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 Season 7 (NBC) (1955-56)
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######### Robert Montgomery Presents #########

############## season 7 1955-56 ##############


        NBC Mondays 9:30 pm (Hour Long)


7.01[--] Robert Montgomery presents: DEAR EMILY
05-Sep-1955 Original airdate
written by Elaine Carrington
Dorothy Blackburn
Augusta Dabney
Charles Drake
House Jameson
Eric Sinclair

A controlling father is ruining his daughter's life with his possessive manner. [RF]

7.02 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

12-Sep-1955 Original airdate

Adapted by Doria Folliott

Based on the novel "Once Off Guard" written by J.H. Wallis


Robert Preston .... Professor Richard Wanley
Maria Riva ........ Alice Reed

A college professor falls for the beautiful woman in the painting

next to the club that he is a member of. One day he meets her and is

 invited to her apartment for some champagne and ..... a murder. [RF]

Note: Based on the subsequent 1944 feature film "The Woman in the Window"

 starring Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett.


7.03 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MR. AND MRS. MONROE

19-Sep-1955 Original airdate


Director: John Newland

Writer: St. John Terrell


Edward Andrews ........ Mr. Monroe

Augusta Dabney ....... Mrs. Monroe

Humphrey Davis


Story of a meek husband and his skeptical spouse.

Mrs. Monroe kindly takes off for Europe, leaving Mr. Monroe free to

indulge his dreams of being bold, brave, debonair and well-informed,

without the deflating presence of Mrs. Monroe. Among his fantasies is

one in which he triumphs over an escaped convict. In another,

Monroe the Fierce nabs a desperate diamond smuggler.

*Adapted from a story by James Thurber.


7.04 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: ALONG CAME JONES

26-Sep-1955 Original airdate

Adapted by by Doria Folliott

Based on the novel by Alan LeMay


Charlton Heston ....... Melody Jones

Pat Roe ......... Cherry de Longpre

Lonny Chapman ....... George Fury
A plucky cowboy triumphs over both the cops and robbers

 while winning the love of spirited damsel.

*Adapted from the novel by Alan LeMay

and the subsequent 1945 feature film

starring Gary Cooper and Loretta Young in the lead roles.


7.05 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE STRANGER

03-Oct-1955 Original airdate

Written by Doria Folliott


 John Baragrey

Barbara Britton

Parker Fennelly

Luis Van Rooten
Jack Livesy


7.06 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: PAPER TOWN

10-Oct-1955 Original airdate

Written by Robert J. Shaw
Directed by John Newland

Sidney Blackmer ..... Vardis Ward
Jan Miner ........... Jennie Ward
Jack Mullaney ....... Robert Ward
Pat Sales ........... Jane Ward
The son of a lumber baron is expected to take over his father's

business even though he wants to finish law school. [RF]


7.07 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: TOMORROW IS FOREVER

17-Oct-1955 Original airdate

written by Ray Bailey


Gale Storm

William Windom

Robert Ellenstein

Notes: Adapted from the 1946 feature film scenario.


7.08 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MAN LOST

Original Air Date: October 24, 1955 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Director: Perry Lafferty

Writer: William Kendall Clarke


Franchot Tone

Phillip Bourneuf

Lee Remick

Earl Hammond

Aneta Corsaut

Note: Subject - self-confidence


7.09 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: IN A FOREIGN CITY

31-Oct-1955 Original airdate

written by John McPhee
from Robert Coates' short story


John Hudson ........ Chuck Cormoran
Jack Manning ........ Matt Schorrell
Tony Bickley .......... Frank Schumacher
Joseph Campanella ......... Tony

A somewhat weak-minded college graduate has one drink too

 many at the downtown club. As a lark, he pretends to be a holdup

 man. The results are most unfunny.


7.10 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE WORLD TO NOTHING

07-Nov-1955 Original airdate

written by Abby Mann


Eddie Albert ......... Jesse
Marian Winters ....... Miriam
Dolores Sutton ....... Gloria
Burt Brinckerhoff
Brett Somers
Patricia Bosworth
A matinee idol realizes that gaining success has lost him all that is

 important in his personal life. He has alienated his wife, his daughter

and his girlfriend. His family, friends and associates will have little

to do with him.


7.11 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: CRY SILENCE

14-Nov-1955 Original airdate

adapted by Milton Gelman


 Edward Andrews .......... Agent
George Mathews ......... Bill Meyers
Anne Seymour ........ Sara

The young wife of a farmer dies in a tragic "accident".

The county police officers wonder whether or not the death

was accidental.
Note: Adapted from the short story by Fredric Brown.


7.12 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: ISOBEL

21-Nov-1955 Original airdate

written by Doria Folliott
directed by John Newland
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Alfred Ryder
Anne Meacham
Viola Roache
Robert Carroll
A successful lady detective-story writer is the

last person to see alive a young girl named Isobel.

The authoress becomes involved in the girl's murder

because she uses the name of Isobel for one of her

detective story heroines.


7.13 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: END OF THE RAINBOW
28-Nov-1955 Original airdate
written by Theodore & Matilda Ferro
George Voskovec
A factory worker learns from his immigrant brother that there

 are two kinds of Iron Curtains.


7.14 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: LUCIFER

05-Dec-1955 Original airdate

written by J. Harvey Howells


Charles Dingle

John Newland

House Jameson


A publishing house manager has, in the course of his career,

caused much unhappiness among his colleagues. It's inevitable

that he, too, should be made to suffer.


7.15 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: SEE THE MAN
12-Dec-1955 Original airdate
written by Theodore & Matilda Ferro
Skip Homeier
Jan Miner


7.16 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: QUALITY TOWN

19-Dec-1955 Original airdate

Writer: William Kendall Clarke


Piper Laurie ......... Clovis Spender

Lee Bowman ...... Stacey Spender

Mary Fickett .......... Amanda Cole

 Raymond Bramley ....... Mr. Wherry

James Reese ....... Cass Lomax


A millionaire oil tycoon who has risen in the ranks from a position

as a wildcatter, tries to give his daughter all the material things he



7.17 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE SECOND DAY OF CHRISTMAS

26-Dec-1955 Original airdate


Lois Smith

  Charles Taylor


7.18 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THREE MEN FROM TOMORROW

02-Jan-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Director: John Newland

Writer: Robert J. Shaw


Jack Mullaney

Bill Daniels

Tom Ellis

 Lee Remick

Notes: Subject - teenagers


7.19 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE END OF THE TETHER

09-Jan-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Director: James Yarbrough

Writer: Abby Mann


Barry Jones

Richard Newton

Jack Livesey

Maureen Hurley

Note: Adapted from the 1902 novel by Joseph Conrad;

subject - ship's captain, integrity.


7.20 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE TYRANT

16-Jan-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Directed by Perry Lafferty

Written by Franklin Barton


June Havoc ......... Crystal Davis

Ray Bramley .... Zale Yoder

Eric Sinclair ......... Malcolm Craig

Gale Page

Jay Barney

A father and son are determined to control the town of Prairieview just

as their ancestors did. They learn that running a Western town is not as

 easily done today as a century ago. Among the obstacles the pair encounters

 is a progressive young lady who runs the local newspaper. [RF]

7.21 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: AFTERMATH

23-Jan-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Director: John Newland

Writer: Merwin Gerard


Charles Drake ...... Paul Doniger
Martin Ritt ........ Hugo Green
Olive Deering ...... Eleanor
Judith Braun ....... Eve
Harry Bannistter ... Mr. Walker
House Jameson ...... Lawrence Webber
A promising young lawyer must make peace with his own conscience before he can

 marry the girl he loves. He is haunted by the memory of a murder for which a friend was

 executed. Believing that he was innocent, the young man must search for the real killer. [RF]
Notes: Subject - Mystery


7.22 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MR. TUTT BAITS THE HOOK

30-Jan-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Adapted by Murray Burnett
Based on a story by Arthur Train
Directed by James Yarbrough

Parker Fennelly .... Mr. Ephraim Tutt
Hal Cooper ......... Ed Wilson
Dolores Mann ....... Kitty
Tom Middleton ...... Henry Clark
Ian Martin ......... Jason Kirby
Karl Weber ......... Judge Thompson
Les Damon .......... Mose Higgins
Stewart Bradley .... Bonnie Doon
Mr. Tutt a famous small-town lawyer comes to the aid of a young man

accused of murder. Combining his skill at fishing with his knowledge of the law,

 Tutt baits a legal hook to free the accused. [RF]

Based on the series of Saturday Evening Post

stories Tutt and Mr. Tutt by Arthur Train; subject - courtroom drama.


7.23 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: GOOD FRIDAY, 1865

06- Feb-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Director: Perry Lafferty

Writer: John Lewellen


Michael Allen

William A. Lee

Charles Aidman

John Griggs

Anne Seymour

Walter Kinsella

Suggested by William A. Ferguson autobiography I Saw Booth Shoot Lincoln; subject -

Lincoln's assassination as seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy


7.24 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE MAN WHO VANISHED

13-Feb-1956 Original airdate

Director: John Newland

Writer: John McPhee


Gene Rayburn

Augusta Dabney

Loraine Grover

Sam Gray

Robert Carroll

Frederic Worlock

Henry Sharp

 Jack Manning

Martine Bartlett

Catherine Payne

Louis Sorin

Mary Jackson

Leslie Barrett

 Ben Yaffee

 Fay Sappington


This fantasy centers around a middle-aged businessman who comes the conclusion

that the freedom of his youth was worth more than the success and security he now enjoys.

But his mental retreat into the past has a startling physical effect. As he dreams of happier days,

he becomes dimmer and dimmer--actually begins to fade--in the eyes of the people he knows. [RF]

*Adapted from a story in The New Yorker magazine by Robert M. Coates.


7.25 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: AN EXCUSE FOR SHANKS
20-Feb-1956 Original airdate
written by Gilbert S. Faust
William Redfield


7.26 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: END OF MORNING

27-Feb-1956 Original airdate

Written by William Kendall Clarke


Jackie Cooper ..... Willy Benton
Joan Loring ....... Harriet Benton
Joseph Boland ..... Mr. Benton
Peter Lazer ....... Richie
William A. Lee .... Doc
Jan Miner ......... Irene
Katherine Squire .. Mrs. Shelby
A school bus is hit by a railroad train and several children are killed.

The bus driver is faced with the dreadful responsibility for this tragic accident. [RF]

7.27 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: SON OF ADAM

05-Mar-1956 Original airdate

written by Theodore & Matilda Ferro
Raymond Massey ....... Judge Benton

A man so renowned for his honesty and integrity he has been nicknamed

 "the saint". But no man is perfect, and the judge learns a few facts of life

when he enters politics. [RF]


7.28 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE BRIEFCASE

12-Mar-1956 Original airdate

written by J. Harvey Howells


Gloria DeHaven ... Betty Laurence
Edmon Ryan ....... Jim Hart
John Hudson ...... Harry Jones
Logan Ramsey ..... Paul Hartell
Edward Holmes .... Herb
Two young men, both employed in similar positions by a large business firm,

 have different ideas about getting ahead. One is ruthless in his ambition,

while the other believes in ethics and fair play. A promotion, given to one,

has a big effect on both of their lives. [RF]

7.29 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE SECRET

19-Mar-1956 Original airdate

written by Milton Gelman


Don Gordon
Nita Talbot
Edward Holmes

A secret black box is guarded by a lumberjack. Others in the camp

find this intriguing and speculate about the contents of the box,

are they love letters or evidence of a murder. [RF]

7.30 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE LONG WAY HOME

26-Mar-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Director: John Newland

Writer: Burton J. Rowles and Robert Wallace


John Beal ........... Commuter
Alfred Ryder ........ Detective
Betty Low ........... Margaret
Rosemary Murphy ..... Chorny
Mike Keene .......... Dr. Jack
Catherine Payne ..... Gray Woman
Fred Herrick ........ Brakeman
Humphrey Davis ...... Conductor
Ray Boyle ........... First Policeman
Gaye Jordan ......... Nurse
A commuter suffers a heart attack as he is boarding a train in Grand Central Station

 in New York City, on his way to his home in Connecticut. [RF]
*NOTE: Based on a factual article by Robert Wallace in LIFE Magazine.


TRIVIA: Robert Montgomery scored with a taut production of

Robert Wallace's The Long Way Home, starring John Beal as a Connecticut

commuter stricken with a heart attack as his train pulls out of Grand Central Terminal.

What gripped the viewer, as it did the readers of the original LIFE story, was

Real's it-could-happen-to-you helplessness at the hands of strangers: the

well-intentioned conductor who let him off the train at a deserted station

where he faced a seemingly endless climb to reach the street, a calloused cop

who thought that Beal was drunk, not sick, and finally the cold ministrations

of the hospital staff. But Beal's own remarkable performance told most of the story:

his tautened body and hanging jaw gave an eerie impression of the tempests

raging inside his rib cage, and his wildly questing eyes had all the shocked

horror of a man who has looked into eternity.

7.31 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: DEATH INSURANCE

02-Apr-1956 Original airdate

written by Martha Wilkerson


Henry Jones

Unhappy with his life and marriage, a mechanic decides

 to murder his wife to collect the insurance money. [RF]


7.32 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: PISTOLERO

09-Apr-1956 Original airdate

Written by John Vlahos


Cast: Farley Granger ....... Fred

Sue Ellen Blake ....... Lucy

Luis Van Rooten ....... Juan

Alfred Ryder ....... Henry

Martin Rudy ....... Doc

Dolores Sutton ...... Innocencio


An ex-GI returns to his home in the southwest and opens a gas station.

He soon learns that the town is under the control of a crooked politician

and decides to do something about it. [RF]


7.33 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: PORTRAIT OF A MAN

16-Apr-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Director: Perry Lafferty

Writer: William Kendall Clarke


Robert Ellenstein

Nina Hansen

Peter von Zerneck

Eva Stern

Ray Boyle

Beverly Lunsford
The story of a gentle man from his early days in Prague when his

Theory of Relativity caused a change in the conception of the relationship

of man and the universe through to his life in Princeton, N.J.

living simply and modestly among his neighbors. [RF]

*NOTE: Albert Einstein died April 18, 1955.

7.34 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE BAOBAB TREE

23-Apr-1956 Original airdate

written by Doria Folliott


Elizabeth Montgomery

Charles Drake

Martha Scott

At an African plantation a woman flirts with men and destroys them

like the baobab tree does (where this tree grows nothing can live).


7.35 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: DON'T DO ME ANY FAVORS

30-Apr-1956 Original airdate


Betty Von Furstenberg

Johnny Desmond

Joe De Santis
Katherine Meskill

Melville Ruick
Martha Greenhouse
A crooner achieves success only to find that his very life

is owned and controlled by a big-time operator who desires

money from him and more of it. [RF]


7.36 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: JACK BE NIMBLE

07-May-1956 Original airdate

written by Doria Folliott


June Lockhart

John Newland

Augusta Dabney

Lawrence Webber
Fay Sappington
A man is confronted by one of his two wives and

 commits a crime he unexpectedly is forced to do.


7.37 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE RIGHT THING

14-May-1956 Original airdate

written by Elliott Baker


Forrest Tucker ..... Bob Slater
Fran Carlon ........ Ellen Slater
Glenn Walken ....... Chris Slater
Sandy Horn ......... Cathy Slater
Alan Hewitt ........ Phil Adams
Edward Holmes ...... Al Orleski
Grant Sullivan ..... Wilson
A man is filled with guilt after the death of girl in a car accident due to his negligent driving.

7.38 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: ALL EXPENSES PAID

21-May-1956 Original airdate

Writer: Robert J. Shaw


Lee Remick

Lee Bowman

Gale Page

Ken Renard
Harry Dean Stanton
Lisa Howard
P. Jay Sidney

A salesclerk wins an all expenses paid trip by her store where she was

named "Miss Courtesy". In the Bahamas she meets and falls for a playboy. [RF]

NOTE: It was this program that brought Lee Remick to the

attention of Elia Kazan who cast her in her first film role in A Face

in the Crowd (1957).


7.39 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: WHO?

28-May-1956 Original airdate

Written by Robert Wallace

Tom Poston

Frank Schofield
A man sees himself as the "Standard Who". There are six other variants

of the base "Who", the "Ineffectual Who", the "Solid Who", the "Slob Who",

the "Satyr Who", the "Godlike Who" and the "Nasty Who".


7.40 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: HONORED GUEST

04-Jun-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Director: Perry Lafferty

Writer: William Kendall Clarke


 Walter Slezak as Krisons Ringo

Lilia Skala

Henry Garrard

Raymond Bramley

William A. Lee

Joe Boland

Jay Barney

 Stephen Ellsworth

 Hugh Simpson

 Frank Blair

Joe Leberman

 Virginia Chew

 Audrey Erhardt

Sally Singer

 Nancy Devlin


 Walter Slezak stars as Krisons Ringo, a recent immigrant to this

country, who settles in a small Long Island town. Though he taught

in the old country, he cannot get a certificate here, so he takes a

job as a school janitor.

Contents:  Commercials: Schick -- U.S. Savings Bonds --

Milton Berle show--television promo. Starring Elvis Presley.

  Broadcast on NBC. [UCLA]

7.41 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: STORM OVER SWAN LAKE

11-Jun-1956 Original airdate

written by Kevin McKay


Haila Stoddard

Frederic Tozere
John Shelly
Jan Miner

An economy minded school board hires a ruthless superintendent who saves

money by firing teachers. One teacher objects and this leads to the division

of  the town's citizens and considerable trouble. [RF]


7.42  [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE SOLDIER ROOM
18-Jun-1956 Original airdate
written by Milton Gelman
John Newland

Deidre Owens
A man hides his borderline psychosis pretty well

 but it does work a hardship on his wife. [RF]

7.43  [--] Robert Montgomery presents: AN ELEPHANT FOR PEANUTS
25-Jun-1956 Original airdate
written by Stanley G. Brown
Lin McCarthy
Glenn Walken
Lesley Woods
Edmund Gaynes

A child wants nothing more than to own a baby elephant. His dad makes it

easy by being a purchasing agent for a big firm, so the boy simply makes

out a purchase order for a baby elephant and gets one! [RF]


7.44 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: DREAM NO MORE

02-Jul-1956 Original airdate

adapted by Milton Gelman

based on a short story by Philip MacDonald


Charles Drake ...... Gavin Rhodes

Jan Miner ...... Enid Garroway

Tom Middleton ...... John Garroway

Dream No More concerns three people. One is John Garroway, a college boy due to

come into a fortune on his 21st birthday. The seocnd is Gavin Rhodes, one of John's

professors; Rhodes has designs on that fortune. The third is Enid Garroway, John's

widowed mother. The summer home of the Garroways' is high on the cliffs of California.

John has invited Professor Rhodes for a visit. It's not long before Mrs. Garroway sees

through Rhodes' plot and hatches a little counterplot of her own. [DM]


7.45 [--] Robert Montgomery presents:  A MATTER OF CONSCIENCE
09-Jul-1956 Original airdate
written by Theodore & Matilda Ferro
Phyllis Newman
Charles Drake
Jan Miner
Mary K. Wells

A marriage of some nine years is about to go on the rocks, and

 the wife decides to face her husband with her own suspicions. [RF]

7.46 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: DAY OF GRACE
16-Jul-1956 Original airdate
written by Doria Folliott
John Gibson ..... William Potter
Charles Drake
Jan Miner
Mary K. Wells

An ordinary man who receives a copy of tomorrow's

newspaper today with the events that haven't yet happened.

 He sees a chance for spectacular things. [RF]


7.47 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: CATCH A FALLING STAR

23-Jul-1956 Original airdate

written by David Levy

 Charles Drake
Elizabeth Montgomery
Jan Miner
Mary K. Wells
A falling Hollywood star refuses to face the fact that his acting days are numbered.

7.48 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: SOUTHERN EXPOSURE

30-Jul-1956 Original airdate

Elizabeth Montgomery
Charles Drake
John Gibson
Jan Miner
Mary K. Wells

A Southern aristocrat raises the ire of her neighbors by opening

her house to paying guests as a tourist attraction. [RF]


7.49 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MAYBE TOMORROW

06-Aug-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Director: William Hamilton

Writer: Sandra Michael


Mary Pickett

Charles Drake

Jan Miner

John Gibson

Mary K. Wells

A woman's dream of happiness despite bitter disillusion from a mother

who has dominated her to such an extent as to ruin her live and leave

her with nothing but empty dreams of happiness. [RF]


13Aug56 preempted for Convention coverage
20Aug56 preempted for Convention coverage


7.50 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE COMPANY WIFE

27-Aug-1956 Original airdate

Sponsor: Schick

Director: Ira Cirker

Writer: Martha Wilkerson


Charles Drake

Mary K. Wells

Jan Miner

John Gibson

Elizabeth Montgomery


When a new executive comes to a closely-knit company,

much speculation is made. Such is the case with Carl Philips who,

with his wife Melinda, arouses the envy and fright. [RF]

A new couple move to a suburb and the husband becomes an executive in

a firm where three other neighbors are employed. The wives believe the

newcomer is threatening their security by working to take over one of the

husband's jobs and they set out to find out which one. [RF]


7.51 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MR. PARKER RHUBARB

03-Sep-1956 Original airdate


Elizabeth Montgomery

John Gibson
Jan Miner
Tom Middleton
Charles DrakeSynopsis:
An accountant is picked to umpire the baseball game between his

firm and it's competitor. The ump makes a critical decision against his own

team and this doesn't make him a hero around the office or his home. [RF]

######### Robert Montgomery Presents #########
############## end of season 7 ###############

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