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Starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, William Frawley
Season 1 (CBS) (1951-52)
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################# I Love Lucy ################
############## season 1 1951-52 ##############
Monday Nights 9:00 ET, CBS

Prod. no.2  / 15-Oct-51 CBS
To celebrate the Mertzes' wedding anniversary, Fred and Ricky want to go to
a prize fight, but the girls want to get dressed up and go to a nightclub.
Lucy threatens to find two other escorts if their husbands won't take them.
This is just fine with Fred, but Ricky worries. So he and Fred find two
other girls and go to the same nightclub to spy on their wives.

1.2 [--] I Love Lucy: BE A PAL
Prod. no.3   / 22-Oct-51
Lucy decides Ricky's love is growing cold, so she takes Ethel's
suggestions: that she join her spouse in his weekly poker game and that she
turn the apartment into a Cuban hacienda to appeal to Ricky's native
tastes. Look for Lucy's wacky Carmen Miranda impression in this episode.

1.3 [--] I Love Lucy: THE DIET
Prod. no.4    / 29-Oct-51 CBS
One of the girls in Ricky's show quits, making a vacancy for a singer who
can wear a size 12 costume. Lucy tricks Ricky into saying that if she loses
enough weight she can sing in the show. She then starves, exercises, and
steams, finally losing five pounds. . .but there are further obstacles to
her "big break." In this episode, Lucy and Desi reprise one of the
highlights of their 1950 vaudeville tour, "Cuban Pete."

Prod. no. 1 /    05-Nov-51 CBS
A misunderstood conversation between Ricky and his agent leads Lucy to the
conclusion that he is trying to kill her. Ricky pours a sedative for Lucy
so she can relax, but she thinks it's poison. With what she believes is her
last burst of energy, she drags herself to Ricky's club to shoot him. The
Classic TV sitcom is born with this, the very first Lucy episode.
(Note: Though this was the fourth episode aired, it was actually the first one
filmed. Technical difficulties affecting the film quality were behind the
decision not to use this episode for the series' premiere.)

1.5 [--] I Love Lucy: THE QUIZ SHOW
Prod. no.5  / 12-Nov-51 CBS
Finding herself short of funds, Lucy wangles her way into a contestant spot
on a wild and woolly quiz show. The show is called "Females are Fabulous,"
a title that Lucy justifies elaborately. In this episode, Frank Nelson
makes the first of many cameos as Freddy Fillmore.

1.6 [--] I Love Lucy: THE AUDITION
Prod. no.6   /   19- Nov-51 CBS
Ricky's band is to be auditioned for television, and Lucy is trying to "get
into the act." When Lucy substitutes for Buffo the clown, the producers
want to sign her, not Ricky, and Lucy is confronted with problems. Ricky
sings his trademark "Babalu" for the first time in this episode.
(Note: This episode was essentially a reworking of the series pilot, which
was filmed in March 1951.)

1.7 [--] I Love Lucy : THE SEANCE
Prod. no.7  /   26-Nov-51 CBS
Lucy suddenly becomes interested in numerology and superstitions. After
advising Ricky that it's a good day for him to make deals, she realizes
that she read yesterday's horoscopes and that today is actually a bad day
for Ricky. She thus says "no" to a very important business call for Ricky
from Mr. Meriweather. In the process of putting things right, Lucy conducts
a seance. Classic Ethel quote: "Ethel to Tillie, Ethel to Tillie, come in Tillie."

1.8 [--] I Love Lucy: MEN ARE MESSY
Prod. no.8   /   03-Dec-51 CBS
When Ricky leaves his clothes around the living room, Lucy gets angry and
divides the living room in half so Ricky can be as messy as he likes on his
side. Ricky gets the Tropicana jumping with the "Straw Hat Song" in this episode.

1.9 [--] I Love Lucy: THE FUR COAT
Prod. no.10  / 10-Dec-51  CBS
 Ricky brings home a mink coat that is to be used in his nightclub act, but
Lucy takes it for granted it's for her. Trying to get the coat away from
her is a problem for Ricky: Lucy not only sleeps in it, she even wears it
while she is doing the housework. Finally, Ricky tells Fred to dress up
like a robber and steal it back for him.

Prod. no. 11  / 17-Dec-51 CBS
Ethel Mertz misinterprets a gossip column item and decides Ricky is
interested in a chorus girl. To keep an eye on Ricky, Lucy manages to
wangle her way into the chorus line, where she upstages the dancer during
the number and makes a mess of the show. Arroz con pollo, Desi Arnaz's
actual favorite dish, is served up in this episode.

1.11 [--] I Love Lucy: DRAFTED
Prod. no.9  /  25-Dec-51 CBS
When Lucy opens a telegram addressed to Ricky ordering him to appear at the
Army's Fort Dix, she assumes he has been drafted. Both Lucy and Ethel are
convinced their husbands have been drafted when they see them drilling in
the living room with brooms. They don't realize that Ricky and Fred are
practicing a dance routine for the servicemen's show.

1.12 [--] I Love Lucy: THE ADAGIO 
Prod. no.12 / 31-Dec-51 CBS
Lucy learns that Ricky is looking for an Apache dancer for his nightclub
act. Convinced that someday she will break into show business, Lucy grabs
at this opportunity. She dreams up a wild American Indian war dance routine
and goes after the job at Ricky's club. As a result, Ricky is challenged to
a duel behind Radio City Music Hall.

1.13 [--] I Love Lucy: THE BENEFIT
Prod. no. 13 / 07-Jan-52 CBS
Lucy resorts to womanly wiles to get Ricky to sing at a women's club
benefit. Ricky is reluctant at first, but Lucy tricks him into agreeing to
sing and dance with her at the function. In this episode Lucy and Ricky
reprise a classic vaudeville routine, "Underneath the Bamboo Tree."

1.14 [--] I Love Lucy: THE AMATEUR HOUR
Prod. no.14  / 14-Jan-52 CBS
Lucy buys a very expensive dress. When Ricky tells her to take it back or
pay for it herself, she decides to get a babysitting job -- but gets more
than she bargained for with the Hudson twins.

1.15 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY PLAYS CUPID
Prod. no.15   / 21-Jan-52 CBS
(Guest Stars: Bea Benaderet and Edward Everett Horton)
Lucy tries to arrange a match between a love-starved old lady and a giddy
grocery man. In her efforts to play Cupid, Lucy gives the grocer the idea
that she has a crush on him.

1.16 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY'S FAKE ILLNESS
Prod. no.16    / 28-Jan-52 CBS
Ricky won't hire Lucy for his new act, so Lucy consults a book on abnormal
psychology for a solution. When Ricky arrives home and finds out that Lucy
is faking a nasty case of the "gobloots," he calls in an actor to play a physician.

1.17 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY WRITES A PLAY
Prod. no.17   / 04-Feb-52 CBS
Lucy writes a tender, heartwarming story of a Cuban tobacco picker in "A
Tree Grows in Havana." She tries to get Ricky to star in it. When he
refuses, Lucy settles for Fred. However, Fred's Spanish accent is so
terrible that she changes the play's setting to England. Ricky wants back
in, but doesn't realize that the play has been revamped until he's on stage.

1.18 [--] I Love Lucy: BREAKING THE LEASE
Prod. no.18  / 11-Feb-52 CBS
After a fun evening around the piano singing favorite songs, the Mertzes
retire to bed, leaving Lucy and Ricky alone to pursue a short encore. Ethel
telephones demanding quiet. When Lucy points out that the Mertzes were just
down there making noise themselves, the Ricardos and the Mertzes have the
first of many classic feuds.

1.19 [--] I Love Lucy: THE BALLET
Prod. no. 19  / 18-Feb-52 CBS
Ricky is searching for both a ballet dancer and a burlesque comic for his
new act. Lucy wants the ballet job desperately and enrols in a dance class
run by the strict Madame Lamond. After failing at ballet, she decides to
hire a burlesque comic teacher in hopes that she can at least be the comic
in the show. When Lucy is summoned to the club to replace a sick performer,
she assumes it's the comic they need, but it is actually the ballet dancer.
Look for Lucy's "Slowly I Turned" burlesque comedy routine in this episode.

1.20 [--] I Love Lucy: THE YOUNG FANS
Prod. no.20 / 25-Feb-52 CBS
Guest Cast:
Richard Crenna
Janet Waldo (the voice of Judy Jetson)
When a teenage girl named Peggy drops her steady, Arthur, for suave Ricky
Ricardo, Lucy tries to teach the clumsy schoolboy how to dance so he can
impress Peggy. Unfortunately, Arthur gets carried away and proclaims his love for Lucy.

1.21 [--] I Love Lucy: NEW NEIGHBORS
Prod. no.21  / 03-Mar-52 CBS
 Lucy and Ethel can't wait to get a closer look at the belongings of their
new neighbors, the O'Briens. Ricky makes Lucy promise not to set foot in
their apartment. Lucy and Ethel decide to snoop anyway, but when the
O'Briens come home suddenly, Lucy and Ethel hide in a closet. There they
overhear the O'Briens discussing what sounds like a plot to murder Ricky
and Lucy. The neighbors are actually television actors rehearsing a scene.
Hayden Rorke, who played Dr. Bellows on "I Dream of Jeannie," guest-stars in this episode.

1.22 [--] I Love Lucy: FRED AND ETHEL FIGHT
Prod. no.22   / 10-Mar-52 CBS
Lucy and Ricky try to patch up the Mertzes' quarrel by inviting each to
dinner without the other's knowledge. "I Love Lucy" sponsor Phillip Morris
is prominently plugged in this episode.

1.23 [--] I Love Lucy: THE MOUSTACHE
Prod. no. 23  / 17-Mar-52 CBS
When Ricky refuses to shave off his new moustache, Lucy glues a white beard
and moustache on her own face. Ricky concedes defeat, but Lucy is unable to
remove her false whiskers because the glue remover is no longer available.
It's "Bulldog Cement" that seals Lucy's fate in this episode.

1.24 [--] I Love Lucy: THE GOSSIP
Prod. no.24  / 24-Mar-52 CBS
Ricky and Fred bet Lucy and Ethel that they can keep from gossiping longer
than their wives. The winners are to be served breakfast in bed for a
month. Ricky tells Lucy some gossip while pretending to be asleep, so that
Lucy will spill the news to Ethel and make the girls lose the bet. Watch
for the classic moment when Lucy does charades in this episode.

1.25 [--] I Love Lucy: PIONEER WOMEN
Prod. no.25   / 31-Mar-52 CBS
 Determining that they have washed 219,000 dishes since being married, Lucy
and Ethel demand dishwashers. The men insist that the women have it too
"soft" and bet them fifty dollars that they can't live without modern
conveniences. See the classic moment when Lucy battles a loaf of bread.

1.26 [--] I Love Lucy: THE MARRIAGE LICENSE
Prod. no.26   / 07-Apr-52 CBS
A close inspection of her marriage license convinces Lucy that she and
Ricky are not legally married. Because his name is misspelled on the
certificate, Lucy insists that Ricky go through the entire courtship and marriage
ceremony a second time. This episode is based on Lucy and Desi's actual wedding.

1.27 [--] I Love Lucy: THE KLEPTOMANIAC
Prod. no.27    / 14-Apr-52 CBS
Ricky discovers a large amount of cash in Lucy's purse and a cache of
silverware and other valuables in a closet. Unaware that Lucy is collecting
items for a club bazaar, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's
a kleptomaniac. Joseph Kearns, Mr. Wilson in "Dennis the Menace,"
guest-stars in this episode.

1.28 [--] I Love Lucy: CUBAN PALS
Prod. no.28   / 21-Apr-52 CBS
 Annoyed by Ricky's accounts of the lovely Cuban entertainer Renita, who was
his partner in the old days, Lucy rigs herself out as a seductive Latin
dancer and devises a plan to replace Renita in the show.

1.29 [--] I Love Lucy: THE FREEZER
Prod. no.29    / 28-Apr-52 CBS
   Lucy gets a walk-in meat freezer, orders two sides of beef, and runs a
business with Ethel until the neighborhood butcher gets wise to their
competitive tricks. While trying to move the beef from the basement freezer
into the unlit furnace before Ricky sees the $483 meat bill, Lucy
accidentally gets locked inside the freezer. This is the "human popsicle" episode.

1.30 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY DOES A TV COMMERCIAL
Prod. no.30   / 05-May-52 CBS
 Lucy tricks Ricky into letting her do a commercial during a television
variety show. The commercial is for Vitameatavegamin Vitamins, and Lucy is
the Vitameatavegamin girl. Don't miss this classic episode.
(Note: This is the classic "Vitameatavegamin" episode.)

1.31 [--] I Love Lucy: THE PUBLICITY AGENT
Prod. no.31 /  12-May-52 CBS
 To increase business at the Tropicana, Lucy concocts a publicity scheme
based on a newspaper item claiming that the Shah of Persia owns all of
Benny Goodman's records. Lucy decides to pose as the Maharincess of Franistan,
who has traveled halfway around the globe to see her singing idol, Ricky Ricardo.

Prod. no. 32 / 19-May-52 CBS
 Convinced that Ricky is a mental giant, Lucy makes secret arrangements to
get him on a radio quiz show. Frank Nelson returns once again as quiz show
host Freddie Fillmore.

1.33 [--] I Love Lucy: LUCY'S SCHEDULE
Prod. no. 33 / 26-May-52 CBS
 After Lucy is late for a dinner appointment with Ricky's boss Alvin
Littlefield, Ricky puts his wife on a rigid time schedule. Ricky tells his
boss about this new schedule, adding that he has Lucy jumping around like a
trained seal and that Littlefield should come over to see her perform. When
Lucy gets wind of the plot, she schemes with Ethel and Mrs. Littlefield to
teach their time-conscious hubbies a well-deserved lesson. Gale Gordon
makes his first guest-star appearance as Alvin Littlefield, Ricky's boss.

Prod. no.34  / 02-Jun-52 CBS
 Haunted by the thought that he is growing bald, Ricky appeals to Lucy, who
comes up with an unorthodox treatment.

1.35 [--] I Love Lucy: RICKY ASKS FOR A RAISE
Prod. no. 35  / 09-Jun-52 CBS
Lucy convinces Ricky that he should pressure his boss into giving him a
raise. When Ricky follows Lucy's advice literally, he gets a big "no" from
the nightclub owner. Insult is added to injury when Ricky's nightclub
launches an explosive campaign announcing the debut of his replacement. You
can't miss Fred Mertz in drag in this episode. Gale Gordon returns as guest star.

################# I Love Lucy ################
############### end of season 1 ##############

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