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Starring Danny Thomas & Jean Hagen
Season 2 (ABC) (1954-55)
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########### Make Room for Daddy ##############
############# season 2 1954-55 ###############
ABC Tuesdays 9:00 pm Eastern
30 episodes
Prod. nos. 31-60 inc.
Produced by Louis F. Edelman

2.01 [031] Make Room For Daddy: FAMILY TROUBLES
28Sep54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
The family plans a clever ruse to end Danny's severe case of
jitters about his career as a night club entertainer. [JB]

2.02 [032] Make Room For Daddy: TONSILLECTOMY
5Oct54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Steven Geray (as the Doctor)
A conflict occurs in the Williams household when the family
doctor decides that both Danny and Rusty must have their tonsils
removed. As the fateful day approaches, a struggle ensues between
father and son. Each tries to out do the other in facing the test with manly courage. [JB]

2.03 [033] Make Room For Daddy: TERRY TAKES CHARGE
12Oct54 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Danny's wife leaves daughter Terry in charge of the household
chores while she is on jury duty. The problem becomes further
complicated when Danny comes down with a back ailment. [JB/TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 2Oct61)

2.04 [034] Make Room For Daddy: DANNY HAS A BABY
19Oct54 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
The days of the diaper detail are recalled to Danny when his wife
returns home with a neighbor's child. She wants Danny to show off
his fatherly talents to Rusty and Terry.
Synopsis 2:
Margaret hits on a scheme to prove that Danny doesn't know as
much about caring for infants as he thinks. [TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 4Oct61)

2.05 [035] Make Room For Daddy: MILITARY SCHOOL
26Oct54 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Rusty faces a future of rigid discipline when the Williams' decide
to send him off to a military academy. Something has to be done
about those terrible marks. [JB/TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 6Oct61)

2.06 [036] Make Room For Daddy: DANNY LANDS IN PICTURES
(a.k.a. "The First Hollywood Show")
2Nov54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast
Chester Conklin & Hank Mann (Old-time Keystone cops)
The Williams family is off to Hollywood. Danny's been promised
a career on the silver screen by a most enthusiastic movie .
producer. [JB]

2.07 [037] Make Room For Daddy: HOLLYWOOD TRIP
9Nov54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Danny loses his opportunity to become a motion picture star.
This is the second of Danny's adventures in filmland. [JB]

2.08 [038] Make Room For Daddy: ANNIVERSARY
16Nov54 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
Danny has little success when he tries to make Margaret understand
why he cannot be with her and the children to observe his wedding anniversary. [JB]
Possible synopsis 2:
Margaret has prepared a special dinner for two, complete with soft lights and music. [TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 6Oct61)

2.09 [039] Make Room For Daddy: MARGARET'S AUNT
23Nov54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Louise Lorimer (as Margaret's aunt)
Nana Bryant (as the mother-in-law)
Margaret's aunt becomes a major factor in Danny's domestic
troubles. He unwittingly becomes the means through which Margaret
plans to reunite her aunt with her long-lost sister, Margaret's mother. [JB]

2.10 [040] Make Room For Daddy: TERRY'S BOYFRIEND
30Nov54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
The Williams family is in an uproar. Terry's been asked to a
school dance, her very first date. Danny can't understand all the excitement. [JB]

2.11 [041] Make Room For Daddy: MARGARET FEELS NEGLECTED
Prod. no. 41
7Dec54 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
Danny's wife Margaret has a first-class case of neglect symptoms.
She discovered that the spotlight that shines on Danny isn't big
enough for both of them. The family must make Margaret feel wanted. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Margaret feels like everyone gets compliments but her, and
it's up to Danny and the kids to make her feel appreciated. [TA]

2.12 [042] Make Room For Daddy: FATHER OF THE YEAR
14Dec54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
When Danny is named "Father of the Year," he tries to get his
family to pose for a magazine cover. They refuse-with the excuse
that daddy got his title under false pretenses. [JB]

2.13 [043] Make Room For Daddy: THE ANNA MARIA ALBERGHETTI SHOW
21Dec54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Anna Maria Alberghetti (singer)
Alan Reed (as Uncle Angelo)
The platters of Italian food at his friend Angelo's restaurant
are served to Danny by a talented young miss. She and her Uncle
Angelo are certain Danny can help her to begin a singing career. [JB]

2.14 [044] Make Room For Daddy: NEW YEAR'S SHOW
28Dec54 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Danny decides to spend a quiet New Year's Eve at home with Margaret. [JB]

2.15 [045] Make Room For Daddy: JESSE'S ROMANCE
4Jan55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Jesse White (as Jesse)
Irene Ryan
Synopsis 1:
The Williams family makes a huge mistake when it tries to play matchmaker
for Danny's agent, Jesse, and a persistent comedienne. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
The Williams family makes a mistake when they try to play matchmaker for Danny's agent Jesse. [TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 17Oct61)

2.16 [046] Make Room For Daddy: TERRY GETS HER OWN ROOM
11Jan55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Daughter Terry begins a campaign to acquire a room of her own. After all,
she's a grown-up lady now, entitled to privacy! Danny and Margaret see
what they can do to appease her. [JB/TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 18Oct61)

2.17 [047] Make Room For Daddy: DANNY GOES ON TV
18Jan55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
Danny's appearance on a coast-to-coast TV show makes his family dream
of him as a great star, and of the family coffer as full of millions
of dollars in precious loot. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Danny has been offered a huge sum to do a TV show. [TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 19Oct61)

2.18 [048] Make Room For Daddy: TERRY'S FIRST BIG CRUSH
25Jan55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
Twelve-year-old Terry's heart is lost to a charming French actor friend
of Danny's. Danny realizes that his daughter, with a room of her own, has
a mind of her own as well. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Twelve-year-old Terry falls for a handsome French friend of Danny's
who's visiting the Williams. [TA]
(NBC afternoon re-run 20Oct61)

2.19 [049] Make Room For Daddy: THE CHILDREN'S GOVERNESS
1Feb55 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast
Norma Varden (as the governess)
Terry and Rusty react violently to their parents' decision to
hire a governess for them. [JB]

2.20 [050] Make Room For Daddy: DANNY'S BIOGRAPHY
8Feb55 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Hope Emerson (as the teacher)
Danny finds that a little learning can be a dangerous thing.
Daughter Terry is trying to find out about Daddy's education for
an article she's writing in school. [JB]

2.21 [051] Make Room For Daddy: DANNY TRIES REAL ESTATE
15Feb55 ABC
directed by Sheldon Leonard
Joan Banks, George O'Hanlon, Jack Kruschen.
Danny's so depressed about being a show-business "has-been" that
he decides to give up his fading career for a job as a real estate salesman. [JB]

2.22 [052] Make Room For Daddy: RUSTY GETS A HAIRCUT
22Feb55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Synopsis 1:
Mother's pleas that Rusty be allowed to preserve his curly locks
fall on the deaf ears of daddy Danny, who wants his to be a man at last. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Rusty gets into a fight when another kid calls him a girl
because of his hair. Danny takes him to the barber, who won't
cut his hair because Margaret threatened him, so Danny tries to cut it himself. [TA]

2.23 [053] Make Room For Daddy: TERRY'S TEENAGE BIRTHDAY
1Mar55 ABC
Terry's boy friend invites her to a fashionable eating place to
celebrate her 13th birthday. [JB]
2.24 [054] Make Room For Daddy: PETER PAN
8Mar55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Cecil Kellaway.
Danny's children see a performance of "Peter Pan" and insist
they too can fly. Danny enlists the aid of a stagehand on the
show to discourage their attempts to take off. [JB/TA]
(NBC 30Oct61 afternoon re-run)

[---] 15Mar55 rerun of "Rusty Runs Away" (original air date 26Jan54)

2.25 [055] Make Room For Daddy: THE PIANO TEACHER
22Mar55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest Cast:
Jay Novello
Danny can't see the point in giving Rusty and Terry piano lessons. It's
obvious they haven't the least bit of talent! [TA/JB]
(NBC 31Oct61 afternoon re-run)

2.26 [056] Make Room For Daddy: THE NEWSPAPERMAN SHOW
29Mar55 ABC
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Guest cast:
Hans Conried (as Bill Pearson)
Danny prevails on his newspaperman friend Bill Pearson to write a column
about life in the Williams household. When Pearson finally visits Danny,
he gets an unexpected "coop." [TA/JB]

2.27 [057] Make Room For Daddy: THE PHILOSPHER
5Apr55 ABC
Synopsis 1:
Inspired by a philosophy professor's invitation by Danny to address
his class, the entire Williams family embarks on a knowledge gaining spree.[JB]
Synopsis 2:
Margaret invites her philosophy instructor to dinner. But Danny and the
professor don’t get along too well. [TA]
(NBC 2Nov61 afternoon re-run)

2.28 [058] Make Room For Daddy: FATHER-SON SHOW
12Apr55 ABC
Guest Cast:
Art Lewis, Robert Foulk, Phil Arnold.
Synopsis 1:
Margaret is determined that Danny shall pay closer attention to their
young son, Rusty. Danny goes along with the plan but balks when Rusty
insists Danny join him for a father-son program at school. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Margaret tells Danny he has to be a pal to Rusty. Danny goes along with the
idea - until Rusty asks him to dress up for a father-son school program. [TA]
(NBC 3Nov61 afternoon re-run)

2.29 [059] Make Room For Daddy: THE BENEFIT SHOW
Prod. no 59 / 19Apr55 ABC
Guest Cast:
Hy Averback, Dave Barry, Bob Hopkins.   
Danny suffers pangs of guilt after refusing to participate in a
benefit for a destitute night club owner. His fellow performers
appear to him in a dream. [JB]

2.30 [060] Make Room For Daddy: TRIP TO WISCONSIN
26Apr55 ABC
Guest Cast:
Will Wright, Kathryn Card.
The family takes a trip to the small town where Margaret spent
her childhood. The tranquility of the rural community is almost
more than Danny, who loves the city, can bear. [JB]

Summer Re-runs
03May55    Tonsillectomy (Rerun, original air date 05Oct54)
10May55    Terry Takes Charge (Rerun, original air date 12Oct54)
17May55    Danny's Biography (Rerun, original air date 08Feb55)
24May55    Margaret's Aunt (Rerun, original air date 23Nov54)
31May55    Terry's Boyfriend (Rerun, original air date 30Nov54)
07Jun55    The Children's Governess (Rerun, original air date 01Feb55)
14Jun55    Danny Lands in Pictures (Rerun, original air date 02Nov54)
21Jun55    Hollywood Trip (Rerun, original air date 09Nov54)
28Jun55    Julia's Birthday (Rerun, original air date 06Apr54)
05Jul55        Family Troubles (Rerun, original air date 28Sep54)
12Jul55        Terry Gets Her Own Room (Rerun, original air date 11Jan55)
19Jul55        Military School (Rerun, original air date 26Oct54)
26Jul55        The Piano Teacher (Rerun, original air date 22Mar55)
02Aug55    Jesse's Romance (Rerun, original air date 04Jan55)
09Aug55    Rusty Gets A Haircut (Rerun, original air date 22Feb55)
16Aug55    The Newspaperman Show (Rerun, original air date 29Mar55)
23Aug55    Terry's First BigCrush (Rerun, original air date 25Jan55)
30Aug55    Danny Goes on TV (Rerun, original air date 18Jan55)
06Sep55        Peter Pan (Rerun, original air date 08Mar55) 

############ Make Room for Daddy #############
############## end of season 2 ###############

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