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Starring Dwayne Hickman
Season 3 (CBS) (1961-62)
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###### The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis ########
############## Season 3 1961-62 ##############
CBS Tuesdays 8:30 pm Eastern
36 new episodes (nos. 76-111)
(Prod. nos 5401-5438, excluding 5431 & 5432)
Season 3 related Dobie and Maynard's
experiences as they leave the army and go to college.

3.01 [76] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE RUPTURED DUCK
Prod. no. 5401 (Copyright date: 20Oct61)
10Oct61 CBS Tue 8:30pm (start of the 3rd season)
Written by Max Shulman
Directed by Rod Amateau
Guest cast:
John Fiedler (Mr. Wurts) (Corporal Whistler)
Raymond Bailey (as Dean Magruder)
Hal England (as Cruikshank)
Dobie and Maynard are out of the Army and trying to find the easiest way to
readjust to civilian life. When they learn that their old teacher Mr.
Pomfritt is now on the faculty at a junior college, they decide that higher
education may be the answer. [TA]

3.02 [77] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: DOBIE, DOBIE, WHO'S GOT DOBIE?
Prod. no. 5403 (Copyright date 6Oct61)
17Oct61 CBS
Written and directed by Rod Amateau
Synopsis 1:
Dobie is trying to cultivate new friendships with new girls, but Zelda
keeps popping up, at all the wrong times. When this doesn't discourage
the man of her dreams, Zelda decides to do a little cultivating of her own. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Zelda competes with a beautiful college girl for Dobie. [DF]

3.03 [78] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: MOVE OVER, PERRY MASON
Prod. no. 5402 (Copyright date 13Oct61)
24Oct61 CBS (CBS re-run 11Sep62)
Written by Dean Reisner
Directed by Rod Amateau
Unknown airdate
Synopsis #1:
Maynard has been taking a law course at college, which has a lot to do with
his decision to sue after getting his hand caught in a gumball machine - in Mr. Gillis' store. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Maynard sues after getting his hand stuck in the store's gumball machine.
Was the machine defective or is Maynard an "accidental prune"? [DF]

3.04 [79] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE FAST, WHITE MOUSE
Prod. no. 5405 (Copyright date: 8Sep61)
31Oct61 CBS Tue 8:30pm (CBS re-run 10Jul62)
Guest cast:
Doris Packer (as Mrs. Osborne)
Hugh Sanders (as the professor)
Margaret Brown (as Rochelle)
Synopsis 1:
Dobie's efforts to get rid of Zelda meet with failure, until he comes up
with a startling idea - use the laws of heredity to prove that their marriage would be a mistake. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie and Zelda worry that they are genetically inferior and thus doomed to
failure like the loser rat in their biology class experiments. [DF]

3.05 [80] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE GIGOLO
Prod. no. 5406 (Copyright 22Sept61)
07Nov61 CBS Tue 8:30pm (CBS rerun 26Jun62)
Written by Joel Kane
Directed by Rod Amateau
Guest cast:
Bill Bixby ......... Roger
Romney Tree ........ Abigail
Nancy Priest ....... Drusilla
Bart Carlon ........ cab driver
Diane Jergens ...... Bernadine
Synopsis 1:
Maynard has dreamed up an ideal way to get plenty of dates. He rents
himself out to girls who are afraid that good-looking boys might make their
out-of-town boy friends jealous. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Maynard becomes the most sought-after date because no girl's boy friend
would be jealous of him. Maynard lets this go to his head and Dobie tries to
snap him back to his old, simple self. [DF]
Synopsis 3:
Dobie is stunned when he discovers that all the pretty co-eds on campus
who have turned him down for a date are showering his friend, Maynard,
with gifts for his services as an escort. [TA]

3.06 [81] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: DIG, DIG, DIG
Prod. no. 5407 (Copyright date 27Oct61)
14Nov61 CBS
Written by Max Shulman
Guest cast:
Jean Byron (as Dr. Burkhart)
Nora Marlowe (as Charwoman)
Tom Montgomery (as Announcer)
Synopsis #1:
Dobie asks his father for permission to embark on an archeological
expedition with his class instructor, Dr. Burkhart. Mr. Gillis can't fathom
Dobie's sudden interest in ancient history, until he meets Dr. Burkhart
- a woman professor who is anything but ancient. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Based loosely on one of Shulman's original short stories ("You Think
You've Got Troubles?") Dobie wants to study Egyptology, but Mr.Gillis
thinks Dobie only has a crush on the teacher, Jean Byron, making her
first appearance as Dr. Burkhart. [DF]

3.07 [82] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis:
Prod. no. 5408 (Copyright date: 15Sep61)
21Nov61 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written and directed by Guy Scarpitta
Synopsis 1:
The class is assigned to select certain objects to be buried with a time
capsule, which will be opened a thousand years from now. Maynard isn't
interested - he's convinced that there won't be anybody around then. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Maynard predicts the end of the world. [DF]
(CBS re-run 3Jul62)

3.08 [83] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE RICHEST SQUIRREL IN TOWN
Prod. no. 5410 (Copyright date 17Nov61)
28Nov61 CBS airdate
Written by Dean Reisner
Script by Max Shulman
Directed by Rod Amateau
Synopsis #1:
A roll of money is missing from Mr. Pomfritt's desk drawer, and
Maynard knows where it went - a squirrel stole it.
Synopsis #2:
A larcenous rodent is stealing from Mr. Pomfritt's desk, but Maynard
and Dobie get blamed. [DF]
(CBS re-run 7Aug62)

3.09 [84] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis:
Prod. no. 5409 (Copyright date 3Nov61)
05Dec61 CBS Tue 8:30pm Eastern
Written by Max Shulman
Directed by Guy Scarpitta
Guest cast:
Carolyn Craig (as Sally Bean)
John Fiedler (as Mr. Bean)
Maxine Stuart (as Mrs. Bean)
Synopsis #1:
Sally Bean's parents are worried that their kind-hearted daughter will fall
for the first man show comes along - so they insist that Sally have at
least two escorts when she goes out. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie finds he has to share his new date, a tender-hearted girl, with
another boy on each date he takes her on. (Based loosely on one of Max
Shulman's original short stories from the first book.) [DF]

3.10 [85] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THIS TOWN AIN'T BIG ENOUGH

Prod. no. 5411 (copyright date 10Nov61)
12Dec61 CBS
Written by Max Shulman
Directed by Rod Amateau
Director of photography: James VanTrees
Film editor: Willard Nico.
Synopsis #1:
Dobie is inspired by poet Robert Browning's line, "A man's reach
should exceed his grasp." He resolves to go after something
unattainable. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie decides to follow the advice given in one of Browning's poems.
(A man's reach should exceed his grasp.) It costs him his new girl,
and almost costs him Zelda as well. [DF]

3.11 [86] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: HAVE REINDEER, WILL TRAVEL (Christmas Episode)
Prod. no. 5413 (Copyright date 8Dec61)
19Dec61 CBS
Written by Arnold Horwitt
Guest cast:
Michael Hardstark (as Walter Funk)
Edith Loder (as Mother)
Argentina Brunetti (as Grandmother)
Debbie Megowan (as Little Girl)
Michael Davis (as Pepe)
Synopsis #1:
Maynard is going to change his ways and become a responsible
citizen. The transformation is so complete that he's appointed class
treasurer. Then the money for the Christmas dance disappears. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Maynard gives the class Christmas fund to a poor Mexican family. [DF]

3.12 [87] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: CRAZYLEGS GILLIS
Prod. no. 5414 (Copyright date 1Sep61)
26Dec61 CBS
Written by Max Shulman
Dobie and girlfriend (played by Michele Lee) have to babysit for a college
football player's kids and ends up having to fill in for him during the game.

3.13 [88] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: BLUE-TAIL FLY
Prod. no. 5412 (Copyright date 29Sept61)
02Jan62 CBS (CBS Rerun 28Aug62)
Written by Arnold Horwitt
Guest cast:
James Pike, James W. Blaine, Sterling Brimley (as the folk trio)
Monica Moran (as Girl)
Tom Reese (as Grogan)
Synopsis #1:
Dobie tosses his hat in the ring to oppose Chatsworth in a school
election. The wealty Chatsworth doesn't bat an eye - he hires a
folk-singing trio to insure the success of his campaign. [TA]
Dobie runs against Chatsworth for student council. Campaign
manager Zelda wants to have Dobie sing like Chatsworth and his
hired folk-singers, but Dobie wants to run on the issues alone. [DF]

3.14 [89] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: I DO NOT CHOOSE TO RUN
Prod. no. 5415 (Copyright date 22Jan62)
09Jan62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Writer: Ron Amateau
Guest cast:
Herb Ellis (as Mulcahey)
Cindy Conroy (as Betty Jane)
John Fielder (as Cheever)
Robert Duggan (as reporter)
Lee Zimmer (as moderator)
Synopsis #1:
Herbert Gillis's decision to run for office many have been an easy one for
him, but it's pretty rough on his son. Dobie's in love with Betty Jane
Mulcahey, daughter of his father's opponent. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Herbert is running for mayor and Dobie falls in love with his opponent's daughter. [DF]

3.15 [90] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: HAPPINESS CAN'T BUY MONEY
Prod. no. 5417 (Copyright date: 06Jan62)
16Jan62 CBS Tue 8:30pm (CBS re-run 17Jul62)
Writer & director: Guy Scarpitta
Guest cast:
Doris Packer (as Mrs. Osborne)
David Bond (as Trembly)
Daniele Aubry (as Fifi)
Julie Thompson (as girl)
Filthy rich Chatsworth Osborne Jr. is mired in emotional bankruptcy: He has
discovered that for all his dough he still isn't a mature man. He thinks
Dobie's father is just the person to correct the situation - and wants him
to move into the Osborne mansion. [TA]

3.16 [91] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: MAGNIFICENT FAILURE
Prod. no. 5416 (Copyright date: 20Jan62)
23Jan62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Writer: Bud Nye
Herbert has lost his financial head. Not only does he loosen the family
purse strings and shower gifts on one and all - he also announces that he
is going to sell the store and enjoy a life of leisure. [TA]

3.17 [92] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: FOR WHOM THE WEDDING BELL TOLLS
Prod. no. 5418 (Copyright date: 13Jan62)
30Jan62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Writer: Arnold Horwitt
Director: Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest cast:
Betty Rollin (as Jane Bailey)
Alberto Morin (as Captain Lopez)
Michael Hardstark (as Tom)
David Frankham (as Derek)
Synopsis #1:
Zelda Gilroy is getting more and more serious about her plan to marry
Dobie. So he and Maynard decide to take action: They stow away on an ocean
liner bound for South America. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie and Maynard stow away on a boat headed for South America. Dobie wants
to get away from Zelda, but she also is on the boat. [DF]

06Feb62 - pre-empted for CBS special: "Henry Fonda and the Family"

3.18 [93] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: GIRLS WILL BE BOYS
Prod. no. 5419 (Copyright date 24Feb62)
13Feb62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written by Joel Kane
Directed by Rod Amateau
Synopsis #1:
Dobie thinks Maynard's life is a disorganized mess and feels he should
lecture him on the subject. For one thing, Maynard simply doesn't know the proper way to waste his time.
Synopsis #2:
Maynard goes out with a female version of himself. Dobie thinks she should
act more feminine. When she realizes it's fun to be feminine, Maynard loses interest in her. [DF]

3.19 [94] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR
Prod. no 5421 (Copyright date 27Jan62)
20Feb62 CBS
Synopsis #1:
Dobie learns in psychology class that marriage is full of wonderful
benefits. Zelda is quick to concur. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie decides to marry Zelda. Maynard reminds her that Dobie hasn't
shown any signs of passionate love. Zelda decides to wait until he
does, but she tries to make sure he'll serenade her properly. [DF]

3.20 [95] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE BIG BLUNDER AND EGG MAN
27Feb62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Guest Cast:
Cheryl Holdridge (as Daphne Winsett)
William Schallert (as Pomfritt)
Synopsis #1:
Daphne Winsett, Dobie's current heart throb, has one deep and abiding
interest - money. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie gets more involved in his economics class project then he should,
when he buys stock in an egg company and gets a room full of eggs.
(Dwayne Hickman began dating Holdridge after this episode.)[DF]

3.21 [96] Dobie Gillis: BIRTH OF A SALESMAN
Prod. no. 5426 (Copyright date 24Mar62)
6Mar62 CBS Tue (CBS re-run 21Aug62)
Written by Arnold Horwitt
Guest cast:
Tuesday Weld ........ Thalia Menninger
Synopsis 1:
Try as he may, Dobie can't convince Maynard that he has outgrown his
penchant for money-mad girls. Maynard is even more skeptical when Dobie's
oldest (and most cash-conscious) girl friend, Thalia Menninger, appears on campus. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Thalia has dropped out of college and become a succesful
saleswoman. Now she's trying to convince Dobie and Mr. Pomfritt to come work for her. [DF]
Synopsis 3:
Dobie is sure he has made the right choice in pursuing a college education -
until gorgeous Thalia Menninger suddenly re-appears on campus. [TA]

3.xx [--] Dobie Gillis: THE FRAT'S IN THE FIRE (a.k.a. "Frat's in a Fire")
Prod. no. 5404 (Copyright date 2Jan62)
Airdate Unknown (CBS re-run 26Jun62)
Written by Joel Kane
Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest cast:
Frank Faylen (as Herbert)
Stephen Franken (as Chatsworth)
Herb Ellis (as Malcolm)
Synopsis #1:
Dobie has applied for membership in the Silver Spoon Club, the top
fraternity on campus. But Dobie's dad is only a grocer, and the snobs won't
even look down their noses at the application. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Mr. Gillis bribes members of a fraternity so they'll accept Dobie. [DF]

3.22 [97] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: LIKE OH BROTHER
Prod. no. 5422 (Copyright date: 17Feb62)
13Mar62 CBS airdate Tuesday 8:30pm
Written by Anold Horwitt
Directed by Guy Scarpitta
Synopsis 1:
An assignment in their sociology class sends Dobie and Maynard to work with
some boys at a local settlement house. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie and Maynard help Dr.Burkhart (Jean Byron) establish a center for
disadvantaged kids. Maynard wins over the little delinquents by talking to
them on their own level. [DF]

3.23 [98] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE
Prod. no. 5424 (Copyright date 1Apr62)
20Mar62 CBS
Written by Les Pine, Joel Kane & Rod Amateau
Directed by Guy Scarpitta
Guest star:
Joyce Van Patten
Diane Sayer ......... Gisele Hurlbut
Synopsis 1:
Dobie cheats on a poetry exam to get into Harvard. [DF]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie's love, Gisele Hurlbut, announces plans to snare a wealthy husband
by enrolling in a posh girl's school. Dobie is not about to give up without
a fight - he decides to enroll at a correspondingly exclusive men's school. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
An irresistible young girl informs Dobie that she is enrolling in a fashionable
girls school in hopes of landing a rich husband. [TA]

3.24 [99] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: (title might be "Names My Mother Called Me")
Prod. no. 5423
27Mar62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written by Lawrence & Maggie Williams and Max Shulman
Directed by ?????
Guest cast:
Diane Sayer (as Gisele Hurlbut)
Russell Collins (as Dr. Kline)
Casey Adams (as Dr. Graham)
Lee Zimmer (as newscaster)
Synopsis 1:
Dobie's newest heartthrob, Gisele Hurlbut, is a girl with whims of iron.
She has concluded that Dobie's first name is ridiculous - and orders him to
change it or get out of her life. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie learns that he is named after a Nobel Prize winner. [DF]

3.25 [100] Dobie Gillis: AN AMERICAN STRATEGY
Prod. no. 5428 (Copyright date 8Apr62)
03Apr62 CBS
w- d- Ron Amateau
Synopsis 1:
Dobie gets a job at a lumber company and dates the boss' daughter,
although he already has a girl friend. [DF]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie attempts to dissolve his romance with a waitress when he
meets the socially prominent daughter of a business tycoon who
can boost him up the ladder of success. [TA]

3.26 [101] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: THE TRUTH SESSION
Prod. no. 5433 (Copyright date 3Mar62)
10Apr62 CBS airdate Tuesday 8:30pm
Guest cast:
B.G. Norman (as Nate Gahagan)
Mary Jackson (as customer)
Synopsis: Maynard isn't doing too well in the court of public opinion these
days: his classmates are convinced they've caught him in a lie. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Maynard decides to always speak the truth, upsetting all his friends in the process. [DF]

3.27 [102] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: I REMEMBER MAU MAU
a.k.a. I REMEMBER MUU MUU (TV Guide title)
Prod. no. 5435 (Copyright date 22Apr62)
17Apr62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Writer & director: David Davis
Guest cast:
Mary Jackson (as Mrs. Grindle)
Raymond Bailey (as Dean Magruder)
Synopsis #1:
Maynard, who is writing an article for the school paper about his
anthropology class, is at a loss for words when it comes to describing some
primitive dances. So he borrows a few adjectives from a newspaper movie review. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Because Dwayne Hickman was sick, Dobie is only in the monologue. Maynard
writes an article for the school newspaper about an anthropology
session, but takes his cue from a tabloid and makes it out to be a sensational orgy. [DF]

3.28 [103] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: SWEET SUCCESS OF SMELL
Prod. no. 5429 (Copyright date 15Apr62)
24Apr62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written and directed by Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest cast:
Kristen Nelson (Ricky Nelson's wife)
Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig (as Elspeth Hummaker) (return appearance)
Charles Lane (as Prof. McGuffy)
Synopsis #1:
The Biology professor makes an interesting discovery: Maynard has an
unusual sense of smell. Dobie decides that there must be a practical use for Maynard's talented nose. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Maynard becomes a Private Nose. [DF]

3.29 [104] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: WHEN OTHER FRIENDSHIPS HAVE BEEN FORGOT
Prod. no. 5434 (Copyright date 12Apr62)
01May62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Guest cast:
Mary Jackson (as Mrs. Kenny)
Pat McNulty (as Caprice)
Synopsis #1:
Dobie thinks Maynard has become too dependent on him. The remedy: terminate
their friendship at once. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Maynard moves away and Dobie misses him greatly. [DF]

3.30 [105] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: I WAS A BOY SORORITY GIRL
Prod. no. 5427 (Copyright date 26Mar62)
08May62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written and directed by Ralph Murphy
Guest cast:
Jennifer West (as Samantha Digby)
Synopsis #1:
Dobie is carrying on like a rich playboy around Samantha Digby - and takes
a job as a waiter in a sorority house to pay for it. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Dobie takes a job as a waiter in a sorority house. [DF]

3.31 [106] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis:
Prod. no. 5436 (Copyright date: 29Apr62)
15May62 CBS Tue 7:30pm
Written and Directed by Ron Amateau
Guest cast:
Jean Byron (as Dr. Burkhart)
Raymond Bailey (as Dean Magruder)
Sibi Collier (as Glynis Overholt)
Mike Mazurki (as Og the Cave Man)
Synopsis 1:
During a class field trip, Maynard discovers an axe - and he's sure that it dates from the Stone Age. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Maynard discovers a prehistoric throwback living in a cave and decides to move in with him. [DF]

3.32 [107] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: BACK TO NATURE BOY
Prod. no. 5437 (Copyright date: 30Apr62)
22May62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written by Joel Kane
Directed by Guy Scarpitta
Guest cast:
Lynn Loring (as Edwina Cagle)
Doris Packer (as Mrs. Osborne)
David Bond (as Trembley)
Synopsis 1:
A girl named Edwina Cagle is in town visiting with some relatives who are
noted for their cultivated interests. Naturally they are upset when
Edwina's interests produce a faux pas named Maynard G. Krebs. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Chatsworth's cousin Edwina is tired of society life. She wants Maynard to
show her how to live the simple life. [DF]

3.33 [108] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: HOW TO CHEAT AN HONEST MAN
Prod. no. 5425 (Copyright date: 17Mar62)
29May62 CBS Tue 8:30pm
Written and Directed by Guy Scarpitta
Guest cast:
Diane Jergens (as Eloise McInerney)
Synopsis 1:
Dobie's new love, Eloise McInerney wants him to prove that honesty runs in his family. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Dobie, Maynard and Herbert get arrested for trying to "unfix" a ticket
while Dobie is trying to impress a girl who believes in complete honesty. [DF]

3.34 [109] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis:
BACHELOR FATHER...AND SON (a.k.a. "Bachelor, Father, and Son")
Prod. no. 5438 (Copyright date 5Apr62)
05Jun62 CBS
w- Joel Kane d- Stanley Z. Cherry
Synopsis #1:
While Winifred is vacationing, Herbert and Dobie are looking forward
to a few days of idyllic bachelorhood. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Winnie goes to visit her sister in Cleveland, leaving Herbert and Dobie
on their own. When the cat's away, the slobs will play. [DF]

3.35 [110] Many Loves of Dobie Gillis: LIKE LOW NOON
Prod. no. 5420 (Copyright date: 03Feb62)
12Jun62 CBS airdate Tuesday 8:30pm
Writer: Dean Riesner
Director: Rod Amateau
Guest cast:
Mark Meyer (as Butch Baumgartner)
Synopsis #1:
Butch Baumgartner, bully and former nemesis of Dobie's, is coming back to
town after a jaunt in the Army. His bus is scheduled to arrive at noon -
and he has sent word that his greatest civilian ambition is to knock Dobie's brains out.
Synopsis #2:
Dobie has to meet an old rival of his coming home from the Army on the
12:00 bus. He gathers courage (as the song "Do Not Forsake Me" plays in the
background) and stands up to his old nemesis, who is so impressed that he
befriends Dobie. This causes Mr.Gillis to say,"I've gotta love that boy. I've just gotta!"

[--] 19Jun62 rerun of "The Gigolo" (from 07Nov61)

3.36 [111] Dobie Gillis: THE FRAT'S IN THE FIRE (a.k.a. "Frat's in a Fire")
Prod. no. 5404 (Copyright date 2Jan62)
26Jun62 CBS
Written by Joel Kane
Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest cast:
Frank Faylen .......... Herbert
Stephen Franken ....... Chatsworth
Herb Ellis ............ Malcolm)
Synopsis 1:
Dobie has applied for membership in the Silver Spoon Club, the top
fraternity on campus. But Dobie's dad is only a grocer, and the snobs won't
even look down their noses at the application. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Gillis bribes members of a fraternity so they'll accept Dobie. [DF]
Synopsis 3:
Dobie is only a grocer's son so his application for membership in the
Silver Spoon Club, a snobbish campus fraternity, is rejected until his
father discovers the club is fresh out of grocery money. [TA]

CBS Summer re-runs 03Jul62 - 18Sep62
[--] 3Jul62 rerun of "Eat, Drink and Be Merry - for Tomorrow Ker-Boom" (from 21Nov61)
[--] 10Jul62 rerun of "The Fast, White Mouse" (from 31Oct61)
[--] 17Jul62 rerun of "Happiness Can't Buy Money" (from 16Jan62)
[--] 24Jul62 rerun of "Dig, Dig, Dig" (from 14Nov61))
[--] 31Jul62 rerun of "The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World" (from 05Dec61)
[--] 7Aug62 rerun of "The Richest Squirrel in Town" from 28Nov61)
[--] 14Aug62 rerun of "For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls" (from 30Jan62)
[--] 21Aug62 rerun of "Birth of a Salesman" (from 06Mar62)
[--] 28Aug62 rerun of "The Blue-Tail Fly" (from 02Jan62)
[--] 04Sep62 rerun of "Dobie, Dobie, Who's Got Dobie?" (from 17Oct61)
[--] 11Sep62 rerun of "Move Over, Perry Mason" (from 24Oct61)
[--] 18Sep62 rerun of "Crazy Legs Gillis"(from 26Dec61)

###### The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis ########
############## end of season 3 ###############

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