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 Season 7 (NBC) (1953-54)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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########## Kraft Television Theatre ##########
############## season 7 1953-54 ##############
NBC Wednesdays 9:00-10:00pm Eastern
  During this season a different  series also called 
Kraft Television Theatre  aired on ABC Thursdays 9:30-10:30pm ET

7.01 [328] Kraft Television Theatre: QUITE A GUY


guest stars

Patricia McCormack

Nancy Devlin

Richard Carlyle

Barry McGuire

Allen Nourse

An athlete's coach tries to bend the rules to allow his star to play in the big game.


7.02 [329] Kraft Television Theatre: DOUBLE IN IVORY


Written by Michelle Cousin

guest stars

Lee Remick

Robert Pastene

Beverly Whitney

A child prodigy finds it difficult to adjust to adulthood.


7.03 [330] Kraft Television Theatre: HER FATHER'S BUTLER


Written by Dana Thomas

guest stars

Constance Ford

Richard Kiley

Cameron Prud'homme

Chester Stratton


A millionaire's mischievous daughter hires an outsider

after all the household help has quit.


7.04 [331] Kraft Television Theatre: CORINTH HOUSE


guest stars

Kathleen Comegys

Edgar Stehli

Margaret Phillips
A boarding house is run by a former teacher and when one

of her students shows up for revenge, her guests lives are jeopardized.


7.05 [332] Kraft Television Theatre: LOBBLIES NEVER LIE


Written by Nelson S. Bond

Based on the novel Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies and Other Fantastic Tales.
guest stars

Vaughn Taylor ..... Mr. Mergenthwirker

Leora Dana

A small town reporter is assisted by invisible pixies

who help him solve a murder.


7.06 [333] Kraft Television Theatre: CAP'N JONAS


Written by Robert H. Lindsay
guest stars

Mark Roberts

Fred Stewart

Paul Flannagan
An ill boy befriends an old sea captain named Jonas and

 each vow to help the other if misfortune befalls them.


7.07 [334] Kraft Television Theatre: KEEP OUR HONOR BRIGHT


Written by George Roy Hill

Directed by Maury Holland

guest stars

Michael Higgins

Joan Potter

James Dean ....... Jim

Addison Richards

Bradford Dillman

George Roy Hill

Larry Fletcher

A student faces expulsion after being caught cheating on an exam.

7.08 [335] Kraft Television Theatre: THE PICKET FENCE


Written by George Lowther
guest stars

Lee Remick

Lois Bolton


A family faces economic disaster unless they unite.


7.09 [336] Kraft Television Theatre: THE THRESHOLD


guest stars

Edward Binns

Joey Walsh

Marian Seldes

An expectant mother worries that her husband already overloaded

 with the car and house payments may feel like a failure.


7.10 [337] Kraft Television Theatre: DREAM HOUSE


Written by Arthur Cavanaugh

guest stars

Rod Steiger

Doris Rich

Kenny Delmar

Jack Warden
A lonely couple get married only to find out that isn't what they were looking for.


7.11 [338] Kraft Television Theatre: A LONG TIME TILL DAWN


Written by Rod Serling

Directed by Richard Dunlap

guest stars

James Dean ....... Joe Harris

Naomi Riordan

Rudolph Weiss

Ted Osborn

Robert F. Simon
Joe Harris, a young ex-con, out of jail only a few hours, visits kindly

Papa Goldens delicatessen and beats the old man into a coma and

eventually; a coffin. His pretty wife has moved to New Jersey and is

living with Joes father. Angry at first at the direction Joes life has been

 taking, the older Harris warms to the idea of the return of the prodigal

son. Describing the youth as a "poet and a gangster," wife and father

provide an untrue alibi for Joe when a world-weary cop with a son of

his own comes to make the pinch. [RF]


7.12 [339] Kraft Television Theatre: THE GATE


Written by Kathleen Lindsay
guest stars

Margaret Wycherly

Audra Lindley

Addison Richards

Dortha Duckworth
After marrying into a wealthy Southern family,

a man discovers that it is she who is in control.


7.13 [340] Kraft Television Theatre: GAVIN


Written by John Howard Lindsay

Based on the short story by John Van Druten
irected by Harry Herrmann

guest stars

Jane Seymour II

Richard Kendrick

Beatrice Straight

A man has a difficult time with his second wife when he tells

conflicting stories of the son from his first marriage.


7.14 [341] Kraft Television Theatre: THE ROSE GARDEN


Based on the play by Meade Roberts
guest stars

Enid Markey


An actress tries to reclaim her spotlight without success, so

she decides to return to her hometown and open an acting school.


7.15 [342] Kraft Television Theatre: A ROOM AND A HALF


Written by George Lowther

guest stars

Joe Maross

Patricia Smith

Jack Pearl
On the eve of their first wedding anniversary, a couple find

 their marriage is jeopardized by their families.


7.16 [343] Kraft Television Theatre: TO LIVE IN PEACE


Written by George (George H.) Faulkner
Based on the play by Victor Rietti
guest stars

Anne Bancroft

Florenz Ames

Arnold Moss

Doro Merande

When a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte's is contacted to take

a position in Paris, the small town is in an uproar.


7.17 [344] Kraft Television Theatre: RIP VAN WINKLE

23Dec1953  (restaged from 27Dec50)

Adapted by Robert Howard Lindsay

Based on the story by Washington Irving

guest stars

E.G. Marshall ...... Rip Van Winkle

Ray Bramley

June Dayton

James Young

Rip Van Winkle goes on a walk to escape his nagging wife

 and lies down for a nice long nap.


7.18 [345] Kraft Television Theatre: A CUP OF KINDNESS


Adapted for television by James Costigan
From the work by Aleen Leslie
guest stars

Lilia Skala

Mark Roberts

Elaine Stritch

Constance Ford

James Costigan
A boardinghouse owner looks for male boarders to marry her granddaughter.


7.19 [36] Kraft Television Theatre: THE THANKFUL HEART


Adapted by Jack Roche
Based on a story by Herbert A. Francis

guest stars

Grace Kelly

John Stephen

Florenz Ames

Leora Thatcher
A successful surgeon urges his father, a country doctor to retire.


7.20 [347] Kraft Television Theatre: THE ATHERTON BOY


written by Reginald Lawrence

guest stars

Grant Sullivan

Louise Allbritton
Margaret Barker
The lifeguard at a wealthy resort exerts a powerful attraction

upon the visitors. [RF]


7.21 [348] Kraft Television Theatre: ONE MAN IN A MILLION


guest stars

Ed Begley

James Barton
Doro Merande
Raymond Bramley
Dorothy Hart

A Vermont farmer applies for a loan from the U.S. government

and gets a check for a million dollars.


7.22 [349] Kraft Television Theatre: THE ANTIQUE TOUCH


Written by William Iversen
guest stars

Tony Randall
Dorothy Donahue
Pud Flanagan
A schoolteacher who buys an ancient dwelling in a New England town,

under the impression that the house is of great historic importance.


7.23 [350] Kraft Television Theatre: THE MISSING YEARS


Based on the novel by Patricia McGerr
guest stars

Anthony Perkins

Mary Astor

Ted Brenner


A man returns after deserting his family years ago.


7.24 [351] Kraft Television Theatre: THE BARN


Written by George Lowther

guest stars

Felicia Montealegre

Edward Binns

Audra Lindley

Vaughn Taylor
A string of terrible events causes a man to lose his faith in God.


7.25 [352] Kraft Television Theatre: THE CUCKOO CLOCK


Written by Gerald Savory
guest stars

Edgar Stehli

Gaby Rodgers

Hans Schumm


A man adjusting to life in America finds it difficult to break with

old traditions and becomes upset with his daughter's new beau.


7.26 [353] Kraft Television Theatre: GALLIN, ALL-AMERICAN
Written by Nicholas Baehr
guest stars
Judson Pratt
Don Dubbins
Joanna Roos
A father and son, both "All Americans", have a major adjustment to

make when the father loses his sight. [RF]


7.27 [354] Kraft Television Theatre: TWO WEEKS IN THE COUNTRY


Written by Robert Howard Lindsey & Kathleen Lindsey
guest stars

Paul Langton

Frances Reid

Charles Saari
A couple decide to adopt, with no idea how to raise children,

 they take in a couple of unruly boys which almost makes

 them change their mind about adopting.


7.28 [355] Kraft Television Theatre: THE PICTURE WINDOW


Written by Charles Mergendahl
guest stars

Raymond Bramley

Arthur Franz

Kathleen Maguire

Leora Thatcher

A man plans on saving enough money to open a sporting goods store in the country.


7.29 [356] Kraft Television Theatre: YOU TOUCHED ME


Adapted by Arthur Cavanaugh

Based on the story by Tennessee Williams

guest stars

Cynthia Latham

Martyn Green

Terence Kilburn

Katherine Willard

Deirdre Owens


A father tries to cope with his spinster sister's influence over his daughter. [RF]


7.30 [357] Kraft Television Theatre: PARDON MY PRISONER


guest stars

Helen Gallagher

Dennis James

Cliff Hall

Parker Fennelly
Kathleen Comegys
Warren Parker
A woman is arrested for reckless driving in a small town.

Minor offenses are to be worked off and this places the young

woman in the home of a bachelor with a jealous fiance.


7.31 [358] Kraft Television Theatre: A HAT FOR WINTER


Written by Mel Goldberg

guest stars

Mary Fickett

Bart Burns

Bert Thorn


A newly married man gives up his music for a real career,

the problem is that his music still calls to him.


7.32 [359] Kraft Television Theatre: MR. CANDIDO


Written by Walt Anderson
guest stars

Jose Perez ........ Mr. Candido
Carlos Montalban .. Jesue Gomer
Muriel Berkson .... Adelita
Kimetha Auerbacher. Chea
Patrick McVey
Homeless little boy is offered one home after another. [RF]

7.33 [360] Kraft Television Theatre: THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR


Written by Mary Chamberlin
guest stars

Charles Drake

Louisa Horton

Audrey Christie

Anne Mary Tallon
A very private family falls under scrutiny from the townspeople.


7.34 [361] Kraft Television Theatre: THE LITTLE GOD SELLS TAMALES


Written by Walt Anderson

guest stars

Henry Lascoe

Leon Belasco

Don Dubbins

Luis Van Rooten
A poverty stricken restaurant owner has dreams of sending his son to college.


7.35 [362] Kraft Television Theatre: DR. RAINWATER GOES A-COURTIN'


Written by Dale Wasserman
Adapted from the short story by William Brandon
guest stars

Jack Warden

Pat Smith

Heywood Hale Broun

Peter Kelley

A medicine show man is jailed in a small town for a

minor offense and agrees to court a girl.


7.36 [363] Kraft Television Theatre: ALICE IN WONDERLAND


Adapted by Jack Roche

Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll
Directed by Maury Holland

Narrators Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy

guest stars

Robin Morgan ........ Alice
Art Carney .......... Mad Hatter
Grant Williams ...... White Knight

Arnold Moss ......... Red Knight
Arthur Treacher ..... Cheshire Cat
Blanche Yurka ....... Queen of Hearts
Bobby Clark ......... King of Hearts
Ernest Truex ........ Dormouse
Cliff Hall .......... Duchess
James Barton
Joey Walsh
Una O'Connor
Joe E. Marks
Fredd Wayne
Chandler Cowles


Classic children's story of Alice's adventures.


*Note: This was a Seventh Anniversary presentation.


7.37 [364] Kraft Television Theatre: THE STAKE


Written by George Lefferts
guest stars

Walter Klavun

Louise Horton

John Baragrey

Joe Maross

Leon Belasco

An affair with the wife of a corporal during the Indian battles of 1871,

leave the troops abandoning the lieutenant in order to save their corporal.


7.38 [365] Kraft Television Theatre: A TOUCH OF SUMMER


guest stars

Jerome Cowan

Cora Witherspoon

Ruth Matteson

William Duell
An actor finally gets his break on stage in the production of "Henry V".


7.39 [366] Kraft Television Theatre: THE SCARLET LETTER


Adapted by George H. Faulkner

Classic story by Nathaniel Hawthorne

guest stars

Kim Stanley .......... Hester Prnne
Leslie Nielsen ....... Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale
Bramwell Fletcher .... Roger Chillingworth
Margaret Wycherly .... Mistress Hibbin
Jack Livesey
Barbara Meyer
Logan Ramsey

Young Hester Prynne is condemned to wear a scarlet "A" as a sign that she is an adultress.

 Her elderly husband becomes the physician to the minister he believes to be her lover. [RF]


7.40 [367] Kraft Television Theatre: CITIZEN MILLER


guest stars

Edgar Stehli

Vaughn Taylor

Enid Markey

Marie Carroll

Bruno Wick

Stuart MacIntosh
Leona Powers
Residing at an old age rest home, a man is unexpectedly called for jury duty.


7.41 [368] Kraft Television Theatre: ROMEO AND JULIET


Based on the William Shakespeare classic
Directed by Richard Dunlap
guest stars

Liam Sullivan ........ Romeo

Susan Strasberg ..... Juliet

Carroll McComas ...... Nurse

Noel Leslie ...... Friar Laurence

Eric Sinclair ..... Benvolio

Felix Deebank ...... Mercutio

Marc Breaux .......... Tybalt
Jack Livesey ......... Lord Capulet
Madeleine Clive ...... Lady Capulet

Shakespeare's tragic drama of two youngsters who fall in love and plan

 to marry secretly because their families are engaged in a bitter feud. [RF]


7.42 [369] Kraft Television Theatre: THE MAN WHO TOOK TO HIS BED


guest stars

Jack Hartley

Pat Smith

Perry Fiske
Roy Bromley
A man is frustrated by his wife's spending that he suggests

 she get a job and see how hard it is to make a living.


7.43 [370] Kraft Television Theatre: THE LONG ROAD HOME


Written by Marc Brandel
guest stars

James Gregory

Peggy Conklin

Sara Haden

Denise Alexander
John Cunnaughton
After serving his time for embezzlement a man finds that

 no one is willing to hire him and give him another chance.


7.44 [371] Kraft Television Theatre: THE MAN MOST LIKELY


Written by Raphael Hayes

Directed by Maury Holland

guest stars

Rod Steiger

Wright King

Zina Provendie

Eli Mintz

Anna Appel
Mikhail Rasumny
A businessman goes bankrupt after carelessly relying on luck to achieve success.


7.45 [372] Kraft Television Theatre: WISH TONIGHT


Written by A.B. Shiffrin (Abraham B.)
guest stars

Patrick McVey

Susan Hallaran

Beverly Roberts

A child tries hard to get her father to grow up and start facing reality.


7.46 [373] Kraft Television Theatre: AN AMERICAN LYRIC


Written by Robert E. Carson
guest stars

Joe Verdi

Maureen Stapleton
Felice Orlandi
Carlo D'Angelo
Gloria Marlowe
An immigrant wants to return to his homeland after a long struggle.


7.47 [374] Kraft Television Theatre: KNIGHT IN A BUSINESS SUIT


Written by George Lowther
guest stars

Arthur O'Connell

Valerie Cossart

Toni Hallaran
A bank employee needs a raise for his family

of five and finds it difficult to ask his boss for it.

*Note: Title copyrighted as Knight in a Baseball Suit.


7.48 [375] Kraft Television Theatre: EDIE AND THE PRINCESS


Written by Ben Radin
guest stars

William Smithers

Susan Hallaran

Pat Smith

Dortha Duckworth
Patricia Wheel
Joseph Foley
An eight year old meddles with her older sister's love life.


7.49 [376] Kraft Television Theatre: THE HAPPY TOUCH


Written by Kathleen Lindsay & Robert H. Lindsay
Story by Edmund Beloin & Henry Garson

guest stars

Chester Stratton ..... Reverend Sam Thurber

Zasu Pitts

Margaret Hamilton

Doro Merande

The poor Reverend Thurber has no idea that his relative is a

 criminal when she tries to help him with the recent land swindle.


7.50 [377] Kraft Television Theatre: CHARM BRACELET


Written by Helen Cotton
guest stars

Una O'Connor

Frank Overton

Joanna Roos

A widow moves out of her son's house after his wife gives him an ultimatum.


7.51 [378] Kraft Television Theatre: THE WORRIED MAN'S BLUES


Adapted from the play by George H. Faulkner
guest stars

Edgar Stehli

Joe Maross

Bill Dillard

John Shellie
A veteran is implicated in a murder and the small townspeople are ready to lynch him.


7.52 [379] Kraft Television Theatre: SHORT STORY


Adapted from the play by Robert Morley
guest stars

Carmen Mathews

Murray Matheson

Gaby Rodgers
Nicholas Joy
An author on a cruise becomes infatuated with a woman and writes a story to entice her.


7.53 [380] Kraft Television Theatre: KIDNAPPED


Adapted by George H. Faulkner

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Kidnapped".

Directed by Maury Holland

guest stars

Johnny Stewart .... Davie Balfour

Dick Foran

Dennis Patrick

Jerome Kilty

Jack Livesey

Frederick Worlock


Davie Balfour is only fifteen years old and must triumph over adversity

 to claim his inheritance as he journeys to the New World.


7.54 [381] Kraft Television Theatre: PARTY FOR JONATHAN


Written by Aurand Harris
guest stars

Betty Sinclair ...... Beulah
Carl Betz ........... Jonathan
Barbara Myers ....... Debbie
Patti Bosworth ...... Wilba
Joseph Foley
A small-town spinster plans a party for a little girl's brother who is returning

from Australia after an absence of 20 years. She and the little girl plan the

"welcome home" affair together. The spinster is faced with a stern

 decision when events take a strange turn. [RF]

 7.55 [382] Kraft Television Theatre: THE WITCH CHILD
Adapted by Lois Landauer
From a short story by Olive Burt
guest stars
Adele Newton
Stevie Briggs
Ethel Remey
An old woman in a backwoods community is considered a witch. As a result, her little granddaughter has her troubles
with her schoolmates, with the exception of one little boy. [RF]


7.56 [383] Kraft Television Theatre: THE LIGHT IS COLD


Written by Robert J. Shaw
guest stars

Elizabeth Montgomery

Don Dubbins

Lilia Skala

Russell Hardie
Jeff Harris
A spoiled rich girl falls for a poor boy and her parents feel that

they are not suited to each other.

########## Kraft Television Theatre ##########
############## end of season 7 ###############

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