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Starring Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts
Season 3 (CBS) (1962-63) (b-w)
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########### The Andy Griffith Show ##########
############## season 3 1962-63 ##############
############## (black-and-white) #############
CBS Mondays 9:30 PM Eastern

3.1 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: MR. McBEEVEE
1 October 1962
Opie starts talking about his new friend Mr. McBeevee, but his description is hard to believe.

3.2 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY'S RICH GIRLFRIEND
8 October 1962
When Andy finds out his new girlfriend's father is wealthy, Barney talks him into believing the relationship is doomed.

3.3 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY AND THE NEW MAYOR
15 October 1962
Mayberry's new mayor doesn't like Andy or the way he does his job.

3.4 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY AND OPIE - BACHELORS
22 October 1962
Aunt Bee leaves town for a few days, leaving Andy and Opie to take care of themselves. When Peggy volunteers
to cook for them, Floyd tries to convince Andy that she is trying to catch a husband.

3.5 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE COW THIEF
29 October 1962
The mayor calls in an investigator from the state capital to help solve a string of cow thefts.

3.6 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY MENDS A BROKEN HEART
5 November 1962
After Andy has an argument with Peggy, Barney tries to make things better by setting him up with another girl.

3.7 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: LAWMAN BARNEY
12 November 1962
Two farmers ignore Barney's warning to stop selling their vegetables on the street and make fun of him. Andy
tells them a big story about Barney being a cold-hearted killer known as Barney the Beast and Crazy Gun Barney.
When they find out the truth, they go right back to selling in the street.

3.8 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE MAYBERRY BAND
19 November 1962
Mayberry's town band is the worst in the state and Mayor Stoner refuses to allow them to go to the state capital to
play. It looks like they will have to stay home until Andy gets a little help from Freddy Fleet and his band.

3.9 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: FLOYD, THE GAY DECEIVER
26 November 1962
Floyd has been posing as a rich man in letters to a wealthy widow. He panics when she decides to visit him in Mayberry.
With Andy and Aunt Bee's help, he successfully plays the rich man. Andy finds out Floyd's lady friend has not been
quite honest, either.

3.10 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: OPIE'S RIVAL
3 December 1962
Andy's new girlfriend is the new county nurse. Everyone likes her except Opie, who is jealous of all the time they spend together.

3.11 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: CONVICTS-AT-LARGE
10 December 1962
Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts.

3.12 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE BED JACKET
17 December 1962
Aunt Bee wants a pretty bed jacket for her birthday. A mix-up causes Andy to have to sell his favorite fishing pole to get it.

3.13 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE BANK JOB
24 December 1962
Barney thinks the Mayberry Bank is a pushover for a robbery and sets out to prove it.

3.14 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ONE-PUNCH OPIE
31 December 1962
Opie must learn to fight when a new boy in town ridicules him and begins to lead his friends towards a life of crime.

3.15 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY AND THE GOVERNOR
7 January 1963
After Barney ticket's the governor's car for illegal parking, the governor is impressed and comes to Mayberry to
congratulate him for doing a good job. Barney doesn't realize this and thinks he is going to lose his job instead.

3.16 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: MAN IN A HURRY
14 January 1963
A businessman's car breaks down two miles from Mayberry on a Sunday. He has a business appointment in Charlotte the
next morning. He walks to town and finds it deserted until church lets out. The garage is also closed on Sunday.
Gomer is working but can only pump gas and Wally refuses to repair the car until Monday. The stranger can't believe
the pace of life in Mayberry and everyone's lack of urgency. Andy tries to talk him into spending the night and getting
the car fixed on Monday. He will hear of no such thing...at first.

3.17 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: HIGH NOON IN MAYBERRY
21 January 1963
Andy receives a letter from an ex-con that he shot in the leg, years ago, in a gas station robbery attempt. He has
lost most of the function of that leg. The ex-con writes that he is coming to Mayberry to set things straight.
Barney assumes the worst. When Andy won't take a vacation or at least carry a gun, Barney deputizes Gomer and
Otis to keep watch and protect Andy 24 hours a day.

3.18 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE LOADED GOAT
28 January 1963
A local construction crew is blasting for an underpass near Mayberry. The rumor is that the mayor wants to bring
the highway past his brother's gas station. A farmer brings his goat uptown to experience his weekly shopping trip,
and partly because of the blasting making the goat nervous. The goat frees itself from a bench on main street and
wanders into a storeroom. The goat eats a half of a case of dynamite. Andy and Barney treat the goat with kid gloves
and place him in Otis's cell. The fun starts when Otis lets himself into the locked jail using his own key and
kicks the goat out of "his" cell.

3.19 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: CLASS REUNION
4 February 1963
At his high school class reunion, Andy finds that while memories may fade over time, some connections
are never completely broken, and some hearts never completely heal.

3.20 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: RAFE HOLLISTER SINGS
11 February 1963
When image-conscious Mayor Stoner objects to a golden-voiced--but wardrobe-challenged--farmer chosen
to represent Mayberry in the upcoming musicale, Andy must find a way to appease all sides.

3.21 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: OPIE AND THE SPOILED KID
18 February 1963
Opie's friend Arnold seems to have it all--a new bike, fat allowance, and plenty of leisure time.
When the pressure's on, though, Opie learns that these assets are actually Arnold's greatest weakness.

3.22 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE GREAT FILLING STATION ROBBERY
25 February 1963
After a series of auto-related thefts, the shadow of suspicion looms ever longer over Jimmy --a youth with
a troubled past. How long can Andy rush to Jimmy's defense before his own faith in the boy is shaken?

3.23 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY DISCOVERS AMERICA
4 March 1963
 Opie's had it with his history homework, and misinterprets Andy's empathy as an excuse to skip it and lead
his friends in revolt against their teacher, "Old Lady" Crump. When Miss Crump holds Andy responsible, he
must find a way to motivate Opie and his pals.

3.24 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: AUNT BEE'S MEDICINE MAN
11 March 1963
 Andy must protect Aunt Bee from a charming traveling snake-oil huckster whose 170-proof "tonic" provides
temporary relief from mid-life crisis.

3.25 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE DARLINGS ARE COMING
18 March 1963
 The musical mountain family descends upon Mayberry.

3.26 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY'S ENGLISH VALET
25 March 1963
 When cultures clash, cars crash, and Andy's home becomes his castle as he engages the employment of a
bicycle-touring Englishman who must work off an unfortunately-earned debt.

3.27 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY'S FIRST CAR
1 April 1963
 It's a red-letter day in Mayberry when Barney decides to join the motoring world, but things go sour when his
cream-puff turns out to be a lemon.

3.28 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE RIVALS
8 April 1963
 When Opie feels too shy to ask classmate Karen to the movies, Thelma Lou tries to boost Opie's confidence
--but destroys Barney's along the way. Can Andy realign this skewed love quadrangle?

3.29 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: A WIFE FOR ANDY
15 April 1963
 Everybody's ready for Andy to get married--everybody but Andy, that is! But could it be that Andy has his
own agenda, unbeknownst to Mayberry's meddlesome matchmakers?

3.30 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: DOGS, DOGS, DOGS
22 April 1963
 It's pandemonium when the courthouse is invaded by eleven stray dogs. They boys have do find out what to do
with them before a state investigator arrives to do an audit.

3.31 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: MOUNTAIN WEDDING
29 April 1963
Briscoe Darling comes to town seeking the sheriff's help to solve a problem with Ernest T Bass, who has decided to
court Briscoe's daughter Charlene and is making a pest of himself by throwing rocks through the windows of the
Darling's cabin to get her attention. Charlene is already married to Dud Wash but Ernest T doesn't recognize the
marriage because it wasn't performed by a preacher. Reluctantly, Andy agrees to help out and he and Barney make
the long drive up to the mountains the next day. Ernest T is not impressed by the lawmen and continues breaking
windows. Andy decides the best solution is another wedding, this time with the circuit preacher presiding. When
Ernest T threatens to kidnap the bride Andy dresses Barney up as a decoy and Dud and Charlene are remarried while
Ernest T is trying to figure out who Barney is. In the end Dud and Ernest T shake hands and they all celebrate

3.32 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE BIG HOUSE
6 May 1963
 When the Mayberry jail is called upon to lodge two hold-up men captured by the state police, Barney finds himself
with more than he can handle--especially when "assisted" by ad-hoc Deputy Gomer.

########### The Andy Griffith Show ###########
############### end of season 3 ##############

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