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 Season 1 (ABC) (1951-52)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  John Hallam, Rina Fox
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############# Tales of Tomorrow ##############
############## season 1 1951-52 ##############
   ABC Fridays 9:30-10:00pm Eastern
Shared this time slot with season 3 of "Versatile Varieties" (21Sep51-14Dec51)

1.01 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: VERDICT FROM SPACE

03-Aug-1951 ABC Fri

Tales of Tomorrow: Episode 01: Verdict from Space
written by Theodore Sturgeon

directed by Leonard Valenta


Lon McCallister ....... Gordon Kent

Martin Brandt

Bernard Lenrow

William Lally

Watson White

Synopsis 1:
A young inventor is tried for murdering a scientist and found guilty by a jury who doesn't understand the implications of the
fantastic story the young man has told. The scientist paid him $5,000 to use his recently invented super blowtorch to open a
secret door behind which is housed a machine which has recorded all the major events in the history of the world. When an
alien civilization monitoring the machine learns that the H-Bomb has been tested, it deploys its space ships to invade the
Earth. The guilty verdict of the jury is overridden by the guilty verdict of the invading alien spaceships.
Synopsis 2:
An Archeologist discovers a cavern full of extraterrestrial machinery left by ancient astronauts. While examining the equipment,
he accidentally triggers it to send an emergency signal to an alien invasion force. Can he stop the beacon or is Earth doomed ?
A machinist is suspected of killing a prominent archeologist. However, the accused murderer reveals to the disbelieving jury
that they should actually be worried about a far greater threat, as the scientist's death occurred just as the two men had
uncovered evidence of an imminent alien invasion. 


1.02 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: BLUNDER

10-Aug-1951 ABC Fri

Tales of Tomorrow: Episode 02: Blunder
written by Charles O'Neill; story by Philip Wylie

George F. Foley production

directed by Leonard Valenta


Robert Allen ....... Carl

Ann Loring

Alan Drake

Jean Alexander

Boyd Crawford

Phil Faversham

Will Hussong

Kyle MacDonald

Roy Morgan
Isolated deep in an Arctic scientific experiment station, a nuclear scientist is on the the brink of testing a new method of
fission to develop a new source of incredible power. In his determination to move ahead with the test, he has overlooked a
key factor in his calculation of a high probability of a safe conclusion to the test. Other nuclear scientists which have
discovered his error and know just the reverse is the probability, rush to warn him, but he has cut off all communication
 to carry out the conclusion of his deadly experiment.

1.03 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: A CHILD IS CRYING

17-Aug-1951 ABC Fri

written by Alvin Sapinsley; story by John D. MacDonald

directed by Don Medford

produced by George F. Foley


Walter Abel

Robin Morgan ....... Lily Massner

Peggy Allenby ....... Mrs. Massner

Shirley Eggleston ....... WAC Corporal

Bert Lytell ....... Dr. Hardensteen

Donald McClelland ....... Congressman Folmer

Cal Thomas ....... General Gates

The government attempts to use a young girl as a weapon in the Cold War  when she displays powerful mental abilities. [RF]


1.04 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE WOMAN AT LAND'S END

24-Aug-1951 ABC Fri


1.05 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

31-Aug-1951 ABC Fri

story by Fredrick Brown


Cloris Leachman

John McQuade

Lon McCallister

Martin Brandt

Andrew Branham

What happens after the Martians take over the world leaving only two people alive for experiments. [RF]


1.06 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: ERRAND BOY

07-Sep-1951 ABC Fri


Joseph Walsh


1.07 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE MONSTERS

14-Sep-1951 ABC Fri


Barbara Boulton

Bert Kalmar Jr.

Paul Langton


[--] 21-Sep-1951 ABC Fri  -  preempted for "Versatile Varieties"  (first  episode on ABC) (previously on CBS & NBC)


1.08 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE DARK ANGEL

(also spelled as Angle, which is Angel in German)

28-Sep-1951 ABC Fri

Tales of Tomorrow: Episode 08: The Dark Angel
written by Alvin Sapinsley; story by Lewis Padgett

directed by Charles Padgett


Sidney Blackmer

Meg Mundy as Johanna

Don Briggs

Sam Jaffe


There's is something medically strange about beautiful Johanna--an "angel" who's the first of our next evolutionary stage who will never die. [RF]


[--] 05-Oct-1951 ABC Fri  -  preempted for "Versatile Varieties"  (to be verified)


1.09 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE CRYSTAL EGG

12-Oct-1951 ABC Fri

Tales of Tomorrow: Episode 09: Crystal Egg
written by Mel Goldberg; story by H.G. Wells

directed by Charles S. Dubin

original music by Lew White

produced by George Foley & Richard Gordon

executive producer Mort Abrahams


Thomas Mitchell ....... Professor Frederick Vaneck

Edgar Stehli ....... Mr. Cave

Josephine Brown ....... Mrs. Cave

Sally Gracie ....... Georgette

Gage Clarke ....... Walker

Synopsis 1:
The owner of a London curiosity shop delivers a mysterious crystal egg to a university professor for the scientist's opinion
on its worth and its properties. The 'egg' proves to be a window to Mars. When the professor loses the egg, he tries to
convince people that he is not crazy.
Synopsis 2:
Esteemed science Professor Frederick Vanech (Thomas Mitchell) is the Chairman of the Physics Department at Cambridge University.
When he discovers that he is able to view the forbidding landscape of Mars through a unique crystal egg, nobody believes him.
When the egg disappears, Professor Vanech pleads with a friend to print his article in a science journal to let the world
know about his theory of the Martian's sinister use of the egg to spy on Earth. .


[--] 19-Oct-1951 ABC Fri  -  preempted for "Versatile Varieties"  (to be verified)


1.10 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: TEST FLIGHT

26-Oct-1951 ABC Fri

Tales of Tomorrow: Episode 05: Test Flight

written by Mel Goldberg; story by Nelson Bond

directed by Charles S. Dubin


Lee J. Cobb ....... Wayne Crowder

Vinton Hayworth ...... Davis

Cameron Prud'Homme ...... Marty

Harry Townes ...... Wilkins

Bull-headed Crowder, a wealthy industrialist and CEO of a major company is determined to build a space ship that will enable
him to be the first to travel to another planet. He hires a brilliant young rocket scientist who convinces him that he alone
can build the right motor to propel the rocket to another planet, with the conditions that he have no interference and that
he be on the first test flight into space. When the Controller and Board of Directors of his company try to shut Crowder down,
he orders that the rocket be tested and it blasts off successfully into space. But the young scientist has no intention of
returning to Earth and advises Crowder..."I am going home to my planet...Mars.

[--] 02-Nov-1951 ABC Fri - preempted for "Versatile Varieties" (to be verified)


1.11 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: SEARCH FOR FLYING SAUCER

09-Nov-1951 ABC Fri

written by Mel Goldberg; story by Mel Goldberg

directed by Charles S. Dubin


Jack Carter ...... Vic Russo

Olive Deering ..... Ginny Walker

Maurice Manson ..... Saucer Man

Vaughn Taylor ...... Crazy John

Posing as a newspaper reporter for the Daily Globe from New York, Vic Russo arrives in Las Palmas to confirm sightings of
Flying Saucers. Unable to get anyone to acknowledge a sighting, except mentally deranged "Crazy John", Vic vents his
frustration to beautiful Ginny who admonishes him "How can you find saucers when there are none". However, when she falls
in love with him, and learns that he is a de-commissioned pilot who has gone crazy over previous saucer sightings, she
discovers his determination to verify that the actually exist. She must report him to her superior as a danger to their
"alien invasion" being discovered by the determination of the earthlings.


[--] 16-Nov-1951 ABC Fri - preempted for "Versatile Varieties" (to be verified)


1.12 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: ENEMY UNKNOWN

23-Nov-1951 ABC Fri


Walter Abel

Edith Fellows

Lon McCallister


The story of the reasons for the refusal of a distinguished astrophysicist to help a panicky government. [RF]


[--] 30-Nov-1951 ABC Fri - preempted for "Versatile Varieties" (to be verified)


1.13 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: SNEAK ATTACK

07-Dec-1951 ABC Fri

written by Mel Goldberg; story by Russell V. Ritchey

directed by Leslie Gorall


Zachary Scott ...... Ray Clinton

Royal Beal ..... General

Theo Goetz ...... Dr. Kamrass

Barbara Joyce ..... Dr. Marnoff

John Seymour ..... Secretary of Defense

Richard W. Shankland ....... The President

Peter von Zerneck ....... Colonel

History repeats itself in this cold war paranoia drama. American Secret Agent, Ray Clinton, his been shot in the legs and is
recovering in the hospital of a foreign Super-Power. His mission to uncover information about super powerful new Hetrodyne
Bomb has been discovered by the foreign power's counter-intelligence operation and he is under interrogation. Simultaneously
with his detention, 22 impregnable robot airplanes carrying Hetrodyne Bombs have landed in America's major cities and are
set to detonate within the hour unless the American President surrenders the United States to the foreign power. Ray Clinton
is America's only hope to thwart the sneak attack..


[--] 14-Dec-1951 ABC Fri  -  preempted for "Versatile Varieties"  (final episode)


1.14 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE INVADER

21-Dec-1951 ABC Fri

written by Robert Foshko & Mort Zarcoff; story by Robert Foshko & Mort Zarcoff

directed by Don Medford


William Eythe ....... Roy

Eva Gabor ..... Laura

Edgar Stehli ..... Burroughs

Salem Ludwig ...... Chandler

Farrell Pelly ....... McQueen

A scientist, Burroughs, his assistant, Laura and his son, Roy, whom he has alienated, are analyzing specimens brought up
from the ocean floor by their diver when they witness a UFO crash near the spot where they are working. When Burroughs'
diver refuses to go down to the bottom to search for the wrecked space ship, Roy volunteers and his father makes the fatal
mistake of allowing his son to risk his life for "science". When Roy surfaces and appears to be alright, Burroughs soon
discovers that an alien invader has taken over his son's body. To his horror Burroughs soon learns that the alien is a
mirror of himself, a scientist with no regard for the individual and thinks science is all that matters.


1.15 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE DUNE ROLLER

04-Jan-1952 ABC Fri

written by Charles O'Neil; story by Julian C. May

directed by Don Medford


Bruce Cabot ....... Sam Thorne

Truman Smith ....... Cap Zanse

Nancy Coleman ...... Jean Burges

Nelson Olmstead ...... Dr. Carl Burges

Lee Graham ....... Sally

Virginia Gilmore

Synopsis 1:
On an island a strange rock begins to grow and move. Scientists that observe the phenomena speculate that an ancient
meteor that once hit the island is attempting to reassemble itself.
Synopsis 2:
In their cottage on Lightning Island in Lake Michigan, Biologist Sam Thorne dismisses the story Cap tells young Sally about
a fiery gigantic "dune roller" as a "Northwoods yarn". While trying to uncover the origin of some mysterious rock fragments
Sally collects for him, he makes a startling discovery. Two of the fragments appear to have fused together through some type
of thermal regeneration process resulting in a much larger rock. When Sam performs more tests with his colleague Dr. Carl Burges,
a much larger meteor type fragment burns through the front door of their cottage. When Cap is killed by a large fiery meteor,
Sam realizes that Cap's yarn now has some basis in fact.


1.16 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: FRANKENSTEIN (live)

18-Jan-1952 ABC Fri

written by Henry Myers; story by Mary Shelley

directed by Don Medford


John Newland ....... Victor Frankenstein

Lon Chaney Jr. ...... the Monster

Mary Alice Moore

Farrell Pelly

Peggy Allenby

Raymond Bramley

Michael Mann

On an isolated island in a lake, Dr. Frankenstein experiments in his castle with the creation of a living being. When he
brings life to his creation, he miscalculates the monster's destructive powers. When it kills his house keeper and nearly
kills his son, William, Dr. Frankenstein shoots the monster and believes it is dead. When the monster comes back to life to
kill again, Dr. Frankenstein knows the only way to kill it is the same way it was brought to life, by a high charge of electricity.
*Note: Legendary horror icon Lon Chaney, Jr. plays the Frankenstein monster in this historic live telecast. Bizarre and
erratic performance by Chaney, who had tipped a few too many whiskeys before show time.


1.17 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA: THE CHASE (Part 1)

25-Jan-1952 ABC Fri

written by Max Ehrich & Harry Ingram & Gail Ingram; story by Jules Verne

directed by Don Medford


Thomas Mitchell ....... Captain Nemo

Leslie Nielsen ...... Farragut

Brian Keith ...... Peters

Bethel Leslie ...... the Girl

John S. Hamilton ...... Swede

Eddie Hyans ..... Slay

Roger Dekoven ..... Narrator

Captain Nemo and Farragut the handsome young sailor he is holding captive inside in his undersea ship, the Nautilus. When
Nemo's daughter falls in love with Farragaut and realizes she too is held captive by her father, Nemo is devastated by her
words, "You can't make freedom for someone else, you can only give it."

1.18 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA: THE ESCAPE (Part 2)

01-Feb-1952 ABC Fri

same as above


1.19 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: WHAT YOU NEED

08-Feb-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mel Goldberg; story by Lewis Padgett


William Redfield

Edgar Stehli

A story that answers the question: what makes a writer desire what he considers the most unusual machine ever build,
and what causes the owner to regret murdering the man who wanted to steel this possession. [RF]

1.20 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: AGE OF PERIL

15-Feb-1952 ABC Fri

written by Andrew J. Russell; story by Fredrick Brown


Phyllis Kirk

Dennis Harrison

Don Briggs

John McGovern

Maurice Burke

Skedge Miller

Phil Minoff


A tale of how a brilliant scientist was able to help criminals beat lie detector tests. [RF]


1.21 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: MEMENTO

22-Feb-1952 ABC Fri


Boris Karloff

Barbara Joyce


A scientist who spent his life building a ship that can fly to Mars, discovers he

cannot make the trip, and embittered, he plans to destroy it till fate alters his course. [RF]


1.22 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE CHILDREN'S ROOM

29-Feb-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mel Goldberg; story by Raymond F. Jones

directed by Don Medford


Claire Luce ...... Rose

Terry Greene ...... Walt

John Boruff ...... Bill

Una O'Connor ..... Edythe

Lisa Ayers ..... Miss Perkins

Charles Kenney ..... Man in Cloakroom

Grant Roberts ..... First Child

Mark Henderson ..... Second Child

Nancy Ann Kramer ..... Third Child

Synopsis 1:
A secret "Children's Room" at a college attracts the attention of intellectual advanced youths. One of them, Walt, is the
son of a professor at the university. The professor uncovers that his son and other children are 'mutants' being groomed
to assist an alien race in a distant part of the galaxy.
Synopsis 2:
A tale of strange books and a race of mutated children who will one day rule the Earth. One man vows to take deceive action
to stop the movement, but when he destroys one of the books his son is reading, it only serves to hasten his son's departure
to join the group destined to carve out a new world. [JH]


1.23 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: BOUND TOGETHER

07-Mar-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mel Goldberg


Nina Foch

Robert Webber

Russell Hardie

Leola Harlowe

Dario Barrie

A space pilot reported missing on a trip to Mars unexpectedly returns to his wife. A woman feels the same way as any girl
does about the man she's going to marry -- although fiancee Chuck is a 21st century rocket pilot and times have changed,
although the basic "triangle" plot hasn't.

1.24 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE DIAMOND LENS

14-Mar-1952 ABC Fri

written by Max Ehrlich; story by Fitz James O'Brien

directed by Don Medford


Franchot Tone

Luis Van Rooten

Rudolf Justice Watson

Theo Gietz

Nina Varela

Robert Bernard

Harold B. Clememko

A scientist confesses to a priest moments before his execution at the guillotine in Paris. He recounts the events in his
life which destined him to this end and describes why he committed murder to obtain the perfect diamond to use in his
microscope to discover a universe in a drop of water.


1.25 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: FISHERMAN'S WIFE (aka Fountain of Youth)

21-Mar-1952 ABC Fri


Tom Drake

A young scientist in a remote Mexican town discovers a formula for rejuvenation. Two scientists develop a formula
to restore youth, and a selfish woman offers to be their first experiment. [RF]


1.26 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: FLIGHT OVERDUE

28-Mar-1952 ABC Fri

written by David Davidson; story by Jim Lister

directed by Don Medford


Veronica Lake ...... Laura

Walter Brooke ..... Don

Lenore Shanewise ..... Anna

Thom Conroy ..... Rutgers

Mary Stewart

World renowned aviatrix, Laura, loved flying more than anything, even her husband, Don, whom she left to pursue her career.
She has been missing for four years after she disappeared on a test flight and her husband has remarried, but is still haunted
by the thought she may still be alive. Tonight Don learns the truth about her disappearance from an old friend, Rutgers, who
it turns out was the person Laura had spent so much time with prior to her disappearance. Rutgers explains that Laura was
selected by the Special Projects Bureau, a secret division of the Pentagon, to be on the first rocket flight to the Moon,
which had a fatal accident. Don says he is glad to know that she was killed when the rocket crashed, as now he is finally
free from the mystery of her disappearance which has haunted him and his new wife for so many years.


1.27 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: AND A LITTLE CHILD

04-Apr-1952 ABC Fri

written by Gail Ingram & Harry Ingram


Iris Mann

Frank McHugh

Parker Fennelly

Adelaide Bean

Howard Wierum

Arthur Tell


The little daughter of plain mountain people can read minds. Her powers are called upon when a famous scientist suffers a paralytic stroke. [RF]


1.28 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: SLEEP NO MORE

11-Apr-1952 ABC Fri


Jeffrey Lynn


A young man knocks at a door at midnight pleading to be kept awake for his dreams are turning into realities.


1.29 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: TIME TO GO

18-Apr-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin


Sylvia Sidney

Ed Peck

Robert Harris

Truman Smith

Vera Massey


A woman alienates her husband by her insistence that she save time. Most banks save money -- this one saves time. [RF]


1.30 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: PLAGUE FROM SPACE

25-Apr-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin; story by Harry Guth

directed by Don Medford


Gene Raymond as Colonel Jeffrey Ward

James Doohan

Richard Keith

Harry Landers

Philip Pine

Charles Proctor

Alex Alexander

Al Checo

Glenn Styres

A military base commander thinks he has lost his ability to lead, but proves otherwise by snapping into action when an
unidentified flying aircraft lands on his base. He quarantines the base, analyzes the craft and performs a medical exam on
the Martian inhabitant. His conclusion: the Martians have invaded Earth using a highly sophisticated and deadly combination
of bacteria and brainwaves. The catastrophic results is -one-by-one- his men are killed off. Knowing the disease will spread
rapidly, he takes the ultimate action and orders an atomic bomb dropped on his base.

1.31 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: RED DUST

02-May-1952 ABC Fri

written by Irving Elman; story by Theodore Cogswell

directed by Don Medford


Lex Barker ..... Kurt

Robert Patten ..... Duncan

Fred Stewart ..... Dr. Davidson

Skedge Miller ..... Charlie

Four of the six member crew of the spaceship Meridian are returning to Earth victorious as the first men to reach the planet
Alpha Centuri in a solar system beyond their own. The only problem with the voyage is that two of their crew mysteriously
died and some of the red dust from the planet has gotten into their cabin. However, when one of the crew notices, "Hey take
a look at this dust...it's growing...no wonder I feel itchy" and scientist Dr. Davidson discovers that the red dust contains
a radiation disease which has been slowed from killing them by the radiation shots they, unlike the other two crew members
that died, have taken, they realize they are doomed.

1.32 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE GOLDEN INGOT

09-May-1952 ABC Fri

written by Fitz James O'Brien; story by Max Ehrich


Gene Lockhart

Monica Lovett

David Mckay

Theo Goetz


A doctor who's unsuccessful experiments cause a depressing state of mind from which his daughter seeks to relieve him. [RF]


1.33 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: BLACK PLANET

16-May-1952 ABC Fri


Leslie Nielsen

Frank Albertson

Horace MacMahon

Two astronomers working together, seek a tenth planet. The senior fears the junior might have found it and is jealous.
They are also both interested in Norma, who works with them. When, in the course of a fight between the two men, the senior
scientist falls dead - the question is was he killed by the other or not.

1.34 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: WORLD OF WATER

23-May-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin

story by M.J. Gorley & James V. McGlinchey


Victor Jory

Nita Talbot

Logan Field

Merilee Ruick

Maude Scheerer

Synopsis 1:

A scientists discovery threatens the world.

Synopsis 2:

A scientist discovers a solvent that will dissolve the earth. [JH]


1.35 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE LITTLE BLACK BAG

30-May-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin; story by Cyril Kornbluth


Joan Blondell

Vicki Cummings


An unsuccessful doctor finds some very interesting instruments in  a black bag which he has bought from a pawnshop. [RF]


1.36 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: EXILE

06-Jun-1952 ABC Fri

written by Edgar Marvin


Chester Morris

Luis Van Rooten

John Boruff

Vera Massey

Robert Herrman


The story of a scientist who received radiation burns while working with atomic energy. [RF]


1.37 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (live)

13-Jun-1952 ABC Fri

written by Arthur C. Clark

directed by Don Medford


Don Hanmer ..... Henry Judson

Esther Ralston ...... The Lady from the Future

Jack Warden ..... Steve

Lewis Charles

Sam Loganti

Byron Halstead

Synopsis 1:
Henry Judson has little time to make a crucial decision, does he want to be the sole survivor of an imminent H-Bomb
explosion or be the only person left on Earth.
Synopsis 2:
When Henry Judson, President of Consolidated Enterprises, appears indignant when a woman approaches him saying his office is
a front for illegitimate activities, he quickly changes his tune when she hands him a $100,000 in cash as advance "with more
from where that came from" for some work she has for him. He understands her drift when she says "Legs Fuller" referred her
and quickly agrees to steal invaluable artwork from all the local art galleries and museums. When she gives him a device
which stops time for anyone outside a 5 foot radius, he thinks he is in crime heaven. After enlisting a "crony in crime"
(Jack Warden) for a 10% cut, he delivers the goods on time. In a smart move, he negotiates to keep the time suspension device
instead of the balance of cash due him, but quickly finds himself in a dilemma. It turns out that the woman is from a future
time dimension and has travelled to the present to retrieve all the valuable works of art to prevent them from being destroyed
by an imminent H-Bomb explosion that will destroy the world in one hour. Judson can save himself with the time device, but
realizes he will be the only person left on earth, a lonely proposition and one he needs more time to think about. [JH]


1.38 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE MIRACULOUS SERUM (live)

20-Jun-1952 ABC Fri

written by Theodore Sturgeon; story by Stanley G. Weinbaum

directed by Don Medford


Lola Albright ..... Carol Williams

Richard Derr ..... Dr. Dan Scott

Louis Hector ..... Dr. Bache

Peggy Allison ..... Nurse

Dan, a brilliant young biochemist has created a "miracle" life saving serum that he has convinced Hospital Head, Dr. Bache,
to test on patient Carol Williams, who is dying of Tuberculosis. The serum, which has solved the problem of adapting to
diseases, works beyond their expectations and in ways they had not counted on. When Carol, now the picture of health, thanks
Dan and tells him "you gave me the world" Dr. Bache warns Dan that her new adaptive ability makes her immune to moral issues
which she has demonstrated by stealing $1,000 without any guilt or remorse. Realizing the implications that her adaptability
can be infinite, Dr. Bache convinces Dan that an operation is necessary to correct her adaptive ability gets totally out of hand.


1.39 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: APPOINTMENT ON MARS  (aka A Trip to Mars)

27-Jun-1952 ABC Fri

written by S.A. Lombino

directed by Don Medford


Brian Keith ...... Jack (credited as Robert Keith Jr.)

William Redfield ...... Bart

Leslie Nielsen ...... Robbie

Martian narration by Sam Locante & Mark Allen.

Synopsis 1:
Three astronauts arrive on Mars, sponsored by a mining company who will share the profits with them Illness, paranoia and
other problems develop until all three are dead - but what caused it?
Synopsis 2:
Three astronauts have landed on Mars and discover enough Uranium to make them rich. When one of them becomes paranoid that
Martians are watching them, he is ridiculed by one of the others and they start fighting amongst themselves. Having become
their own worst enemies they kill each other, much to the amusement of two off-screen Martians who are watching them [JH]


1.40 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE DUPLICATES

04-Jul-1952 ABC Fri

written by Richard M. Simon & Mann Rubin

directed by Don Medford


Darren McGavin .... Bruce Calvin

Cameron Prud'Homme .... Johnson

Patricia Ferris.... Frances

Alexander Lockwood .... Gorham

Bruce Calvin is down and out, his wife is calling him a failure, and he is at the point where he is desperate for any job.
When he answers a wanted ad, which advertises that the applicant must have nerve, he has no idea of what he is getting into,
even though it pays $250,000. He is asked by the Government, who have arranged for him to lose his previous job so he will be
highly motivated for this one, to travel by rocket to another planet and commit murder. But he is told his mission is to save
mankind from being duplicated, for "everything on the other planet is an exact duplicate of our own planet" and "the exact
duplication of mankind must be stopped." He is given poison to kill his duplicate and is told before leaving "our very lives
here on Jupiter depend on the success of this trip." When he returns it seems as if his mission was a triumphant success and
he is paid the balance of $250,000. As he celebrates with his wife, he realizes his one big mistake...his duplicate on Earth
has visited Jupiter to poison him.

1.41 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: AHEAD OF HIS TIME

18-Jul-1952 ABC Fri

written by Paul Tripp


Ruth Enders

Paul Tripp

Theo Hathaway

Arthur Tell

Rex Marshall


A lab assistant invents a machine which transports him to the year 2052. [RF]


1.42 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: SUDDEN DARKNESS

01-Aug-1952 ABC Fri


Olive Deering


A scientist invents a machine which can stop the electrical power all over the world by one flick of a switch. [RF]


1.43 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: ICE FROM SPACE

08-Aug-1952 ABC Fri

written by E.H. Frank

directed by Don Medford

produced by Mort Abrahams, in association with Richard H. Gordon, Jr.


Raymond Bailey as Congressman Burns

Edmon Ryan as Major Dozier

Michael Gorrin as Dr. Meshkoff

Paul Newman as Sergeant Wilson

Sam Locante

Congressman Burns, member of the House Investigating Committee, is being briefed by Major Dozier on the launch of the new
AR76 Rocket so he can report back to Congress on how the appropriations for the Rocket Project Dozier is heading is going.
They become concerned when the rocket is late in re-entering the Earth's atmosphere and Burns berates Dozier telling this
isn't how his famous father would have done it. When the rocket finally returns they are baffled by a huge block of ice that
has mysteriously gotten into the cabin during the return trip. After a scientific analysis reveals that the ice has a
molecular construction "completely unknown to us" , they are startled to discover that not only the base, but the entire
surrounding area is getting extremely frigid. Realizing that the ice is a form of Alien invader, which will ultimately freeze
the Earth, Major Dozier has no choice but to order that the block of ice be put back on the rocket and that he personally
blast off with it into outer space..


1.44 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: A CHILD IS CRYING

15-Aug-1952 ABC Fri (rebroadcast of 14Aug51)
teleplay by Alvin Sapinsley; from a story by John D. MacDonald
directed by Don Medford
produced by George F. Foley
Bert Lytell as Dr. Hardensteen
Robin Morgan as Lily Masner
Donald McClelland as Congressman Folmer
Cal Thomas as General Gates
Peggy Allenby as Mrs. Massner
Shirley Eggleston as WAC Corporal
Walter Abel
Synopsis 1:
A young girl is asked to help save the nation.
Synopsis 2:
A 9 year old girl with incredible mental power--including the ability to forsee nuclear doomsday-- is detained for study
by the U.S. Government.
(This episode received the GALAXY MAGAZINE science-fiction award for the best television show) [JH]

1.45 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: A BIRD IN HAND

22-Aug-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin

a George F. Foley, Inc. production


Henry Jones

Aina Niemela

Peter Munson

Vera Massey

Harry Kersey

Cecile Roy

Synopsis 1:
Two children playing "Rocket Rangers" suddenly find that their game has become a terrifying reality.
Synopsis 2:
Two youngsters discover a talking bird in the zoo and realize that the bird is planning, with the help of the rest of the
animal kingdom, to reclaim the world from humans. They foil the plot for good--or so they think.

1.46 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THANKS

29-Aug-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin


Joseph Anthony

Robert Middleton

Helen Warnow

Greg Morton

Bob Nelson

A story of a crack-pot scientist invention which brings glory to a mediocre violinist and causes him to commit murder. 
A young violinist despairs that he lacks the deft hands necessary for violin. But he meets an aged doctor with a "time cabinet".


1.47 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: SEEING-EYE SURGEON

05-Sep-1952 ABC Fri

written by Michael Blair & Ed Dooley


Bruce Cabot


The Power of looking into the future is provided a prominent medical man when he dons an innocent pair of eye glasses.


1.48 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE COCOON

12-Sep-1952 ABC Fri


Jackie Cooper

Edith Fellows

A brilliant geologist discovers a giant cocoon, which when hatched it is found  that the creature cannot survive
on earth's food.
Synopsis 2:
A group of scientists are trapped in a house in a remote jungle, being stalked and killed one by one by invisible creatures.
Making a last stand in a lab room, the remaining scientists are running out of time. The creatures are clawing at the door
and will soon be inside. Wanting to at least see their adversary before they die, they mix a batch of plaster, quickly open,
then close the door, allowing one creature inside. They hurl the bucket full of plaster in the direction of the creature's
breathing. The plaster quickly hardens, and reveals a hideous fanged insect-like demon. Seconds later, the door is clawed
down and the show ends with the screams of the doomed scientists. [JH]

1.49 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: THE CHASE

19-Sep-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin


Walter Abel

Louise Buckley

Ed Peck

Frank Tweddle

Thom Carney


A fugitive from the future appears at a sea lodge and confesses a murder. [RF]


1.50 [--] Tales of Tomorrow: YOUTH ON TAP (live)

(aka Young Blood)

26-Sep-1952 ABC Fri

written by Mann Rubin & Lorna Kenney

directed by Don Medford


Robert Alda as Jeff

Harry Townes as Dr. Platan

Mary Alice Moore as Kitty

Bernard Burke as Gunman

Ralph Porter as Bartender

Jeff and Kitty are in love, but can't afford to get married because Jeff needs $1,000 to buy a gas station. Since Jeff has
youth and type O blood, he is particularly attractive to Dr. Platan, who happens to overhear Jeff's dilemma and offers an
easy solution. If Jeff gives him a pint of blood while undergoing a special electrical process, he will get $1,000. But Jeff
doesn't realize that in addition to taking his blood Dr. Platan, who is really 160 years old, will also take his youth. The
reality of what is happening to him comes into focus when a sixty year old man confronts Dr. Platan and demands a blood
transfusion to restore his youth to the 26 years of his real age.


############# Tales of Tomorrow ##############
############## end of season 1 ###############

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