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 Season 1 (CBS) (1951-52)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:

Rina Fox,  [1.11,1.18, 1.21, 1.22, 1.23 Updated Jan 2021 RF]
James Beer, Sal Crisanti, Tom Alger, Jim Brent,  Heikocleef

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######### Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars #########
############## season 1 1951-52 ##############
CBS Fridays  9:00-10:00pm Eastern  -  60 min Live episodes from New York


1.01 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: NOT A CHANCE

05-Oct-1951  CBS Fri

Writer Thomas W. Phipps
Director Frank Telford

David Niven

Helen Hayes

A middle-aged woman begins a romance with a car-racing playboy.


1.02 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE NAME IS BELLINGHAM

12-Oct-1951 CBS Fri


Romney Brent

John Payne

US Customs Officer Mel Hanks breaks up a narcotics smuggling ring.

1.03 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: NEVER WAVE AT A WAC

19-Oct-1951 CBS Fri

written by Donald Mankiewicz

idea by William Dozier


Rosalind Russell

Charles Dingle

Betty Lynn

Russell Hardie

Frederick Kohner

Fred Bradyynopsis:
A society woman from Washington, D.C. joins the Army Corp.
*NOTE: TV debut of Rosalind Russell.


1.04 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: STILL LIFE

26-Oct-1951 CBS Fri

Adapted from the play by Noel Coward


Margaret Sullivan

Wendell Corey

A woman falls in love with the Doctor she meets at the

train station after she gets a cinder in her eye.

1.05 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE LUCKY TOUCH

02-Nov-1951 CBS Fri

From a Story by Shalom Asch


Helen Hayes

J. Pat O'Malley
John Farrell
Marshal Henderson
An old woman is ignored by her family, that is until she

wins a sizable amount of money.

1.06 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: DECISION AND DANIEL WEBSTER

09-Nov-1951 CBS Fri

Story by Hector Chevigny
Walter Hampden ....... Daniel Webster
Charles Dingle
Matt Briggs
A man abandons his dream of Presidency to work at saving the Whig party.

1.07 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE MEMORIES OF AIMEE DURANT

16-Nov-1951 CBS Fri


Diana Lynn

A woman is assigned the job of ghost-writing the memoirs

of Aimee Durant, a flamboyant Wild West gal.


1.08 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: ONE IS A LONESOME NUMBER

23-Nov-1951 CBS Fri

Story by William Manners

Charlton Heston

June Lockhart

A man wishes to write the Great American Novel but

a fatal illness changes his life's direction.


1.09 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: TWO LIVING AND ONE DEAD

30-Nov-1951 CBS Fri


Fay Bainter

Walter Hampden

Two employees are dead at a post office hold-up.

There is one survivor but the press paint him as a coward.

1.10 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE NYMPH AND THE LAMP

07-Dec-1951 CBS Fri

Story by Thomas Randall

Margaret Sullivan

Robert Preston

A woman finds romance at a remote wireless station in Nova Scotia.

1.11 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: EXIT

14-Dec-1951 [Courier Post]
Scripted by David Shaw
from Hungarian escapee Robert Holmi
John Payne ..... Baro
Coleen Gray ....... Maria Tasnady
Oliver Thorndike ........ Charles Reeves
Harold Vermilyea ..... Kerekes
Svea Grunfeld ......... Ruth
Ronald Long ......... Karoly, Communist Police Chief
Baro, a fearless young member of the underground network helps the persecuted flee.
*Note: Robert Holmi was a man who escaped from behind the Iron Curtain where he was
imprisoned as a spy for the United States.


1.12 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE DARK FLEECE

21-Dec-1951 CBS Fri

From a Story by Joseph Hergesheimer


Anthony Quinn

Helen Hayes

Carmen Mathews

A man having been rejected by a society girl ventures West, upon

his success out West he returns and plots revenge against another upper class family.


1.13 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: GIRL IN A MILLION

28-Dec-1951 CBS Fri

Writer Sydney Box

John Forsythe

Joan Caulfield

A man marries a woman who has lost her voice, unfortunately

when her voice returns she doesn't shut up.


1.14 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: CLEAN SWEEP FOR LAVINIA

04-Jan-1952 CBS Fri


Josephine Hull ..... Lavinia

Scott McKay
A penny-pinching owner of a hotel plays maid as well to cut corners.


1.15 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: BILLY BUDD

11-Jan-1952 CBS Fri

From a story by Herman Melville


Charles Nolte ..... Billy Budd
Walter Hampden .... Captain Vere
Peter Hobbs ....... John Claggart
Chester Morris .... The Dansker
Walter Burke ...... Squeak
Jeff Morrow ....... Lt. Wyatt
Bernard Kates
Guy Spaull
Jack Manning
Winston Ross
When Claggart is found murdered after making false accusations of

mutiny against Billy Budd, it leads to Billy's court-martial and trial.

1.16 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE MAN THAT I MARRY

18-Jan-1952 CBS Fri


John Baragrey

Diana Lynn

Steven Hill

John Ireland

Jeffrey Lynn

A wealthy woman finds herself engaged to two suitors at the same time.


1.17 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: P.G.

25-Jan-1952 CBS Fri


Dan Duryea
Teresa Celli
John Forsythe
William Redfield
Henry Jones
An Italian girl helps five American POW's.

1.18 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: LADY WITH A WILL

01-Feb-1952 CBS Fri

Ann Sothern ...... Liz Quiz
Edmon Ryan ....... Brad Miller
Russell Collins
Robert Emhardt
Nancy Franklin
Richard Bishop
Ernestine McLendon
Harriet McGibbon
A millionaire leaves his riches to his spinster sister and the town's corrupt politicians
try to gain control of the estate.
Synopsis 2:
The story deals with the machinations of a corrupt city council's plans to get control
of the fortune of millionaire Col. John Selby, who had left his estate to Liz Quiz,
spinster housekeeper of Selby for many years. [RF]
*Note: Ann Sothern makes her first full-length dramatic debut on television.


1.19 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE DAUGHTER

08-Feb-1952 CBS Fri


Geraldine Fitzgerald ...... Mary Todd Lincoln

Juanita Hall ....... Mammy Salby

The troubled life of Mary Todd Lincoln and her influence on her husband.


1.20 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: FIFTY GRAND

15-Feb-1952 CBS Fri

From a Story by Ernest Hemmingway


Dane Clark

A prize fighter continues to box to pay his debts.


 1.21 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: WORLD SO WIDE
22-Feb-1952 CBS Fri [Courier Post]
From a story by Sinclair Lewis
John Forsythe .... Hayden Chart
Cameron Prud'homme ...... Sam Dodsworth
Nina Foch ...... Dr. Olivia Lomond
John Baragrey ?
Architect Hayden Chart is recovering from the death of his wife, begins anew overseas.
Synopsis 2:
A successful architect's life and career have dwindled to a memory since his wife's death.
In an effort to reassert himself, Chart settles in Italy where he becomes friendly with Sam Dodsworth.
Into the town comes a young historian Dr. Olivia Lomond, who seeks a grant of money from
Dodsworth to continue her research. Chart is immediately attracted to and repulsed by Olivia,
who is using her studies as a defense mechanism against men, occasioned by the failure of a
former romance. [RF]

1.22 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: APPLE OF HIS EYES
29-Feb-1952 CBS Fri [Courier Post]
Ward Bond .... Sam Stover
June Lockhart .... Lily
Henry Jones
A widowed older farmer falls in love with a much younger woman he hires.
Synopsis 2:
Prosperous, middle-aged Indiana farmer Sam Stover, is very lonely after the death of his wife.
He hires an attractive young girl to help out on the farm and begins to show her attention.
She seems to enjoy his company, but the neighbors scorn his behavior. [RF]

1.23 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE HAUNTED HEART

 07-Mar-1952 CBS Fri [Courier Post]
Original play by Arnold Schulman
featuring songs of Arthur Schwartz
Polly Bergen ...... Shirley
William Eythe ..... Dave
Joshua Shelley
Sheila Bond
Maurice Burke
A musician is torn between his music and the love of a woman.
Synopsis 2:
Dave, a struggling young musician loves Shirley, a struggling dancer, but at times he gives her the
idea that he loves his clarinet more.Tiring of her musical rival, Shirley goes for a long walk and in
Times Square Penny Arcade she bumps into a handsome young man. They exchange a few words
but before they can exchange names he becomes lost in the crowd. Haunted by this face, Shirley
leaves Dave and makes a search for the unidentified stranger. [RF]


1.24 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: MAKE WAY FOR TEDDY

14-Mar-1952 CBS Fri

Written by Ambrose Flack & Don Ettlinger

Walter Hampden
Philip Abbott
Irene Manning
Jack Weston
Ann Crowley
Laura Weber
Grandpa has a portrait of Teddy Roosevelt hanging in his home

and is overwhelmed when the real Mr. Roosevelt comes to visit.

1.25 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE HUMAN TOUCH

21-Mar-1952 CBS Fri

From a Story by Herman Cyril McNeile


Vincent Price

Diana Lynn

A pianist must choose between his music career and love.


1.26 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF GRANDMA MOSES

28-Mar-1952 CBS Fri


Lillian Gish

The life of artist Grandma Moses who began her career in her 70's,

capturing rural scenes of life and celebrations in upstate New York.


1.27 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: EXPERIMENT

04-Apr-1952 CBS Fri


Sylvia Sidney

A doctor devotes her life to finding a serum to battle a disease

sweeping Korea, the country that claimed her husband and son.


1.28 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: FOUR'S A FAMILY

11-Apr-1952 CBS Fri


Celeste Holm

A widow supports her family painting and ceramics.


1.29 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: NOW'S THE TIME

18-Apr-1952 CBS Fri

Written by Bernard C. Schoenfeld
Walter Hampden
A resort hotel owner and his granddaughter play

detective when two suspicious characters check in.

1.30 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: FEAR

25-Apr-1952  CBS Fri

From a Story by Mark Hellinger


Geraldine Fitzgerald

After the escape of three convicts a woman home

alone fears they might harm her.


1.31 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: DOCTORS SHOULD NEVER MARRY

02-May-1952 CBS Fri


Diana Lynn

Jamie Smith

A doctor becomes engaged to a socialite and problems

arise when his pretty nurse complicates matters.


1.32 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: APPOINTMENT WITH THE PAST

09-May-1952 CBS Fri


Mark Stevens

A small town comes under investigation when the FBI

search for an Army deserter.


1.33 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: AUTUMN IN NEW YORK

16-May-1952 CBS Fri


Skip Homeier

Polly Rowles

Donald Briggs

A woman dreams of becoming a successful musical star

but her level-headed boyfriend brings her back down to Earth.


1.34 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: LOVE CAME LATE

23-May-1952 CBS Fri

Writer James Ronald

Luise Rainer

Joseph Anthony

A chambermaid becomes distraught when her daughter goes missing,

a businessman falls for the maid during their search for the daughter.


1.35 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: A QUARTER FOR YOUR TROUBLES

30-May-1952 CBS Fri


Richard Haydn

Ned Glass

Ned Young

Richard Rober
A department-story employee (Richard Haydn) is implicated  in the death of a customer. [RF]


1.36 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: SOUVENIR FROM SINGAPORE

06-Jun-1952 CBS Fri


Dan Duryea

An adventurer is both an agent-at-large for the police and

 also works for the Chinese underworld.


1.37 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: DRESS IN THE WINDOW

13-Jun-1952 CBS Fri


Teresa Wright ....... Terry Hagen

Brett King
John Ridgely
Teresa Wright stars in a sketch from the early life of writer Adela Rogers

St. John, who once risked her life to save a child held captive. [RF]


1.38 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: SAY HELLO TO PAMELA

20-Jun-1952 CBS Fri


Leif Erickson ........ Dan
Barbara Britton ...... Pamela
A traveling salesman fills in for a friend on a date and has his life changed. [RF]

1.39 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE VON LINDEN FILE 

27-Jun-1952 CBS Fri


Joan Leslie

Steve Brodie


An insurance investigator's secretary uses a mink coat as

bait to help her boss trap jewel thieves. [RF]


1.40 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE HOUSE OF DEATH

04-Jul-1952 CBS Fri


Boris Karloff ....... Charles Brandon

A man's niece complicates a rapport he has with monsters. [RF]
*Syndication airing on Play of the Week 15Mar64.


1.41 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: A SOUTHERN LADY

11-Jul-1952 CBS Fri

Script by Luther Davis
Directed by Phil Brown
Jane Wyatt ........... Mattie Smith
Douglas Dick ......... Byron
Margaret Field ....... Lola

A reclusive woman is disrupted by the a visit from her greedy nephew.


1.42 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: EARLY SPACE  CONQUEROR

18-Jul-1952 CBS Fri


Bobby Driscoll

Domenic Delgarde
Shimen Ruskin
Brad Morrow
Teddy Infuhr
A group of teenagers construct a rocket to travel into space.


1.43 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: A MAN'S WORLD

25-Jul-1952 CBS Fri


Pat O'Brien


The widowed father of four boys, must deal with one

 of them who is getting romantic ideas. [RF]


1.44 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: CROSSROADS

01-Aug-1952 CBS Fri


Sir Cedric Hardwicke

Amanda Blake

Charmienne Harker

A cynic whose effort to be on both sides of the French Revolution traps him. [RF]


1.45 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: SO HELP ME

08-Aug-1952 CBS Fri

From a Story Nelson Agren


Jean Wallace

A nightclub entertainer meets and marries a millionaire.


1.46 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: DOUBLE EXPOSURE

15-Aug-1952 CBS Fri

From a Story by Ben Hecht


John Beal

Amanda Blake

Jack Daly

Richard Tyler
Anne Nagel
Maude Patrick
A psychiatrist is bamboozled by two patients each claiming the other wants to kill someone. [RF]


1.47 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: THE TRUBBLES (aka Mr. & Mrs. Trouble)

22-Aug-1952 CBS Fri


Virginia Field

Willard Parker

A husband and wife team up to do a little detective work

and find themselves in the middle of a heist.

1.48 [--] Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: PORT OF CALL

29-Aug-1952 CBS Fri

From a the 1946 Saturday Evening Post Story by Bud Hutton


Victor McLaglen

Gertrude Michael .... The Duchess


A big, ugly man (Victor McLaglen) discovers romance. [RF]

######### Schlitz Playhouse Of Stars #########
############### end of season 1 ##############

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