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 Season 7 (NBC) (1956-57)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, James Beer
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############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############## season 7 1956-57 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
  NBC Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (60 min)

7.01 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE WAYWARD SAINT

30-Aug-1956 NBC Thur


Sallie Brophy

Ann B. Davis

Liam Redmond

Roland Winters


7.02 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ROAD OF FEAR

06-Sep-1956 NBC Thur


Scott Brady

Catherine McLeod

Jimmy Baird

Johnny Crawford


7.03 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE TOP RUNG

13-Sep-1956 NBC Thur


Lee Bowman

Irene Hervey

William Hopper


7.04 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MILDRED PIERCE

20-Sep-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the novel by James M. Cain


Virginia Bruce as Mildred Pierce

Zachary Scott as Monte Beragon

Patric Knowles

*Note: Based on the 1945 film starring Joan Crawford and Jack Carson.


7.05 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONLY YESTERDAY

27-Sep-1956 NBC Thur


Don Taylor

Joan Caulfield

Richard Eyer


7.06 [--] Lux Video Theatre: NOW, VOYAGER

04-Oct-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the novel by Olive Higgins Prouty


Richard Carlson

Laraine Day

Herbert Marshall

*Note: Based on the 1942 film starring Bette Davis, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains.


7.07 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GUILTY

11-Oct-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the Cornell Woolrich story "He Looked Like Murder"


Ralph Meeker

Carol Ohmart

Skip Homeier

Two sisters are in love with the same man. Then one of them

 is found murdered, which leads police to suspect the other girl. [RF]
*Note: Based on the 1947 movie starring Bonita Granville.


7.08 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FLAMINGO ROAD

18-Oct-1956 NBC Thur


Raymond Burr as Dan Reynolds

Joanne Dru as Lane Bellamy

Robert Middleton as Titus Semple


7.09 [--] Lux Video Theatre: BECAUSE OF YOU

25-Oct-1956 NBC Thur

Based on a story by Thelma Robinson


Vera Miles

Sandy Descher

Irene Hervey

*Note: Loretta Young and Jeff Chandler starred in the 1952 movie.


7.10 [--] Lux Video Theatre: YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FOREVER

01-Nov-1956 NBC Thur Color

Based on a story by Hector Chevigny


Don DeFore

Virginia Gregg

Leon Askin ....... Mike Czerny

After an argument with his boss, a reporter is assigned to do the

advice-to-the-lovelorn column, much against his will. Unexpectedly

 it leads him to one of the biggest scoops of his career. [RF]
*Note: George Brent and Brenda Marshall starred in the 1942 movie

on which this episode is based.


7.11 [--] Lux Video Theatre: JEZEBEL

08-Nov-1956 NBC Thur

Based on a play written by Owen Davis Sr.


Martha Hyer

*Note: Based on the 1938 film starring Bette Davis and Henry Fonda


7.12 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GLASS WEB

15-Nov-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the novel by Max Simon Ehrlich


George Nader

When a designing television starlet is murdered. Four men are

 suspected: her ex-husband, a TV writer, the researched on the series

and the producer of the show. [RF]
*Note: Based on the 1953 film starring Edward G. Robinson, John Forsythe and Kathleen Hughes.


7.13 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GAY SISTERS

22-Nov-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the novel by Stephen Longstreet


Alexis Smith

Tim Hovey

Karen Steele

Helen Westcott

Three sisters discover their inheritance is melting away because

 of legal entanglements created by one man. [RF]
*Note: The 1942 film "The Gay Sisters" starred Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent.


7.14 [--] Lux Video Theatre: OLD ACQUAINTANCE

29-Nov-1956 NBC Thur

Based on the stage play by John Van Druten
Ruth Hussey ..... Kit Marlowe
Lynn Bari ...... Millie Drake
Joan Evans ..... Deirdre Drake
The friendship of two career women, both eminently successful novelists,

 is strained to the breaking point when one accuses the other of being

involved in a romance with her husband. [RF]
*Note: Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins starred in the 1943 movie

7.15 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT

13-Dec-1956 NBC Thur

Story by Aileen Hamilton
Hosted by Gordon McRae
Mona Freeman ..... Elizabeth Lane
Leon Askin ....... Felix Bassenak
A woman magazine columnist writes about a non-existent farm and family.

She finds herself in a predicament when called upon to produce

 the farm, husband and child in person. [RF]
*Note: Based on the Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and

Sydney Greenstreet 1945 movie of the same name.


20-Dec-1956 NBC Thur


Shirley Jones

Nelson Eddy

Jeanette MacDonald


7.17 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MICHAEL AND MARY

27-Dec-1956 NBC Thur


Maureen O'Sullivan


7.18 [--] Lux Video Theatre: IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE

03-Jan-1957 NBC Thur


Ernest Truex ...... Lucerne
Gene Lockhart ..... O'Connor
William Reynolds .. Jim Bullock
Diane Jergens ..... Trudy
Leon Ames
William Campbell
A kindly ne'er-do-well moves into a vacant New York mansion

in the absence of its wealthy owners. He finds himself playing cupid

 for their daughter and an ex-GI. [RF]
*Note: The 1947 movie starred Don DeFore, Ann Harding, Charlie Ruggles, Victor Moore and Gale Storm.


7.19 [--] Lux Video Theatre: JUST ACROSS THE STREET

10-Jan-1957 NBC Thur


Julie Adams

Jack Kelly

Cecil Kellaway


7.20 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT  [ Produced live in Hollywood.]

17-Jan-1957 NBC Thur

adapted by S.H. Barnett

story by William Faulkner

based on a screenplay by Jules Furthman

directed by James Yarbrough

producer Earl Ebi

Host: Gordon MacRae


Edmund O'Brien

Beverly Garland

Frances Bergen

John Qualen

Dan Seymour

Jean Del Val

Lyle Talbot

Edgar Barrier

Sir Lancelot

Ken Terrell

Richard Flato


7.21 [--] Lux Video Theatre: VICE SQUAD

24-Jan-1957 NBC Thur


Pat O'Brien


7.22 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON

31-Jan-1957 NBC Thur


Sheila MacRae

Peter Lind Hayes

Mary Healy


7.23 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE UNDESIRABLE

07-Feb-1957 NBC Thur


Vivian Blaine

Richard Denning


7.24 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DARK VICTORY

14-Feb-1957 NBC Thur


Jack Cassidy

Shirley Jones


7.25 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE WAY STREET

21-Feb-1957 NBC Thur


Nancy Gates

George Nader


7.26 [--] Lux Video Theatre: POSSESSED

28-Feb-1957 NBC Thur


Brian Keith

Laraine Day

A woman who lets herself get too emotionally involved in a love affair also

becomes mixed up in a case of murder. [RF]
*Note: Based on the 1947 motion picture starring Joan Crawford, Van Heflin and Raymond Massey.


7.27 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE WAY PASSAGE

07-Mar-1957 NBC Thur


Barry Sullivan

Bonita Granville

Barton MacLane


A young woman suffering from a fatal heart ailment and a man convicted

for murder fall in love. The obstacles placed in the way of their love

seem to forbid any thoughts of happiness for the future. [RF]


7.28 [--] Lux Video Theatre: EILEEN

14-Mar-1957 NBC Thur

adapted by Stanley Silverman

music by Victor Herbert and lyrics by Henry Blossom


Gordon MacRae as Barry O'Day

Patricia Morison as Eileen

Wendy Martin as Rosie


Barry O'Day an Irish rebel, disguises himself as a groom because the English have

put a price on his head. He falls in love with a beautiful English girl, who will have nothing

 to do with a man who's nothing more than a groom. Barry determines, however, to

claim Eileen for his own. (Hollywood)


"Free Trade and a Misty Moon" .... Ensemble

"Ireland, My Sireland" .... Barry

"My Little Irish Rose" .... Rosie

"Eileen" .... Barry

"Erin Slantagal Go Bragh" .... Barry

"If Eve Had Left the Apple on the Bough" .... Reggie

"When Love Awakes" .... Eileen

"Life's a Game at Best" .... Lady Maude

"In the Name of the King", "A Man That Can Die Like a Soldier" .... Ensemble

"Erin's Isle" .... Lady Maude

"Sure the Irish Have a Great Day" .... Barry

"Thine Alone" .... Barry, Eileen
*Note: A revival of the romantic comic opera "Eileen" first presented on Broadway in 1917.

Introduced by the now famous song "Thine Alone." [RF]


7.29 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GREAT LIE

21-Mar-1957 NBC Thur


Jan Sterling

Glenn Langan

Catherine McLeod


7.30 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BLACK ANGEL

28-Mar-1957 NBC Thur


Anne Bancroft

John Ireland

Marilyn Erskine


7.31 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ADAM HAD FOUR SONS

04-Apr-1957 NBC Thur

based on the Charles Bonner novel "Legacy".


Leon Ames as Adam

Valentina Cortesa as Emilie Gallatin

Connie Gilchrist as Cousin Philippa


During World War I, personalities clash when the wife of one of four brothers

 presents a temptation to the other three. [RF]


7.32 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE TAGGART LIGHT

18-Apr-1957 NBC Thur


John McIntire

Vera Miles

Roger Moore


7.33 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD

25-Apr-1957 NBC Thur


Boris Karloff as Montgomery Royle

June Lockhart as Grace Blair

Mary Astor as Mildred Le Brun

Ed Kemmer as Ted Van Allen

Thomas Browne Henry as Andy

Doris Packer as Florence Royle


Montgomery Royle has gained world renown as a concert pianist. After a severe shock,

 he finds he has lost his hearing, and with it, his career. He confines himself to his

apartment and indulges in self pity. He's persuaded to learn lip-reading and devises a

pastime that pleases him. Using his opera glasses he reads the lips of the people in

 the park. And finally Royle begins to meddle in their lives. [RF]

*Note: Based on the 1932 which starred George Arliss and the 1953 film starring

 Liberace called "Sincerely Yours".


7.34 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE HARD WAY

02-May-1957 NBC Thur


Nancy Gates

Ann Sheridan


7.35 [--] Lux Video Theatre: STAND-IN FOR MURDER

09-May-1957 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh


Dewey Martin


A night club musician, believing he is soon to die from an incurable disease,

 plans to carry out an unusual sacrifice in order to insure financial security for his family. [RF]


7.36 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DEATH DO US PART

16-May-1957 NBC Thur


Alexis Smith

Kent Smith


7.37 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE ARMED VENUS

23-May-1957 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh & William Stuart
Hosted by Gordon McRae
Esther Williams ...... Vicki (TV dramatic debut)
Steve Forrest ....... Matt Barker
Peter Graves ........ Joel Barker
John Hudson .......... Howard Findley
Robert Richards ...... Barney Goldstone
Don Barry ............ Andy
The wealthy owner of a Park Ave. night club falls in love with a beautiful girl.

He is entranced with her innocence and gentleness, but as their friendship progresses

he becomes irked with her possessiveness. This marks the beginning of doubt and

suspicion about the young lady. His suspicions are confirmed when he learns that

she is married and intends to blackmail him. [RF]

7.38 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PARIS CALLING

30-May-1957 NBC Thur


Joanne Dru

Grant Williams


7.39 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PAYMENT IN KIND

06-Jun-1957 NBC Thur


Ruth Hussey


7.40 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DESIGN FOR NOVEMBER

13-Jun-1957 NBC Thur


Julie Adams


7.41 [--] Lux Video Theatre: EDGE OF DOUBT

20-Jun-1957 NBC Thur


Philip Carey

Kathleen Crowley


7.42 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LATCH KEY

27-Jun-1957 NBC Thur


Mike Connors  as Glen Kramer

Janis Paige

After a bus crash that has resulted in the deaths of several passengers, an argument ensues

as to the identities of the victims. A scorched latch key seems to be the key to the mystery,

and in a series of flashbacks the passengers on the bus unfold the story. [RF]


7.43 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WHO IS PICASSO?

04-Jul-1957 NBC Thur


Steve Dunne

Marilyn Erskine

Hugh Marlowe

K.T. Stevens


7.44 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE SOFTEST MUSIC

11-Jul-1957 NBC Thur


Peggy McCay

Forrest Tucker


7.45 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SUMMER RETURN

18-Jul-1957 NBC Thur


Joan Evans

Kent Smith


7.46 [--] Lux Video Theatre: HIGH TENSION

25-Jul-1957 NBC Thur

written by Irwin Blacker


John Howard as Hayden Strathmore
Hayden Strathmore, president of a power and light company, is unaware that

two of his associates plot to discredit him at an upcoming board meeting.  [RF]


7.47 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DARK HAMMOCK

01-Aug-1957 NBC Thur


Jack Carson

Barton MacLane

Frances Reid

Mary Wickes


7.48 [--] Lux Video Theatre: JUDGE NOT

15-Aug-1957 NBC Thur


Lloyd Corrigan

Audrey Dalton

Rex Evans

Alan Mowbray

Jay Novello


7.49 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DIAGNOSIS--HOMICIDE

22-Aug-1957 NBC Thur


Craig Stevens


7.50 [--] Lux Video Theatre: OLD WITCH, OLD WITCH

05-Sep-1957 NBC Thur


Margalo Gillmore

Maury Hill


7.51 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LAST ACT  [Final show of the series]

12-Sep-1957 NBC Thur


Lilia Skala ....... Madame Zoffany

Jack Cassidy

Liam Sullivan

Veola Vonn

A fading dramatic actress still manages to retain the role of star

 in a real-life drama when she tries to act as matchmaker for one of her

grandsons and a rising young actress. The one flaw in her plot is that

the actress prefers another of her grandsons. [RF]

############## Lux Video Theatre #############
################## the end #################

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