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Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley
Season 3 (CBS) (1953-54)
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################# I Love Lucy ################
############## season 3 1953-54 ##############
A. C. Nielsen Rank: #1
Monday Nights 9:00 ET, CBS

3.1 [--] I Love Lucy: RICKY'S "LIFE" STORY
Prod. no. 65  (delayed from season 2)  / 05-Oct-53 CBS  
LIFE magazine has done a home picture layout on the Ricardos. The pictures
include Ricky, Little Ricky, and a view of Lucy's left elbow. Therefore,
Lucy needles her husband into getting her into show business so her photos
will be in demand. She rigs herself out in a Spanish costume and tries to
augment a Cuban number sung by Ricky.

Prod. no. 68 / 12-Oct-53 CBS
It's touch-and-go for Lucy and Ethel as they buy a dress shop on a shoestring
and promptly go into the red. With typical beginner's luck, they unwittingly
unload the losing venture on their husbands, Ricky and Fred. Listen and
learn the Spanish phrase for "the check is good" in this episode.

Prod. no. 69 / 19-Oct-53 CBS
Lucy wangles the star role in a revue staged by her women's club by promising
that she will deliver her husband, Ricky, as the show's emcee. The fly in the
theatrical ointment comes as Ethel Mertz, Lucy's arch rival for show honors,
turns up in the same gown as Lucy's. In this episode, Lucy and Ethel sing the
Cole Porter classic, "Friendship."

3.4 [--] I Love Lucy: EQUAL RIGHTS
Prod. no.  70 / 26-Oct-53
After a heated argument about equal rights, during which the girls insist they
want to be treated exactly as if they were men, the Ricardos and the Mertzes
go off to an Italian restaurant for dinner. When the waiter, on Ricky's
insistence, presents four separate checks, the girls discover they have no money.

3.5 [--] I Love Lucy: BABYPICTURES
Prod no. 71: / 2-Nov-53 CBS
A resolution by the Ricardos not to show snapshots of their youngster to their
friends goes by the boards as two proud visitors, Charlie and Carolyn Appleby,
gleefully exhibit pictures of their infant in a baseball suit resembling Little
Ricky's. Listen for the classic Lucy quote: "Where do you keep your baby's cage?"

3.6 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY TELLS THE TRUTH
Prod. no.72  /   09-Nov-53 CBS
 Lucy vows to tell the truth for twenty-four hours in order to win a bet. This
lands her in a knife-throwing act on television. Her predicament stems from a
little white lie during her round-the-clock truth test -- namely, that she
can understand a talent agent who can't speak English. When he hires her,
Lucy has a choice of facing the knife-thrower's blades or losing the bet.
This is the episode where Lucy unwittingly reveals her true age, weight, and original hair color.

3.7 [--] I Love Lucy: THE FRENCH REVUE
Prod. no. 73 / 16-Nov-53
Ricky plans a French revue at the Tropicana. Lucy hires DuBois, a waiter at
a French bistro, to teach Ethel and herself some conversational French.
In exchange for the free lessons, Lucy promises to get DuBois into Ricky's
show. At first Ricky is mad, but he finally agrees to hire the waiter on
the basis of his excellent "Louise" rendition. However, much to Lucy's
consternation, Ricky forbids her to come near the club. She does her best
to get into the Tropicana in various disguises. Maurice Chevalier
impersonations abound in this tribute to France.

Episode #74
Prod. no. 74 /  23-Nov-53 CBS
The Ricardos nearly wreck the apartment of their landlord friends, the
Mertzes, when they try to help decorate their apartment and Lucy proves
herself an inferior decorator.

3.9 [--] I Love Lucy: TOO MANY CROOKS
Prod. no. 75 / 30-Nov-53 CBS
 Fred's birthday is approaching, and the Ricardos decide to buy him a
custom-made tweed suit as a surprise. Lucy sneaks into the Mertz
apartment to borrow one of Fred's old suits as a model. But Mrs. Trumbull,
unaware of Lucy's intentions, sees her and tells Ethel. Because of a
robbery scare in the neighborhood involving a "Madame X," Ethel
immediately jumps to the conclusion that Lucy is she.

Prod. no. 76 / 07-Dec-53 CBS
 Lucy and Ethel hatch an ingenious plot to make their husbands stop
wearing disreputable clothes in public. Ricky proudly displays his
sweatshirt from his alma mater, Havana U.

Prod. no. 77  / 14-Dec-53 CBS
Lucy winds up with drops in her eyes when Ricky visits an oculist, but
it takes more than impaired vision to quell her latest attempts to
crash the show at Ricky's nightclub -- this time with a sizzling
jitterbug dance. In this episode, Fred and Ethel don raccoon coats
for a classic rendition of "The Varsity Drag."

3.12 [--] I Love Lucy:  RICKY'S OLD GIRLFRIEND
Prod. no. 78  / 21-Dec-53 CBS
Ricky creates a fictitious old flame (Carlota Romero) to make Lucy fly
into a jealous rage. By coincidence, a singer by the same name is
actually appearing in New York. The next evening, a press agent
arranges for Carlota Romero (with whom Ricky did work many years ago)
to see Ricky again.

3.13 [--] I Love Lucy: THE MILLION-DOLLAR IDEA
Prod. no. 79  /    11-Jan-54 CBS
Lucy and Ethel have visions of making a million dollars by bottling and
selling old-fashioned salad dressing -- until their operations reach
the point of diminishing returns, largely because of their bizarre views
on how to run a business. Watch as Lucy and Ethel, a.k.a. Isabella
Klump and Margaret McMertz, invent the infomercial.

3.14 [--] I Love Lucy: RICKY MINDS THE BABY
Prod. no. 80 / 18-Jan-54 CBS
Ricky changes his vacation plans so he can spend all his time with Little
Ricky. Lucy uses her free time to go shopping, but when she returns she
finds Little Ricky wandering the hallway by himself. Ricky and Fred have
been so involved in a TV football game, they hadn't seen him wander off.
To teach Ricky a lesson, Lucy phones her husband and nonchalantly asks
about Little Ricky. Panic sets in when the father realizes his son is
missing. A classic father-and-son moment occurs when Ricky recites
"Little Red Riding Hood" in Spanish.

3.15 [--] I Love Lucy: THE CHARM SCHOOL
Prod. no. 81 / 25-Jan-54 CBS
Lucy and Ethel enroll in a charm school to cope with their husbands'
interest in a sweet young thing who exudes personality-plus.
Natalie Schafer, who played Lovey Howell on "Gilligan's Island,"
guest-stars in this episode.

Prod. no. 82 / 01-Feb-54 CBS
Lucy and Ricky want to spend their thirteenth anniversary at home, but
the Mertzes have arranged a surprise party for them. When Ethel asks
Lucy where they'll be that night, Lucy quickly concocts some story that
they'll be out. As the party guests start arriving, Lucy and Ricky
move their champagne dinner into the hall closet. Finally they manage
to divert the guests' attention so they can slip out the front door
and make a properly "surprised" entrance.

Prod. no. 83   /   08-Feb-54  CBS
Lucy and Ricky madly prepare for a visit from a fan magazine writer who
is doing a series on happily married couples. But their frayed nerves
and a family quarrel make for a touch-and-go situation before the scribe
arrives. Kathryn Card plays Ricky Ricardo fan Minnie Finch in this
episode. (She later plays Lucy's mother in the series.)

3.18 [--] I Love Lucy: OIL WELLS
Prod. no. 84 / 15-Feb-54 CBS
Oil Wells
When a fast-talking petroleum "tycoon" from Texas tries to foist some
phony stock off on the Ricardos and the Mertzes, they discover the ruse
just in time to avoid being fleeced. Listen for the classic Ricky quote:
"Don't cross their chickens before their bridges are hatched."

3.19 [--] I Love Lucy: RICKY LOSES HIS TEMPER
Prod. no. 85 / 22-Feb-54 CBS
Ricky tries his hand at a little psychology to overcome Lucy's mania for
buying hats. Madge Blake, who played Aunt Harriet in the TV series "Batman,"
guest-stars as Mrs. Mulford.

3.20 [--] I Love Lucy: HOME MOVIES
 Prod. no. 86  /   01-Mar-54  CBS
 When Ricky makes a film and succeeds in selling it to a producer, Lucy
decides to get into the act by producing her own western. When TV producer
Bennett Green arrives to see Ricky's pilot, "Ricky Ricardo Presents
Tropical Rhythms," he is treated to a spliced-in sampling of Lucy's
theatrical travesty. In this episode, Lucy and Ethel surprise Ricky with
their rendition of "I'm an Old Cowhand."

3.21 [--] I Love Lucy: BONUS CHECKS
Prod. no. 87 /  08-Mar-54 CBS
Lucy and Ethel engage in a not-too-neighborly tiff over the ownership
of a "bonus buck" when its serial number turns up in a newspaper.
Watch Lucy jump into a vat of starch for a half-dollar in this episode.

Prod. no. 88 / 22-Mar-54 CBS
When Ricky makes no provision for Lucy to accompany him on a trip to
Hawaii, Lucy sets out to win a free trip to the ukulele capital for
herself and the Mertzes. Frank Nelson returns as everyone's favorite
game show host, Freddie Fillmore.

3.23 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY IS ENVIOUS
Prod. no. 89  /   29-Mar-54
 A wealthy ex-schoolmate of Lucy's is collecting for a charity. Lucy
tells her friend to put her down for "five." But when the uppity
friend arrives to collect the pledged funds, Lucy is shocked to learn
that her "five" meant five hundred dollars. In order to raise the
money, Lucy and Ethel get a job dressed as two maids from Mars in
a stunt to publicize a science fiction movie. They "invade" the top
of the Empire State Building and scare the daylights out of a group
of hotel patrons.

3.24 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY WRITES A NOVEL
Prod. no. 90 / 5-Apr-54 CBS
Lucy decides to become an author after reading about a woman who won
$10,000 for her book. Ricky, Fred, and Ethel find themselves the
central characters in Lucy's first novel, "Real Gone With the Wind."

3.25 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY'S CLUB DANCE
Prod. no. 91 / 12-Apr-54 CBS
Lucy organizes an orchestra among her girl friends and books them for
a club dance. But the orchestra plays so horribly that she asks Ricky
to come to a rehearsal and give them some advice. Determined to get
publicity for the dance, Lucy announces the premiere performance of
"Ricky Ricardo and His All-Girl Orchestra."

3.26 [--] I Love Lucy: THE BLACK WIG
Prod. no. 93 / 19-Apr-54 CBS
Ricky forbids Lucy to get "one
of those new Italian haircuts." She rebels by borrowing a wig from her
hairdresser Roberta, who insists Lucy looks like a different person
with it on. Lucy plans to wear the wig so she can test Ricky's fidelity,
but the salon manager tips off Ricky to the scheme. When Lucy puts on
the wig and starts flirting, Ricky flirts back.

 3.27 [--] I Love Lucy: THE DINER
Prod. no. 92  / 26-Apr-54 CBS
 Ricky becomes interested in a diner that is for sale, so the Ricardos
and the Mertzes all buy it together. Right away, Ethel and Fred decide
that they are doing all the work while Lucy and Ricky have all the fun.
The couples decide to split the diner down the middle. The Ricardos'
side says "A Little Bit of Cuba," and the Mertzes' side says "A Big Hunk of America."

Prod. no. 94 / 3-May-54 CBS
When country cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford -- a hillbilly's hillbilly --
wears out his welcome with the Ricardos, Lucy tries a vamp act to scare
him back to the mountains. Guest star: Tennessee Ernie Ford.

  3.29  [--] I Love Lucy:  TENNESSEE ERNIE HANGS ON
Prod. no. 95  /  10-May-54  CBS
Lucy gets sick of an extensive visit by Tennessee Ernie, who claims he
is her cousin. She tries to get rid of the likable character by pleading
poverty. The scheme backfires when Tennessee Ernie promotes a benefit
hoedown to assist Lucy and Ricky. Look for "Ernie Ford and His Four
Hot Chicken Pickers" in this episode.

3.30 [--]  I Love Lucy: THE GOLF GAME
Prod. no. 96 /    17-May-54 CBS
 Championship golfer Jimmy Demaret visits the Ricardos when Lucy and Ethel
arrive at a bizarre scheme for combating their "golf widowship." The
girls install a basketball court in the Ricardo living room and pretend
to be as deeply absorbed in the game as their husbands are in the fairways.
Guest star: Jimmy Demaret.

3.31 [97] I Love Lucy: THE SUBLEASE
Prod. no. 97 / 24-May-54 CBS
Hoping to spend the summer away, the Ricardos decide to sublet their
apartment and split the profits with the Mertzes. Their tenant is a shy,
timid soul who has been a witness in a murder trial and who wants nothing
but peace and quiet. The deal is made when Ricky suddenly learns that his
summer job has been canceled. Lucy stages a murder scene to frighten the
tenant away so that she and Ricky can move back into the apartment.
Jay Novello guest-stars as Mr. Beecher, the timid tenant.

################# I Love Lucy ################
############### end of season 3 ##############

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