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Starring Buddy Ebsen
Season 4 (CBS) (1975-76)
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############### Barnaby Jones ################
############# Season 4 1975-76 ###############
CBS Fridays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (24 episodes)
Produced by Philip Saltzman
Slightly different opening  titles and end credits.

[--] Cannon: THE DEADLY CONSPIRACY Part I (cross-over episode)
(shown as  Cannon episode No. 98)
Written by Stephen Kandel, Directed by Michael Caffey, theme by John Parker
William Conrad (Frank Cannon)
Guest Cast:
Buddy Ebsen (Barnaby Jones)
Lee Meriwether (Betty Jones)
Sharon Acker (Laura Vaner)
Diana Douglas (Alice Parks)
Charles Durning (Don Corcoran)
Murray Hamilton (Bud McKenna)
Hayden Rorke (Senator Daniel Knox)
Barry Sullivan (Gordon McKenna)
Michael Bell (Thomas Lochner)
Timothy Brown (Dr. Cleon Adams)
William Bryant (Roy Gaddis)
Oliver Clark (Walter Miller)
Lynette Mettey (Doris Grady)
Ron Rifkin (Paul Goldberg)
William Traylor (Dave Tolchuk)
George D. Wallace (Matthew Vaner)
John Zaremba (Arthur Allen Royce)
Renata Vanni (Mrs. Garibaldi, Westland Liquors)
Jenifer Bishop (Andrea Wayne)
Carl Byrd (Jordan, Guard)
George Ball (Brace)
Peter DeAnda (Charity Jackson)
James Lough (Skeet Shooter).
Cannon tries to prove the innocence of a man accused of killing Doris Grady, while Barnaby is hired by a
colleague of hers. Their investigations lead to Bud McKenna at International Resources Inc., whose brother
Gordon stops at nothing to get Montana Uranium.

4.01 [62] Barnaby Jones: THE DEADLY CONSPIRACY pt II (cross-over episode)
(Part 2/2; Part 1 telecast as episode #5.2 of Cannon, Sept. 17, 1975.)
Written by Stephen Kandel, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
William Conrad (Frank Cannon)
Sharon Acker (Laura Vaner)
Diana Douglas (Alice Parks)
Charles Durning (Don Corcoran)
Murray Hamilton ?
Hayden Rorke (Senator Daniel Knox)
Barry Sullivan (Gordon McKenna)
Michael Bell (Thomas Lochner)
William Bryant (Roy Gaddis)
John Carter (Lt. John Biddle)
Paul Picerni (Anthony Calvelli).
Robert Boon (Ivar Nilsson)
Robert Brubaker (Dr. Samuel Holbertson)
Francis DeSales (Minister)
Irene Gilbert (Nurse Griffin)
Bill Meigs (General Todd Stanford)
David "Buddy" Pansari (Taggert)
Teru Shimada (Hideki Ito)
George Skaff (Sheik Habib Khoury)
Don Ross (Sawyer).
Cannon and Jones try in vain to convince Lt. Biddle that Bud McKenna's death was murder.
Betty occupies Gordon's secretary Alice Parks, while Cannon searches her apartment.
The detectives uncover an international conspiracy and escape two attempts on their lives.

4.02 [63] Barnaby Jones: THEATER OF FEAR
prod. no. 7055 / (1975.09.26)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Anne Francis (Shirley Evans)
William Smithers (Bertram Parish)
Daniel J. Travanti (Lloyd Kilgore)
Royce Wallace (Agnes, Shirley's Maid)
John S. Ragin (Eddie R. Davis)
John Carter (Lt. John Biddle)
Mary Ann Chinn (Jill Mallory)
Dawn Lyn (Kathy, Shirley's Daughter).
Dorothy Schott (Carla Parish, Bert's Wife)
Stephen Coit (Neighbor with Dog).
Shirley Evans, a former theater star, had to stop her career due to blows of fate, a fatal car accident
and alcoholism. Now she plans a comeback, but is harassed by telephone calls and pursued by a prowler.
Is it Lloyd Kilgore, who is found dead in Shirley's pool?

4.03 [64] Barnaby Jones: THE ORCHID KILLER
prod. no. 7054 / (1975.10.03)
Written by Michael Fisher, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Sondra Locke (Alicia)
Kristoffer Tabori (Tim Landis)
Katherine Helmond (Edna Morrison)
Biff McGuire (Henry Morrison)
Kathleen Cody (Sherry)
James Carroll Jordan (Jack Meyer)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Regis J. Cordic (Dr. Reston)
Aubri Martin (Nancy)
Mark Roberts (Donald Harrelson).
Wealthy Tim Landis spent two years at a hospital for the criminally insane but cannot remember the murder
he was accused of. After another person is killed he hires Barnaby to find out his guilt or innocence.
The murderer always leaves an orchid with the victim.

4.04 [65] Barnaby Jones: THE PRICE OF TERROR
prod. no. 7057 / (1975.10.10)
Written by William Keys, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Laurence Rosenthal
Guest Cast:
Marc Singer (Tally Morgan)
Robert Webber (Maxwell Strager)
Jane Actman (Diane Strager)
John Ritter (Joe Rockwell)
John Carter (Lt. John Biddle)
Patsy Rahn (Arlene James)
Ken Lynch (Todd Chrisman)
Stuart Nisbet (Earl Mooney).
Arlene James hires Barnaby to investigate the 'accidental' death of her fiancé Larry in a lumberyard.
Barnaby traces Tally Morgan, a karate expert who killed three people trying to uncover a black market
business with heavy equipment salvaged in Vietnam.

4.05 [66] Barnaby Jones: HONEYMOON WITH DEATH
prod. no. 7058 / 17Oct75
Written by Larry Alexander, Directed by Michael Caffey, m. Duane Tatro
Guest Cast:
Tim O'Connor (Stu Fannon)
Leslie Charleson (Victoria Norris)
Frank Marth (Elliott Rail)
Robert Hogan (Dwight Kincaid)
Arthur Roberts (Edward Cross)
Arch Johnson (Sheriff Eustace)
Hal Lynch (George Brokow, Car Dealer).
Michael Masters (Toby Wheeler)
Marcia Mae Jones (Flora Ogden)
Ruth Manning (Mae Williams)
Owen Bush (Ezra Hayden), Rik Pierce (Dr. Monroe).
On a fishing trip Barnaby is hired by Dwight Kincaid, whose bride Vickie disappeared just after being married.
Barnaby discovers that she is held captive in the house of wealthy Stu Fannon. She once was his secretary and
Stu thinks she hides a financial ledger.

4.06 [67] Barnaby Jones: THE ALPHA-BRAVO WAR
prod. no. 7053 / (1975.10.24)
Teleplay: Calvin Clements, story: Barry Oringer, Directed by Michael Caffey, m. John Elizalde
Guest Cast:
Michael Tolan (Reed Calder)
Rosemary Forsyth (Ruth Hanley)
Jack Ging (Wayne Houser, Alpha Observer)
Augusta Summerland [aka Linda Harrison] (Dori Calder)
Alex Henteloff (Bill Wayland, Bravo Marksman)
Edward Winter (Tom Green, Alpha Marksman)
Russell Thorson (Franklin).
Two teams Alpha and Bravo compete in the development of missile designs. When a man of the Bravo team is
killed by a misdirected missile, Barnaby is hired to find out whether it was an accident or sabotage.
Or is it a jealous husband who kills Alpha marksman?
Location Site: Courtesy of Rocketdyne Divisions, Rockwell International.

4.07 [68] Barnaby Jones: FLIGHT TO DANGER
prod. no. 7060 / (1975.10.31)
Written by Joel Murcott, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Bo Hopkins (Ken Morley)
Shelley Fabares (Susan Burke)
Carl Franklin (Mark Seagert)
Tracy Reed (Rachel Rogers)
Charles Lampkin (Mort Rogers)
Eric Kilpatrick (Bobby Rogers)
Jane Wald (Nurse)
Kathleen O'Malley (Maintenance Lady)
When stewardess Rachel discovers she has been unwittingly used by her boy friend Mark to smuggle heroin
from Hong Kong, she is killed by a drug overdose. Barnaby, hired to clear Rachel's name, traces Mark Seagert
and Ken Morley, who make an attempt on his life.

4.08 [69] Barnaby Jones: DOUBLE VENGEANCE
prod. no. 7052 / (1975.11.07)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Michael Caffey, m. Nelson Riddle
Guest Cast:
Lloyd Bochner (Ray Greenwald)
Lynda Day George (Brina Douglas)
Ed Power (Gil Vandenburgh)
Paul Fix (Jack Tattnal)
Dean Santoro (Mister Farlow)
Eugene Peterson (Sterling Douglas)
Eric Server (Coleman)
Tony Colti (Fred McAllen)
Raymond Kark (Swenson)
Susan Quick (Harriet, Greenwald's Secretary).
Brina Douglas kills her older husband in a buggy accident at Dryers Canyon as revenge for her father's
death, whom he ruined. Barnaby investigates for the insurance company. Brina also wants to get rid of
Ray Greenwald. Gil, a third associate, fakes Ray's murder.

4.09 [70] Barnaby Jones: FATAL WITNESS
prod. no. 7061 / 14Nov75
Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Stars:
Larry Hagman (Dr. Frank Rickers)
Bill Ballance (Bill Edwards)
Leslie Ackerman (Kathy Barnes)
Special Guest Star:
Marcia Rodd (Nurse Marion Hollister)
(end cast credits - not verified)
Tommy Lee Jones (Dr. Jim Melford)
Denny Miller (Simms)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Jason Wingreen (Sewell)
Dean Harens (Ralph Perers, Melford's Lawyer).
Betty McGuire (Iris Barnes, Kathy's Mother)
Dani Nolan (Ricker's Secretary)
Tom Pittman (Detective).
Impaired by a skiing accident young Kathy watches Dr. Melford quarreling with neighbour Mrs. Rickers,
then killing her. Barnaby is hired by Melford's lawyer. Kathy's credibility is doubted as after her
accident she has been suffering from hallucinations.

4.10 [71] Barnaby Jones: BEWARE THE DOG
prod. no. 7060 / (1975.11.21)
Written by Michael Fisher, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Mauro Bruno
Guest Cast:
Claudette Nevins (Claudia Elwood)
Ina Balin (Laura Beecher)
Roger Perry (Dan Carson)
Michael LeClair (Colin)
Paul Carr (George Roswell)
Ellen Geer (Mary Wiley)
Johnny Doran (Jimmy Wiley)
Robert Patten (Joe Beecher)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Charles Cyphers (Bill Garwood)
Charlie Briggs (Oscar Fry)
Peter Ford (Policeman)
Ed Crick (Deputy)
Ann Foster (Penny)
Joe Beecher is killed by the white Alsatian of his stepson Colin. Barnaby investigates for California
Meridian Insurance as Beecher had a life insurance with double indemnity. Did Joe's wife Laura train
the dog, as he had an affair with his ex-secretary Claudia?

4.11 [72] Barnaby Jones: BLOOD RELATIONS
prod. no. 7051 / (1975.11.28)
Written by Dick Nelson, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Willard Wood-Jones
Guest Cast:
Eileen Brennan (Anita Willson)
Allen Case (Grant Brockman)
Mitzi Hoag (Mary Renee Willson)
Trish Stewart (Kelly Anderson)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Len Wayland (Ed Flynn)
Ross Elliott (Marvin Kates)
Claudia Bryar (Emily Kates)
Arch Whiting (Deputy).
Kelly Anderson, an adopted young heiress, hired Marvin Kates to search for her real mother. When Kates
is killed Barnaby takes over. He traces the mother Mary Willson. But there is also her sister Anita,
who tries to prevent Mary from meeting Kelly.

4.12 [73] Barnaby Jones: A TASTE FOR MURDER
prod. no. 7063 / (1975.12.04)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Lee Purcell (Kathy Cooper)
Dabney Coleman (George Clark)
Renne Jarrett (Allison Clark)
Don Knight (Bertram Fisher)
John Carter (Lt. John Biddle)
Bryan Montgomery (Tommy Allen)
Bonnie Ebsen (Maxie Lister)
Eddie Firestone (Andy Burns)
Robert Doyle (Wayne Tucker)
Robert Gibbons (A.J. Ambrose)
Joel Stedman (Ted Forester)
Stephen Parr (Young Man)
Patrick Culliton. (Waiter).
On her 21th birthday Allison Clark gets an emerald necklace, that is stolen. Barnaby investigates for the
insurance company. The accomplice of the thief is Kathy Cooper, Allison's friend from the Riding Academy,
who romances Alison's wealthy widowed father.

4.13 [74] Barnaby Jones: FINAL BURIAL
prod. no. 7064 / (1975.12.11)
Teleplay: Robert Pirosh, story: Gerald Sanford, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Jo Ann Harris (Lisa Murphy)
Stephen Collins (Todd Ballinger)
Jerry Douglas (Harold Murphy)
Peggy McCay (Rose Ballinger)
James Gammon (Andy Lucker)
Anne Convy (Evelyn Burke).
William Benedict (Vincent Wage, Cabbie)
Herbert Armstrong (Frank Delbert)
David Cryer (Security Guard).
Barnaby is hired by Evelyn to find bigamist husband Harold Murphy. Lisa, the second wife, romances Todd Ballinger.
Harold discovers them, is killed by Todd in a scuffle and they get rid of the corpse. But the faked death is
part of a scheme to blackmail Todd.

4.14 [75] Barnaby Jones: PORTRAIT OF EVIL
prod. no. 7062 / (1975.12.18)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Alan Feinstein (Tony Barrow)
Donna Mills (Abby Reinhart)
Neva Patterson (Liza, Maid)
Shelly Novack (Ralph Forester)
Kurt Kasznar (George Ondray)
Peter Hobbs (Walter Morgan)
Laurence Haddon (Sheriff Cully)
Mavis Neal Palmer (Charlotte Barnard)
Kent Taylor (Guthrie Reinhart).
Abby Reinhart and her lover, restorer Tony Barrow, plan to cheat her older, wealthy husband Guthrie
with an art forgery. When Gutherie overhears the plot, he dies from a heart attack. Abby and Tony
try to conceal the dead one until the paint of the fake is dried.

4.15 [76] Barnaby Jones: DEAD HEAT
prod. no. 7065 / (1976.01.01)
Written by Larry Alexander, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Pat Hingle (Ray Dixon)
Andrew Parks (Norm Dixon)
Jacqueline Scott (Gwen Reynolds)
Lou Frizzell (Sid Mayo)
Susan Lanier (Sheryl Cavanaugh)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Barney Phillips (Harry Verby)
Harry Moses (Andy Cavanaugh).
Paul Bryar (Ben Harlow)
Vivian Brown (Claire Abrams)
Jonathan Banks (Vince Gentry)
Nick Ferris (Alex Jacoby).
Ray Dixon exchanges the hay fever medicine of swimmer Andy Cavanaugh, a competitor of his son Norm,
for amphetamins. Andy dies of an allergic shock and Barnaby is hired to clear his name. Ray puts the
blame on coach Sid and kills Gwen who gave him the drugs.

4.16 [77] Barnaby Jones: THE LONELY VICTIMS
prod. no. 7066 / (1976.01.08)
Written by Worley Thorne, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Peter Haskell ("Jack Arno"/"Frank Miller")
Inga Swenson (Ann Hobson)
E.J. Peaker (Sheila Wild)
Claire Brennen (Laura Enders)
Rozelle Gayle (Alf Wortman, Piano Player)
Jenny O'Hara (Joanie Enders)
John Carter (Lt.Biddle)
Paul Lukather (Lewis Gorman)
Marcy Lafferty (Connie)
Conlan Carter (Ed Chandler).
Joe Mell (Mr. Inball)
George Sawaya (Ted, Inside Guard)
Don Nagel (Pete, Console Guard)
Berni Valentine (Waitress).
At a rendezvous with Ann marriage impostor Frank is recognized by his former victim Laura and pushes her
from a roof. Sheila, a victim trying to blackmail him, is also killed. Barnaby finds out that the companies
where Sheila and Laura worked were robbed.

4.17 [78] Barnaby Jones: HOSTAGE
prod. no. 7067 / (1976.01.15)
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Mel Damski
Guest Cast:
Barry Brown (Cory Doyle)
William Smith (George Harper)
James Luisi (Joe Doyle)
Hilary Thompson (Shannon Nelson)
Nora Marlowe (Mother McCoy)
Hank Brandt (Norm Stevens)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
William Beckley (Bartender).
Rod Browning (Policeman)
John Gilgreen (Harbor Master)
Madelyn Cain (Ellen Stevens)
Betty is abducted by Cory Doyle. He demands Barnaby to prove the innocence of his brother Joe, who was sentenced
for having murdered his wife, a case Barnaby rejected before. Jones, fearing for Betty's life, is given only
48 hours to find the real murderer.

4.18 [79] Barnaby Jones: SILENT VENDETTA
prod. no. 7068 / (1976.01.29)
Written by William Keys, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
John Marley (Albert Felix)
Peter Mark Richman (Jim Redmon)
Elizabeth Allen (Lottie)
Darrell Fetty (Mickey)
Roy Jenson (Hastings, Killer)
Jamie Donnelly (Monica Gideon)
Frank Maxwell (Karl Webb)
Than Wyenn (Stan Lewis)
Sandy Kenyon (Walter Gideon)
Janice Lynde (Samantha Yates)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Betty Anne Rees (Judy Mason)
Don Keefer (Dave Blevins).
Tony Monaco (Miller, 2nd Killer)
Dan Barton (Don Proctor, Gideon's Publisher).
When writing the revealing memoirs of ex-crime boss Al Felix his ghostwriter Gideon is killed.
Felix escapes and hides at the home of his friends Karl and Lottie to continue writing and
wondering who betrayed him. Barnaby locates Felix, so does mob head Redmon.

4.19 [080] Barnaby Jones: SHADOW OF GUILT
prod. no. 7069 / (1976.02.05)
Written by Terrance A. Sweeney, S.J. , Directed by Chris Robinson
Guest Cast:
Christopher Stone (Father Sean Williams)
A Martinez (Carlos Rojas)
Linden Chiles (Rod Cursey)
Leigh Christian (Ginny Harrison)
Erik Estrada (Ruben)
Priscilla Garcia (Maria Cabrera)
Natividad Vacio (Esteban)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Phillip Pine (Lyle Harrison).
Carl Miranda (Ernie Cabrera)
Rafael Lopez (Mario)
Mike Salcido (Armando)
Tina Menardo (Woman).
Lyle Harrison discovers the affair between his wife Ginny and Rod Cursey and gets furious. In a quarrel he
is thrown from his horse and Cursey lets the horse stamp on him. Cursey diverts suspicion to Carlos Rojas,
a supposed witness, who is feeling guilty himself.

4.20 [081] Barnaby Jones: DEADLY REUNION
prod. no. 7070 / (1976.02.12)
Written by Dick Nelson, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Gary Collins (Vince Bradford)
Diana Hyland (Nora Bradford)
Stewart Moss (Carl Fenton)
Dick Van Patten (Merle Overton)
Priscilla Pointer (Sandra Lorenzo)
Loni Anderson (Dee Dee Danvers)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Eugene Peterson (Rick Lorenzo).
Frank Barone (Arnold Lorenzo)
Harvey Fisher (Bellhop).
When the owner of a restaurant, Rick Lorenzo, is found drowned by the sea, Barnaby is hired to investigate.
Betty hopes to prove the innocence of murder suspect Vince Bradford, Lorenzo's successor, as Vince once was
her boy friend before he married wealthy Nora.

4.21 [082] Barnaby Jones: DANGEROUS GAMBIT
prod. no. 7071 / (1976.02.26)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Ernest Pintoff
Guest Cast:
Gary Lockwood (Jerry Kennedy)
Lynne Marta (Angie Ross)
Jon Cypher (Frank Dunlap)
Ward Costello (Charles Markwell)
Gerald McRaney (Dave Boyette)
Deborah White (Lily Clayton)
Linda Kaye Henning (Joyce Elkins)
Jill Jaress (Madge Johnson)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Sam Edwards (Smiley)
Terry Lumley (Mary Boyette)
J.R. Clark (Anderson, Chief Collar)
Drew Denbaum (Stan Nesbit, Photographer)
Michael Palmer (Policeman).
While Frank Dunlap distracts the bank manager, clerk Joyce Elkins hides $250 000 in a false ledger and
her colleague Angie locks it in a safe deposit box. Double crossed Jerry Kennedy pursues Joyce, who
runs into a car. The driver asks Barnaby to find the witness.

4.22 [083] Barnaby Jones: WIPEOUT
prod. no. 7072 / (1976.03.04)
Written by Michael Fisher, Directed by Kenneth C. Gilbert
Guest Cast:
Jeff Conaway (Taylor Chapell)
Joanna Miles (Anneliese Chapell)
Fred Beir (Jason Purree)
Ralph Williams (Herbie Webster)
Richard Bull (Sheriff Safian)
Charles Bateman (Daviel Reese)
Joy Claussen (Joanna Woods)
Richard Young (Craig Winters)
Cassie Yates (Donna Reese)
Greta Ronningen (Meg)
Meegan King (Todd)
Handsome, irascible Taylor Chapell slays Donna and throws her into the sea. When Herbie Webster discovers
Taylor is a woman hater due to an unnatural love to his sister Anneliese, he is also killed. Barnaby finds
out that Taylor and Anneliese moved several times.

4.23 [084] Barnaby Jones: THE EYES OF TERROR
prod. no. 7073 / (1976.03.11)
Written by Larry Alexander, Directed by Allen Reisner
Guest Cast:
Clu Gulager (Sheriff Mack Hollister)
Sheila Larken (Dory Crandall)
Terry Kiser (Arlie Burke)
Tony Geary (Deputy Blake Jeffries)
Mills Watson (Frank Carter, Security Guard)
Elizabeth MacRae (Lucy Thornburgh)
Janis Hansen (Paula Morgan)
Carole Demas (Marie Carter).
Jim Bohan (Ralph Beaumont)
Ken Sidwell (Sid Larkin).
A friend of Barnaby's, Dori Crandall, asks him to help Arlie Burke, a seemingly mentally retarded youth
suspected of rape and murder. One victim shows traces of Arley's clay, but Barnaby also finds pipe
tobacco and animal hairs, that lead him to the real murderer.

4.24 [085] Barnaby Jones: THE STALKING HORSE
prod. no. 7074 / (1976.03.18)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Alf Kjellin
Guest Cast:
Nina Foch (Myra Westmore)
Denver Pyle (Stayley Kircher)
Marge Redmond (Miss Trevine)
John Milford (Hughie Calder)
Mark Thomas (Ralph Miller)
Walker Edmiston (George Turek)
Beeson Carroll (Oliver Handy)
Laura Hippe (Pepper Mintz)
Kurt Grayson (Roamer).
Jill Martin (Sandy Handy)
Sandra De Bruin (Floor Nurse)
Jim Gruzalski (Eddie)
Joseph Chapman (Young Intern).
Stayley Kircher, a warehouse owner, hires Barnaby to find out who tried to kill him. Barnaby poses
as long lost brother Harry Kircher with Betty as his Girl Friday. They discover that several
employees of unwitting Stayley are involved in ammunition contraband.

############### Barnaby Jones ################
############## end of season 4 ###############

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