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Starring Danny Thomas & Marjorie Lord
Season 10 (CBS) (1962-63)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive [Updated -Feb 2018]
with contributions by: Phil Wala
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########### The Danny Thomas Show ############
############# season 10 1962-3 ###############
CBS Mondays 9:00 pm Eastern
T & L productions
32 episodes (nos. 282-313 inc.)
The tenth season featured a story line with Danny and Kathy visiting Europe.
Eight of the episodes were filmed in Europe and, when broadcast, were spread out over the entire season.
Episodes filmed in the U.S. (focusing on other characters from the show) were used to pad the 1962-63 season.
Regular cast includes:
Amanda Randolph (as Louise)
Sid Melton (as Charley)
Pat Carroll (as Bunny)

10.01 [282] The Danny Thomas Show: THE BABY HATES CHARLEY
(copyright date 9Aug62) 01Oct62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Charley Halper's baby son laughs happily even when complete strangers play
with him. But whenever Charley comes near - the baby screams.

10.02 [283] The Danny Thomas Show: DANNY'S REPLACEMENT
(copyright date 2Aug62) 08Oct62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest star:
Jack Carter (as himself)
Danny and Kathy are overjoyed when agent Phil Brokaw reports that Danny's
been signed for a European tour. But Danny can't leave until he finds a
replacement at the club.

10.03 [284] The Danny Thomas Show: WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?
(copyright date 16Aug62) 15Oct62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Danny and Kathy are nearly ready for their European tour, but Danny is mad
because Charley and Bunny haven't volunteered to take care of Rusty and Linda.

10.04 [285] The Danny Thomas Show: THE BRITISH SENSE OF HUMOR   (Filmed in London, England)
(copyright date 15Jun62) 22Oct62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Cecil Parker (as Sir Harry)
Danny and Kathy have arrived in London, where Danny is to play the Palladium. But when he
remembers the English sense of humor, Danny wants his friend Sir Harry to check his material.
(Filmed in England - The first of eight episodes filmed in Europe.)
(Network re-run 27May63)

10.05 [286] The Danny Thomas Show: JOSE RENTS THE COPA
(NOT on Library of Congress)
29Oct62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)
Jose the elevator operator talks with Charley Halper about renting the Copa
Club. Charley thinks he's joking, but the joke's on him when he winds up
renting the place to Jose for a ridiculously low fee.

10.06 [287] The Danny Thomas Show: RUSTY FOR PRESIDENT
(copyright date 30Aug62) 5Nov62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Jimmy Barringer (as Horace)
Rusty has been nominated for president of the junior class, but his opponent turns out to be a superior campaigner.
Charley suggests that they stage a rally for Rusty at the Copa Club, with the Smothers Brothers,
comedy folksingers, as stars.

10.07 [288] The Danny Thomas Show: A-HUNTING WE WILL GO (Filmed in England)
(22Jun62 copyright date) 12Nov62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Jimmy Edwards (as Jamie)
Vanda Godsell (as Mavis)
Raymond Huntley (as Lord Nuffield)
Arnold Bell (as the constable)
David Ensor (as the judge)
Peter Butterworth (as Publican)
Harold Goodwin (as the bellhop)
Lawrence Hardy (as the doorman)
Out to see the English countryside, Kathy and Danny meet a curious fellow
called Jamie, who invites Danny to accompany him on a hunting trip. Danny
doesn't realize that Jamie is a notorious poacher.

10.08 [289] The Danny Thomas Show: TEN YEARS AGO TODAY
(copyright date 20Sep62) 19Nov62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Paul Dubov (as Felix)
Via flashbacks Charley explains how he opened the Copa Club and how Danny became his star attraction.

10.09 [290] The Danny Thomas Show: JOSE, THE SCHOLAR
(NOT on Library of Congress)
26Nov62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)
Virginia Gregg (as Miss Brown)
In England, Danny and Kathy receive news that their friend, elevator
operator Jose Jimenez, is attending night school to improve himself. Back
home, we see that he is - but he's confused about American history.

10.10 [291] The Danny Thomas Show: THE OULD SOD (Filmed in Ireland)
(copyright date 29Jun62) 3Dec62 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Noel Purcell (as Francis Daly)
J.B. Devlin (as Shamus Daly)
In Ireland, Kathy and Danny stop at a small village to visit Kathy's
relatives. They both receive a warm and hearty welcome - until Danny
reveals that he's not a son of Erin.

10.11 [292] The Danny Thomas Show: TONOOSE, LIFE OF THE PARTY
(Copyright date 27Sep62) 10Dec62 CBS

10.12 [293] The Danny Thomas Show: DANNY'S ENGLISH FRIEND (Filmed in England)
(copyright date 8Nov62) 17Dec62 CBS
Guest cast:
Bernard Fox (as Alfie Wingate)
Noel Drayton (as Bert Wingate)
Paul Dubov (as Felix)
Roy Roberts (as Mr. Washburn)
Shirley Mitchell (as Betty)
Carl Carlson (as the juggler)
In a London pub, Danny meets a friendly but totally inept waiter named Alfie Wingate. When Alfie says that
he's on his way to New York, Danny tells him to see Charley Halper for a good table at the Copa Club - and
Alfie thinks he's been offered a job.
(CBS repeat 3Jun63)

10.13 [294] The Danny Thomas Show: BUNNY, THE BROWNIE LEADER
(copyright date 18Oct62) 24Dec62 CBS
Guest cast:
Margaret Hamilton (as Miss Fenwick)
Joan Tomkins (as Miss Barclay)
Linda's Brownie troop will have to disband unless the girls can find a new
leader - so Bunny volunteers. But apparently she'll have to share the job
with a prim "career" Brownie named Miss Fenwick.

10.14 [295] The Danny Thomas Show: CHARLEY, THE ARTIST
(copyright date 23Aug62) 31Dec62 CBS

10.15 [296] The Danny Thomas Show: LOST FRENCH BOY
(copyright date 8Jun62) 7Jan63 CBS

10.16 [297] The Danny Thomas Show: JOSE, THE DOG SITTER
(copyright date 15Nov62) 14Jan63 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)
Instead of the raise he expected, elevator operator Jose Jimenez is given
the additional job of taking care of a pedigreed pooch named Maurice.
Maurice is a kleptomaniac - he picks up loose objects and hides them.

10.17 [298] The Danny Thomas Show: TONOOSE NEEDS GLASSES
(copyright date 1Nov62) 21Jan63 CBS
Guest cast:
Hans Conried (as Uncle Tonoose)
Philip Ober (as Dr. Edwards)
In town for his physical examination, Tonoose demonstrates to Charley,
Bunny and the kids that he is still "strong as a bull." But the doctor does
focus on one flaw, which upsets Tonoose terribly - he needs glasses.

10.18 [299] The Danny Thomas Show: MILLION DOLLAR DRESS
(copyright date 1Jun62) 28Jan63 CBS
Guest Cast:
Jacques Marin (as Marcel)
Pascale Roberts (as Jeanette Giroux)
Genevieve Gombert (as announcer)
Nadine Alari (as Vendeuse)
George Hubert (as waiter)
Danny discovers that the dress he promised Kathy costs over a thousand
dollars, so he decides to have a $100 copy made (without telling the little woman, of course).
(CBS re-run 1Jul63)

10.19 [300] The Danny Thomas Show: RUSTY'S BIRTHDAY
(copyright date 22Nov62) 4Feb63 CBS
Guest star:
Sammy Davis Jr.
Rusty is celebrating his 16th birthday, but it isn't a very happy occasion -
he hasn't received a present from his parents in Europe.

10.20 [301] The Danny Thomas Show: CHARLEY, THE TIGER
(copyright date 29Nov62) 11Feb63 CBS

10.21 [302] The Danny Thomas Show: THE ROMAN PATRIOT (Filmed in Rome, Italy)
(copyright date 25May62) 18Feb63 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Guest cast:
Massimo Serato (as Francesco)
Gianni De Benedetto (as man)
Danny would rather read the paper and take a nap than take Kathy on a tour
of Rome - until a handsome Italian named Francesco offers to act as Kathy's escort.
(CBS re-run 8Jul62)

10.22 [303] The Danny Thomas Show: JOSE'S GUIDED TOUR
(copyright date 20Dec62) 25Feb63 CBS

10.23 [304] The Danny Thomas Show: BUNNY'S COUSIN
(copyright date 6Dec62) 4Mar63 CBS

10.24 [305] The Danny Thomas Show: WHEN IN ROME  (Filmed in Rome, Italy)
(copyright date 18May62) 11Mar63 CBS
In Rome, agent Phil Brokaw advises Danny and Kathy to eat only in places
catering to American tourists, but they neglect his warning.
(CBS repeat 6Jul64)

[--] The Danny Thomas Show: THAT OLD FEELING [Updated -Feb 2018 -PW]
(copyright date 24Jan63)
18-Mar-1963 CBS pre-empted by a special "Arthur Godfrey Loves the Animals".
actual air date was 13-May-63

 10.25 [306] The Danny Thomas Show: LOUISE TO THE RESCUE
copyright date 7Feb63) 25Mar63 CBS
Guest cast:
Joyce Jameson (as Nikki Stewart)
The Clara Ward Singers (as the club women)
When movie star Nikki Stewart turns on the temperament before her
appearance at Charley's Copa Club, Louise the maid claims that she and her
ladies' club members can be of some help.

 10.26 [307] The Danny Thomas Show: VENETIAN MELODY  (Filmed in Venice, Italy)
(copyright date 11May62) 01Apr63 CBS
Guest cast:
Piccola Pupa (as Maria Bonifacio)
Antonio Pieretti (as Pietro)
Tony Brandt (as the bellhop)
Antonio Grossi (as the goldolier)
Andriano Vitali (as Luigi)
Mimo Billi (as Longo)
Nino Falanca (as customs agent)
Vezio Bianconi (as the photographer)
Betti Foa (as Momma)
In Venice, Danny and Kathy are dogged by a one-girl talent agency named
Maria, whose entire family seems to consist of performers.
(CBS re-run 22Jul63)

 10.27 [308] The Danny Thomas Show: CHARLEY, MY BOY
(copyright date 14Feb63) 8Apr63 CBS Monday 9:00pm
Singer Diana Lawrence butters up Charley so that she can get an audition at
the Copa Club -and Bunny discovers that Charley is a sucker for the soft-soap routine.

10.28 [309] The Danny Thomas Show: LINDA, THE GROWNUP
(copyright date 13Dec62) 15Apr63 CBS
Guest cast:
Debbie Megowan (as Nancy)
Phil Phillips (as Steve)
To prove that she's mature, 10-year-old Linda offers to take on all the
domestic tasks of the Halper household.

 10.29 [310] The Danny Thomas Show: HOMECOMING
(copyright date 10Jan63) 22Apr63 CBS
Danny and Kathy's return from Europe sets off a joyous family reunion - for
everyone except the Halpers, who feel "turned out to pasture" as they have
to move back into their own apartment.
(CBS re-run 27Jul64)

 10.30 [311] The Danny Thomas Show: TONOOSE'S BROTHER
(copyright date 17Jan63) 29Apr63 CBS
When Uncle Tonoose proposes some elaborate plans for the Williams clan,
Danny knows that only one person could successfully oppose him - Tonoose's
older brother Tufik, who is still in Lebanon. Danny Thomas plays Tufik.
(CBS re-run 3Aug64)

10.31 [312] The Danny Thomas Show: JOSE'S RIVAL
(copyright date 31Jan63) 06May63 CBS
Guest cast:
Bill Dana (as Jose Jimenez)
Zeme North (as Susie Harper)
Bill Bixby (as Tommy Bradley)
Bashful Jose Jimenez has fallen for a tap dancer named Susie. But the Latin
lover thinks it's taps for his romance when Susie's hometown boy friend shows up.

10.32 [313] The Danny Thomas Show: THAT OLD FEELING [Updated -Feb 2018 -PW]
(copyright date 24Jan63)
13-May-63 CBS Mon
(Originally scheduled for 18-Mar-1963 buy pre-empted by a special "Arthur Godfrey Loves the Animals")

########### The Danny Thomas Show ############
############## end of season 10 ###############

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