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 Season 1 (CBS) (1952-53)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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################### Omnibus ##################
############## season 1 1952-53 ##############
  CBS Sundays 4:30-6:00pm Eastern


1.01 [--] Omnibus: THE TRIAL OF ANNE BOLEYN
09-Nov-1952 CBS Sun
Hosted by Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Trial of Anne Boleyn"
Adapted from Maxwell Anderson's historic drama starring Rex Harrison as Henry VIII and Lilli Palmer as Anne Boleyn.
The play is about the tragic last days of Anne Boleyn who was accused of treason and unfaithfulness by Henry VIII
and later lost her head. (27min)
Segment 2: "The Bad Men"
an original TV play written by William Saroyan. The play takes place in a small railroad station where an odd
assortment of characters come and go among them Billy the Kid. William Saroyan narrates. (18min)
Segment 3: "The Mikado"
a scene from Gilbert & Sullivan's play, actor Martyn Green portrays Ko-Ko. Alistair Cooke exchanges thoughts
with Martyn Green. (12min)
Segment 4: "Witch Doctor"
starring Jean Leon Destine, Jeanne Ramon and Alphonse Climber and is about a Haitian Voodoo dance ceremony. (10min)
Segment 5: "Motion Picture X-Rays"
invented in 1895, the X-ray has long examined Man's interior. Rare footage made at the University of Rochester
illustrates moving human subjects pursuing normal activities behind an X-ray screen. (4min)
Segment 6: "Requiem"
Alistair Cooke narrates an Armistice Day tribute over a photo montage. (3min) [RF]

1.02 [--] Omnibus: MR. LINCOLN PART 1
16-Nov-1952 CBS Sun

Segment 1: "Lincoln Part I: The End and the Beginning"
Written by James Agee  / Directed by Norman Lloyd
Narrated by Martin Gabel
Royal Dano ....... Abraham Lincoln
Joanne Woodward ....... Ann Rutledge
Crahan Denton ....... Tom Lincoln
The first of five parts on the life of Abraham Lincoln begins with Lincoln's second Inaugural on March 4, 1865,
his assassination and his death. Agee's poetry contributes to the moving portion, "The Journey Home" when the
play turns to the beginning in a Kentucky cabin in February 12, 1809. (30 min)
Segment 2: "The Telephone"
is a brief and humorous operatic sketch by Gian Carlo Menotti, about a young woman who preferred to converse with
her lover through the telephone rather than face to face. Starring Edith Gordon and Andrew Gainey (17min).
Segment 3: "Leonardo Da Vinci"
is a condensation of an Italian feature length film which documents some of his achievements through various paintings,
drawings and models. (12 min)
Segment 4: "Lonely Hearts Ballet"
number by the Paris Ballet. The gaiety of a lonely hearts club dance is disrupted first by the entry of a handsome
young man and later by two police officials who pursue him. (11min)
Segment 5: "Flagg Dog Training School"
Host Alistair Cooke tours New York City's Flagg Dog Training School and learns the necessary tips in dog commands. (6min)
Segment 6: "Plastics"
is an exploration and the invention of plastics began when a substitute for natural ivory was required. A demonstration
at the Princeton University Plastics laboratory explains briefly the history, construction and utilization of
different types of plastics. (8min) [RF]
*Note: Rebroadcast 01Feb59 in a longer version and not the five separate features.
 Filmed in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, it dramatizes Lincoln's formative years.
Author James Agee (Pulitzer Prize winner), is seen as an actor in a small role.

 1.03 [--] Omnibus: THE TWELVE POUND LOOK
Segment 1: "The 12 Pound Look"
story by James M. Barrie,
Helen Hayes and Cyril Ritchard.
Set in a 1913 English living room it is the story of a divorced couple who accidentally meet again and the woman
who is tired of life, gains new interest in the joy of accomplishment. (30min)
Segment 2: "The Stranger Left No Card"
story by Sidney Carrol, starring
Alan Badel. It is the story of a clown who commits the perfect crime. (23min)
Segment 3: "Photography"
Phillipe Halsman eminent photographer for LIFE magazine working with Eva Gabor and Linda Christian.
Segment 4: "Three-Cornered Hat"
music by de Falla as performed by Julio de Diego, a creative contemporary artist creates a painting to the music. (7min)
Segment 5: "Soil Erosion",
documents some of the problems of soil erosion and the developments of chemically-treated soils.
Produced by the Princeton Film Center. [RF]

1.04 [--] Omnibus: LINCOLN PART 2
Segment 1: "Lincoln, Part II: Early Boyhood"
written by James Agee, directed by Norman Lloyd, narrated by Martin Gabel,
Royal Dano as Abraham Lincoln
Nancy Hanks as Lincoln's Mother
Crahan Denton as Tom Lincoln.
Traces Lincoln's life at the age of 7, his family experiences in Kentucky, the death of his mother, Nancy, the return
of his father Tom with a new wife and their move to more primitive circumstances. (30min)
Segment 2: "A Christmas Tie"
written by William Saroyan, directed by Andrew McCullough,
Helen Hayes as Bessie Arlington
Burgess Meredith as Avon Horsley Jr.
Anthony Ross as the Floor Walker.
The story of a shoplifter and the new clerk who's job is in jeopardy when he doesn't catch the thief and the from the
floorwalker who will report him. (25min)
Segment 3: "Tugboat Captain"
and is a documentary film about the story of Captain Kenneth Buck, his crew and the tugboat "Grace" during a typical day
in New York Harbor. (12min)
Segment 4: "The Automobile"
talks about how automobiles have changed the lives of people compared to the turn of the century. (5min)
Segment 5: "Dance Madness"
is a French Ballet production about a young ballet dancer, who while practicing in her studio is trapped unexpectedly
by a madman who dances with her in various moods determined by phonograph recordings. (11min) [RF]

1.05 [--] Omnibus: THE TRIAL OF BEN JONSON
Segment 1: "The Trial of Ben Jonson"
written by Maxwell Anderson,
Alexander Scourby as Ben Jonson
June Lockhart as Mrs. Jonson
John Williams as Sir Robert Cecil, His Accuser.
The play is about Jonson who was accused of writing treasonous material and in the end he scores a moral victory
but at the cost of a personal tragedy. (30min)
Segment 2: "Jean Sibelius"
in celebration of his 87th birthday, a short film shows Sibelius at his home near Helsinki to the accompaniment of
"Finlandia". (9min)
Segment 3: "The Dagger"
a dance drama about a young girl, a man who thinks she loves him and another who knows she loves him. Members of the
Paris Ballet are featured. (14min)
Segment 4: "Rowland Emett"
a visit with famed "Punch" cartoonist Rowland Emett who displays and describes some of his ingenious inventions, Nellie,
his special steam engine, the astro-terra-marry, and a steam-powered television camera. (20 min)
Segment 5: "Slow motion and High-Speed Photography"
are shown with speeds as 3000 frames per second - a drop of cream falling into a cup of coffee, the movement of the
wings and stabilizer of a housefly, and the graceful movement of a jackrabbit running across a field. (5min) [RF]

 1.06 [--] Omnibus: LINCOLN PART 3
14Dec1952 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Lincoln Part III: Growing Up"
written by James Agee, directed by Norman Lloyd, narrated by Martin Gabel,
Royal Dano .......... Abraham Lincoln,
Crahan Denton ....... Tom Lincoln,
Blanche Charles and George Mitchell.
A typical day in 1825 at the local one room school house. Through flashbacks members of his family and friends describe
Lincoln during his adolescent years. Lincoln recounts his own experiences some of them quite painful. The family moves
to Illinois while Abe age 21, decides to start out on his own. (30min)
Segment 2:
Helen Hayes makes her third appearance and will read specially adapted Christmas fairy tales from
Charles Perrault's "Mother Goose Suite" to the accompaniment of Ravel's music. It is a 300-year-old tale of a
princess who is condemned to sleep for 100 years. Her dreams set our imaginations free with the assistance of
a supporting cast of actors and puppets. (31min)
Segment 3: "Biography of a Fish"
is a fish story made entirely under water about the stickleback fish who has three long spines covered with needle-like
points. The film shows the male preparing a nest, securing a mate, fertilizing the eggs and protecting his brood. (13min)
Segment 4: "Children's Books"
with two famous authors of children's books, Robert McClusky of "Homer Price" and "Make Way for Ducklings"
and Marc Simont of "The Lovely Summer" discuss their backgrounds, problems and satisfactions in writing and
illustrating children's books. (8min) [RF]

1.07 [--] Omnibus: THE TRIAL OF MR. PICKWICK
21Dec1952 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Trial of Mr. Pickwick"
Adapted by Alistair Cooke, Based on the story by Charles Dickens,
Cedric Hardwicke ........ Judge,
Francis L. Sullivan ..... Sergeant Burfuz,
Mercer McLeod ........... Mr. Pickwick.
The story of Mr. Pickwick's breach of promise in connection with his landlady Mrs. Bardell. (30min)
Segment 2: Agnes DeMille's "Rodeo"
starring John Kriza, Jenny Workman and Kelly Brown. Music by Aaron Copeland.
The story about a group of cowboys gathered together one Saturday afternoon in the corral, preparing for the
Barn Dance later that evening. The story traces one cowgirl's efforts in roping her cowboy. (25min)
Segment 3: "Palle Alone in the World"
A Swedish film about an imaginative little boy who dreams that he awakes one morning to suddenly find himself
alone in the world and has a wonderful time driving and demolishing a streetcar, visiting a toy shop, driving
a fire truck, flying an airliner to the moon, and going to a candy shop. Directed and edited by Astrid and
Bjarne Henning-Jensen. (21min) [RF]

1.08 [--] Omnibus: MY BROTHER HENRY
28Dec1952 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: Sir James M. Barrie's "My Brother Henry"
starring Michael Redgrave.
A man pretends to have a brother and everyone is so fascinated by Henry that they want to meet him.
Segment 2: A preview of Walt Disney's "Peter Pan"
which is set to premiere February 28, 1953.
Segment 3: A discussion of Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition".
Segment 4: Celebrated symphony conductor Leopold Stokowski will conduct a group singing Christmas Carols with
orchestral background.

Segment 5: An interview with Nobel prize winning novelist William Faulkner. [RF]

1.09 [--] Omnibus: THE MAN IN THE COOL, COOL MOON
04Jan1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: William Saroyan's "The Man in the Cool Cool Moon"
starring Brandon de Wilde.
The scene of his latest written play for television is laid in what he calls "Practically Heaven, Nevada".
Those who think of Nevada in terms of divorce and gambling will be in for a surprise. During a stop at the
local Moon Theater, he encounters a Cool, Cool Cola dispensing machine and a ten-year-old boy caught by more
than the machine as the world watches. (27min)
Segment 2: "The Bear" by Anton Chekov
June Havoc ........... Widow Papova
Michael Redgrave ..... Captain Dimitri Smirnov
Billy L. Greene ...... the Footman
Takes place in the living room of a country estate, about a widow who has mourned her husband is suddenly beset
with feelings for a Captain. (22min)
Segment 3: "Dance Congress"
with the Paris Ballet performing this piece directed by Jean Benoit-Levy and composed by Richard Blareau.
Delegates to an international dance convention arrive at Orly Field, Paris and because of passport restrictions
are required to present a native dance to prove national origin. (10min)
Segment 4: "Letters to be Answered I"
Alistair Cooke replies to letters of comment and inquiry concerning the first nine weeks of Omnibus. He comments
on the musical theme, squeaky shoes and presents reruns of the X-ray films, the running jack-rabbit and a model
of Da Vinci's speedometer. (6min) [RF]

1.10 [--] Omnibus: LINCOLN PART 4
11Jan1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Lincoln Part IV: New Salem"
written by James Agee, directed by Norman Lloyd, narrated by Martin Gabel,
Royal Dano ........... Abraham Lincoln
Joanne Woodward ...... Ann Rutledge
Crahan Denton ........ Tom Lincoln
The story of Lincoln's arrival in New Salem, Illinois at the age of 22 during his famed wrestling match with Jack
Armstrong and his first meeting with Ann Rutledge. (30min)
Segment 2: "Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2"
directed by Andrew McCullough,
Brian Aherne ........ Henry V
Viveca Lindfors ..... Princess Katherine
and Zolya Talma.
Henry V fresh from a victorious battle with the French, arrives to claim Katherine as his queen in the famous
Shakespearean love scene. (22min)
Segment 3: "Jose Greco"
Since 1949 when Greco originated his own company of Spanish dancers, he has toured the world. In this presentation
his troupe will star in a production of Ravel's "Bolero". (13min)
Segment 4: "Old Time Aviation"
celebrating the 50th anniversary of aviation, Alistair Cooke returns via film to the early Wright Brothers efforts,
flying exhibitions, the flight of Teddy Roosevelt, construction of an early monoplane and a number of fantastic early
experimental attempts. (9min)
Segment 5: "Role of a Rescue Helicopter In Korea".
Official films of helicopters in action during rescue operations at sea and on land during the Korean conflict. (5min) [RF]

1.11 [--] Omnibus: VIVE!
18Jan1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Vive!"
written by William Saroyan starring Bert Lahr and Bobby Clark.
The story of two old Frenchmen observe and analyze the wall they are painting . (30min)
Segment 2: "The Servant With Two Masters"
Carlo Goldini's play.
A woman travels to Venice disguised as her dead brother in search of the man who killed him, her lover Florindo.
Florindo was forbidden to marry her by her brother who knew he was only after her dowry. (10min)
Segment 3: "Raymond Loewy"
A visit to Raymond Loewy's office and a view of certain well-designed objects and equipment, as he comments upon
his work and illustrates examples of his industrial design. (16min)
Segment 4: "Barn Dance"
through time-lapse motion picture photography and ingenious editing of picture and sound,
Canadian cinematographer Ernest Reid portrays special kinds of barns (and animals) that "dance" to some good old
fashioned country music. (7min)
Segment 5: "The Haircut"
The camera examines the battle between the barber and a number of small children during a Saturday afternoon session.
Various gymnastic tactics are shown while the barber accepts all this with apparent good humor. (6min) [RF]

1.12 [--] Omnibus: WHILE THE TIDE WAS RISING
25Jan1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "While the Tide Was Rising"
1914 film classic produced by the Thomas A. Edison company, written, directed and starring Ben F. Wilson
About a daring young aviator who is rescued from his wrecked airplane and after his recuperation the aviator falls
in love with the doctor's daughter. (12min)
Segment 2: Jazz stylings
featuring Benny Goodman on clarinet, Gene Krupa on drums and Teddy Wilson at the piano. Selections included are
"Nice Work If You Can Get It", "Memories of You" and "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise". (16min)
Segment 3: "McQuade of the Traffic Squad"
1915 melodrama made by the Thomas A. Edison Co. The life of the police force in New York City is told with motorcycle
chases, burglars and romance.
Segment 4: Artist Thomas Hart Benton,
his 13-year-old daughter Jessie and a family friend Claude Rains from his home in Kansas City, Missouri. Each reads
a portion of his favorite literature and discusses an aspect of his life. Benton displays several paintings. (20min)
Segment 5: Roberto Rosselini's
film is a series of 10 unconnected episodes starring Franciscan monks in all roles but one. [RF]

1.13 [--] Omnibus: DIE FLEDERMAUS
01Feb1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Die Fledermaus"
based on Johann Strauss' Opera, directed by Bob Banner, staged by Herbert Graf, conductor Eugene Ormondy.
Lois Hunt ............ Adele,
Brenda Lewis ......... Rosalinde,
Charles Kullman ...... Eisenstein,
Hugh Thompson ........ Frank,
Thomas Hayward ....... Alfred,
John Brownell ........ Dr. Falke,
Jarmila Novotna ...... Prince Orlofsky. (75min) [RF]

1.14 [--] Omnibus: LINCOLN PART 5
08Feb1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Lincoln Part V: Ann Rutledge",
written by James Agee, directed by Norman Lloyd, narrated by Martin Gabel.
Royal Dano ........... Abraham Lincoln
Joanne Woodward ...... Ann Rutledge
Jack Warden.
The final chapter deals with Lincoln's early political ventures, the death of Ann Rutledge, his alleged extreme depression,
recovery and return to the Illinois State Legislature and the beginning of his significant political career. (30min)
Segment 2: "Napoleon's Love Letters"
James Mason ....... Napoleon
Pamela Mason ...... Josephine.
Dialogue taken from selected love letters exchanged over the years between Napoleon Bonapart and Josephine. (20min)
Segment 3: "The Pelican",
a wildlife feature with Richard Borden, designer of a new camera gun for photographing swiftly moving animals.
Segment 4: "Valentines"
Alistair Cooke explains the origin of Valentine's Day and the custom of exchanging valentines through various readings
and exhibits. (7min) [RF]

1.15 [--] Omnibus: THE OYSTER AND THE PEARL
15Feb1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Oyster and the Pearl"
written by William Saroyan and read by Alistair Cooke,
starring Paul Douglas as Harry.
A barbershop in the town of Ok-by-the-Sea, California is run by a philosophical barber named Harry. Harry's customers
come to see him for more than just a haircut, advice and his ideas on life make him the man to see for a young boy
who is convinced that the oyster he found has a pearl in it. (28min)
Segment 2: "Wheat Germ"
A Time relapse film of the growth of a wheat germ. (12min)
Segment 3: "Rospigliosi Cup"
is an exhibition of the famed Cellini Cup made entirely out of gold from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where
it is displayed and explained. (8min)
Segment 4: "Under the Bridges of Paris"
A final presentation of Paris Ballets. Produced and directed by Jean Benoit-Levy
The story of two lovers who secretly meet under the bridges of Paris. (11min)
Segment 5: "La Boheme Preview"
Alistair Cooke interviews members of the Metropolitan Opera cast during rehearsal of Puccini's opera scheduled
for broadcast. (8min) [RF]

1.16 [--] Omnibus: LA BOHEME
22Feb1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Directed by Bob Banner
Puccini drama performed in English.
Nadine Connor ..... Mimi
Brian Sullivan .... Rodolfo
Brenda Lewis ...... Musetta
Frank Guarrera .... Marcello
Norman Scott ...... Colline
Clifford Harvuot .. Schaunard
Alessio DePaolis .. Alcindoro
Alberto Erede ..... Benoit
Puccini's opera "La Boheme" featured a chorus of 18 and the Metropolitan Orchestra of 53 musicians. This English
production of "La Boheme" is the story of the lives and loves of four 19th century Paris Bohemians. Mimi, a
seamstress who falls in love with the poet Rodolfo. [RF]

1.17 [--] Omnibus: THE HAPPY JOURNEY
01Mar1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Happy Journey" play by Thornton Wilder,
starring: Helen Hayes and Russell Collins.
A family travels by auto to Camden, New Jersey to visit a member of the family.
Segment 2: "The Blind Man"
A documentary record of a blind man's typical day from the ringing of his alarm clock to his activities
in the office. (6min)
Segment 3: "The Coronation Ceremony"
Leo Genn narrates an official British film which traces the story of the 900-year-old coronation ceremony and
outlines the ceremony to be performed on June 2, 1953 with Queen Elizabeth. (20min)
Segment 4: "The Five Gifts of Life"
the New York City Ballet Company performance based on Mark Twain's story of a young man who seeks all five gifts
of life - fame, riches, pleasures, love and death and because of his greed must accept old age. (20min)
Segment 5: "The Income Tax"
Alistair Cooke briefly covers the history of the income tax and traces the sophisticated methods employed in
obtaining data, notwithstanding some wry comments. (6min) [RF]

1.18 [--] Omnibus: A LODGING FOR THE NIGHT
08Mar1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "A Lodging for the Night"
adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's story, starring Yul Brynner as Francois Villon.
A scene in the life of the French rogue Francois Villon during a cold winter night in 1453. (26min)
Segment 2: "Pimpinella"
a German puppet film tells the story of a little doll in a toy shop who had the wrong legs. She discovers a
solution to her problem and in the process finds a prince. (18min).
Segment 3: Olga Coelho, Brazilian soprano,
who has been called the world's most famed singing guitarist. She will give her own interpretations of native folk
music of Brazil. (14min)
Segment 4: "An Early Science Fiction Film"
Scenes from an amazing English film made in 1909 predict a war of the future. Original title was
"Love Affair of an Inventor of an Aerial Torpedo". (7min)
Segment 5: "Reforestation"
a progress report on reforestation in the United States and changes in methods. (6min)
Segment 6: "Traffic Engineering"
Omnibus visits the School of Traffic Engineering at Yale University. A number of case traffic studies are covered
and examples of findings are illustrated. (6min). [RF]

1.19 [--] Omnibus: THE LAST NIGHT OF DON JUAN
15Mar1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Last Night of Don Juan" story by Edmond Rostand,
starring Fredric March as Don Juan and Joseph Schildkraut as The Devil.
In Venice Don Juan is confronted by the ghosts of his past conquests who return to mock him in his last hour. (26min)
Segment 2: "Animated Genesis"
Host Alistair Cooke comments upon non-objective, abstract art and introduces an animated English made abstract
film dealing with cell division and genetics. (9min)
Segment 3: "Country Editor"
The Downingtown, Pa. Archive has a weekly circulation of 5,000 and it is edited, printed and distributed by a
hard-working husband and wife. (18min)
Segment 4: "Highway Construction"
provides a general overview of the necessary steps in planning and constructing a highway. (5min)
Segment 5: "Piano and Pianist"
Host Alistair Cooke visits the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to see and hear the oldest piano in the
world invented by Christofori, Chopin's "Nocturne in E Flat, Opus 55" and an arrangement of a traditional
Argentinian folksong. (14min) [RF]

22Mar1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Three Maidens and the Devil"
choreographed and starring Agnes DeMille and her company.
The ballet tells of three maidens who encounter the devil on their way to Church. (17min)
The title was originally to be Three Virgins and the Devil but that title was censored.
Segment 2: "Happy Birthday, Aunt Sarah"
June Havoc stars in a musical parody of the Frank Sullivan character by Kay Swift.
Aunt Sarah celebrates her 80th birthday by recounting one of her earlier experiences. (25min)
Segment 3: "Audubon's Birds of America"
John J. Audubon's illustrations are shown and commented upon by Alistair Cooke as he recounts highlights of
the life of the world's finest painter of wild birds. (13min)
Segment 4: "Do it Yourself"
An insight on hobbies and the do-it-yourself craze. (7min)
Segment 5: "The Young Fox"
a Swedish film documents a day in the early life of a young fox as he travels through the woods and meadows
encountering various plants and animals. Produced by Arne Sucksdorff (9min)
"Fisherman's Holiday"
Italian film photography closes out the program. [RF]

1.21 [--] Omnibus: LORD BYRON'S LOVE LETTER
29Mar1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Lord Byron's Love Letter" play by Tennessee Williams,
starring Ethel Barrymore.
A spinster and her mother whose most prized possession is a letter supposedly written by Lord Byron to a member
of the family. (23min)
Segment 2: "135th Street,"
the George Gershwin musical with an all-Negro cast. (25min)
Segment 3: "Photomicrography"
examples of motion picture film use in industrial processes are shown, such as micro, time lapse and high
speed photography. (6min)
Segment 4: "Lincoln-Rutledge Debate"
with Lincoln writer James Agee and Allan Nevins distinguished historian who discuss the authenticity of the
presumed love affair between Lincoln and Ann Rutledge. (15min)
Segment 5: "Response to the Lincoln Series"
Host Alistair Cooke reads a negative letter concerning James Agee's Lincoln films, and presents the moving
portion from the first film depicting the movement of the funeral train. (8min) [RF]

1.22 [--] Omnibus: GRANDMA MOSES
05Apr1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Grandma Moses"
Host Alistair Cooke introduces the program with Winston Churchill's comments concerning painting.
Archibald McLeish narrates the film which documents the life and work of Grandma Moses, then age 93,
the primitive artist who began her career at the age of 78. (21min)
Segment 2: "Everyman"
the classic 16th century morality play about a man (Burgess Meredith) who is called by Death (Joseph Schildkraut)
and discovers the extent of his Earthbound friendships and values. (34min)
Segment 3: "The Drift to One Eye"
Robert Benchley's thoughts concerning Man's possible future changes of facial features is read by Alistair Cooke. (4min)
Segment 4: "Trip to the Moon"
an early example of stop motion photography made in 1902 by French magician and film pioneer George Melies will
complete the program. (9min) [RF]

12Apr1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "Toy Symphone with Stokowski"
Leopold Stokowski conducts a full symphone orchestra in two numbers, Haydn's "Toy Symphone" and Britten's
"Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra". The Britten selection will be accompanied by a commentary on the
functions of the various musical instruments in a symphony. (8min)
Segment 2: "World We Live In"
a visual feature with articles which appeared in LIFE magazine. The unit will concern itself with the
"Face of the Land" portion of the articles.
Segment 3: "The Stranger Left No Card"
is a psychological suspense story presented on the show in November and is repeated here. (23min)
Segment 4: "Formation of Mountains"
Host Alistair Cooke explains how various types of mountains are formed, with the assistance of animated films
showing the step-by-step process traced through time. (9min) [RF]

1.24 [--] Omnibus: THE ABRACADABRA KID
19Apr1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "The Abracadabra Kid"
executive producer Robert Saudek, producer William Spier, directed by Andrew McCullough, written by William Saroyan,
Starring Maria Riva and Walter Matthau.
The story of a little boy Andrew, his magic word, and his busy parents' complete lack of understanding of him
and themselves. (21min)
Segment 2: "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"
a reading of Henry Wadsworth Longfellows famous poem read by Raymond Massey after an introduction by
host Alistair Cooke. (6min)
Segment 3: "Trial By Jury" by Gilbert & Sullivan,
starring Martyn Greene as the personable partial judge in this opera dealing with a breach of promise.
Also starring Davis Cunningham and Arlyne Frank. (25min)
Segment 4: "Images Medievales"
is a survey of life in the Middle Ages assembled from postage stamp sized miniatures of illuminted manuscripts
discovered in the National Library of Paris is shown.
Produced by William Novak and narrated by Alistair Cooke with accompanying music from that period. (15min)
Segment 5: "The New Bus" is an informational film on buses. (5min) [RF]

1.25 [--] Omnibus: A TALE OF TWO CITIES
26Apr1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Segment 1: "A Tale of Two Cities" written by Charles Dickens,
read by Emlyn Williams who portrays Charles Dickens in this excerpt of "The Fancy Ball". (17min)
Segment 2: "Gaie Parisienne"
Host Alistair Cooke introduces Jacques Offenbach's work featuring a rich Peruvian tourist in Paris, the lady
with whom he falls in love and the Baron whom she adores. Performed by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. (29 min)
Segment 3: "Figgerin' of Aunt Wilma"
the voice of James Thurber takes us back to Columbus, Ohio in the year 1909 where James' Aunt Wilma engaged
in financial combat with her grocer and somehow won.
Starring Margaret Hamilton as Aunt Wilma. Story by James Thurber/ Adapted by Tad Mosel (10min)
Segment 4: "Bombardier Training"
A film sponsored by American Machine and Foundry traces the development of aerial bombing and shows how
modern bombardiers are trained with modern electronic equipment which simulates reality. (5min)
Segment 5: "Modern Art and Sculpture"
Host Alistair Cooke comments upon and illustrates significant examples of modern sculptures evolvement
with several original works, Rodin's "Three Dancers", Aristide Maillol's "Young Cyclist",
a concave surfaced nude by Archipelago, Giacometti's "City Square" representing several detached figures
and the contemporary Lassow's "Montisauris". (11min) [RF]

1.26 [--] Omnibus: ARMS AND THE MAN
03May1953 CBS Sun
Host Alistair Cooke
Based on the play by George Bernard Shaw
Staged by director John Burrell
Jean-Pierre Aumont .. Captain Bruntschi
Walter Slezak .... Major Paul Petkoff
Kent Smith
Nanette Fabray
Mischa Auer
Martita Hunt
Set in Bulgaria in 1890 the satire pokes fun at the romantic concept of war. [RF]

################### Omnibus ##################
############### end of season 1 ##############

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