who is making
a "grand stand play" or could she really be under a "curse"? Death seems to
be in the cards and tea leaves, and Don Corey becomes the "Jack of Spades"
to "stand between Lola and many cards of death." By all appearances it
seems the most logical suspect would be Diana Miklos, "the queen of
diamonds," who is now second in line for her husband's affections. But
there are others that might have their reasons to dispose of her. Emile
Miklos, who is taken in by Lola's beauty and talent, doesn't want to lose
his wife. Then there is her agent Frank Albertson who could be setting up
more than publicity stunts. What about Romania, the gypsy woman who had
discovered Lola and "spent her life nourishing the gift." And
one mustn't dismiss brilliant could-have-been conductor Zingari, who feels
if Lola "doesn't fulfill the promise of her great gift, she deserves to
die." [bj]
Synopsis 2:
Singer Lola Tuscany doesn't get along backstage with everybody in
general and Diana Bartok in particular. Diana is miffed because her
husband Igor, the company impresario, has been paying too much
attention to Lola. [RF]

1.24 [--] Checkmate: ONE FOR THE BOOK (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14241
18Mar61 CBS Sat
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis
Story by Curtis Kenyon
Directed by Don English
Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Audrey Meadows  [Althea Todd, successful best selling author who "came from
the wrong side of James Street and is too pretty for her own good"]
Donald Woods [George Truxton, bank manager who protects Althea "from bad
investments and confidence men" - with a secret he'd like to keep]
Jocelyn Brando [Sarah Talbot, Althea's manuscript typist - with a secret
she'd like to keep]
James Griffith [Harley "Steamer" Russell, hotel janitor and washed up minor
league baseball pitcher with his own secrets]
Paul Newlan [Ray Terrill, thorough and protective police chief who wants
secrets kept secret]
Sylvia Marriott
Madge Kennedy
Norman Leavitt
Dan White
"Your move, Mr. Checkmate" - Author Althea Todd calls upon Checkmate "for
protection" because she is sure that someone in the town of Jericho,
California is out to do her harm. Althea's book "The Trumpet Sounds" had
been a great success everywhere but Jericho. The book had been
fictionalized, but it seems that everyone in town had recognized themselves
in her characterizations. Now she's writing a sequel about the only murder
ever committed there, and someone doesn't want her to finish it. The
murder, which had occurred 20 years ago, had never been solved, and Althea
plans to make some startling revelations in the case. Is Althea out to ruin
someone, for it seems to Don Corey she's "not writing with a pencil," she's
"using a knife?" And what witness to the crime is supplying her with
information? Is it a "collusion" with "anybody and everybody" set on
keeping her from publishing her book, or could it be just one? Corey's
prime suspects might be the hotel janitor Harley "Steamer" Russell, who once
had the "fastest ball" around; Althea's typist Sarah Talbot; bank manager
George Truxton, who had been Althea's lover but jilted her; or possibly Mrs.
Lampson, widow of the "president and major stockholder" of the Jericho Bank
who, 20 years ago, had been found dead at his cabin, hit three times with a
blunt object. [bj]

 1.25 [--] Checkmate: THE PAPER KILLER (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14244
25Mar61 CBS Sat (rebroadcast 12Aug61)
Teleplay by James Dunn
Story by Stuart Jerome
Directed by Don Taylor
Music by Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star:
Mickey Rooney [Steve Margate - successful cartoonist who thinks most men are
"mice," including himself]
Dianne Foster [Edna Margate - Steve's wife]
Dennis Patrick [Jack Taggett]
William Schallert [Andy Winston]
Betty Lou Gerson [Bess Cadwallader, Artists Representative]
Donna Douglas [Barbara Simmons]
Allyson Ames [Cadwallader's Secretary, "Little Miss Snow Ball" who melted at
the sight of Jed]
Cartoonist Steve Margate has created a highly successful cartoon
character named "O'Hara", but now he wishes he'd never thought of
him. Margate's wife thinks her husband is trying to kill himself,
but Margate thinks O'Hara is out to kill him. [RF]
1.26 [--] Checkmate: JUNGLE CASTLE (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14211
1Apr61 CBS Sat
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis
Story by Berne Giler and Robert C. Dennis
Directed by Ted Post
Music - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Guest Star
Lee Marvin [Lee Tabor, a man who never backs down from a challenge. He
lives by a code and is not afraid of anything - except enclosed places]
John Sutton [George Parker, Lee's hunting guide]
Myrna Fahey [Mary Lou Keyes, Lee's young fiancée - "very young, very lovely,
and very adoring." Also "very impressionable" and Jed's "princess"]
Denver D. Pyle [Terry Adams, "bad weather" airline pilot]
Raymond Greenleaf [Walter Keyes, Mary Lou's father and Lee's embittered employee]
Leon Lontok [Lee's "best tracker"]
Patricia Donahue as Kay Tabor (Lee's wife whose "hero worship" for her
husband had grown thin after ten years of marriage)
Big game hunter Lee Tabor brings Professor Hyatt a new trophy - one lion's
head. But he's come to see Carl for another reason than just to bring a
gift to a friend. Lee's had two attempts made on his life, and he wants
Carl to come to his home in Malaya to make sure his fiancée isn't used
for bait. Lee has narrowed the suspects down to three or four and has
invited them all to his Scottish castle near the jungle for "the deadliest
game of all." Can Carl and Jed discover the stalker before
there's a killing? Is it Lee's new guide George Parker who is in love with
Lee's wife? Or how about Kaye, Lee's soon-to-be ex-wife who'd be a very
rich widow if Lee died before they divorced. Perhaps it's pilot Terry Adams
who is wanted for gun smuggling in Saudi Arabia.
Could it be Walter Keyes whom Lee had ruined in a proxy deal
and then disgraced even further by hiring him?
Walter is also the father of Lee's fiancée Mary Lou. To Lee's disbelief,
Carl adds Mary Lou to the list because the "arrangement" between
them sounds "more like a merger than a marriage." [bj]

 1.27 [--] Checkmate: THE DEADLY SILENCE (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14220
8Apr61 CBS Sat
Teleplay by Harold Clements
Story by Rik Vollaerts
Directed by Paul Stewart
Director of Photography - Jack MacKenzie, A.S.C.
Film Editor - John B. Blunk
Guest Star:
Diana Lynn ................... Joan Emerson
Ken Lynch ................. Lt. Thomas Brand
Parley Baer ................ Harris
Donna Douglas ............ Barbara (Checkmate's Secretary)
Jeanne Bates
Lennie Breman
Ted Stanhope
Percy Helton
Dennis Rush ............. Tommy
Clegg Hoyt ............. Ox
Mike Mahoney
Allen Pinson
Tony Rosa
Hope Holiday as Verne
Joan, a deaf mute schoolteacher narrowly escapes being run down by
three hoodlums. She was caught in the act of lip-reading their
conversation in a restaurant. [RF]

1.28 [--] Checkmate: GOODBYE GRIFF (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14248
15Apr61 CBS Sat
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Steven Thornley and Sheldon Stark
Story by Steven Thornley
Directed by Allen H. Miner
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Kenneth D. Peach, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Guest Stars
Julie London [Libby Nolan, ambitious magazine editor and Griff’s lovely wife]
Harry Guardino [Griff Nolan, recent parolee, jealous husband, and “one of the hungriest guys in town]
Lyn Bari [Marje Bates, Lewis’s lonely alcoholic wife]
Maggie Pierce [Joan, Bate’s secretary and Libby’s aide]
Donna Douglas [Barbara, Checkmate’s Secretary]
Kathleen Schoon
Simon Oakland as Lewis Bates (womanizing publisher of “Highline” Magazine)
“There’s nothing more futile than trying to rescue a man who’d rather drown.”
Don is concerned about his good friend Griff Nolan who has recently been
released from prison. He appears to be “tight under the collar” because
his wife Libby doesn’t seem to need him anymore. Lewis Bates, publisher
of a sophisticated woman’s magazine, has been “dangling a carrot” in front
of Libby with offers to be publisher and partner - if she will go away with
him to a Paris fashion show. Bates receives a threatening letter, and the
hot headed, jealous Griff is the likely suspect. Libby promises to quit her
job for the sake of their marriage - but then she leaves her husband a
good-bye note. [bj]

 1.29 [--] Checkmate: DANCE OF DEATH (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14201
22Apr61 CBS Sat
Written by Robert Yale Libott
Directed by Paul Stewart
Director of Photography - Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Cyd Charisse  ......... Janine Caree
(prima ballerina recognizable by her "king size
eyes, deluxe model chassis, and special equipment in the legs department"
who tries to make her dream world a reality)
Ken Lynch ............. Lt. Thomas Brand
Lillian Bronson ....... Ninon Granville
( strict mistress of the Ballet Atlantique)
Carlos Rivas .......... Arturo Calderon
(charming yet threatening "methodical" frontman, the "love them and leave them"
type with "contacts everywhere")
Donna Douglas .......... Barbara Simmons
(Checkmate's "remarkably capable secretary and ornamental, too"]
Addison Richards
Argentina Brunetti .......... Berta (ballet wardrobe mistress)
Peter Mamakos
Joey Faye
Marc Wilder
Lorrie Richards [ballerina]
John Emery ............... Zobienski
(Russian "prince" and "sharp trader" who, after 40
years, finally found the object of his search in a "second rate dance
Prima Ballerina Janine Caree asks Checkmate to protect her from threatening
lover Arturo, but Hyatt and Corey are due to catch a plane for Seattle, and
Jed is in Mexico working on another case. However, Corey has a friend,
retired cop Mike Lambert, who has his own detective service and will watch
over Janine like she was his "own daughter." Don and Carl are ready to
leave for the airport when Barbara arrives in a tizzy because she had
forgotten to give them their airline tickets. All seems well now as the
trio heads for the elevator. But when the door opens, there lies the dead
body of Mike Lambert. It's a mystery why Mike would be without his gun, but
Don has other concerns - that of Janine's safety. There seems to be nothing
more for the ballerina to worry about after Arturo is also found dead, that
is until the real trouble starts when a Russian "prince" offers Don $5,000
for the valuable "sugar plum." Don wants answers to two questions: What
can the lovely Janine be "holding back" from him, and how could a street
wise cop like Mike get himself done in by a bullet? [bj]

 1.30 [--] Checkmate: VOYAGE INTO FEAR (verified on film -bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14217
06May61 CBS Sat
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Edmund Morris and Harold Clements
Story by Edmund Morris
Directed by Jules Bricken
Original Music - Johnny Williams
Director of Photography - John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Film Editor - Howard Epstein
Miss Fontaine's wardrobe designed by Burton Miller
Guest Stars
Joan Fontaine [excellent portrayal of Karen Lawson/Patricia Felton, the
seemingly paranoid "boozer" with "beautiful eyes"]
Scott Brady [Ernie Taggatt, Detective hired by Mr. Lawson to "protect Mrs.
Lawson from herself"]
Abbagail Shelton [Blond]
Noel Drayton
Grace Field [Mrs. Stinson, Senior Citizen with eyes for Don]
David McMahon [Ship's Bartender]
Sean Brian [Archibald Wainright, President of the East/West Bird Watcher
Michael Dante as The Trumpet Player
Credit note:
Robert Webber appeared as Miles Archer (the romancing thug),
but he was not given a screen credit for this role.
Karen Lawson feels certain her husband will be thinking of her while she's
off on a Hawaiian cruise, because he's sending someone along to kill her.
At least that's what she tells Corey when she hires him for protection on
the voyage. [RF]

1.31 [–] Checkmate: TIGHT AS A DRUM (verified on film -bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no. TP14223
13May61 CBS Sat
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Edwin Blum and Robert C. Dennis
Story by Edwin Blum
Directed by Herschel Daugherty
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Guest Star
Dan Duryea [Major Sam Wilson, guilt plagued Commandant of the Deervale Military Academy]
Dennis Rush [“Freighter” Blaisden, observant young cadet who carries books and runs errands for Billy]
Dabbs Greer [Henry Creasy, motorcycle riding racketeer, dealer in Oriental art]
Frank Wilcox [Mr. Slocum, cadet Danny’s father - a wealthy man with an interest in Oriental art and a desire to help with the academy's endowment fund]
Murray Alper [Sid, proprietor of a low budget car and motorcycle rental establishment]
Tita Marsell [Jasmine de Gama, courier for the smuggling racket]
Peter Lazer as Billy Gray
[“brilliant lad” with a penchant for spying whom Dr. Hyatt predicts will have a “great future” - as a “fiction writer or safe cracker”]
(note: TV Guide also credited these actors, but they received no recognition on screen)
Vince Williams . . . . . . . Chairman (of the lecture Dr. Hyatt was to have given)
Bob Slade . . . . . . . . . . Maphis (underclassman and Jed’s escort, one of the many who looks up to Major Wilson’s example)
Phil Grayson . . . . . . . . Danny [Slocum] (upperclassman from a wealthy family who hero worships the Major)
Synopsis: (as listed in TV GUIDE, Vol. 9, No. 36, Sept. 9, 1961)
A message from Deervale Military Academy, signed by one William Edgerton Gray,
summons Hyatt on urgent business. Gray, known to his classmates as just
plain Billy, informs Hyatt that the gym instructor has been murdered --
by Major Wilson, the school commandant. [bj]
1.32 [--] Checkmate: DEATH BY DESIGN (verified on film - bj)
20May61 CBS Sat
Teleplay by Sheldon Stark and Bob & Wanda Duncan
Story by Bob & Wanda Duncan
Directed by John Newland
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography Benjamin H. Kline, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Guest Star:
Eve Arden [Georgia Golden, hypertensive fashion designer, head of the Golden Dress Company]
Larry Gates ["old Harry" Winters, "junior partner" of the House of Golden]
Janet Lake [Sheila Golden, Georgia's "quite a handful" beautiful sister]
Barney Phillips
Barbara Wilson [Francine, fashion model]
Patric Knowles as William Foster (Georgia's ex-partner and ex-fiancé who now
heads his own fashion house)
It's time for the unveiling of the newest fashion designs, and "terrible
things" have been happening to dress creator Georgia Golden. Someone is
trying to destroy her business - or her - before the showing. The suspects
include her ex-partner/lover, her current partner, and even her sister who
seems to have good intentions but knows that she and Georgia only seem to
end up hurting each other. Checkmate has a plan to trap the prime
suspect - but have they singled out the right one? [bj]

1.33 [--] Checkmate: THE THRILL SEEKER (verified on film - bj)
27May61 CBS Sat
Written by Stuart Jerome
Directed by Don Taylor
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Film Editor Tony Martinelli, A.C.E.
Susan Oliver [Gloria Kenyon, a beautiful, independent woman who gets her
thrills from living dangerously]
Paul Hartman [Nielson, houseman of 20 years at the Kenyon Estate]
David White [Lawrence Tucker, the elder Mrs. Kenyon's attorney]
Don Oreck [Phillip Kenyon, Gloria's husband - a real mother's boy]
Esther Dale [Mrs. Kenyon, Gloria's domineering, vengeful mother-in-law who
suffers from a heart condition]
Harry Lewis [Thorpe, hit man with a limp]
Maudie Prickett [strict manager of the Regina Women's Hotel]
Robert H. Herrman
Lovely Gloria Kenyon has always "escaped" with the thrill of sports cars,
surfing, skiing, and sky diving. When her not-so-adventurous husband
Phillip dies after his parachute fails to open during a jump from a low
flying airplane, Phillip's mother calls on Checkmate to prove that Gloria
murdered her son to gain the family fortune. Since Phillip's death had been
ruled an accident, the firm refuses her employment because proving the
innocent to be guilty is "not their kind of case." But protecting people IS
their "specialty," so Jed sets guard over Gloria when the elderly, ill Mrs.
Kenyon vows that her daughter-in-law will die because she's going to kill
her - a promise she intends to keep even from her grave. (bj)

1.34 [--] Checkmate: HOT WIND IN A COLD TOWN or "Hot Wind ON a Cold Town"
(verified on film - bj)
10Jun61 CBS
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by James Lee Barrett and Dick Berg
Story by James Lee Barrett
Directed by Don Weis
Director of Photography John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Guest Star
Ricardo Montalban (Joe Martinez, the best stuntmen in the movies, but his
hot temper makes him a bad business risk)
Jerome Thor [Mal Stryker, movie director]
Norman Fell [Shep Stryker, Mal's movie producer brother]
Betty Garde
Henry Brandt
Justin Smith
Mai Gray
Harry Harvey, Jr.
Carmen D'Antonio
Allen Pinson
Martin Landau as Stoney ("mentally deranged animal in the middle of nowhere"
with a penchant for using a pocket knife)
After a mishap on a movie set, Don suspects someone is out to jeopardize the
career of his stuntman friend Joe Martinez (Montalban).  Shep Stryker (Fell)
informs Joe that he's through in the business because he can't control his
temper, and even Joe's promises to restrain himself won't convince the
Producer to reconsider.  As Don investigates, Shep asks to see Joe and
offers him a job as location manager for his director brother's (Thor) new
movie.  Joe objects to such a position, but Stryker entices him with the
assurance he'll be reinstated as a stuntman if he can prove himself at this
job.  But on location in Thompsonville it is evident someone is trying to
put Joe "through the ringer" of  "keeping his hands in his pockets" when
tempted toward fist fights and womanizing.  His self control is repeatedly
challenged by an eccentric woman and her sons who don't want movie people
invading their home, a pocket-knife wielding mentally unstable resident, and
the director's seductive wife.

Note:  Dr. Hyatt's first law is "Crime without motive is no crime at all."
His second law is "If the evidence doesn't present itself, use the back door." (bj)

1.35 [--] Checkmate: A SLIGHT TOUCH OF VENOM (verified on film - bj)
Revue-Jamco prod. no TP14285
17Jun61 CBS Sat
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis
Story by James Gunn
Directed by Earl Bellamy
Original Music Johnny Williams (this episode includes excerpts from his
"Queen's Sacrifice" and "Fireside Eyes")
Director of Photography John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Film Editor Irving Schoenberg
Guest Star
Keenan Wynn [Ernie Venable - rich, retired contractor who yearns for status
and respectability but seems only to collect enemies]
Susan Cummings [European Countess Johanna -- Venable's current female
companion who "collects friends"]
John Fiedler [Mr. Mitchie - snake expert from the Brach Ophidian Gardens]
Forrest Compton [Milroy - Venable's "Ivy League" assistant]
Rand Brooks [Edgar Drummond -- Man of "gentility" and Chairman of the
Charity Committee]
Pat McCaffrie [Clerk]
Barbara Morrison
Gilbert Reade
Scott Sloane
Barry Brooks [Pete - front gate guard of the Venable estate]
Someone has threatened Ernie Venable, and "security genius" Carl Hyatt gives
his approval to the man's new guardian system, assuring him that no one
could break in to the estate without endangering his own life. Recently
retired from the construction business in New York, the crass Venable has
moved to San Francisco where he yearns for "social acceptance." But he has
made an enemy for every dollar he has accumulated and has no clue to give
Checkmate as to the identity of his assailant. It could even be the
residents of his new found community do not want this social climber around
because he's not their kind. And what of his current female companion?
Could she be aware of his tendency to love them and leave them or simply be
a fortune hunter? Then there is Venable's aide who was hired simply because
he has some "class". He's of the opinion that his employer is "one of the
most detestable men alive." Or maybe somebody is out to avenge the apparent
suicidal death of the actress Ernie jilted in New York. And although his
fortress is impenetrable by humans, someone has stolen a deadly Brazilian
Emerald snake from the zoo and tossed the box over Venable's fence. Could a
loose viper be only an attempt to get Ernie away from the safety of his
home? It's up to Carl and Jed to discover which suspect holds such venomous
feelings toward their client - and why. (bj)

1.36 [--] Checkmate: STATE OF SHOCK (verified on film -bj)
24Jun61 CBS Sat
Produced by Dick Berg
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis
Story by William P. Templeton and Finlay McDermid
Directed by James Wong Howe
Original Music Johnny Williams
Director of Photography John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Film Editor Howard Epstein
Nina Foch [Anne Elliot, heiress and wife of the director of Mountain View
Lodge Geriatric facility - "so young, so lonely, so lost"]
Warren Stevens [Dr. Thomas Elliot, dedicated doctor, director of the
Mountain View Lodge]
Jeanne Bal [Yvonne Lurie, dedicated head nurse]
Paul Comi [Dr. Atwell, physician at Mountain View Lodge]
Cheerio Meredith [Sarah Rutledge, resident of the Lodge who considers
herself an "authority on tangled emotions and dark motives." She loves
reading about famous murder trials and is a "fan" of Dr. Hyatt's work]
Clem Bevans [Albert Hockley, resident of the Lodge who believes Dr. Elliot
and Miss Lurie are having an affair]
John Alderman [Phil Crispin, Anne's musician brother, "the black sheep" of
the family who admits the only way he can really make a life is to do it on
his own]
Fern Barry [the Elliot's maid]
Synopsis 1:
Anne Elliot has already had three close brushes with death. Is she simply
"accident prone" or could there be any truth to Mrs. Rutledge's fears that
there will be "murder most foul" if Checkmate doesn't act quickly to prevent
it? Although Anne's husband retains Checkmate to look into the matter,
could he be a suspect? After all, hadn't Albert Hockley seen the doctor and
his nurse in an embrace? Still, Anne asserts that she loves her husband and
he loves her. What about Anne's brother Phil who had felt slighted when
their father left him out of his will? After all, says Dr. Hyatt, "crack
the family and you'll find the problem every time." Ah, but the brilliant
professor realizes that for the first time they were "handed their suspects"
by Mrs. Rutledge, who wanted attention, instead of going by their own
"logic." Could Anne be staging these "accidents" for the same reason, and
will Checkmate be able to stop her before she goes too far? [bj]
Synopsis 2:
Anne Elliot, owner of a sanitarium, has been the victim of a series of
accidents. She hire Sills to find out if it is more than just an
accident. [RF]
It was Don Corey (Anthony George) , not Sills (Doug McClure) , that had the
major role, and an old lady first commissioned Checkmate and then later the
woman's husband retained them. [bj]

Summer Reruns CBS Saturdays
[--] 12Aug61 rerun of 1.25 "The Paper Killer" (first aired 25Mar61)

################# Checkmate ##################
############## end of season 1 ###############

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