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Starring Buddy Ebsen
Season 3 (CBS) (1974-75)
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############### Barnaby Jones ################
############# Season 3 1974-75 ###############
CBS Tuesdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (24 episodes)
Produced by Philip Saltzman

3.01 [38] Barnaby Jones: A GATHERING OF THIEVES
prod. no. 7003 / (1974.09.10)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Artie Kane
Guest Cast:
Tyne Daly (Madge Winston)
Robert Foxworth (Whit Brewer)
Laraine Stephens (Irene Hopkins)
Richard Evans (Deputy Jeremy Carter)
Regis J. Cordic (Claude Meecham)
Lenore Kasdorf (Susan Meecham)
Dennis Rucker (Equipment Operator)
Charles Cyphers (Brad Kirtz).
Whit Brewer sells lots at Shadow Lake Estates, but the construction works did not start yet. Claude Meecham
discovers the fraud and is killed in a car accident. When Whit tries to get rid of his associates, the two
rivalling women Madge and Irene ally.

3.02 [39] Barnaby Jones: DEAD MAN'S RUN
prod. no. 7001 / (1974.09.17)
Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Richard Markowitz
Guest Cast:
Peter Mark Richman (Richard Stayman)
Jessica Walter (Bernice Kellner)
Lawrence Pressman (Lloyd C. Kellner)
William Schallert (Mr. Freels, Mortuary)
Richard Bull (Mr. Moore, Lawyer)
Ross Elliott (Sheriff McKean)
John Carter (Lt.Biddle)
Les Lennon (Brooks, Freel's Assistant).
Lloyd Kellner fakes a fatal car accident so he can disappear with the money he embezzled from a firm of stockholders.
With his wife Bernice he wants to leave the country in a boat and $4 million in diamonds. But Bernice prefers to
join a third associate, Stayman.

3.03 [40] Barnaby Jones: THE CHALLENGE
prod. no. 7007 / (1974.09.24)
Written by Larry Brody, Directed by Walter Grauman, m. Michel Mention
Guest Cast:
Patrick O'Neal (Frank Cabot)
Joan Van Ark (Sheila Barner)
Charles Aidman (Mr. Stevenson)
Priscilla Pointer (Nancy Moore)
Cheryl Miller (Kathy Sayers)
William Sargent (Vince Rader/ Detective Agency)
Hank Brandt (Carl Hastings, Moore's Friend)
Robert Patten (Arnold Moore).
Stuart Nisbet (McKay, Janitor)
Tony Monaco (Pool Man).
Private eye Frank Cabot blackmails unfaithful husband Arnold Moore for whose wife he works. During a quarrel
Moore falls from a roof top. Barnaby has to match wits with his criminal colleague, who already has another
victim and is assisted by a pretty secretary.

3.04 [41] Barnaby Jones: CONSPIRACY OF TERROR
prod. no. 7005 / (1974.10.01)
Written by B.W. Sandefur, Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Guest Cast:
Fritz Weaver (Laurence Sheffield)
Harris Yulin (Porter Long)
Mario Roccuzzo (Stacy Vernon)
Anne Helm (Helen Riley)
Marla Adams (Audrey Meyer)
Don Dubbins (John Riley)
Eugene Peterson (Jeffrey Terrence)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
Tony Young (Trumbull, Killer)
Jeanne Bates (Bertha Delbart/Reporter)
John Harding (Frank Bosworth /Reporter)
Arthur Adams (Dr. Allen, Medic at Prison Hospital)
Deidre Daniels (Gloria Mason)
William Meigs (Sid).
Terminally ill John Riley took the blame for killing Sheffield's wife, as Sheffield promised to provide
for Riley's wife. But Riley gave an interview to Terrence who is murdered thereafter. Working for Terrence's
publisher Barnaby traces Sheffield and Long.

3.05 [42] Barnaby Jones: ODD MAN LOSES
prod. no. 7010 / (1974.10.08)
Written by Joel Murcott, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Christopher Stone (Don Brody)
Jo Ann Harris (Lorna Pearson)
Dick Van Patten (Melvin Pearson)
Robert Hogan (Stephen Triplett)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
June Dayton (Pam Hogan)
Peter Hobbs (Elliott Plowman)
Janice Lynde (Edna Triplett).
Aubri Martin (Cindy Lou Corbett)
Cathleen Cordell (Salesperson)
Burt Douglas (Olin Lockridge)
Richard Derr (Wayne Hogan).
The car pool sharers Don, Mel and Steve assault Mel's boss on a trip to San Diego. But during the robbery the
man is killed. Barnaby traces Mel who gets nervous and wants to leave to Mexiko with his wife Lorna. When Mel
is accidentally killed she joins Don.

3.06 [43] Barnaby Jones: FORFEIT BY DEATH
prod. no. 7002 / (1974.10.15)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by L.H. Martinson, m. Willard Wood-Jones
Guest Cast:
Mark Jenkins (Jim Wayburn)
Sheree North (Roxie Morgan)
Lynne Marta (Sally)
John Van Dreelen (Victor Sonderheim)
Anne Randall (Peggy Gibson)
Steve Sandor (Sven Rolly)
Jerry Douglas (Ross Kemper)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Val Avery (Andy Burns)
Paul Bryar (Joe Carter)
Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Loomis)
Artie Spain (Biggs).
Young law student Jim Wayburn makes common cause with defendant Ross Kemper who stole jewels and forfeited
a large bond from the company of Jim's employer Roxy Morgan, an old friend of Barnaby's. But when Kemper
cheats, Jim kills him and tries to sell the jewels.

3.07 [44] Barnaby Jones: BLUEPRINT FOR A CAPER
prod. no. 7006 / (1974.10.29)
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Corey Allen, m. Nelson Riddle
Guest Cast:
Gary Lockwood (Cam Wheeler)
Meg Foster (Gina Nelson)
Joby Baker (Joe Holland)
Phillip Pine (Charles Eldridge)
Anthony Carbone (Doug Starrett)
Jay W. MacIntosh (Sarah Larkin)
Jenifer Shaw (Patty)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Bill Joyce (Clete Larkin)
Oscar Beregi (Emil Van Dorian, Jeweller)
Henry Beckman (Capt. Mike).
Ta Tanisha (Gloria)
Lew Horn (Mr. Morgan)
Grayce Spence (Mrs. Dolan)
Mark Edward Hall (Jeff Larkin).
Insurance man Clete Larkin is pushed into an elevator shaft by his colleague Cam. Clete's wife, doubting
an accident, hires Barnaby. He finds out that Gina, Clete's mistress, gave away a stolen jade bracelet
and that Clete provided the plans for the security system.

3.08 [45] Barnaby Jones: MYSTERY CYCLE
prod. no. 7009 / (1974.11.12)
Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by William Wiard, 2nd Unit Director: Carl Barth
Guest Cast:
Mariette Hartley (Carolyn Lacey)
James Luisi (Steve Rollins)
Claudette Nevins (Francis Yeager)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Gerald McRaney (Pete, Biker)
Bill Baldwin (Attorney).
Ann Morrison (Beth, Yeagers' Maid)
Larry Manetti (Joe Scully, Biker)
Larry Watson (Jim, Biker)
David Brandon (Police Detective).
Jonathan Yeager, a motorbike manufacturer, is killed in a bike test. Barnaby investigates for California
Meridian Insurance Company and searches for the mysterious motorcyclist with a black helmet who was seen
pursuing Yeager and smokes small cigars.

3.09 [46] Barnaby Jones: DARK HOMECOMING
prod. no. 7008 / (1974.11.19)
Written by Ben Masselink, Directed by William Wiard
Guest Cast:
Andrew Prine (Shine Stanfield)
Julie Sommars (Ruby Deams)
Jim McMullan (Cliff Baxter)
John McLiam (Dwight Hopkis, Cathy's Father)
Linda Kelsey (Cathy Lou Hopkins)
Jerry Ayers (Wayne Gibson)
Read Morgan (Sheriff George).
Katie O'Pace (Billie)
Iris Korn (Aunt May)
John Gilgreen (Manager Silver Spur)
Don Nagel (Red).
After becoming a famous country singer Ruby Deams returns to her home town attracting her ex-husband Cliff
again. When she slays a jealous Cathy in self-defense her manager Shine makes her believe Cathy is dead.
Later Shine kills the presumed dead.

3.10 [47] Barnaby Jones: TIME TO KILL
prod. no. 7004 / (1974.11.26)
Written by Larry Alexander, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson, m. John Elizalde
Guest Cast:
Laurence Luckinbill (Colby Lassiter)
Ellen Weston (Claire Lassiter)
Kaz Garas (Curt)
Kent Smith (George Weatherly)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Val Avery (Andy Burns)
Than Wyenn (Marcel de Laude)
Maurice Marsac (Armand La Valle).
Sam Edwards (Paul)
Shirley O'Hara (Hanna, Maid)
Dan Barton (Seymour Reynolds, Insurance Company)
Linda Leighton (Grace)
Richmond F. Johnson (Conductor)
Charles Picerni (Security Man).
After a party host Colby Lassiter advances the clock unnoticed and gives George Weatherly a narcotic.
Then he disappears to steal a precious diamond from the house of his guest. But everything goes wrong:
First he kills a guard, then a treacherous diamond cutter.

3.11 [48] Barnaby Jones: DEATH ON DEPOSIT
prod. no. 7012 / (1974.12.03)
Written by Jack B. Sowards, Directed by Robert Douglas
Guest Stars:
Lois Nettleton (Ellen Blazeford)
Richard O'Brien (Sheriff)
Renne Jarrett (Gail)
Special Guest Star:
Ed Flanders ("Doc" Fred Tucker)
(end cast) (not verified)
John Findlater (Bert Munson)
Paul Fix (Alfred Sturmer)
James Carroll Jordan (Ralph Sturmer)
Joan Tompkins (Mrs. Porter, Real Estate),
Ollie O'Toole (Doctor Evans).
When customer Sturmer wants to withdraw a large amount of money from his account, bank president Ellen Blazeford,
who ravaged trust accounts for years, kills him by letting loose a bull. But Barnaby, hired by Sturmer's nephew,
and two bank employees are on her trail.

3.12 [49] Barnaby Jones: WEB OF DECEIT
prod. no. 7011 / (1974.12.10)
Written by Robert Pirosh, Directed by Seymour Robbie
Guest Cast:
Don Porter (Adam Montgomery)
Joel Fabiani (Larry Colter /Stephen Chadway)
Jane Merrow (Hillary Padgett)
Stephen Elliott (James Everett Brock)
Peggy McCay (Mrs. Tatum)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Frank Whiteman (Security Guard)
Laurence Haddon (Charles Tatum)
Elissa Von Zobor (Mrs. Schneider)
Jeff Davis (Executive Barney)
While Larry Colter distracts Hillary, the maid of the Tatums, Adam Montgomery photographs secret memos that
will expose Tatum's boss J.E. Brock. When Tatum surprises him, they kill him arranging a suicide. Barnaby
is hired by the widow and Hillary is imperiled.

3.13 [50] Barnaby Jones: THE LAST CONTRACT
prod. no. 7013 / (1974.12.31)
Written by Robert Heverly, Directed by Seymour Robbie
Guest Cast:
Peter Strauss (Clay Wakefield)
Geoffrey Deuel (Lester Wakefield)
Darleen Carr (Vicki Singer)
Norman Alden (Timmer)
Doris Dowling (Margaret Singer)
Bonnie Ebsen (Cheryl Moore)
Priscilla Morrill (Mrs. Bryner)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Buck Young (Don Thurmond, Golfer)
After marrying Vicki Clay Wakefield wants to quit his career as a professional killer, much to the dismay
of his younger brother Lester. When Lester tries to shoot Barnaby, who is looking for the runaway Vicki,
the girl gets the bullet and is seriously injured.

3.14 [51] Barnaby Jones: TRAP PLAY
prod. no. 7017 / (1975.01.07)
Written by Barry Oringer, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
Nick Nolte (Mark Rainey)
Sheila Larken (Jenny Rainey)
Marc Singer (Feather Tanner)
Simon Scott (Jenny's Father)
Bucklind Beery (Maynard Bates)
Jordan Rhodes (Ken Harrison)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Eddie Firestone (Jack Hennessy, Bartender)
Leigh Christian (Marsha Harrison)
Charles Briscoe (Martin Solomon)
Jon Matthew White (Coach Moreland)
Craig Ludwin (Officer).
Football player Mark Rainey borrows the key of the apartment of his colleague Feather to have a rendezvous
with Marsha. When she feels harassed, Mark kills her accidentally. Marsha's husband hires Barnaby. Feather
advises Mark to give himself up to the police.

3.15 [52] Barnaby Jones: MURDER ONCE REMOVED
prod. no. 7016 / (1975.01.21)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Ralph Senensky
Guest Cast:
Phyllis Thaxter (Aunt Meg Catlin)
Pamela Franklin (Melissa Morgan/ Melinda Pollock)
Robert Pine (Bradley Fredericks/ Catlin)
Ed Power (Arthur Catlin)
Kristina Holland (Junie)
Richard Eastham (R.B. Catlin).
Bill Quinn (Lyle Stranton)
Richard Karlan (Harry Olmo)
Tom Pittman (Deputy).
When her rich father-in-law R.B. Catlin repudiates her, Melissa kills him in a boating accident. His sister
Meg hires Barnaby. When the family reunites at the opening of the will, Arthur, Melissa's brother-in-law,
recognizes her as party girl Melinda.

3.16 [053] Barnaby Jones: COUNTERFALL
prod. no. 7018 / (1975.02.04)
Written by Joel Murcott, Directed by Alf Kjellin
Guest Cast:
Mitchell Ryan (Dennis Kelly)
Jacqueline Scott (Mrs. Albin)
James Callahan (Greg Albin alias Arnold)
Robert Mandan (Rex Turner)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Ron Rifkin (Snapper Wilcox)
Patricia Estrin (Joan Whitley)
Brett Parker (Otis Berne).
John Perak (Vince Riker)
Naomi Caryl (Hilda Waters)
Terry Wilson (Judge Lennox)
Marc Alaimo (Dr. Whitehall)
Patrick Culliton (Reporter # 1)
John Garwood (Reporter # 2).
Lured to the courthouse by a false subpoena, Greg Albin suddenly becomes prime suspect in the murder of
a judge. He forces Barnaby to help him, but is injured by Biddle in an attempt to escape. Trying to uncover
a conspiracy Barnaby is pursued by a hit man.

3.17 [054] Barnaby Jones: DANGEROUS SUMMER
prod. no. 7014 / (1975.02.11)
Written by B.W.Sandefur, Directed by Corey Allen
Guest Cast:
John Rubinstein (Chris Garrison)
Hilly Hicks (Warren Claxton)
Katherine Cannon (Michelle Simon)
Joan Hotchkis (Mrs. Thurston)
Dennis Patrick (John R. Thurston)
Paul Comi (Prof. Ronston)
Frank Maxwell (Milt Williams, Architect)
Vince Howard (Lt. Taylor)
Eileen Dietz Elber (Carol Deelon)
Paul Sorensen (Deputy)
Ben Wilson (Toby Williams)
Harvey Fisher (Harv Cummings)
Robert Florea (Jack Hansberry)
When Chris, Warren, Toby and Michelle rob $200,000 from the company of Chris' wealthy stepfather Thurston,
Toby is shot. Barnaby is hired by Toby's father to find the missing son. Medical student Warren fails to
save Toby, panics and is killed by Chris.

3.18 [055] Barnaby Jones: IMAGE OF EVIL
prod. no. 7019 / (1975.02.18)
Written by Larry Brody, Directed by Leo Penn
Guest Cast:
Audra Lindley (Iris Harmon, Reporter)
Tom Skerritt (Darrin Addison)
Dennis Cole (Carroll Mitchell)
Sharon Spelman (Phyllis Shaeffer)
Kurt Kreuger (Don Chambers)
Stacy Keach, Sr. (Sheriff Whalen)
Tony Monaco (Bob Tarcher).
Dean Santoro (Charley)
Jerry Fogel (Deputy Price)
Sherry Bain (Faye Winston).
Director Darrin Addison kills ageing film star Chambers, who ruined the production with his drunkenness,
to get the money from the life insurance to save the project. Barnaby investigates for the insurance
company. Witness Mitchell requests the title role.

3.19 [056] Barnaby Jones: FANTASY OF FEAR
prod. no. 7021 / (1975.02.25)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Leo Penn
Guest Cast:
Shirley Knight (Kay Lewiston)
Jane Elliot (Ann Danvers)
Quinn Redeker (Vincent Lewiston)
Joshua Bryant (Dan Parker)
Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff)
Hal England (Salesman, Bicycles)
Sander Jones (Steve)
Curt Lowens (Dr. Myers).
Lisa Eilbacher ?
One year after the death of her daughter Sandy, Kay Lewiston is haunted by a mysterious call from a little girl.
She also finds Sandy's pet panda bear and hires Barnaby to clear the mystery and to prove that she is not mad.
But the haunting continues.

3.20 [057] Barnaby Jones: DOOMED ALIBI
prod. no. 7020 / (1975.03.11)
Written by Martin Roth, Directed by Richard Bennett
Guest Cast:
Monte Markham (Vince Barrett/ Rick Hatfield)
Katherine Justice (Shirley Jennings)
Linden Chiles (Red Buttimer)
Jamie Farr (Marty Paris)
Walker Edmiston (George Anderson)
Sam Chew (Chris Mason)
Marcia Mae Jones (Irma Anderson)
Dean Harens (Dan Foreman)
Mark Roberts (Ted Mason)
William Beckley (Bell Captain).
Vince Barrett hires lookalike Rick to have an alibi when murdering Mason and throwing him into the sea.
Rick, who does not know he has been used in a plot, falls for Vince's girl friend Shirley. When Vince
wants to get rid of Rick one of them is shot, but who is it?

3.21 [058] Barnaby Jones: THE DEADLIER SPECIES
prod. no. 7023 / (1975.03.18)
Written by Lou Shaw, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
Bradford Dillman (Robert Travis)
Marj Dusay (Sylvia Blake)
Patricia Smith (Helen)
Mariclare Costello (Ruth)
Walter Brooke (George Lockman)
Claire Brennen (Madeline Howard)
Linda Scruggs (Rita Lockman)
Sandra de Bruin (Nikki).
Technical Advice by Polynesian Concept Incorp.
Betty poses as rich widow Miss Enright to get access to the "Center for Female Consciousness" in order to
clear up the death of lawyer George Lockman. When she finds proof of embezzlement committed by comptroller
Robert Travis she jeopardizes her life.

3.22 [059] Barnaby Jones: POISONED PIGEON
prod. no. 7022 / (1975.03.25)
Written by Skip Webster, Directed by Richard Bennett
Guest Cast:
Penny Fuller (Della Madison/ Olivia Kearney)
Michael Callan (Tim Darnell)
Wayne Tippit (Wade Swanson)
Jonathan Lippe (Charly)
Alex Henteloff (Bruno Arvez)
Jack Riley (Norm Ricks)
Phyllis Hill (Mary Archer)
Ken Scott (Jim Archer).
Laura Lacey (Sue Cabot)
Eldon Quick (Sid Farrell)
Stephen Coit (Dave Howell, Graphology Expert)
Randy Powell (Reservations Clerk)
Pete Gonneau (French Waiter).
Della Madison is a decoy who talks customers into buying large amounts of copper. When Jim Archer discovers
he has been cheated, Della's associate Darnell kills him. While Archer's wife hires Barnaby to find Jim,
Della falls in love with her next victim Wade.

3.23 [060] Barnaby Jones: JEOPARDY FOR TWO
prod. no. 7024 / (1975.04.01)
Written by Carey Wilber, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Eric Braeden ("Hans"/ Jennings/ Raven)
Bernard Fox (Col. George Redford)
John Anderson (John Albright)
Karen Carlson (Mrs. Jennings)
Harvey Jason (Bartender)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Charles Macauley (Charles Siddon)
Ben Wright (Gordon McLean)
Erik Holland (Jan Sinchek)
James McCallion (Groom).
Colonel Redford, a British intelligence agent, seeks Barnaby's help to trace double agent Raven who stole
the famous Habsburg Porcelain Collection and sells the pieces at the Jennings Art Gallery. Raven /Jennings
kills his associate Sinchek and nearly strangles Redford.

3.24 [061] Barnaby Jones: BOND OF FEAR
prod. no. 7015 / (1975.04.15)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
Sharon Acker (Florence Armstrong)
Roger Perry (Russ Madden)
Ben Piazza (Eugene Armstrong)
Arlene Golonka (Nora Frazier)
Devon Ericson (Lori Armstrong)
William Bramley (Sheriff Lunceford)
John Devlin (Harold Armstrong).
Betty McGuire (Edith Logan)
Jon Cedar (Jorden)
Peter Forster (Dr. Parker)
Dick De Coit (Busboy).
Shortly after a quarrel with his wife Florence Harold Armstrong is pushed over banisters and killed.
Russ Madden hires Barnaby to prove Florence's innocence. Nora, Harold's mistress tries to blackmail her.
Who is the mysterious person disguised as Florence?

############### Barnaby Jones ################
############## end of season 3 ###############

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